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Natsu (17)
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-The Salamander Appears-


"Hey! Hurry up! Run for it! We have to leave before they find us!" The sun had finally set with the moon illuminating the night with is presence. The premises of the forest was loud as alarms were resounding giving alert that something had occurred. A few children were running fast while being careful making sure that they weren't seen. They looked ahead at the sight before them.

A few bodies layed on the grassy floor unmoving as several others had arrived only to witness the terrible destruction that had occurred. The forest was completely destroyed as many of the trees were either burning or were split. Blood was all over the place as many children were laying on the ground unmoving with gashes and burn marks covering their bodies. The sight was so terrible that one of the girls in the group covered her mouth feeling the urge to puke.

The children then hid behind a massive bush to ensure that they weren't seen. A few adults came to the scene before them before examining the catastrophe that had occurred. A woman then came wearing a lab coat and stopped before looking at the sight and then turned to the other who were covered in blood. She asked them.

"What happened here?"

"We had no choice for what happened... these children. They were attempting to escape." A elderly man voice spoke as other people were coming into the scene. The children who were laying on the ground were then picked up and taken somewhere else.

"Wait! What did you do to them?!" Another feminine voice was heard as the elderly man answered in a low tone.

"Well... when we're in our office talking about our latest project, the security had informed us that some of the test subjects had broken out of their cells. We saw them going for the gate at the edge of the facility and tried to stop them but what we witnessed was terrible. Security had activated a failsafe lockdown to stop them but... what we didn't know was that the traps were tampered with. And as a result we'll..." He said as he showed the woman what was before them.

"Well what's done is done... We can't change the past. But my question is... where are the other children right now?"

"We don't know but we're still looking for them."

"Well we need to stop them from escaping. After all we can't have our test subjects leave because then people from the outside will figure out what we're doing and the worst case is that we'll be put behind bars by the council.. and that's completely unacceptable."

"Then we just have to find them. So tell me where are the other escape routes?"

"One is near the otherside of the river going west towards the black forest. Beyond there lies a large wall that ends between the outside and here and the other one is the area leading to the cave up north heading into the snowy mountains."

"I see.. then reinforce our traps and cut off both exits. These kids aren't going anywhere." A man said as he walked away from the scene.

"Yes sir!"

"And if your plan fails?"

"It won't fail, I'll make sure of it..."




Meanwhile the kids who overheard the adults now had begun to plan their escape. A boy with green hair then whispered to the other kids in the group about the plan and who would fill which role. A few minutes had passed as all children then looked at each other before nodding in agreement.

The children then quickly ran to each post looking both ways and checking their surroundings to make sure that they weren't seen or spotted.

After making their way to the edge of the forest the green haired boy then saw the river but he acted cautious. He had overheard that the area was filled with traps. Scanning the other areas nearby he noticed what appeared to be a thin line of thread wrapped around a branch. He saw where it was connected but smiled in relief seeing that the trap was disarmed and was not properly adjusted.

The flora and branches made it hard to see but they had to manage one way or another. And the sky being dark and cloudy didn't make their escape any easier.

"We just have to cross the river and then we're home free. But first we have to cross the bridge." The green haired boy then looked back and was quickly filled with dread. Fuck! How were they able to find them so quickly?! This just made their situation a whole lot worse. He saw that there were many security guards and people following close behind.

Turning around he screamed. "Lets go! They found us!" The other children then began to run as they heard a voice yell out.

"There they are! Your not going anywhere!"

"Don't let them escape!"

The children then quickly as possible ran across the bridge then boy turned around and threw something on the ground. The object landed and the area was filled with smoke.

Sometime after that the kids took a breather behind some trees and rested up. The boy then looked at the others before looking back at the clearing. "That smoke bomb won't stop them forever. We need to keep moving quickly." After catching their breath they got up and made their way through the big dense black forest. As they were making their way through some kids began to talk. One in particular asked.

"Hey...um Ren what was that thing you used earlier?"

"It was a smoke bomb. I took it from a guard that had fallen asleep during the non testing period."

