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Goku rubbed his head frowning. Ow that really hurt!

A random monster out of know where came running at him. It was nothing he had ever seen, it was all funny looking. He was sure it wasn't an animal; he had never see something like that in Mt. Paozu. He was sure even his grandpa had never told him about theses monster before either.

He had picked up the monster that had hit him and his dinner and threw the thing as hard as he could. He had to tech that monster no to mess with him or his food.

Unfortunately the monkey tailed boy was unable to fully teach that monster when a weird girl with blue hair came out of it and started throw really strong pebbles at him with a weird gadget.

Goku picked himself up and growled at the mysterious person that came out of the odd object.

The blue haired person squiggled surprise, "Oh my god you're Alive!"

Goku growled, pulling his power pole out defensively at the blue haired person, "So you thought you finished me off a second time huh! My grandpa told me about your evil magic!" the boy yelled preparing to attack the odd creature and the mysterious blue hair female.

The girls eyes widen in fear," Wait hold on I'm a human-being just like you are!" she yelled waving her arm up frantically.

Goku narrowed his eyes suspiciously, he slowly eyed the girl as he held his power pole in front of him protectively, "...So you're not a witch?" he asked.

The odd looking teen nodded, "Yes." she said as she began to crawl out of the creature. Goku watched as the so called human begin hopped out the Creature landing in front of him. He held the power pole up against the mysterious being.

"See look I'm a girl?" she said offering a light smile.

The boy tilted is head blankly, before pursing his lips together, "Really? A girl you say?" he said not fully believing the girl as he circled around the teen.

The blue eyed girl rolled her eye in annoyance," Well duh. I haven't you seen a girl before?"

"Yes." he said searching the girl, the blue eyed girl frowned, "And then why don't you believe me then!"

Goku stopped in front of the girl but his attention seemed to be elsewhere. He was looking to the left of him. It was an empty space but the blue hair girl could see the boy nodding before turning back to face her.

This kiddo is weird. She thought to herself.

"My friend thinks you girl but isn't complete sure." he finally answered, poking her leg with the red pole.

The teen rose and brow, "Your Friend?" the kid nodded. The girl looked around the boy and didn't see any one.

"What friend? I don't see anybody?" she asked.

The boy growled, "Don't play games. My friend is standing right beside me." he said thrusting the pole at her neck.

The girl was confused as she starred at the empty space he was staring at a minute ago. Does have some sort of imaginary friend or something? That's probably what he means, if it weren't for the fact this kid has a pole to my neck I would think it's cute. I just have to play along.

"And so! What does your Friend know about girls anyway?' she retorted back.

"My Friend is a girl." he said catching the teen off guard. Damn I thought it would be a male imaginary friend. "She is a girl and she said girls don't have big floppy bumps on their chest." Goku said as he pointed to Bulma's chest.

The blue eyed teen growled as a deep shade of red flushed her face, "Why you! THESE FLOPPY THINGS ARE CALLED BREAST, GIRLS DON'T GET THEM TILL THEIR OLDER YOU UNMANNERLY BRAT!" she yelled. She was pissed now, not only did this kid wreak her car but was now making fun of her breast, oh the nerve of this kid.

The monkey tailed boy grimaced and covered his ears, "Okay. Okay. Ow my ears. I believe you now. "

The blue eyed girl huffed, "Humph. You need to lean some manners, such the rudest little boy I ever met. "

Goku rubbed his ears slowly, "My grandpa was right about girls, he said if ever made them mad or didn't treat them right then they'd get loud. " he whined rubbing his ears.

The girl girt her teeth, as she glared holes into the boy.

Goku looked off to the side again starring into nothing again, he scratched the back of his head and let of a sheepish laugh, "Oh yeah, ok." The older girl starred at him quietly. I think he's talking to his friend again...

The small boy turned back to the girl smiling, he bowed, "I'm sorry for... um disrespecting you Mam. My grandpa always said to be nice to pretty young women." he said apologizing. "And I wasn't very nice."

The aqua haired teen instantly smiled and chuckled at the complement completely forgetting about the insult, "Oh why thank you! You don't have to say Mam, Just call me Bulma alright."

Goku grinned; "Okay Bulma, my friend and I thought it would be an ok if ..." he looked to his side again unsure. He grinned and turned back to Bulma, "...um if you like to eat lunch with us." Goku walked over to huge fish lying on the side of the dirt road, "See. It's big enough for all of us to share." he said picking up the fish.

