Touya Mochizuki laid in the huge four post bed that the King of Belfast and his loving wife Yuel had provided for him. Along with this, they had also provided all the other furniture that was inside of the stellar estate he had found himself in after he turns down the knighthood the king had tried to give him for saving his life and exposing the man who tried to kill him. It had only been less than six months since God had accidentally killed him with a lightning bolt. But in return, he'd resurrected him in this new world where magic was real, and he was very adept in the use of magic now, in all its forms. But he also allowed young Touya a window into the world he was unfortunately made to leave behind due to the accident. When God allowed him to keep his smartphone from the world, he was from and allowing him to keep it alive by charging it with his own magic. After God had altered the phone to be able to be charged and work in the new world as well for Young Touya.

Unfortunately for Touya being a young man he hadn't thought to ask for more information before being sent to the new world. An unlucky for him God had neglected some of the more important key details like how in this world and their social norms permitted for children of fourteen and sometimes younger to become engaged with little to no detail about the suitors or just a notion that hits the fancy of the parents or child at that moment. This was especially the case when dealing with a family that happens to be that of a royal blood line. An now because of this ignorance to this norm of his new world, Touya was now faced with a pending engagement with a twelve-year-old princess that will be fourteen by the time a year and a half passes. He could already tell Yumina's torch for him burned ever brighter each day regardless of what he did or how he acted. Of course, it didn't help, she wasn't playing fair her mystic eyes could tell her when he was just putting on performance rather than actually being himself.

But Yumia became the least of his problems; When Leen sensei made her first appearance at his home intent on making him take her up on her offer on how to learn more magic where he wanted it or not. It was an honor, but part of him didn't trust her intention towards him as he thought she was far more interested in how he was able to use all six types of magic and so many forms of null magic. So the thought of ever going somewhere alone with her or really being alone with her was always out of the question. On the other hand even after he turned her away. Leen had managed with her skills and the help of the other girls in the house to convinced him to let her move in as well or more appropriately voluntold him to let her stay.

So now the death glare he was receiving in the guild was not for just being with four hotties, but now it was for being with five. He started to wonder as he laid in his bed, how many girls before he ended up with a knife in his back and he is having another face to face with God for another cup of tea. But that thought vanished as he felt a rustle in his bed he knew it couldn't be any of the girls he had used a null spell to seal the windows and doors to this room as he could gate out if something did happen. So he sat up slightly to see nuzzled next to him was Kohaku. Like him, the mighty white monarch tiger had need of a space where it could separate it's fuzzy cute butt away from the girls as they seem to use him as a security blanket especially when he was around. He had to admit that there were sometimes he felt sorry for Kohaku and admired how much abuse he took all the girls tugging on him and almost strangling him in strives. This was probably why he let the oversize furball share his inner sanctum instead of letting him fend for himself outside with the girls.

Touya lightly stroke Kohaku's fur when his smartphone began to ring, This surprised him as God only seem to call when something happened, and all that seems to have to happen so far today was him waking up and petting his heavenly beast nothing really earth shattering. So he swept the answer key and stuck the phone in his ear and said in his usual well manner tone.

"Hello God, Is there something going on ? or do you just want to talk ?"

There was a long and eerie pause, and this caused Touya to have some worry as God had always seemed quite joyful with him and as far as he knew he hadn't done anything wrong. He'd keep track of his family on the other side they all seemed to be doing well even with his death still being only six months ago. But before he could ask what was wrong God did speak the tone wasn't the usual old man he grew used to but at least he knew it was him.

"Touya my boy; I told you when we first met that the lighting bolt that hit you. That it was a rarely occurring accident that only occasionally happens every so often and that is true as do the other natural disasters, like giant tsunamis, tornados, and earthquakes that occur without warning in places they have no earthly business happening at and they're usually caused by me as well."

At this news, Touya's eyes grew slightly larger, but he remains silent as God continues to speak.

"I rarely have to use those abilities anymore outside of the need of using them as they are usually a force of nature I summon then release it, it does the rest on its own. We're with lighting I actually need to direct it, or you know what type of thing could happen. But the real reason I was calling you a man seven hundred and fifty years ago was a victim of one of my accidents."

Touya closed his eyes and put his free hand to his forehead and rub his head as he felt a head ache coming on before he said in his same normal tone.

"let me guess anything to do with a lighting bolt ?"

God was silent again for a few moment before saying.

"No more like a twofer ….."

Touya was stunned God had used the term twofer but kept listing without interrupting as he continues.

"See the man was fourteen and back then that was a man he was sent out to scout an enemy camp for his battle group, but it was in the middle of the winter and in the mountains. And unfortunately for him, I was practicing how to summon earthquakes. An one got away and caused an avalanche which sent him into a great chasm that quake had created in the earth. He died from the fall, but if he hadn't, he'd of froze to death as most of the bones in his body had been shattered from both hits, and he'd never been able to climb back out."

At this Touya decide to speak.

"So let me guess you gave him the offer you gave me?"

God responds almost immediately.

"yes, see the boy was meant to survive the war and eventually he would of become a doctor after seeing the horror of battle and lives lost. But that was the time he was from he would have been a rare find and because of me I destroyed it, and many suffered because he wasn't there to help."

A small part of Touya started to resent the person who God had given the deal too before him, but it was five hundred and fifty years he was dead for sure. But those thoughts vanish as God continues to speak.

"Touya the reason I'm calling is Marcus is still alive and well in your world thanks to the gift he chose before he went to the world your in. In fact, like you, I've kept an eye on him over the years. But over the last month, my view of him has dimmed. I think he's been developing a Null magic that may allow him to even cloud my vision and I don't know why or it may just be a side effect of his growth, either way, I need you to check in on him for me Touya…. I'm sure if you're lucky and take him one of those tasty treats he'll teach you some amazing types of magics…. He's always had a sweet tooth."

At the thought of doing this Touya fell back into his bed looking into the fabric wondering why him. But then again it was an interesting thought in meeting someone even as old as this person was that came from the same original world with almost the same back story. So he put the phone back to his ear and said.

"Sure, So where can I find him?"

Touya listens to God explain that after traveling the world, Marcus settled off the southern coast of Belfast kingdom and the northern coast of Misumido Kingdom. It took some doing while continuing to talk to God, but he manages to find the rather larger island which had no name on this map but according to God was were for the last one hundred and fifty years Marcus had been living and even had taken on a few mages as students if they interested him. But now that he knew where he had to go the next question was how was he going to get there that was something he has to figure out on his own for the moment as he heard a knock at the door; well he decides to tell God the truth and say before he hangs up.

"I'll try my best God, don't know how I'll get to him but I will find away to the island for you."

The only thing Touya heard before he hung up and got out of bed to get the door was.

"Thank you, my boy."