Days passed while the routine kicked in slightly in the lives of the princesses and the rest. There were no battles from suitors who dared to approach Sainan, thanks to the rumors increasing in space about a blonde protector. It was no other thing that the boy would humiliate anybody that tried to meet the pink-haired girls.

In the beginning, people would scoff at such tales since the protagonist of them would be a simple earthling, but slowly kings and princes began to gain curiosity from such anomaly. Only time could determine which would be the fate of such a strange teenager.

Meanwhile, all those politics got ignored by the people from Sainan. After all, today was the festival of Shichi-go-san waited for lots of people in the country of Japan. But in particular for the aliens that lived in the Uzumaki household since they never heard about it.

When the youngest of the Devilukes brought it up in a dinner, Lala was the one who jumped on the chair, her eyes gleaming, ready to go even though she never heard about it. When she listened to the word festivities, she got sold on that idea as the rest did.

The girls that lived in the house in the earthling suitor's house were in the wardrobe area, changing with proper clothing for the night. The eldest princess installed it for occasions like this, where they all enjoyed getting ready and chatting before meeting with the others.

When the youngest of the Devilukes brought it up in a dinner, Lala was the one who jumped on the chair, her eyes gleaming, ready to go even though she never heard about it. When she listened to the word festivities, she got sold on that idea as the rest did.

The girls that lived in the house in the earthling suitor's household were in the wardrobe area, changing with proper clothing for the night. The eldest princess installed it for occasions like this, where they all could enjoy getting ready and chat before meeting with the others.

" Hehe, you look gorgeous in this kimono, Yami-chan!" Lala praised the blonde-haired girl in front of her. The princess wanted to be sure that the obi that the assassin was wearing got tightly done as Mikan taught her. The eldest of the Deviluke's siblings was wearing a white-colored one with a pink obi that showed off her gorgeous long pink hair that gathered into two ponytails in front of her prominent chest.

" Thank you for your kind words, Princess Lala ." Golden Darkness smiled slightly, unable to maintain her stoical appearance thanks to the mood in the room. She was wearing a purple-colored one with yellow flowers around the whole clothing. " I also appreciate that you invited me today."

" Mah, mah, we always do!" Lala laughed happily at the girl's words. " You are one of our closest friends, after all."

' Who would have thought that it would end like this?' The blonde-haired girl shook her head almost in nostalgia, remembering the first time that she met Princess Lala. The assassin got defeated by the earthling suitor, but he was the one who got injured.

" If you ever try anything like this, I will stop you by any means."

That glare on the eldest princess's could kill by a glance as she gripped the iron chairs like they were nothing to threaten the assassin. Nobody would believe such a reaction from the always glowing princess.

" That's right, Yami-chan! I love that we get to spend so much time with you." Mikan smiled, approaching them as she got help from the youngest of the princess to finish dressing.

Anybody could see that she looked just jaw-dropping. She was wearing a light blue kimono with flowered parts only in the bottom of the legs and on the sleeves, with a white scarf that reached the obi that had a prominent red rose in it. Her hair got made into a ponytail with two bangs coming from the sides of her face, with light blue flowers in her hair and two blue pendants on her ears.

" It's always more fun when Yami-onee-chan hangs out." Mea agreed with the other two girls. Since they were in the mansion of the Tenjouin, she began calling Golden Darkness like that out of the blue, something that the blonde girl wasn't sure how to feel about the way she dressed about her.

Mea was wearing a red kimono that showed her hourglass figure, with a yellow obi around her stomach. The contrast of colors screamed for attention, something that she planned to use on the whiskered blonde who was in her mind all day.

" Indeed, there is no silence in these walls with all of you." Golden Darkness commented, stifling a giggle.

" You are always invited to join Naruto's harem. That will give you the right to stay here." Nemesis grinned, earning a pink hue from the blonde girl. She was wearing her usual kimono for the night since it didn't matter much to her. " Though, you have to pay with your body to cover the expenses."

" Will you stop saying that?" Nana shouted in embarrassment before covering her mouth at her followings words. " It's not all about sex! Love is the important thing!"

The middle princess was wearing a black kimono with a yellow obi and white-colored flower themes all along her body. Her hair gathered into a ponytail like Mikan's, thanks to a purple ribbon.

" That's right! We can't have all the girls having sex with Naruto-kun just like that!" Lala nodded wisely. " There will be no end of it!"

' Since when it is normal to talk about this so freely.' Mikan thought, crying on her sleeve comically. ' I only wanted to have more time with Naruto.' Something that occurred, and it filled her up with happiness, but she never thought there would be so much sex talk with the girls.

" You girls seem extremely excited for tonight." Sephie giggled into her hand, gaining their attention. " Is it because you can't wait to see your beloved Uzumaki-kun?"

At the mention of the whiskered blonde, Mea and Lala nodded energetically while Nana and Mikan blushed at getting caught in their wishes. It was clear that was one of the reasons.

" Of course, Mama! I can't wait to have fun with Naruto-kun!" The green-eyed girl exclaimed with her arm high before slightly pouting while tracing her finger on the ground as if she got depressed. " Though, we will have to wait for him sometime. He told us that we would see each other at the festival's entrance."

" It can't be helped, Onee-sama." Momo said, reminding her of the reason. " Tonight is something important for Naruto-san and Becky. We are tagging along only. Don't forget that." She said a bit firmly and mainly to Mea and Nemesis, who were the most mischievous ones.