The teen looked unsure as Goku walked back over with the large fish over his shoulder, "Um I don't know kid, I don't want to intrude you and you're….. Friend."

The boy frowned lightly, "I don't know what that means but I don't mind, I did kill your monster after all, I could at least feed you." he said pointing to the monster.

Bulma chuckled, "That's not a Monster silly, that's a car."

The boys widen, "That's a car!" exclaimed the little boy as he examined the car closely.

'Yeah, haven't you seen one before?" Bulma asked.

"No. I've only lived with my grandpa in the woods away from the c...c-city. Yeah city. Grandpa had mentioned something about cars, but I never thought that they were this odd looking. It looks cool!" he said marveled at the discovery.

"Oh." Bulma said, understanding why the boy seemed to be so naive. This kid never left the country huh.

"I'm sorry for missing up your car." he said apologizing again.

Bulma waved it off, "Its ok, don't worry about it." She said as she pulled her Dragon ball radar out from her pocket. She grinned, from the looks of the radar the Dragon ball she was looking for was located nearby. Bulma looked at the monkey tailed boy as he kept poking his red stick at the damaged car. Maybe the dragon ball is near this kid's house. She grinned to herself; she could feel that she was close to meeting her goal. Bulma smiled as she placed the gadget back into her pocket.

"Ok kid I've changed my mind, I would like to have lunch with you." Bulma said getting the younger boys attention.

"Really! Great! It's been awhile since I gotten to meet new people." he grinned. The monkey tailed boy grabbed the fish, "Alright, just follow me this way, my home isn't too far from this way." he exclaimed turning towards the forest.

"Wait hold up!" Bulma said running after the boy. Jeez this kid is fast.

Goku stopped as he waited for the girl, "What?"

"You never told me your name."

The boy scratched his head sheepishly, "Oops forgot about that. Well My name Is Goku, Son Goku."

Bulma thought the name was odd but she smiled any way and shook the little boy's hand, "Well it's nice to meet you Goku."

Goku looked to his side smiling brightly," and this here is my friend Ava."

Year 756

Where did she go?

The young teenager peered over the crowed surrounding him. A crowed he wasn't too familiar with at all, he had only visited this place only a couple of times. Only certain places on the island were familiar to him at most. Maybe his friend knew where she was going but he doubted it, she had paid as much as attention as he did when they visited. There was excitement and adrenaline in the air, an as kids the details would just get lost in the moment

He was a lost puppy looking for another lost puppy. Very ironic.

It was getting dark very fast on Papaya Island and very late. Soon he would have to head back to the hotel with rest of his friends. Bulma and the others gave him a window of twenty five minutes before the group would be heading back to the hotel to rest and eat for the next day. He gave them a silly but simple excuse to search for his friend without them knowing.

The teen pursed his lips as he searched for his friend. Walking through the crowed he could see that the number of people was dwindling down. They must be leaving, the palm tree haired teen thought. Goku frowned; the Island was being too closed down for the night.

He wasn't finding any luck in his search, he would hate to have and leave her out alone. He clicked his tongue before letting out an Irritated sigh. The crowds had thinned out to a number of a few.

"Now why did you have to go and run off? Damn it." He cursed under his breath. The teen was not ready to give up, he knew he would fine his friend close by, he had to.

The teen stopped when heard an all too recognizable chuckle. A very jovial and lighthearted laugh. Goku turned his head to the direction of the laugh and listened closely. He jumped to his feet when he heard the same laugh again and knew exactly that the owner of the voice was his friend. She was very close by, thankfully.

The teen came to stop near an Ice cream stand that had a few tables and benches off to the side of the food truck. There was a man and woman sitting at the table eating what he assumed was Ice Cream.

The woman had small toddler on her lap whom was babbling and laughing away. The mother and the father chuckled as their baby laughed at what seemed to be nothing. The small toddler babbled and reached out into the air.

"Oh silly little girl, nothing there sweetie hehe." The mother said smiling at her baby.

The baby reached out again to the empty space in front of her, expecting to be picked up. After the few failed attempts the stubborn toddler's lip began to quiver before breaking out into tears.

The mother began to soothe and bounce the child, "Aww its ok. What's the matter princess? Is someone a little fussy?" She said coddling the child.

