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Dragon Slayer vs Maker Mage

"So, are you ready to lose pinky?" The raven haired young man taunted as Natsu just simply stood silent. He was analysing how their little spar would go in his mind and was prepared for any tricks that he might have up his sleeve.

"1. Don't call me pinky. 2. My name is Natsu. And 3. Why the hell are you stripping?" Natsu just wondered as he saw Gray throwing his shirt to the side.

"I have to get naked in order to fight." Gray explained as Natsu just shrugged his shoulders not really caring at the raven haired man's antics.

"All I can really say right now is... try not to pass out on me..." Natsu jokingly warned as he prepared his stance.

Gray didn't anything as he prepared himself as well. Everyone in the guild was simply quiet as they all stood on the sidelines waiting to see what the pinkette was capable of.

Some members such as Wendy and Levy were looking intently at the pinkette waiting to see what he could do.

"So, who do you thing will win this fight?" The petite blue haired girl asked. Lucy and Wendy could only look back at Levy before looking at each other.

"Well I don't know but I'm rooting for Natsu. After all, he's one tough mage from what I've seen..." Lucy could look as she noticed Natsu facial expression. He looked extremely focused as he just simply stared at the mage in front of him with what she could only describe as a predatory expression.

"Well if I had to say who would most likely come out on top from the two then I would say Gray would have the best shot at winning, but I'm going to root for Natsu. After all, he's caught my interests. When this battle ends, I'm going to try to get to know him a little better." The busty bluenette said as she looked at Natsu with in intriguing expression.

What mostly intrigued her was that sudden feeling of nostalgia she felt when he touched her hand. She didn't know why but she had a feeling that she knows him from somewhere. Even though they met just briefly, she felt that she had a connection with him. But for now she would have to investigate later.

For now, she should just enjoy the show...

After a few minutes Makarov then stood in sidelines. The two mages then eyed each other in determination as they were ready.

"The match between Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster will now begin!" He swiped his arm down as Natsu and Gray prepared their respective attacks.

Natsu began his attack as he leaned back inhaling deeply as fire started to pour into his lungs. Then looking at Gray with puffy cheeks, he then unleashed his power.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" A massive stream of flame then erupted from his mouth as the spell made its way to the raven haired man at a fast pace.

Not in the slightest bit fazed, Gray then placed his right fist into his palm as a blue magic circle appeared.

"Ice Make: Shield!" A large wall of ice then appeared in front of him as the flames were then diverted in opposite directions. The flames however burned a majority of the field and the surrounding area leaving the area nothing more than a destroyed ravaged battlefield.

"You use Ice?" The pinkette looked at the wall of ice in from of him.

"That's right. I use Ice Make magic. I can create any form of ice I want by using my molding skills and imagination." Gray smiled in confidence as he explained it to Natsu.

"Is that right?" Natsu replied with a surprised look.

"Yeah, like this."

Gray smirked as he then prepared another spell.

"Ice Make: Lance!" He clasped his hands together as many javelin like spears then shot towards the pinkette at a blinding pace.

Natsu then quickly moved out of the way dodging the javelins by using his ability to protect himself in the process. He then proceeded to dash towards Gray who on the other hand was anticipating what the pinkette's next move would be.

"Fire Dragon's Talon!" The pinkette's leg was wrapped in flames as he leaped forward and with one motion swung it down as Gray just dashed to the side just barely missing the pinkette's attack.

Natsu for the first time in forever felt his blood pumping from excitement that he felt. Natsu then looked at Gray as he coated his body in flames. Gray didn't falter at the display as he merely tensed up and prepared his counter. Natsu then relaxed his muscles as he then lowered his body. And with one step he suddenly vanished as it left Gray somewhat confused.

"Huh? Where did he go?" Gray scanned the entire area as he tried looking for the pinkette. He continued to scan and search as he was getting annoyed. Who would have thought that he was this tough to deal with. Well now he knows why people call Natsu the 'salamander'. His alias wasn't just for show. And it proves just how strong Natsu really is as an opponent.

"Fire Dragon's Blazing Hammer!" A loud voice was heard briefly as Gray looked above him and saw Natsu plummeting down the battlefield at high speed going right towards him.

"Ice Make: Cannon!" Clasping his hands together he created what appeared to be a bazooka. He then fired it as the pinkette neared him in close range.

Both attacks cancelled each other out as Gray then activated another spell.

"Ice Make: Floor!" He covered the destroyed area in ice as the pinkette then fell onto the ice. He tried getting up slowly. But due to the icy floor, Natsu was unable to keep his balance and simply fell down as he slid across the floor unable to control his movement. Seeing the pinkette's attempt to recover, Gray then prepared a fast one.

"Hah! Your mine now Natsu!"

"Ice Make: Saucer!" He created a wheel like-object as it shot towards Natsu at high speed. Everyone watched as the attack slammed into the pinkette creating a cloud of dust.

