Mistakes We've Made Can Be Brighter

Episode 18: "Life's Not Always Easy"

Two weeks later, Monday, July 24th, 2028

Maci and Kayleigh are now 27 weeks pregnant. They are six months pregnant. They will be seven months pregnant next week. Karina is now 39 weeks pregnant. She's nine months along. Maya and Bailey are 8 weeks pregnant. They are two months pregnant.

Cody and Bailey's home

Everyone was invited to come over to Cody and Bailey's because both Maya and Bailey had news to share with the family.

Merci walked into the house, sighing. "This better be good. I have five week old babies..."

Cole sighed. "And, I'm waiting for a call from my lawyer about custody..."

Karina groaned. "I'm due in a week. I wanna sleep..."

Maya sighed. "Guys, calm down. It will only take a minute..."

Maci held Vanessa in her arms. "What's up, Mom?"

Maya smiled. "I'm pregnant!"

Bailey's eyes went wide. "How does this keep happening to us? We keep getting pregnant at the same time!"

Maci and Merci, Kayleigh and Karina hug their parents. "This is so awesome!"

Bailey laughed. "My grandchildren will be months older than their aunt or uncle. That's pretty weird, isn't it?"

Karina laughed. "Yeah. It's pretty weird."

Anna walked into the house. "We're home!" She said, holding her daughter, Janna, 5. She smiled as she was wearing a 'Baby on Board' shirt. "...and I have news!"

Maya saw her daughter's shirt. "Ahhh! You're pregnant?!"

Anna nodded happily. "Yeah! We're due in March. We decided to push up the wedding in September."

Maya smiled and hugged her daughter. "This is so exciting."

Maci smiled. "Yay! Wedding planning!"

Anna laughed. "Yeah."

Cole shook his head. "This is nuts..." He smiled. "I'm sure James is excited, huh?"

Anna nodded. "Yeah. He's excited."

Cole smiled. "That's good. So happy for you."

Maci put Vanessa down. "Go play with Janna, okay, baby?" She kissed her head.

Vanessa nodded. "Okay!" She ran over to Janna.

Anna smiled at her sister. "How are you doing, Mace?"

Maci smiled. "Oh, I'm doing better. These next three months will drive me up a wall. It's been really stressful with Cole's crazy ex girlfriend and he's working on getting full custody of their twins..." She rubbed her belly bump. "Meanwhile, these two love to kick my ribs and Gannon is playing soccer on my bladder everyday."

Maya sighed. "Try carrying triplets. That was pure hell!"

Kayleigh nodded. "I'm living it, Aunt Maya now. It is stressful..."

Austin nodded his head. "I can barely get any time off. I'm thinking about the future for the girls."

Cody turned to his daughter. "Have you two decided on names?"

Kayleigh nodded her head. "Yes, we did."

Karina smiled. "What are my three nieces' names?"

Kayleigh smiled. "Faith Marie, Finley Elizabeth and Felicity Rose."

Bailey smiled. "Awww! So cute. I love the names!"

Maci smiled. "The names are beautiful."

Kayleigh smiled. "Thank you."

Cody looked at his niece. "Are you ready to have five kids?"

Maci shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I'm not ready for it, but it's something to adjust to, it's not something I expected but it's something I will deal with."

Zack turned to his daughter. "What's the update with the twins?"

Cole turned to his future father in law. "Well, they are with us right now. I have a custody date in a few days to get full custody of the girls."

Zack nodded his head. "Are they adjusting okay?"

Cole sighed. "Well, they're not happy having to not see their mother right now, but they knew how crazy she was for me."

Anna's eyes went wide. "Are you kidding me? She is in love with you?!"

Cole sighed deeply as he nodded. "Yeah. We believe she is…"

Maya paused. "But...She's pregnant and Maci is pregnant with your son and daughter and you two are engaged!"

Maci nodded her head. "Yeah, we know."

Anna turned to her sister, Merci. "How are the twins doing?"

Merci smiled, yawning. "They are doing well, expect I'm always tired as hell."

Shawn looked at his girlfriend. "Speaking of the twins, we better get back to your house p because of their feeding time and their sleeping schedule..."

Merci nodded her head. "Good idea."

Shawn and Merci headed back to Zack and Maya's home to feed, burp and change the twins and put them down for their midday nap.

