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I smile to myself at my good efforts, I had managed to get a DNA saliva sample from Ava without her noticing. I've been trying for weeks to get samples from her, the most I've gotten from her were the few strands of hair whenever Ava allowed her to braid or brush it, as the teen rarely ate or drunk also leaving stool samples out of the equation as well.

I quickly type in my personal code into the elevator as I step in, waiting for the doors to close before I take out A small pink disk that was hidden under my bottom lip. This was device meant to track and detect multiple DNA strands on surfaces, I had placed the device under my lip when I began to dress for the lab while Ava wasn't paying attention to me, it was really a gander if I was going to have the opportunity to kiss Ava. That conversation was something I didn't plan on having but was quite grateful for, now I had a way to obtain DNA samples without seeming creepy. Ava was very finicky with personal space, she never outwardly voice her discomfort but she remembered her complaining about her past boyfriends lack of acknowledging her bubble.

I chuckle softly, I'm honestly actually looking up to this arrangement, it was going to benefit Ava and myself quite well, "Getting laid all in the name of science~" I smirk to myself.

I place the small disk into a plastic container if any dust particles were to get on it would make the process of deciphering the DNA a little hard. It was very unlikely that there was dust considering whom the building belonged to, knowing the briefs the lab areas were consistently being sanitized by the robots.

With this DNA I will be able to dive into the actual science of what Ava was and what is that keeps in her trapped between the planes of life.

I lick my lips to remind myself that I need to reapply my chapstick, the intensity of our kiss took away some of the substance. I openly let myself blush as I apply my lipstick, that kiss was only for a few seconds...but Fucking wow. I see why that Goku guy had eyes for her. Too bad he fucked up.

I really don't know how long we'll share this bond until I find a way to sever the connection, I can tell from our bond with the strong emotions that she cared for him. Hopefully, with the arrangement, she'll be distracted and move on with her life. It one the main reasons I agreed to such a thing, she needs to be distracted badly but in a safe way. She knows the rules for the most part.

When the elevator dings for my stop I step out heading towards my new lab. After the incident that happens a few months back, I was given my very in the lab with good graces from Dr. Briefs and his daughter since I was now living here, it was also a need for a new lab that had certain monitors that didn't mess up when she walked by.

I was very ecstatic when Dr. Briefs include a bio lab, apparently, he had read my file and found out about my dual major biology. He had unknowingly given me the tools I needed to freely within my own space to investigate the biological side of Ava.

I hum softly while I walk around my lab, "I can't wait to decode this bad boy hehe." I say softly to the small disk, I render it to a machine so it can hurry with the results.

While that's operating, I should go check on the hair samples I already have now, it should be done striping through the vibrancy so I can get into the Rna.

I slide over for the other side of my table to check on my hair sample and how it's doing, I perch down carefully peer through the microscope.

I began to write down what I see as I try to comprehend the groundbreaking DNA investigating, after half an hour I sit back and read all my notes.

I click my tongue against the roof of my mouth when I realize there is something wrong with what I'm seeing.

These strands look very abnormal, the abnormalities look nonhuman?

It should have been expected to find abnormalities in the RNA, Ava's had been laced with Vibrancy or so I thought. If I'm looking at this correctly the Rna is thriving with the Vibrancy like how the body produces glucose and another abnormality showed that her hair was a step up in the evolution of hair, it didn't show the same components of shedding as frequently as a human would it stability to heal itself like wound and grow stronger.

"Balding would nearly be impossible..." I mutter to myself, I perch up my glasses as I look over the samples again. I click recovered on my phone as I being to vocally read my notes out loud.

" The subjects hair samples show that the Vibrancy isn't a virus that attacks subject but nearly an abnormality in the body to reproduce it as a natural chemical such as glucose or like estrogen is being released for the body's benefit. I still need more DNA samples to confirm this and a full body scan which will be difficult because of the subject's condition..." My index finger pushes pause on phone, the ringing sound of DNA I had gathered was now done being separated.

I move on to the next fresh samples of DNA that I had gathered from this morning, I sit analyzing the salvia for quite a while, gathering as much as I can with just a small sample that I had. It's not much to go off of I realize, I would need bigger samples in the future. I'm gonna have to improvise on how to the gather data while being discrete, and depending on Ava's respected choice, which I doubt she'll say no. I gave her a week and some change to think about it, so it will give me enough time to create a couple of devices.

I write down some devices I have in mind for future data gathering in my textbook. I write down another bullet point to call out the fact that Ava has some other noticeably non-human traits that kinda suggest that's there more than just a vibrancy that comes to play.