" We will respect that as much as possible, my captain!" Mea militarily saluted while Nemesis didn't seem to hear what she was saying.

The youngest of the Deviluke's was standing on a podium since now it was her turn to dress up thanks to her mother's help. She was wearing a light pink kimono with a darker colored obi and yellow flowers. The same flowers were on her hair which got gathered into a side ponytail while bangs ran on the right side of her face. A swirling red symbol on her back, proud of what she would become in the future.

" Oh, that's right! Naruto-kun's little sister will come to!" Lala gleamed long-forgotten her sour mood. " It has been way too long since I saw her. She is gorgeous!"

" Indeed, she is. She will grow up to be an outstanding woman both inside and outside." Momo nodded with a small smile gracing her lips before turning around when the empress finished tightening the belt around her belly. " Thank you, Mother."

" It's a pleasure, my dear." Sephie said, standing up. " I heard about this girl a couple of times already. I can't help but want to meet her."

" Then come with us, Mama!" Lala begged her. " It will be so much fun!"

" I would like so, but sadly I have a date with your father. We are going to enjoy this night in a more romantic way taking advantage of the festivities." The empress said, getting amazed nods in understanding. " It has been so long since we saw each other thanks to work. Who knows? Maybe thanks to our little time together, we would give you another sibling."

" Don't wanna hear it!" Nana shouted, covering her ears, putting all the possible barriers to avoid that information from sticking in her brain.

" Oh, so you still go with dates with Papa?" Lala asked curiously, receiving a gentle smile from the empress.

" Of course, we do. But with time, it's only normal that those kinds of things happen less." Sephie commented, receiving a horrified look from her eldest daughter. It would have been better if she didn't say anything about it.

" No way! I want to keep having dates with Naruto-kun forever! We all do!" The green-eyed girl shouted, pumping her fist as if she promised herself to don't let herself down in the future. " Can you tell us one way so that we don't let that happen, Mama?"

The girls leaned forward in expectation, and the empress couldn't help but laugh awkwardly at the question. " Well, I have no idea in your case since your relationship wouldn't be exactly like mine with Gid."

" How do you do with Papa?" Nana asked with her hands behind her head, gazing away like she didn't care about the topic. Though, the mild blush on her face showed that she did. " I mean, Naruto will be the emperor anyway, so I don't think it would change that much. Maybe a bit more complicated, but that's it."

The empress tilted her head while Nana gazed at her sporadically, with her eyes trembling slightly because of her flustered state. " I didn't know you were so interested in their idea." She might as well tease her. It was on her rights.

" I-I'm only asking this for Momo's and Ane-ue's sake!" Nana said, backing away from her mother. " They will need all the help they can get."

" I'm going to be there too!" The red-haired girl chimed in with a gentle expression on her face. " Don't forget about me! And Nana-chan too once she comes forward and kisses Senpai."

" Mea!" The middle princess shouted while blood seemed to concentrate on her cheeks.

" Mmm, in the future, it's a long time, but I don't mind keeping him as my servant if the sex is as good as I saw it the other time." Nemesis mused while munching on her treats.

" It's not about sex!" Nana shouted, remembering the day at the beach. " A relationship is much more than doing perverted things to each other!"

" If he doesn't give me the pleasure that I look for, then I'm not interested. " The dark-skinned girl sincerely admitted, shrugging her shoulders. " But I know that in this case, it won't be a problem."

" It's that all you can think about?" Nana shouted at the dark-skinned girl.

" I got interested in the matter. " Nemesis admitted without shame. " And I already made a pact with Naruto that I will be doing it only with him."

" Since when?" Mea jumped to her master's body with glee as if she was in a Christmas party.

" We were showering together." The dark-skinned girl said without giving it much importance as she shrugged her shoulders. But that apathy wasn't shared by the others. " And for a moment, I felt good when without much effort, I managed to make him squirm. Then, I don't why, but I felt like I wanted to make that promise."

Nemesis licked the sugar from her fingers, but hearing no sound, whatsoever the dark-skinned girl turned around to see the girls with her hands on their cheeks, looking like they were dying from cuteness, making her elevate an eyebrow.

" You are so in love, Nemesis-chan!" Lala expressed what they all were thinking. " I'm so happy for you!"

" Love?" She repeated, feeling strange with the use of that word. " Such a thing is not logical. I am merely talking about physical needs. Anything else is only an invention."

" No, It's not!" Lala crossed her arms in negation while puffing her cheeks. " Love does exist! What I feel towards Naruto-kun can't be anything else than that!"

Seeing her eldest daughter getting that worked up over the assassin's words, she sighed a bit while the dark-skinned girl seemed to don't pay any attention to Lala's words. It's not like she supported the idea that her daughters had about their relationship, but she couldn't help but help a young girl who lacked emotions.

" Then why did you made such a promise to Uzumaki-kun?" Sephie asked while tilting her head. " You know that he is in love already and refuses to follow your plans. If he doesn't want to think about other girls, you would never get to try such physical satisfaction. It doesn't make sense if the other person wouldn't give you what you wish. It's not logical." She pressed using the assassin's words.

Nemesis slightly frowned since it the idea that she would never experience something like that with the earthling suitor went against her desires. But a small smile reacher her lips, as she found it amusing. " It's impossible that I won't have sex with Naruto. I'm only waiting for a proper time."