Maci hugged her parents. "Congratulations, Mom and Dad. We gotta go. We have an appointment with Aunt London's lawyers."

Zack nodded. "Good luck, Mace."

Maci smiled. "Thanks Daddy."

Vanessa clapped her hands together. "Are we going toy shopping, Momma?"

Maci shook her head. "No, baby."

Vanessa began crying. "But, but, I want a toy!" She began kicking her legs.

Maci sighed. "Vanessa!"

Cole bent down and picked up Vanessa. "Please stop crying, Vans."

Vanessa shook her head. "No! I want toy! I want one, Dada!" She began kicking and crying. "I want to go toy shopping."

Maci sighed. "Vanessa Michelle Mathews! Stop making a scene!"

Vanessa just continued to cry.

Maci took her daugter from Cole. "She can keep screaming all she wants. She's not getting anything if she acts like this." She walked out of her parents house, opened Vanessa's door and placed her in her car seat. "You aren't getting anything, Vanessa. You know if you're good, you can get something, but if you have a meltdown you don't get anything." She shut the door and then got into her passenger seat.

Cole sighed and got in the driver's seat and then started driving. "I feel so bad."

Maci looked at him. "Why?"

Cole sighed. "Because Vans wants a toy and now she's crying because she's not getting one. I don't want her to feel like I don't love her enough or something."

Maci looked at him. "Cole, we're her parents. We have to teach her that if you're good, you'll get one, and if she acts out, she won't get one. I don't want her to feel like she can guilt us into getting her things when she doesn't deserve it. We're about to have two more kids, Cole. We have to stand our ground now. If we don't, we'll have three young babies ganging up on us. I don't want our kids to be spoiled brats, Cole."

Cole nodded his head. "I agree, Mace. I really do."

Maci smiled softly. "Thank you." She layed her hand on her belly. "Someone's playing soccer in there." She chuckled. "Easy, there you two. My bladder isn't as better at holding it in as it was months ago before you two came..."

Gannon kicked excitedly while Lizzie kicked softly.

Maci groaned. "Okay, I know it's you, Gannon..." She looked at Cole. "Are we almost there? Your son is literally kicking my bladder so much lately."

Cole laughed. "Oh, he's my son now?"

Maci nodded, rubbing her belly. "Well yeah." She sighed. "Oh easy there."

Cole smiled. "We'll be there in 10 minutes..." He layed his hand on her belly. "Gannon, buddy. Be easy on Momma's bladder."

Gannon kicked softly.

Maci sighed. "Stop kicking for a little bit, buddy. I love feeling you move and kick, baby, but Mommy's bladder can only take so much..."

Lizzie kicked Gannon softly, defending her mommy.

Maci sighed. "Elizabeth..."

Lizzie kicked softly.

Cole pulled in front of the lawyer's office. "Go. I'll park and bring Vanessa."

Maci nodded. "Thank you." She got out of the car and headed inside and headed to the bathroom.

Cole parked and then opened Vanessa's door taking her out of the car seat. "Okay Vans let's go." He then shut the door and locked the car before walking inside.

Vanessa layed her head on his shoulder. "Why are we here?"

Cole smiled. "I'll explain when you're older, okay?" He signed in and saw Maci walk over to them. "She's here and she's pissed. She literally cussed me out when I was in the bathroom."

Cole ran his hand through his hair, frustrated. "Oh, God. Just what we need more drama." He rolled his eyes. "Great, just great."

Maci sighed. "No fucking kidding." She rubbed her belly. "Especially with me, I'm carrying twins here."

Cole nodded. "Yeah."

London walked over to them. "Hey guys. Daddy's lawyers are ready to see you..." She paused. "I can have Mindy watch Vanessa for you."

Maci smiled. "Thanks, Aunt London."

London smiled. "You're welcome..." She turned to Cole. "Is your ex girlfriend's name Maelia?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah. She's here. Probably trying to get me to never see the girls..."

London laughed. "Please, she's never going to see daddy's lawyers. We don't know her personally...so she'll get thrown out. Now, go see Timmy. Room 4."

Meanwhile, Caci was at the lawyers, Merci and Shawn layed down on Merci's bed.