The Man beside her sighed, "She's probably sleepy, and it is getting late. We should probably be heading back home." The father suggested to which the mother agreed with. The couple and the fussy baby cleaned up their mess before walking off.

A figure starred as they walked off. A depressing frown pulled at the persons lips when the family walked out of her site. She wished they didn't have to go.

What the two adults didn't see that their baby was actually reaching out to someone. There was a person playing and laughing at their daughter as they ate. The parents couldn't see her but the small toddler could. The girl stood at where the family once was she sighed.

The girl had Burgundy hair that was thick and coursed at times, almost as bad as her friends. Her hair met at the middle of her back, but for now it was braided to her back, with a side bang cropped to her side. The girl had an olive brown skin tone and bright blue-grey eyes that made her heart shaped face stand out. The teen wore a white T-shirt that showed off her curvy hourglass figure and had the word "Kami" written on the back. A black sash that was wrapped around her waist that were connected to a set of loose fitting blue pants that was similar to what her friend would wear and a pair of white shoes she had 'found' from a shop. She was very beautiful.

Yet she was cursed, no one could see her, hear her or touch her. Until recent years babies were weren't able to sense her, but even now babies could only see her. It was an anonymous curse that damned her for life it seemed, no one was able to interact with her, no one but him.

"A...A-Ava ... t-there you are!" Goku called from behind her. Goku's sudden voice broke Ava out of her thoughts. She turned around to face Goku whom was out of breath.

"I've been looking for you everywhere. " he said as she caught his breath.

Ava blushed, "Oh I'm so sorry Goku, and I totally forgot about what time it was." Ava said apologizing. "And I'm sorry about wondering off too... I didn't mean to wonder off this far. I just got so caught up when that baby seen Me." she said glumly.

Goku gave a reassuring smile, " Ahh don't worry it about Ava. It's no biggie."

Ava looked off into the distance to where the family had walked off to, "No, I should had stayed closed to you, Goku. " she told the teen softly, "It was really dumb of me to walk off like that... it's not like anyone could see me any way." she said with an sad smile.

Goku enveloped his friend into a comforting hug, almost crushing, and "Don't say that Ava, I'm still here and I can see, hear and Touch you. Just because no one can see you don't mean you can go all gloomy ok. "He said heartwarming to Ava. The teen blushed softly within the hug and nodded wordlessly.

Goku grinned, "You have pretty smile Ava, I know no one can see it, but i love to see your pretty smile .So can you smile for me?" he asked her.

Ava's lips tug into a sheepish smile, "Sure." she whispered.

Goku always knew how to make the young girl smile when she felt down. She held their friendship deeply and would do anything for him as he done for her. There was time when Goku had no one but her to lean on and when she never had anyone but Goku. Despite her being invisible to the world, she and Goku were alike. They both knew that they were the same thing; both her and Goku had tails as children, and had the thrill for fighting.

They had been close friends for so long, she couldn't even remember the last time they had been a part. Deep down she had feeling for the adventurous teen that ran further than friendship, but she kept to herself about them. She didn't want to ruin the only friendship she had with him. She wouldn't even know how it would work out to be honest even if she was a normal girl. Goku was Goku in short. But she promised herself one day that she would tell him.

Goku chuckled, "Good. Now let's go before Bulma starts looking for me and its kind a getting late, see look the sun is going down for today day." he said pointing toward the colorful sunset above them.

"Yeah, let's go it is looking a bit late." Ava said following beside Goku.

Suddenly Ava then thought of something, "Goku?" She asked while walking beside him. She could see that most of the people were all gone.

The teen looked over to his Friend, "Yes?"

"What time does the park close exactly?" She asked.

Goku shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, Umm I think its closing now."

"Now!? Like right now at this moment, now?"

He nodded, "Yeah, that's why everybody left or is leaving now."

Ava face palmed and grabbed Goku's hand began to run to the direction to the entrance, "We need to go now before the gates close. And if that happens you won't get dinner!"

Goku's face paled, "No Dinner!"

The teen scrambled to his feet and zoomed to the gates with his hand wrapped around hers.

"Why does Son do this every time? Ugh! They are about to close the gates and Goku is still not here." Bulma complained. The Blue heiress was standing on the out of the entrance keeping a look out for her palmed hair friend whom went to go pee. She was holding a blue umbrella as it rain.

