Mistakes We've Made Can Be Brighter

Episode 16- "Is It Pink, Blue Or Both?"

Five weeks later, Saturday, June 24th, 2028

Maci and Kayleigh are 22 weeks pregnant. They are 5 months pregnant now. They will be six months pregnant next week. Merci and Karina are now 34 weeks pregnant. They are eight months pregnant. They have six more weeks before they give birth.

Maci and Cole's Apartment Complex

Maci picked up Vanessa. "You get to know if you're getting a brothers, sisters and or a brother and a sister. Are you excited?"

Vanessa smiled and claps her hands excitedly. "Yeah Momma I'm very excited!" She smiled and giggled. "I get to find out if I'm having two sisters or two brothers or even both!"

Maci smiled. "Good girl. I'm excited too." She carried her out of her room, seeing Cole making breakfast. "Hey. You were up early."

Cole smiled. "There are my girls. Good morning." He looked at Maci as she put Vanessa in her high chair. "Have you spoken to your dad since the big fight?"

Maci sighed. "No. I haven't. He really hurt me, Cole."

Cole sighed. "He was doing what was best for you Mace...He didn't mean to hurt you..." He shook his head. "But knowing that he has your best interests at heart, he was doing everything to make you happy, not the opposite..."

Maci sat the bar. "Cole, he told me to leave you. I don't think that was at my best interest. Do you think you would want me to leave you is the best? That's ridiculously stupid. I wouldn't be freaking happy, and God damn it, you know that!"

Cole shook his head. "Yeah, but put yourself in his shoes and how would you feel if your little girl is growing up way too fast for you and him knowing that he's not doing anything to protect you and keep you safe from harm. How would you feel if your dad avoid you for no reason? Even if you feel that he's being unreasonable you should feel that you're being unreasonable too."

Maci shook her head. "I don't want to put him in my freaking shoes right now! I'm not in fucking danger! He isn't avoiding me for no God damn reason! He's not being unreasonable, and neither am I! I have a fucking reason why I'm not speaking to him!" She was now getting annoyed. "Cole, I don't think you understand the situation!" She looked at the pile of invitations. "Cole, you didn't mail the invitations?!"

Cole shook his head. "No."

Maci's eyes went wide. "Why not?" She said, getting up from the seat she was sitting on. "Jesus! Just forget it! We'll move the day up. I'll just spend hours redoing it!"

Cole sighed and nodded. "Alright."

Maci took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. We could just hand them out."

Cole nodded. "Mace, it's okay." He leaned in and kissed her.

Maci shook her head. "Okay, well I'll head out. I'll get something to eat on my way to my parents house. I'm carving some breakfast sandwiches and some coffee at dunkin donuts." She kissed her daughters head and kissed Cole. "I'll see you later." She headed out and headed to Dunkin donuts and then to her parents.

When she knocked on her parents front door, she rubbed her belly and waited.

Maya opened the door and hugged her daughter. "Maci! What are you doing here? Is bed rest finally over?"

Maci nodded. "Yeah. I saw my doctor last week. She said I'm finally done with that bullshit. She gave me something." She handed her the paper that holds the reveal. "Where's Ben and Merci? I decided they know first and come up with a fun way for everyone to know. Cole and I want to be surprised too."

Maya nodded. "Okay. That sounds exciting."

Merci walked over to her sister and hugged her. "Mace. Hey."

Maci smiled. "Hey. I have the sex of the babies in here. I want you and Ben to know first, come up with something fun and don't tell anyone. I don't know, neither does Cole."

Merci nodded as she took the paper which holds the reveal. "Okay." She walked over to her brother Bentley. "Hey Bens? Mace wants us both to know the gender first and then we can come up with something fun."

Bentley laughed and nodded. "Sweet. Let's do it."

Maci smiled. "Thank you." She handed them the invitation. "Sorry, this is last minute. Cole forgot to mail these. The baby shower is later this afternoon." She looked Merci. "Do you mind helping me get ready? I have my dress in my car. It doesn't start until 4."

Merci nodded. "I know I will." She looked at her. "Have you spoken to Dad?"

Maci shook her head. "No. I hope he wants to talk. I won't want any hateness tonight...Is he home?"

