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"Yuuri, come and stretch with me!"

The game developer blinked twice, before shrugging. Victor had danced with him, so it was only fair to train with him. Besides, it could end up being a lot of fun, since it was with Victor.

Victor was doing yoga. His body stretched into many positions that had Yuuri's imagination going wild.

"I didn't expect this," admitted Yuuri as he fell into the same Lotus position, easily capable of holding the position as long as Victor did. "I assumed you would do rudimentary stretches before running a mile or two."

"I actually really like yoga. It's calming and makes me feel awesome, if that makes sense."

"No, it does." Yuuri could understand very well because dancing and sketching had done the same for him. "It makes perfect sense, and I'm glad you can find comfort in it."

Victor beamed at him, and stood so he could switch positions into the Standing Forward Bend. Yuuri copied him and was able to wrap his arms around his legs and completely press his torso against his thighs and knees. Forehead in between his shins. Victor grunted a bit under the strain, but managed to do the same, though for less time than Yuuri did.

"It's taken me forever to get that pose and you just come along and slay it. You're amazing, Yuuri. Your body will never cease to surprise me."

"That would be the ballet talking, Vitya. You should have kept up with it," Yuuri teased, sending his lover a wink. He then folded himself into a bridge instead, hands moving to grasp his his ankles. Victor followed at a much slower rate, obviously unused to the action. Still, that was what practice was for.

"Perhaps you could teach me some moves then," proposed Victor, a moment later. "Just to see if I remember of course. We can't let me forget anything."

Yuuri nodded, picking up on the playfulness and enjoying every moment of it. "We'll have to take the next few weeks though. Just to make sure that you remember everything. I might even have to work you a little harder than usual."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Yuuri," Victor purred, looking mischievous. He then returned to his standing position and wiggled his ass invitingly. "No one could work me as well as you do."

"Yakov, I'm going to propose to Yuuri."

There was a moment of silence, before the old man sighed. "Are you absolutely sure about this, Vitya? Is this something you really wish to do? Did you think everything through?"

"I'm sure." He'd never been more sure of anything in his life. More sure than when he did his first Quad(against his coach's wishes). More sure than when he cut off his hair(against his fans' wishes). More sure than when he stopped skating competitively(against all of Russia's wishes). There was no way to be more sure.

"Have you sought the blessings of his family?" Yakov asked next, to which Victor nodded. The old man looked appeased by that.

"I Skyped Mama Hiroko. She gathered his friends and family and I was able to ask them all at once. They were ecstatic and started asking about where it was going to happen."

That had made Victor's worries calm down considerably. Since all of Yuuri's family was ready for their future union, it made asking for Yuuri's hand a lot easier. Now it was time to make sure that those who Victor considered to be family, agreed too.

"And everything is already planned out? You know what to do and say?"

"Yes. I've been revising my speech so it isn't too long but still holds the same feeling."

He stared down at the notebook on his bed. An entire three pages worth of speech, and that had been condensed from seven pages.

"I wish you luck, Vitya. If he makes you happy, and if he keeps you smiling like you have been in this past year, then I'm certain you're both meant for each other."

Victor teared up just a little, touching beyond belief. Apparently he hadn't been as smooth at disguising his sadness from his coach like he thought he'd been. Yakov knew him so well.

"Thank you… papa."

"You better invite me to the wedding, boy," was Yakov's equally choked up response.


All he had to do was contact his babushka, and then everything would be fine.

Yuuri stared up at the building covered in fanciful lettering and took a deep breath. He'd never considered having to do this before, though he was glad that he actually got the opportunity. The prospect was fun. Exciting and new.

He'd fully expected to spend his entire life watching Victor and remaining single. But now he was dating Victor Nikiforov. And Victor had very smoothly integrated himself into Yuuri's life. And everyone simply adored the man! He charmed Yuuri's family, and Yuuri's friends. He brought so many people together just by being himself. He helped form relationships and he didn't even know it.

And now Yuuri could say that he had more connections than he ever thought he would. And for an introvert, that was impressive. He could actually count over all the fingers on both hands two times, if he wanted to list his friends by name.