Ava's genetic code, when compared to mine, looks as of I'm looking at different species that share common ancestors. Like Human and Apes... Which is Damn near odd, I'm starting to think that Ava was an escaped test tube baby that was genetically modified from a mad scientist. Last time I heard of such was before doctor Gero went into hiding after the downfall red ribbon army fiasco.

Twirling my index finger against my short raven locks, I try to contemplate on the enigma of Ava's case. Over the few short months of knowing here, she has shown me, her amazing abilities that vibrancy has her.

"I have to take all of this in consideration with the new development of our bond too. Gosh, there is so much to write down and configure equations on." My fingers brush through my scalp as I mouth out a sigh, "not to mention my own DNA, I know Bulma has been taking skin and blood samples which leave that part taking care of for now. The most I can do is gather more data which means I have to upgrade some tech to be vibrancy proof." I mutter to myself, I have to go one step at a time, starting with building tech that's Vibrancy proof.

With that final thought, I close my textbook and start sketching models and ideas for me to construct.

A few hours later

"That looks better..." I mutter to myself.

I have a few 3D models that I had modified in my computer, I type along with the screen modifying and adding experimental materials that I had wrote down earlier in my textbook. My dark raven eyes scan the diameter and surface of the tool, I moved my hands to zoom in and fix notable gaps.

As I do this my mind wanders off to the person I'm creating this for, I had felt through her end of the bond that she was training, because of the distance of her favorable training area her bond was quite faint but now it was becoming stronger. She must have been around the corner.

She had been gone as long as I been, I look down at the wrist were my watch was and pursed my lips at the time. It was almost four in the morning, I yawned just thinking about it.

Man, I'm doing Bulma briefs hours, I need to put this to a close and pick up on this tomorrow. The last thing I need is Ava asking questions, she quite smart so it wouldn't twirling for her to figure what this is.

I snap my finger twice shutting off her computer, a computerized tune plays as my computer screen turns dark to display.

As I finish putting my notes away, I feel a familiar tingle go throughout my body and an additional soft sigh in the room.

The first thing I can notice besides Ava's presence is the smell of blood hitting my nose, the emotion of crashing adrenaline was the second to hit my body, she must have had a very good work out, I feel her walk up behind me, her feet shuffling against the ground.

Is she limping?

I turn around to face Ava and much to my surprise and horror she look like she been a car wreck, what was left of her clothing was hanging on by a three to her body, the top of her Gi was gone only her black training bra remains on her top half, being covered/caked in blood and dirt, the left of her pant sleeve was ripped while the other was gone, the only clothing on her body that stayed intact would be her shoes.

She flashes me meek grin, her hand weakly scratches the back of her head, her other hand she uses to wipe blood trickling down her brow.

Before I can look say anything she beat me to it with a joke, " I promise the other guy looks just as bad..." she says stumbling right after. I act nimbly and catch her in my arms. "What the hell happened!?" I ask as I carry her over to the table to rest on. Ava watches me run around my lab looking for some alcohol and a first aid kit for her wounds with mild interest, her lack of concern doesn't help ease the racing thoughts in my head.

"I thought you were out training not getting beat up? A-And whose the other guy?! Please tell me it isn't that ex-"

"What? No! It was that guy from the past Budokai, the green guy, um he went by Majunior." She to help ring a bell, and ring it did, red flags and alarms were going off in my head when she said that's who she been fighting.


Ava gently picked up my jaw that had hit the floor, "Don't worry it's not a big deal, and before you say anything he's not that bad of a person."

"Not that bad of a person!" I repeated back to her if that wasn't the most flabbergasting thing I've heard in a long time. Did she not remember what all the things he had done prior, not mentioning his father was mass murder.

Ava chuckles softly ignoring my comment," Look I know it sounds bad but we're actually on cordial terms." I start to clean the cuts on her face applying alcohol to it, I frown at her swollen cheek. I had never seen anyone so beat up and bruised before, I mean I've seen her come back a little roughed up after training but nothing to this extent.

"How can he even hurt you? I thought it was physically impossible for anyone to come in contact with you beside me and Goku." I nearly blanch at the next thing she tells me, "Well technically Majunior is the half son of Kami, and kami can see all beings so..."

"Wait? What? So Majunior is Jesus!? Did you fight Jesus?!" My voice rises nearly dropping the cloth I was cleaning her up with.

Her hazel blue eye shuffles downwards as she thinks before ultimately shrugging her shoulders, "I mean technically yes, but that besides the point, I kinda made a deal with him..."