"Oh no Natsu!" Lucy cried out in worry.

"Shit! Did I over do it?!" Gray cursed under his breath believing that he hurt the guy.

"Gray! What the hell man?! You could have gone easy on him!" A random member in the crowd called him out in annoyance.

"Yeah, man you didn't have to hurt the kid!" Another member yelled at him in anger.

Makarov however stayed silent as he looked over to the cloud of dust where the pinkette was. He then simply smiled. "Your still in this, right young man?"

Within the cloud of dust Natsu had his arm up as iron scales covered it completely. He then saw Gajeel's spectre next to him as he was just silent. Getting up, he thanked him.

"Thanks for the save Gajeel, I really appreciate it..." Gajeel merely just looked at him before slowly fading out.

"You need to stop playing around. After all, your not even using your full power. Plus you have a tendency to not take these fights seriously." Natsu then started to dust himself off as the smoke was beginning to clear.

Meanwhile Gray and the others were watching the cloud as suddenly a torrent of flames just shot out of the cloud and hit Gray head on.

"What the hell-AAAAHHHHHH!" Gray was sent flying into the buildings exterior. And crashed hard into the wall leaving a big crack. The other members of the guild could only look in shock at the amount of magic power the pinkette had let loose.

"The hell was that? My arms burning like no tomorrow..." Gray then got on his knee as he clenched his arm his pain. He never expected himself to get hit by such an attack. The pain was unlike anything he had ever felt. It was like he entered a blazing furnace.

The dust cleared as they saw Natsu perfectly without so much as a scratch. The other members were completely in shock as the pinkette just stood there as if nothing had happened.

"Woah, You gotta be kidding me! He doesn't have a single scratch on him..."

"Yeah no kidding..."

"Just what is this guy made of...?"

"That's a real man right there!"

While everyone was trying to wrack their heads on this match. Lucy on the other hand was glad that Natsu was still in one piece.

"I finally got it..."

"Huh?" Gray and the others noticed Natsu face as his eyes glowed red appearing like that of a demon. His magical aura then began to radiate what appeared to be a big fearsome red dragon, which looked like it was ready to annihilate everything in its path.

"Your.." Everyone was now frozen in fear as Natsu began to point his finger towards Gray.

Gray on the other end was frightened as his body began to sweat due to the magic pressure he was feeling from Natsu. He then prepared himself as he braced for whatever the pinkette was going to do next.

"New nickname..." Everyone just stayed frozen as they couldn't comprehend what the pinkette just said. "Wait... What?" Gray was completely confused as Natsu pointed at him.

"You heard me. I was thinking about what to call you but I've finally figured it out." He paused as he continued. "From now on, your new nickname is Ice-queen."

"Eh?" Everyone in the sidelines were completely dumbfounded at the pinkette's choice of name. However some members such as Lucy and Wendy had their hands cover their face as they slightly giggled.

Gray on the other hand was simply quiet as his face was contorted of both shock and anger. He glared at the pinkette before pointing at him. "So all this time... while you were in that cloud of dust, you were just thinking of my nickname?!" He changed his tone as he was now mildly angry.

"You jerk! And here I was thinking that I hurt you badly." Natsu didn't really understand what made Gray so mad as he just brushed it off like nothing and just looked at him with a casual expression.

"Jeez, don't get mad at me. It's your fault for thinking that way." Gray hearing this tried to conjure another spell to get back at Natsu but winced in pain as he had some terrible burns on his arm that he got from the previous attack. Natsu seeing him wince, just simply went up to him before taking what appeared to be a small container and handed it to him.

"What's this for...?" He asked before closing eyes trying to withstand the burns.

"That's a special medicine that can cure any form of injury. It wasn't easy to obtain but seeing that I caught you off guard and wounded you, it's the least I could do in terms of compensation for giving me a good match." He extended his arm in good sportsmanship as Gray just held his other hand accepting the help.

After getting up Gray just had his head down in utter defeat as the pinkette was stretching his limbs. Even though the battle only lasted a few minutes, Natsu honestly had a blast with a bit of trouble on the side.

"Well, all I can say is that you beat me. It was a good match though." Gray shook Natsu"s hand as the pinkette simply returned the gesture.

"Hey Gray, even though the match was close you still managed to get the drop on me and that's saying something."

"And besides if I had to say, you were really close to beating me so rather then have your head down, you should take this match not as a defeat but as a victory and learn from it. And who knows you might beat me next time..." He then walked back to the others as they swarmed the Dragon Slayer with some people cheering and others were just simply impressed at witnessing such a fantastic fight.

"Well for now I'm gonna go relax for a bit so see you guys later." He then ran off as Wendy and Levy looked at him in wonder.

"I wonder what he's gonna do right now?" The busty bluenette said as Levy just looked at the pinkette disappear into the road.

