On the dawn of an almost isolated planet, two boys fought till exhaustion, a encounter that could be only described as a clash between two gods.

A guy with raven hair looked down with contempt at a blonde figure. His hand covered in lightning chakra, thousands of chirp birds could be heard thanks to the technique while he maintained his doujoutsu activated.

'' Now I can finally, be alone...'' He breathed deeply raising his hand high and going for the kill. '' Goodbye my one and only... FRIEND'' However before the lightning could reach him, the whiskered blonde countered with an uppercut in his jaw on the last moment when raven haired boy ocular's power weakened, sending him towards the wall creating a small crater thanks to the impact.

'' Good job. You didn't miss that opportunity.'' A giant fox with nine tails smirked on a place that could be called a mind space.

Sasuke struggles to come out of the hole and gritting his teeth, he lost his temper punching repeatedly the stones that wear near to him. '' Over and over and over and over and over again! Just give up... AND LET ME KILL YOU!''

'' Haha... I can't do that... no…'' He managed to say, struggling to stand on his feet.

They look each other in the eye for some seconds.

Sasuke covered his hand again with his Chidori but also with the flame control power ready to kill Naruto with this last technique. Looking at each other without saying anything till a leaf touched the water, reading themselves to jump and collide each other's attacks for the last time.

Going from since they were just some little kids till their current age, they saw each other moments before thrusting forwards their hands holding their technique. Flash and cracks underneath could be heard but the two of them didn't mind it. One trying to kill the only one that could oppose his desires and the other trying to save his best friend from his own hate and loneliness.

On the crucial moment, the last time that they thrusted their attacks into each other's hand, they remembered the first battle. The very first time that Naruto tried to save Sasuke from Orochimaru's claw but failing miserably. Looking at each other's faces, Sasuke giving with a cold stare at his friend, his eyes empty and lost on his own darkness. It seemed that he can't escape anymore from his own hate against the currently world and every life that inhabited it. At least that is what he thought till spoke, his words reviving some of the brightness that the raven haired boy eyes once held.

'' Sasuke... it doesn't matter how many times you try to kill me. I won't give up. I will save you because you are a brother to me.'' He stood speechless. Just how innocent can the whiskered blonde be. To forgive the friend that tried to kill him countless of times, to forgive the man who killed his master... to forgive the man that killed his parents and caused him all the pain in his childhood... maybe he was right, only if Naruto was there... only Naruto can carry all hate.

'' Naruto, you are right... you won this...'' but his voice was cut by the enormous explosion destroying everything in a radius of some kilometers.


Sakura and Kakashi run towards the remain members of the once team7. The sun is rising and they can move again to see the outcome of that fight. Jumping to tree to tree before they landed right in front only survivor of the Uchiha's clan.

They froze, that is the only way to describe it. Sasuke losing one arm, unconscious near a pool of only blood.

''Don't tell me that blood... Naruto... WHERE IS NARUTO? SASUKE'' yelled Sakura desperate while Kakashi searched everywhere and went on her knees to cure the boy's wound and making him regain consciousness to have some answers.

'' Ahh shut up, he won, he was right okay?'' tried to rise his upper body with his good arm, once he was woke up again.

Kakashi yelled his patience running thin for the first time in too much time. '' We don't care Sasuke, WHERE IS NARUTO?''

Sasuke looked around but when his eyes found the blood near to him, his eyes widened while his throat became dry, comprehending the situation that was right in front of them but they didn't want to believe.

Kakashi fell on his knees one hand grabbing his head on desperation, hoping that it was just a horrible genjutsu.

Sakura was a mess. Crying hysterically, her hand went over her mouth trying to suppress a sob. '' He died '' Sasuke and Kakashi looked at Sakura refusing to believe on what she was saying. '' He died... I can't believe it... I promised that I wouldn't let him die... that I wouldn't let him die until he became Hokage by any means... I was useless again...'' and they laid there desiring that it was just a horrible nightmare and that the number one unpredictable ninja would come from somewhere with that stupid grin of his.

But he never came…


Everyone was returning to Konoha but the mood was literally the opposite to what it should have been after they won the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Konohamaru stood on one side of the gates of the village, waiting for his boss to congratulate him already knowing even if nobody told him that he played the biggest part to finish the great war. Looking around and not seeing even a glimpse of his gaudy blonde hair, he began to become impatient till he saw a certain pink haired girl and raced towards her.

'' Sakura-neechan!'' He shouted gaining her attention.

