A nine year old Elsa sat in her room, watching the snowstorm outside. Any other person would have dismissed it as an ordinary winter storm, but to the princess, it was a constant reminder of how much destruction she could cause. Elsa was no ordinary princess, for she had been born on the winter solstice, and had been born with the power of winter- creating ice and snow and bending it to her will, drastically lowering the temperature of her surroundings at a moment's notice, and she was sure that one day, she would be able to create entire snowstorms. Her tenth birthday was a week away, and every year, on that day, she had to focus harder than ever to keep her powers in check. It seemed as if the winter solstice exponentially increased her power. She had a hard time controlling it, even before the accident. As the snowstorm continued, Elsa felt strength coursing through her body, more than ever before. She was beginning to doubt for how long she could keep this up. The troll king had said that her power would continue to grow, and her increased connection with the storm outside gave testament to his words.

She could feel the storm all around Arendelle. She could even give the exact size of the storm and which areas would be most affected a week before the storm struck. She had known that there would be three avalanches today, of which the third was just occurring. She had, of course, tried to tell her parents of exactly what was going to happen, but they had ignored her. Again. And now they were paying the price. Elsa sighed and lay down on her bed, squeezing her eyes shut, trying to prevent her powers from escaping. It was difficult, but she managed it. Elsa was many things, and smart was one of them.

'This year will be my last. I will not be able to conceal it next year. My body won't be able to take the strain.' she thought. Elsa focused harder, and withdrew her senses so much that she failed to sense the three dozen figures that appeared out of nowhere on the outskirts of Arendelle.

The three dozen men and women were dressed in robes which would be very easily confused for Halloween costumes. The leader of the group was a forty year old woman with a demented look in her eyes, carrying a device made of pure gold in her hands. She put it in the folds of her robe, and drew out a wand. The other members of the group copied, each one drawing out his or her own wand.

"It worked" said the leader. Her voice rose to a shout which could be heard by the others even over the howling blizzard "Our mission is to capture princess Elsa. Under no circumstances is she to be wounded. Kill anyone who gets in the way. understood?!" The group bowed to her as a whole, and proceeded towards the castle. A malicious grin spread across the woman's face 'Soon, my father' she thought 'Soon, you will know vengeance. I will bring you the most powerful witch of all time, and you, the true dark lord, shall rule the world!'

Elsa's head snapped out of her musings. This feeling…. There were two massive sources of power nearby, and they were headed straight for the palace. The first source of power consisted of about thirty people, and was enough to take out all the royal guards in no time. And as if that wasn't enough, the second source of power was a single person, thrice as more powerful as the first source and twice as powerful as Elsa herself. And this power was sending all of her instincts into fight or flight mode. Whatever that was headed for the palace was not friendly. Elsa suddenly felt a jolt run down her spine. The two sources, which were originally a dozen kilometers away were now suddenly in front of the castle gates. 'How is that possible?' Elsa's mind screamed. She wasted no time in throwing open her bedroom door for the first time in over two years, and rushed downstairs to the dining hall where she knew her family was having dinner. Whoever had come to the castle must have been after her, having found out about her powers somehow. Which meant that Anna was in danger. As she ran, Elsa tore off her gloves. 'I have to protect Anna' she thought 'No matter the consequences.'

The king and queen were having a normal dinner. Well, as normal as it could get when dealing with royalty. The two monarchs were eating with perfect etiquette, as expected of royals, but princess Anna, on the other hand, was slouched over in her chair and was picking at her food despite being reprimanded about this several times. This was what every dinner had been like since the king and queen had decided that for Anna's safety, Elsa should stay in her room until she could control her powers.

So the next-to-last thing they expected was Elsa brutally throwing open the massive doors to the dining hall, resulting in several cracks appearing on the door. The last thing they expected was for Elsa to scream "Get down!" mere moments before a wall exploded, sending deadly debris flying in every direction. The king and queen most certainly would have died, had a wall of ice not sprung up in front of them, preventing any rubble from getting through.

The dust settled, and the three ordinary royals saw a group of three dozen robed figures coming in through a hole in the wall. There was the wall of ice which had saved their lives, and between them and the mysterious figures, there was Elsa. Without her gloves.