"He just went to go pee for God sake! How long does he have taken?" she grumbled.

"Give him a break Bulma maybe he got caught up in a conversation or something, you knows how Goku is." Yamcha said from behind her.

She sighed and decided to agree with her boyfriend, "Yeah ...maybe."

She had asked for a few more minutes for Goku from the gate keeper, he seemed resident but complied with five more thankfully. She knew after this last request he definitely say no and would go ahead and close the gate. What could be holding Goku up so long? She knew Goku wouldn't be gone a whole hour to just take a leak. She had worried thought.

"You don't think he got all caught up with that Maijuinor guy do you?" She asked Yamcha.

Yamcha face visibly darkened and his eyes narrowed, "I don't know, but let's hope that's not the case."

"Yeah lets." Bulma mumbled to herself.

"Hey look guys think I see Goku." Krillin said pointing through the entrance of the gate.

From the distance the group could see instinctive orange and Black gi that belong to Goku heading their way. The teen was smiling ear to ear while he was running.

"HEY I'M HERE GUYS!" Goku's yelled as he ran though the outside of the entrance.

"Just in time."Master Roshi mumbled to himself with a grin.

As the teenage hero got closer to the group Bulma was the first to approach him with an not to happy face. She had her arms crossed across her chest impatiently.

Bulma had a slight glare, "Son, how long does it take you to use the bathroom?"

Goku chuckled sheepishly , " How long was I gone for?" he asked scratching his cheek.

"Um an Hour." Krillin answered.

"Really Goku you need to control your balder, you can fight green demons but can't hold off on your bladder... Honesty Goku i expect more from one of my formal students now" Master Roshi said chuckling.

Goku scratched the back of his head chuckling sheepishly, "Opps. I really do suck at managing time hehe."

Bulma sweat dropped, "Oh Goku you never cease to amaze me."

Goku's face blanked, "Is that a good thing?"

Krillin and Yamcha chuckled, "Yeah Goku."

Bulma grabbed a hold of Goku's shirt and began to drag him to the taxi, "Come on lets go, Goku. It's raining, it's late and I'm starving."

"Now that you mentioned it, I' am a little hungry. Are we going to eat soon?" Goku asked followed by the rumbling of his stomach. Bulma sighed at her oldest friend.

Everyone chuckled, "I think 'little' is an understatement Goku." Krillin joked.

"Let's just get in the car guys, Tien, Launch and Chiaotzu are already at the Hotel. They probably already have eaten and went to sleep by now. Oolong and Puar just left twenty mints ago. We are the only ones left whose haven't eaten yet." Bulma said as she rushed the boy in to the car before getting inside herself.

Later on that night at the hotel...

Ava sat at the outside balcony ledge of the hotel that Goku and his other friends were staying for the night. Well technically they were her friends too; she had known them long enough to consider them as friends, though they didn't know of her presence.

Ava watched with amusement as Bulma ran around her room like a chicken without its head. Her room was in shambles beds, and dressers were tossed over, emptied, and stripped. The blue heiresses growled frantically ripping the nicely folded clothing out of her suite-case.

"How the hell did get go missing?! Ugh!" the girl roared frustratingly.

The teen watching Bulma losing her mind from her balcony doors chuckled sheepishly, "Man, I didn't think she would go this berserk. It's just a shirt, "Ava said while looking down towards the gray tee she had on now that had the letter 'B' imprinted on it, "Then again this is yours."

Ava tends to try on Bulma's clothes just for the fun of it and for the fact it looked too tempting not too. She never got to try on clothing like any other teen her age. So she took the opportunity to get a taste of what type of clothing were trending whenever she got close enough to a department store or Bulma.

Ava had changed her loose pants for a pair of red shorts for the night that were hers. She had her own clothing packed away nicely in a capsule with Goku's clothing.

"I've searched every inch of this hotel room... damn." Ava felt slightly guilty for taking the Blue hair woman's t-shirt. Whenever the teen were to change outfits, they would visibly and physically disappear from anyone's point of view until she took it off. Like for instance Bulma's favorite gray tee that Ava decided to put on, was now invisible just like her.

Bulma continued to grumble to herself, throwing her arms in the defeated, "I swear i brought that shirt with me." She sighed, "Maybe i left it at home. I did rush." She said trying to convince herself as she picked up the tossed clothing on the floor.