It was all so new still, but great. And he needed some help at present, and who would be the best person to help him in this area? There were so many to choose from. Perhaps he could just message everyone and ask for their ideas.

Lifting his mobile to his ear, he waited for his old friend to pick up. He needed to pick her brains, since she too was a long time Victor Nikiforov fan. She would be the first on the long list. Then Mila. Mila knew Victor pretty well.

"Hi Yuuko-chan. Do you think Victor would prefer normal gold or rose gold?"

Yuuko's excited screeching on the other end of the call made him grin.

"You're going to come on over and spend Christmas with us right?" Victor asked as he ruffled Yuuri's already messy hair. Yuuri had long gotten used to Victor's interest in his hair.

"I thought Russians do Christmas differently?" Wasn't it celebrated in early January or something?

Victor leaned back and wiggled his brows. "And how would my adorable lapochka know about that?"

He huffed, shifting a little so he could be more comfortable in Victor's arms as they laid in bed together. "When I was younger, I found myself with a need to learn a lot about Russia. Particularly when you were involved, so I looked up some things here and there."

Victor placed a kiss on Yuuri's head. Victor smelled like cinnamon. "I'll have you know that that the way Americans celebrate Christmas makes me a little more excited about the holiday. Everything is so based on showmanship over here that I can't help but get excited. Also, I may or may not have been looking up some interesting facts about Japanese holidays and what kind of things you do at Christmas, so you aren't the only one with 'needs' to look up information."

They were basically two peas in a pod, and it was hilarious! Victor was perfect for him.

"So you want to spend Christmas Eve together, is that it?" Yuuri asked, reaching up to twirl some of Victor's hair around his finger. "Are you planning something?"

"Other than watching the On ICE! finale and cuddling with you on the sofa… we'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it."

"I like surprises, so I'll be patient."


Both were given no warning as Makkachin appeared at the end of the bed and leaped, crushing them under her furry belly and slobbery kisses.

"See? Our baby is happy that you'll be with us!" Victor cheered, rubbing the poodle's chin.

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"Why do I have to wear a blindfold? And why are we missing the last episode? I wanted to cuddle on the sofa with you and Makka and watch it together while we both stalk Twitter to see how everyone else is handling it."

Victor was beaming even though his Yuuri was pouting. He couldn't help himself because this was an important moment for the both of them and it couldn't be ruined. He'd planned it out so much that it would not be ruined. "I've got a surprise for you. It's something that I've been working on for the past few months and I wanted you to be the very first person to see it."

He directed Yuuri in a complete circle, just to make sure that he wasn't aware of where they were. He wasn't even sure if Yuuri had been to this specific rink before, but it was important to him that it be done right, and if it meant leading his lover astray for a moment, then he would do it.

Yuuri's head snapped around when Victor pushed on the double doors leading to the rink. "Where are we, Victor?"

"Somewhere special. I rented out the entire building."

"You rented out a building?" was Yuuri incredulous reply.

"Come on, Yuuri! We've gotten to know each other very well. You don't think I would rent out a building?"

There was a pause, before Yuuri nodded once. "You're right. I was thinking more of what renting a building would cost, so I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead. When can I take the blindfold off? It's making me sweaty."

"Almost there. And I'll still love you even when you're covered in sweat."


He proceeded to push his future-fiance down until he was seated on a bench beside the large rink. "Now."

And Yuuri did so, gaping in confusion at the sight of the fresh ice. "We're going to skate?"

Victor held up the bag that held his and Yuuri's skates, and nodded. "I wanted to skate a bit with you and give you my surprise. And you have to like it because I've done it specifically for you."

A low coo passed through Yuuri's lips, and the younger man leaned in for a kiss, which Victor happily supplied. He then kissed the tip of Yuuri's nose simply because it was cute and he wanted to.

"Want to help me put my skates on?" asked Yuuri, fluttering his lashes flirtatiously.

"I'd love to. But you have to put something else on first."

[Victor's Surprise! LIVE ft. Special Guest ~ Katsuki Yuuri!]

