Annabeth let out a loud grunt as she ran, her breath escaping from her in shorts bursts. She tore through the snow, kicking it up behind her like a cloud. Something whistled past her, and she turned long enough to see a spike embedded in the tree branch next to her. She ignored it and kept running. She hated doing this. It went against her every instinct. Every part of her screamed to stand her ground and fight like a warrior. But she couldn't. Not against this.

"RUN!" Thalia's voice roared nearby. It was cut off by the sound of metal clashing. Annabeth ducked when two more spikes shot over her head. She could hear the sound of Grover's reed pipes fainly in the background, but seemed to be have little effect, based on the massive roar that echoed after it. But she pushed all that out of her head to focus on the far more serious problem.

"Snap out of it! This isn't you! Fight it!" She screamed, but received no answer in response. Instead, a bright yellow light shot past her and slammed into a nearby tree, causing it to explode in a bright yellow flash. Annabeth flinched as the force of the blast slammed into her, sending her flying into a large snowdrift. She groaned as she pushed herself up. Her knife lay several feet away, glistening in the snow. She pushed herself to her feet and raced towards it.

But, before Annabeth could grab her knife, she felt something slam into her, slamming her back onto the ground with a loud grunt, the wind rushing from her lungs. Then, she gasped as a firm hand wrapped around her throat and yanked her into the air, causing her to let out a loud wheeze as she choked, her legs kicking in the air. She punched and kicked desperately, but to no avail. Her vision began to darken, narrowing to a point. The face of the man strangling her to death.

"Gohan… d… don't…"

Gohan glared at her, completely silent. His eyes, normally filled with excitement and laughter, were completely empty. Void of all life. Even more unsettling was that his eyes were glowing pink. Behind him, a howl of laughter erupted.

"Finish her off! KILL HER! He raised his other hand, and a bright yellow ball of energy formed in it, growing brighter and brighter. Annabeth whimpered softly. It couldn't end like this. Not by him!

"Go…han… p-please…" Gohan glared at her, unmoving and unflinching. Annabeth met his gaze, her eyes glaring right into his.

"KILL HER NOW!" Gohan roared as he brought his hand down.