Someone remind me to write this tomorrow. I don't have time now, but I really want to write it and I'm gonna need a reminder, so send me a private message. I only need one person to do it, so if you do then send a review to say that you have so not everyone does it.

The story idea is a RWBY crossover with the world's end. If you haven't seen the movie, watch it because it is worth a laugh. It's on my tv right now and will be for another 45 minutes (ie when they are in the barn and are trying to figure out if Gary is a blank or not. Once I've finished thi9s sentence, gary will have just reached the forest.

Anyway, the events go down like this. Ren is sad that he hasn't been able to see his friends in ages because of their work – he failed to find a job and, surprisingly, became a drunk, which ruined his relationship (not romantic, just one like they had up to V4) with Nora. So when he turns 30, he decides to invite down the whole crew. Pyrrha from her job as both a model and an athlete, Jaune from his job as an accountant and Nora – which was the hardest of all – from her job in the zoo. So they go back to the town where they all met (Vale) and hit all the barns at the place, meeting Weiss along the way. However, all is not as it seems.

The townspeople have been replaced almost entirely, with the exception of Port, Cinder and Mercury. The replacements, who insist they are not robots, are nicknamed the Grimm, due to their unearthly shriek and weird black dissolving blood. And so it will continue similar to the movie.

It will only be a one-shot, and that is that, unless someone OTHER THAN ME wants to continue it. And, if I don't half ass it, there is literally no way it can be anything other than spectacular. Because that is what the idea is, in my opinion. Spectacular.

So remind me to write it tomorrow. Please.

EDIT: Nevermind, there isn't a chance in hell I'm not writing this in full. It is WAY to good to just leave as a one-shot. Screw my main story, I'm writing this.