Author's note: Here is a request from Red-orange unicorn for the Relativity/Gem Kids Au. In my opinion I think this is a bit cute.

Dreams to Dream

Ford managed to find a place in the woods, where there was no signs of creatures of Gem or Gravity falls origins.

It was a special spot where he can go to think of the mystery of the author of the Journal or to just get away from Stanly and Amethyst's pranks.

As he sat down next to an oak tree looking over the Journal and writing his own notes into it, Ford suddenly heard music coming deeper in the woods.

Ford stood up, and placed his hand near his ear to listen then he heard a familiar voice.


Pearl: Dreams to Dream. In the dark of the night, when the world goes wrong, I can still make it right.

Ford curious decided to venture on into the woods wondering what one of the gems was doing here.

Pearl: I can see so far in my dreams. I'll follow my dreams, until they come true.

Ford quietly walked through the woods, carefully avoiding any holes or low branches. He did not want Grauntie Mabel to make a fuss out of any bloody noseā€¦again.

Ford soon came upon a waterfall and saw Pearl doing ballet near the edge of the pond where the waterfall fell, and on a boulder stood a CD Player.

Ford quickly hid behind a tree watching Pearl not only dance but singing.

Pearl: Come with me. You will see what I mean, there's a world inside, no one else ever sees.

Pearl spun around near the lake and carefully picked up a flower bud on the ground and placed it gently on the lake then resumed her dance.

Pearl: You will go so far in my dreams, somewhere in my dreams. Your dreams will come tree.

Ford sighed dreamingly, he always thought the way Pearl would fight was amazing but when she dance and the way she sings, well to him he thought she was the most beautiful alien girl he ever known.

Which was saying something since he only knows three counting her.

Pearl: There is a star. Waiting to guide us, shining inside us. When we close our eyes.

Then Ford's eyes widen as Pearl used her gem to create a hologram version of himself, wearing what look like a prince would wear.

Ford then blushed as his hologram self started to slow dance with Pearl.

Pearl: Don't let go. If you stay close to me in my dreams tonight, you will see what I see.

The hologram Ford twirled Pearl around then gently dipped her then continued the dance.

Pearl: Dreams to dream. As near as can be. Inside you and me. They always come true.

The dance end and hologram Ford bend down and kissed Pearl's hand.

Pearl giggled at that gesture.


Pearl turned around quick and saw the real Ford face down on the ground, no doubt tripped on a root.

Pearl blushed all over her face, she quickly got rid of the hologram, grabbed her player and ran as fast as she could.

Ford quickly got up and noticed she was gone.

Ford sighed. She was very good.

Then he saw something on the floor, it was one of Pearl's ballet shoes.

Ford slowly picked it up and held it in his hands and sighed again happily at the loving memory of Pearl dancing with his hologram self.

But to his mind and Pearl's, she was not dancing with a hologram.

The End.

Author's Note, Good grief I've became a Kid Ford and Kid Pearl shipper, thanks a lot!

All well they are kinda cute together. As for the song I used it was from An American Tail Fievel goes West, and the song is the Tanya version of Dreams to Dream, to me the singing voice fits Kid Pearl. But what do you guys think?