Maya nodded. "Yes. He is home. I think he just got out of the shower. He'd be happy to see you."

Maci nodded her head. "Okay…"

Zack walked downstairs after changing and saw his daughter standing there. "Mace...I...I didn't know you were here..."

Maci sighed. "I just got here. Um...Cole forgot to send out the invitations. So, I've been driving around handing them out. The party starts at four. I'll be back in a few hours because Merci is helping me get ready."

Zack looked at his daughter. "Can we talk?"

Maci nodded. "Yeah. I've got time."

Maci looked at her brother and sister. "Come up with something fun..."

Ben smiled. "We will!"

Maci and Zack headed out to the front porch and sat down on the swing.

Maci just sighed. "Dad…" But before she could continue, Zack spoke up. "Mace, I'm the one who should start apologizing. I'm the one who was acting like a total ass to you. I'm sorry I wasn't listening to you. You didn't need me to be an ass to your children's father. He didn't deserve that. Cole is one of the best dads I've ever met, I'm serious. He stepped up to be there for you and Vanessa, now he's taking action for the twins as well. He might have made the mistake of not telling us about Annaylssa and Aniayanna, but it's not like we all made that kind of mistake. I now understand why he didn't tell you. These past five weeks made me realize that. You were fourteen when he found out that you were pregnant with Vanessa. He didn't want to add to the stress, so he had to do what was best, and that was to keep the girls a secret from you. Now, do I hate him? No, not anymore. I did at first, but at least he's making everything up to you…"

Maci just sat there, she didn't realize she had tears in her eyes, she sniffed softly and took a deep breath. "Dad, thank you. I really didn't want to be at odds with you anymore. Especially when I'm finding out what I'm having. I'm glad you aren't angry anymore…" She looked at him. "I think Cole would love to have an apology too."

Zack nodded his head. "I plan on giving him one tonight…"

Maci nodded. "Good. I gotta go to see if Kayleigh has her paper that has her gender revealed in it. I'm sure she has Kayden and Karina on their version on how she and Austin are going to know the sex of the triplets."

Zack nodded. "I wonder how she's doing with the pregnancy. I remember your mother's pregnancy with Ben, Dylan and Meaghan. She was miserable around this time and then for the rest of the pregnancy…"

Maci nodded. "I'm sure it was horrible…"

Zack nodded. "Yeah."

Zack looked at Maci. "Mace? Before you go, can I ask you something?"

Maci nodded. "Of course Dad."

Zack smiled. "If it's a boy, is it gonna be named after me?"

Maci smiled. "Most likely, no, maybe Cole. But I could talk to him about if we decide on naming him Cole jr but use your name as his middle name. But I don't know."

Zack nodded. "Oh..."

Maci stood up. "All I know I feel like I'm having a boy and a girl though, because one baby is kicking my bladder a lot lately, and it's a bit uncomfortable." She smiled softly. "I'll see you in a few hours, Dad." She got into her car and headed next door to her aunt and uncles.

Karina opened the door. "Hey Mace. What's up?"

Maci smiled. "Do you have the paper with Kayleigh's gender reveal on it?"

Karina nodded. "Yep. She's having me and Kayden do the reveal..."

Maci nodded. "Alright. Well, tell her, I'll see her in a few hours."

Karina nodded. "Yep, I will."

Maci smiled. "Thanks."

Karina sighed. "I never felt this uncomfortable in my life. I'm only 34 weeks along and I feel like I should be giving birth already..."

Maci sighed. "Oh I'm sorry."

Merci walked downstairs from the bathroom. "Uh...Mom?"

Bentley ran downstairs behind her. "Mom!"

Maya sighed. "What?"

Merci sighed as she took a deep breath. "Maci isn't gonna be happy with me, but...I think my water broke..."

Maya's eyes went wide. "Oh my God! We have to get you to the hospital!" She turned to Ben. "Ben, go get her hospital bag, please. Carter and Evangeline are in the car." She helped her daughter to the car, inside and Zack ran over to her.

"Maya! What's going on? Is everything okay?!"

Maya looked at him. "Her water broke."

Zack's eyes went wide. "Do you have your car keys?"

Maya shook her head. "No. Go get them, please?"

Zack ran into the house, grabbed his wife's keys and ran back outside to his wife and daughter. "I'll let everyone know and I'll be there in a bit."

