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Chapter 25: The Unravelling

"Hooray it's Dad!" the twins yelled at the same time the moment they saw Natsume stepped back from the tree he was hiding from a while ago.

He hugged the two excited boys and kissed their foreheads. He then took one hand of each and held in his as he approached the two other onlooking kids.

"Hello." Natsume tried to appear friendly to the surprised children. He bent bent down and sat on the back of his feet to let the the kids be almost at the kids' same height.

"I'm Ruu-chan and Yuu-chan's father. You can call me Uncle Natsume."

He gave them a rare gentle smile, his eyes reflecting the tenderness he felt for the four kids.

The raven-haired boy was the first to speak up and he held out his chubby hand towards Natsume which Natsume goodnaturedly shook.

"Hello, Uncle Natsume. I am happy you finally came home! Now the twins have a daddy! Will you watch our show this Friday?"

"Hello Uncle Natsume! Please say yes! Our classmates say it is always Auntie Mikan who comes, that is why we want the twins to have both a mommy and a daddy this time!" the little girl couldn't help but pipe up.

"Please, Uncle Natsume!" the two said together as they clasped their hands in front of their chest in a pleading position.

He ruffled both kids' hair as he let out a low chuckle.

"Hai, I will definitely go and watch. I won't miss it for anything else."

The twins who has successfully climbed over his back let out a loud cheer and hurriedly leaned over to give his cheeks a kiss.

"Thank you Dad! See, we told you he'll definitely come!"

Laughing now without any reservations, Natsume held out his right hand and extended it to the twins' friends.

"You haven't told me your names yet. Now, let's do this from top, alright?" He flashed them a smile.

"My name is Hyuuga Natsume and I am Ruuichi and Youichi's Father. My wife is their mother, Sakura Mikan. You can call me Uncle Natsume."

Tang Tang shook his hand first. He stood upright and tall after giving Natsume a quick bow.

Then he said politely, "Hello Uncle Natsume! My name is Si Tang Tang. I have been friends with Ruu and You since my cousin and I arrived here."

He motioned over to the little girl standing beside him, gripping his arm and shyly staring at Natsume with her big emerald eyes.

"My father's called Si Ye Han and my mother is Si Wan Wan." The little boy added in the end.

Natsume kept a straight face as he took in this information.

Ah, the answer he needs just shot him right in the face.

Tang Tang gently pushed his cousin towards Natsume so she can shake his hand.

"Your turn!" he whispered to her.

Natsume can see the little girl's inner struggles so he just curled his long fingers like a gentle wave towards her as to not force a handshake.

The girl smiled brightly at him.

"Hello Uncle Natsume." she gave a little bow before continuing, "My name is Li Mei Hua, and (A/N: Ge/Ge ge is Chinese for Older Brother) Tang Tang Ge is my older cousin brother. Ano, I am four years old" she held up four short and chubby fingers, "and my daddy is called Li Syaoran and my mommy is Li Sakura."

Li Syaoran, huh.

Natsume patted her head first and then Tang Tang's. The twins jumped off from his back and Natsume straightened up as he carried Ruu in his arms and Youichi wanted to walk on his own but held on his right hand tightly.

"It is very nice to finally meet my sons' friends. I will definitely cheer for your class on the talent show this friday."

Youichi widened his eyes in surprise.

"How did Dad know it was a talent show? We forgot to give you the letter yesterday!"

"Yeah! How did Dad know!" Ruu nodded his head in agreement to his twin.

"Of course Dad and Momma checked your bags and your daily class diary, silly kids."

He gave them a gentle smile and kissed their cheeks.

"Even if you guys forget to tell momma and dad anything about your school activities, we will still know it, okay? We always want to know how your day went and what you did in school for the day."

Two sets of big amber eyes stared at him full of adoration and love.

"That's what my mom told me too." Mei Hua nodded her head in agreement.

"My mom too!" Tang Tang happily said.

"Because parents always think that way. I'll see you kids on Friday, alright? I can't wait to meet your parents too! Goodbye!" Natsume waved his hand to the two kids in goodbye.

A few minutes after the black Range Rover left, a dark sedan pulled out from a parking slot and followed the SUV.

"How did it go?" a woman asked the man sitting at the passenger seat.

"He picked up two kids. Twin boys that matches the description we got from Mikan Sakura's file."

The woman at the backseat lit up a cigarette and took a long drag before speaking up again.