" That may happen as you plan." The empress nodded in understanding, seeing the girl relax as if earlier she was on edge. " But you still didn't answer what I said. Aren't you simply avoiding the idea that it could not come to realization?"

The easiness on Nemesis's face got quickly replaced with one of annoyance as the empress kept going on with that matter. " I live as I desire. There is nothing else to it. I said it on a whim."

" But you seem serious with maintaining your word." Momo chimed in, gaining the attention of everyone while she walked forward. " Can't you admit that Naruto-san managed to fascinate you into a deeper level?"

The dark-skinned girl maintained eye contact for a while with the youngest princess before gazing away, admitting part of what Momo said. " He is more amusing than I initially thought."

Momo smiled slightly as that was already some progress. " We are not trying to fight you or anything, Nemesis, so there is no need for you to get defensive."

" You already checked that these people are good." Yami joined the conversation, agreeing with the youngest princess. " You can let your guard down a bit."

" That's right, Master!" Mea nodded energetically. " I let mine down long ago, and I'm having a blast!"

" Take your time since there is no need to rush into anything." Momo recommended, making Mikan smile, remembering those exact words that the youngest princess told her. " But Nemesis, I will say that in my case, finding Naruto-san more amusing than usual was only the beginning to make me fall in love with him."

Nemesis opened her mouth to answer, but she rapidly found that she had nothing to say against it. Why though? She always had an answer for everything. Placing a hand on her chin, she began to reflect for a way to fight back those words.

While the youngest princess talked with the weapon, Mikan felt the need to back away as gently as possible to avoid disturbing them. So turning to her blonde friend and offering her a hand, she laughed awkwardly. It was better to begin going to the living room to wait for his brother.

" Do you want to take a break outside, Yami?" The brown-haired girl asked as she received a nod in confirmation.

" We already finished dressing. It would be wise." Golden Darkness commented, seeing the atmosphere that it was getting created since her fellow weapon looked deep in thought. But the words of the youngest princess resonated in her mind. ' I do find Naruto more amusing than usual. Those it means I am following their steps too?'


The residents of the Uzumaki household were finally ready. It was time to begin walking towards the park where all the stands got prepared before going to the temple with everyone once the others arrived.

The girl's stayed at the entrance since they were early by some minutes from the time they agreed to meet. While they were waiting, Lala was amazed by the different culture of Japan and the beautiful colors that dominated the streets as much as the kids of six years old and lower were, turning their heads around to don't lose an instant of such spectacle.

" Lala-san, everyone!" The aliens and the two earthlings turned around to see the youngest of the Sairenji sisters waving at her.

She was wearing a dark blue kimono with a light purple ogi. Her hair was down for the night, changing her usual hairstyle, giving her a more relaxed appearance, with pink flowers adorning one side of her hair.

" You finally arrived Haruna-chan, Risa-chan!" Lala waved widely at the two girls who met casually on their way there.

Risa was wearing a light yellow kimono which was light on the top, but it got darker in color as it reached the bottom, with a pink ogi that showed her figure. Her hair got done as usual, but she wore some long crystal earrings.

" You all look so hot tonight." Momioka widely once they reached the group. " But I have to say that without a doubt today, it's Mikan-chi who looks the most impressive."

" Doesn't she?" Mea grinned mischievously. " After all, she wanted to look top-notch for Senpai."

" Mea-san!" The brown-haired girl shouted in embarrassment. " I only dressed like everybody else. There is no need to say anything more!"

As Rito laughed cheerfully at how his sister snapped, he couldn't shake off his heartbeats from the first second he saw his crush while he cried rivers dramatically. ' Sairenji-san looks so beautiful tonight. Agh, why couldn't I have said anything earlier?'

He was wearing a black one with verticals purples stripes and a gray piece of clothing around his stomach that acted as a belt. It was the same one that he used on the last festival since it had been years that the Yuuki siblings came to this specific celebration.

" By the way, what is this event for, Mikan?" Golden Darkness asked since she had no information about what they were about to do.

" Shichi-Go-San is a festivity for boys and girls aged three, boys aged five, and girls aged seven that celebrates the healthy growth of the children." The petite girl smiled gently at her friend, happy to teach her more things about her planet while she had a finger raised in explanation. " But mostly, it's for everyone to enjoy some time together."

" Though we haven't come in some time for that reason." Rito said, scratching the back of his head. " But every time we came when Mikan was a kid, we had so much fun."

" Oh, I can't wait!" The eldest princess seemed like an energetic canine since her head moved from one side to another before her body would teleport to the stands nearby before returning to the group. " There is even food! And games! Nothing is missing!"

" But the principal attraction for today are the fireworks after we finish writing our wishes in our Emas." Haruna chimed in before the green-eyed princess lost focus on the main events for the night.

" What is that?" Mea asked, tilting her head. " I never heard anything like that before."

" At the end of the night, you get a small card to write what you want to have. Like happiness or money." Risa explained instead of the blue-haired girl. " It's more like what some people want to believe, but it's fun doing it nonetheless."

" Is there any use?" Nemesis asked, confused by the light brown-haired girl's words. "If it is doesn't work, why they keep doing it."

" It's just for kids." Risa laughed awkwardly at the number of questions they were receiving. " It isn't something that we are obligated to do, but since we are here, why not try it?"

" Can I write whatever I want?" Lala asked with her eyes blinking on expectation.

" Well, yeah, that is the whole point of it." Risa chuckled at the proximity of the green-eyed princess. " Money, health, love, or whatever comes in your mind."