Zack called family and friends, Maci was on her way home when her phone rang, she picked via Bluetooth. "Hey Daddy. What's up?"

Zack sighed. "Mace, Merci's in labor we're going to the hospital."

Maci's eyes went wide. "I'm on my way there! I was heading home and I'll call Cole to him what's going on..."

Zack nodded. "Alright."

Maci hung up and called Cole, and Cole picked up. "Hey Mace, what's up?"

Maci sighed. "Merci's water broke, I'm heading to the hospital. I just wanted to let you know. I'm not sure what we're gonna do with the reveal party, though."

Cole nodded. "We can do the reveal party some other time."

Maci sighed. "No, I'm not canceling. We are finding out the sexes today. I'm going to figure something out for me and Kayleigh."

Cole nodded. "Alright, babe."

Maci nodded. "I'll see if we can do something fun at the hospital."

Meanwhile, Massachusetts General Hospital

Merci got out of the car and felt sharp pain go through her. "Owww!" She groaned in pain as she grabbed her belly.

Maya looked at her daughter. "Contraction?"

Merci nodded. "Yeah. I think so..."

Maya sighed. "Alright, we are here so let's get you into the hospital."

Once in the hospital, Merci was rushed into labor and delivery, Dr. Adams checked on the babies.

"Well, I'm going to have you have a c-section. Carter is breached. Which means he's feet first."

Merci sighed. She had tears in her eyes. "Oh..."

Maya looked at her daughter. "Sweetie, it's okay. You're going to be fine. It doesn't hurt."

Dr. Adams looked at her. "The only downside to this is you can only have one person in there."

Merci nodded. "I want Maci to be there with me. Where is she?"

Zack texted Maci. "Let me text her."

Zack's text- "Where are you?"

Maci texted as soon as she parked. "Just pulled in. Be there in 2 minutes."

Merci nodded. "Okay."

Maci finally walked into the room. "How are you doing?"

Merci sighed. "I'm having a c-section and I want you to be in there with me."

Maci nodded as she walked over to her sister and took her hand. "I'd be happy to be there."

Dr. Adams smiled. "I'll get everything ready. You'll be going in for the surgery in one hour."

Merci sighed. "Okay."

Ryder walked into the room. "Hey Merci. Someone told me you were in labor..."

Merci's eyes went wide. "Who?! I definitely didn't tell anyone expect family..."

Ryder smiled. "Jasmine saw it on your twitter. She called me..."

Merci shook her head. "I don't want you here. You're not going to be allowed to be in the OR anyways. Why be here? I never talked to you about if you could see them or not..."

Ryder's eyes went wide. "Why not? They're my kids!"

Merci's eyes went wide. "Oh my God! Has anyone called Shane?!"

Maci shook her head. "I'll call him. He's away in New York for something though, right?"

Merci nodded. "Yeah."

Maci nodded. "Alright." She pulled out her phone to call Shane. "Hello?"

Maci sighed. "Shane? Is there any way you could come back? Merci's water broke and she'll be going into the operation room in an hour."

Shane sighed. "I'm three hours away, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Merci looked at her sister. "Can I have the phone, please?"

Maci nodded. "I'm going to hand it to Merci."

Shane nodded. "Okay."

Maci handed the phone to Merci.

Shane smiled. "Hey baby. Are you doing?"

Merci sighed. "I'm okay. I'm just nervous."

Shane nodded. "You'll be alright, babe. You're in good hands. I'll be there in three hours."

Merci nodded. "Okay…I love you."

"I love you too…" Shane said, worried about her.

Meanwhile, out in the waiting room, Kayleigh saw Maci walk out to the room. "What's the update?"

Maci sighed. "Merci is going into the operation room to have the twins in an hour. I don't know how me and you will know the sexes of our babies now..."

Kayleigh sighed. "Oh, well, we'll do it after Merci has the babies then."

Cody smiled. "Ben and Kayden came up with an idea."

Kayleigh nodded. "What's that?"

Kayden sighed. "After a long while of fighting with some bitch nurses, we will be able to use some bombs to know the sex..."

Kayleigh smiled and claps her hands excitedly. "Oooooh, that's perfect!"

Maci smiled. "That's an awesome idea!"