"Finally you gave up, it's been two hours you know." the burgundy hair teen told Bulma, though Bulma didn't hear a single word she said. Bulma shook her head while closing up her suite case.

There was knocking at Bulma's door, pulling Ava and Bulma's attention away.

"Aye Bulma, are you still searching for your shirt?" a nervous Launch asked softly from behind the door.

That must be Blue haired launch, Ava thought to herself. She must have come back to see if Bulma cooled off finally.

"Yeah." Said Bulma yawning.

"C-Can i come in then, its almost 11 at night and I'm really sleepy.." Launch said softly before yawning.

Ava's eyes widen," Wow I didn't know it was that late. I better go say good night to Goku, that's if he isn't already knocked out like a rock." Hopping of the ledge, Ava strolled past Bulma and fazed through her door.

The navy blue hair Launch was standing outside the bedroom door rubbing her eyes tiredly, waiting for her roommate Bulma to open the door.

Ava gave her an apologetic look, knowing she was the reason why Bulma was keeping her from sleeping.

"Yeah , just let me get the door for you." Bulma answered from the room as Ava began to walk towards Goku and Krillin's. Ava waved at Launch but still didn't seem to notice her. It was useless to wave at people but it felt appropriate to do it.

Upon walking towards the room two doors down from Bulma and Launch's, the burgundy haired teen heard a distinct sneeze. Ava grimaced, Shit Launch sneezed again.

"WHY THE HELL IS THE ROOM TRASHED?!" The blonde Launce screamed.

Ava quickens her footsteps to get away from the scene, "Okay time to skedaddle." The girl speed walked to Krillin and Goku's room, physically flinching when she heard Bulma and Launch screaming their heads off.

She let out a breath when see made it to Goku's quiet and dark room. The boy's room thankfully blocked out screaming in the other room. The curtains to the balcony were slightly opened, giving the room just enough the luminescence from the moon. Soft snores filled the room, someone was already asleep. The teen hummed lightly as she looked over to the two hotel beds.

Krillin was tucked between the covers snoring softly but the other bed was left empty. Goku was still awake. "Where did he go?" she asked out loud, looking around the room.

From the corner of her eye she could see that someone was outside on the balcony. Is that him?

The invisible girl crept up to the balcony doors, up close the teen could see that it was already cracked open. Fazing through the doors she was greeted with back of palm tree hair teen. Goku was calmly starring at the stars, with a bright smile.

He was wearing a pair of his black boxers with a white loose fitting t-shirt. She was curios to why Goku would still be up this late. Maybe because Bulma was have a battle Zone in her room was the reason why he was up.

She grinned deviously knowing her friend wasn't aware she was behind him. Quietly she raised her palms over his shoulders before roughly grabbing them, scaring the daydreaming man. "BOO!"

The teen instantly jumped and letting out a high pitch scream. "WAHH!"

Goku turned around instantly to face his ' attacker', but was only met with his burgundy hair friend laughing her ass off. Goku was confused but quickly put two and two together. The taller teen frowned.

"O-Oh my god, you should have seen the look on your face! Haha!" laughed Ava. She leaned against the railing of the balcony catching her breath.

"You know Ava that's not very nice." he said pouting,"I could have woken them up!" he warned in a whisper. He ducked his head into the room, Krillin was still knocked out. He mentally sighed before turning to his sneaky friend.

"Ava you almost gave me and heart attack!" he said in a lower voice, "You know i can't sense you, which was playing dirty." he pouted. Though he was a little upset Ava couldn't help but giggle. His innocent features all but betray him.

"I came to tell you good night but you were still up apparently." Ava grinned between giggles, "I think you over react too much Son Goku. If anything, with you not being able to sense me that gives me a fair advantage."

"No that was just plan mean." he said pouting.

Ava giggled at his childish pout, "Aww come on Goku. Don't give me that grumpy face."

She poked his cheek grinning "Boop."

When Goku didn't budge she repeated to poke his cheek, Ava giggled when his lips tugged into a playful smirk.

Goku smirked, "Well Avocai, don't expect me to go easy on you next time we're sparing. I won't be very nice." he tried to threatened but it only came off as a playful challenge.

Ava stuck her tongue out at him when Goku used her whole name, " Well I'll look forward to it then , well after you beat Piccolo Jr. that is." she remind Goku.

