It was a cold stormy night, "Frankie?" asked Paige looking up at her from her sleeping bag ."Yeah?" went Frankie as she looked down at Paige from her bed."Just a quick question." says Paige . "Are you going to ask me who I like." guessed Frankie as Paige responded with a chuckle. "No ,it's just what was your Mom like?" asked Paige .Frankie let out a sigh ,"We should not talk about it." says Frankie as she turned to the other side of the bed not facing Paige."No ,you gotta tell me..l know your parents were divorced and I know your Dad but I never got to know your Mom." says Paige. Frankie was quiet for a minute she knows Paige is curious but she has no chance to tell her."Okay Paige this is a long story." says Frankie "Okay." says Paige . Paige was happy to see that Frankie is going to tell the story. Frankie let out another sigh "Alright my Mom was around until I was 6..." says Frankie beginning the story.