"Elsa, what's going on? Where are your gloves?"

"I seriously don't think that this is a time to be worrying about my gloves!" Elsa shrieked. 'Seriously? I just saved his life and the first thing he does is yell at me about my gloves. No, Elsa this is not the time to get angry. Handling the intruders is a priority.' Elsa steeled her resolve and held her hands out in front of her in a defensive position. The group of intruders parted, and their leader walked through.

"Oh my, what have we here?" the woman said in a mocking tone "It seems as if our snow queen is just a child! This will be so much easier than expected!" A cruel smile spread across her face "Capture her."

On instinct, Elsa moved towards her family, which drew the attention of one of the intruders. "What would you have us do with her parents, M'lady?" he asked.

The woman's face lit up with an expression of pure joy before replying "I believe that they know of their daughter's powers, they have seen us, and they are mudbloods. So I see no reason to let them live. Finish them."

The queen chose that exact moment to scream "GUARDS!", and several things happened at once.

Numerous doors burst open simultaneously, revealing dozens of armored elite royal guards, brandishing spears, swords and crossbows.

"Kill them all!" the woman yelled, and brandished her own wand. The guards let off a volley of arrows, all of which were disintegrated midair with a single wave from the woman's wand. All of her followers drew their wands, and with multiple flashes of light, the whole dining hall exploded.

Elsa wasted no time. She saw her mother shielding Anna, and her father had drawn his sword. She rushed to him and grabbed his hand, then her mother's, and with the supernatural strength that the winter solstice gave her, she dragged them out of the castle.

"What's going on?!" The queen shrieked.

"No time to explain!" Elsa yelled. "Just get on a horse and go north!" She got a glimpse of Anna's tear-soaked face, and her determination grew. Elsa got on a horse behind her father and they were off. But just as they passed the gate, there was a distinct yell of "They're escaping!"

Elsa turned around and saw one of the intruders pointing his wand at her. A jet of red light shot out of the tip and headed straight for her. Elsa's powers reacted on instinct, surrounding her hands with a magical aura. The incoming spell bounced off her hands harmlessly, but Elsa's magic wasn't done yet. Elsa gathered her power in her hands to form a snowball, and shot it straight at the castle doors. The figure that had shot the spell didn't even move, which was his big mistake. The snowball exploded in midair, unleashing a massive wall of ice spikes, which pierced through his body and the castle. The resultant ice was so vast in quantity that it dwarfed the castle, titanic shards of ice piercing walls and bodies alike. And Elsa felt no remorse for what she had just done.

'They tried to kill Anna. They will pay. I will eliminate everyone who survived that little….. incident.'

They rode continuously for two days, stopping only for changing horses. Few words were spoken, most of which were Elsa's, saying that they must continue. Finally, on the third day, they stopped for rest. The king and the queen were trying to sit as far away from Elsa as possible without her noticing. But with only four days to go until the winter solstice, nothing escaped Elsa's notice. Not even a rabbit which was hiding in a nearby bush. With the twitch of a finger, a blade of ice shot from the ground, instantly decapitating it. Elsa walked over and picked it up, inspecting it. It was a clean cut: the blade of ice had cleanly passed through flesh and bone. Elsa brought it back to their campsite.

"Elsa, we need to talk." her father said. Elsa nodded and sat down.

"What is going on?" the king asked, utterly exhausted. There was weariness in his voice, as if he hadn't slept in days, which is exactly what he had done.

Elsa sighed before saying "Apparently, they are after me. As for why, I have no clue."

Her mother took this as an opportunity to ask "Why are we heading north?" Most of the army is in the south and you know it. We also passed all the major safe houses. I know that you know this, but what are you planning?" Elsa decided to tell them the whole truth. She silently motioned towards Anna. The queen checked, and indicated that Anna was asleep. Once Anna's state of sleep was confirmed, Elsa told her parents her plan.

