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Chapter 19 – Splish Splash

Kyle was feeling much better the next day after resting for once. Stan still wasn't 100%, but he was determined not to complain. The four friends decided to stick together for the rest of their time at camp to try to deter Brad's efforts at getting rid of them. Safety in numbers.

Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman sat together at lunch, wearily watching Brad and his group making a ruckus across the mess room. Kenny flinched when a roll was tossed at his back, hitting him square between the shoulders. He hissed with annoyance.

"Just ignore them, Ken," Kyle sighed, "We just have to get through a few more days with them and then we can be rid of them."

"(Yeah, I know)," Kenny muttered, "(They just annoy me so much.)"

"They annoy all of us, Kyenny," Cartman hissed, "You're not special."

Stan rolled his eyes but chose to ignore his rudeness. "How are you feeling today, Cartman?" he asked instead.

"Better," he replied with a shrug, "I don't feel so loopy anymore and I think I'm finally healing."

"About time," Kyle mumbled, "You've been practically useless since this whole thing started."

"Ay! Fuck you, Jew!" Cartman growled.

"(I hope the next horrible activity Scout makes us do isn't too bad,)" Kenny said quickly before the two could argue, "(It can't be any worse than dodgeball or capture the flag.)"

"Good news, children!" Scout Master Scout exclaimed, "The next camp activity will be hide-n'-seek! Yay gee wilikers!"

"(Nope. I was wrong. It's worse,)" Kenny grumbled.

As everyone slowly filed out of the mess hall, Stan noticed Roger hitting on several girls who passed him and getting smacked for his efforts.

"I hate hide-and-seek," Kyle muttered to Stan, "It always makes me so nervous."

"I bet it makes Tweek even more nervous," Stan said, trying to console him, "Can you imagine what it's like for him?" Kyle chuckled weakly.

"Yeah, and with Craig having to sit out, it'll be even worse." They both paused.

"Maybe one of us should offer to hide with him," Stan suggested, "You know, keep him calm and all that."

"Yeah, one of us should," Kyle sighed, "Thanks for offering, Stan."

"Wait, what?"

"Ok, campers!" Scout said happily, "Time for hide-n'-seek! Counselor Guy and I will pick three seekers who will count to one hundred while the rest of you go hide! After thirty minutes, whoever's still hiding wins!"

"Rules!" Troop Master Wendy piped up ("I forgot she was here," Kyle muttered.) "No hiding too far into the woods! You have to be within shouting distance of the camp! Don't hide in any animal dens as a dangerous animal may be inside!"

"Golly!" Butters gasped.

"Once you're caught you have to go sit under the flagpole, okey doke?" the troop master giggled, "Is that all, Scout Master?"

"I think that's everything, Troop Master!" Scout said happily.

"Now, who wants to be a seeker?" Troop Master Wendy asked enthusiastically. No one raised their hand. She frowned. "Aw! Come now! Someone has to seek!"

"Fine! We'll pick for you!" Scout decided. He put on a thoughtful face and looked around at the group. Then he came to a decision. "Okay, we'll have Brad, Spitzer, and Elle!"

"(Seriously?)" Kenny hissed "(Only people from Brad's group?)"

"Well, we're doomed," Cartman concluded.

"All right you three," Scout said to Brad and his two friends, who were smiling evilly at Stan and his friends, "Close your eyes and count to one hundred! And don't even think about cheatin'! The counselors and I will be here to make sure you don't!"

"The hard way!" Slackjaw added with a sneer.

"Ok, is everyone ready?" Scout asked, "GO!"

The three leaned against the flagpole to start counting while everyone else ran off. Almost as soon as they started, Stan noticed a bunch of the girls carrying Roger over to the lake and tossing him in. He snickered to himself before turning to his friends.

"So, what should we do?" he asked, "Do we have a plan?"

"Not really," Cartman replied, "Uh, don't get caught?"

"(Brilliant,)" Kenny sighed, rolling his eyes.