"Hm, who knows but I'm sure that he'll be back." The bluenette's then made their way back into the guild to pass the time.

Meanwhile within one of the alleys in the town Natsu then stood leaning against the wall before speaking.

"Hey Gajeel you ready? Cause it's your turn now." He spoke in a low but serious tone as a spectre then appeared before him. He looked at Natsu before it clicked in his head.

"Oh, you mean it's my turn now?" Natsu merely nodded his head as Gajeel just disappeared. Natsu then closed his eyes as his physical appearance had begun to change.

His eyes had taken a more predatory expression, his hair then changed from pink to black as it grew in length going over his back, his clothes changed from the pinkette's attire to a more punk like appearance and his body had what appeared to be piercings all over his face and limbs. He was also wearing what appeared to be a white scarf around his neck.

A few seconds had passed and finally opening his eyes, Gajeel took the scent of air into his nose before breathing out in relief. He didn't know when was the last time he got fresh air. But one thing was for certain.

Oh yeah he was gonna have some fun alright.

Mischievous fun that is...

Natsu then appeared again this time in the form of a spectre. He looked at Gajeel before leaving him a message.

"Remember what we've told each other before. We can't make that same mistake of drawing attention to ourselves." Gajeel just waved it off as he looked at the pinkette's disappearing form before looking back at the guild.

"Hey don't worry about it, I'll be careful and besides when was the last time you let me have any fun?" The pinkette merely sighed as he figured as much.

"Fine... it's not like I can stop you anyway..." He rubbed the back of his head in annoyance then slowly faded away.

"I'm gonna rest up now so have fun..." And with that he vanished leaving Gajeel to have some needed free time.

The iron Dragon Slayer then came out of the alleyway trying not to bring himself any unnecessary attention as he then bumped into someone.

"Hey! Watch where your going, will you!" A voice called to him in anger and annoyance as he looked down and saw a petite blue haired girl with a yellow dress.

Getting up and grabbing her book she wanted to tell off the person in front of her but after seeing his face her anger quickly vanished.

Seeing Gajeel's face sent shivers down her spine as the iron Dragon merely looked at her with with his scary face.

"Look, I'm sorry bout that so here." He extended his hand as the bluenette just looked at him in bewilderment. So many thoughts were going through her mind right now. First, who the hell was this guy? And second, why does he look so familiar?

Her first thought was to distract the guy and make a break for it. But then she took into account something that she noticed him wearing. It looked like a scarf.

And what caught her eye was how similar the scarf that this guy was wearing was exactly the same as Natsu's. She took a moment to examine it before it sunk in.

Yup there was no doubt about it. That scarf was definitely the same one that Natsu was wearing. Her concern was, why does this guy have Natsu's scarf? For now her plan had changed. She wanted know who this guy was and what was his deal.

Slowly taking his hand she got up and thanked him. Gajeel just looked as her before turning around and headed off, well not before telling her something.

"Listen shrimp, I'm just gonna tell you once so listen well. Don't follow me or try to investigate anything about 'him', you got it?" He said in an intimidating yet narrowed expression.

Levy didn't understand what this person was saying. What did he mean by don't follow? And why did he say don't investigate about 'him'? None of this made any sense.

She wanted to look for Natsu and check how he was doing but all she ended up doing was basically run into this guy and be told not to get close.

"Do not follow understand? I'm saying this for your own good and safety." He warned her before finally walking away and out of the petite bluenette's sight. Levy just looked at the street in wonder as Gajeel's words echoed in her mind. But being the curious bookworm that she's known for, she followed the dragon slayer.




Elsewhere within the train station in Magnolia, a certain redhead was busy getting her things as she looked at the town before a smile appeared. "I'm back. I wonder how much trouble the guild has been in my absence?" She asked herself as she started to enter the town.

Making her way, she wanted to grab a quick bite to eat from her favourite shop. Slowly turning towards the following street she noticed that something was happening. Moving a little closer to the clearing she saw multiple men surrounding another man who was laying his back against a nearby tree.

"Jeez what a bunch of kids. You seriously wanna fight over a strained jacket?" Gajeel merely looked at the men in question a tick mark appeared on the man's head as he looked over to the slayer in utter rage.

"You honestly think the is a joke? Do you have any idea of what you've done?" The man gritted his teeth in anger feeling the urge to go up to him a laying one on him. Gajeel didn't really care as he just looked away not in the least bit fazed.

"Man, your so annoying. Just go away and deal with it..." He said as he stopped laying against the tree and was walking out of area.

The man not willing to let this slide then called out to the men with him and decided to act. The group then tried to take him as they rushed him. Gajeel just turned around before locking his fist and hitting the man in question. The man went flying into a nearby bush as the others just watched.