A deal? What deal involves getting beat up by green Jesus.



He looked at her glaringly, "What type of offer?"

"I'm offering you the chance to get stronger than Goku by being my sparring partner, helping me as well surpass my current level and of course son himself." She spoke sure of herself as she talked to the demon king, not a hint of hesitancy as she looked him in the eyes.

The demon prince wasn't exactly sure what to say to that, a chance to get stronger than Goku? What type of fool did she take him for? Not too long ago he had attempted to take over the world by battling what everyone believed the strongest warriors from around the world. He was hungry for strength but he wasn't stupid enough fall for this.

Seeing his forecasting face she knew he wasn't taking her offer to fondly, she spoke again with her expression turning into a stern one," Look Piccolo, if your worried that this is some falsehood plan to get you killed I surely reassure you that I'm not in cahoots with anyone, no one knows that I'm here, especially Goku. You can sense it for miles that he's on the other side of the planet with... his little family." Her voice slightly came off bitter about the mention of Goku's family, Piccolo recognized it immediately, the few times that Piccolo flew around Son's house he caught a glimpse of Goku's wife growing stomach.

He decided to pry on that little information," Are you not allies creature? What your implying is plain simple treason against Z warrior's."

Ava pursed her lips," The Z warriors could care less about what I'm doing, but I still withhold an alliance with them, I don't seek to betray them with this offer I only want to become stronger as do You right?"

"Why not ask Son Goku? I know you two are much closer than allies, why do you choose his former enemy over him. Or any of your other allies?" The look that flashed over on her face looked of pain, she didn't want to ask the people who saved the world before to train in hopes of getting stronger.

"I ask you instead because you are the only one strong enough to match me in combat. The Z warriors are strong but not strong enough, and well Goku is...I ...I don't ask for his help...n..not anymore..." she turns to look at the ground distantly. "Upon firing that blast I knew you would be a good candidate for a sparring partner, you hold unbelievable strengths that I would love to test out for myself."

Piccolo pursed his green lips in thought, what she said was true, he was stronger than those weaklings warriors that berley cling onto Goku power level and reading her power level from that little display earlier she was way more powerful than those humans. Her strength was nearly matching if not a bit stronger than his own.

She declared that she wants to surpass son Goku with his help, that what she initially wants, which is very plausible with the combine strengths they were bound to get stronger and surpass their limits and go beyond. But that also raised another question in Piccolo's mind.

Does she not worry about what I would do with this power once I've gained it?

"Let's say I take this offer creature, what is stopping me from killing son Goku once I've gained more power and surpassed Son Goku? Surely you know that it's no secret that I intend to rule this planet like my father once did one day. " Ava chuckled at the small threat much to Piccolo's disrespect, did she not fear for what consequences this partial union would most likely result in? He had memories of his father's rule and how horrendous and chaotic the world was, he would be no different.

Piccolo bared his sharp fangs at her," You're being a fool to take this and dismay it, I hold no love for human beings don't you understand I do-"

"I understand you quite clearly Piccolo, as you are your father's child I can see why you would want to avenge your father..." the girl suddenly smiled silently," but I can see through that cold exterior you are nothing like your father...you're...different somehow. I won't dismiss you in your hate/rivalry for Goku I understand it cause I have my own with the guy, which is why I want to grow stronger..." She looks up at the man, "if you accept alliance...in the next five years of training together and you still feel the same about your goals about ruling the world I'll let you..." she take her pointer finger up,"...if you can beat me on a one on one fight in the next five years."

Piccolo raised a hairless green brow," And if I lose?"

"You have to give up trying to be demon king of the world and live out a normal life, you still can fight Goku if you want but you can't kill him. Either way, you still get the chance to try to defeat Goku for your father and your pride without involving death."

A pregnant pause fulfilled the air the wind choosing now to strongly coming through the musical moment, their eyes never left each other while the green fighter though. The successfulness on his future would benefit from this training. This was possibly the answer he needed to surpassing Son Goku and not making the same mistakes as before.

The introverted alien wasn't all too pleased with the alternative that had the possibility of happening, but that wouldn't scare him into passing up the offer.

"... I'll accept you offer..." he growled under his breath, the red heads ears caught small whisper and I nearly smiled.

Piccolo, uncharacteristically, brought his hand out to shake her hand. Ava seeing nothing wrong shook his green hand, then suddenly she was punched in her gut. Ava bent over gasping at the sudden attack.

"Training begins now.." he whispered in her before slamming his knee into her chin.