"These people are extremely dangerous. Even one of them could easily destroy the castle. They are after me, presumably to exploit my power. Given the level of strength that I have now, I could take on all of them, except for their leader. She is twice as powerful as I am, and much more deranged than the others. You could see it in her eyes." Elsa's parents nodded in agreement. Elsa continued "Which is the reason as to why we are heading north. The farther north we go, the colder it gets, meaning that with every mile we go north, the stronger I get. Also, if we can evade her until winter solstice, I'll be powerful enough to stop her. You see, every winter solstice, my power increases dramatically. With its power, I should be able to stop her easily."

Elsa's parents just gawked at her. Their ten year old daughter was talking about going to war single handed. King Agnarr had known men thrice her age who would run away at the sight of dogs.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" both parents shouted in tandem "You are a ten year old girl, and we will not allow you to take on a madwoman, who also happens to be a witch, alone! You are too young to be coming up with war plans, let alone going to war yourself!"

"I'm too young to young to be destroying castles just by throwing a snowball, and yet, here we are." Elsa retorted.

"This plan is suicide, Elsa. As your mother, I simply have to forbid you from doing this." Queen Iduna said firmly.

"Mama, Papa," Elsa said "you are both known as great military generals who have beaten impossible enemies several times. This is war. Look at the situation. Not as my parents, but as king and queen. There is no way that all of us escape unscathed. They are witches and wizards, and are much faster than we are. We cannot run forever. If I don't face her in exactly four days, she will kill all of us. But if I do face her, then at least the three of you will survive. If she is more powerful than I am, then I can destroy her by unleashing my full power."

Agnarr and Iduna looked as if they were about to protest, but they realized that their daughter was right. Parents were supposed to help their children, but there was nothing that they could do. Even being king and queen, they were powerless while fighting godly strength. If Elsa was telling the truth, she would have the power to move mountains. All the armies in the world would be unable to stop her. They had hidden their daughter from the world, trying to protect her. They had missed out on some of the most important years of her life, because they were trying to protect her. And now, they realized that there was nothing in the world that they could protect her from. Any danger that they could handle would be less than trivial for Elsa. And they stood no hope against something that could threaten Elsa. Their daughter had grown up. They hung their heads in shame. After all, what were mortals in a war between gods?

"All right." Agnarr said dejectedly. Iduna stayed silent.

"You had better come back Elsa." said the voice of a seven year old girl "or else I'll never forgive you." Elsa jumped ten feet in the air, which was spectacular, made even more impressive, considering the fact that she had been sitting when he had jumped. She gasped and looked at Anna, who was now awake, her green eyes wide and shining with tears. No one had realized that Anna had woken up.

"How much did you hear?" the king asked.

"I woke up when you were talking about not allowing Elsa to fight a witch." Anna said, sniffling. Both parents sighed. They had doubts from the beginning that they would be able to hide the truth from Anna, and that was before all the fiasco of the last three days. Now it was inevitable.

"I take it that you know about Elsa's powers, then?" Anna nodded and looked at Elsa, who was looking at the ground in shame, desperately trying to avoid eye contact with her sister. Every time she saw the streak of white hair on her sister's head, a massive surge of guilt swept through her. She could never look Anna in the eye, knowing what she had done to her sister. The one thing she could never forgive herself for.

"Why can't you just stop her with your full power first instead of using it in the end, Elsa?" Anna asked. Elsa had quite confidently mentioned that she could stop that witch with her full power. That woman was evil, and it made no sense to hold back.

Elsa smiled grimly, then looked at her parents before saying "Unleashing so much power will be too much for my body to handle. I think I can manage for five seconds, but after that, well…, I'll explode." There were shocked gasps from everyone. Elsa continued "Also, it is dangerous. I can barely control myself now. If I release my power, I could hurt you. I can't. Not again." Elsa's voice cracked at the last sentence. Memories of her loss of control from three years ago came to her mind. She shook her head and looked up to see Anna in tears.

"What do you m-mean, Elsa?" Anna said in between sobs "Is that why.."

"QUIET!" Elsa whisper-shouted, as she felt something in the air change. It was as if a wave of energy was travelling through the air. She quickly willed the snow to rise and cover their campsite. Once she felt it pass, she let the snow fall back into its original position.

"We must leave. NOW." she said. There was no comment on that. Elsa picked up the decapitated rabbit that she had killed earlier and put it in one of the bags hanging from the saddle of one of the horses. The four of them quickly mounted their horses and left.