Dylan looked at his sister. "Aren't you supposed to be with Merce?"

Maci sighed. "Shit, I'll be back in a little bit." She headed back to the OR and walked into the room after Merci got the epidural. She got on the seat next to her sister. "How are you doing?"

Merci laughed softly. "I can't feel anything right now. It feels so weird."

Her doctor smiled. "That's good. Now, you're going to feel a bit of pressure. I can see the first baby's head now, I had to turn her a bit."

Merci nodded as she took a deep breath.

Soon after, Evangeline was finally out, she began crying. Maci smiled. "He's so adorable."

Two minutes later, Carter was born.

Merci smiled. "Awww. They're adorable."

Maci smiled. "Congrats, sis! They are adorable."

Merci smiled at her sister. "Thank you for being here for me, Mace."

The twins were off to the NICU to grow some more because they were only 4 pounds, 5 ounces and 16 inches long.

Two hours after Evangeline and Carter's birth, Merci was in her room when everyone walked inside.

Ben looked at his sister. "Now that you're a mom to my niece and nephew, are you ready to know what Maci and Cole are having?"

Maci smiled and nodded. "Yeah."

Ben and Dylan pulled the bomb off and blue came out.

Maci smiled happily. "Oh my gosh!" She hugged Cole, who kissed her. "We're having a boy first!"

Ben smiled. "Baby number two...Here we go!" Dylan pulled the next bomb and pink came out. Everyone screamed. "It's a boy and a girl!"

Merci smiled and claps her hands excitedly. "Yay I'm having a nephew and a niece!"

Zack smiled. "Awesome! I get to have two grandsons!"

Maci smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I'm so excited!"

Cole kissed Maci passionately. "I'm so grateful for you, Vanessa, and our baby boy and our baby girl."

Kayleigh and Austin were next. Karina and Kayden smiled. Kayden smiled. "Baby A." He pulled the bomb to go off. The bomb went off, and pink came falling out.

Kayleigh smiled. "Oh! Yay!"

Karina smiled. "Baby B…" She pulled it this time. Pink came out again. "Pink!"

Everyone smiled and cheered.

For baby C, they did it together. Kayden was hoping for a boy, he shut his eyes as he and Karina pulled the last one.

Everyone screamed. "PINK!"

Kayden groaned. "Oh, damn it…" He sighed. "I wanted a nephew!"

Maya turned to her daughter. "So, what are their names, Merci?"

Merci smiled. "Well, I went back and forth between Annaylssa to Evangeline, but when I saw her, I knew she was an Evangeline. So, my daughter was born first, she was 4 pounds and 7 ounces, her name is Evangeline Faith and my son's name is Carter Mason Martin."

Maci just looked at her sister. "Why don't they have Conwell?"

Merci shrugged her shoulders. "We aren't married. I kinda want to be married before doing that kind of big step like that…"

Maci nodded. "That's understandable, I guess."

Two hours later, Shawn finally arrived, he went straight to Merci's hospital room. He walked into the room. "Mercs, are you okay?" He said, kissing her.

Merci nodded slowly. "I'm okay. I'm just sore. Evangeline and Carter are in the NICU, they'll be in there for the next three weeks…" She said, tearing up. "I...I...I don't want to leave my babies after I'm discharged…"

Shawn nodded. "Oh, baby, you'll be okay. They just need to gain weight. Do they have any other problems?"

Maci, who was still there, she shook her head. "No, other than the gaining weight thing, they're perfect. No problems."

Shawn smiled. "That's great…" He turned to Maci. "So, what are you having?"

Maci smiled brightly. "It's a boy and a girl."

Shawn smiled. "Congratulations!"

Maci smiled again. "Thank you."

Later that night, Maci and Cole's Complex

Cole and Maci were cuddling in their bed after putting Vanessa down, Cole turned to Maci. "I'm happy we are having a boy and a girl. I can't wait."

Maci smiled too. "I can't wait either. Vanessa will be so excited to know she's getting a brother and a sister."

Cole smiled. "Oh, she'll be excited."

Maci leaned up and kissed him. "I love you."

Cole smiled. "I love you too, baby…" He leaned down to Maci's belly. "I love you too, my baby little prince and my little princess…"

To be continued…