" That too?" Lala jumped on the spot at such a precious discovery. " I'm going to write that I want to marry Naruto-kun!"

" I think that is pretty much all of our wishes." Mea laughed at the reaction of the girls after hearing her statement. " Though I prefer to work for that to happen, so I will write something else."

The eldest Deviluke princess felt the determination behind the red-haired girl's words, and she took a step back, impressed. " You are right, Mea-chan! Then I will ask for new materials for my invention!"

" You guys are the center of attention everywhere you go." They heard the boy they loved coming from the street where the shops were as he laughed in a way that the girls couldn't help but get mesmerized.

He was wearing a gray yukata that got darker at the bottom with a design of red waves on that part. An orange obi was around his stomach with another dark green cloth around his forehead. It pushed his blond hair further down in front of his eyes. Of course, the most important thing was in his back, showing his family symbol. Every piece of clothing he owned got it now, thanks to his girlfriend's gift. It seemed the tailors worked for every occasion, and it didn't matter if it was daily clothes or sportives ones or even kimonos.

" It's nice to see that you managed to come on time." Rito decided to be the one to greet him since the others didn't seem to be snapping out of their trance. At least it would take some more minutes. " And you have to be Uzumaki-san's little sister, aren't you?"

In the arms of the shinobi was a blonde girl who wore a green kimono with a darker obi around her stomach. Orange design costellations got imprinted around her dress while she had an apple candy on her hands.

" Becky." The girl greeted a bit shyly after noticing the smile of her big brother, who seemed to tell her that there wasn't any need to be careful around them. " My name is Becky. N-Nice to meet you all."

The girl presented herself with an exclamation, showing her cuteness, but the part that stole their hearts was when she stuttered. She shook her head stubbornly and did it all again to make it perfect. If that wasn't utterly adorable, then they didn't know what it was.

" You are the cutest thing that I have ever seen!" Lala got uncomfortably near for the little girl, as it showed when Becky pressed herself to her brother's chest. " Do you remember me? I was at your house some time ago."

" Y-Yeah." She nodded, making the girls melt. The whiskered blonde couldn't help but sweatdrop when his friends began to surround him and his sister since he knew full well what it was about to happen.

" You are even sweeter than what Ane-ue told me." Nana widely grinned as Becky hid her face on Naruto's clothing.

" I can understand why he wouldn't tell us he had a sister like you." Risa greeted the little girl. " You are more priceless than a hidden treasure."

The whiskered blonde felt a bit sorry when the girl on his arms tightened her grip on his clothing and took two steps backward, making blink his friends, who approached them. " I'm sorry, guys. Becky is making an effort, but it just too much like this. She only needs a little time to get used to all of you."

" I'm sorry, Naruto-san. I forgot to tell them to keep some space from her." The youngest of the princesses approached the former shinobi as he had the girl in his arms. She had to sigh from her lack of prudence. It was clear that this was bound to happen. She reached the girl gently and massaged her back to call her. " Ey, Becky, how are you?"

The blonde girl gazed slightly from his big brother's clothes, and the frown on her face disappeared after she took a glimpse of the pink-haired girl in front of her. " Momo, you are here!"

" Yes, I am." The youngest princess couldn't avoid softening her features at the rapid change of behavior of tthe kid by just seeing her. It was like she got a little gift from this day already, thanks to that. " Haruna came too, so you know even more people. Don't worry about it since we will have all a splendid night."

" Oh, that's right. Sorry I didn't see you." The blonde girl waved her hand at the blue-haired girl separating herself slightly from the former shinobi since she was getting a bit more comfortable seeing known faces. " How are you?"

" I'm fine. Thank you for asking." The blue-haired girl approached her, permitting herself to get a bit closer than the others since the girl saw her daily for weeks when the orphanage needed help. " I'm sorry I didn't tell our friends to give you more space either. But if I can say, it makes me so happy that you think of me as someone close, too, Becky."

" It's not like I like you or anything." The blonde girl immediately refuted her idea, making them chuckle while her big brother accommodated her on his side. " I only told you hello. It's not a big deal."

" You always have to come on top on every battle, don't you, Becky? I don't know if that is a good thing." Naruto laughed awkwardly, already used to his sister's antics, while he received a proud nod. " But that is something that we share."

The blonde girl practically glowed while she illuminated the streets when she heard that. It wasn't exactly a compliment, but she couldn't care less. There was nothing better than being like her prince. Meanwhile, the youngest Deviluke pushed the girl's hair behind her ear, noticing the new hairstyle.

" I see you got curls for tonight, Becky." Momo smiled gently, looking at the girl whose hairs reached her hips. " It must have been difficult for you. Did Ana-san help you to get them?"

" Ouji-sama did!" The blonde girl shouted, proud that they would notice. " I wanted to try it for a long time, but I waited till today."

" It wasn't that easy. It took us hours to get it right." Naruto scratched his whiskers marks when his friends looked at him, some in a teasing manner. " But Becky wanted this since she saw it in a magazine. So I gave it a try. I think it came out good, more or less."

" I didn't know you could do stuff like that." Nana blinked at the discovery. " You don't look like the kind of person who cares too much about style."

" You are right." Naruto admitted without a second thought. " But when I lived with Becky and the rest, I was the one who combed her hair. It takes years to do it right to this little princess, thanks to how long she has it."

The little girl giggled happily in his arms when her big brother snuggled his nose with hers, tickling her. Nobody needed to know that she let it grow as long as she could since she adored it when her prince took care of it.