"Oh! Okay we'll that was smart to use it when you did..." Ren merely rubbed the back of his head feeling bashful. Another kid then spoke.

"Hey guys I have a question? What are you all going to do when we escape? Do you guys have any plans or dreams?" A few kids thought for a few seconds before answering.

"I want to be famous story teller one day. Because I've always been into books." A boy with spiky brown hair spoke before asking the others. A girl with long silver hair then spoke her dream.

"I want to be a dancer when I grow up. Because it's so much fun and I can express myself to my heart's content without any worries."


"What? Did I say wrong or weird?"

"Shhhh. Be quite for a minute. Lizzie... do you hear that?" He whispered.

"Hear what?"

"Just listen closely..."

Some of the kids grew quite as they heard sounds and noises coming from behind. They looked back and saw people running. And they running right towards them! This just wasn't their day.

"We have too go! If we can make beyond that wall then we'll be free!" The children then quickly started to run fast as their legs and feet could carry them. Unfortunately it seems as right when they made it to the clearing a shot was fired which made it way to the group as it exploded revealing some sort of net.

Two children were unfortunately entangled as they fell down face first stopped in their tracks. The children cried out for help as the guards came closer. The leader then looked at the kids before speaking.

"There's nowhere to run and hide. Just give up and come with us. If you resist in any way, then we'll take you back by force." Ren then looked at Natsu before speaking.

"Natsu go and run, don't look back no matter what okay?!"

"What are you going to do?!"

"I'll distract them! Now please run! Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Just go! I won't let them catch you!"

Other children in the group then realized that more people were coming. They followed the Ren's example and stood defiant against the guards. They figured out that all of them escaping was impossible. If anyone was to escape... then it to be Natsu.

"Get them!"

The kids then ran and began to push and hold them in place while looking back at Natsu.

"What are you waiting for?! Ruuuuunnnnn?!"

Natsu was frozen in fear and shock but then yelled back. "I don't want to leave! I want stay with you guys! I don't want to be alone again! After all your all my family!" He yelled as tears were dripping and rolling down his face. He had lost his family once and he didn't want to lose it again. After all he met them, played with them and became close to them. He basically treasured them greatly. They were his second family.

"Hurry idiot (baka) get out of here!" The men were trying there hardest to catch the pinkette but the kids were being stubborn as they held them in place. As Ren was holding back the leader, the man then pushed him back before...



Then Ren felt a cold feeling in his body. He noticed that one of his arms was sliced clean off and saw what appeared to be a silver knife plunged into his chest. The other kids were horrified at the sight.

The man then pulled it out as blood gushed from the boy's wound and began walking towards Natsu having his bloodied weapon ready. Before he could go any further, Ren grabbed the man's leg before looking at Natsu one last time with blood pouring out of his wounds.

"Baka! Hurry up while you still can! Please escape! And live on for us! Live out your life and fulfil our dreams!" Tears flooding Ren's face as he fought hard to stay conscious.

Natsu finally having regained his control over his body then quickly turned around not looking back teary eyed made his way to the wall. He climbed it quickly and made it to the top before yelling back at them.

"I swear I'll get out of here! No matter what! Because your all my precious family!" He leaped down and ran away. The other kids had tears in their eyes but smiled that they managed to help the pinkette escape. They were all executed one by one. Blood covered the entire clearing as almost all the children quickly bled out to death. Then Ren looked to where Natsu had escaped before saying.

"He called...us... fam..il...y..." He smiled himself as his eyes slowly closed entering the slow cold embrace of death. The remaining people who saw the pinkette escape tried to give chase but we're halted.

"Are we not going to chase him?" One man asked.

"No we won't... even if the boy escapes, he'll have to survive under mothernature's rules. Besides what lies out there is a dangerous world. If he dies then he dies simple as that."

"Now come we have other matters to attend. First we need to dispose of these runaway children. Then we can focus on other things."





Meanwhile at the edge of the black forest...