{What is Victor doing?}

{Why is Yuuri blindfolded, is the most important question.}

{They are at an ice rink!}

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{Is Phichit the one giggling in the background?}

{Yep. After stanning him for 4 years, his giggle can't be confused.}

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{NO! This is almost an exact copy but it's lavender instead of fuchsia.}

{Phichit, what are they doing? Where did Yuuri disappear to?}

{OMG! Yuuri is wearing a copy of Victor's outfit but in blue! #dead}

{What is going on?}


"Why did you commission these costumes to be made?" Yuuri asked, as he looked down at what he never thought he would see in person. And the thing was, it wasn't even the original, but it was made by the same person and modeled after the very first one. And it looked surprisingly good on him if he was being honest.

Victor had somehow gotten his measurements in order for it to be created, and then got another for himself. That took some dedication, and also, some very sly action on his part. They matched!

"It's part of the surprise. Yuri and Mitsuru inspired me in a way," said Victor as he tightened Yuuri's laces just enough. Not too tight and not too loose. He'd ever even tied Yuuri's skate laces before but had somehow managed to do it right on the first try. "You know Stammi Vicino, da?"

His face was flushing and he didn't know if he should be embarrassed. But the expectant look Victor was sending him, had him nodding hastily. "Yes," he confirmed and then cleared his throat for good measure. "I memorized it. It's my favorite of all of your performances and I teared up so much at how well you conveyed the story. I absolutely had to learn it for myself."

The story of a lonely man seeking companionship. His longing bared for all to see. And in the very end, he seems to have found someone, and convinces them that they are perfect for one another. They join hands and continue into their lives together. More or less. It was touching, and Victor had done it justice.

Yuuri had put the facts together though. "Are we skating to Stammi Vicino? Is that why you had me do all of those exercises in the past few weeks? So I would be ready to handle it?"

How devious. Also, pretty awesome. They would get to skate together!

Victor's unabashed smile was enough to confirm that he was correct. Victor's Christmas gift to him was a copy of Victor's most famous costume, as well as a chance to skate together to his favorite of all of Victor's programs. He had to hold in the tears, because it was almost too good to be true, but he didn't want his face to get all splotchy if he cried now. Yuuri was an ugly crier after all.

"Let's go," he murmured, thinking along the lines of the ending of the song. "I'm ready." He held his hand out to Victor, waiting.

The two linked fingers and stepped onto the ice. Victor tugged him along, and Yuuri matched him easily, falling into the familiar movements on the ice. The compulsory figures still fresh in his mind even now. And since he knew Victor very well and had been obsessed in memorizing his style over the years, Yuuri could follow easily, making it appear as if both had planned out their movements despite never doing any kind of pair work on the ice.

They had skated back in Hasetsu, but it was just playful. A few rounds around the rink, but nothing actually choreographed or anything. And maybe a small make out session by the boards, but nothing more than that. After all, there was a chance that three little girls could walk in on them if they weren't careful.

Victor's hand closed around his own, and he was lead around the rink, the other hand at his waist. It had to be a magical ability to be so suave even when silent. Victor was practically oozing charm and confidence, and Yuuri let that comfort him. Victor's presence was capable of either amping up the excitement or soothing the tension. It was a gift for Yuuri as an introvert.

"Want to practice some jumps?" the man asked after a moment. "To loosen you up?"

Yuuri broke off instantly and went for a Triple Axel, because yes he could. And he did. And Victor's clapping made him feel proud. Yuuri could decently do all the Double jumps, but the Triple Axel had been a necessity. Especially since it was considered difficult due to the extra half revolution and the fact that even some Senior skaters struggled when learning it. It was a point of pride for him.

"I can't do Quads, so I hope you don't mind me downgrading everything myself."

Victor shrugged. "I've switched out everything, and made the second to last jump a Quad Flip only. I don't do Quads as much anymore, but I won't give up the Flip until my body tells me it's not possible to do any longer."

There was that usual stubbornness that Yuuri found adorable. Of course Victor wouldn't give it up. He was still the only person in history to land it. Not just in competition, but altogether. He was allowed to be a little arrogant in terms of the Quad Flip.

"I want you to lead the routine off," said Victor, reaching out to adjust Yuuri's lapels. "And no matter what happens, follow my lead and trust that I will always carry you no matter what."