Merci sighed. "Ugh. I'm so sore. I feel like shit. I hope Mace doesn't have to have a c-section."

Shawn sighed. "Yeah, but she can't help if she has to have one, Mercs...She has gone into labor before. Things can happen..."

Merci nodded her head. "Yeah, you're right."

Shawn smiled. "I'm sorry I was such an asshole to you two weeks ago. You didn't deserve me to run out of you when you needed me...Eva and Carter need me to be the best man to you so I can teach Carter to be the man a girl deserves and a guy Eva looks for. She deserves so much. I don't want her to get hurt."

Merci smiled. "Thanks babe." She gave him a hug. "I love you. I should have told you before but I've no idea that he would actually find me. It was unexpected..."

Shawn nodded. "Yeah. I don't know how he found you..."

Merci shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. He said he had a friend do some digging and he found me...that's all I know..." She sighed as she ran her hand over her face. "I don't know what to do..."

Shawn sighed hugging her. "I'm sorry, babe."

Merci sighed. "I'll worry about it in a week. Eva and Carter have their six week old appointment and then I might do a DNA test."

Shawn nodded. "Alright."

Merci sighed. "I need to know whether I'm dealing with a deadbeat dad or someone wants to be there at least...I don't know."

Shawn sighed. "Merci, whatever you find out, we'll work it out."

Merci stood up. "Okay. I'm going to go shower."

Later that day

Cole, Maci and Vanessa walked to Cole's car. "Hopefully things go well." Maci said as she walked behind Cole. "I'm just feeling uneasy right now..."

Cole nodded. "Me too."

Maci put Vanessa in her car seat and as she was doing that, Mae walked over to her. "May I help you, Maelia?" She said, shutting the back door.

Mae glared at her. "Why did you battle for custody of my kids?"

Maci crossed her arms. "Because you are in love with my fiance, you've been stalking him for months and they deserve so much better. You don't seem to care about them. You're just wanting to get close to Cole. Let me tell you something. You won't be getting close to those girls until we have something set in stone. Ania and Lanna deserve a family."

Mae crossed her arms. "Yeah well I could give them the same. I'm their mother. I birthed them. You're just a stepmom to them..."

Maci's eyes went wide. "I may be a stepmom to them, but at least I don't stalk my ex...By the way, how's your relationship with your boyfriend? Do you think he'll stay when he knows you stalk Cole and I? Huh?"

Mae nodded. "Of ourse he'll stay. I'm having his baby."

Maci shook her head. "Yeah, okay, whatever you say. We'll see what he has to say...He'll be leaving you..."

Mae's eyes went wide. "Wait, what?"

Maci opened the passengers door. "Please, Maelia. You know he's leaving you. He's known of you stalking Cole for a long time now..."

Mae shook her head. "No he doesn't, and no, he won't..."

Maci nodded her head. "Yes he is. He's just waiting for you to give birth to his baby so that he could get custody."

Mae shook her head. "You're lying..."

Maci showed her the papers of Mae's stalking Cole's Instagram and Facebook. "This is you, isn't it?"

Mae denied it. "No...I don't know what you're talking about..."

Cole glared at her. "I'm keeping the girls until our court date..."

Mae shook her head. "No you're not. Cole, you're lying. You can't do this to me. You're not keeping my daughters from seeing me." She glared at him. "I won't have it."

Maci smiled. "A family friend of mine has a court letter already set and ready to say otherwise. We're untouchable..."

Cole nodded. "Yes, I am. I'm doing this for their own good, Maelia..."

Mae's eyes went wide. "You two are insane. You can't do this!"

Maci was about to get into the car when Mae whispered in her ear. "You'll never be the mother they need..."

Maci glared at her. "Were you a mother at 15? No? Well, if I can handle that, I can fucking handle two newborns, a year old and two 4 year olds..."

Mae laughed. "You'll fall apart. I can see it."

Maci rolled her eyes. "Don't hold your breath..." She closed the door. She looked at Cole. "Let's go."

Cole nodded and started the car. "Of all the nerve of that girl." He then started driving. "One of these days she's gonna make me pull all my hair out."

Maci sighed. "God, no. I love your hair."

Cole laughed. "Thanks I'm kidding, Mace. I love your hair too."