End of flashback

Ava rubbed her jaw thinking about the kicks she took to the face, but ultimately she was smiling.," Then we just spent the rest for the day training, he looks just as bad as I do." A small hiss left her lips as Kashio find her sowing up one of her cuts that where on her face.

The raven hairs girl just shook her head, "That's what you get for fighting green Jesus, how do you even know that he'll abide by the rules you laid out and not try to kill you before the five years Ava? Hmm?!" She said nervously, this was the demon prince she was training with, helping him get stronger only in wa him that he might be ga ood person. She's too light hearted to deal with likes of Piccolo, I know she's a fighter but he'll eat her right up if he betrays her.

Ava delicate hands slowly reached over to grab Kashio's shaking ones. She really was scared for her, did she doubt her strengths.

"I know one thing for sure Kashio, that Piccolo is a warrior who fights with honor and pride. Breaking such a deal after promising to with hold it would mean he has no honor and he's full of shit. Trust me the green guy will hold his end of bthe argain. I won't let him hurt anyone, not that he'll try anyway. I have a feeling he's just living this past because his father told him he was when he was born."

"Wow, so basically his dad just dumped all that baggage for his son to deal with is what your saying." Ava nodded as Kashio applied alcohol on her upper brow, " I think he's just angry...not evil."

Kashio sighed, it was hard to believe that someone that dangerous was just angry, the entire time she watch the budokai ruthlessness when handling the fighters. She didn't want her to be a victim in any circumstances. "But anger can turn into something worse Ava, and I don't want you gto et wthe orst end of it because of some grudge he has for Goku." Kashio took a seat next to Ava, slowly ripping off the rubber gloves that were covered in Ava's blood before placing them in hthe idden department under the table while Ava wasn't looking.

Ava swung her feet below the table causally staring at the ceiling dwelling on Kashio's worries, she understood from Kashio's perspective on her decisions today especially how banged up she looked, she wanted to tell her it could have been worse but decided against it. Kashio just didn't understand what type of person Piccolo was, hell she was still figuring him out too, Ava had to keep in mind that Piccolo was apart of Kami so there was some good in him.

There will be days her state would be just the same as was now coming home training with Piccolo, Kashio would have to get use to it.

Her hazel orbs down casted to the white floor, there were bloody footprints, obviously hers from when she floated down to Kashio's lab. There was no telling how many of those she and Kashio would have to clean up in the future. Her eyes flickered over to Kashio whom was staring at her bruised up face, the overall concern and uneasiness in her face reminded Ava of her younger self when she had to watch Goku get involved into tough battles.

Ava laced her fingers on top of Kashio's her lips turning into a reassuring smile," I promise to come back alive from each training session, I know it's not a rock solid promise...but I know how your feeling. Before Goku discovered senzu beans, I always had to fix him up and just watch...He would always say thank you afterwards and give me a look that said' I'll be fine'.." Ava let out a shaky sigh from her lips, "..I was still scared half to death, and because he was so careless about everything it's hard to remember how powerful he is knowing that death is always a possibility in the battle field." Ava spoke solemnly.

"I appreciate it...it's better to hear it from your lips that you'll come back, I know your powerful and all but please stay on your toes and most importantly watch your back. Piccolo whether or not is a 'good' person still has a malice in his heart, I trust that you'll make the right decisions."

Ava smirked,"So do I have your permission." The raven haired girl thumped Ava's nose," Yes, but don't push your luck. You better beat his green ass in the next five years, or so help me Kami I'll have to go get your ex."

Ava groaned into her palms, she didn't have to have a vivid imagination to know what would happen if Goku got involved." I don't even want to imagine, Goku has mixed emotions about me fighting. Ugh well IF I'm not strong enough I guess he can be plan B, a heavy emphasis on 'IF' Kashio." She said turning to the young scientist.

Kashio nodded, hopping off the table," I'll be holding that 'IF' up to you." She took off her lab coat, setting it in the back of her office chair. " Okay so how long do you want to stay fuse this time Ava? Cause I have testing tomorrow at 11 so you can't very long to heal."

Her hazel eyes looked up as she pursed her lips in thought, "Hmmm, I think up until 9 will heal me up good."

Kashio nodded in agreement 9 o'clock would work with her schedule. Her finger met the jewellery around her neck, the device Bulma and her father made so Ava presence would not the infused with hers. Kashio found the device useful but she had found a quirk to having the both of them fused up together. If one or the other was sick or injured they could fused back together, leaving Kashio to pilot while Ava sat back adding commentary, after a certain amount time they could defuse, leaving them both returned to perfect health.

They never fused for along period of afraid that on the Briefs would notice.

