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-Yuuri and video games. It came to me while playing a
video game. His profile on the in-universe JSF website
shows that gaming is one thing he loves. So here is a
fic where he took up a profession as a game developer
just because he wanted a figure skating game.

-Use of real real figure skaters. Some of my personal
favs to be precise. They inspire some of the game's
characters. I just really love video games and figure
skaters. Putting both together is great imo.

I made the cover art when someone on Tumblr sent
me an Ask about what the game cover would look

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"Yuuri! Do you see him? Russia's Victor Nikiforov! He's taken the Junior Division by storm and has come out with the highest score for a Junior men's Free Program in history! It's only his second year in Juniors. He's amazing!" Yuuko squealed.

Katsuki Yuuri was too busy watching at the teen on the screen sailed across the rink, his free leg extended behind himself. He made the spiral itself look effortless and immediately executed a twizzle, his long, silver hair flying around his body.

He was beautiful. He made figure skating into an art form.

Yuuri was entranced from that day forward.

"Yu-kun, what are you doing?"

Said teen looked up from his sketchpad where Victor Nikiforov's face was coming together quite nicely. It was probably the most realistic picture he'd ever drawn and he was nowhere near finished. He'd started it several days prior and kept adding more detail every time he looked at it. It had to be perfect.

"I'm working on something," he answered when his sister Mari quirked a brow at his silence.

"You could be an artist," she said, leaning over the pad. "Either that or a dancer. Or a skater. How many talents are you going to have? You're making me look bad, kid."

He frowned when she ruffled his hair. "Nee-chan, drawing is a talent, but I had to work really hard to be halfway decent at ballet and skating. Besides, I don't really know what I want to do yet. Dancing or skating seem kind of obvious but…"


His face flushed and he looked away. "I was thinking. There are so many sports games. And yet there aren't any for figure skating. I want one, but with how technology is right now, it seems impossible to make a realistic one. It could take years of waiting before it happens."

"Then when the time comes, make your own."


Mari shrugged as she sat beside him on his bed. "The technology isn't available now, but some day it will be. If you want a figure skating sports game, then you'll have to take the leap and make it yourself. So what if 2001 isn't ready for realistic sports games? Eventually they'll be possible down the line and you can be one of those game makers or something."

Make his own video game.

He was only eleven and he had years and years if he wanted to learn how to do it. Would it be worth it though? Was he good at storytelling? He was good at art but this was different.

"Anything you want to do, so long as you have passion for it, is worth it."

He spoke aloud again. Yuuri clutched his sketchpad close and sighed.

Make his own game. It sounded so cool though!

{Seven Years Later}

"Yuuri, why are you recording yourself doing jumps?"

The eighteen year old smiled at his friend Yuuko, who was staring at his camera. "I need the footage for my game."


Yuuri looked around as if expecting someone to pop up out of nowhere despite the empty rink. He leaned into Yuuko's space and said, "I'm working on developing a video game about figure skating."



The woman nodded and leaned in closer to keep the conversation private.

"So, when I was younger I was annoyed over there being no skating games, and Mar-chan suggested I make one. Originally I was thinking of it being just a competition style game, but what if it was more of a Slice of Life/Sports with Friendship and Romance thrown in?"

Yuuri tapped his blue folder. "My character sketches have been lined up. All the information regarding each of them had been revised constantly to keep up with the growth of technology. I have twenty-four playable characters with their own stories and backgrounds. It'll be like an RPG in some instances, and in others completely different."

Yuuko took the folder and flipped through it quietly. "So you'd play as the individual character and you're trying to get them to win gold at the Grand Prix Final?"

He nodded, smiling. "Exactly. So, the first character is inspired by Victor Nikiforov. Another is inspired by you. Twelve characters for the mens singles, and twelve characters for the ladies singles. Six Juniors and six Seniors in each."

"Wow," she murmured, staring at the character inspired by her. Said character was named Yuuki. She was five feet and two inches tall, with hazel eyes and auburn hair. An almost perfect copy of Yuuko, sans the eyes. "You've really given this a lot of thought. So the game would have you work through the life of the character in order to grow close to them?"