Natsu continued to run as he was crying his eyes out having now lost his second family. He continued to run when he tripped and fell down on a tree stump face first. His outfit was completely covered in dirt and tears. As he looked up, he saw what appeared to be a raven haired girl a few feet away staring down at him in silence. Her silhouette was reflected by moonlight that shined through the darkened night. He heard what was assumed to be a question that the girl spoke.

"Do you feel rage...? Do you want power...? Do you want revenge...?" Her voice resounded through the pinkette's ears as he tried giving his answer.

"I...I want...I want to get stronger...to be... strong enough... to avenge..my family..." The pinkette then collapsed on the ground as his body gave out. The girl then went over to him and picked him up by the shoulder and carried him. She said to herself in a whisper.

"Your just like me..." She had a sad smile while looking at the pinkette.

The boy could only faintly open his eyes as everything blurred out into darkness.




There was nothing but darkness. A cold black darkness that filled the boy with dread. It was almost like it was infinite.

Then a voice in the darkness called out to him. It was faint but he heard it.

Wake up...

Son of Igneel

It is time for you to appear before mankind once more

You must awaken your true power soon

Or the darkness will consume the world completely



Flashback ends...

-Hargeon train station-

Leaping out of the train a pink haired young man hastily got on the floor kissing the ground in joy. This young man was the famous fire mage known by many across Fiore.

His name was Natsu Dragneel the infamous Salamander.

He wore a skintight black tank top with a flame like design on it, two white linens wrapped around both his arms ,white baggie pants, a scaly white scarf, and black shoes.

Some people just looked at him thinking that he was some weirdo while others just simply backed away and just ignored him altogether.

"Hey you people got something to say? Then say it to my face!" Natsu yelled in annoyance at the people who then just ran away in fear.

"Jeez if they didn't make towns so far away then we wouldn't have use these deathtraps." He said to himself as he got up and scanned the area.

"Well its better to just ignore them and try to find clues about Igneel." A voice said as Natsu just sighed feeling tired. He recognized the voice as he just got up and saw a specter floating near his side.

"Yeah I know Gajeel. The sooner I find him the better."

"We might as well find some food I'm starving." Gajeel just sweat dropped as he saw Natsu drooling over food that was left near an empty stand.. Slapping him, Natsu just glared at him in annoyance at the sudden action.

"Hey what was that for?!"

"Focus on the task at hand first. Then focus on filling your gut."

"Fine lets go."

Natsu just made his way through Hargeon slowly as he looked at the streets ahead.

He looked as he saw different vendors putting their stuff on display hoping to make a couple a jewels. There are so many things here that they could possibly get ranging from supplies to food. As he walked around he saw a large crowd of females shouting his name salamander, although they were shouting at the wrong guy...

"Who the hell is using my alias like that?" He walked towards the crowd slowly only to see some guy with a blue hair and a cape with a stupid sly grin.

"Now now, there is enough of me to go around so be patient."




Natsu made his way into the crowd and saw who this 'salamander' really was.

"Hmm is there something that I can help you with?" He said while winking on him. This just creeped him out, was this guy gay or something?

"Okay first off don't do that ever again, and two who the hell are you?"

"Well as you can see I'm the salamander." The man struck a pose that Natsu can only describe as stupid.

"Yeeaah i don't think so." Natsu just walked past him only to be beaten up by the crowd of girls.



Natsu was mercilessly pummeled by the crowd of angry fan-girls as then they went back to swarming the fake salamander who in return handed Natsu a signature.

Looking at it he than faced the 'salamander' who return looked at him before saying.

"Here's my autograph I hope you enjoy it."

"Aaaahhh! The salamander is so nice." A random girl said.

Natsu on the other hand didn't need it as he crumpled it in his hands and threw it away which didn't go unnoticed by the crowd of fan girls. Furious they once again pummeled the poor dragon slayer.

Seriously can't Natsu take a break from all of these beatings?

Oh whatever that's Natsu for you, Always getting into trouble.

"Well I'm afraid I must be off now."

The girls stopped beating on Natsu and wined about their favorite celebrity leaving well not before giving them a heads up.

"I have to head back now but I'm starting a party at my personal yacht tonight and your all invited." All the girls screamed in delight as they chased him while he activated his magic to fly away.

