Izuku had become very worried about his mentor. He hadn't seen All Might in a few days and he hadn't answered any of his texts...

He decided to get one of his friends' opinions on the matter. So he opened up the class chat and made his presence known.

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE has entered A-1 Stake Class

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: Remind me again why the class chat is named this?

InfinityandBeyound: Cause Kaminari thought it was funny.

SonicGundom: Ururaka is right sadly. Kaminari had changed the password again and we have yet to figure out the new password.

LordPikachu has entered A-1 Stake Class

LordPikachu: You guys ain't neva going to figure it out~ XP

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: ...Anyways! the reason I jumped on is I wanted your guys' advice on something.

SonicGundom: I will always share what wisdom I can with my fellow classmates!

InfinityandBeyound: Iida's right Deku, we'll help if we can!

LordPikachu: why you askin me? I'm Baku-squad.

Froppytime has entered A-1 Stake Class

Froppytime: Just cause your friends with Bakugou doesn't mean we won't ask your opinion of something. (Ribbit)

LordPikachu: Ah Guys!

InfinityandBeyound: so wats the sitch Deku?

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: So a friend of mine hasn't gotten back to me in a few days and he usually replies to my texts even if it's just something like a meme. I'm worried about him and was wondering if I should go check on him.

SonicGundom: I see no issue with that. It's a sound plan!

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: But what if he's at work? or busy?

Froppytime: So is this friend of your an adult?

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE... yes...

LordPikachu: WHOA! Midoriya has a sugar Daddy?!


InfinityandBeyound: Kinda gross Kaminari...

SonicGundom: Indeed. I believe you have been hanging with the PAL for too long.

GotGrape? has entered A-1 Stake Class

GotGrape?: The Party is here!


SonofaNuke has entered A-1 Stake Class

SonofaNuke: The Hell you yelling for Nerd?


SonofaNuke:...fucking creep.

GotGrape? has been banned from A-1 Stake Class

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE:thax Kachan ^^

SonofaNuke: watever, the hell you on about anyway?

InfinityandBeyound: Deku has a bit of friend trouble with an adult friend.

LordPikachu: Midoriya has a sugar Daddy

SonofaNuke: ...

SonofaNuke: Did you fucking fry all your brain cells? Deku is too much of a bitch to go there. Stop hanging with the fucking PAL before you end up like him.

LordPikachu: A pervert?

SonicGundom: A sex offender.

LordPikachu: oh... yeah maybe I should hang with Kiri more than him...

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: so... think I should visit him?

SonofaNuke: stop Dicking around, Deku and JUST DO IT!

SonofaNuke has left A-1 Stake Class

LordPikachu: OwO

InfinityandBeyound: Don't you dare, Kaminari!

LordPikachu: TOO LATE!

LordPikachu:(Picture of Shia labeouf Meme: Just Do It)

SonicGundom: You are a villain in disguise, Kaminari.

LordPikachu: (Gif of guy with a thumbs up)

InfinityandBeyound: two can play at that game!

SonicGundom: No! Don't go down to his level Uraraka!

InfinityandBeyound: (Gif of an angry woman with a hammer..)

LordPikachu: oh shit!

LordPikachu has left A-1 Stake Class

InfinityandBeyound has left A-1 Stake Class

SonicGundom: ...

SonicGundom: I have to go stop her from sending him into the sun...

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: probably for the best. I'll be back later.

SonicGundom: safe travel Midoriya!

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE: Good luck with reeling Uraraka back, Iida

CinnamonRollDaBEEFCAKE has left A-1 Stake Class

SonicGundom: has left A-1 Stake Class