When she saw the little boy running with a big grin on his face, she flinched. She already knows what the little boy wanted but how can she explained to him when even she couldn't still differentiate if it was real or not. How can she explain it to him…

'' Sakura-neechan, ohayooo. We won the war! It's incredible. I'm sure that was thanks to Naruto-niichan like last time when he the fought against Pain. But where is him? I didn't see Naruto-niichan anywhere. I bet that he is eating ramen somewhere again.'' Stood there Konohamaru grinning searching for the blonde.

She couldn't even look at him, it was so difficult. It hurts too much to even look at him. She didn't want to hurt the little boy, but she couldn't lie to him ''... He died...''

That was like a hit on the head. He stood there numb, everything was spinning around him. No, not again... why? '' Sakura-neechan, you shouldn't say that kind of jokes... they are not funny.'' He looked at her pleadingly, trying to laugh but his throat became dry.

She tried to suppress the sob looking away, but the tears just wouldn't stop from coming out of his eyes, and that was the confirmation of his nightmare. '' But that is impossible he is strong... he can't die... he is going to be the six Hokage...'' He can't cry, his brain almost didn't want to register the information that the pink haired girl just gave it to him. There he stood with a blank face looking in the distance trying to find him, even if it was just his body. But even that was something that he couldn't found. Then that's should mean that he didn't died right? Because it's impossible, he is going to be the Hokage after all.

Somewhere near the Hokage palace, Iruka-sensei run like his life depends on it.

' The rumors can't be true.' The man with a scar in the middle of his face kept repeating on his mind. No, no, no, no. He promised that he would return and Iruka was waiting for him, to treat him with ramen at Ichiraku celebrating the end of the war. Like any important event they celebrated together. He arrived at the destination and ran towards the door of the Hokage before being stopped by ANBU.

'' I need to see Lady Hokage. Naruto, tell me where is Naruto? Dammit let me go, I need to speak with her! '' He yelled but they didn't move from their spot, letting him pass. He snapped and punched one of the guards trying to reach the door. But he was pushed towards the wall and held it by one's arm that was grabbing his neck trying to don't hurt him until one of them finally spoke with a somber voice.

'' I'm sorry Iruka... it's true... he died... we can't let you come in... Lady Tsunade is devastated... is for your own good...'' He let the man go but his legs gave up and he fell on the floor his back leaning on the wall. It was a wound worse that any kunai or jutsu could do. He couldn't believe that his favorite student, the kid that changed the heart of everyone on the village… his little brother died. He cried so hard, it hurt so much. In the end he regretted not being for him again when he need it like when he was a kid. He was a failure. A thought that tormented him to no end ' If only I was strong I could have been there. He wouldn't have been died. '


A girl of 13 years old and brown hair ran towards the alley, trying to not be late for school. ' I'm not going to make it in time. ' She is so focused on her thoughts that she doesn't notice that 5 older teenagers have been following her.

'' Ey, cuttie wanna play with us? You will like it '' A punk with a pervert expression stop her.

'' No. I have to go, bye.'' She tells them and try to take another road but she is stopped on her tracks when they grabbed her forearm forcefully making her panic once she tried to free herself but couldn't manage it, lacking the strength that she need it for it. Trying to yell to alert someone, a guy covered her mouth so nobody won't come to disturb their fun.

'' Ah, come on. Believe me it will feel good, you will like -'' A punch broke the nose of the punk that was forcing her, before the tongue of the bastard could touch the little girls face. She couldn't believe it, there was a blonde that she was sure she didn't know helping her. She thought that if someone would have come it will be the police, not just a guy that had more or less the same age as her brother. Why is he here? Why?

''Don't worry. I won't them touch you. I promise. Stay behind me okay?'' There he was grinning at her. He was not afraid? That security that he was transmitting, the aura that was surrounding him was so protective and warn. She didn't understand why but all her worries disappeared. She strangely knew that she can believe in him.

'' You bastard that fucking hurt, you ass-'' But there was a killer intent so heavy that made him shut up and almost piss himself.

'' Geez, do you know how wrong is to is to try to rape a little girl?'' A glare so strong. It was full of venom. Looking at them like the scum that they were. They can swear that they saw red eyes with slit pupils. The same eyes of a demon. '' I don't hate many things, but this make me so angry that my blood is boiling. I hate rapist with every fiber of my being. I will not let you sick touch her.'' It was like a knight in shining armor. Like a tale from kid books. A modern prince in shining armor.

'' KILL HIM '' The boss yell to his minions. Snapping out of their stupor they took bats and knifes to take him down but suddenly…


He broke another nose with his elbow and throw the guy on the ground placing his leg behind the knees of the sick bastard. They stare at him with wide eyes. So fast and lethal, maybe he was a pro of fights. Trembling at the sight of the tall blonde, they gathered some courage before going towards him one by one to hit the knight with their bats.