"Red Carpet!" Flames appeared around salamander feet before he started to levitate. He then flew away the girls followed.

Natsu in the meantime was slowly getting up after suffering his 'second' beating at the hands of the crowd. Dusting off his clothing he looked at the direction the fake salamander.

"That asshole next time I see him he's a dead man..." Natsu mumbled to himself in anger after seeing that guy use his alias like that. Could this day get any worse?

"Well now we know that this guy was a fake." Gajeel said reappearing next to Natsu.

"So it looks like coming here was just a waste of time then."

"I wouldn't exactly say that Natsu. We just have to keep looking. And who knows we might find the bastards who did this to us." He reasoned while at the same time Natsu was busy thinking about what to do next.

Before Natsu could do anything else, a voice suddenly called out from behind him. Turning around he saw some blonde girl looking at him with nervousness.

"Um, excuse me?"

"Now look I'm just say this once so listen good. I don't care if your a girl, but if you so much as come near me I'll send you flying!"

Natsu was not in any mood to deal with anyone else right now. He was pissed off since some fraud was using his name like that. He was already done with taking beatings from obsessed fan girls, and he sure as hell won't take another one.

"N-No, you have it all wrong, I wasn't going to do anything. I just wanted to thank you for helping me back there."

The blonde girl didn't seem like a threat to him so he decided to relax his guard for a bit.

"So you fell for his dumb charm magic as well huh? What a dumbass that guys is! I mean come one using that magic to get tons of girls to follow him, I'm surprised that I didn't send him packing when he used that." Natsu spoke in utter disgust at that guys antics.

"So you knew about that as well, Your sharper than you look."

"Ok, you trying to pick a fight with me?" Natsu said with an annoyed tone.

"No, sorry I didn't mean it like that! What I meant to say was thank you for saving me. I don't know how I could make it up to you." The girl said as Natsu's stomach growled giving her a simple question.


"Y-Yeah sorry I haven't had a bite since I got here." Natsu said as they started heading out to find some food.

-Hargeon restaurant-

"Thanks a lot for the food I really appreciate it." Natsu said as he began to chow down on all of the food on the table. Lucy on the other hand was just surprised at the amount of food he ate.

"And there goes all the money I had." She sighed as she put her empty wallet away. She then looked at the pinkette.

'So...your Natsu right?"

"Yeah, that's me alright. And your Lucy, if I'm not mistaken? It's nice to meet you. So what brings you to a place like Hargeon?" He asked curiously. He had decent manners seeing him grab a napkin and cleaned himself off.

"Oh, nothing much I was just looking around to see if I could find a certain key that was supposedly here. And what about you? Are you in this town for any reasons?" She asked curiously.

"I'm here due to a rumor I heard regarding the salamander." He paused for a brief moment before continuing.

"When I heard that the Salamander was here in Hargeon I came here as fast as I could to see if it was true, but from what I saw... I completely wrong and I pretty much just wasted my time here." He clenched his fists in annoyance.

"Well it doesn't really matter anymore since now that the rumor was fake, I'm just going to search elsewhere." Natsu said as he looked out of the window.

"Oh, by the way when you said you were looking for a key what kind is it?"

"It's a celestial spirit key... why do you ask?"

"So that means your a mage."

"Yup, you got that right buddie. Well, technically I'm a celestial spirit mage to be exact. I'll show you some keys here." She said as she revealed all of the keys that she had gathered. Some were golden while at the same time some were a silver. She took the time to explain their origins and how they were used.

"Not bad I'm surprised to see a mage like that nowadays since they are quite rare." He said intrigued.

"I really want to get into a guild, but the one I want to get into is really famous and popular! Maybe I should explain what they are, you see guilds are-" Lucy was then cut off.

"You don't have to tell me I have a pretty good idea on what they are. But thanks for treating me to eat, I won't forget your kindness." He said getting up from his seat preparing to leave well not before looking back at her.

"Also I hope you get into the guild that you like." He said as he walked out of the restaurant. Meanwhile Lucy just looked at him in bewilderment.

