It was a pleasant evening at the UA Dorms. Most of class 1-A had turned in for the night, while Kirishima, Tsu, Iida, and Izuku were watching the news. Izuku was once again filling out another notebook marked #14.

Kirishima, Iida, and Tsu were on a couch, with Tsu in the middle. Izuku was on the floor with his notebook setting on the coffee table, writing away.

Toshinori walked in and spied his students starring at the screen with surprising about of attention, Izuku he knew would be glued to it. The other three? Now he was curious...

"Good evening my Students!" He announced.

The three on the couch gave cheerful greetings of "Evening All Might!"

Izuku though, to Toshinori's surprise was still writing and mumbling away at mach speed. The former number one decided to tease his little successor.

"Finally getting tired of this old man, Young Midoriya?" He commented in sorrow... though his expression was nothing of the sort.

This finally got the young protege's attention. "Huh? Wha-ALL MIGHT?! N-no I could never get tired of you! You're not old! You know what they said men are like wine-"

"And... let's stop you there before it gets any stranger," Toshinori stated with a soft chuckle as he glances down at the young teen's notes. "Now what has caught your attention so strongly, my boy?"

Izuku had rubbed the back of his head. "Eh, he, he...Well a, there was a hero in Tokyo that was being filmed during their battle and it was found that it's not just one, but five, female heroes, they call themselves the Sailor Scouts."

Toshinori was surprised at this. "You don't see many hero groups nowadays with Heroing being commercialized so much. Its rare thing to see." He too began to watch the battle, he noticed that her 'villains" were not the normal type.

His brow furrowed. That was not normal... He thought absently.

Izuku looked up at All Might who had taken the chair next to him and was watching the news report. He saw the expression change from one of nostalgia to that of worry.

"You noticed too?" He commented

Toshinori gave a nod.

Izuku looked back to the TV. "I've been researching as much as I can on them. They seem to be a completely different league of hero. Their attacks are all similar but different. What's more is that all property damage that occurs during their fight vanishes overnight." He gave a shiver. "Not only that but every villain they have ever faced always drained life away from their victims..."

There was silence in the room at that notion.

Suddenly the TV blared into life: "I am Sailor Moon! I fight for Love and for Justice! And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

Toshinori's head snapped to the TV. His eyes wide and loses the grip on his can of tea.

This action startled the four students, Izuku especially having never seen All Might stunned like this.

"All Might...?" The young green haired man asked.

Toshinori stood up. "I need to make a call." He then left the room.

The students looking to one another in worry.

Izuku's gaze went from the spilled can to All Might's back as he left the room. The worry for the pale face the retired hero had when he looked at the TV during the news clip showing.