The taller teen palmed his chin, "Yeah." he sighed looking back into the night sky. His playful smirk fell into a solemn look. "Tomorrow is gonna be interesting."

Ava felt that something was off with Goku's sudden gloomy face. Did i say something wrong?

Ava glanced at Goku, he was unusually quiet, and he was very calm as he eyed the stars above. "So why are you still up? Around this time you're usually knocked out like a log. "She asked him. For the past few days before they came down from Kami's Lookout the teen had been up late at night strangely enough.

Goku pursed his lips together before answering, "I couldn't sleep." he simply answered.

Ava scooted closer to her friend, "Are you nervous?" she asked him.

Her oldest friend let out a careless shrug. "I am but I'm not. I'm mainly excited to get the chance to fight Maijuinor again, I can tell that he's a little different compared to old self and that also means that he only gotten stronger too." he said excitedly, "I think everything will be fine tomorrow." he said starring up into the stars, his lips pursed into a fine line again.

Ava leaned her head against his broad shoulder, "Then what's bugging you? You were fine just a couple of hours ago, what happen to your smile, huh?"

The taller teen continued to stare at the stars in the dark sky." I don't know... I-I just feel off."

Ava eyed Goku curiously, "Off?" she repeated.

He nodded with a meek sigh. The shorter teen could see that her friend's eyes were gloomy, for what reason? She didn't know. Goku was overly optimistic in their group of friends; his playful and innocent attitude was always so radiant. It was a little concerning to see him so low-spirited at the moment.

"How so Goku?" she asked concerned.

"I-I just feel like something is wrong with me...like I'm missing something." he said softly.

"Like you don't fit in." Ava commented.

Goku shrugged his shoulders, "Something like that. It's really confusing to me, i don't know what it is, but i can just feel it in my body that it is missing. I know I'm different, I just can't explain how is all."

The burgundy haired teen starred into the sky, "You and me both." she murmured. There was silence between the two as they started off into the night. Goku glanced at Ava and noticed she too had a slight gloom look. Her lips suddenly tugged into side smirk. She turned to Goku wrapping her arm around his neck pulling him closer.

"We're just a couple of weirdos you know. We're both crazy strong, we both...um well I have and you had a tail. We both can fly; you have a Magic cloud, a magical pole that can grow, and a crazy hairdo. "Goku chuckled at the last part.

Goku playfully scoffed, "My hair isn't that crazy."

Ava giggled, "Annnd I can faze through objects and walls sometimes people, clothes disappear and become invisible when i put them on. I can pop in and out of places when i want to and worst of all people can't hear, see, nor touch me except you...and babies sorta."

"Oh don't forget that Kami can too." Goku added.

"Oh almost forgot him, I think it's because he is deity or 'god'." Ava pondered.

"Either way that makes you some-sort of Ghost and me a...-"

"A Super human or Alien." Ava stated.

Goku's eyebrows rose at Ava, "Alien? I don't know about that one, I don't have green skin."

"And I can't possess people but I'm a' Ghost'?" Ava retorted back.

The taller teen shrugged, "touché."

"Plus being an Alien sounds way cooler than just an average Super Human." Ava said.

The older teen laughed at how ironic that sentence alone was, "I guess Ava, Oh I'm a stranded Alien too."

The hazel eyed teen nodded, "Totally, you're a mysterious one too. Everything you do is a mystery, brave, and always amazing. No one can stand up to you because of your overwhelming strengths, you can break the heaviest of all stones and break the tallest of mountains but you don't use your power to abuse or rule over others. You instead help those in need, nor matter if they are vastly weaker or diverse from you. Because your heart is pure. Even if they are bad guys, you still give them a chance were countless of others have given up on them." she said whole heartily before blushing.

"Wow. That was really nice of you to say Ava." smiled Goku.

Ava turned to face away from Goku's and into the starry night as her cheeks turned a deeper shade of red, "O-Oh it was nothing Goku." she dismissing it quickly. I need to stop rambling on like that.

Goku pulled her into a hug, "No i mean it Ava. That made me feel a whole lot better." he said softly hugging her. Ava returned the gesture with a flustered smile. I'm glad Goku doesn't understand girls that well because that was just so obvious.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, I hate seeing you like that." The hazel eyed teen said truthfully. She tried her hardest to try not to think about his chest that was pressed up against her pretty head. She knew how muscularly built her friend was and didn't help that she could feel ripped abs through his black shirt. It was already bad enough that she got to see his muscles in full glory when they trained.

