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We are the Crystal Gems.

"Phew, Building a house is not easy," Greg said standing next to his van as he viewed the Crystal Temple and the structure of the nearly completed house that is in front.

"Thanks again for the wood Mr. Pines." Greg looked seeing Stan talking on his phone.

"Look I'm very busy with the Shack I have no time for a visit," Stan rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Look how about next time you bring the twins here? But not during the tourist run okay? Yeah, love you two."

Stan put away his phone and walked to the van, "What where you saying Greg?"

"Who where you talking to?" Greg asked.

"Eh, just family stuff," Stan looked at the structure and at Greg's son holding a ukulele. "You really sure about this?"

"What the ukulele?" Greg patted his son's head. "I think Steven likes it, don't you Stu-ball?"

The little boy said nothing as he casually strums the instrument.

Stan shook his head, "No I mean having him stay with those three."

"Huh? Oh, you mean the Gems," Greg nodded. "Yeah, I mean, when Steven grows up, he might unlock some weird Gem abilities and having the Gems close by can teach him."

"Yeah cause when I think of teachers those three fit the bill," Stan rolled his eyes.

"Well I'll still be able to visit Steven and be a part of his life, but let's face it the Gems are right, Steven is not like other kids and this is the best for him."

Stan glanced at Steven almost believing the kid understood their conversation but kept quit.

"If you ask me Greg, I think the kid might do for some friends at least."

Before the conversation can continue, Pearl walked up to the van with the rest of the gems behind her.

"Hello Steven," Steven stopped playing and blushed in embarrassment.

Pearl frowned when she saw Stan, "Stan."

Stan frowned back, "Pearl."

Quickly Greg stepped in between the two before they started their routine arguments, "Hey great job out there," Greg said while handing Pearl a bottle of water.

Politely Pearl took the water from Greg, "Eh, thank you, Greg," Then with him not looking, she gave the bottle to Amethyst who squirt all the water all over her face and then ate the bottle while Garnet staired at her.

"Greg, did you give Steven that instrument?" Pearl asked.

"Yeah, he's picking up on it so fast I haven't gotten the chance to teach him." Greg smiled at Steven, "Hey Steven why don't you play them the song you wrote?"

"He taught himself to play that thing and he wrote a song?" Stan said. "Geeze he really is your kid huh?"

Steven looked at his farther, then Stan and the gems all staring at him, he blushed and tried to cover his face with the ukulele.

"Come on Steven you wrote it for them. Seriously he's really excited to stay with you guys it is all he's talked about." Greg gently pushed the instrument away from Steven's face. "Come on don't you want them to hear it?"

Steven looked at his dad then at the gems as they sat down on the grass seeing their reaction.

"Come on Steven," Garnet encouraged.

"Yeah, we'll like it, even if it's bad," Amethyst added.

"Amethyst!" Pearl said, "Eh it's true though."

Steven thought about it for a moment then glanced at Stan. Stan was looking at his watch when he noticed the kid looking at him.

"Eh, go ahead kid the tourist don't arrive for about two hours. Hit it."

Steven took a deep breath and strum the stings.

Steven: If you're evil and you're on the rise.

You can count on the four of us taking you down.

'Cause we're good and evil never beats us. We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas.

"Pizzas?" Stan whispered.

Steven: We are the Crystal Gems.

We'll always save the day.

As Steven kept playing, Garnet started clapping along to the song. Soon Pearl and Amethyst joined in then Greg. Stan crossed his arms but started tapping his foot to the rhythm while Steven smiled at everyone, not noticing a few of the forest animals, Rabbits, Squirrels, Deers, and Shmebulock watched and listened in.

And if you think we can't.

We'll always find a way.

That's why the people of this world believe in.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!

When Steven finished, The Gems got up hugged and congratulate Steven on the song while Greg patted his happy son's back. Stan gave a kind grin at the boy.

"I still think the kid needs friends."

As time goes by the house was fully finished as Steven opened the doors the Gems put up the portrait of Rose Quartz up and waved at him.

Steven smiled as he took his first steps in.

Pearl: If you could only know, what we really are.

When we arrived on Earth, from out beyond your star.

Life with the Gems was nice, Steven helped them out a lot, from doing laundry to washing the dishes, much like any family.

Pearl: We were amazed to find, your beauty and your wroth.

As Greg said, he would make visits at the temple to hang out with Steven, telling him stories, playing music with him and reading him to bed, he swore to be there for his son but knew that there were some things he couldn't teach him. That is what the gems are here after all.

And we will protect your kind, and we will protect you Earth.

And we will protect your Earth, and we will protect you!

As Steven exist the Mystery Shack and waved goodbye to Mr. Pines, Steven ran with the Gems out into the forest for another day with them.

As they ran, the trees and leaves hid them from sight as images above told us the events that will come for this boy.

The fateful meeting with Dipper and Mabel Pines and their many adventures.

Encountering The gobblewonker.

Facing Gideon.

Steven discovering his powers from the Shield, Bubble, and Sword.

Facing Bill for the first time.

Seeing his mom's video.

The fusions of Stevonnie, Maven and Stepper.

Freeing Lapis.

Facing Jasper.

Befriending Peridot.

Finding out Garnet is a fusion.

And Meeitng Ford.

The images ceased and the forest cleared and instead of seeing Steven run after the gems.

Steven was running ahead of them and by his side, Dipper and Mabel laughing along with him and behind the three kids, the gems in new attires and by them Stan and Ford running with them.

Steven grabbed Dipper with his left hand and Mabel with his right hand as all three jumped in the air.

(Note: Okay so you guys know the next parts so I won't get into full detail but when we get to Amethyst and Steven is where things differ.)

Garnet: I will fight for the place where I'm Free! To live together and exist as me!

Pearl: I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz! And everything that she believed in!

Amethyst's background changes from The Kindergarten to the front of the Mystery Shack.

Amethyst: I will fight for the world I was made in! The Earth is everything I've ever Known!

Steven stands solo as an image of Rose Quartz appears until he is joined by Dipper holding his sword and Mabel with Grappling Hook in hand as all three pose for combat.

Steven: I will fight for the friends that I made! That stands beside me as my powers grow!

Now we see Steven, Dipper, Mabel, The Crystal Gems, Stan, and Ford. Looking up at the images of their foes. Jasper glaring on the left, Gideon smirking on the right, in front Yellow Diamond stands with her back turned and behind her Bill Cipher in his classic position.

As our heroes stand tall, Yellow slowly turns to glance at them while Bill's single eye lowers to look down at them.

Steven and the Crystal Gems: The odds are against us, this won't be easy but we're not going to do it alone!

(Note: Now we all know what comes next so SING-A-LONG!)

The Crystal Gems: We are the Crystal-

Steven, Dipper, and Mabel: Gems!

Steven telaports himself, The Gems and his friends on the wrap pad away. Within Steven brings the twins into a hug while the gems ruffle the children's hair.

The Crystal Gems: We always save the day.

Steven, Dipper, and Mabel: And if you think we can't.

The Crystal Gems: We'll always find a way.

As Steven Dipper and Mabel looked up at the stars, Connie arrives as Greg relaxes on Lion while Waddles sleeps on the cat's head. While that Ford sets up a telescope and Stan works the grill while the Gems walk to the kids.

Garnet: That's why the people-

The Crystal Gems, Steven, Dipper, Mabel, and Connie: Of this world.

Greg, Stan, and Ford: Believe in.

The gems took a seat next to the kids and joined them watching the stars in summer night sky.

Garnet: Garnet.

Amethyst: Amethyst.

Pearl: And Pearl

Dipper and Mabel: And Steven!

The End.




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