Author's Note: In honor of MiniJen's popular fanfic Universe Falls. I have decided to make a series of song fics based around her story and possible the AUs of said story.

The songs I use will be form other movies, some mainly Disney and some lyrics will be altered and some will not.

The first song will be about something that MiniJen though of for her future sequel for more info on that check her Tumblr page.

I forgot to mention that I do not own any of the songs that I will or will be using in this fanfic.

One Little Star.

A metal door opens up and two Ruby soldiers stood at the door holding a beaten Dipper.

"Ha, these humans are so fragile," said a Rudy with her gem on her back.

"Yeah I actually had to hold back so I would not break it," laughed a Ruby with a gem where her nose would be.

Dipper let out a moan nearing gaining conscious from the so-called questioning.

"Well look who's awake," laughed the Rubies as they both tossed him into his cell.

"Have a nice rest, human your going to need it."

Dipper got up just as the door closed.

He winced as slowly got up, still feeling the pain.

"And I thought all choirs from Gurnkle Stan where painful," Dipper joked.

But as Dipper tried to get his spirit up and hope fully try to find a way to escape, he knew it would take more of a miracle to get him out of here.

He only hope his friends got away in time.

Dipper looked out from a window in his cell. Probably added in to make him realize that even if he did escape, there was no way for him to get back to Earth.

Dipper groaned and placed his head on the window.

Then Dipper felt a small light twinkle his eye. He opened up and saw a star shining bright in the skies of Homeworld.

Just looking at it made Dipper think about everyone back on Earth.

Dipper: One little star, all alone in the sky.

Do you ever get lonely, as the twilight drifts by?

Back on Earth, sitting on top of a strange looking barn, Lapis Lazuli watched the stars in the night sky, or to be specific a star constellation that reminded her of her lost friend.

On her lap a kitten sleeping soundly as Lapis strokes her fur as she still continues looking taking her eyes away to look at a single bright star.

Lapis: One Little star, in the darkening blue.

Do you long for another, just the way that I do?

Far across from the barn, in the middle of the woods, the Mystery Shack with it's occupants sleeping dreaming sad dreams in worry for their missing member, but a one Pacifica Northwest, could not sleep as she walked towards the window gazing up at the single star in the sky and thinking of the one who's touched her heart.

Pacifica: Sky Begins to fill, darkness ends the day.

Someone who I love is far away.

Lapis: One little star, reaching far through the night.

Do you shine on my someone? Are we sharing your light?

Peridot with Pumpkin by her side looked up at the top where Lapis sits, tears in her eyes sharing Lapis's sorrow for their friend.

Lapis: Oh, one little star, shine on us both tonight.

Dipper placed his other hand on the window, continuing his gaze at the star.

"I hope everyone is okay, epically Lapis, she must be having a fit back home."

Dipper gave a small chuckle, "Then again Pacifica would be making a lot more noise over this."

Dipper sighed again with a sad smile, "I wonder what they are doing right now?"

Dipper: One little star.

Lapis & Pacifica: One little star.

Dipper: Reaching far through the night.

Lapis: Reaching far through the night.

Pacifica: Far through the night.

Dipper: Would you shine on my someone.

Lapis & Pacifica: Shine on my someone.

Dipper: So we're sharing your light.

Lapis & Pacifica: Share your light.

Dipper, Lapis & Pacifica: Oh one little star, shine on us all tonight.

Dipper took one last look at the star, and crawled down on the floor and huddled himself down tying sleep and remember all the good times with the people he loves back on Earth and hope against hope he will return there.

The End.

Author's note, Well my first Gravity Falls and Steven Universe fanfic that's amazing right? Any way the song I used is from Follow that Bird one of my favorite child hood movies and I'm sure it might be one of yours to guys.

Also don't go ahead and ask me what this whole thing about Dipper being on Homeworld is about, if you have been checking on MiniJen's Tumbler page then you guys may know.

The inspiration of this came to me after reading her Tumbler.

Now I wont be doing a whole lot of this, after all I got a lot of other fanfics to work on but given any inspiration on songs for the UF and it's AUs I will be writing them down.