"Yeah me too." he yawned pulling back from the hug. Ava let out a mental breathe she was holding.

"Sleepy?" Ava asked as her cheeks turned back to normal.

If it weren't for his nod, his droopy eyes would have told her. "I think I might fall asleep now." he yawned with both of his arm behind his head.

"Yeah you should probably hit the hay, you do have a big day ahead of you tomorrow." yawned Ava. Yawning is so damn contagious. She joked mentally.

"Mhm..." he said turning to the balcony doors but he paused as he was going to grab at the door handle. He turned his head back towards Ava, whom raised a brow at the teen.

"What?" she asked.

His lips tugged into a small smile, "Um could you stay with me tonight?" Goku asked catching Ava off guard.

"I know it's been about a few years since we shared the same room after Kami gave us separate bedrooms and I know you like sleeping in the Bulma and Launch's room better." he said looking her on the eyes, " But it gets kind of lonely sometimes without you."

Ava felt her cheeks start to heat up as she looked back at Goku. She and Goku hadn't shred a bed in years, the last time they did they were children at the time. "Umm...i don't know..."

"Oh please Ava, I promise not to snore o-or move around in the bed." he begged. His pouted with is bottom lip giving Ava the said puppy eye looked. Aww damnit Goku. I know your gonna snore anyway, it inevitable.

Ava sighed; it was an Innocent request, part of her missed that moment as kids anyway. "Ok Goku." she said giving in.

The taller teen had an excited grin, "Great." The burgundy haired girl smiled.

Grinning the taller teen went to grab the door again, slowly opening the glass balcony doors. He peeking his head into the dark room he and Krillin were sharing. Peeping in him could hear the soft snore of his other best friend. He nodded for Ava to faze through into the room as he closed the doors.

As Ava entered the room Goku was already at the edge of his bed. Tiptoeing quietly into bed afraid to wake up the bald monk that was sleeping in the bed next to him.

Ava chuckled to her self watching Goku. Once he slipped into the beds cover he singled for her to follow after. "Come on!" he whispered. She hurriedly jumped in to the head landing on the bed with a soft thud. She giggled to her self feeling like a kid again.

Goku grinned sleepily at her, "I give it 4." he whispered. The other teen smirked, " Could at least gave me a 6, that jump took some skill." she said playfully.

Goku yawned, "Sure it did." he said sarcastically. He pulled the covers over his body as he laid his head against the soft hotel pillows. His eyes were being to droop down. Ava starred back quietly as Goku's eyes flutter closed and his breathing slowed down to a slow smooth pace. A smiled tug at her lips as he fell asleep.

"You were sleepier than you thought huh?" She asked him, but was only answered with a soft snore. She sighed.

She lightly traced her finger across his cheek, "Didn't even say good night, but its ok I don't mind.' she whispered to the sleeping teen.

"I know you're asleep, but you should know its ok to feel different. That's what you tell me every day and it helps keep me in high spirits even when i don't want too. You have a whole life ahead of you, filled with outlandish adventurers. You meet new people every day, break limits, fight the strongest and craziest enemies and don't even bat an eye. I should be used to it but ..." she yawned, "You seemed to amaze me anyway and if you need help finding what's missing I'll help you. After all you've done for me, i wouldn't dare say no. Goku you might be different but you're also amazing. "She said leaning back against the pillow next to Goku's.

Goku's face twitched before slipping back into his soft snoring pattern. Ava sighed as he rubbed her eye sleepily. She frowned lightly to herself. Ugh i feel dumb, he can't hear me anyway. Ava sighed as a part of her felt stupid.

She kissed the teen's forehead, "Good Night goofball...love you."

A soft tent of pink shade covered Ava's cheeks when Goku smiled in his sleep. She starred at him nervously. Crap!Please be asleep!

The taller teen's mouth opened and let out a loud abrupt snore, Ava grimaced. She rubbed her ear lightly; she wasn't him to be snoring.

Yayy he's asleep. She thought dryly. She sighed in relief before turning over to face the other direction. Her back facing Goku, she sighed, At least I get to witness you beat Green bean, Didn't get to see round one but I' m sure round two is gonna be bloodier.

She yawned before closing her hazel blue eyes, let's get some shut eye. She thought to herself before falling asleep in a soft slumber.

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