' We have to protect that smile at all costs.' All of the shinobi's friends, even the orange-haired boy, had a hand on their chest as they floated, watching such precious girl while they felt the world go pink for a second. Then, the light brown-haired girl seeing how fluffy his childhood friend was behaving she decided to tease him a little bit.

" Who knew that my favorite knucklehead would be such a good father." Risa said while hiding her grin behind her hand. But oh, if it was the wrong move.

The atmosphere quickly changed when darkness surrounded the streets like the little girl had special powers since they could swear that the street poles began even twinkling.

" Knucklehead?" The little blonde girl repeated almost in disbelief as her body moved backward while she glared at Momioka. The girl's body began to disappear from the rage, and only a shadow of sharp teeth, with white eyes, appeared on her spot. " Anybody who insults Ouji-sama is an enemy."

" S-S-Sorry." Risa stuttered, backing away to hug Lala, who laughed at her silly friend's antics. But the rest were as terrified at the light brown-haired girl.

" Okay, calm down, Becky. Risa doesn't mean anything with it. " The whiskered blonde sweatdropped. " It's not like she has better grades than me at school."

" I-I do have them!" Momioka retorted before shutting up when the now a bit calmer but still raging girl looked at her.

" Are you looking down on Ouji-sama~?" The girl sang almost like she was a spirit from a horror movie making the earthlings pale, begging Risa to get on her knees and apologize while the light brown-haired girl shook her head furiously to clear any doubt from the little girl's mind.

The whiskered blonde laughed without meaning it, feeling that his little sister was slowly becoming even more defensive about him before turning around to his friends apologetically. " Yeah, so here you have, my little protector."

" W-We can see that." Rito managed to say after gulping. ' Thankfully, Ren and Saruyama aren't here for now. Otherwise, they would be dead.'

" I already told you all before to be careful with your choice of words in front of Becky." Momo sighed, shaking her head lightly since they took her advice as a joke. " She is fairly defensive over her prince. Aren't you?"

" I am want to see him the happiest." The little girl's fuming mood got quickly erased when the princess's pulled her nose jokingly, enjoying the princess's petting. " Ouji-sama should be smiling nonstop."

" Right, right? Senpai looks the cutest when he does that!" Mea exclaimed, forgetting to keep a personal space from the girl who was quick to remind the red-haired girl to maintain it as she placed her foot on Mea's face and pushed her away.

" Fangirls are not allowed near Ouji-sama. You are all too crazy with all your stalking." The blonde girl almost growled as she remembered past girls who tried to get his attention while they took pictures of him without permission. " Go bother someone else."

" Eh? I don't know what that is, but I do love Senpai." Mea shouted, putting a hand on her chest to prove to the little girl that she was sincere, making the whiskered blonde gain a pink hue of his cheeks.

The girl looked without life as she contemplated the red-haired girl like she had lost all hope in humanity. But the alarms rang in the blonde's head when she saw the face of her big brother. " Yes, police? I want to report a stalker here at the-"

" What are you doing?" Naruto exclaimed, grabbing his phone from her hands that the girl took from his pocket in an instant before she dialed the number for the police. " There is no stalking going here!"

While the blonde tried to explain what was going and that the call was just nothing to worry about, the earthlings couldn't help but sweatdrop when the girl motioned with her hand as if she was watching the red-haired girl.

" It looks like it won't be possible for any of you to get near him." Nemesis giggled into her hand at Mikan, who felt her eyebrow twitch at the tease.

" That works for you too." The petite girl reminded the weapon master, trying to stay calm but failing at the moment.

" There are tons of sweets here to eat. I will be pretty busy anyway." Nemesis shrugged her shoulders, eyeing the candy apple on the hand of the earthling suitor's little sister. " And I also will be enjoying your expressions during the night."

" Will there be any taiyaki?" Golden Darkness's head snapped in an instant as a glint appeared in her eyes.

Sighing, ignoring how the dark-skinned girl was still giggling to herself, she smiled with ease at her blonde friend. " There should be in some of these stands. We can also try something else if you want, Yami-chan."

" Then we should get going." Nana grinned while people passed then. " Everyone is here already."

" That's right! I can't wait anymore!" Lala exclaimed, pushing the girls towards the arc in the stairs. " Maybe we even get to see some people we know here!"

Naruto's friends began to walk forward, and the former shinobi followed them after sighing and hoping that there would be no crazy antics for the night. The teenage boy watched how his little sister was munching quietly on her apple, gazing to the shops with a curious eye, mentally deciding which one she wanted to approach.

" Do you like your candy, Becky?" He asked the girl, who gave him a big nod, making sure to don't dirty the clothes of her prince. " You can only eat one more, okay? Nee-chan would kill me if I let you get full only on sweets."

" Ehhh? Only one more?" The blonde girl looked disappointed before she squinted her eyes, trying to think of something. Then when an idea came upon that little head of hers, she raised a finger to negotiate. " What do you say if instead of two, I get four?"

" That's double of what Nee-chan is letting me buy you." Naruto laughed at her cute attempt to change the rules.

" Not really!" She shook her head, gaining his attention. " I get four, but you eat half with me on all of them. This way, I can try more things, and if you check, I am still eating only two."

The whiskered teenager tried his best to suppress the smile that slowly formed on his face, but by how his lips twitched, it showed that it didn't work. The other listened carefully at them, and they couldn't negate that it was the most adorable thing they ever heard.