Maci smiled. "Thank you." She rolled her eyes. "The nerve of her to say I'll fall apart...I'm going to have three young children by 16, and now I'm adding 2 4 year olds to all of that craziness. I want the best for Ania and Annylanna. They don't deserve her. Especially if she's stalking you..."

Cole nodded his head in agreement. "Exactly. I totally agree, Mace."

Maci's phone began ringing. "Hello?"

Kayleigh spoke up. "Hey Mace. We're at the hospital..."

Maci's eyes went wide. "Are you okay?!"

Kayleigh chuckled. "No, no, it's not me. Karina's water finally broke."

Maci smiled. "Finally..."

Kayleigh laughed. "I know right?! Anyway, can you make it?"

Maci paused. "Well...I'm kinda tied up right now, Kay. Cole and I just left the lawyer's office. I'll see if I can come tomorrow."

Kayleigh nodded her head. "Alright."

Maci sighed. "Give Rina a hug for me. I'll see if Merci can come for a few hours..."

Kayleigh nodded. "Okay. So, anyways, how did it go?"

Maci chuckled. "We are getting temporary custody until court in a week. Maelia is nuts. She just doesn't understand that this isn't good for the girls to stalk their dad for years..."

Kayleigh's eyes widened. "Oh my God. Really? What a stalker well, more like a bitch." She shook her head. "I can't believe this just because Cole had kids with her doesn't mean she has to stalk him. Did she ever come in between you and Cole?"

Maci shook her head. "No. Thank God. It made us stronger..."

Kayleigh nodded. "Good."

Maci smiled. "I'll talk to you later, okay? We are pulling up to our apartment now. Text me updates."

Kayleigh nodded. "Okay."

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Danny, Karina's boyfriend and the babies' father ran into the room.

"Did I miss anything?"

Karina laughed as she shook her head. "No. They're still inside me."

Danny nodded. "Oh, I thought I might have missed the birth. I hurried as fast as I could."

Karina laughed. "I'm only 3 centimeters. No babies yet...My doctor says I should be in labor for 24 hours unless there's an emergency..."

Danny nodded. "Okay. At least you'll be okay."

Kayleigh sighed. "I should be grateful I'm having an c- section..."

Karina chuckled. "Yeah, because contractions hurt like a bitch."

Kayleigh nodded. "I don't want to know..."

Danny grabbed her hand and squeezed her hand. "You got this, baby."

Karina sighed. "I hope so."

Cole and Maci's place, later that night

Maci looked at Ania and Annaylanna. "Do you girls want to watch a movie?"

Ania nodded her head. "Yes, please."

Annaylanna shrugged her shoulders. "Okay."

Maci smiled. "Go ahead and pick one out. I'll start the popcorn and I'll see if Cole was able to put Vanessa down."

Lanna nodded. "Okay..."

Maci started the popcorn and then walked into Vanessa's room. "Did she go down?" She said, quietly.

Cole nodded. "Yeah."

Maci smiled. "The girls want to watch a movie with us. I have popcorn going." She said, rubbing her belly.

Cole smiled. "I wonder what movie they'll pick."

Cole and Maci headed to the living room, Maci grabbed the popcorn and they sat down next to the girls.

Ania looked at her father. "So, we are staying here for a while?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah, Ania."

Lanna looked at him. "Why?"

Cole sighed. "Your mom isn't in her right head right now. I want the best for you and your sister..."

Ania paused. "Is it because she went crazy and was stalking you or something?"

Cole sighed. "You girls are smart..."

Ania smiled. "Thanks, Daddy."

Lanna giggled. "Will we get to see her again?"

Maci frowned. "We can't say, sweetheart. That's up to the lawyers now..."

Lanna frowned. "Oh."

An hour and thirty minutes later, both Ania and Lanna were out. Maci picked up Ania and Cole picked up Lanna. They carried the girls to their bed in Vanessa's room. After kissing them goodnight, they shut the door.

Maci sighed. "Cole?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah, Mace?"

Maci sighed. "Are you sure we can handle five young kids? You know, 5 under 5..."

Cole nodded his head. "Yes we can, baby. You know we also have the help from our families..."

Maci yawned. "I know...But, you know I have to finish high school and you have to finish college...It's going to be a lot..." She said, walking to their bathroom and undressed.