"And what about the skating animation? Have you worked out how that's happening?"

"I have ideas. I've made several small, independent sports games ever since I was fifteen. They've gotten me a reasonable sum of money so I can expand my knowledge with new programs and technology, but when I go to university, I will be taking the appropriate classes to improve my skills and knowledge."

He was practically buzzing. And he was also making his life easier by keeping up with his skating even if he wasn't doing anything more than Regional competitions. His knowledge would make it very realistic.

"What about your romance/friendship idea?"

"Each character has a chance to start a relationship with someone. Their decisions in regards to the people they interact with will determine if they make friend or enemies, and if they begin a romance or not. Ages have been worked out so no one is too young to be in a relationship. None of the Juniors are younger than seventeen and their options are all same aged people, don't worry."

"But skating is what the story is primarily about?"

"Exactly. So most decisions will have some type of effect on the training of your character and their performances."

"This is freaking amazing, Yuuri!"

He flushed. "I'm glad you like it so much."

It was good to know that he would have the support of his friends and family behind him as he worked toward his goals.

He was aiming high after all.

{Seven Years Later}

Yuuri was bouncing, he was always bouncing really, and he didn't care what anyone thought. This was a big moment for him.

"Dude, calm down. Everything will be fine," his friend Phichit said, his tolerant smile in place.

"This is a big deal. Allow me to panic and be excited at the same time!"

The moment was big because it was one of the largest cons in America and they'd somehow gotten so many of the individual panels to play the trailer to his game. It cost him a bit, but it was worth it.

On ICE! by Katsuki Yuuri. And by saying it was by him, he meant it. Direction, Production, Design, Programming, and Writing, were mainly handled by Yuuri, who had made certain that he was capable of working in various areas of game development and not just one. He had a massive team of helpers of course, but mainly Yuuri headed the project in terms of the five areas.

And Asahi, the company of developers he'd signed his contract with, had been very supportive. Especially since mutli-talented folks saved money from having to employ more people to work on the same game.

Phichit was his friend from uni, and fellow writer for the game, who had provided interesting insight for Yuuri's story development. Also, Yuuri changed some things around to make one of his characters an almost Phichit look alike. Phichit even voiced said character.

Phichit Chulanont was a four time Thailand Nationals Gold Medalist in the Senior Division of men's singles figure skating. He'd won Bronze twice at the Grand Prix Final while skating as a Senior, and made fifth place at Senior Worlds twice. Phichit knew the ins and outs of certain figure skating happenings, which had been invaluable to Yuuri's writing process.

Getting so many important panels to show the trailer was a big deal. It meant a wider audience and it meant that certain fandoms would be made aware. After all, Yuuri couldn't recall the number of times he'd recorded what happened at the cons he'd been to. So the footage would get out there somehow, and that was what they wanted.

The trailer was set to release internationally within a month's time, but right now was such a big moment in his life!

He'd worked his ass off for years on this. It was his magnum opus! The greatest work he'd ever done. The decade long planning!

"It'll be fine. Why don't you go and get a coffee while you wait?"

"It'll just give me more energy and I'll panic even harder."

"Then make yourself useful and take a selfie with me!"

He couldn't get out of it. When he checked Instagram, Phichit had posted the photo with some added thumbs up.

p-chulanont Yuuri and I at the Comic-Con in Cali! About to
release the first trailer for his new video game! Hint: figure
skating is involved! #ThisIsGonnaBeGreat #Yaaassssss
#TheSurpriseI'veBeenHintingAt Yuuri is letting me post
the cover art for it in ten minutes. #KeepInTouch

"You have been talking about it?"

"Hell yes I have!" Phichit insisted, smile bright and cheerful. "This is one of the coolest things ever and I got to be a part of it! Of course I'm going to help spread the word!"

Unable to help himself, Yuuri teared up a bit. "You're the best."