Around this time, the man started coughing since they are after all inside a confined space.

"Luna! Would it kill you if you don't smoke inside a car and finally not kill us?"

"Shut up,Hayate. As I was saying, did you check how the security was in that school?"

Hayate Matsudaira repositioned himself to look at his friend.

"Luna, sweetie, I like you as a friend but I don't do child abductions."

"You don't have to say or think too much. All you have to do is do what I say. So did you check the security?"

"No, I did not check because as I said, I don't do abductions. I have my limits too, Luna."

When the driver stopped at a red light, Hayate opened his door and stepped out of the car.

He slammed the door shut and angrily walked up to the sidewalk.

The car's window rolled down.

"Master Hayate, the mistress wants you to get back in the car."

The driver politely called to the young man who is angrily walking further from the car.

"No. I quit! I don't want to continue doing this stupid favor if it'll have something to do against those kids! I am not a monster like your boss!"

Hayate turned around and quickly walked off towards a building to keep the car from chasing him.

"Stupid Luna. What's with Hyuuga anyway that she just can't move on!"

Hayate grumpily muttered as he stomped away.

"Ooops, sorry." he bowed in apology to a person he just bumped.

"Oh, it's okay." A raven haired woman with hair tied up in a bun waved his hand off when he tried to help her pick up the manila envelope she dropped.

"No, it was really rude of me. I'm sorry, it was all my fault. I wasn't really looking at where I'm walking…" he stopped mid sentence the moment the woman straightened up and faced him.

Hayate swallowed nervously.

Damn. Is this the cold-blooded Imai from the university?

She gave him a small smile. "No, I was also on the phone so I guess I wasn't minding where I'm walking to."

She turned to walk away when she heard him call her name.

"Are you Imai?"

Hotaru paused and seriously looked at the tall man for the first time. "Do I know you?"

Hayate scratched his head sheepishly. "Well, we went to the same university and shared some classes together but we never really were in the same circle."

She raised a well shaped brow. "Ah."

"It wasn't me that didn't get along with you!" Hayate hurriedly said, "it was my friend, Luna Koizumi."

"Oh. I remember you know." the previously civil woman was gone and an ice-cold chill ran on Hayate's back.

She turned her heels and walked away from him.

He was dumbfounded and it took him a few seconds before he got back to his senses and ran after her.

"Hey, look, I'm sorry for whatever I've done before that might've annoyed you but I was just looking after my friend as you were with yours. But it's all in the past now, right? Maybe we can start over?"

He really didn't know what came over him but he wanted to be in good terms with this woman walking briskly beside him.

She's always caught his attention even when they were younger, and now that he's seen her all grown up and bursting with such confidence and arrogance, Hayate felt his pulse quickening.

Hotaru ignored him and walked towards a parked fiery red Ferrari Roadster.

"Hey." Hayate rushed forward and placed himself between Hotaru and the car's door.

"Get out of the way."

"Look, I sincerely apologize for everything. I know Luna has done mean things" she shot him a cold glare and he gulped nervously before continuing, "a ton of evil things to you and your friend but I really had nothing to do with it. Can we be at least friends?"

Hotaru crossed her arms around her chest making Hayate blush a little as he accidentally stared at her perfectly shaped breast. He immediately raised his eyes and focused his gaze on her magnificent violet eyes.

It's been years since he saw these orbs.

He remembered during their freshman year when he saw her in class. They were in the same row separated by an aisle and when she passed him a class note, he saw her eyes for the first time.

His heart suddenly started beating fast then.

As it is right now.

He cleared his throat. "Please?"


"Because we're grown ups now?"


"And we might encounter each other due to business reasons?" He pointed to the envelope she was holding in her hand.

Hotaru frowned. "Z Inc.?"

Hayate gave her a genuine smile. "You might need me if you want to do business with them."

Hotaru's brows wrinkled subtly yet Hayate didn't miss it. He pulled out his leather wallet and pulled out a matte black card.

"Here. Keep it with you. If you need to do business with Z and they made it difficult for you, you can show this to them."

Hotaru took it from his hand and studied the classy card curiously.

Embossed in also black letters which made it a bit difficult for ordinary people to decipher was Hayate's full name and his contact number. What surprised her were the two titles he had below his name.

COO / Board Member

"Alright. I'll take this card and your word for it. Now step back from my car."

Hotaru pushed him away and opened the driver's side door and got in.

