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Chapter 9: Wait… he's who?

Many the students were huddled together freaking out. After all the Heir of Slytherin just appeared, and it was possessing a first year girl.

Plus he appeared to be a student from many years ago judging by his uniform.

"Who are you really?" asked Harry.

"I said I'm the heir of Slytherin…" said Tom, "Although I guess I should explain."

Everyone looked at him as he took Ginny's wand. And wrote his name.

Tom Marvolo Riddle.

"You see little Ginny told me all about Harry Potter! And how he beat the Dark Lord all as a child." Said Tom.

Tom grinned at Harry in a very crazed way.

"You're the one who defeated him! The great Lord Voldemort!" ranted Tom.

Many people flinched when he said that.

"How do you even know about him?" asked Harry upset.

"You want to know?" asked Tom.

"Yes, that's why he asked." Said Mabel.

"Mabel…" sighed Harry.

"I know you've all heard of me!" said Tom.

He mentioned to the his name and it was rearranged to spell out "I am Lord Voldemort".

Everyone was confused.

"Are you really him?" asked a Slytherin.

"I became him! After shedding my muggle father's name." said Tom.

"What do you mean Muggle Father's name? You're a pure blood!" shouted Malfoy.

"Oh so that's the plan I went with!" laughed Tom.

"What do you mean plan?" asked yet another Slytherin.

"I hate muggles but other than I don't really care about blood purity… but it does help me…" said Tom.

"What do you mean it doesn't matter!" yelled a Slytherin 5th year, "My…. I know people who fought for you!"

"Just pawn for my domination…" laughed Tom.

"Why are you telling us all this?" asked Percy.

"Yeah! He's right! Why are you telling us this! It doesn't make any sense!" yelled a Hufflepuff.

"Isn't it obvious…" said the 7th year Ravenclaw who tried to reach Ginny, "He's going to kill everyone in this room."

"No everyone… I will not slay any Slytherins… and anyone who is not a Muggle-born who also chooses to follow me." Said Tom, "After all I do need followers…"

"You think that we're just go along with you!" yelled Daphne, "I might be a Slytherin but I can never follow you!"

"So be it! Crucio!" he yelled pointing Ginny wand at her.

Neville paled quite a bit as Daphne fell the ground screaming in. Pansy and the other Slytherin girls in her year ran to her.

"She's a member of the Scared 28!" yelled Malfoy in horror.

"She defied me! The heir of Slytherin." Said Tom.

"You're nuts!" yelled Mabel, "You think that they're going to follow you after this!"

"Oh the crazy mud blood thinks she can scold me." Laughed Tom, "What can you do…"

Mabel looked at him and then at the diary.

"Anyone know of any good fire spells?" asked Mabel.

"What?" asked Ron.

Harry realized something.

"Wait! She's got a point!" said the 7th year Ravenclaw, "Destroy the diary, density him…"

"That diary can't be destroyed! It's indestructible!" mocked Tom.

Several students all pointed their wands at the diary.

"Incendio!" they all seemed to say at the same time.

The diary went up in flames but nothing seemed to happen to the Dairy itself.

"What is that thing!" yelled a Slytherin who joined in the burning.

"I don't know… whatever it is… it's bad…" said the 7th year Ravenclaw.

Tom however looked at the Slytherins.

"So you all choose to stand against me?" he asked.

"You're a fraud!" yelled one Slytherin.

"The Dark Lord doesn't' care about Prue Blood People." Said another Slytherin.

"You're a Slytherin! How do you know that referees?" asked a nearby Hufflepuff.

"What reference?" asked that Slytherin.

"I guess I have to kill all of you." Said Tom.

He lifted the stolen wand at Harry.

However that was a terrible idea.

"Expelliarmus!" called out Harry.

The wand fell out of Tom's hand and Ron managed to grab his sisters wand.

Tom however then ran at Harry and stabbed him with the fang.

Harry flinched as he started to slowly feel weak.

"That's Basilisk venom!" yelled a Hufflepuff.

"Oh my god!" cried out a Gryffindor.

"No!" yelled Mabel.

"That stuff is so ponent that it can kill anything!" yelled Terry.

"Wait… kill anything?" asked Mabel.

"That's right Mud blood." Said Tom.

Mabel ran over to him and punched him in the face.

However she also got stabbed too.

However she succeeded in her goal.

"Someone be careful!" she called out at she threw it.

Fred managed to grab it as George patted out the flames on the diary.

"No!" yelled Tom running towards the twins.

"Die dairy!" yelled Fred.

He stabbed the diary which started to bleed ink.

Tom started to howl as he began to fade away.

Ginny woke up.

"What…" she said.

"Ginny!" cried Ron.

"What happened with Tom… oh no…" said Ginny, "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry!"

Harry and Mabel both made their to Ginny.

"Hey it's fine Ginny." Reassured Harry.

"Yeah… it's not your fault…" said Mabel.

Then both of them collapsed.

Everyone in the Great Hall watched them.

"Harry…." Whispered Ron.

"Can someone apologize to Dipper for me?" asked Mabel.

Ginny only cried harder.

However that was when there was a bright flash of light in the room and Dumbledore appeared with Fawkes in a bright flash of fire.

"Pro. Dumbledore" said Percy.

Fawkes noticed the state Harry and Mabel were in and started to cry. The tears went into their wounds.

"Please don't blame Ginny!" begged Ron.

"It wasn't her fault!" begged George.

"She was possessed." Said the 7th Year Ravenclaw.

"Don't worry… I believe all of you." Said Pro. Dumbledore.

He noticed the looks on many of the Slytherin's faces. It was like they regretted all of their life choices.

"But Harry and Mabel…" whimpered Ginny.

They all looked at the two.

However their wounds began to close like they were never there. And both Harry and Mabel looked like they were recovering.

"What happened?" asked Harry.

"I don't know! But it's awesome!" said Mabel.

"Phoenix tears have quite the healing prosperities." Said Pro. Dumbledore, "Even Basilisk venom can be countered with it."

"All right! No one tell Dipper nearly died! Okay!" yelled Mabel.

"So many people are going to tell him." Said Ron.

"Good point;." Said Mabel.

Malfoy looked at the dairy on the ground with a hole in it and paled considerably.

"Draco… what's wrong?" asked Pansy.

"it's… it's nothing…" said Malfoy.

With that the heir of Slytherin was defeated… however it wasn't over yet… after all there was a lot to deal with… because there was a lot of aftermath to deal with… but still Tom was defeated and the day was saved… so that was good…

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