The blond stood bored grabbing the wrist of the delinquent and quickly followed with a hit on his head with a high kick. Then a second later, he avoided a knife of another punk that tried to bring him down from his back. The blonde kneed hard on the gut of the other guy, followed by an upper cut on the jaw.

The girl was look at him with wide eyes, he doesn't seem to struggle against a major number, he was playing with them. He stopped a punch with knuckles with his palm and retained the hand. '' Oi, bastard let go! I'm telling you to LET IT GO! '' He yelled desperate kicking at the unknown blonde on his legs without any result.

'' Okay, if that what you want.'' He let go his hand and punched him on the ribs, making him kneel struggling to breath but suddenly the strange guy heard some call him.

'' Oi! You blondie! You better stop playing the hero part, I had enough of this shit!'' The boss yelled gaining a smug look when he the blond turned around and saw the pistol that was pointing at the young girl. '' Now you will die with a beat from all us, from not minding your own business and learning your lesson or I will shoot the girl, wait no, I want something more, show me your true self.'' He grins widely at his idea. '' If you leave you will live but we will take the girl, think about it. ''

Without a second of hesitation he answered like they were stupid, narrowing his head on disgust '' I never break my promises. I will protect her. '' The girl was astonished. Why would he go so far for her, he doesn't even know her?

Angry, the boss yelled at his minions '' You heard the blonde. He wants to die as a stupid hero. Give him what he wants! '' There he stood receiving punches with knuckles, hits with bats but he didn't make a sound stealing all the pleasure that they were expecting. That made the frustration rise on the punks and hit him even harder with all their strength. In the beginning they were aiming to make him chicken out, now they were truly aiming to kill him. But he didn't move. There he stood, his face covered with blood and with probably more than one bone broken but he didn't hesitate.

They were truly scared of him. His expression didn't even flinch. Looking at them like they were shit under his foot. The girl couldn't take it anymore. '' Please stop! Isn't that enough he is going to die if you continue to hit him like that!'' she cried trying to resonate with the older boys.

The boss frustrated took the gun and pointed at the little girl yelling. '' Shut up, that is none of your business. All of you playing the hero is pissing me off! '' And from all his nervousness and adrenaline, he made a mistake shooting at the girl.

A silence reigned on the alley before the punks began to run. Frightened because they really killed someone. She lay on the floor opening her closed eyes before widened them from the surprise. There he was the blond that protected her from the shoot with a grin on his face. '' Are you okay? '' She managed to nod speechless. '' Thank god. I'm happy you are not hurt.''

The girl found strangely interesting the floor at her side, her face blushing crimson. ' This is like a fairy tale '. She couldn't help but think. ' He truly is like a knight in shining armor.' She thought once again before the blonde got up from above her, giving her a hand to help her to stood up.

Smiling widely, he asked at the little girl. '' Hey what is your name?''

She was a mess. Blushing madly and giving him a glance when from time to time. Gathering some courage, she couldn't help it but stutter. '' M-M-M-Mi-kan Mikan Yuuki.''

He looked at her and patted her head caringly.'' Sorry if I scared you. '' He says oblivious from the situation. '' My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet ya!'' Even with all the blood that covered the blonde's face, she couldn't help but think that he was really handsome.

Going out of the alley, they began to walk to the main street. She trying to thank him while she supported him helping him walk. When she finally gained some confidence to speak, all went black for him, and falling on the floor unconscious with the little brown haired girl shouting for help.


The blonde is now currently laying on a wet floor before something poked him trying to wake him up. When he did it, he saw a claw bigger than his whole body touching his chest. He opened his eyes fully and looked up seeing a giant fox with nine tails looking at him with a frustrate expression. When he was to shout surprised, he heard a sigh. Confused he looked at the fox that was laying on the floor next to him and who muttered something under his breath.

'' Ahhhh it doesn't matter in whatever dimension you are, or the memories you conserve but you will be you no matter what. It makes me happy somehow.'' He grumbled to himself.

'' Hehehe sorry Kura-'' A sudden pain came from inside his head that made him kneel on the floor shutting him up. '' What was that?'' he asked recovering a little.

Kurama wore a sad smile upon his features, while looking at the whiskered blonde. '' Well this is just a dream. What do you think it is? '' He asked feigning ignorance.

'' Huh? But I feel like you are important to me. '' He says confused, struggling to think about the motive of his feeling. This was not a dream, at least not like the others he had on all his life since he can remember.

