It had only been a few hours aboard, and boredom had begun to set in among many of the passengers on the ship. The only things, many of the passengers had been allowed to do and had done since leaving the port had been allowed to dine on the very tasty food and also enjoy the exotic drinks provided aboard the ship. While resting in the only space on the massive ship, that had been provided by there benefactor of this trip and exam but then. Touya saw from where he was standing with his eyes a ship arriving from the port and another on the starboard side view of the ship from where he stood. They also look like the one he and his friends currently found themselves on, so he assumed that they were also some of the other ships that Leen and Kohaku had spoken about. But it did make him wonder why those ships were heading for them instead of a course more towards where he assumes the island was at ahead of them somewhere. Until all of the ships began to glow and slid into one another as they merge.

Touya and the girls watched the space all around them in the ship's cabin they stood in began to triple in size within moments and those on the other vessels. Suddenly passengers began appearing and were welcome aboard without them really noticing anything had happened to there own ships as they seem unaware of there arrival through what seemed to be some magical process in which the ships seemed to seamlessly merge through some type of magical merger process. Touya could only surmise it must be some type of Null Magical skill that was most likely used on all of the ships. The null skill seemed to allow for the material native to the ships to be easily taken and apart and reorganize creating a larger vessel without endangering any of the passengers as they were only allowed to be in one space as the ship cruised to the next testing location.

Touya was going to voice his thoughts to his friends. When all of the sudden several similar voices sounded off making all of the people in the room look around. Seeing for the first time several black stone golem trimmed in gold they also had a crimson sphere in each of their chests appeared before the occupants from a new chamber that had appeared because of the construction magic that had taken place while everyone had been lost in thought. Everyone looked at them and then heard one voice coming from them

"Hello, potential mages if you are our hearing this it means that the merging process has begun here and other areas across the world with other ships that are bringing your fellow mages that passed the exam much like you all have, and they will be joining you soon. Some of you mages have taken the test and have made it to this point before, and some have even made it even farther. An for some of the applicants this is your first journey to our master's island. The merging of ships happens over the first five days of the journey, and it will end when all of the ships have been gathered, and the mages can all be tested at once with the second exam. But you should always be prepared for the unexpected test over the time you all are waiting for the second main exam, your ship may choose to test some of you to see if you are truly worthy so if some of you disappear do not fear it is just the ship. Taking those it has more question for before it allows you to step foot on the island or even take the second exam. Also if you were to fail the ships semi-test be warned you will be gated back to your home port without question. That being said now that the merger of the ships has begun unless you fail a ship testing or the second exam. If you have a null spell that allows you to teleport or gate they will be blocked by the ships null spell encase as it protects the guest from the outside world. The room that was erected behind the golems you see before you our the ships dorms for you all to sleep and get cleaned up in and possibly prepare for the exam that is ahead of you. The creation magic of the ship has made exactly the correct number of rooms as the number of guest aboard currently, and each guest has his or her own room with there own nameplate. You are free to do as you please as you are adults but know that the golems patrol the ship and can sense all the guest welfare and if they feel someone is in danger they may react badly to whoever is causing the danger if it isn't ships related to a test… So get some rest."

With that, the seven golems started to move away from one another leaving everyone to talk among themselves as others went to find their rooms. Touya looked over to Leen and said

"Those red spheres in the golems chests look a lot like the ones in the creature I fought with the girls do you think Marcus made that thing we fought, or maybe he's just killed them, and he chose to reuse the cores in his own creations."

Leen looks at Touya and said

"Both possibilities are possible, or he might just make the same types of cores like the creature happen to have; because he has fought one of them in the past as well and the core gave him the idea for an energy source for his own creations. So we shouldn't jump to judgment I mean there a big difference between these golems and the creature you fought."

Touya looks at Leen and said.


Leen smiled and said.

"They seem docile and obedient and haven't tried to kill the entire ship yet."

Touya couldn't argue with Leen at that point and started to yawn.

Leen laughed and said

"You look tired you should go find your room and rest; I'll tell the others if they ask where you went."

Touya nodded and walked away as he did he saw Kohaku laying in Eize's lap and her stroking his belly as she chats with Linze, Yumina, and Yae. He could see they were still enjoying all the different snacks the ship was providing and such, so he didn't feel like bothering them, so he continues on towards his room. As he enters the hall behind was the golem stood earlier the design gave an old Japan tea house feel as the wood felt well aged and the room to each chamber were the old sliding doors with paper screens for privacy type door. As he made his way down the hall and found his room and entered he saw a beautiful room but as his foot grace over the threshold everything around him went dark, and soon Touya found himself in the black nothingness of a void.

"Son of a Bit…"