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Five years later

After Maura's last chemo, she was told she had to go to the hospital every six weeks to check if there weren't any new cancer cells present. After a year, she was allowed to come once in two months, followed by once in three months and once in six months. Today is her last appointment.

When she walks into the hospital, holding hands with the wild-haired brunette who's stayed by her side through it all, she thinks about the last five years. Right after Frankie rang Jane, the brunette fell apart, not knowing how to deal with her mother's reaction. Maura stayed with her and held her, promising that everything would be okay. Angela came over to her house the next morning and apologized for what she'd said, saying that she had to come to terms with the fact that her daughter wasn't going to have a husband, something Angela has wanted her entire life. She told Jane that was very selfish of her, and that she shouldn't have pushed her. She hugged Jane and told them she was incredibly happy for them both and she'd be there if they ever needed anything. Maura was sure that Angela didn't know how much this meant to her daughter.

Then they told Frost and Korsak, who, deep in their hearts, already knew that Jane and Maura belonged together. Frost hugged Jane, whispering something in the brunette's ear and Maura, up until this day, doesn't know what he said. She doesn't ask either, it's something between them and if Jane wants to keep it that way, she wants that too. Korsak simply smiled and put his hand on Jane's shoulder, a silent approval. Jane nor Maura expected something else from the older man.

When Maura had had her last chemo, she had to get back to work. She was eager to get back and solve cases with Jane, who had also already returned. The detective became restless in between Maura's last chemo and the first day she could go back to work. In the end, she agreed to start a week earlier than Maura, after lots of conversations where Maura would try to convince Jane that it was okay, that she had done enough.

Jane, Korsak, Frost and her had made the national news two months after that when they solved seemingly the hardest case in history, a serial killer who left nothing but bodies behind. Solving the case took weeks and the coffee Angela brought in every morning was well appreciated by the detectives as well as Maura. The case nearly broke Jane, nearly broke them. Nights weren't for sleeping, they were for fights and disagreements and nightmares. Jane usually didn't come home from work until midnight, something Maura would get really mad about. She was afraid Jane would get too wrapped up in the case and stop taking care of herself, something which Jane would disagree with because she found it hard to have someone who really cared about her. Normally, she'd just walk into her little apartment by herself, no one there to look after her. However, now there was someone waiting for her. Maura, the always gentle and caring doctor, who annoyed the hell out of Jane sometimes. Especially when she was frustrated because the day ended in another disaster; dead ends, unreliable witnesses and fingerprints that didn't match were usually a sign that the evening (or night) wouldn't end well.

Somehow, they made it through this all, and being able to close the case with the same amount of people they started with was something incredible. The guy who murdered seven women and eight men in twenty days, slipped up on his last kill and that's when they were finally able to get him. No one got injured, although Jane struggled to deal with the fact that he murdered so many people and he got away uninjured. But they got him. And when Frost, Korsak and Jane arrived at headquarters, Maura was there to meet them. They didn't high five, they didn't cry, they only hugged, the exhaustion finally setting in. Cavanaugh told them to take a couple of days off, so they did.

Jane and Maura had to make up, the words that had been thrown around during those weeks were definitely far from the truth. Things like I want you to fucking leave me alone and you don't understand anything were to be explained, which happened alongside lots of crying.

And today, Jane is still here, right next to her. And it's the brunette's voice that pulls her from her thoughts, supported by a rough but gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Where are you with your mind?"

Maura looks up into dark brown eyes, not answering straight away, and realizes that they're already in the elevator, something that she hasn't noticed. If everything turns out to be okay today, she won't have to come back anymore and she hopes with her entire being that will happen. Not only for her sake, because she doesn't know if she can handle another round of treatment, but also for Jane. The brunette has had a hard time as well, seeing her in hospital beds wasn't something Jane wanted to see ever again.

The soft pling of the elevator tells them they've arrived on the second floor, a place where too much of their time has been spent over the past few years. The nurse behind the counter recognizes her, even though it's been a year since she's been here. She comes from behind her desk and towards them, wrapping her arms around Maura. "Good luck to you both," she says, pulling back from the embrace. She places her hand on Jane's shoulder, looking into the detective's eyes but not hugging her.