"Get ready to brace yourself ..." she warned the red haired fighter, she undid the necklace and took a deep breath as Ava's body began to fuse back with her.

When Kashio could full Ava's full presence in the back of her head throughout her body she released the deep breath she was holding in.

With a sigh, she stuffed the necklace into her back pocket, "Man I'm so tired." She said with a yawn.

I can second that... Ava's voice whispered.

Kashio smiled at the familiar voice, find it calming to hear the whisper. She grabbed her lab coat and her purse as she headed towards the elevators.

I'll try to go get some senzu beans tomorrow while I'm out, I know how off put you feel when we defuse.

What exactly are those against?

Magical beans that heal your body from any mortal wound.

Really? Would you let me look at one when get some?

Yeah, I plan on making a garden with them anyways so you'll have plenty of test subjects.

Kashio grinned to herself, thanks

I love keeping you busy hehe.

And that I don't mind hehe


"Ah I see that everything in her report is coming along, her vitals are safely progressing better than previous test subjects. Avocai is ready to undergo next experiment?" The tall male in white lab coat relayed back to his female colleague, his raven colored eyes flickered over to the visual vitals on the screen. His female companion hummed at her mates question,"Not quite, urm while her body has been stable throughout each test her body still lacks muscle mass."

She motions her screen in front of her mate, who instantly become invested, his hand slowly rubbed his chin, clicking his tongue at the lacking development, "... we'll have to change her supplementary intake into her pills ..." both of their voices began to trail off their conversation becoming background murmurs to the raven haired cub playing on the ground, combing her fragile dolls hair. Whilst brushing the dolls hair her brush came to stop, becoming snagged onto the toy.

The small cub pursed her lips as she held out her favorite, yet her only one, doll in front of herself examining it. To dismay the dolls threading was undoing, her momma would have to fix her doll up when she would leave to her own quarters. Avocai gripped her brush to pull its connection from the loose thread, only for it to snap in half.

" ..oh no..." she whispered in distraught, she tucked the two broke pieces away as she looked over to her parent's, to her relief neither of them had seen anything. Thank the gods. There would be repercussions if her parents knew she broke another brush.

Avocai crept over to an empty drawer to place her broken items in, she didn't need those to lay around, she knew she would have to replace her brush before mother found out.

Her small raven color eyes went towards a white door at the end of her bedroom, that door was always locked but today it was momentarily cracked she knew out there she could find a room with supplies. When ever she would have an appointment she would roam the hall with her parent's to the lab but no where else.

Avocai tips toes to the door, her feet making little noise as she slips between the cracked door. Neither of her parent's noticed her absence as they continue to talk, Avocai wonders down the hall overall amidst in sense of direction, she knew little of the place she lived in so this was a bit of an adventure for her walking room to room.

The small cub's nose twitched when a sudden smell touched her nostrils. It was a faint scent of amniotic fluid, it was something she was familiar with, her mother had made a lot of amniotic fluids a couple of years ago when she was small. She never told her what it was for just that it was for someone special that she would get to meet one day. It was faint memory but it was stuck with her with the strong scent amniotic fluid attached to it.

She followed the scent closely leading her to a door that was differently colored then the rest, the door was solid and warm, shining like silver metal.

Despite how solid the door was the smell of fluid was very strong, she flared her nose up in taking the smell for herself. Her tail flickered in curiosity, she wondered if her mother had been telling the truth about that special someone that needed all that amniotic fluids to their self, if they were inside of this room.

Her small olive skin fingers reached for the dial pad and recreated the pattern her she always seen her father do for her room.

She smiled to herself when she heard the door click to unlock, walking inside not to bother with big bold letters warning for authorized scientists only.

The cub was overwhelmed with how different this room was compared to everyone she had encountered before. This room was big, the largest room she had enter, its lights were cut off but had small chambers built all over the floor that emitted different ranks of color. What surprised her the most was what was inside of the small chambers, were other kids like her!

Avocai's raven eyes were wide as her face, purely amazed that she had come across this by chance and the scent attached to it. The children were all different shapes and with different hues of skin tone but the all same they were children her size.

They floated on what she believed to be amniotic fluids, with a mask to cover their face, they all had tails just like her, mama, and papa. Avocai placed her palm against the glass, it was really warm. She raised her other palm to touch the glass but stop in mid act when she heard voices coming from the door, voices she little recognize at all.

The small child froze when her ears twitched at the sound of people entering the room. Avocai crouched down underneath the pods her hands still warm from touching the glass clamped over her mouth.