With a kiss on the cheek, Victor then left him in the center of the rink, watching his back as he departed. His silver hair fluttered a bit in the makeshift breeze from his movements. Yuuri wanted to touch it badly.

The music started off differently. A single piano, instead of a full scale ensemble. But it was still the same. The same voice, the same story being told. Yuuri easily slipped into the Double Lutz. The landing was smooth. He probably could have attempted a Triple. But why go for quantity when the quality mattered most in this occasion?

Yuuri wished he could do Victor's Quad Flip, but he had to settle for the Double. Still, the landing was also clean, and he'd gotten decent height on it, even for the small amount of rotations.

It was directly after Yuuri's Triple Axel that Victor appeared beside him, taking his hand and spinning him around. A second voice joined the first, this one was a soprano. A duet version of Stammi Vicino. Yuuri noticed how both skipped over the depressing parts of the original song, and moved on ahead to the more pleasant parts, keeping the story happy in the end.

Victor's eyes were shining, even as he placed his hands around Yuuri's waist in a familiar hold and carefully lifted Yuuri while turning them in a half circle. And he was placed back on the ice without a problem. As if they had done it before. The lift would explain why Victor had been randomly picking him up and swinging him around in the past week alone. Yuuri had gotten used to it, assuming that Victor was just being his usual, dramatic self.

Smoothly, Victor ghosted a hand over Yuuri's cheek as he mouthed the words 'Stammi Vicino non te ne Andare' to him. The romantic dork that he was.

The song wasn't even halfway finished and Yuuri was about ready to tear up. Victor had just asked him to stay close and never leave. It was almost like… a marriage proposal.

Perhaps this would be the perfect time.

When the two stopped in the center of the rink, Yuuri's arms were wrapped around Victor's neck, just as the finishing position of the original program alluded to. The skater wrapped in the arms of their lover, and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Victor was holding Yuuri just as tightly, arms wrapped around his back in order to hold him close. He was warm.

"I don't even know how you managed to make this all work out, but I can't thank you enough," said Yuuri gently. "It's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me."

His Yuuri was tearing up. "It was so beautiful. And you basically asked me to stay with you forever."

Victor sighed in relief, because Yuuri had gotten it even though he probably didn't understand it fully. "It's good that you noticed. It makes it a lot easier for me to do this."

Thank goodness for zippers. He would have lost the little box during his penultimate jump otherwise. That was why he needed a new costume to begin with.

Victor withdrew the dark blue box from his pocket, and fell to his left knee. The look of shock on Yuuri's face was priceless, and Victor was so glad that Phichit was recording like the good friend he was. Because this would be immortalized forever. He'd written an entire speech and damn it all, he was going to get it out in one way or another.

"Yuuri, when I look at you I feel all warm inside, and that's a feeling that I want to keep beside me forever. I spent the past twenty or so years, watching life pass by, but never really living it. And I would be envious of so many people who got to experience love, while I never did. And then you showed up at a random ice show with a personalized gift and your adorably shy smile, and started this fire inside me.

"On ICE! was the magnet that drew me to you, and your kindness and cool attitude kept my interest. You make me so happy, and I feel ten years younger whenever I'm with you. Like I could do Quad Flips for days."

That startled a small laugh from his lapochka, and Victor could feel that telltale warmth inside. It was so nice to be the source of Yuuri's happiness. It made him feel like he was doing something right.

"You make me want to live, and love, and be happy. You make everything better than it ever has been. You bring me more joy than my career or any of my gold medals combined, ever could, which is why I went and had them fashioned into these, for you."

He opened the small box, showing off the two rings he'd had specially crafted. The rings were a standard triple rolling, intertwined type. Each roll made of bright gold and shined to a different level upon his request. Victor had them engraved with 'Stammi Vicino' on the insides. In Victor's mind, each of the individual rolls represented the past, present, and future for them. So the least shiny one was the past, the moderately shining one was the present, and the shiniest one was the future, which would foreshadow a successful and bright marriage.

"Some might think that it's too soon, but we'll have the rest of our lives to know each other, and I want to spend every day unraveling the mysteries that make you, Katsuki Yuuri."

