A/N: A new fanfic! A Gravity Falls fic on today of all days... weird timing. Yeah this is another depression fanfics... one where I work through some problems with a new story. Anyways this was one of two Harry Potter crossover ideas I had, I don't know if I'll ever write the other one... who knows... I have a lot of depression to get through (sigh). Anyways this story takes place before Dipper and Mabel goes to Gravity Falls... but when I get to third year (and I will... hopefully) they will have stuff from there (the Grappling Hook, Waddles, Wendy's hat ECT...) anyway enjoy the story.

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Mabel: I think you got distracted...

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The Pines Twins and the Chamber of Secrets

By Emma Iveli


Harry was nervous as he watched the other students sorted into the houses. Each students drew closer.

It then got to the "Ps" however there were still students ahead of him.

There were twin girls with the last name of Patil. Padma got sorted into Ravenclaw while Parvati got sorted into Gryffindor.

Then there was a girl named Sally-Anne Perks and Harry didn't noticed where she got sorted into.

Then the name "Pines, Mabel" got called up. It was a girl with very curly brown hair and rosy cheeks.

The hat was placed on her head and after about a minute or so it called out "Hufflepuff".

She practically skipped to the table as they applauded.

"Pines, Mason" was the next name and a boy walked over looking a little embarrassed.

It was very clear the two were twins, they looked a lot alike, though his cheeks weren't rosy and there were bags under his eyes, the hat was placed on his head and it took a couple of minutes before the hat called out "Ravenclaw".

Harry noticed Mason giving an "It's going to be fine" looked to Mabel who seemed to nod.

Harry didn't know then that those two would evidently become two of the closet people in his life.

But that wouldn't happen for more than a year…

Next Time: Harry and his friends are beginning to their plan to investigate Malfoy for the Chamber of Secretes. Turns out the Pines Twins find out about their plans. Will they join up? Find out next time!