"As you see your highness this generation of cubs are to be the most powerful yet, these elite cubs will combat efficient in few months of their birth...that mere child was must an outlier..." a faint feminine voice said. There were several foot steps entering the room, but one pair could be heard more distinctive than the others.

Avocai moved from her spot, crawling further into the room. She could sense that they were grown ups like her mother and father, the cub had never met beings other than her parents, but she could hear others around her whenever she was put to sleep. Her dam would give her a pill that tasted sweet to her tongue rendering her unconscious, her body remains helpless but her mind wide awake. She could always hear other doctors other than her parents whispering to themselves.

That sudden soft voice of that woman was a voice she always heard.

Avocai dash up some steps past a couple of empty pods, this was far stretch from getting her brush. Her foot slid on a puddle of fluids from an empty pod, the fluids were still warm to the touch. She caught herself quickly, looking back to the empty chamber it looked that a child was taken out recently.

She held a yelp from leaving her lips when she stubbed her toe, quickly she hid behind a pod caressing her toe.

Avocai bit her lip as she worried for what trouble she would be in, the footsteps were becoming louder and louder. The intimidating rhythm so used suspenseful to her ears, she planned her ears trying to ignore the doorstep coming closer, walking up the steps towards her. Avocai nervously clinched her teeth as deep broad voice suddenly abrupted into the air, "Ah here is my son, my pride and joy..."the man's loud anonymous footsteps came to a stop in front of the pod, the very exact pod that she was hiding behind. Her spine felt his awesome presence, Avocai held her knees close together with her head sticker between arm, both hands holding her ears.

"Once he is born not even the likes of Frieza will stand against the saiyan empire...and with the son of par-What in the Gods?" The man whispered to himself, he did a double take down at the ground, did he just see a tail?

He took a few steps back to look at the ground and to his surprise, there was a dark brown tail flickering at his feet. He gathered a scanner from his side and scanner for the power level behind his sons chambers, his eyes narrowed seeing that the numbers were only a few short from matching the Prince.

He turned to the scientists behind them, " Did one of the other cubs escape from their incubator?"

"No my Lord, we have no reports saying a child has escaped from their incubator, if I may ask why do you believe there is child roaming about?" The same female voice that Avocai had recognized stood up next to the king, following where his eyes were seeing. Her eyes narrowed too, there was a brown tail flickering at the bottom if the incubator.

The younger female watched as the King crouched down and grabbed a hold of the limb, a small thump following after. He stood back up holding the small raven haired girl.

His eyes met with the girls widen and shocked ones, he noticed immediately that something was off about the girls eyes, they were tinted a hazy grey with blue slowly spurting from the iris.

A small gasp escaped from the woman beside him," I recognize this child my liege, um she is the most recent candidate for operation: Ghost..."

The King kept analyzing the girl testing out the Cubs stubbornness, she had yet to fight back but he knew the cub was just analyzing just the same, " Ah...that project I see...last time I checked all the other subjects died at infancy?"

"She is the only that survived, her body progressives to the experiments have showed up with great results, her body and mind are acutely advance, exceeding far past her age, and held a decent high power level just like her brother...Broly."

The King broke contact with the cub to look at the scientists," Her brother...don't tell me she is also the spawn Paragus?" It was slightly absurding to the King how powerful the children of Paragus where compared the rest of the population, it was bad enough that low class Saiyans were climbing the ranks were abnormally high, now this. Children born with the power of full grown elites.

"Why was I not aware that Paragus was using his own spawn as a test subject, and how strong this brat is?" He asked, raising his voice with anger.

The scientist cleared her throat nervously, gripping the tablet, "Well my liege, we noticed a correlation between the strength of a newborn cub and chances of the cub surviving the procedures. Paragus and Citrusa brought the idea that they use their own offspring for a better chance of survival as they were both part of gap generation and ultimately it worked. Her power kept her alive during the early stages allowing her body to adapt.

Her body is almost ready for the final experiment, we didn't want to fri-uh I'm mean to distract you my lord with the whole Frieza turn over , we wanted to keep her stable and you vigilant until she ready for training..."

The King mused over this, he second to dispose of the girl but he couldn't nor did he want to. There were little descendants from the 'Gap generation' including himself, that generation was consider golden because of differential births that double two times overpower level, this girl bloodline was a treasure. Unlike her sibling she wouldn't hinder the throne , no she would reassure it. The king let loose of the appendage letting the girl free fall to the group, thankfully the girl was quick and call herself into a handstand before launching herself at the top of the incubator. The girl bared her teeth at the King, foolishly not knowing who she was hissing at. The king lips curved into a smirk, "Hmm, when is the final experiment?"