"I'm gonna go ask Tweek if he wants someone to hide with him," Stan told them, "I don't know if Clyde and Token will if Craig's not with them."

"Geez, Stan, when did you become the knight in shining armor?" Cartman scoffed. Stan rolled his eyes.

"I'm just being nice, fatass," he condoned, "I'm gonna go find Tweek. You guys find a place to hide. Don't kill Kyle."

"I make no promises," Cartman said as Stan dashed away.

Tweek was by the edge of the woods, digging in the snow and leaves to try to bury himself. Stan watched him for a moment before shaking his head and approaching.

"Um, hey Tweek-"

"GAH!" the blond jumped, scattering leaves and snow everywhere, as he turned to face Stan. His eyes were wide. "S-Stan! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Sorry," Stan said, "I was wondering if you wanted someone to hide with you."

Tweek shivered and looked around, as if just realizing there was no one else around. He looked up at Stan. "Um, y-yeah. That would be nice," he muttered.

Stan nodded and looked around, trying to determine the best place for them to hide. Where would Brad and his friends not want to look?

"Maybe we should hide in the mess hall," he suggested, "There's probably plenty of places to hide there."

Tweek wrinkled his nose in disgust but sighed. "Yeah, that's probably the best for now," he agreed. He followed Stan as he led way towards the building.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman were still arguing about where to hide themselves. "Guys, if we argue any longer we're going to get spotted right away," Kyle pointed out, "Let's just move and find something along the way!"

Cartman huffed. "Whatever, Jew," he grumbled.

"(Come on,)" Kenny said, "(Let's head towards the woods. We don't need to go deep, but they should provide decent cover.)"

The three started to head off when they heard someone coming up behind them. Kyle turned to see Wendy running up to them, waving.

"Hey guys," she greeted, "Can I hide with you? I don't know where my girlfriends went and I don't want to be alone."

Before Cartman could reject her, Kyle and Kenny happily said, "Sure!"

Ignoring Cartman's grumblings, they all headed towards the woods. As they searched for a place that would provide good cover, Wendy suddenly realized something.

"Where's Stan?" she asked.

"He's hiding with Tweek," Kyle explained, "Since Craig's still injured, he doesn't have anyone to hide with, so Stan offered to keep him company."

"Aw! That's so sweet!" Wendy cooed.

"Yeah, Stan's so sweet," Cartman muttered as he sat down and began covering himself in leaves, "So sickeningly sweet."

"(What are you doing?)" Kenny asked him, giving him a confused look.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Cartman growled, "I'm making myself look like a leaf pile." He tossed a few more dried leaves over his head and sat perfectly still. There was a moment's silence. "Am I hidden?" he wondered.

"Not even sort of," Kyle replied.

"Damn it!" Cursing, Cartman stood up and brushed all the foliage off himself. "This challenge is rigged! How is a larger person like myself supposed to find somewhere to hide?"

"It would help if you weren't wearing such bright colors," Wendy pointed out.

"Eh, fuck you bitch!" Cartman growled.

Kenny sighed and rolled his eyes. "(Let's just leave him,)" he suggested, "(He's going to get us caught.)" The other two agreed and started walking away.

"Hey! Don't leave me behind, you assholes!" Cartman called angrily, "Get back here!"

Stan carefully and slowly opened the door to the mess hall, looking around to make sure no one was there. He gestured to Tweek to follow him and they tiptoed into the building. The lights were off, with the only light coming from the windows.

"Where should we hide?" Stan asked Tweek, "Maybe back by the kitchen? That could work."

Tweek shivered. "Nngg! I don't know," he murmured, "It's really dark back there. What if something attacks us and we can't see it because it's too dark?"

Stan tried not to sigh. "Don't worry, Tweek," he said, "We'll be together, so nothing will happen. Ok?"