Hayate stood silently on the side as he watched her start the engine. He sighed a little and was about to walk away towards nowhere specific when a monotonous yet gentle voice called out,

"Here." She tossed him something before driving away.

He caught the thing effortlessly and when he opened his hand, he smiled happily as he gaze down at the deep violet (almost black) card with elegant gold embossed writing of her name and contact number.

"Imai Hotaru." Hayate looked up at the suddenly cloudless, clear blue sky. "Maybe we can be friends in this lifetime after all."


"Hey you…" Natsume went over the bed where Mikan was just waking up from her nap.

"Natsume…" she murmured as she hooked her arms around his neck for a kiss.

"Hmmm… baby, I missed you so much…" he whispered to her in between kisses. It's only been two hours and yet he felt like he's been away from her for days.

"Hmmmm… I miss you too baby…" Mikan moaned as she tightened her hold on his neck and pressed him closer towards her.

Natsume adjusted his arms to make sure he wouldn't place all his weight and crush her under him knowing that she's still feeling weak after forcing herself to remember things from the past.

After a few minutes of kissing, Mikan's eyes flew open and she pushed him away from her.

Surprised, Natsume sat up and held her in his arms.

"What's wrong baby? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?"

She shook her head. "What time is it? The twins! I forgot the twins!"

She frantically tried to crawl over the edge of the bed and get up when Natsume's lean arms hugged her and cradled her on his lap.

"Baby, do you think I'll forget to pick the kids up in daycare?" he kissed her damp forehead and frowned. "Why did you sweat? Was the temperature not low enough?"

Mikan toucher her forehead in surprise. "I wasn't feeling warm at all. Maybe I had a dream?"

"Do you remember what it was?"

She shook her head slowly.

"No, I can't remember. I'm sorry."

"Silly girl. Why apologize for something like that." He kissed her nose and then gently placed her head on his hard chest as he rubbed the back of her head. "You don't need to force yourself in remembering things. I am here now, aren't I? I have power and connections, don't I? I got this, Mikan. I promise."

Hearing those comforting words while listening closely to the pounding sound of Natsume's heartbeat, Mikan felt surprisingly secured of her life for the first time. She closed her eyes and nodded her head.

"Listen to you."

He kissed the top of her head and gave her one last hug before maneuvering to the edge of the bed. He stood up with Mikan nestled comfortably in his arms and walked out of the bedroom door and headed downstairs tot the dining room.

"Now that you're awake, it's time for dinner."

An appetizing aroma of mixed herbs and tomato filled her nose as they reached halfway of the stairs.

Mikan widened her eyes in surprise. "Did you cook? Ahhhh you probably ordered room service right?"

"Wife, do I not look like I can cook?"


Natsume gave him an arrogant look before biting the tip of her nose.

Mikan yelped in pain and pinched his arm which turned out to be in vain since she couldn't grab any meat at all.

Damn hot and sexy man!

Natsume chuckled at her failed attempt and kissed her pouting lips. "Baby, you're lucky your man's all lean and sexy hot body is only all for your enjoyment and pleasure. Don't act like you hate my body. We both know how much you've gone gaga over it."

She felt her face heating up at his words.

"Shameless!" She was about to slap his chest when she heard a shout from below her.

"Momma! Surprise!"~~~

"Mommy, Surprise!"~~~

Youichi looked at his twin curiously. "Mommy?"

Ruu covered his mouth with both hands.

"Oh no! I'm sorry Onii-chan! It was those two's fault! They kept saying "mommy" and I guess I did not know my mind copied them?"

Mikan kissed Natsume on the chin and asked him to let her down so she can talk to the kids.

He placed lowered her feet gently on the floor and made sure that she can well stand on her own and isn't feeling dizzy or anything before he can calm his nerves down.

Seeing her faint twice in a day has been a traumatic experience for him and he is not taking any chances of making her faint again tonight.

Mikan was about to kneel down in front of the kids when she felt large hands grabbing her shoulders.

"Oh no you don't, Madame. The floor is cold and your pajamas won't protect you from that." Turning to the twins, "Ruu, Yuu, why don't we go first at the living area before we eat dinner? Your mother's got something to tell you both."

The twins nodded obediently and took hold of Mikan's hand as they went to sit in one of the large couches in the spacious living room.

"Come here and sit on my lap." Mikan motioned for them and the happily obliged.

Natsume then sat beside Mikan and draped an arm over her shoulders and pulled the three of them towards him.