Trying to change the subject, Kurama spoke. '' Well you have sleep enough. Now weak up the little princess on needs that you saved is worried sick about you. Wake up brat'' The giant fox saying forcing at the human to wake up.

'' Ahhh I hope that he doesn't have more troubles. He is like a magnet for it... heh''

In the room of a hospital lay the blonde surrounded by people while he laid sleeping on his bed. A man stood near her daughter trying to comfort her seeing her don't leave his side while wearing a guiltily expression on her face. '' Mikan don't worry you have heard the nurse. He was like new when he arrived here. He is just exhausted.''

She knows that, but something really bothered her. '' But how Dad? He was all beat up from all that hits that he received from those guys and he was even shoot, it should be impossible...'' A sound stopped her train of thoughts when her savior began slowly to wake up. She felt relieved once the whiskered blonde smiled at her.

'' Where I am?'' He asked with a grumpy voice trying to stand up.

'' You need to rest.'' She said making him lay again on the bed. '' You are in the hospital. You fell unconscious on the street after you saved me.'' She said frowning. She was so worried. That was all her fault. If she would have chosen to go on the main streets, he wouldn't have been hurt.

'' You are okay?'' he asked with inquietude looking at her making her nod at him on confirmation. '' Then that is all it matters. I'm glad I could help you. '' He says with a toothy grin looking at her. She blushed crimson. How she is supposed to take that? To take that smile?

The men that were on her side looked at him with wide eyes before one of them kneeled his forehead touching the ground.

'' I wanted to thank you for saving my little sister if something would happen to her I don't know what I would do.'' A boy from his age with orange hair same suddenly speaks while he kept doing the dogeza position.

The whiskered waved his hand in front of him with an awkward smile. '' No need for that seriously I couldn't just let something happen to her. Everybody would have done the same.'' He says trying to reassure the brother of the girl.

The father looked at him with a small smile. He was no playing the hero or doing something stupid trying to impress her daughter. He really was doing what he believed it was right. '' I'm Saiga Yuuki, I'm the father of Mikan and Rito. My daughter told me all what happened, and I would be eternally grateful for you. I will compensate you with anything you want. '' He says seriously.

'' I'm Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet you all!'' He smiled widely at the three. '' But as I said if she is fine that is enough for me.''

' He truly is a kind kid ' Saiga thought impressed by the teenager attitude. Then something came into his mind. '' Well Naruto I tried to contact your parents, but I didn't know how to enter on your phone without the password and you have no telephone to contact on those cases. It's better if you call them and I will talk to for you, so they will know why you lose school and you won't have any problems.'' He says trying to somehow repair the kid.

The whiskered blonde looked down a small smile on the corner of his lips, trying to cover the feeling that was paining him. But his eyes couldn't do the trick. They last their typical brightness for a second, showing a bit of sadness that stuck on the tree of them. Well he is not the best liar. '' I am an orphan. I live alone on a house so don't worry. It's all fine.''

'' I'm so sorry I didn't know that ''Spoke Saiga worried but Naruto reassure him. '' No, no it's okay it's not a bid deal so don't worry. ''

Rito and Mikan frowned sadly on the other side. ' He is such a good person. It isn't fair.' Thought Mikan her hand tightening the grip on her skirt.

'' Uzumaki-san.'' Spoke Rito gaining his attention. '' At least could you come for dinner to repay you? I would like to thank you properly.''

' It would be rude to at least not accept that' Thought the blue eyed blonde seeing the determination on all his faces. '' Please call me Naruto I don't like formalities. That would no problem but when ''

'' Tomorrow.'' Says Mikan quickly. She realizing her slip began to stutter. '' I mean if for tomorrow will be okay Naruto-san?''

'' No problem Mikan-chan.'' She blushed crimson at the affectionate appelative. ' Mikan-chan... he called me... Mikan-chan. ' Steam came out from her ears and her eyes began to swirl embarrassed.

Naruto seeing her tremble and gaining that vivid color asked grabbing her hand smoothly. '' Are you okay? You are all red. Have the doctors made a check up on you?''

'' No, no t-thanks N-Na-Narut-Naruto-san I'm alright. '' The father on the other side began to cry anime tears grabbing the blonde from the shirt and shaking him with all his might. '' NOOOOOOOO, is all your fault my little Mikan have a crus-''

The knee of the girl hit his lower back stopping him on his tracks and making him fall on the floor while he continued to cry mumbling something under his breath. Mikan looked at him innocently, a small smile trying to cover her crimson blush.'' Sorry for that. My father has random swings of mood. I'm terribly sorry. ''

He titled his head confused but decided to smile at her. '' No problem''.