"I know. Hug me, bruh. Let is all out now before it's too late!"

{ Phi-Chu just posted this cover art! [LINK] It looks awesome~! #OnICE}

{The character in the center looks like Victor Nikiforov but with blond hair and green eyes!}

{The character to his left looks like Phi-Chu! He's so precious! #feels}

{The one in the American jacket is hot! My type of woman. #OnICE}

{What kind of video game is this? RPG?}

{No idea. Phi-Chu said the trailer was just released at ComicConSanDiegoOfficial though.}

{Sup! The trailer was released at the con and it was epic! Took a video. A bit grainy tho. Sry. [LINK]}

{HOLY SHIT! A figure skating game that looks realistic! 24 playable characters! #OnICE #bruh #NEED}

{[LINK] I am deceased.}

{ Phi-Chu and Katsu_ki are involved in the creation of this? [LINK] #On ICE #damn #goals}

{OMG! Phi-Chu just said that he voiced the Thai character who was actually based on him! #OnICE [LINK] :D}

{#OnICE looks good! Didn't know there were figure skating games!}

{There aren't many and they're usually 8 Bit, so this is rare. #OnICE Katsu_ki}

{[LINK] I was at the con today and look at what they showed us before getting into the Minato panel! #OnICE #LooksGood}

{I was at the VA panel and they showed us too! It looks good. The characters look like rl people!}

{Dude they showed it in every panel. That's some major money all for a minute and a half of time.}

{I think it was worth it. 100,000 people at least saw it and they'll talk about it.}

{Yeah the #OnICE tag already has 20+ thousand tags!}

{I want #OnICE!}

{They characters all look gay and retarded.}

{Fuck you. Oh wait, no one gay or straight, would want to. smh}

{Will it be on the PS4? #OnICE}

{I hope so!}

Victor Nikiforov stared at the tag awaiting him when he logged into Twitter. Above everything else, from politics to Facebook drama, the top tag that was well into the millions, was called #OnICE.

Usually, Victor tried to keep up with trending topics, so he tapped it and waited.

Pictures of figures skaters. Digital skaters, not real ones though. But it was impressive how realistic they were.

Phichit Chulanont, one of Asia's best figure skaters, was right at the top. His post was the most liked and ReTweeted.

The photo provided was the colorful cover art for a video game coming out in a few months. A figure skating game. A game with apparently 24 individual players of different origins.

The whole of the gaming side of Twitter were losing their minds over it. Speculation over the genre - though Sports was assumed naturally - and wondering over the subgenres.

Flicking down the long list of posts, he came across a video of what he learned was the trailer. Straight from the Comic-Con Minato panel. It was also close to the screen so despite the unnatural brightness, it was still visible.

The goal was to get your character of choice to the Grand Prix Final. There were the qualifying competitions for them to compete in with different outcomes. The example of game-play was in third person. The character, who had short blond hair and was reasonably tall, was skating across the ice.

A button pattern appeared on the left of the screen and once hit within the time limit, the character executed a Triple Flip. The camera panned out of that so the players could see the jump as if it was happening in real time and they were the spectators. It was an impressive animation and the style was flawless.

A slideshow of the available characters, ranging from Junior to Senior Division flew by.

Twenty-four different stories to unlock, over two hundred hours of game-play, and over eight hours of cut-scenes alone. Even original music was included.


Glowing blue fonts told of the real figure skaters who had voiced the individual characters including, Phichit Chulanont, Kim Yuna, Stephane Lambiel, Guang Hong Ji, Miki Ando, Johnny Weir, and Christophe Giacometti, were among the few more noticeable names. An inclusive cast of voice actors.

At the very end of the trailer, the cover art he'd seen, illuminated the screen and a 'Coming This September' at the very bottom in blue and white blocky letters. The letters flashed and changed to say, 'On ICE!'. In the blink of an eye, little marks sliced through the letters, making the same effect that skates did when on the ice.

It was strangely satisfying, and he had to watch it again.

He wanted the game.

He had to wait six months.

He was going to die!

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