He then watched silently as Mikan talked to the twins, feeling such content and happiness in his heart.

This is his family. Truly his own.

What are the odds of finding them after five years?

"Babies," Mikan softly said, "I am your mother and it doesn't really matter to me how you call me."

She looked at Youichi "You can call me Momma like you are used to," she then turned to look at Ruu on her right, "or you can call me Mommy because you learned a new endearment and that is okay with me."

"Why do we call you Momma and our friends call their mother Mommy?" Yuuichi couldn't hold back his curiosity anymore. "Which one means more love for a mother?"

Mikan laughed at the childish question.

"Oh baby, you make me so happy."

She nudged her nose with Youichi's and did the same with Ruu, earning soft giggles from both.

"Both means so much love to the mother! Don't worry about it too much! You can call me whichever!"

"Why do we call you momma and not mommy?" Ruu's bright amber eyes looking deep into Mikan's.

"Because you were too young back then and the first words you learned was "Ma-ma".

Mikan's breathing hitched a little and she felt tears forming at the corner of her eyes. Oh how happy she was the moment the twins called her for the first time and at exactly the same time!

Natsume's gaze softened as he understood Mikan's words and he rubbed his thumb tenderly over her arm.

"Wow! We called you Ma-ma?"

Mikan nodded. "Then you grew up again a little and from the stuttering Ma-ma you fluently called me Momma and that was it. It just stuck. And I guess now that you guys finally learned to make friends and tell stories about your families, you learned that other mothers are called differently. But that doesn't mean that one title is above another, okay?"

She planted a kiss on the twins chubby cheeks and hugged them to her chest.

The twins were bursting with happiness due to their mother's affections and they wrapped their tiny fat arms around her waist.

"I love you Momma"~~~

"I love you Mommy"~~~

Mikan and Natsume laughed in unison.

"Oh no, it seems that I can't change it!" Ruu wailed unhappily.

"It's okay Ruu. Momma said we can call her anything." Yuuichi comforted his brother.

"But it sounds weird to me that we call mommy differently." Ruu sniffled and tears started to fall from his eyes.

"Baby there's no need to cry…" Mikan wiped his tears with her fingers.

"Don't cry Ruu. I'll call momma mommy too, if that'll make you feel better."

His eyes widened as he stare in awe at his older brother. "Really, you will do something as difficult as that for me, Onii-chan?!"

Yuuichi patted his head and proudly nodded his own. "It's not difficult for me. I told you I am a genius, didn't I?"

Natsume muffled his snort by pressing his face on Mikan's neck which tickled her badly that she's the one who ended laughing.

"Mommy! Why are you laughing at Onii-chan! That's not nice!"

"Of course Mommy's not laughing at your brother! Why would I? It's you dad's fault! He tickled me!"

"Dad!" the twins yelled as they tried to pull Natsume's now smiling face from Mikan's reddish neck.

Natsume laughed and took Yuuichi from Mikan's la, carried him in his arms, and stood up.

"Alright, alright, let's have dinner now. The food's getting cold."

Mikan tried to do the same with Ruu but the refused. "Mommy's not feeling well so Mommy don't need to carry Ruu. I can walk fast! Come, look at what we cooked!" Ruu excitedly pulled Mikan's hand toward the dining room.

"You guys really cooked?"

"Yes we did mommy! Dad did everything but Nii-chan and I helped!"

"Mmmmm… everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see how exceptionally delicious they all are!"

Mikan eyed the handsome oak wood eight-seater dining table that Natsume has replaced his old smaller table with.

A huge dish of spaghetti with huge meatballs was set on the center.

It was also noticeable that the meatballs weren't of same size and shape. Some looked like solid rounded meat, while a few has shrunk and looked depleted, obviously it must've been the twins' work.

There was a bowl of fresh garden tossed salad with mixed fruits of grapes, cubed apples and pears, and sliced of lemon on top.

On the other side of the pasta was a platter of a whole roasted chicken covered with garnish and mixed herbs. It also has a whole lemon protruding from its bottom.

Natsume placed a tray which holds five bowls filled with different types of grated cheese beside the bowl of spaghetti.

Giggling, Mikan went over to Natsume and hugged his waist.

"Honey, the kids don't know which is cheddar, parmesan, provolone, mozzarella, and goat cheese. I usually just give them whatever's available in the ref, like cheddar and parmesan."