After speaking some more time with the family. He returned at his house but not before he promised once more at the little girl that tomorrow would see her.

Opening the door of his house, he muttered a little sad. '' Tadaima...not that it matters... I'm always alone...'' Seeing that family so close to each other make him wonder why he was alone. Jealousy forming inside his chest.

Nobody loved him when he was a kid? Their fathers died? They abandoned him? Shaking his head avoiding negative thoughts, he walked towards the kitchen thinking what he would eat, while he looked on the pantry. '' Today, I'm going to eat... mmmm... beef ramen with shrimp. Today I earned it after all.'' He smiled before a black aura surrounded him. He didn't think about this at all. Tomorrow he would have to explain to the new school why he missed class.


In Sainan High School, stood a teacher and a student outside the class. '' Well wait here until I call you okay?'' Says the teacher.

'' No problem.'' Nodded the boy agreeing.

The teacher entered the classroom and asked the students to take their seats. After he revised that everyone was in class, he announced. '' And today we have an exchange student. So be nice with him and help him to adapt to the new school. ''

'' A new student eh?''

'' Maybe is a beautiful girl with a hot body?''

'' Maybe it a foreign guy?'' A girl wished crossing her fingers.

'' No, no, it's a hot chick for sure. '' Retorted a boy, hoping that his wish came true.

'' You can enter now'' Called the teacher ignoring the loudly students. They were too much sometimes.

When the student entered the classroom, he could sense disappointment and delight on the voices of his new classmates. '' No, it's a pretty guy dammit.'' and '' Have you see him, he is soo cool'' or '' Have you seen that whiskers marks they are so cute'' or '' Woah... so handsome'' and '' Blonde? He is a delinquent for sure'' He heard said but decided to ignore the remarks.

'' I'm Naruto Uzumaki, dattebayo. Nice to meet ya! hope we'' His speech was interrupted by a shout which words solidified and hit him on the head.

'' NARUTO?'' He looked at the source of the voice to see a female student who she knows too well. Happily seeing the girl, he grinned widely making some of the girls blush.

'' Risa!'' He waved at her. '' We are on the same class. I'm lucky. I wanted- ''

'' Why didn't you tell me?'' Risa interrupting him again, demanding Naruto an explanation, hitting the desk with the palms of her hands.

'' Well I wanted to surprise you. It couldn't have been better. '' Seeing her outburst, he asked confused and a little sad. '' Is there a problem Risa? Are you not happy that I came into your school?''

Coming out of her stupor, she grinned widely and ran towards the whiskered blonde, jumping when she was near and palpating all his body, specially his chest and abs. '' How can I not be happy that my Adonis is in the same class as me? '' The boys glared at him on jealously, all of them with a common thought. ' Lucky bastard '.

'' Oi Risa at least not on public, dattebayo. How many times do I have to tell you? ''

' Not on public?!' Was the general thought. Everyone began to let their imagination run wild from the display of affection.

'' But I haven't touch you for so long. You are even more hard than in the past.'' She whispered huskily into his ear making Naruto gain an atomic blush, trying to free himself from her.

' It's like i'm not even here' The teacher sweatdropped at their behavior.

'' Oi Risa, stop teasing me Risa.'' He said managing to take her shoulder and push her away carefully, catching a deep breath to kill the redness of his face.

'' I was not teasing you Naruto. I really missed you.'' She said unconsciously making the blonde smile warmly. His smile was one full of happiness.

'' Thanks Risa I missed you a lot too.'' He hugged tightly her not realizing her reaction.

'' I-I-I-I see I'm ha-happy fo-for that.'' She began to stutter but grabbed him strongly once he tried to move.

' MOMIOKA STUTTERING?! IT'S IMPOSIBLE ' Thought everyone impressed.

Coughing to catch the attention from everyone, the teacher said.'' Well I'm glad that you have a friend here Uzumaki-san. You will grow used at the school fast in this case. But we need to begin this lesson. Please take seat near Sairenji-san''

'' Sairenji? OH Haruna-chan ohayo. I'm glad we are on the same class. It has been too long since last time we saw each other. '' Naruto waved at the blue haired girl walking next to her seat.

Haruna looked at him shyly with a little dust on her face. '' H-hi Uzumaki-san it has been too long.''

Naruto nearly face faulted and began to laugh awkwardly'' Haha no need for formalities Haruna-chan we are friends. Aren't we?''

'' H-hai Naruto-san'' She nodded while focusing on her table, her blush gaining more strength.