Elsa was walking up a mountain, with her parents and sister in tow. They had not been able to have a single conversation since the spell which was cast four days ago. Elsa had felt the magic everywhere, but with enough focus, she was able to exclude herself and a small volume around her from its effects. Partially. While she may have been able to completely negate the spell on herself, doing so for her family would be more difficult, and she would not risk complex magic on them, especially not during winter solstice. She would not risk Anna's life ever again. As a result, none of them could talk. The whole four days, Elsa had been the only one talking. She slept through the days, and stayed up at night to prevent Anna's whimpers from being detected by the spell.

The thought only served to make Elsa angrier. How dare she. How dare that woman give MY Anna nightmares. I swear to God, I will make her pay. At this point, Elsa's thought process stumbled. This wasn't like her. She wouldn't want to kill someone in cold blood, ever. She doubted that she would have been able to. Until last week, she had thought that people would only die due to her losing control; never due to her actively murdering someone. The realization was disturbing. She was herself, yet not herself.

Elsa shook her head. "This should be enough." Elsa said. They were on a cliff, overlooking a majestic valley. She looked at her family. "Take cover." she said "This ends today." With that, she dropped the magical guard that had surrounded them. She felt the foreign magic detect her. There was no turning back now. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna took Anna and hurried to a nearby abandoned cave. Elsa reigned in her magic, holding back its endless flow for the right moment. After all, she couldn't afford to waste any. Only ten minutes remained till the moment of winter solstice. Elsa was full of power. More so than ever. Keeping it back was hard.

Stay down, will you? In a few minutes I'll let you out as much as you want. That seemed to quell the internal storm for a while. Elsa cracked her knuckles. She looked up to see several airborne …things… trailing black smoke headed towards her. This was it. The final showdown was about to begin.

Twenty figures materialized around her with loud cracks. She was surrounded. Only twenty. Did I really kill that many? Her thoughts were interrupted when the woman walked up to her.

"Well well well, princess" she said with a sneer "I might have underestimated you. At least I can thank you for eliminating the weaklings among my group. But I have to admit, you are strong. You managed to hide yourself from a detection charm cast by the wand of destiny, even while I have complete mastery of it. I disarmed Harry Potter and won it from him, and the fool didn't even realize the consequences until it was too late." she cackled. It sent shivers down Elsa's spine. Heh. Shivers. The princess of winter was shivering. The woman continued speaking "You managed to give me a fair bit of excitement. So I will make unto you a proposition: join me. Come with me. Help my father win the war."

Elsa raised her eyebrows "And what would I gain from this proposition?" Elsa asked.

The woman grinned and said "The world, princess. You are the most powerful witch ever known, even more than your great-great grandmother. Which is why I am asking you. Will you help my father, the dark Lord Voldemort, in his noble cause of eliminating the unworthy?" Her great-great grandmother? The fabled Queen Ingrid? The legendary ice queen who single-handedly vanquished ten armies? The one who had the exact powers that I have? Until now ,I only thought it to be a scary bedtime story. But apparently not.

Elsa thought of Anna. Clearly, the woman in front of her deemed Anna unworthy. Elsa chuckled.

"Something funny?" the woman asked, all playfulness draining from her voice.

"Did you prepare that speech, or was it on the spot?" Elsa said with a smirk of her own. "Because that was one good speech!"

The woman growled "I said, will you join us? I offer you the world and all its riches. Anything you want! I only ask you to pledge your allegiance to my father."

Five minutes to go. Elsa thought. Time to end this. "Let me make a proposition of my own." Elsa said. The woman looked at her curiously. "You repair my kingdom, heal all injuries, and then go back to wherever you came from." Elsa shifted her form, and got into a fighting stance. "I will give you this one chance to leave. If you do not accept my terms, I cannot promise that you will survive."

The woman laughed a maniac laugh. "Do you know who you are threatening? I am the Augurey! Master of pain, Queen of snakes, Empress of torture! Just who do you think you are child, to be able to threaten ME?!"

"Oh, no one." Elsa said, gathering energy in her body. The moment was only seconds away. "Just the most powerful witch ever known." And with that, she threw her hands forward, and unleashed all her power. The battle had begun.