Cole sighed. "I know."

Maci sighed. "I'm going to shower. Maybe it will help me relax for a bit."

Cole nodded. "Okay. I'll be watching some TV."

Maci walked into their bathroom and got into the shower.

Massachusetts General Hospital, 8:45pm

Karina groaned as another contraction hit her. "Ugh. Owww!"

Danny sighed as he squeezed her hand. "I'm sorry, Karina."

Karina groaned and breathed deeply. "It...It's okay...I'm okay..." She said, squeezing her hospital bed bars. "I need to deal with it if I want to go naturally..."

Danny sighed. "I don't like seeing you in pain. I would have loved to trade places with you if I could, but I can't."

Karina sighed. "I...I know..." She breathed in and out before the contraction went away. "I'm okay, Danny..."

Danny kissed her head.

Meanwhile at Cody and Bailey's home

Kayleigh's text message: "Update?"

Karina's text message: "Four centimeters now..."

Kayleigh's text message: "Okay, love you."

Karina's text message: "Love you too."

Cody looked at her. "Update on Karina?"

Kayleigh smiled. "She's four centimeters now."

Bailey smiled. "She'll be there for a long while then..."

Kayleigh nodded. "Yeah."

Kayden looked at his mother. "How many hours were you in labor with me?"

Bailey paused. "With you? I was in lobor for 10 hours."

Kayden's eyes widened. "Really?!"

Bailey nodded. "Yep. I was in labor with Kay and Rina for 24 hours."

Kayleigh's eyes widened. "Oh my God." She looked at her mother. "Did you have any C sections with any of my siblings?"

Bailey nodded. "Yep. Kace, Kins, and Katie, and Karlee and Karyssa."

Kayleigh nodded. "Oh..."

Bailey smiled. "And, I'll have to have another c-section this time too."

Kayden looked at her. "How do you know?"

Bailey saw them the ulterasound. "Take a look."

Kayden's eyes went wide. "There's three?!"

Bailey nodded. "Yeah."

Kayden's eyes widened. "Seriously?"

Cody nodded. "Yeah. There's three new babies coming in eight months."

Meanwhile, Zack and Maya's home

Maya walked out of the shower. "Well, I wasn't expecting to know we are having triplets again."

Zack sighed walking over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her. "And, why is that?"

Maya sighed. "It's my age. I mean...My pregnancy with Serena and Preston was unexpected, and it was high risk because you know what happened when I gave birth to Selena and Sierra. I almost fainted because of my blood pressure. Same thing happened with Bailey when she had Kristi...I don't want to lose my life..."

Zack sighed. "You won't lose your life and I won't lose you and our babies either. I'm scared and worried too, you know. I want the best for you guys." He kissed her neck. "I love you so much. I've no idea what I would do it you weren't with me. I don't know what I would do. You changed me when you came into my life. I know, it's cheesy but it's quite true. I've no idea where and what kind of a man I'll be if you weren't with me. Thank you for everything you do for me and all our amazing kids. I'm so lucky to have you as my wife and soulmate."

Maya sighed. "Awww, Zack." She hugged him. "Thank you for saying that." She whispered in her ear. "You're getting snipped after these three make their way into this world and I'm healthy enough to help you."

Zack sighed. "Well okay if that makes you happy."

Maya nodded. "Yes, it will, Zachary. We'll have 14 kids by then and then we'll have 6 grandchildren. I'm good. I'm done being pregnant."

Zack nodded. "Okay." He paused. "Wait! 6? How? Anyone else pregnant that I dont know about? Is it Mack?!"

Maya shook het head. "Zachary. Mackenzie is 14! Anna is having twins."

Zack let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god. Wow Anna's having twins with our family full of twins and triplets. So, she was at a chance to do the same?"

Maya nodded. "Yeah. I had three sets of twins and now this is my second set of triplets. Bailey had 2 sets of twins and and one set of triplets. She's having her second set now. I'm sure she'll ask Cody to do the same."

Zack nodded. "Okay."

Maya smiled. "I'm going to go check on the kids." She put her robe on and headed to check on their kids. She knocked on Mackenzie's bedroom door. "Hey, sweetie."

Maya smiled. "Just checking on you."

Mackenzie sighed. "Mom?"