'' Well that's better. I guess.'' Scratched his whiskers marks before seating on his spot.


The bell rang and advised the beginning of lunch time.

Naruto was putting away his books on the bag while Rito approached him. '' Hello Naruto-san i didn't know that you were coming to this school.'' He smiled happily seeing the blonde on his class.

'' Rito? Hi how is your sister? Is she better? '' Asked the whiskered blonde worried for the little brown haired girl.

'' Hai, she doesn't give a second thought about the incident, so don't worry. Yesterday when we came back home she even began to think what she would prepare for tonight dinner.'' ' And she was searching through her clothes for what to wear and what kind of style of hairstyle to use. It was a like typhon. She even kicked me when I told her to calm down. '

'' WHAT? TO CALM DOWN?'' yells mikan frightening Rito. '' Everything have to be perfect!''

'' Seriously is not big deal you don't need to compensate me or anything, dattebayo'' sighed Naruto uneasy. He didn't want to disturb the family. He just did what he thought it was right. '' I don't want to cause your family any trouble.''

'' How about you compensate me on bed, letting me to tie you up and use your body for all this time of loneliness and self-satisfaction that you made me go through. My adonis'' A voice whispers from behind, the warm breath hitting his ear.

'' Risa, how are you?'' He asked with a twitching eyebrow. She sure likes to tease him.

'' Mmm? So cold and here I was willingly to share my bento with you. I'm sure you were going to buy something on the shop. Am I wrong? '' He scratched his neck laughing to avoid the question. '' So be grateful to your mistress.'' Risa said with a seductive tone opening her shirt to let him see her bra making him blush madly.

'' Risa, I thought that you liked to tease only girls. '' Approach a group of people from behind interrupting them and making a tick mark appears on Risa's forehead. '' Hi, I'm Mio Sawada'' Smiled politely a girl with glasses and small ponytails on the sides of her head.

'' Hello, I'm Kenichi Saruyama. I'm sure that we can be great friends.'' ' And with what the girls are saying about his looks I'm sure that he knows tons of cutes girls to introduce me. Hehehe ' Giggled perversely the boy gaining the appearance of a monkey.

'' But I didn't know that you knew each other Momioka-san '' says Sairenji standing up from her desk curious.'' Are you two childhood friends? ''

'' We are lovers since''

'' Yes, we are friends since I can remember. '' Smiled widely the blue eyed blonde cutting Risa speech unintentionally.

A panel of Friendzone struck on her back making her fall on her knees with an aura of depression. '' Friends... only childhood friends… '' She mutters in low tone.

'' Risa? What are you doing?'' He asked confused at the brown haired girl behavior.

A general train of thought come from Mio, Rito and Saru. ' ... Dense...' They thought with a forced smile.

'' Ano Naruto-san how come that you decided to come to this school?'' Asked Rito trying to change conversation seeing Mio pat Risa's back on support while the girl just laid on the floor with the giant panel on her back letting a fountain of blood come from the girl.

'' Well this is one of the few schools that I can afford and is near to my house, so I decided to come here. Well also that I can go to school with my friends, made me chose for this one. I think it's really a great idea. '' Laughed the blonde scratching the back of his head.

'' I'm happy for that Naruto-san, when I will say it to Mikan she won't believe me. '' Chuckle Rito imagining her reaction.

'' Uh? You know Naruto? How come I didn't know you have more friends.'' Teased Saru his Rito.

'' Well he saved-''

'' I just helped Mikan-chan because she fell on the street and hurted her ankle, so I brought her into an hospital. We basically met there. '' Giving Rito a look that didn't go unnoticed to Risa.

' Again? That knucklehead is always playing the hero part.' She thought worried before breathing on relief seeing that he was not hurt. ' At least he is not hurt. I don't want to see him hurt ever again. Not like last time. ' Thought Risa frowning.

Night time.

Naruto is now in front of Rito's house ringing up the bell. Suddenly the door opened and Naruto saw Rito welcoming him with a small smile.

'' Good evening Naruto-san. We were waiting for you. '' He said letting him pass through the door before motioning to follow him. '' Although my father has to finish the last chapter for his manga before tomorrow morning, so he will work all night and my mother is working now outside the city, so it will be only us. ''

'' Woah. Your father is a mangaka? That's so cool. What kind of manga he writes?''

'' He writes a thriller manga and he always struggles to finish his work before the limit dates. '' The orange haired boy said a little embarrassed.

Naruto laughed funnily, imagining perfectly the struggles of his father with his manga. Before he could utter a word, the whiskered blonde saw Mikan from the corner of his eyes. '' Woah Mikan-chan you are so cute with that dress.'' He praised impressed. '' You have changed also your hairstyle. Am I right? '' He says making Mikan flush.

