Supernatural: Storybrooke

Written and edited by Soron66

I don't own any characters from from the shows Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. if there are any OCs then I do own those.(some prick decided to give me shit for writing stories the way i do. only moving the title and disclaimer the the first fucking story content page to relieve me of this fucking bullshit.)


A man was riding through a dark forest on a horse as fast as he could, but unfortunately the thing chasing him was infinitely faster. In five seconds flat the man was lifted off of his horse and sent flying through the air till he landed on a steep hillside. He immediately started rolling down till he fell off the edge of a cliff, but in all of his experience in rock climbing his reflexes were fast enough for him to grab onto a conveniently placed crack for him to use as a handhold. Unfortunately, since the land above him was too steep to stand all he could do was hold on for his life. He widened his eyes when he saw the dark mass coalesce into a man with raven black hair wearing black victorian style tuxedo.

"You made a grave mistake coming after me Van Helsing." said the man in a menacing tone before he knelt down at the edge of the cliff and reached for Van Helsing.

"I may die this day Dracula, but your death is inevitable. You will find it in a land much different than ours. I have seen it." sneered Van Helsing as successfully as he could while still hanging on for dear life before he let go with one hand and slashed Dracula with a silver knife using the other. However, the action caused him to lose his grip of the crack in the cliff face. He immediately fell downward to the jagged rocks below in the ocean, but he wasn't scared at all. In fact he was content and thrilled.


"Bobby?" asked Dean as he and Sam dropped their beers onto the table causing them to tip over and gush the liquid out. They felt their eyes widen and their jaws drop as they stared at the old man wearing a blue faded baseball cap before them.

"Quit gawking ya idjits. I'm still dead ya know. This isn't the first time you've been contacted by a ghost." said bobby with his usual grumpiness causing Sam and Dean to automatically close their mouths.

"How?" asked Dean with confusion as he stared at Bobby with a mixture of happiness and caution.

"I don't really know. All I know is that I was sent down here to warn you of a terrible threat that's coming here. I don't know when, but I do know where." said Bobby answering Dean's question while getting straight to the point of his visit.

"Where is it Bobby?" asked Sam now that he had gotten over the sudden appearance of his surrogate dad.

"A town called Storybrooke. I don't know much about that town, but I do know it's in Maine and it's strange." answered Bobby as he looked at Sam. Then, he looked at them both and said, "I'm glad I got to see you boys again. It may not be Hell up there, but I miss the hell out of you boys. Seeing you two always made my day when I was alive, and it still does."

"Yeah. We miss you too Bobby." said Dean now that he was reassured that it was Bobby instead of some sort of evil creature.

Bobby smiled at both of them before he said, "I have to be getting back now."

"We hope to see you again." Sam said as he watched Bobby start glowing which indicated he was almost ready to head back up to Heaven.

"The feeling's mutual. Sam. Dean. Take care of eachother. Don't make me send Ellen so she can kick you both in your asses." said Bobby right before he turning into a glowing stream of energy and flew upwards.

"Don't worry Bobby. We will." said Dean while he stared at the spot Bobby had flown through.

"Damn. The table's stained by the beer." said Sam with irritation bringing Dean's attention back to the table as well.

"Awesome." said Dean sarcastically as he flopped down back into the chair and finished what remained of the beer from his bottle.

Yes I brought Dracula Untold's Dracula into this story as the main villain as is obvious. However, like the Once Upon a Time show itself does there will be a twist concerning Dracula. Since Dracula is really the only villain that Sam and Dean would fit in a fight against I used Dracula. I highly advise you guy's to read both of my previous supernatural stories before you read any more of this story. Those I guess you don't really have to since this won't really mention anything of the previous two stories. I still would like you guys to read this.