Natsume frowned at her. "Well I want them to get to choose and try as many food as possible, then they can learn what they like most."

"I actually was quite disappointed I didn't have more cheese in stock. When I asked them what they wanted for dinner and they said 'spaghetti with meatballs and lots of cheese', I was worried I wouldn't have the cheese they wanted." He continued while tapping his chin with his finger.

"But Ruu and I liked all of the cheese Dad gave so we asked him to put it in the spaghetti tonight!" Youichi piped in as he looked over the table happily.

Natsume placed him in his high chair and also pulled up Ruu into his.

He then lifted Mikan in his arms earning laughter from her as he placed her on the chair in front of Youichi.

"Now, wife, sit here while I finish setting up our dinner." He dropped a kiss on her forehead before returning to the kitchen.

"Mommy, why is your face red? Are you unwell?" Ruu asked worriedly.

Mikan felt her face getting warmer. "Mommy's fine, baby. Don't worry. Mommy's just happy that we're with Dad right now."

"Mmm. Ruu's always happy when Daddy's around!"

Ruu covered his mouth and gasped. "Oh no! Now I also changed Dad's name!"

Laughing, Natsume placed a bottle of wine and two wine glasses beside his plate before reaching out to pinch Ruu's cheek.

"Calling me Daddy's fine. As long as it is you and your brother, Dad's happy with whatever you call me. Even if it's 'old man'."

"Why would we call you 'old man'? Dad looks younger than other daddies we know." Youichi frowned a little, looking offended at the thought of calling his father old.

"Daddy's more handsome than Mei Hua's and Tang Tang's daddies!" Ruu crossed his arms in front of him confidently.

"Mei Hua and Tang Tang?" Mikan asked curiously.

"Oh mommy! They're our friends from school!~~~"

"No, they are our best friends in school!" Youichi corrected his brother.

Ruu nodded excitedly as Natsume leaned over to tie their meal bibs around the twins' necks before he went to the kitchen again to get their pitcher of cold full cream milk.

"Yes, yes, Onii-chan was right! They are the bestest friend we've ever had since we came to school! The four of us are always together, mommy! We'll be dancing together on friday, you and daddy have to watch us!"

"Ha ha~~ our babies are growing up so fast! Now they have their own cliques in school!"

Mikan helped the twins get their own serving of spaghetti and also helped them put spoonfuls of the 5 cheeses on top of their pasta.

Natsume then cut the chicken parts the two requested and placed them on their plates. Both refused his offer to cut them up in smaller pieces saying they can do it on their own.

Really all grown up now.

She felt her eyes getting wet and she quickly wiped the corners of her eyes.

Of course, no action of hers can go past Natsume's eyes and he reached out to her and lightly patted her back.

"Anyway," Mikan cleared her throat. "I'm sorry mommy's been to busy lately that I haven't gone to your school for a month! Is that the time this Mei Hua and Tang Tang joined the school?"

"Uh-huh." Ruu nodded after gulping down a huge mouthful of meatball. "Mei Hua is Tang Tang's younger cousin and they came from another country. I forgot what it is called."

"Lombom." Youichi said as he cut his chicken into strips. "I remember Tang Tang saying they were born there even if their parents are same as Mommy and Daddy."

"What do you mean the same?" Natsume asked.

He and Mikan kept a straight face when they heard the little guy call 'London' 'Lombom'.

"Well, I told Tang Tang that mommy and daddy were born here in Japan and he said his parents were the same. Then Mei Hua heard us and said her parents are also Japanese but she don't know why they were in Lombom."

"Ah~~~ don't ask them about it anymore next time okay? It's not polite. Wait for them to tell you their reason. And honey, it's London." Mikan smiled at the twins who were currently practicing saying 'London'.

"You guys were born there too. Have you forgotten?"

"Oh that's right!" Ruu dramatically slapped his forehead "that's why I thought Lombom - I mean London - sounds familiar to me!"

"Then mommy, maybe you know Auntie Wan Wan and Auntie Sakura?" Youichi looked at his mother, his bright eyes full of anticipation.

Mikan dropped her fork unconsciously creating a loud 'clank' in the room.

"Wan Wan? Sakura?" She muttered in low whisper.

"Mommy, did I say something wrong? Did I make you feel unwell?" Youichi hurriedly stepped down from his high chair to go over to his mother. Ruu tried the same but Natsume was quicker than him and he pulled him out of his chair and carried him over to sit on his lap beside Mikan.

