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Halloween or Samhain as some more traditional magicals would call it, was the time of year when the veil separating the dead from the living was a good deal weaker than usual and where the deceased were just that bit more tangible. For most of the inhabitants of Hogwarts Castle that meant celebrating by stuffing their faces with sweets and pudding and sugar until they couldn't anymore. For one little girl however this was not the case, for her Halloween was not such a joyous occasion. For you see this little girl had lost her parents on this very same date ten years ago. No, her mind wandered far from sugary confectionery and so did her feet.

"Ah a first year, shouldn't you be at the feast? Why if I was still alive I'd be stuffing my face with the finest cherry pie the elves had to offer! The living don't appreciate food nearly enough as they should."

"Treacle tart for me, but...I wanted.. to ask you, well .. I mean if you wouldn't mind.. I'd like.."

"Just because I'm a ghost my dear doesn't mean I've got all night. Things to do, people to see-"

"Nearly headless Nick, why didn't my parents stay with me?"

The usually jolly ghost sighed and floated to the stone bench under a nearby window. He stared out across the grounds of the ancient castle for a few moments and then turned back to young witch, patting the space beside him.

"My dear girl, I assure you to die was surely not a choice that they made. Death is not something anyone has control over. "

"I mean I know that, but why aren't, why aren't they like you?'

"A ghost you mean?"

The girl nods. "They died and then they just left me. I never really thought about it before but when I learnt about magic and that ghosts actually existed then.. they could have stayed and then I wouldn't have had to live with the dursleys!"

"Miss Potter making the choice to remain on this plane is a serious one. To remain here permanently is not a decision to be made lightly. Perhaps if I had know I would have chosen differently."

"But they would have me, I would be able to know them, they'd be with me, wouldn't they want that?"

"But my darling girl, they are always with you. They're in your eyes and your hair, your smile, the rise of your cheeks, your fingers. They never left you at all."

"Even if if I don't remember them?"

"Even if you don't remember them."

"Souls aren't meant to stay on earth forever, I very much doubt that they even had a choice."

"I just thought..."

"I know child I know. Life isn't always fair, but I think you already knew that"

She nod and sniffles, wiping her eyes and nose on her sleeve.

"Now back off to the feast to the feast little witch, I've got ghost matters to attend to."

He winks and she lets out a wet chuckle. He watches her wander off back to the great hall when he feels another soul watching too.

"Do you think she'll be ok?" They ask.

"Who knows?" He replies, but he certainly hopes so.