Victor had downsized his former three page essay a lot, but he still felt emotional when quoting what he'd written. And he'd have Yuuri read the entire speech later on. Because certain things should not be shared with a live audience.

"Yuuri, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Yuuri sniffed and nodded madly, letting Victor take his right hand and place the gold ring on it. "Engraved on the inside, are the words, 'Stammi Vicino'. Think of them as a promise."

"Stay close to me," Yuuri breathed, looking as besotted as Victor felt.

Yuuri launched himself at Victor, and the two clung to one another, giggling and crying a bit. It was a mess of emotions, but it was perfection no matter what.

"Who's getting whose name?" asked Yuuri after a moment. "I'm kind of fond of Nikiforov."

"And I'm fond of Katsuki."

Yuuri pecked his cheek. "I suppose we could do the hyphen thing."

"Yeeeesssss!" Victor agreed, lifting his lover in order to spin him around.

"Careful! We're still on the ice!"

"But I'm just so happy!"

"Stay right here!"

Victor rushed on over to the barrier, where he lifted a large, black board that dwarfed him in size, over the top. He then returned to Yuuri's side and told him exactly where to stand so they could both hold it up.

"What is it?" he asked, staring at the upside down, white words.

All of Victor's teeth were on display as he smiled. "The official announcement for the film. I got the okay from the studio and the others. Now smile for the camera, Phichit's been so patient with us this evening and he deserves some relief."


Yuuri looked over and promptly died internally when he finally noticed the large camera facing their direction, and Phichit sitting behind it like a movie director would. His friend held up both thumbs and beamed at them. "The Stream is going perfectly, guys! The fans are losing their collective shit!"

'Stream'. Victor's proposal had been Live Streamed to the world. Meaning that there were people who had been watching that entire moment between them.

Victor was so extra. And Yuuri loved him so much for it.


"This makes things a bit awkward though," he murmured, eying his fiance - HIS FIANCE! - up. Reaching into his own pocket with his free hand, he pulled out a bright white box that was a little smaller than his own hand. "What am I going to do with this? I've been completely outdone."

Victor squealed and bounced up and down. "I'll take it anyway!"

{There's going to be an #OnICE movie!}


"You are engaged to Victor Nikiforov!" squealed Minako, practically blowing the speakers on his mobile. Yuuri couldn't help but grin though, and nod. Because yes, yes he was. Victor had beaten him to the punch, but they were actually engaged!

"He's a great kid, Yuuri, so don't let him go. He's a good rival for a drinking competition, he's helpful without having to be asked, he's generous with his time, and is especially good with kids if you're interested in taking that direction!" the woman sang, sending him a saucy wink through the camera.

He sighed, completely in love and not embarrassed in the least. "He's taking me to Russia next week because he wants to me to officially meet everyone he considers to be family. His coach, his grandmother, and his old rinkmates. This will be their Christmas."

"Good luck! And just know that I'm so proud of you for managing to do this! It takes a lot of fortitude to go after what you want, and you've been going after it for years. It's nice to see your success. You are an example for many of the young people here in Hasetsu. Just yesterday, an eight year old boy told me that On ICE! inspired him to become a figure skater, which was why he signed up for my class and Yuuko-chan's class."

This hit him hard, because Yuuri knew that many people liked his game. He knew that many people considered it a genuine life-saver. And that it brought happiness to so many who had been in dark places. But to know that it would actually inspire someone to take those first steps toward a tough career, that was what hit his emotions.

Yuuri had influenced someone. Fifteen years of plotting, designing, and intense concentration and dedication, had managed to pay off. Not only did the game become successful and gain an international following, but it also touched the lives of many people.

It kind of made the latest unveiling a little more exciting.

Katsu_ki-Nikiforov Good day, everyone!

On February 16, a 2 Player Expansion Pack
for On ICE! will become available. You can
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This EP is specifically about Pair Skating and
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quickly you act.

Asahi and Co. plus myself, and the entire
team of On ICE! want to thank you for your
dedication to our work, and we hope you
enjoy! ^-^ #onice

v-nikiforov-katsuki \^-^/ I am so excited!

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