A/N: Haha look at me procrastinating on my other works and starting a new one! I really need to not but I also don't want to not..? Man, I am confusing. Haha okay well I feel like this fandom is dead and I won't get many reads on this so… oops. Although, I have written for a very dead fandom before… Hmm… Okay well here it goes.

"Austin. Austin, son, wake up. You're going to be late to school," my dad shook me awake gently. "What were you doing asleep over the keyboards of your computer anyways?"

"Hm?" I asked groggily as I reluctantly pushed myself up. Sleeping at the computer was never comfortable, but I guess the reason was worth it.

"Why are you smiling?" my father asked as he started walking out of the room.

"No reason. Thanks for waking me up, dad."

He rolled his eyes and grumbled while walking out of my room. I got out of my chair and grabbed some clothes, quickly stripping off whatever I was wearing the previous night. After brushing my teeth and taking a piss in the bathroom, I ran down stairs with my back pack slung over one shoulder. "See you later, dad." I jogged out to my car. As I climbed and put my key in the ignition, I saw the time on my radio. "Shit," I cursed. I still had to give Ryan and David a ride. I groaned, and pulled out my cell. '1 unread message,' appeared on the screen. I gave a small smile to the screen, knowing who it was. 'Later… I'll talk to her later…' I pulled out of my driveway and went to pick up my idiot friends who need their own damn ride to school,


"What took you so long dude?" Ryan asked.

"I overslept."

"Was it Shelby?" David asked suggestively. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't kiss and tell," was all I said. If I told anyone the truth, they would no doubt laugh at me and tell the whole school. I pulled into the parking lot of our school and cut off somebody trying to park. I did feel a little guilty, but parking spaces where hard to find with our over-crowded school.

"Damn, Austin! Cold blooded," David exclaimed. I almost shrugged indifferently, but decided to just ignore him instead. Ryan and David got out and laughed at the person who I cut off, in their run-down convertible. Whatever, I just wanted to get somewhere else. I had a person to talk to. Although, as fate would have it, as soon as I got out of my car and locked it. I heard it.

"Austin!" Shelby walked over to me. She started talking to me about the plans for homecoming, asking if I had our tickets yet (which I hadn't).

"Ew!" Madison, one of Shelby's friends interrupted our conversation. "Stalker-azzi at 3 o'clock!"

I turned behind me, where Madison was staring, and the person I cut off with a blue hat, and her friend were still sitting there.

Shelby took the microphone from Caitlyn's hand. I knew where this was going, and even though I wasn't a fan of Shelby picking on people, I just chose to ignore it. I've tried to intervene with Shelby's petty bullying, but after a while, it didn't matter. "The white zone is for cool people only. No geeks," she told them.

"Hey, uh, Diner Girl? Can I get a breakfast burrito to go? Thank you," David chimed in.

'Oh, so the person in blue hat was… Shit… I forgot her name. Sally…? Sarah…? Wow. I suck,' I thought, but I've seen her working at the local diner. Her boss pushes her around all the time. Mean woman, honestly.

"That car's almost as old as that hat," David said to us. The car was put into reverse and drove away from us.

"See you later, yes?" Shelby asked me.

"Yeah. Of course." I responded we parted ways to our different classes. I pulled out my cellphone and texted the person I've been wanting to talk to all day. I sat down outside.

Where have you been? We haven't talked in ages.

We talked this morning.

I smiled at her quick reply. We barely talked this morning when I had to pick up David and Ryan.

I can't stop thinking about you. What's on your mind, right now?

You first.

I looked around my surroundings and laughed at what I saw.

Well I'm thinking Prof Rothman's dissected one 2 many frogs. I sent that text and then waited. I usually don't like to text twice but I had to after a thought crossed my mind.

Ribet, ribet


I wanted to meet this girl in real life. Hear her voice, her laugh, see her smile. Besides, everyone knew 'lol' meant making a weird exhale noise through your nose when you saw something funny.

Oh, I want to hear your laugh. When can we finally meet? I couldn't wait any longer. I didn't care how un-masculine I sounded to myself. I had to meet this girl. The bell rang and people began walking to their classes, yet I still got a message.


The rest of the day went on in a drag. Well, besides when I got to talk to my mystery girl.

How's your day so far? I typed on a computer in the library.

Raging step mom, work, and cool kids who can't get over themselves. Ever feel like you don't belong?

I almost chuckled out loud. Always. Absolutely. I can be surrounded by a sea of people, and still fell all alone. Then I think of you.

Hey Nomad, do you think we've ever met?

I don't know. Our school has over 3,500 kids.

Well that narrows it down.

Well at least I can eliminate the guys. Almost jokingly, I sent another message. You're not a guy, right? 'Cause if you are, I'll kick your butt.

I am not a guy.

I smiled and grabbed my things. The library was closing soon and I needed to go home. Besides, I could talk to her as soon as I got home.

"Hey, Austin. How was school?" My dad asked when I got home.

"Good. Is dinner ready?"

"Yeah. It's on the stove," my dad answered. Pizza. I grabbed a slice and a soda from the fridge.

"I'm going up to my room to work on homework."

"Okay," was all my dad said. My mom passed away when I was little, so it was just my father and I.

As soon as I got to my room, I started up my computer to pass the time. I pulled out my notebook for poetry to work on while it booted up. After five minutes or so, a message pulled up.

Have you told your dad about Princeton yet?

If only I could… I haven't even told him I want to be a writer.

My father always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Not mine. He has a whole nother plan for my life. I never really like to talk to anyone about how my father pushes for the football path I never wanted, yet with Princeton Girl, I could.

It's two am. We've been at this for five hours.

Well, I think we broke our record.

We should turn in. Sweet dreams.

Wait, I sent. Then I began typing the rest. I can't sleep knowing there's hope. Half the night I waste in sighs, in a wakeful doze I sorrow for the hand, the lips, the eyes, for the meeting of tomorrow.

Quoting Tennyson. Impressive.

Please meet me at the Homecoming Dance. I'll be waiting for you at eleven o'clock in the middle of the dance floor… Sweet dreams… I sent and began shutting down my computer. I would sleep comfortably in my bed tonight instead of the computer keyboard. I thought about her as I tried to fall asleep, a smile on my lips as I thought of her. 'What is this girl doing to me?' was the last thought I remember before dozing off and falling asleep.

A/N: What do you guys think? I wanted to do a story where it is in Austin's POV. I always wondered what he would be thinking throughout the movie. (Also how he could be so stupid?) It's going to be challenging to try and make sure I stay in the characteristics of him, someone so oblivious and make it natural/what his character would do/say. I'm up for the challenge I guess.