"Oh, no, no, don't worry, Mommy's fine!" Mikan tried to make her voice sound natural but she darted a nervous glance at Natsume.

"See, you kids don't have to worry." Natsume patted the twins' head. "Go back and finish your dinner before the chicken gets cold, alright? Daddy will just accompany mommy to call Grandpa about work."

"Awwwww~~~" the twins groaned in disappointment.

"It will be really quick! Daddy promises!" Natsume held out his right hand and shook their tiny ones.

"Okay! We'll eat now! Be quick okay, we need to eat the chocolate cake together!"

"There is chocolate cake?" Mikan asked incredulously.

"Of course! It's the twins' favorite dessert!"

"You spoiler!" She slapped his arm making the twins giggle as they say back in their chairs.

"Daddy loves us the most!"

"Yeah! Daddy's the best daddy in the world!"

"In the whole universe!"

"Yeah! What Nii-chan said!"

"Alright, wait here and obediently finish your food. Mommy and I will be back soon!"

Natsume scooped Mikan out of her chair and strode briskly to his study in the same floor.

After he closed the heavy door, he sat down to the black leather couch and cradled Mikan on his lap.

He pressed her head against his chest and caressed her head comfortingly.

"Now tell me what you just remembered." He whispered tenderly in her ear. He kissed her cheek gently and rocked her a little to calm her nerves.

Mikan snuggled closer to him and wrapped her arms around his upper torso.

"Honey, I have a feeling that Wan Wan Youichi mentioned was my close friend Ye Wan Wan."

"How do you know that? It can be another person."

She pressed herself closer to him, loving the warmth his body exudes. "Nope, it has to be my Wan Wan. She told me that time that she wasn't sure if she's pregnant already or not back then, but since she truly loves Ye Han, she doesn't mind if she's gotten pregnant before getting officially married. That's why she wants to call their firstborn Tang Tang if he's a boy, since it means 'dignified' in her home country."

She laughed a little before continuing "although Wan Wan, silly as she is, planned to call the baby Tang Tang too even if it turns out to be a girl."

Natsume's lips curled up as he watch Mikan's face reminiscing about her friend. "Well good thing it was a boy."

"Ha ha ha! Good thing it is!" Mikan wiped a tear from a corner of her eye. Oh how she missed that funny Wan Wan! She can't wait to see her.

"Honey, I'll go to the daycare tomorrow after work, alright? I'll ask whoever picks up Tang Tang to send a message to Wan Wan that I'm looking for her."

"Alright." Natsume kissed the tip of her nose.

"Now what made you feel uneasy awhile ago? If it was about Wan Wan and Tang Tang, you wouldn't send me a glance that you have something urgent to tell me."

Mikan's eyes dimmed a little.

"Honey, I don't know about this, but I just have a feeling that I am related to this Sakura."

"Then why are you sad?"

Mikan tightened her arms around Natsume.

"If she is, then she must be a Yukihara… and then if the kids are cousins, then either Wan Wan or Ye Han is also a Yukihara… what if…"

She felt Natsume rocking her again as he hummed a slow tune.

After a few seconds, Natsume finally spoke.

"I can't give you answers now, but I will after dinner. And no matter what the answer is, you already have me right?" He kissed her lips, gently sucking her soft jelly like pink lips earning a low moan from her.

"Now stop thinking about unnecessary things. Remember that I told you that night you were with me in my suite? How Wan Wan and Ye Han scourged the whole place looking for you frantically? Yukihara or not, they truly cared for you. I believe your friendship with this Wan Wan is genuine."

Mikan's eyes lit up. "It is! Thank you Natsume. You are so smart!"

He arrogantly puffed out his chest making her laugh aloud. "Of course, I am the smartest! Just ask my kids!"

Mikan loosened her hold on him and jumped off from his lap.

"I'm feeling much better now honey! Let's go back and join the kids."

"I'll follow you. I need to make a call first." He pulled her hand and planted another kiss on her lips then he pointed to her bare feet. "Go wear my slippers first before you leave. I'll go get another for me later."

She obediently did as he said before leaving the study and went back to the dining room.

Once she left, Natsume stood up and picked up his study phone.

"Ye Sha. Check on a relative of Ye Wan Wan or Si Ye Han named Li Sakura. Also check if her husband Li Syaoran and Li Xiao Lang is one and the same person."

He paused for a while.

