Hey there guys, so in my story, I got a lot of people asking me for the translations. I know that some of the translations don't match what was in the story, but that was because Google Translate is giving me a run for my money and FF won't let me edit the og story. This is what translate TELLS me are the CORRECT translations, however the only way to know for sure would be to ask someone who speaks the language, but unfortunately I dont have that resource. Even if the translations are different, the english is what they were intended to be, and that has not changed. That being said ,here is a list of what they are below:

Steve's Grave:

Hawaiian: he mea palekana a hiki ka hopena

English: A protector till the end

Danny's Grave:

Hawaiian: i ka hopena ua'ike'o ia i kahi o kona'ano

English: In the end he knew here he belonged

Kono's Speaking:

Hawaiian: e ho'omaha i keia manwaw na kaiua'ana

English: Rest now brothers

Hope this helps! Sorry it was not included before!