" Since when did you became a politician?" Naruto laughed while she kept munching on the apple, waiting for his response while she gazed at him. " That might work. Nice thinking, Becky."

" So here you have. Help me out!" The girl raised her arms to place the candy in front of her prince's face as he took a bit from it. " I'm still didn't decide what I want but now it's less work."

" Don't focus too much on that. I am sure you won't make a wrong choice with whatever you want." The whiskered blonde calmed her down since she looked like a robot scanning the streets and smelling in the air to see if she would detect something new. Then a mischievous grin appeared on the teenage boy. " Anyway, Nee-chan didn't say anything about games, so we can do all of them if you want. What do you say?"

The blonde girl widened her eyes in realization before pointing a finger forward. " Let's go, Ouji-sama! We have a lot to do before we go to the temple!"

" Nyahahahahhaha!" The two blonde siblings maniacally laughed since they thought they managed to best the director, finding the loophole. The rest sweatdropped at their energy as they ran from one place to another to check what would be the funniest thing to do.

" There they go." Momo giggled amusingly into the palm of her hand. ' There is almost nothing better than seeing Becky and Naruto-san all that happy while they are together.'

" They are attracting a lot of attention." Yami commented, gaining the youngest Deviluke's attention. The people on the streets turned around to check the two blondes checked everything giving only five seconds to each place before teleporting to the other. " Won't people realize that it's him? It's already strange that they didn't notice since he is so famous."

" That's right." Nana joined at the assassin's side, who had a bag full of taiyaki already on her arms. " And didn't you tell me that he doesn't want to show any of his powers to the little girl? It's not like he can escape that easy if he doesn't use them."

" I'm glad that you are beginning to think more maturely, Nana." The younger twin smiled slightly, gaining an irritated look from her sister. " But you don't have to worry about anything. Naruto-san has everything under control. And I am keeping an eye open meanwhile to make sure nothing ruins their time."

" I don't think that is the answer." The brown-haired girl commented, making the princess blink. " Naruto would hate if you are worried only about him. If he notices you are not having fun, that too will be something that bothers him."

Momo hummed softly in appreciation since the petite girl was looking out for her. Slowly the brown-haired girl and she were getting even closer, something that she was beginning to adore. " You are right, Mikan. I was too focused on them, and I didn't realize that this could have been a slip-up on my part."

" It was just a heads up. I know that you would hate if anything could ruin this day." The brown-haired Yuuki admitted. " And I wanted to see you enjoy this like all of us are doing. You already do too much for all of us."

Of course, the petite girl knew that some of the times, it was all to make sure that the princess's plans went along nicely, but she could always feel that there was something bigger behind all of that. The youngest pink-haired girl wanted to make sure that they were all happy and content in the house.

" Naruto-san is right. We are so lucky that you are living with us, Mikan." Momo winked at her, who waved her hand dismissively.

" It's the least I can do to repay everything you and Naruto are doing for us." The brown-haired girl said before feeling a bit depressed. " He doesn't even let us pay for groceries. Not even once in a while. And there are way too many people living with him."

Seeing the worried expression on Mikan's face about money matter, the princess commented to her how their financial situation was. " You don't have to worry about the bills. I did numbers, and we are even in a better situation than we were before, even if we are more people in the house. His last work with Kyoko went better than we could ever expect, and Naruto-san has another photo shoot in the next few days."

" Momo's phone has been ringing nonstop." Nana commented, remembering how it vibrated even when they were in classes. " She has been rejecting some of them, but Naruto is getting offers from everywhere."

" He even received calls to work on other countries." Momo pointed out, making the brown-haired girl widen her eyes. " So don't worry. Even if he is the only one working, Naruto-san got settled for life. At least till he becomes the emperor."

" Really? From where did they call?" Mikan asked, stupified.

" Mmm, there were from almost everywhere but mostly from Europe. I think that from Italy, we got tons of calls." Momo said while massaging her chin to remind herself precisely the companies. She did receive way too many calls for her to keep track of without a paper.

" Why did you reject those?" Nana almost whined at the lost opportunity since her twin didn't explain it to her before. " I wanted for Naruto to show us many more things on this planet."

" Because Naruto-san would have to go six months away without any of us and working from the morning till night." Momo remarked dryly. " Even if I was against it, I did tell him about it since it's a huge chance. But he said he didn't care about money if he had to go away from his friends, just for some modeling."

" Y-Yeah. Then it isn't that worth it." Nana admitted massaging the back of her head. " I-I mean for him! It wouldn't be boring for the perverted beast to stay close in a room just working. We all know he would feel like getting tortured."

The youngest of the princess sighed at her twin's rapid excuse to maintain her pride before shaking her head amused. " You are always the Tsundere we all love."

" Will you stop calling me that?" Nana snapped before grumbling when people began to look at them. ' Calm down before we make trouble for Naruto. I don't want to ruin anything for him.'

While the middle princess kept her nerves in check, Momo was eyeing the brown-haired girl who had a smile present on her face. She did not doubt who was responsible for such expressions on her. It was the same author of her owns, after all.

" Naruto-san will always choose us before anything else, Mikan." The youngest Deviluke called, receiving a dreamy sigh. " There is no quantity of money sufficient in the universe to make him even doubt about it."

' Momo-san is right. He loves all of us like family.' The petite girl was about to say something but contained herself. It was only the spur of the moment. " Anyway, it's a pity that we couldn't go to Europe. I always wanted to see Venice."