The young scientist began to check her logs, "...her final experiment was postpone for the next six months, there was a note that it was postponed for the lack of muscular mass. Meaning she would need more protein in her supplements..."

The king tsk'd, making the scientist look up, " That won't be necessary, the girl needs to be training to build up muscular mass."

"Uh..uh are you sure my King that is what you would want?" The king nodded," Yes indeed."

The young woman nodded as she wrote down the changes in the girls schedule.

The king walked around the girl with interest, the cub had a noticeable physical difference in her stance, she stood on both of her feet crouched down into a natural stance, getting a cub to stand correctly for battle was equality to get a child potty trained, especially for saiyan her age. Her eye's moved back and forth trying to count the moving warm bodies in the room.

"What is your name cub?" The king said stopping in front of the girl. "As your king, I demand to know the soldier."

Her shoulders straighten up and she took that wild look in her eyes and centered them to focus on the king

"...Avocai subject 47." Avocai said shortly.

Citrusa paced around the lab her hands dug deep into her scalp, her mate was gone and so was the both of her cubs. She and Paragus had panicked into a frenzy when they noticed that Avocai had wandered off, both having to forget to check the door, they had gotten too comfortable with Avocai's quiet and obedient nature, at the end of the day she was still a Saiyan curious cub.

Before they could alert anyone within the labs that her child had run off, Paragus had received a notification that their youngest Broly had been taken out of his pod and sent to a very remote planet, planet Vampa, that he purposely sent there to die, by the Fucking king no less.

Paragus had spared little time and ran to get their son. Citrusa wasn't stupid enough to follow her mate, she knew the king wasn't going to allow them back, and she couldn't leave Avocai by herself with no parent to care for her. At least if they were stranded each of her children had someone to look after them.

The female scientist sunk against the transparent glass that separated Avocai's room. She had never felt such sense of dread like this before, in battle maybe but not for people she cared for. It burned at her chest like wildfire. Her breath hitched and shivered, she told herself in the bringing of this project that she wouldn't get too attached to her daughter, she knew the possible outcomes that led to death almost every time, she thought her daughter would most certainly die just like the other 46 subjects before her.

That all went out the window when she first heard her daughters cry, it was the cry of strength that called out for her mother and ever since then she had been enchanted to protect her. Avocai gave her new hope for herself and the saiyan race.

"God Damn it we were so close..."

Tears threatened to leave her ebony eyes, she fluttered them away. She took deep breaths, she needed to focus, her Avocai was still out there. If she had to she would be fined her child, head out for escape to the planet, somewhere far from the Frieza force area code.

The door at the front of the room began to beep, Citrusa instantly took her to stand to look at the cameras to see who was entering, and to her fear and surprise it was King Vegeta.

The door slid open before she could do anything else, his intense and usual strong look of disdain was replaced with a mutual grin. He held his arms crossed as he entered, his chiseled body tower over her height a few feet over, his dark rich red cape just barely touching the ground. It had been a few years since she had seen the king in person after the continuously failing subjects and the increasing problem that was the Cold family he had found little time to keep tabs on the Ghost project.

So to now see him strutting around in her lab made it feel awkward and surreal to be in this setting especially now that he single-handedly split her family apart.

Still, her body acted on her own and knelt down before the King, calling out his title, "Hello my Liege." Her dry throat barked out.

He slowly stood before her, letting a small pause of silence go between them, she could feel his daunting eyes laughing at her, he must expect her to lash or have a set of words picked out say out of outrage for his betrayal.

A chuckle left his lips, "At ease Citrusa, it good see that your making progress within this project."

The saiyan girl forced a nod as she stood, "Thank you my king, I've been impressed with my work as well, our first subject in years seems will be the first to accomplish our expectations." Her hands shook with rage, gripping the glass tablet between her hands to keep her self from throwing a punch at the King. It would only hinder her shitty position that was standing in but depending on what her despicable king came here for she might have to fight.

The King could throughout the saiyan in front of him that she was contemplating why he came directly to her.

"Ah yes the girl, she does show promising results. Avocai will be our future gateway to defeating cold family, even as a cub she show stealth of no other."

Citrusa gulped nervously, holding a falsehood smile, "Oh I see that you read her file, I go-"

The king was quick to cut her off, "Oh no, I was granted the sweet pleasure of meeting your daughter in person. She had somehow snuck pass you and my guards' defensives, even breaking in the incubator room." He brushes pass the shocked woman, his gaze was caught onto the transparent glass that surrounded half of the room, his gloved hand gently knocked on the dense glass. He hummed at the durability, this was was enough to contain a saiyan cub, though he doubted that the child was anything of trouble. Within the short time being around the child, he knew exactly what type of child she was, the silent and deadly kind.