"He wasn't all that social but telling from how he looked he wasn't such a bad guy." She thought in her head.

-A few hour later-

"(Yawn) man I'm tired I should take a nap." Natsu said while laying on the grass not to far from where the docks were. But then he soon noticed that there was a boat with lights shining all over the place. He remembered what that fake salamander said earlier about inviting all of those women to his yacht for a party.

"Hm, it's probably not my problem to see what the guy is up to, but why the hell is he headed out to sea?" Natsu stood up as Gajeel suddenly appeared again near his side.

"Who knows but we should go check it out. I don't know why but, I have a feeling things are gonna get crazy." Gajeel said as he disappeared.

"Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to check."

-Meanwhile on the ship-

"You guys aren't a part a Fairy Tail!"

"But of course not. I only said that to get you to come to our ship."

"Take me back to the coast right now!" Lucy said in anger at being tricked by the salamander. The other girls on the yacht were all drugged and were being held hostage by the crew on board the slave trade vessel.

"Now just come, quit-" He was cut off as the ship came to a complete halt.

"Bora we got trouble!"

"What the hell is going on, What is the problem here?!"

"The ship was hit hard by a massive tidal wave and is headed to the coast at a fast rate." The panicked member said.

"What, who's steering the ship?!"

"No one is!" Those within the ship tumbled left and right as the ship was basically pushed into the coast as it crashed. The ship had a massive hole in it's side as those girls who had been taken hostage ran swiftly from the chaos that had occurred. Bora on the other hand had managed to recover as he made his way to where his goons were and checked to see where their hostages ran.

"Dammit, they got away! Look to see if there are any people still on board." Bora ordered his men.

Natsu was on top of the broken ship with his face shadowed in anger. Lucy who had managed to recover, found Natsu but was surprised at his arrival.

"Natsu, those guys weren't a part of Fairy Tail, they were trying to get all those girls to come with them to-" Lucy was cut off.

"I know what happened." Natsu said as Bora and the rest saw him and prepared to attack.

"What but how did y-"

"Look I'm just gonna say this 'salamander' is the name given to the mage who can use fire magic but you forgot one thing."

"Oh yeah and what would that be?" Bora merely smirked as he prepared his magic.

"It's that I'm a dragon slayer!" Natsu shouted as he began to engulf his hands in fire. Bora on the other hand wasn't the least bit scared and shouted his magic.

"Providence Typhoon!" Bora's attack hit Natsu square on.

"Oh no Natsu!" Lucy cried out in worry for the Dragon slayer.

"Hm The bigger they talk, the harder they fall." Bora chuckled as he turned around and began to walk away.

"Ah, what hell is this? This fire taste like crap." A voice resounded within the fire as Natsu began to absorb the flames as it began to gather in Natsu mouth like a spiral.

"What the hell are you?!"

"Bora! Th-that kid! I think I've seen him before, The black shirt, the pink hair, the scaly looking scarf. He's has to be the real deal."

"Wait! You mean that YOUR salamander!" Lucy was completely in shock. She was standing next to one of the most famous mages in Fiore.

"Y'know.." Natsu stared at Bora as he began to walk towards him at a slow pace.

"I really hate people who take my alias and use it for stupid things like this. So as a little present..." A magic circle with a red dragon appeared on it. "I'll send you packing!" He shouted as he ran towards bora at a fast rate and with one fist he shouted.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" The spell hit it's mark as Bora was sent flying crashing into many buildings then crashed into the town bell.

"N-No way...! He beat him with one hit..." Lucy was amazed. Natsu just looked at the ground and spat, That bastard got what he deserved. As he looked around he then grabbed Lucy's hand and at that moment made a break for it.

"What the hell is going on?!" Lucy shouted out as she was hanging on to Natsu.

"It's the army, the're here!" Natsu said in distress as they ran as fast as they could.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asked.

"Anywhere but here that's for sure." Natsu said smiling at Lucy.

Lucy on the other didn't understand why Natsu had a smile despite all that's happened but decided to save that for another time as they continued down the path before them.

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