The twins did realize that the Yuuki girl wanted to say something else but decided not to push. In Nana's case because she understood how it felt being the one teased all the time, but Momo was different. The youngest did promise herself to don't press on the girl any more than Nemesis was doing.

" There will always be more job offers as time passes. We only have to wait for a decent one." Momo explained her strategy as a manager. It would be counterproductive to accept the firsts offers anyway. The companies wanted him that much then they would have to pay for it as he deserved it. " We also have Onee-sama's portal. We could go for a weekend anyway."

" Oh, that's right. I completely forgot about that!" Nana's eyes shined as Mikan's did. " Neh, I heard about a city that's called Paris, and I want to see it! Can we go? Can we?"

" And Egypt!" Mikan joined the pink-haired girl's petition. " I saw some imagines, and it has to be spectacular!"

" Alright, we will see what we can do." Momo placed her hands in front of herself to calm the girls. " I will try to arrange something with everyone. I am sure we all want to travel a bit now that we have some pace."

" Yes!" The girls jumped on the spot high fiving between them before Nana came up with another use for her sister's invention. " We went to our family beach last time, but there are tons of others planets that I want to show you guys too."

" I can't wait to see them then!" Mikan nodded eagerly at the idea. If the other day it was that fun, then there was no doubt that they would also enjoy whatever else they would come up with next.

While her twin and the self-proclaimed main chef of the Uzumaki household commented about their ideas, the youngest princess couldn't help but turn around and watch at her boyfriend as he laughed childishly with the little girl in his arms.

' I wish that this peace would last forever for all of us.' Momo thought before placing a hand on her heart while a pink hue appeared on her cheeks. ' But above anything else, I want to protect your happiness, Naruto-san.'


Time went on, and now the former shinobi crouched down the like the little blonde girl did, deciding to come out of his holding for a bit to play the game that she was so concentrated on since she couldn't manage to get the prize that she desired.

It was already her third try, and on that bath filled with water where the fishes swam freely, she tried to catch at least one of the orange-colored goldfishes. Those damn nets got made to break with nothing. But the blonde child refused to give at the moment, while she had a tongue out in concentration, looking predatory at the animals.

Meanwhile, the whiskered blonde had a hand on his face, enjoying the various tactics of his little sister to manage to grab one of them. At that moment, a girl sat next to him, gaining his attention, while she eyed the center of attention on this event.

" It seems Becky won't give up till she manages to get at least one." The blue-haired girl said with a warm expression on her face. " She reminds me of you, Naruto-san."

The Jinchūriki had to chuckle since it was undeniable. " Nee-chan says that all the kids want to become like me. But she takes it to another level. I'm still not sure if that is a good thing."

" It is a wonderful thing." She reassured before getting a feeling of dread. " Though I do hope that they won't jump into something dangerous at first sight."

" I didn't do any crazy of stuff in front of the kids." The shinobi scratched his whiskers marks in thought, trying to recollect a time where he jumped the gun in front of his siblings. Thankfully there were none. She was right. They would imitate him in any way. " Mum already wanted to murder me every time I got hurt. If anybody else did what I did, she would have skinned me alive because of my bad influence."

Haruna smiled with a hint of sadness at the reminder of such a wonderful woman. The lament of the blue-haired girl was that she never got to meet her. But that she could raise such precious kids in a building full of love made her admire the director, thanks to that.

" Yumi-san loved you dearly." She commented, passing a finger to the bracelet on her childhood friend's wrist. " I wish to become someone like her someday. From what I heard, she was like out of this world."

" Yeah, she was. You are not that far from what she was." Naruto praised, never taking his eyes off the little girl in front of him that gripped her fist at the fishnet handle before asking for another try. The blue-haired girl gazed at the boy thanks to his compliment. " I have to thank you for what you did for Nee-chan and the kids while I was in a coma. You and Momo really did us a solid with that, Haruna-chan."

His childhood friend blushed at his words, finding interesting the sand in front of her as she traced a finger on it to seem like it wasn't a big deal to her. " I did what I thought was needed to get done, Naruto-san. Though it was Momo-san's idea to go check on them in the first day."

" Momo, uh?" The former shinobi sighed in content, learning something new from her. He didn't hear about that part till now since the blonde director only told him that the girls went to give them a hand. But it wasn't that surprising. There was a reason why he was head over heels for the pink-haired girl. " That doesn't mean that it counts anything less what you did, Haruna-chan. The proof is that Becky was comfortable around you. That is even bigger than the discovery that there are forms of lives out of this planet."

The blue-haired girl had to giggle at the dramatic gasp at the end of the sentence of Ashura's reincarnation. " Who would have thought, eh?"

" Not me for sure." The whiskered blonde admitted. " I always thought that people who believed about that were a bit nuts."

" And yet you did believe in ghosts, Naruto-san." Haruna teased, pushing her shoulders against his.

" I don't believe in ghosts I said that I have a bit of respect for those kinds of things." Naruto corrected her, who shook her head amused.

" You can produce nuclear bombs, and you are still scared of those stories?" Haruna asked, almost in disbelief.

" It's not the same, Haruna-chan! It doesn't matter how strong I am if I can't hit them!" The Jinchūriki whined before shivers ran through his spine. " I don't want to even think of seeing one at night."

