Hey everyone! Welcome to my Fic. I'd like to note two things:

1.) This IS a High School AU with multiple chapters.

2.) The image used for the cover is not mine. If you are the artist and would like it removed, I apologize in advance and will remove it.

Enjoy! :-)

Pit's nerves were torturing him as butterflies dancing in his stomach as he feebly stumbled through the entrance to the school. Pit began to wander to his homeroom, entrapped in his anxiety about his first day as a Freshman. Pit was normally much more energetic and bubbly, but today was different- today, he was a High Schooler. He continued to ponder all the awful outcomes and scenarios, before suddenly feeling sharp pain ricochet through his body. His vision began to unblur as he realized he was sprawled on the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" A high-picthed voice commanded, offering a hand to the dazed boy. He took their hand, taking in what had happened- he was so lost im thought, he'd collided with a short, long-haired girl whom was frantically scrambling to gather her scattered books. Pit crouched down and began helping her gather her supplies, before she finally trudged off. With a dull ache in his back from the fall, one thought was left in the boy's head.

"It's gonna be a rough day."

Pit smiled cheerfully as a plethora of flavors mingled in his mouth from Lunch. He walked into Home Ec. his normal disposition restored as he scanned the seating chart.

"This is bad." Pit thought to himself, as he realized he had a seat right next to the same girl he'd collided with earlier- who was named Viridi. He sheepishly took the seat next to Viridi, who had her nose buried in a book about various plants. Pit inhaled deeply, deciding that he should apologize. He tapped his fingers on her shoulder in hopes of garnering her attention. She snapped her head up from her book, a tint of irritation in her facial expression.

"I'm sorry for earlier... I didn't mean to, I just assumed you watched where you were going-" Pit visibly winced as his words ran through his head, realizing they prohably sounded way more pompous than he intended. Viridi crammed a boomark into her novel and snapped her head up, glaring daggers at Pit.

"Excuse me?" She demanded, as Pit shrunk away from her scowl.

"I'm sorry, that didn't come out right. I meant to say-" Pit felt the words catch in his throat, as what felt like an eternity passed as he tried to wheeze out the words. "I meant-" His words were intercepted by a thunderous slam as the classroom door latched shut, the teacher strutting into the room. A few blonde cascades of hair draped down her shoulders, as she pointed to her name which was written in bold font on the chalkboard- Ms. Phosphora- before strolling to her desk, gathering a group of papers.

"Good morning, class." Ms. Phosphora spoke in a cheerful yet clear voice as she began passing around papers. Pit got a document from the stack, before handing one to Viridi. Pit scanned the paper, which detailed the syllabus for the class. Not much of interest, it was what was to he expected for a Home Ec. class, except for one item. By the end of the week, they were to be assigned a group project, intended to be completed in duos, with your partner being the person next to you. Pit realized what this meant as he glanced at Viridi. Before he could turn away, her eyes locked with his in a moment of pure awkward tension.

Pit's knuckles collided with the door several times, the chilly air of the Friday night causing him to shiver, before the door opened, revealing a Viridi, gesturing him to step inside her house. Pit stumbled into the well-illuminated foyer, a chandelier dangling above his head. Pit observed his surroundings in awe, before Viridi snapped her fingers in front of his eyesti sway his attentions.

"You have a nice house." Pit mumbled as the two walked to the living room, Viridi taking a seat on a cream-colored couch.

"It's not that big." Viridi lamented as though she'd heard that remark countless times. "But we need to get to work on the project." She opened a laptop perched upon the table positioned in front of the couch. The screen lit up, revealing a smorgasbord of charts and graphs related to the project.

"So, we have to pretend that we're a household. Make dinner and budget ourselves and all that." Viridi remarked, each word dripping in bitterness.

"So, we're like a husband and wife!" Pit cheerfully pointed out.

"Ugh! Did you really need to go there?" Viridi let out an exasperated sigh.

"Er, sorry!" Pit stammered, sheepishly scratching the back of his head. "Where should we start?" He continued, looking at Viridi.

"Well, we need to start by-" Her words were cut off by a loud growl-like sound, causing the girl to anxiously look around, before meeting taking a peek at Pit's face and seeing the dusting of pink on either of his cheeks.

"Sorry, I must've skipped dinner." Pit explained, looking away from her gaze.

"Of course you did." Viridi stood up and crossed her arm. "I can grab you a snack, if only to help you focus. Do you like doughnuts by any chance?"

Pit's face instantly lit up at the offer. "Yeah! I love doughnuts!"

"They're my personal favorite." Viridi replied, walking to the doorway and slipping into the kitchen.

"No way! Me too!" Pit smiled as Viridi carried a box of doughnuts to him. "But the absolute best are jelly-filled doughnuts."

"Then you're in for a treat." Viridi smirked and flipped the box lid up, revealing a dozen mouth-watering jelly-filled delicacies. Pit bit into one, an array of flavors mingling with his tastebuds as Viridi nibbled on a few herself, both able to feel the awkwardness and tension dissolve. Pit begn scanning around the room, before his eyes settled on a shelf full of video games.

"You like video games too?" Pit asked, wiping some jelly from his chin.

"Of course. But my absolute favorite has to be-"

"Super Smash Sisters?" Pit cut her off, an eager spark in his eyes.

"How did you know?" Viridi tilted her head quizically.

"Everyone likes Super Smash Sisters. Now..." Pit picked up a controller "Care for a match?"

"I always am." Viridi softly chuckled. "Maybe, just maybe, he isn't as bad as I thought he'd be."