I did say on Bees on the Nile that if people start being picky over my stories, I will leave this site.

As soon as I first uploaded this fanfic I got multiple emails from guests mostly saying "really cool concept but you should change the title" or "Title needs to change if you want to get more views" and more along those lines. It wasn't the story itself that people were being picky with. It was the title they had a problem with. Now I get that the title is strange and is hard to type out, but for those of you who don't know what it means, Tir na nOg roughly translates to "Land of Youth", "Land of Faeries" or "Land of Gods". Tir na nOg is Gaelic Irish, a language that will be used a fair bit in this story. That is my reason for the title to be what it is. This story is a Celtic fantasy AU and I intend to make sure it has a lot of Celtic feel to it.

I don't care if the story doesn't views or follows or faves. It was thanks to those guests that I was thinking on leaving again, however I am willing to give this story a second chance of being on here. However, if people decide to pick over the tiniest of things like the title or the characters should swap roles or its not realistic, then this story will be removed without warning. So choose your words carefully guest reviewers.

To my loyal fans though, I hope you enjoy and lets hope this story stays this time around.

Three Lonely Goddesses and A Need to Find Love

It was always sunny, warm and bright in Tír na nÓg and everyone got along with one another. The fields were lush emerald green and their castle homes constantly clean. Love and merriment were in abundance in the land of the deities. However, there were three goddesses that were not merry and have not found love. One of them was currently sitting in the dining hall of a god who constantly asked for her company.

Weiss ran a slender finger around the rim of the silver goblet she held in her hand. For she was bored as one of the gods tried to charm her with compliments and wooing words. She was dressed rather simply in a light blue dress with dark blue embroidery along the hem of the gown in swirling patterns to represent the waves of the ocean. A white corset laced with a coloured ribbon that matched the dress hugged her torso giving her the curves she naturally lacked.

"I must say, Weiss" he spoke smoothly "Your hair is very beautiful and as white as the foam of the sea."

Weiss resisted the urge to roll her eyes and groan in utter irritation. "Well, I am the goddess of the sea and healing."

"Oh, yes forgive me" the god nervously laughed. "More wine?"

"No" Weiss replied bluntly, "I think I have had enough. I will take my leave."

Placing the silver goblet down on the elegantly carved wooden table, Weiss got up to leave.

"Please allow me to see you out" the god that was Weiss's host also got on his feet.

"I know my way out Cardin" Weiss hissed at the god making him sit back down like a child getting scolded by his mother.

Speaking no more, the goddess of the sea hastened out of the castle. Walking out the large oak doors of the luxurious fortress Weiss found her sister, Winter and her best friend, Blake standing just at the bottom of the stone steps along with their horses. They both had a smirk on their faces causing Weiss to raise a brow.

"What are you two doing here?" Weiss asked them as she walked down the stairs.

"We were looking for you. So, we asked around." Winter looked at her nails.

Winter was the goddess of frost and wind. Her hair white as the snow on the mountain tops and her eyes a grey blue like approaching storm clouds.

"I see you entertained Cardin again. Honestly, this is the third time this week he has asked for your company."

"And today is the last" Weiss countered her sister.

"Thank goodness for that." Blake sighed in relief, tucking a midnight lock of hair behind her ear.

Blake was a raven haired goddess with eyes as gold as the sun. She was the goddess of forests and beasts. She also had the ability to communicate with animals which mystified the other gods and goddesses there was also the capability to make flowers grow where ever she stepped.

"You know you aren't the only goddess Cardin has been trying to woo."

"I am aware of that." Weiss waved Blake off and went over to her white stallion and hauling herself into the saddle. "Shall we ride the fields until we grow bored?"

"Riding the horses sounds boring enough." Winter rolled her eyes as she too got on her horse which was dark grey with a black mane.

"Indeed there must be something entertaining," Blake said as she mounted her black mare. The three guided their horses out onto the cobblestone streets, directing them towards the open fields. They trotted passed many couples along the way which made the three goddesses frown sadly. They did not know themselves as to why they didn't feel that certain spark of love when they talked to the other gods and goddesses.

"How annoying," Weiss muttered under her breath.

"I know how you feel Weiss," Blake sighed in irritation.

"We should see the Dagda about our problem," Winter suggested, "He might have a solution."

"He will probably try and charm us," Weiss laughed "I am sure you have heard all the stories of the women he has bedded."

"Be that as it may sister I am tired of being lonely," Winter stated a little sadly. "I want someone to love and share my bed with."

"We all do," Blake who was in between the sisters "I do however think we should consult the Dagda because if we can't find love here, why not try the land of mortals."

"Do you not remember what happened with Niamh?" Weiss raised a brow at her raven-haired friend. "Her lover, Oisίn wanted to return home, Niamh let him. In the end, he never came back."

"I know, she found out he fell off her horse and turned to dust." Blake finished the story.

"Exactly, if we did find love in the land of mortals and brought them back here with us what if they too get homesick and wanting to go back?" Weiss pointed out.

"We could always stay with them?" Blake countered.

"And how do we explain to them why we don't age when they begin to?" Weiss said.

Winter merely watched the two bicker back and forth, amused.

Blake's mouth opened and closed as she tried to make another point but could not formulate on in her mind. With a small chuckle, Weiss flicked her reigns urging her horse into a canter, leaving the other two behind.

"Where are you going, Weiss?" Winter called out.

Weiss pulled her horse to a stop and looked over her shoulder "Well we can at least try and find love in the world of mortals. We just need the Dagda's permission first he is the All-Father after all."

"What have we got to lose?" Winter looked to Blake.

"Only our boredom." Blake smiled as she spurred her horse onward.