Elsa quickly targeted those on the cliff. Ice seemingly rose out of the ground, snapping wands and pushing people off the cliff. A wall of ice rose behind Elsa to protect her from the barrage of spells that came from behind. The wall was destroyed instantaneously. Then, Elsa did something of which she had no knowledge. She punched the snow on the ground, and three large snowballs popped out of the ground, along with two normal-sized ones. They came together to form a …. snowman? What the huh?!

"Hi, I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!" it explained smiling up at the Augurey. She snarled and blasted the snowman to bits. Wait, I created Olaf? How on earth did I bring him to life? Never mind that. If you did it once, you can do it again, Elsa. Now, for something more practical… Elsa snapped out of her thoughts. She punched the snow-covered ground, and this time, a monstrous beast rose out of the ground. It was made entirely of snow and ice. It was twenty feet tall, and its eyes were lit with a blue glow. One eye glowed light blue, and the other, dark blue. The Augurey sent an explosive blast at it. The creature moved its arm impossibly fast and blocked the spell. Its arm exploded, but the snow rose from the ground to form a new one.

"STAY AWAY!" it roared in its monstrous voice. Before swatting a wizard like a mosquito.

Elsa was dealing with her own problems. She jumped and turned her whole body horizontal to avoid being hit by two spells which missed her by inches. She landed on her right foot, and performed a kicking motion with her left. A hailstorm of sharp icicles soared towards her opponents. Some of them blocked the assault. The others didn't. She dashed forwards impossibly fast, using the power of the winter solstice. She punched a woman so hard that she was sent flying off the mountainside. She felt a surge of energy close to her, and whirled around to the right. A man was standing right behind her, his wand inches from her face. He shot a spell at her, but he failed to notice the inhumanly fast left fist which punched the spell and went on unaffected to crush his wand and then his ribs. Elsa was already fighting her next opponent before he fell to the ground.

One minute. I have to hurry. Elsa noticed that there were only four opponents left. She knelt in a sprinting position and blasted off forwards, bringing a wave of snow with her. Her magical aura intensified, causing all spells to bounce off her harmlessly. She formed icy armor on her body and kicked a man in the head, which was followed by a brutal crunching noise. Swords of ice grew from her hands and she simultaneously stabbed two opponents. The last one was washed away by the avalanche, and was killed instantly. Elsa relaxed, only to be shocked when a massive explosion went off behind her. Elsa had forgotten the last and deadliest opponent who had just blasted her abominable snowman to bits. Fifty seconds.

"Not bad for a princess." the Augurey said "But you'll have to do much better than that!"

Suddenly, Elsa felt an alarming rise in power coming from the woman. No.. more precisely, her wand. Indeed, the wand was emitting more power than Elsa could have expected. The wand began to glow.

"I've been holding back for too long!" the insane woman screeched "No more! I shall destroy everyone you love in front of you! CRUCIO!" Elsa was hit by a wave of pain, far more intense than she could handle. She screamed, causing dozens of avalanches everywhere.

"NO! Elsa! Leave her alone you monster!" a voice screamed. Elsa immediately stopped screaming and looked to her right, where the voice had come from. The Augurey followed suit, and an evil smile spread across her face. No. Anna, no. Why didn't you stay safe?

"ANNA!" Elsa screamed "GET BACK!"

The Augurey walked towards Anna, not letting go of her hold on Elsa for a moment. "Well, if it isn't the little sister" she said in a mocking tone "So, why do you think I should stop causing your big sister pain, little one? What are you going to do a.." but she was cut off by the sensation of a tiny fist making contact with her leg. Her eyes widened. Then, her look of surprise was immediately replaced with one of pure anger. " You filthy mudblood! How dare you touch me!" she kicked Anna in the stomach, sending her flying back. The king and queen immediately rushed forward and caught their daughter and began to retreat into the cave again, shielding their daughter from this madwoman.

The Augurey laughed. "And so the family reveals itself! Maybe I should kill these maggots, just to break your resolve, princess" she said, looking back at Elsa, who was still incapacitated with pain. She directed her wand at the king, queen, and their daughter, planning to kill all three of them with a single killing curse. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" she screamed, a massive beam of green light shooting out of her wand. But the instant she uttered the incantation, she froze. She had just cast a curse, which meant that her hold on Elsa was broken, which meant that….

