Hey, another one done. It's pretty short but it's the best I can manage right now. I just want to thank all my readers for being so supportive, you guys are the spirit of this story so thanks.

Percy POV:

Artemis and I had just come back from a hunt, we've grown so close since the first time we met, I think I'm falling for her, not only because she is drop dead gorgeous but also because she is kind, caring, smart and really fun to be around. I won't admit it, but she's the only one who has made me feel this way, I got to ask her out soon. We were walking back in silence Artemis close to me, I had my arm around her, she wasn't delicate, she could take care of herself, but I still was going to protect her from anyone or anything that threatens to harm her, I silently swore under my breath.

"Artemis?" I said not thinking, "Yes Percy?" she said, now laying her head on my shoulder, while walking back, "I'll always protect you no matter what," I said seriously, she was about to say something, but a ear shattering roar cut her off. I ran towards the source of the roar with Artemis close on my heels. The roar came from a cave where I saw Apollo sitting on the wall with something, no someone that I saw lifetimes ago. I quickly put up a wall, blocking Artemis from this. I couldn't allow him to hurt her. Apollo was still conscious but he was not in a position to fight. He had golden ichor pouring out, "Where is he?" the snake shouted. "Apophis, leave him be!" I screamed effectively gaining his attention. "Child of Set." He said, venom literally dripping from his mouth. He slithered towards me, I took out Riptide and said "Leave now. I may find it in myself to spare you, it doesn't have to be this way" hoping he'd leave.

"Oh but it does," he said, voice full of malice. Freaking snake. He moved faster than the human eye could follow and tried attacking me with his tail, I swung and managed to cut his tail off his body, but to my dismay he just grew it back. Well shit.

Apollo POV :

Percy did not know what he was up against. I wanted to warn him, but I couldn't move. I shouldn't have come into this cave. I was just being curious, I cursed myself for my stupidity. As I watched helplessly I saw Apophis swing his tail at Percy, I couldn't help but close my eyes, not wanting to see Percy get battered by the hit. When I open them I saw Apophis had no tail, but my glee was short lived. He just grew it back, Perseus and Apophis went into a fierce battle that lasted for about twenty minutes. Then Perseus was engulfed in a blackish red energy and lopped the snake's head of the body turned to black goo and seemed to cease from existence as they retreated into the shadows, a sweaty Percy took out the fangs which were pure silver and were sharp enough to cut you if you lost a grip on it. There were four fangs, Perseus then took the eyes. He gave me the eyes, while helping me up, saying "Apollo well done, keep the eyes they're prophetic." While putting down the wall preventing Artemis from coming in. "I didn't do anything" I tried to argue, "Please," Percy said "Take the credit." I complied with his request.

Artemis rushed over and asked "What happened?" "Apollo beat the Python" Perseus said a little too quickly. Artemis asked no question. We all trudged back to the cave. Back in the cave Percy gave mom two of the fangs that he attached to a wooden handle, and two to Artemis. I noticed he didn't keep anything for himself. I smiled at myself. He was amazing.

Time Skip to when Artemis met Orion.

Percy POV:

Artemis and I were hunting when she sped off, I did not want to run after her so I kept to my own pace, but what I saw when I caught up spawned an ugly feeling in me. Jealousy.

Artemis POV:

I sped up because I saw a rabbit, I was going to hunt it. When I saw a boy shooting it. I trudged up to him, "Who are you?" I asked more out of curiosity than anger, "The important question is what is what is a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this" he leaned in grinning. He had blue eyes, raven hair like Percy, and pale skin, I don't know what came over me but I grabbed his face in my hands and pressed our lips together, I didn't see Perseus watching.

Third Person POV:

Perseus moved in to punch the stranger, Orion. But before the fist connected, Artemis pulled Orion behind her. Perseus stopped. His look one of disbelief and betrayal. Artemis felt hurt at his face. But couldn't say anything. Perseus pushed past her and said quietly to Orion "If you hurt her I will make sure you regret being born" He smirked and said "I will make sure that when she's in bed the only name she calls is mine" Perseus clenched his fists and his jaw and pushed Orion to the ground with his body, he put his hand on Artemis's shoulder "Arty, he's not a good man, please stay away" Artemis moved away and screamed at Perseus " I WILL CHOOSE WHO IS A GOOD MAN OR NOT, YOU ARE NO ONE TO TELL ME WHO I CAN OR CANNOT BE WITH!" she immediately regretted her words. "You're right, I am no one. Goodbye Artemis" Perseus said softly, but the impact was going to haunt Artemis forever.

From then Perseus was not seen and it was all Artemis's fault. Three years after Perseus leaving Orion tried to rape Artemis. She was walking with him, when he pushed her down, he grabbed for her t shirt, but was pulled into the shadows, when he came out of them, or rather, when he was pushed out of them he was dead. Obviously tortured to death. "I told you Artemis" came the unmistakable voice of Perseus. "I loved you. Past tense. But you showed me how selfish you are." he said continuing "You picked a stranger over family. Don't act like you are close to me Artemis. You revolt me." He said. He ended with a sentence that hurt her ears even if his voice was beautiful. "The only reason I saved you is because I swore that I'd keep you safe. I wish I could have looked past my stupid love for you at the time. So you learnt how bad your stupid decision could have hurt you" He said obviously crying. This hurt her, but it hurt Perseus so much more. Apophis may have been asleep, but his plans were working out perfectly.

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