Maya nodded. "Yes, baby?"

Mackenzie smiled. "Would Dad freak out if I had met someone and I wanted to bring him home so Dad can meet him?"

Maya shook her head. "I don't think so unless he's a little bit older than you, but if it's 3 years apart, I don't think he'll freak out..."

Mackenzie smiled. "Good. I was just worried."

Maya kissed her head. "As long as he treats you the way you'd want to be treated, then I don't see anything wrong with it. I can't speak for your father though."

Mackenzie chuckled. "Yeah."

Merci's room

Merci sighed as she burped Carter. "Shawn?"

Shawn opened his eyes. "Hm? Huh?

Merci sighed. "We need to talk.."

Shawn sat up. "What about?"

Merci sighed. "Well, now that I'm a mom, I don't want any kids until we're good and ready."

Shawn nodded. "Well, I know I'm not ready to have another baby on top of raising two babies. I'm not gonna pressure you into something you're not ready for. We already have our hands full."

Merci smiled. "Thank you."

Shawn laughed. "You're the one who brought it up. I was agreeing with you."

Merci nodded. "Thank you."

Shawn slowly took him out of Merci's arms and carried him to the bassinet and placed him inside. "Eva's fast asleep in hers."

Merci smiled. "Good. I want to get some sleep."

A few hours later, Tuesday, June 25, 2028, Massachusetts General Hospital, Karina's hospital room, 12:45AM

Karina's doctor looked at her. "Alright. You're 10 centimeters. Are you ready?"

Karina nodded slowly as she breathed deeply. "Yeah, let's do this."

Her doctor nodded. "Okay. I'm gonna have you bend your knees down and push down as hard as you can."

Karina nodded as she bent her knees and started pushing as hard as she could. "Oh my God!"

Danny squeezed her hand. "Come on, babe. You got this. Breathe."

Karina nodded as she continued to breathe and push as hard as she could and started screaming in pain. "Oh my God how on earth did my Aunt Maya and Mom do this so many times?!"

Danny sighed. "I don't know..."

Karina groaned as she screamed on top of her lungs. "Is she coming out?"

The doctor sighed. "Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to rush you into the OR. The first twin's heart rate is coming up too high. She's in distress..."

The nurses rushed Karina to the OR and the doctor performed an emergency c-section.

Zaryah Allyson came into the world first at 3:00AM, weighing at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 inches long

Zoey Kayleigh came out 3 minutes later at 3:03AM, weighing at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches long.

Danny smiled. "They're beautiful just like their mother Rina."

Karina sighed. "Yeah. I'm happy they're here. That was the longest pregnancy ever..."

Danny nodded. "No kidding."

Two hours later, Karina's Recovery Room

Karina grabbed her phone and took a picture of her newborn daughters.

She opened her messages and found the group chat- "Maci, Merci, Kayleigh, and Mackenzie.

Karina's text message: "They're here! Zaryah Allyson and Zoey Kayleigh"- attached the photo of the newborn twins.

Maci's phone beeped, meaning she had a text, she went to her text messages and saw the picture of the twins. "Awww."

Maci's text message: "OMG Congratulations they're beautiful!" *four heart emoji's*

Merci's text message: "Yayyy! You're gorgeous!" *three smile with heart eyes*

Kayleigh's text message: "Awww! Congratulations sissy! They're beautiful!" *three red hearts*

Mackenzie's text message: "Yay! Can't wait to meet them! They're so beautiful, cuz!" :)

Karina smiled and read the texts. She texted back. Karina's text message: "Thanks guys."

Maci's text message: "You're welcome! I better go back to bed. I'm exhausted and Cole is asleep..."

Merci laughed. "I was already up with Carter. Be grateful you can sleep. You'll be exhausted after Lizzie and Gannon come."

Maci laughed. "Lol, you're right!"

Karina's text message: "See you guys later."

They all texted back: "Okay, love you, see you later."

A few hours later, 8:00AM

Merci walked into the kitchen. "Mom and Dad? Can we talk about something?"

Merci sighed. "I need to confess something. It's about the twins."

Maya was confused. "What's wrong?"

She sighed. "I had slept with an old friend a while back and now I'm questioning who's the father of Evangeline and Carter...I want to do a DNA test at their six week appointment..."

To be continued…