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Alice's POV

"It's time to put our plan into motion guys. I have seen it. Edward and I need to go now and meet up with our mate's. We will need them to complete our plan."

"We already have a lot of people with gifts. Today the last person that we were looking for arrived here in Forks. Today to be precise. Once we convince her that we have the best interests in heart. She will accept everything we want. I have seen it all happen."

"Alice, why would we need that human girl?" Wondered Edward.

"Because she's a shield you dummy. With her we are unbeatable." I told them all with a smug smile.

"But first, we need to do two more things so that we are sure that she will be bonded to us for eternity."

Abigail's POV

Shit, what the fuck. This is not good at all. I need to inform my masters. Wait until they find out who they are dealing with. They are in for a big shock when everything comes out.

I'm not about to let those stupid assholes ruin my sister like that. It's about time that they are put in their place.

It took a while but my vision just confirmed what we always thought about them.

Maybe I can convince my masters to go and see my little sister. I really am missing her. With that thought, I went to my masters to reveal everything.

Peter's POV

Isabella was moving to Forks and so would we. I promised her adopted father that I would keep her safe from the others of our kind. I really hoped that Bells would stay away from the Cullen coven until we arrived.

We are half way there when she called me. I answered my phone immediately.

"Hey, Lil bit miss me already?"

"You have no idea Pete. Charlie does his best you know but it's awkward."

"It's been a while since you two have seen each other Lil bit, in time it will be better."

"When are you and Lottie coming to Forks. I really need you here."

"We are on our way as we speak. Why? Is something wrong?"

"No not really. I think that I'm coming down with something. I have a heavy feeling in my chest. It's just like I can't breathe like I used to. It's like I have an elephant sitting on my chest."

"Lottie says that it's maybe the change of weather. Why don't you go to bed Lil bit. When we arrive, we will take you out to find that car of yours."

"Okay, I'll do that, I love you both."

"We love you to Lil bit, more than you know. G'night."

"G'night Petey, G'night Lottie."

With that, she hung up. At the same time my Yoda knower went off. Crazy shit was about to happen and I knew that we needed to visit Jasper before we would go to Lil bit.

The Major was the key to help prevent all of this shit to happen.

"Char baby, sent a text to The Major that we will be meeting him in two hours. Oh, and tell him to meet us at the edge of the forest alone."

"Will do Peter. I have sent the text and he said that he would be there."

Jasper's POV

Alice was radiating a lot of happiness and smugness the last two days. When I went to ask her what it was all about. She just told me that I would find out Monday in school.

Magic-8-ball new something. I wouldn't question it, for now. I didn't trust her 100%. I knew that everyone relied on her visions too much.

That was something I just couldn't do. Especially after my time with Maria. She had a seer and I have witnessed enough of the battles she foresaw. What she saw didn't always happen in the same way. Many newborns died

when they didn't need too because Maria believed in her seer too much. I would never do that again.

Peter is different in that circumstance. He just knows shit like he tells me. The difference is that Peter knows the outcome of things and they don't change like with a seer.

Most seers' visions are based on the decisions people or vampires make. When people change their mind, the vision changes. I trust my brother with my immortal life.

I left the house while the others go hunt. The others went with their mates. All to separate places. When we hunt we are very protective of our hunt unless it was our mate. I knew how fast things could change into something else when mated couples went out hunting. I went off to hunt on my own.

I couldn't help but wonder when I finally would meet my mate. After 100 years I really hoped that I would find her soon.

Sometimes it was difficult to be around the mated couples. Add to it that I am an empath. I feel everything twice as much.

I couldn't help but wonder what my mate would look like. Everything she liked to do from reading to shopping.

I was brought back out of my thoughts by my cell phone vibrating with a text message.

I took my phone out of my front pocket and saw it was Peter. Weird, I was wondering what my cryptic brother had to say.

Opening the message- On our way. Be there in 2 hrs. Major. Meet us at the edge of the forest. Oh, and come alone.

After reading the message I was happy that I would see Peter and Charlotte. I couldn't help but think that there was another reason for his visit. I sent him a reply and put my phone back in my jeans pocket.

I went on with my hunt and searched for a bear. That was the best option. I really didn't like hunting animals.

