A grey room, lit only by a single low light, situated in the most fortified section of Gibraltar's Watchpoint, buried deep into the Hispanian rock face that overlooked the Atlantic. This was the interrogation room, accompanied only by a single door and a mirror that was obviously for observation, facing the empty table at which a single person now sat, a collection of nails tapping along the face of the cheaply made table as they eyed the mirror, wondering at whom they were staring.

They slid back into their chair, their eyes not moving at all as they continued watching the screen with lazing interest, even now as they became more comfortable, sunken into the matching chair, a pair along with the table, perhaps.

The doorknob clicked, earning their attention, a flash of red hair crossing their vision as their head jerked toward the opening gap in the wall to reveal Jack Morrison, surely a face they hadn't seen for many years. The Captain took a step into the room, devoid of any of his armor, simply clad in a casual set of jeans and a white shirt with a dark hoodie, clutching a Manila folder in his hand as he kicked the door shut behind him, turning up to their new, hard-fought prisoner.

"O'Deorain," he acknowledged, stepping toward the table and pulling out the chair opposing Moira's side, taking a seat.

"Jack," she answered plainly, "I was expecting the ape or something. I'm quite surprised you're still able to walk. You certainly look like hell. How's Overwatch doing anyway? You guys clean up any tourist centers lately?"

He didn't answer, simply going on through the folder, though his silence didn't perturb Moira in the slightest as she went on, "I know I wasn't ever on the payroll, but you could at least acknowledge my courtesy. There aren't many things that separate us from animals, and common courtesy is one of them. Well, I suppose not; I know you were like a dog in the early days, not barely a titter toward anybody, yet you still offered handshakes."

Jack continued, not offering anything in the way of emotion as he pulled out pages, pictures, and an assortment of other sheets of paper from within the folder, barely listening as Moira continued with a droning sigh, "Jack, Jack, Jackā€¦ You know how often I heard that name during my short stint with you guys? Ugh, it became like a mosquito buzzing in my ear; Reyes just going on an on, buzz, buzz- I'm judging by your capturing me against my will, you two haven't exactly made up?"

She leaned forward onto the table, crossing her arms and holding herself up at her elbows, "Come on, Jack. Give me a welcoming smile."

His eyes turned up toward her without an inch of movement from his head, his eyes peering at her as though from a man long lost to the years, "Two of my best are dead having tried to capture you. Talon brainwashed another, and they were an inch away from murdering their partner in the middle of the night. So I apologize if I seem a bit pissed off."

Moira shrugged, "The sweeter the fruit, the higher the price I suppose. If you want to taste the fruit of knowledge, I'd say we know enough already that the consequences of such a thing are quite massive."

Jack lowered his eyes slowly, returning to his work as Moira cracked a smirk, leaning back in her chair with a haughty air about her, "I'm assuming that you're assuming that I'm working for Talon? I feel as though I should let you know that I'm a mere developmental scientist for a private business; one business that understands-"

Jack slid the open folder across the table, shattered sheets of paper sprawled across its two segments, leaving Moira to lean forward and examine the contents, her eyes narrowing in examination.

"Where did you get this?" she asked aloud, not noticing a single indication that anything presented to her was official Overwatch material.

With slanted eyes of his own, Jack grumbled, "That's your work, is it not?"

Moira's eyes jumped up to Jack, "What are you getting at?"

"Two of my soldiers died to bring you in. How much do you think I'm willing to put on the line?"

Her eyes fell in anger, her lips nearly pursed with frustration, "If you think you can just ask me to-"

"I'm not asking," Jack interrupted, heatedly, "I'm telling."

Suddenly, a grin stretched across Moira's face as she leaned back into a lazy post, shaking her head unbelievably, "You and Gabe, you two are just alike. You know, when I was drawing, I would often depict the two of you as-"

"If you don't give me an affirmative answer," Jack warned with a dark, near sinister, voice, "I'm going to show you just how much like Reyes I can be."

Moira's smug face fell, her head shaking back and forth in defiance, "You wouldn't hit a woman, would you?"

Jack's eyes tensed, "We both know you're the farthest thing from that now."

An frown appeared across Moira's face.

"A little birdie told me," Jack answered unprompted.

Moira gave him an evil sort of glare, "I hope that little birdie told you, then, that I'm not at all good at answering questions under coercion."

"Little Birdie told me quite a bit," Jack spoke, his gravelly voice nearly shaking the table as he took a hold of the table, pushing his chair backward as he rose to his feet.

"I was Gabe's CO. I knew everything that he had going on," he muttered, turning to drop the collection of mini blinds to conceal them from the next room.

Moira spat under her breath as she grinned, "You're gonna look me in the eye and tell me you knew everything that man was up to? You're more stupid than he ever gave you credit for."

Jack spun the lock to the door, turning his head down with closed eyes, "He taught me how to get words out of people like you."

"People like me. How quaint," she challenged, "There's nobody like me."

He shrugged, "Down here, we've got nothing but time. and there's plenty of it to figure out what makes somebody like you tick."

Jack approached the table, leaning over it as he gave a challenging stare, his voice heavy with regret.

"You're going to tell me what you did to that man. You are going to tell me how to catch the uncatchable," he finished.

"How to kill the unkillable."