"Yes. That same Li."

Another pause.

"Yes, they have a daughter named Mei Hua. They seem to have just arrived this month from London."

Five whole minutes passed and then Natsume hung up the phone.

So that was how it was.

A boyish grin appeared on his handsome face, and the usual stone-cold Natsume looked like a teenager who had a very special present to give to his girl friend.


After dinner, Mikan went upstairs to bathe with the twins. Natsume shooed them out of the kitchen saying he can handle all the chores that was needed to do.

Mikan's heart was so moved that she rushed over to him and whispered seductively that she'll definitely make it up to him later tonight.

Natsume looked down at her with satisfaction and told her to patiently wait for him in their room saying he'll go directly upstairs the moment he's done washing the dishes and wiping the table up.

"I'll wait for you baby." She winked at him before pulling the twins' hands and playing with them as they race upstairs.

The moment the three were out of sight, Natsume called for Shin and Joe and told them to make sure both the kitchen and dining room's all cleaned up in less than an hour.

He then went back to his study and made another call.

"Hello. Who is this and how did you get my number?" a man's cold monotonous voice answered the call after three rings.

"It's Hyuuga. Didn't know you finally had a kid, wolf boy."

Natsume leaned back on his seat and lazily stretched out his legs and propped them on top of the coffee table.

"Well if it isn't Nattie boy." the other man let out a low chuckle on the other line. "What miracle made you contact me this year? You usually just call me what, four times a year just because of our quarterly financial reports? It's not yet the time for that, is it?"

"You've learned to say many words now, huh? I guess having a family does that to you."

"Have I not sent you an invite for both my wedding and my daughter's first birthday? You're the one who's too busy to attend it, you arrogant git."

Natsume rolled his eyes and massaged his nape.

Yes, if he only kept in touch with his second best friend, then maybe he could've met Mikan sooner and in a much normal way.

"I was halfway around the world that time, Li. You know it was at the critical time for the company."

"My kid's birthday?"

"I have totally forgotten about it. That one, I admit, I was truly an ass. I am sorry."

Li Syaoran signalled for his wife to go to bed first before he went out to their room's balcony to continue talking to Natsume

He had a feeling this call is important to his friend so he dare not to hang up on him.

"So what made you call me this time?"

"You've been to London?"

"Yeah, been living there for about five years straight although I've been frequently going there for a decade. And that's where I met Sakura, my wife, if you still remember reading the wedding invitation."

Ahhhh… so that's why the name sounded familiar to him too.

Natsume shook his head in annoyance. How could he have missed such a chance.

"Is your wife related to the Yukiharas?"

Syaoran's brows wrinkled at his sudden question about his wife.

"What's that got to do with you?"

"Is she or is she not?"

"Why?" No way he's giving up his wife's information easily without reason even if it's Natsume.

"Tch. My fiance's being hounded down by the Yukiharas and if your wife's one of them, you already know the implications."


Natsume tried to wait for a full minute but his patience could never outwin Syaoran's.

"So, what is it Li? Is your wife a Yukihara?"

"She is. But not of Japan's. She's a Yukihara of the European clan."

Natsume's brows shoot up in surprise.

"Aren't they the same?"

Syaoran opened the sliding glass doors and walked towards the huge modern four poster bed where his wife was currently seated while reading a book.

He sat down and pulled her over to his arms as he leaned on the bed's headboard with Sakura snuggling in his arm comfortably. She sent him an inquisitive look and Syaoran mouthed to her 'Yukihara' silently.

Not understanding, Sakura closed her book and turned to look at her husband, awaiting for an explanation.

"I'll put you on speaker. My wife's beside me right now and she has the right to know what your question's all about."

"You seriously have no balls when it comes to your wife." Natsume sneered.

"Like you do with yours." Syaoran sneered back at him.

"Of course. I'm a man, Li." Natsume grunted.

"Why don't you let me meet her so I can shove your balls back to your face."

"Shut up. Tell me now what's the difference between the two Yukiharas."

Sakura raised her eyebrow at her husband.

He shrugged his shoulders. Guess it's down to this.

Well he trusts him enough to willingly tell him what he knows.

"Nattie, I'm sure you've done business with the Yukiharas when you were in London, right?"

"Now that you reminded me, yea I did had a formal meeting once with the director but then the rest of the transaction and dealings were handled by our subordinates. It was Yukihara Kazumi, around mid-forties, no wife nor children."