But because of the treaty with the wolf pack, I didn't have another choice. If I wanted to stay here with the Cullens, I would have to hunt the way they do.

The Cullen family had a lot of powers running in the coven. Alice a seer, and Edward could read people's minds. Emmet had the strength of a newborn, and I am an empath.

I'm surprised that the Volturi doesn't interfere. Especially my adopted father Caius Volturi. (I know shocker right)

You see after my time with Maria, when Peter came back for me. We both ended up meeting Felix and Demetri. They are really nice guys in my opinion. We followed them to Volterra. When we arrived, we ended up working together with them for a couple of years before I met Alice.

Caius felt a father bond towards me and Marcus confirmed that it was true. The same day he adopted me as his son and I became Major Jasper Whitlock Volturi. Prince and rightful heir to the throne if something happens to them.

Now, here I am with the Cullens. Nobody here knows or suspects anything about that. I know damn well how to avoid and block the mind reader and the seer. They just know me as The Major. The one who fought in the southern wars with Maria.

After I found the bear and was done. I went to the edge of the forest where I found Peter and Charlotte waiting for me.

The closer I walked towards them the more my chest started hurting.

That fucker had a knowing grin on his face like he knew what was going on.

Peter's POV

When the Major walked towards us and I saw that he was constantly rubbing his chest. I had a good idea what

was going to happen. Especially after what Lil bit told us before.

It's just like putting one and one together.

"Hey Major how are you?" I said with a knowing smile.

"I have been better thanks."

"Major why do you keep rubbing your chest." I heard my beautiful mate ask with a knowing tone in her voice.

"I don't know. It's like I'm missing something but I don't know what or where to find it." Admitted The Major.

"Well, that's the reason we are here for. Follow us and believe me you'll be thanking me afterward."

We went to Lil bit's house. Before we arrived, I needed to see her alone so I spoke up.

"Major stay here with Char. I'll let you know when you can follow." With that, I ran towards the house as fast as I could.

Because I knew that we were close enough for The Major to smell her. I knew for sure it wouldn't take long before he came busting into her door.

I went inside via the back door when I saw Bells at the dinner table finishing her breakfast.

Charlotte's POV

I had a good idea what was going on when Peter told the Major to wait. I wouldn't want my Sweet pea blacking out when she meets her mate for the first time.

Although that I had hoped that she would meet her mate before we would change her into a vampire. I'm happy that our sire The Major is her mate. She will be taken good care of. Knowing Jasper, he's a very protective and possessive vampire.

I feel sorry for all the people who would have to deal with him if they so much as touch his mate.

Peter better hurry the fuck up because I don't know how long the Major will wait here.

Oh shit. He picked up Bells scent, and from the looks of it, he is in Major mode. This isn't good.

Peter, you better not be touching her if you know what's good for you. You don't want to lose a limb or two. I thought.

I ran as fast as I could after him. Hoping that he could control his animal around Bells and keeps in his mind that she is still human.

Bella's POV

I was thinking about the dream that I had last night about a hot Texas cowboy when I heard someone enter my house via the back door.

As soon as I saw Petey I jumped off my chair and hugged him.

"I'm so happy that you are here Peter. I really missed you. Where is Lottie?" I asked concerned.

"She will be here soon. How is your chest? Do you still have the feeling of an elephant sitting on it?" He asked with a grin.

"No. Actually, this morning I still felt terrible but a couple minutes ago it went away. Like it was never even there."

"There is someone I would like you to meet Bells."

"Who would y..." I was interrupted by an unreal and very feral growl.

When I saw a honey blond vampire male busting through my back door. I was immediately mesmerized by what I saw. That man was god's gift to the female population.

OMG, that man was sex on legs. It was the same cowboy from my dream. This was so weird and unreal. How can this happen? The guy looked even better than in my

dream. He was about 6 ft. 3, honey blond hair, build nice. When I looked up into his face I could see a smirk on his face before he roared, Mine.

All the emotions that were swirling around became too much for me. The last thing I knew was that before I hit the ground someone crashed into me and was purring!?

What the hell. I think that I've just lost my mind. Before I blacked out completely.

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