'' T-This is nothing Naruto-san. Just making myself comfortable for tonight. '' She said looking the floor that now seems strangely interesting.

' Comfortable she says' Sighed mentally Rito. ' Yesterday this house was a warzone'. He suppressed his laughter remembering the internal struggles of her sister for her appearance for the night. '' Are you hungry Naruto-san? Why don't we began dinner.'' He pointed at the table that was full of food.

'' Woah. You made all of this Rito? You like to cook?'' Naruto asked sitting on the table with them.

'' Hahaha no, no this is all made sister work. She cooks our dinner since we were children. '' He began to eat slowly like her sister repeated for one thousand times during all day long, worried that Naruto-san would be bothered by their actions. Something that the whiskered blonde copied seeing the two siblings eat so elegantly. He was hungry. He just wanted to eat!

'' Woah Mikan-chan this is delicious I didn't even eat anything half tasty than this in all my life, dattebayo. '' He says taking a bite. '' You will be the perfect wife Mikan-chan. I pity your brother that has to protect you from all the boys. Am I right?'' He gave her a foxy grin while he teased her a bit.

'' No, no this is nothing complicate this is just a normal meal.'' She says struggling to find her words.

' It seems that Mikan have also problems to say anything in front of her crush. I wonder if it is a familiar issue. ' Rito asked to himself, understanding her sister troubles to even speak in front of the person they liked.

'' My brother told me that you changed school and now you are on his class. Have you thought to join a club?'' She glanced at him shyly. But she need to overcome it. This is a chance of know him better!

'' Well, I can't, I need to work to pay everything, so I don't have too much time. And you Mikan-chan, Rito are you in a club?'' He said noticing the frown on their faces.

'' Naruto-san if you have economic problems you could live here with us. I'm sure that my father and mother won't mind it since they know you. Oh and also Mikan. Right?'' He asked at her little sister receiving an energetically nod.

'' No, no, believe me I don't have economic problems, I just need to work from time to time but thank you for the offer. You are all great people. '' He says scratching his neck sheepishly.

'' And what kind of work you do? '' Asked Mikan. Maybe he worked like a bodyguard or something like that seeing the kind of strength that her savior held.

'' Haha... Just don't tell anybody is kind of embarrassing. I work as a model. I pose for some fashion magazines every now and then and they pay more than enough.'' He says avoiding their impressed stares.

'' Woah a model. I will support your career from now on.'' Nodded Mikan fire burning with determination from her eyes.

'' Thanks Mikan-chan. You are indeed my favorite fan.'' He laughed, patting her head like a child receiving a somewhat annoyed stare.

' I'm not a child ' she cried anime tears but somehow pleased by his show of affect towards her.


After the dinner finished, Naruto walked till his home, undressing himself before he went to the bathroom to enjoy a relaxing and warm bath.

Introducing his head inside the water, he began to remember the dreams that were chasing him for a long time. ' Lately I have strange dreams that seems so real and they are always the same that come every now and then. It's like I'm a shinobi fighting crazy guys everywhere. I know that I think about it, yesterday, when I fell unconscious I had that strange dream with that giant orange fox. Aggh! It hurts when I think so much about it. He complained massaging his head trying to ease the migraine that always came when he thought too much about them.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light in front of him that blinded the whiskered blonde and then he felt a new weight on his lap. His hand was touching something soft. Trying it he gave a gently squeeze, hearing a moan from above him. When he opened his eyes, now that they regained some of his vision, his jaw dropped. ' What is a girl doing in my bath!' He yells mentally. ' Don't tell me that she is like those crazy stalkers that a friend on the magazine told me' He cried internally, trying to get away from the crazy girl before the way she talked at him, so innocent, surprised him.

'' Escape successful!'' Celebrated the pink haired girl with a cheerful voice. Laying above him, naked, there was a really beautiful girl with green eyes. Wait a moment isn't she like the girl from his dream? Sak-.'' AGG '' He held his head when another sudden migraine came, this one a little more intense.

'' Are you okay?'' She asked caressing his head carefully worried. '' Did I hurt you when I came here? I didn't want to harm you. I'm so sorry!'' She tried to explain at the blonde in front of her, her eyes filled with regret.

'' No, sorry it's just that I have this headache from time to time.'' He smiled trying to reassure her. Walking out of the bath, while covering himself with his hand, blushing, he grabbed a towel that he putted around his hips and he took another for the pink haired girl looking away embarrassed. '' Here take one. Excuse me but who are you and why are you in my bath naked?'' He asked curious without a hint of annoyance on his voice. That really surprised her.