"You remembered," Jane said, thinking back to when she told the nurses that she doesn't like to be hugged.

The nurse smiles at them one last time before escorting them towards the waiting room, telling them that she'll make sure the doctor will be there soon.

They sit down on the hospital chairs and Maura feels the tension in her shoulders. She rolls them uncomfortably, something that doesn't go unnoticed by Jane. "Come here," the brunette says, pulling the smaller woman closer to her until she's able to rest her head on Jane's shoulder.

Jane runs her hand through Maura's soft hair. Yes, her hair, which has grown back; a little thinner than it used to be, not so many curls as before, but it's back nevertheless. Maura has missed this feeling, and despite the stress she feels, she allows herself to feel a little happy as well.

They sit in silence for a while and Maura feels Jane tense up every time a doctor comes into the room, only to relax when she realizes that it's not their doctor.

"Miss Isles?" a woman's voice pulls them from their thoughts.

"Yes, that's me," Maura replies, already pulling Jane up to go with her. They walk towards the room where the scan of Maura's lungs will be made.

"I'm waiting here," Jane says, when Maura has to go inside. She's not allowed to go in there, the level of radiation isn't necessarily beneficial for your health. So you're only allowed to go in there if it's absolutely necessary. Jane watches the blonde go into the room while she waits anxiously, allowing herself to be emotional, just a little. She doesn't shed a tear, she's too proud for that. That hasn't changed.

It doesn't take longer than five minutes for Maura to get back from the CT-scan. "We need to do one more blood test before we get the results," the blonde says, putting her arm around Jane. "Nothing's wrong, they just want to be sure."

The blood test doesn't take long either and before they know it, they're back in the waiting room. Waiting for the results that will have an enormous impact on their lives, whether they are positive or negative.

Jane's hands are shaking when the doctor comes to get them and discuss the results. While they're walking towards his room, Jane thinks about the effect of Maura's illness on both their lives. She thinks about all the times she has walked down this hallway, either alone or with Maura. She thinks about the blonde in a hospital bed, looking pale and sick. She thinks about the days where Maura felt too sick to get out of bed, and she would spend the entire day by Maura's side.

They walk into the room of the doctor, whose name Jane suddenly remembers, Hamilton. She sits down next to Maura, whose hands tremble as well.

"Well, I'll get right to it. The results of your CT-scan as well as your blood tests are good. We haven't found any new cells, meaning you are now officially cleared to go home and hopefully never come back," doctor Hamilton says, smiling.

Jane and Maura look at each other simultaneously, and Maura lets out a sob. The brunette opens her arms, pulling the blonde into a hug despite the awkward position.

"Oh my god, Jane," Maura mumbles in the brunette's neck. Jane herself has troubles keeping her tears at bay as well, but she manages to thank the doctor.

He gives her a friendly nod and you can clearly see the happiness in his eyes. There are lots of patients who probably won't get these results, and he has had to bring bad news way too many times. Seeing his patients so happy must be one of the things that gets him through the days at work.

Jane pulls Maura up until they're both standing and able to shake hands with doctor Hamilton. "Thank you so much," Maura manages to say.

When they're in the hallway, Jane pulls out her cellphone. "I have to call Ma. And Frankie."

She dials her mother and it takes less than five seconds for Angela to pick up.

"How is she? Are you okay? What were the results?" Three questions in three seconds, that's definitely a record for Jane's mother.

"Ma, if you would just let me speak," Jane starts. "We're good. They haven't found any new cells."

Angela squeals. "Oh my god honey! Tell Maura I'm so happy for her. I'm happy for you both, Jane. Thank God."

Maura presses the button of the elevator when Jane hangs up.

"I'll text Frankie on our way back. I just want to go home with you now, Maura," the brunette says, looking into hazel eyes. The blonde smiles through her tears, falling in love with the woman in front of her all over again when she sees the sparkles return in Jane's eyes. We made it.

The ride in the elevator doesn't even take thirty seconds, and before they know it, they're already on the ground floor of the hospital. They walk towards the exit, and Maura feels a feeling of excitement and freedom settle in the closer they get.

The automatic doors open, they walk into the cold spring air of March, and Jane grabs her hand.

Her vision is blurry, the tears are now flowing freely down her cheeks.

I'm cured.

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