"You want some too?" He threatened as his eyes began to glow in red color showing his demonic smile. The men just stayed frozen in fear at seeing such a sight. Then after a few moments they started to run away one at a time.

"Fuck this shit, I'm out!"

"Yeah me too! I'm not gonna get my ass beat over a stupid jacket!"




Gajeel merely watched as the men ran away like a bunch of cowards. Then he looked around making sure that nobody was in the vicinity. After all he had to make sure not to draw attention to himself. He breathed a sigh of relief as he then began to make his way until a voice called out to him.

"Well that was rather something wouldn't you say?" He turned around only to see a scarlet silky hair in his wake. He saw the woman as she came up to him. From what he saw, she appeared to be somewhat of a swordsman given the sword that the woman was carrying.

Erza could only scan Gajeel as she noticed his appearance. She has never seen someone like him before and what intrigued her was the way he fought. She knew just by looking at him that he was not someone you wanted to mess with.

Gajeel didn't know what this person wanted and he didn't care. All that mattered was that he needed to have a place to lay low and try to find more leads.

Before the redhead had a chance to act Gajeel then high tailed it out of there. There was no way in hell that he was gonna let this chick see what he was up to.

He ran as Erza then began to run after him. Erza was hot on his track and increased her pace. Quickly turning into a corner, she realized that he was gone.

Scanning the area she checked all over the streets but there was no sign of him.

"He got away. Well, it can't be helped. I guess I'll have to find him next time..." She then left the area as Gajeel hid on the top of the roof. He lost her. Well just barely. If he had made any movement for even a second, she would've found him.

"What happened this time? You get into trouble again?" A voice called out to him before he saw a spectre appear next to him. He was rubbing his eyes feeling groggy as his salmon hair was in all directions.

"Don't worry about it Natsu. I'm perfectly fine for now. Besides we need to find a place to lay low."

"Don't sweat the details. When I was here earlier I managed to get this whole town memorized. If you follow the street to the west then you'll come across an inn." He said as he then vanished leaving Gajeel to ponder his thoughts.

After a few minutes he left and went off to find the inn.




Erza made her way as she could hear the chaos within the guild's walls. She stood in front the guilds main building as she pushed the door open to reveal the interior. The guild looked like if it was in chaos seeing that furniture was broken and many people were throwing down in the center of the guild. As Erza walked down the guild hall everyone stopped fighting as sweat dripped down their faces seeing a rather familiar redhead.

They tensed up as the redhead then made her way to the center of the guilds interior. Stopping and staying silent everyone just remained unmoving as the awaited Erza's wrath or something among the lines of punishment.

"Alright, listen up! When I was on my way here I've been hearing rumours. Word is that Fairy Tail has been causing nothing but trouble."

"I'm starting with you. Cana, you need to control that drinking habit of yours." Cana put her bucket of beer down in shock.

"Gray, you stripped again during your job and started to steal other people's clothes." He twitched nervously.

"Vijeeter, if you are going to dance then take the dancing outside..."

"Wakaba, get rid of that filthy habit." She then looked over to Macao.


Macao then suddenly called out in fear.

"Please, just say something!"

"I-I just don't know where to begin... I've almost given up." She then looked over to Nab who was staring at the guild request board still uncertain about the job that he should take.

"Nab, I swear I would see you looking at the request board again. Just pick a job already!" She then looked over to the talking females over at the table. She made her way to them.

"So how have things been in my absence?" Lisanna looked up at Erza before informing her.

"Well... where should I start?" Lisanna said as the busty bluenette simply spoke in her place.

"We have two new members in the guild. Well, technically it's one member and we have another who is temporarily staying to learn more about us." Wendy explained it to her as Erza just nodded her head now knowing the situation.

"Well... if thats the case then it's no issue. I want to meet him myself so do any of you know where he is?" She asked as their heads.

"Well I guess since I'm back I might as well eat my favourite food." She spoke as she started making her way out of the guild and into the streets.




Gajeel just layed on the bed of the inn as he was holding a few pages looking at each one trying to figure out what their next move would be.

Natsu then suddenly appeared next to him as he scanned the pages.

"If only we could decipher the text then we could get more leads to where 'they' are."

Gajeel looked at the pinkette in mere silence before frowning in the process.

"Look Natsu, you don't necessarily have to find them right now besides this search is gonna take some time. But you don't have to go through with this all alone. Cause think of how they feel. I don't think they would want you to suffer."

Natsu just remained silent for a few seconds before answering back.

"I'm not doing this because I'm obligated to. I'm doing this of my own free will. I will get revenge for you and the others who perished in that hell hole. For Sting and Rouge as well since they suffered just as much as us."

"So until that day comes I will not rest until I find them and crush them." Natsu then vanished as Gajeel just stared at the roof in thought before taking his nap well not before whispering to himself.

"Hopefully this crusade ends so that we can go back to our normal lives again."

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