'' I'm Lala Satalin Deviluke and I come from the planet Deviluke!'' She smiled widely and innocently.

'' I see. I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet ya!'' He grinned at her on return.

'' Do you believe me?'' That surprised her even more.'' Earthlings don't know that exits others living beings outside the earth.''

'' Well I always could tell when someone is lying or not. I don't know how, something like their intent. You are innocent. I can tell that you have no malice inside you. I can see it. Plus that tail that move behind your back help a lot.'' He laughed funnily trying to don't sound a smartass, making her smile. '' And how did you end up here?''

'' Well I was running from some people and I used Wrap Wrap Pyon-kun to escape but it only transfers living being so my clothes remained on the space ship.'' She rubbed her head sheepishly.

'' Are you hurt?'' He asked worried receiving a shake of her head on negation.'' Well let me give you some of my clothes and don't worry I will protect you and I never go back on my word. '' He gives her a thumb up making her giggle.

When they were going towards his room to give her clothes a shout came from behind, surprising the two teenagers. '' Lala-sama! I'm glad that you are safe Lala-sama!'' Flied a little being with bats wings towards the pink haired chest.

'' I'm glad that you are safe too Peke!'' Smiled happily the girl, hugging him on return.

'' So this is an alien too, Lala? Are you from the same planet as Lala?'' He asked while holding and stretching his wings.

'' No Peke is one of my inventions. He can transform in all kind of clothes just seeing them.'' She explained to him lively.

'' Woah that sure is useful. You are a genius, dattebayo.'' he said blinking, while she beamed at him because of the compliment.

'' Let me show you! Do your thing Peke!'' The robot envelope Lala on a flash of light and transform into her alien clothes. Well, on Earth it would seem like a cosplay.

'' Well what do you think of my clot-'' There was a sound of broken glass that was coming from the living room that made Naruto ran towards the source to see two figures with black coats and sunglasses that were on the middle of the room.

'' Oi assholes you are going to pay for that right?'' He yelled while they paid no mind to what he was saying, looking and scanning the room. A tick mark appeared on his forehead.

'' Where is Lala-sama? You lowly being.'' Naruto gritted his teeth on frustration. They sure have balls. They broke into his house and then they insult him. They have a death wish.

'' I don't know who the hell is Layna but you are gonna leave but not before you pay for the damage on my house or I'm going to seriously hurt you.'' He says feigning ignorance. They burst of laughter like it was the best joke they ever heard before they crackled their knuckles intimidating him, or at least doing an attempt.

'' No Naruto run they are too strong for you.'' Lala called for him entering on the living room. There was no way that an earthling could beat them. They were her personal bodyguard minions, they were too strong for him.

'' Lala I told you that I will protect you.'' He said not turning around focusing on the enemy. Lala on the other side, stared at him with wide eyes. ' I thought that he was just showing off. Why would he help me? He doesn't even know me... Why?'

'' That is enough earthling. We are authorized to use force if it's necessary. So come here Lala-sama.'' Said one of the two man dressed on a black suit before suddenly felt pain on his right knee. Looking down he saw a foot that was stomping on it with enough strength to broke it. Then Naruto uses the momentum to impulse himself and brought his other leg to contact his knee with the jaw of the thug sending him flying through the broken window unconscious.

'' What the hell?'' Yelled the other surprised. '' That should be impossible for an earthling. '' He said punching the whiskered blonde only to meet his forehead and breaking his hand. When he opened his mouth to cry from the pain a punch broke his jaw followed by another punch into his chest that made him fell unconscious.

Lala stared at him with wide eyes. '' You are so strong!'' She beamed at him. '' It was like punch, fast, swift, kick BOOM. It was incredible!'' She motioned, imitating the blonde with Karate movements.

' Cute' Thought Naruto when he saw her so lively. Coughing to clear his mind, he began to talk gaining the girl's attention.'' I don't know how but it's almost like natural to me. Even if I train a lot too.''

But he stopped when he saw that she held a frown marring her beautiful face. '' But now you are being chased because of me. Why are you willingly to help me that much?'' She said sadly before she felt a hand on top of her head making her look up to see the whiskered blonde with the sweetest of his smiles.

'' I told you I don't break my promises. Now believe in me because no matter what I will save you. That's a promise of a life time''.

'' Naruto...'' She stares at him with wide eyes and a little dust on her cheeks. She doesn't know why but she knows that she can believe in him. He was the one that would save her.

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