Hello, this is my first ever Danny Phantom or Dragons: Race to the Edge FanFiction. So if you find any flaws please let me know and I will fix them.

I am aware that they wouldn't speak the same language, but everything would be so much more complicated if they didn't.


Danny was beginning to wonder if anything could make this day worse. First, he'd come home from Sam's after she'd forced him to wear green contacts and had tried to lighten his hair for some unknown reason. He supposed it was some sort of social experiment, testing to see how much attention people actually paid to him. If no one noticed anything off, the fact that Danny Phantom's alter ego was still a secret, was completely understandable, everyone just ignored him. If someone did realize, then obviously his town was just full of idiots. Luckily for him, the dye didn't take, and only succeeded in turning his black locks into a deep brown. He had a feeling that if he waltzed into his house with green eyes and light hair, his dad would have shot him full of holes.

He'd walked through the door and ran almost immediately into his arch enemy. This was a most unpleasant surprise and Vlad Masters smiled knowingly at him.

"Why Daniel, how nice of you to join us. I was just on my way out, but I think I have a few minutes."

Danny growled, the older halfa always seemed to know exactly how to irritate him. Which, he supposed, shouldn't really have come as a surprise, considering how much time Vlad spent stalking the young boy.

"Please, Vlad." Danny let the name off his tongue, dripping with acid. "I wouldn't want to keep you."

"Nonsense, Danny-boy!" His father interrupted in his usual booming tone. "I'm sure Vladdie can spare some time for fudge."

Both halfas rolled their eyes, though one as more caring tease than anything else.

"Yeah." Danny smirked, "You did say you could stay right?"

If Danny didn't know what Vlad really looked like when he shot lasers from his eyes, the boy would have assumed that the glare was meant to vaporize him.

"Yes," Vlad was cheerful again. "Absolutely."

Vlad stood up from his seat at the table. "Well, I must be going, please excuse me."

The group at the table nodded in understanding and bid him farewell.

The millionaire slung his coat over his shoulder and looked down at his two bags. "Why Daniel, would you care to help walk me out?"

The boy's heart stopped. He knew he couldn't decline, his father would never allow it. But it was also definitely another attempt by the fruit-loop to kidnap him and force him to be his son.

"Go on Danny-boy!" Dad clapped him on the shoulder. "Vlad can't carry it by himself."

"But-" Danny began to protest. He glared at the man, who only smiled in return. He knew Danny was trapped, he didn't have any choice.

Grudgingly, Danny stood up and lifted the larger bag into his arms. Then he followed Vlad outside to the car on the other side of the street.

The boy walked cautiously, making sure to keep the older halfa in his sights. His feet slapped against the road, as he stepped after the man.

The pair reached the sleek, black, sports-car, and still Vlad hadn't tried anything.

Maybe Danny was just being paranoid. "Where should I put this?"

Vlad pulled open the passenger-side door. "In there, please."

The boy stumbled around the car, aligning himself with the man. "Sure."

Danny hated to admit it, but at that moment, he became careless. In his mind, Vlad was already gone, and he was back inside his house. He lost sight of Vlad, a fatal mistake. He dropped the duffle into the seat and went to stand up. "Well, there you go-"

He turned around just in time to see the taser make contact with his chest. Then his body erupted in pain, the electricity running through it in jolts. He cried out, and suddenly the shock was gone just as quickly as it had come. Danny didn't even have time for one comprehensive thought before he slumped backwards into the seat.

Vlad Masters smiled down at Daniel's unconscious form. "Foolish. There is so much you need to learn."

The boy would be knocked out for an hour. Just enough time for the man to get home. He sighed contently and slipped the Plasmius Maximus back into his pocket before shutting the door.

He opened his own, threw the second bag into the car and slid into the driver's seat before leaning over to brush the hair from the boy's eyes. "You won't get away this time, soon enough, you'll be Daniel Masters"

The engine turned over flawlessly, and Vlad drove off.

Danny woke to a painful fluttering in his mind. It felt like a dozen needles were being repeatedly shoved into his skull. He hated Vlad's gadgets, they were always meant to somehow disable him and every time they seemed to get more painful.

He groaned, the slight shift of his head threatening to make him pass out again. He stilled, taking in a deep breath before slowly opening his eyes, letting his head adjust to the new environment.

After a moment, the throbbing subsided and Danny was able to shift his attention.

He lay on the ground, the wall on the far side of the room was made of long parallel bars, the side that he was on of stone. Perhaps it was some remnant of the Plasmius Maximus, but it took him several minutes to realize that he was in a cell.

"Crazy fruit-loop." He muttered, pushing himself off the ground. "Why can't you just get a cat and move on?"

He wondered if his ghost powers were still out of commission, had it been three hours? He didn't know, it was hard to judge time whilst unconscious.

He tested his intangibility first, but nothing happened. 'Great.' He thought bitterly. 'Still stuck.'

"You won't be using those for a while," Vlad appeared suddenly in front of him, flickering out of invisibility. "I made an improvement upon the Plasmius Maximus. Your powers won't return for at least a few days."

Danny's jaw dropped. "You're kidding."

"Daniel," he chided. "You know I never kid."

Panic ripped through the boy. There wasn't anything he could do to get out of this one. Not to mention that he didn't even know if the 'Boo-merang' would trace him with his ghost half disabled. Furthermore without his powers, he couldn't fight Vlad. He was completely at the lunatic's mercy.

Vlad's face split into a smile as if he could read Danny's thoughts. "I've planned this one out. In fact, it will take a few hours before anyone even realizes that you're gone. Ah, the joys of being able to split oneself into clones."

Danny understood exactly what Vlad meant, the man had sent a replica of himself into the Fenton household to impersonate the boy, if only for walking upstairs or a slamming his door. Anything that would convince his family that Danny had come back inside, successfully drawing all suspicion away from the man himself.

The older man took a step forward and Danny instantly broke from his trance, backing up against the opposite wall. The movement didn't even phase Vlad, who simply walked intangibly through the bars. In an instant, he was dragging Danny out of the cell.

"Let go!" The boy yanked on his arm. "Let me go!"

His gaze shot around the lab and he caught sight of the Ghost Portal. Thank goodness it was open.

Months of ghost fighting kicked in and Danny twisted from Vlad's grip. This surprised the man enough to keep him at bay for a few seconds. It only took one however, for Danny to race across the room and launch himself into the Ghost Zone.

Danny hadn't ever really been into the Ghost Zone as a human, well, not without some sort of vehicle at least. It was incredibly cold, he shivered as he crouched behind a door, he could hear Vlad's cursing from the other side.

"Butter Biscuits! Where did he go!?"

Then suddenly it went silent. 'Had the older halfa given up?'

Danny cautiously peeked out around the corner. 'Nothing there.' He breathed a sigh of relief.

"I found you Daniel."

The sudden voice made Danny jump. Unfortunately, he'd forgotten how different physics was in the Ghost Zone, and he flew directly backwards.

He just managed to process the bright flash of light before he fell through the portal.

"Daniel!" He heard Vlad shout, directly before he slammed into the ground. The world around him spun rapidly and his sight was plagued with a darkness eating away at the edges.

He saw the blurred green light disappear and the portal close, just before he lost consciousness.

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