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Brighter skies

By Rosa241

Jeff POV:

Settling Alan into his car seat he manages a small smile and a wave at his grandparents who are frantically waving from the porch. Scott slides in next to him and I almost want to sigh. Since our conversation three days ago it seemed like he was ready to actually let go of the misplaced guilt. Apparently not…Truthfully I should have expected this. My oldest is nothing if not incredibly stubborn and it'll take some time before he lets this one go. Thankfully the guilt seems to be waning and it won't be long before he see's sense.

Speaking of Alan…

My baby is slowly improving as well. He's starting to get back to his normal self and no doubt he'll recover from this with time. Of course it'll be a while but he'll bounce back. Kids have a way of recovering so I know that he'll be fine with time. So long as we all keep our eyes on him of course.

"Alright that looks like everything." Turning back to my parents it pains me to leave and, not for the first time, I find myself wondering whether or not moving away was the right idea. After losing Elizabeth I'd considered moving back but deep down I knew that was a bad idea. The boys were settled where we are. They're in school and happy so it makes no sense uprooting them for my own desires. That doesn't make leaving now any easier.

"Well you make sure you call me as soon as you get back home. I mean the very second." Giving me a knowing look I almost shrink back. Last time we'd gotten stuck in traffic for hours and by the time we'd gotten back home I clean forgot to call her. No one wanted a repeat of the panicked phone call I'd received, she was too old to be worrying so much.

"Don't worry I'll call. If not then I'm sure the boys will remind me." Hugging her I can feel how tight her arms are and again that pain returns.

"And boy you remember what we talked about." For a moment I wonder what he's saying before realising his words are directed towards Gordon whose nodding from the front seat. I know my water child won't forget his words any time soon.

"Alright lets get on the road. The sooner we get going the sooner we'll be back home." Remember the nightmare that had happened on the way here I almost want to cringe.

Scott POV:

Thinking back over the week we've had makes me sad to leave. I wish we could see them more often. As bad as the week started it ended a lot better. It was almost enough to make me forget about that horror story. Almost.

"And then Virgil tipped the whole bag over Scotts head." Hearing Gordons words from the front makes me smile.

I remember that.

The food fight.

It was the second time that Grandma's kitchen had ended up looking like a tornado had blown through it. Although this time Alan wasn't responsible, at least not completely.


"Dude!" John exclaimed as he glanced at the buttery hand print that now covered the front of his shirt. "Seriously?"

"Sorry." Judging from the expression on Gordon's face he was anything but sorry. Virgil giggles from my side which causes the blond to turn his head.

"You think this is funny!? Alright what about this then?" Dunking both hands into the bowl of flour John vigorously rubs it through Virgil's hair before standing back with a wicked grin.

"Oh it is on star boy!" Before long the kitchen is covered in flour and various other ingredients that are strewn about the floor and the walls…and the door…oops.

End flashback

Thankfully Grandma had seen the funny side, of course that was after she'd made us clean the entire kitchen. Then of course there was last nights Disney marathon.

After Grandpa had discovered that watching the Disney films had helped Alan to fall asleep he'd suggested we watch one before he went to bed. Thankfully it helped and although he stopped waking up screaming he was still waking up. The bad dreams didn't go away but the films helped in their own way.

We'd started with Finding Nemo which had turned into a bad idea since Alan had been far from ready to sleep once it was over. Apparently watching a film about being lost under the sea was a bad idea when you'd had a close call with water a few days before. Oops. Thankfully watching Robin Hood had taken his mind off of it and before long he'd drifted off. John had quickly declared third times a charm and popped in Hercules before anyone could protest.

Truth be told it was a good week, at least it turned into one. Maybe next time we'll avoid the pond though.

General POV:

As the family drove back to their home on that Sunday morning you'd never have guessed the drama that had unfolded that week.

Sitting in the front seat with his dad Gordon delighted in informing him of the chaotic mess that had been the boys attempts at baking with their grandmother. Jeff of course had heard the tale already but was more than thrilled to hear his sons grand version of events. Now that they had made up Virgil had no trouble chiming in to back up his younger brother when John attempted to give the real (also known as boring) version of the tale. Sometimes John simply had no imagination.

Once their brothers tales had grown old the two boys in the middle seat both took to their own adventures. Having taken his fathers warnings into account, and in no way keen to repeat the events of the first journey, John placed on his headphones and listened to a book on tape his grandmother had given him. Virgil however settled back and watched the world go by. As much as he liked to be on the go sometimes he found it nice to sit and watch the world.

In the backseat Alan sat snoozing away happy to be nightmare free. Now that the young boy was away from the pond that had haunted his nightmares there was no longer the danger of it creeping up on him. As such his dreams were safe once again. Of course even if they weren't he was being carefully watched over by his oldest brother. Scott kept a careful eye on his baby brother all throughout the journey and with every peaceful breath the guilt still laying within him withered just a little.

All was well.

And there we are!

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