Chapter 24

Paul's POV

After Bella went to sleep I couldn't help but think about what had happened to me when she came towards me. Sure, she was very cold and mated to a vampire but I didn't mind a bit.

When Bella came to me I felt all my protective wolf instincts kick in. My wolf and the man in me wanted to be there for her. In whatever way we could, and if that was as her personal heater then that would be what I was for her.

What was really weird was the fact that all the things that were told to me once I shifted into a wolf about imprinting. I felt them but not in a soulmate's way. For now, I would do anything to protect my future mate that Isabella was carrying.

I couldn't be happier than I was now. How many shapeshifters could say that they were there all during the whole life, of their imprint. I can and will be there from the first breath that my imprint takes.

With those thoughts in my mind, I fell asleep in one of the extra rooms that Peter and Charlotte had given to us. The ones that would go with them to Volterra.

Bella's POV

The next morning came quicker than I would have wanted. I needed to talk with Marcus.

After a good night's rest. I felt tons better than yesterday. I will find out what that has happened with Aron and Miranda.

So that I can figure out how to get to the second threat with me instead of against me. Not that I would back down for them if needed. I can't help the feeling that there is something bigger going on.

Not for me directly but for someone that is really close to me. If that's the case, then I need to know that before it is too late. Maybe I could see or meet them before the battle. Find a safe place, then maybe I would have an idea if I feel something. Some sort of connection towards them. Like I have so far with everyone that is here with me now.

"Good morning my handsome man." I smiled at Jay.

"Good morning darlin." Replied Jay while kissing me sweetly.

"Jay is Marcus here? I would like to talk to him about something that was mentioned in my dream."

"Yes he is darlin. I will send him up with your breakfast so that the two of you can talk in private."

Jasper kissed me lightly on the lips and then on my stomach before leaving the bedroom. I thought it was kind of cute to see how Jasper already was with our children. It made me smile.

Marcus's POV

"Isabella, you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Yes gramps I do. I want to know what the history is of Miranda and Aron."

Her calling me gramps made me love my great-granddaughter even more than I already did.

"I will tell you everything about Miranda and Aron while you eat your breakfast. Then you can explain to me why you want to know the history behind them."

Isabella nodded and began to eat her breakfast.

"Well, Aron was my biological son from when I was still human. Shortly after my son was born I was changed into a vampire. I was cut out of his life because of what I was. I had a hard time adjusting to being a vampire. I had difficulty controlling my bloodlust. In my first year that was also the same year that I met Aro and Caius. They already were changed."

"Aro was and still is like a child when he comes across a vampire who has a gift that he doesn't have in his guard. Aro thinks that it shows the power of the Volturi. It helps when we need to interfere when vampires break our laws. My gift as you know doesn't work like the ones that the guard have. I had more of a brother bond with Caius and Aro. That made me the third ruler of the Volturi. I will be until the day that I step aside and give my place up to the next rightful rulers. That would be you and Jasper."

"Anyways, after I had control over my bloodlust I kept an eye on my son Aron and his mother. They both had it hard when they thought I was dead. I didn't want to make it harder by showing myself. So, I made sure that they had everything that they needed. While I saw my son grow up and his mother getting older."

"When Aron was 18 years old he found the love of his life in Miranda. They had a strong bond. One that I had never seen before. A golden bond like you have with Jasper. They were happily in love. At some point not long after that, they were married. Miranda became pregnant with twins. They were two girls named Apolla and Artemis. They were the first twins with the power of the sun and the moon. Aron and Miranda were in danger and Miranda placed her twin daughters with a human family. Just after she did that, she died at the hands of the Romanians."

"My son Aron couldn't live without his Miranda and not knowing what had happened with his daughters. He found a way to end his life. That was also the last time I had seen the golden bond that now you and Jasper have."

"I have looked for Apollo and Artemis but sadly I have never found them. Then one-night Charlotte Whitlock called me to ask about the golden bond that you and Jasper have. She also asked what would happen if you were too far away from each other. I started looking deeper into things. That's when I found out that you, Phoebe and Charlie are descendants of mine."

"Artemis and Apolla were both married. Each one had only one child. That meant that they had not given their power to their children. Apolla's daughter Kim was married to Steven. They had one son your father Charles Swan. He was an only child. That meant that he could not have the power of the sun and the moon. Then I saw that Charlie and Renee had two daughters but that apparently one had died at birth."

"I found it weird because the legend says once the twins are born. The ones who represent the powers of the sun and the moon, they will connect at some point. Their powers will let themselves be known and grow over time. I knew that It was not your twin sister that Renee and Charlie had buried because if one died that would mean that the other one would follow soon after. The two of you balance each other out. Like a ying and yang but in your case the sun and the moon or day and night. If you want to be exact. One can't exist without the other." I explained to Isabella.

"Uhm, maybe a weird question. What would happen to Phoebe when for some reason I would die? Would it still have the same effect because she is already a vampire?" Asked Isabella.

"Yes it would still be the same. If for some reason you not make it and die Phoebe would also die because she can't exist without you balancing her. With her being a vampire, she would feel the burning pain like she was changing but the difference is she would actually burn from inside until she is completely burned into a pile of ashes." I replied honestly but sadly.

"Thank you for your honesty gramps. I know this is not easy for you to talk about. When you said that Miranda was killed by the Romanians who were they? Are they still out there?"

"The Romanians that killed Miranda where Marcel and Dragos. They were killed at the hands of the Volturi, so they are not a threat anymore. They have two other brothers named Stefan and Vladimir. They had sworn to us that they would one day have their revenge for killing their brothers. Until today we were never able to kill them. They are still out there somewhere. The reason that we can't catch them is that one of them has the power to block Demetri's power. Would you like to tell me why you want to know all of this? I'm sure this is quite boring to you?"

"No, I like to know everything so that I can help in planning. Your right gramps. I wanted to know that because in my dream Aphrodite and Athena told me that there was a second enemy out there. That if I can figure out how they could be convinced they would stand with me and not against me. I honestly have no idea what to do with that riddle. What could it possibly have to do with anything that you just told me."

"I quote what they told me 'once you know everything you will find the answers that you need' They are sometimes more cryptic than Peter when he knows something. It is giving me a headache. Do you have any idea what it could mean gramps?"

"The message is indeed very cryptic. I sadly do not know the answer to your question either Isabella. I would advise you to not think too much. Just let your heart decide like you always do. I'm pretty sure that it will be the right outcome and the answer that you need." I smiled at Isabella.

"Your right gramps. Now enough of this heavy talk. I want to see Jasmine. Would you like to give me a hand so that we can see the others?"

"Sure, let me help you, Isabella."

Once we were with the others Isabella took Jasmine in her lap and we all had a great day.

It seems that my great-granddaughter brought a lot of peace to everyone vampires, hybrids, shapeshifters, and humans. She would make an amazing Princess when she was changed and a great ruler when the time comes.


We arrived in Forks where the sun and moon princesses are supposed to be staying. Now we needed to find them and see what we are dealing with. I can't help the pain that I feel at the thought of harming them in any way. What the hell is wrong with me.

"Brother, I want you to think about harming both the sun and moon princesses and tell me what you are feeling."

"Okay, but I don't honestly see the point of doing that."

"Aww, what the fuck? Why do I have this pain brother?"

"I don't know brother. I feel the same way. I thought that I was going crazy over here. That's why I asked you to do that."

"No, I feel it and damn it hurts like a bitch. What are we going to do now brother?"

"I have no idea, to be honest. For now, I think it's best to see what is going on. Maybe we can figure it out once we are there. I have a feeling that there is more to this for us brother."

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