The Dagda's castle was bigger than any of the others in Tír na nÓg. To the three girls, it looked both welcoming and intimidating all at once. Sitting in beautifully intricate carved chairs, Weiss, Winter and Blake sipped quietly at their goblets while the woman clad in black stared at them albeit a little angrily. The crow on the woman's shoulder cawed loudly, its echo bouncing off the stone walls of the dining hall.

"We apologise sincerely for disrupting you, Lady Mórrígan," Weiss swallowed. "We did not know that you and The Dagda were…occupied."

Upon arrival, the three goddesses walked in on The Dagda and Mórrígan having a passionate affair on the stairs near the entrance of the castle.

"You three are lucky we were just finishing." Mórrígan lifted the goblet up to her lips. "If it were at any earlier time, I would have killed you and let my crows peck at your corpses."

Blake and Weiss paled at the woman's words.

"I am surprised your tryst with The Dagda extended many centuries after the battle with the Fomorians," Winter smirked.

"Finally, a woman that shows no cowardice." Mórrígan laughed, the crow bobbing along the movement of her shoulders "Ah, Winter I always liked you."

The goddess of war looked at the other girls "You two don't have to be afraid I won't harm you. No, I foresaw what would happen."

Weiss and Blake released a breath full of relief.

"If you don't mind me asking Lady Mórrígan," Winter continued "Why are you here?"

"The Dagda is an amazing lover," the goddess shrugged honestly, the crow on her shoulder bobbed along with her shoulders.

"Who said I was an amazing lover?" a deep male voice boomed cheerfully. The three girls looked at the doorway and saw The Dagda standing proudly. He wore a fur cloak over a deep forest green tunic, brown woollen pants and brown shoes. His red hair flowed down to his shoulders and a beard of the same colour that had a central braid going down from his lower lip to the hollow of his neck. The All-Father strode towards the chair at the head of the table and sat down in the manliest way possible.

"Our guests have come to ask something of you." Mórrígan smiled "I foresaw something about love."

"Oh is that so?" The Dagda raised a bushy brow. "Well girls if it is love you seek why not share my bed?"

"Apologies All-Father, but you are more, of course, a father figure to us." Blake answered, "Therefore we must decline your advances."

"Ah I see a shame, you three are very beautiful. But I should be the father figure you see me as rather than the charmer I am sure you three have heard."

The three goddesses nodded.

"We wish to go to the land of mortals, Great Dagda," Weiss spoke up. "My sister and Blake were hoping to have your permission to go and possibly seek love there."

"Is that all?" The Dagda inquired with a grin.

"Yes All-Father" Weiss responded with all seriousness. To her surprise, The Dagda laughed, a weighty sound.

"You need not my permission to go," he chuckled "But you do need these."

The High King of the Tuatha Dé Danann held his hands over the table hovering just a few inches above the surface, three beams of light shimmered on the wood, the light began to take form. The middle sections of the beams became round and took the form of a solid silver pendant with the Triskele spiral etched into it. On each end of one of the spiral pendants was small silver pearls, the second pendant had Ametrine which was a mix of yellow and violet on each end while the last pendant had snowflake obsidian, the snowflake design looking like frost. The strips of light on each side of the pendants became black ribbons.

"There we go," the Dagda picked up the necklaces, handing the silver pearl pendant one to Weiss, the one with Ametrine to Blake and the snowflake obsidian to Winter. "I assume you have a tale to fool the mortals with?"

"I had the idea that the three of us be travelling songstresses." Weiss smiled. "However, we may need some guidance on how to sing or play instruments."

"Fear not for I shall bestow the power within your pendants." The Dagda clapped his hands before raising them, soon enough the gems on the pendants glowed for a few moments before fading. "It is done."

Weiss stood up and curtsied, Blake and Winter followed the ocean goddess's lead.

"We are grateful for your help mighty Dagda" Blake thanked the All-Father.

"I would suggest you pick a more appropriate outfit, for the ones you are wearing now will not help you fit in." Mórrígan pointed out.

"We will change into something less…pleasant." Winter frowned a little bit.

"it won't be that bad," Blake reassured Winter before looking to The Dagda and Mórrígan "Thank you for your time but we shall take our leave."

With a dip of their head, the three goddesses left the castle of the All-Father and returned to their homes to prepare for the journey ahead.

In the middle of the forest, in a cave. A man with grey hair was chanting while he etched runes into smooth stones, the fire he sat next to crackled and danced. The man threw a piece of wood into the flames which sent cinders up to the roof of the cave. The stone walls of the natural cavern had many carvings of runes and markings left by the ancestors that first set foot on the land, the first druids. The man continued his rune etching until he heard a whisper that seemed to come from everywhere but also from nowhere. The hermit knew exactly who was talking to him.


"Yes oh, great Dagda?" Ozpin said aloud, putting his etching tool and stone aside.

Three goddesses will be coming to your land. Two of white hair and blue eyes, one of black hair and eyes of gold. I want you to guide them through your world and ensure they find what they seek, do this and I shall grant you wisdom in return.

"Of course." Ozpin breathed slowly, as the chief druid it was his job to learn about the gods and the forces of nature, which to his understanding both came hand in hand. "The names of the goddesses and their power?"

Weiss, goddess of the ocean and healing, Winter goddess of frost and the wind and Blake goddess of the forest and animals. They will be arriving in the morn.

"I see, I will do as you command oh mighty, Dagda," Ozpin said in the emptiness of his cave.

The silence was all that responded to the grey-haired druid's acceptance, his connection to the All-father severed like a sword cutting through a strand of string. Going back to his stone etching, Ozpin started to wonder what these three goddesses were searching for and what blessings they may bring, or what terrible curses they might place upon the land.