"Nngg!" Tweek twitched once. "Mmm nnn… ok…"

They snuck between the tables and over to where the kitchen was. Like Tweek had said, it was even darker over here. Stan ducked under the counter where they usually went to get their food.

"I think we'll be fine here," he whispered to Tweek, "We won't be immediately spotted if someone comes in."

"If you say so," Tweek murmured, "I hate hide n' seek. People always sneak up on me."

Stan gently patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Tweek. I'll make sure no one sneaks up on you," he promised.

Tweek made some grumbling noises but otherwise didn't respond. Stan bunched up his knees and tried to quiet his breathing. Now it was just a waiting game.

"You know, they never said we have to stay in one place," Kyle pointed out as he and the others crept behind one of the buildings, "If we're smart we can avoid Brad and those other two idiots the entire time."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Wendy agreed. Cartman moaned.

"But that means we'd have to keep walking!" he whined.

Kenny rolled his eyes. "(Cartman, keep your voice down! You're going to get us caught!)" he hissed, "(I knew we should have ditched him!)"

"Whatever, Kyenny!" Cartman growled, "It's not like we get anything if we win!"

"You don't know that," Kyle pointed out.

They were interrupted by loud screaming coming their way. And the voice sounded familiar.

"Hey, is that Tweek?" Wendy wondered.

They watched as the twitchy blond ran up to them, screaming and panicking. He was alone.

"Wait Tweek?" Kyle said when Tweek reached them, "What are you doing here? Where's Stan? He was supposed to be with you!"

Panting and twitching, Tweek stopped in front of them. "Nggh! Ah! Trouble! Big trouble! It's horrible!" he exclaimed.

"What's horrible?" Wendy asked, gently putting a hand on his shoulder, "What's going on, Tweek? Calm down and tell us." Tweek twitched his eye, breathing rapidly.

"GAH! It's Stan! Those bullies took Stan!" he shouted, "That Brad guy found our hiding place and they dragged Stan off! They didn't even care about the game! AH!"

Kyle and the others stared at him in shock. "They did what?" he hissed, "Where did those guys take Stan, Tweek?"

"Ack! Towards the lake!" Tweek explained, "Follow me! Hurry!"

Kyle, Wendy, Kenny, and Cartman all ran after Tweek as he led them towards an isolated part of the lake, away from camp. As they approached they could see Brad and his friends holding Stan down and dunking him under the water. The only one not there was Janet.

"Hey!" Wendy growled at them, "What do you think you're doing?"

Brad let go of Stan, who burst from the water, gasping for air. The bully scowled at them. "Aw, look who it is," he muttered, "The Loser Squad here to save their loser leader."

"Nng! You leave him alone!" Tweek told him in a very nervous voice.

"Or you'll what?" Spitzer taunted.

"You better not mess with me!" Cartman warned, "Respect my authoritah!" He bent over and picked up a large rock and threw it at them.

It sailed right over everyone's heads and landed with a loud sploosh in the lake. But it provided Stan with enough of a distraction to suddenly kick out, striking Brad in the ankle and causing him to fall face first into the water. While his lackeys quickly went to his aide, Stan ran back to his friends and they all ran away before Brad and the others could recover.

"That was way too close," Kyle panted once they reached the cabins.

"Yeah," Stan agreed breathlessly, "Someone needs to keep a leash on that guy. Thanks for rescuing me, by the way."

"You should thank Tweek for leading us to you," Wendy told him as she wrapped a thick towel around her boyfriend, "We wouldn't even have known you were in danger if he hadn't told us."

Tweek blushed and looked away. "Y-You don't have to thank me," he stuttered, "You w-were just being s-so n-nice to me. And I would feel guilty if I stood by and did n-nothing."

Stan smiled gently at him. "Thanks Tweek," he said, "I think Brad wanted to drown me."

"(That's terrible!)" Kenny gasped, "(Someone needs to do something about him!)"

Stan wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and said nothing. He knew he would have to confront Brad soon. But he was not looking forward to it.

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