Elsa immediately felt the pain fall away. She could see the green energy bursting out of the wand. Fifteen seconds. Elsa drew on all the power she could muster, and then, she shot forth faster than a spell, and deflected the green bolt, even though it had to travel five feet and Elsa had to travel fifty. "Get back!" Elsa yelled at her parents. She formed and threw a snowball at their feet, which quickly formed a protective cocoon around them. Ten seconds. She turned around to see the Augurey floating in midair. Elsa stood in the mouth of the cave, gaping in shock.

"I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!" The Augurey shrieked. She looked at Elsa with the evilest look that almost made the young girl wet her pants. "THIS ENDS NOW!" One second. Elsa unleashed all the bonds on her power. But as it rose up in her, she also felt something else.

An undeniable killing urge.

Elsa saw the Augurey flying straight towards her, wand at the ready. Elsa's eyes lit up from the inside- the left eye glowed light blue while the right eye glowed dark blue.

No! I can't kill her! I will not be like her!

The Augurey was a foot away from Elsa. That's when it happened. Solstice. A huge amount of power exploded from Elsa. Countless ice shards riddled the Augurey's body. Elsa froze everything and everyone within a mile of her, including herself. And then, all was still, with Elsa's eyes still glowing in different shades of blue.

The valley quickly became known for its unforgiving storms. Few people went in, even fewer came out. There was no one in their right mind who would wander into the icy valley. And so it remained. For exactly one hundred and fifty years.


The tall man stepped into the valley of ice. He wore a long robe, had a long beard which had to be tucked into his belt, and half-moon spectacles. There was a presence here that had been quite astonishing that had been bothering him for years. The man's name was Albus Dumbledore, and he had finally decided to unravel the mystery of the icy valley.

He made his way to the centre of the storm, apparating short distances. What he saw amazed him. Massive spikes of ice, as tall as mountains, were pointed in every direction. The wizard made quick work of the ones that stood in his way. As he progressed further in, he began to notice bodies. Dead bodies, which had been brutally speared on icicles. He saw something on the left forearm of one of the bodies. He cautiously pulled the sleeve up, and was shocked to see that it was he dark mark. He examined the others. All of them were death eaters.

'What were so many of them doing here?' he asked himself. He made his way further in.

He soon ran into another obstruction. He could feel that he was getting close. He dissipated the ice, only to find a woman whose body had been destroyed by ice. In her outstretched hand was…

"Impossible.." Dumbledore breathed. It was his own wand! The Deathstick, the wand of destiny, the Elder wand, the very same one which he had won from Grindelwald so long ago. He picked it from the ice. Yes, there was no doubt about it. This was his wand. But he could sense that its allegiance had gone to someone else. Someone even deeper in the ice. He quickly got rid of more ice to find a young girl, who looked like she was ten years old, with one eye emitting dark blue light and the other emitting light blue light. And she was alive. As soon as Dumbledore freed her, the light in her eyes died out and she promptly fell asleep.

Dumbledore, however, was concerned with how a death eater had managed to gain allegiance of his wand. He melted all the ice surrounding the dead woman. He saw a glint of gold near her chest. He waved his wand, and the metal flew at him. He examined it closely. It was a time-turner. And it was a very powerful one, too. Emphasis on was. It had been completely annihilated by an ice spike.

Dumbledore decided to worry about that later, and focus on the girl for now. Dumbledore checked on her. She was breathing deeply, her heart rate was normal, and there were no life-threatening injuries. He gently picked her up, only to sense more life nearby. He thawed more ice and saw two adults shielding a young girl with their bodies. They, too, collapsed as soon as they were freed. Dumbledore quickly waved his wand, making all four mystery persons weightless. He quickly disapparated with them.

This was going to be difficult. If this young girl was the source of all this, Minerval would throw a fit. Harry Potter and an ice user in the same year? Dumbledore only smiled. Maybe this could work out in his favor. Harry Potter would need several amazing friends, and who could be more amazing than an ice user? The next year was going to be interesting indeed.

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