The king knew if she were to be standing here on the other side of the glass she would be observing every movement in the room, that was why the glass lacked blemishes and markings.

"If I may ask my King, are you here to notarize my work or to inform me of my mate and son's final destination and my daughters impending doom?" She morbidly asked the king, her voice was stern though she feared for her life and well being of her family.

The king turned around his arm lay down his sides in a casual manner,"...The first Citrus. IN favor your efforts in your daughter, your son not so much as for Paragus he dug his own grave going after the boy...As to why I came here again it is to congratulate you on the success, it is a shame that I had not taken a closer look at the projects that I have thrown at my scientists. Loftness of a king is not a good image that I want to continue to pursue so as of now I will be more involved with project Ghost..."

The woman again stood flabbergasted, more involved? "Why are you taking interest in Avocai now, she holds great strength that matches the Prince. You've exiled my son for have such gifts but not Avocai? Just what conundrum of a plan do you have planned?" She asks more irritated, she could give a Damn that he was the King. There was little reason other than fear of her life to be formal with the royal. The King ignored her brash tone.

" Your daughter possesses the lineage of two gap generation parents which makes her valuable, whenever she is to become of age I can guarantee that there would be nobles and more royal family lining up for your daughter's hand in marriage, and that's not even mentioning her records that say she was born with the power of an elites..." So that was it Citrusa realized, her daughter was just an great choice for breeding when she got of age, that still didn't explain why the King wanted her alive, her daughter could still be a threat for the crown.

The King rubbed his dark beard ,clicking his tongue in a sad manner, " Too bad I've gotten my hands on this deal first, while your son threatens my son's chance of the throne, your daughter is quite the opposite,she will be married and mated to Prince Vegeta when they are of age. Her bloodline mixed with the royal family would forever ensure my bloodline to rule over planet Vegeta for a long as this universe lives."

Citrusa ran her hand through her locks she didn't how to exactly respond to that, her daughter was merely a cub the normal time to arrange a marriage for lineage purposes where the child was at least ten years of age. The royals always took arrange marriages pretty dire compared the other classes, if the King was serious about her daughter then she was not in danger. Not yet anyway, the Kings word was as funky as trusting Frieza, and just as her mate would say, she wouldn't trust a saiyan with her life.

Either way she would have to go with his plan,as small pawn in his quest to overrule Frieza, if she were to disagree he would simply dispose her and let other scientists pick up from where she was.

"...I give you my blessing of the gods to have her court with Prince Vegeta..." The royal quirks his brow, "I wasn't asking for your consent, but I'm glad that I have your compliance."

Citrusa licked her lips in thought, pricking her sweaty palms away from the tablet. Soft thudding could be heard as she patted her fingers along the table.

" As long as I'm reassured that my daughter is safe, I will forgive and forget the fate you handed to my mate and son. "

The King nodded," I plan on being hands on with my future daughter in law, she and Prince are the future as I said before. Her gifts that we plan to give her will make her a deadly weapon In the next week she will be participating in advance training, I was aware that she lacked muscular mass, which is the only thing that is postponing her Transparent Panorama surgery a.k.a project Ghost..."

"Yes, but p-putting her in advancing training will be most difficult.." She cleared her throat,"Paragus was...-"

"You have no need to worry about Paragus, she has already found a training partner, she is meeting with her training partner as we speak..."

Her eyes slowly slid over to the King," ...and to who is that my King?"

He let out a soft gruff," The Prince, of course, I want them to be close, form a battle sync as future mates should..."

The Prince? When did he exit his incubator he wasn't scheduled to exit until next year.

"You awoke him early...you really are serious about this...it's good for them to start early..." Citrusa said softly, she wanted to ignore his presence and be close to her daughter.

Thankfully he was beginning to make his leave heading towards the door," Another thing, this...her quarters will be rearranged..." he said looking back.

Citrusa glanced over to the bed that Avocai slept on since she was a few months old, all she knew was this white space of a room," Why? If may ask my liege."

"The little cub is a creepy fucker, and I can see why. She knows nothing but the space in this room, she'll end up chasing off my boy with the staring thing she does."

She opened her mouth say something to the King but was interrupted by the loud giggling in the hallway.

Citrusa ears perked up hearing her daughters recognizable laughter. She could hear her babbling about something with another child.

"Or maybe not.."