Lyra and Bree entered the main room followed by Adam and Chase. The boys were fighting over who was the better mentor and there shrieks were loud and annoying.

Bree turned on the. "If your gonna yell, please just don't follow us!" She shrieked.

Lyra shrieked even louder as four teenagers tumbled out of the hydra loop. Every turned to look at her as she pointed at the pile of kids on the floor. She ran towards them and helped them up.

"So this is the bionic island." said a curly black haired teen. "Are you bionic?" He poked Lyra's shoulder. "I got it. Bionic hotness right!"

Lyra quirked her eyebrows. "No. There is no such thing as bionic hotness." she said.

"Actually you could have bionic hotness seeing as you are unnaturally hot." Chase said.

Lyra turned to Chase. "Thanks for your input." she said with a slight frown.

She went back and stood next to Bree.

"You guys must be Adam Bree Chase and Lyra." said a shortish Indian teen. "I've always wondered how your chips wor-"

"Adam Lyra, do your heat vision and blowy thing trick." said the curly haired boy.

Adam shrugged and the two fired there heat vision in the air creating a ball of heat. Then they blew the ball through the ceiling causing a loud crash. The two boys cheered while the two girls just looked stunned.

"So who are you people?" asked Bree.

"I'm Emma Ross." said the blonde teen.

"I'm Zuri Ross." said a smaller dark skinned girl.

"I'm Luke Ross." said the curly haired teen.

"And I'm Ravi Ross." said the Indian boy.

"So you guys are all siblings?" asked Chase.

"Me Luke and Zuri are adopted." said Ravi.

"That makes sense." said Lyra.

Adam just stood there looking at the teens. "I'm so confused!" he cried the walked away with a frustrated sigh.

"So now that you've seen the place and met us you can leave." said Chase.

Lyra and Bree ushered them towards the hydra loop.

"But wait we wanted to-" Zuri tried to say.

"That's lovely but it's time for you to leave." said Bree.

Lyra set the loop to go to the main land and the it sped away.

"Wow." said Lyra looking after it.


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