Sakura's eyes dimmed when she heard what Natsume said about her uncle.

Syaoran pressed her hand in reassurance and held it against his mouth for a quick kiss, making her cheer up a little.

"Yukihara Kazumi is the head of the Yukihara clan of the whole Europe, not just London. He has a younger brother, Yukihara Izumi. When their parents separated when they were kids, Izumi decided to stay in Japan with their mother while Kazum stayed with their father in London. Both became successful and the family businesses handled by each flourished."

Syaoran hugged Sakura in his arms and covered her with a quilt as he continued on with his story.

"Now, their relatives sought after the two siblings and to make a complicated story short, the original one Yukihara clan was split into two since the family had two capable leaders to become head of each family. So they divided all properties and investments into European and Asian group. Now, it would have been a happy story if greed didn't appear."

Syaoran let out a sigh and kissed Sakura's forehead.

"Until now, they don't know who did it, but someone from the Asian Yukihara learned that Kazumi had a child out of wedlock. He was in a very well-hidden and secretive relationship with a Japanese migrant in Britain but it was somehow leaked out to that spy. That spy then had someone murder Kazumi's lover when he wasn't around and they took the child with them back to Japan."


Natsume realized he was gripping the phone too tightly and he loosened his hold a bit afterwards. Knowing that he locked the door of his study and it is completely soundproof, he placed the phone on speaker mode just in case he couldn't control his emotions by the end of Syaoran's narration.


"Kazume received an anonymous letter from someone who said is representing the Yukihara's Asian clan. He had his daughter with them and if he wants to keep her alive, he should provide them yearly with 20% of all profits of the Yukihara's European group of companies. Of course, Kazumi agreed for the sake of keeping his daughter alive. He's been doing that for twenty one years and ended only five years ago. Anyway, that was the turning point which led the two clans to finally decide to separate for good. Forgetting all blood relations. Families pledged allegiance to one side, turning their backs to the person from the opposite side even if they're blood relatives."

"Did Kazumi ever get any information regarding his daughter?"

Syaoran looked at Sakura.

She nodded, fully understanding how much her husband trusts this man. After all, he decided to say everything he knew about her uncle.

Her relatives may think of betraying her uncle, maybe even their closest relatives, but her husband will never turn his back on him.

Li Syaoran is one of the five people Yukihara Kazumi will trust his life with. And that is why he gave his full support when he asked for his approval to marry his one and only niece.

"He did."


"She was the currently missing daughter his younger brother raised as his own. Yukihara Mikan."


Both Syaoran and Sakura sat up in surprise at the sudden sound from Natsume's end.

"Nattie? Are you okay?"

"F* Syaoran. I know you know she's not missing, right? You went back here for her, right? Now all I need to know is, are you an enemy or an ally of hers?"

Natsume swept off the documents on his desk in frustration.

Damn it!

If he had to choose, he didn't want to be enemies with the combined forces of Kazumi, Ye Han, and even his best friend Syaoran. But for the safety of his family, let all be damned. He couldn't care less if he had to bring out all his hidden resources just to protect them.

This is his decision.

His family will always be above all else.

Mikan, Youichi, and Ruuichi.

They're his life.

Nothing else matters.

"I just learned recently of your engagement with her through my sources that's why I immediately flew here a few days ago. I was actually planning to set up a meeting with you this weekend to confirm it but you beat me into it."

"What are you?"

"Ally. Sakura is the daughter of Kazumi's first cousin on his father's side, Fujitaka. She has actually met up with her a few times through Ye Wan Wan when she was in London but Mikan didn't know they were cousins. The day they planned to tell her about their relationship, someone ambushed a very pregnant Mikan making her car crash into a ravine. If it weren't for the hidden bodyguards Kazumi and Ye Han assigned to her, we could've lost her then."

"Si Ye Han? Wasn't it his wife who's the close friend of Mikan? Why would he be concerned about her welfare?"

"Ah. I'll leave it to him to explain to you."

Natsume scowled at his desk phone.

"Why not just tell me now?"

"Tut-tut Nattie, not my story tell. My wife's getting sleepy now, just expect my call tomorrow morning."

With that, Syaoran dropped the call and tended to his drowsy wife.

While Natsume fumed on his own, wanting to strangle his friend's neck for cutting the story halfway.

Oh well. Better attend to my wife too.

He stood up and went out the study to claim his prize from his lovely and 'extremely generous' wife.