The blue-haired girl exploded in giggles while the whiskered blonde flinched at her reaction, realizing that he came out across as a scary cat. After a while that the teenage boy tried to recover some of his dignity, a little blonde girl pulled one sleeve of his kimono to gain his attention.

" What's wrong, Becky?" Naruto tilted his head while the girl avoided his gaze.

" I didn't manage to get one, Ouji-sama." The girl said, pulling her head down a bit ashamed. " I got a bit mad that I couldn't get a fish, and I spent the money you gave me."

" Mmm, that's a bit of a problem, isn't it?" Naruto mused, observing how his little sister would react. But from the looks of it, she already knew what she did wrong.

" I'm sorry, Ouji-sama." The little girl played with the curls that reached her hips while her feet traced the sand. " I didn't want to lend you down. But I did when I spent everything just here."

' She is the cutest thing ever.' Naruto and Haruna simultaneously thought as they closed their eyes with a hand on their hearts, feeling that she was stealing it from them.

" Money is not the most important thing, but we need it to survive, Becky. Do you see that you have to keep an eye on it if you don't want to have trouble later?" The Jinchūriki lectured her gently while she avoided his gaze.

" H-Hai." The little kid nodded. " I'm sorry again, Ouji-sama."

" Neh, don't be so sad. You will make me cry." Naruto pouted childishly, almost gaining a smile from his little sister. " Why don't we do this? I will let you have another two tries here."

" What? Are you sure?" Becky asked, jumping on the spot since she didn't expect something like that. " I don't think I deserve it."

" Well, I think you do." The whiskered blonde retorted, making the girl blink at his words as he placed his forehead on hers. " We all make mistakes, but what matters is that we learn from them. You are even more incredible than the rest since you came forward with your slip-up and owned it."

" I only want to make you proud, Ouji-sama." The blonde girl shrugged, still not realizing what she did right.

" You never stop making me feel like that. You are becoming a real princess." Naruto winked as she glowed, thanks to such high praise. The teenage boy gave her two more coins on her tiny hands, but she only heard his words on her head. " Two more tries. Make it count, okay?"

" Of course!" Becky nodded as a yellow aura engulfed her whole body while her hair floated in the hair glaring at the tank of water. " This is the one you fishes! I'm getting you all home!"

The whiskered blonde chuckled while his little sister had the fishnet on her hand, meditating a plan of action before going to the attack.

" That was amazing, Naruto-san." Haruna called as he tilted his head, confused while she seemed to be in a trance. " You will make a perfect father one day."

" You think so?" He asked, scratching his cheeks, not all that sure about that. " I have no patience, and people keep saying that I am too childish. Those are not the best qualities for someone who wants that."

" You are sometimes that." The blue-haired girl admitted as a hard stone met her childhood friend's head since he expected her to deny it. " But what you just did is something that not many parents would have done. They would have got angry or even just left with the kid to punish them. On the other hand, you were mature and looked for the best way so that Becky would learn from her mistake."

" I think you are looking too much into that. It didn't do much. I was even worse than Becky. It's not like she had to get scolded since she is like a saint all the time." He massaged the back of his head awkwardly, feeling a bit self-conscious. " Though she gets a bit wild when it's about me."

" That's an understatement." Haruna laughed without meaning it before breathing out. " But that makes her even cuter. I wish I had a little sister like you have."

" You have Akiho-nee-chan. She is even worse than a kid." He pointed out, remembering all those times she teased him. Last time he almost got him naked on the street because she wanted him to work harder in his career. She said that it was for publicity and to get him to grow a pair. " You are the more mature one of the two of you."

" Sometimes, yeah." She had to admit that her older sister got out of hand more than frequently. " But she doesn't mean any harm."

" No, no, I know that." Naruto waved dismissively before his eyebrow twitched in annoyance. " But somehow, I'm always putting up with her crazy demands."

" Well, she does that only with people she considers family, Naruto-san." The blue-haired girl tried to explain it to him. " She does the same thing with me, but outside people important to her, she doesn't show her true self."

The whiskered blow mumbled something that Haruna didn't hear before he raised his head high in a prideful manner. " Then I suppose I can't get mad with family. Since that is what she considers me."

' He is getting shy.' Haruna giggled into her hand when the whiskered blonde tried his best to hide his flustered state. " She never stops calling you little brother, Naruto-san. You should know by now that Onee-chan is serious."

" Yeah, you are right." The whiskered blonde admitted. She did so much for him that probably she didn't even notice how much it meant for him. " It's just that it looks like she is teasing me."

' I'm sure that the one she was poking fun was me.' Haruna lamented internally. But in the end, her older sister was right. She was in love with the blonde savior. Haruna had to be thankful that Akiho wasn't petty about how right she was all those years. Instead, she was more than helpful in her little sister's inner battles. " Don't pay it any mind. It's her way of having fun."

" Tell her to play with Maroon." The former shinobi gave his friend a deadpan, receiving a half-hearted nod. Then for a second, his lips twitched upwards, considering how lucky he was to have them in his life. Letting himself go, he grabbed the blue-haired girl's hand before whispering the following words while he watched the blonde girl battle with the water. " Thank you."

The former shinobi turned around when he heard no answer from his friend to see Haruna focusing on the floor with a blush on her face doing her best to stop her trembling. His head snapped back forward instantly as blood rushed to his face but without any idea of what to do next.

' N-N-Naruto-san is grabbing my hand.' Haruna mentally battled. ' Should I do something? Maybe I can hug his arm?'

' What am I even doing?' The whiskered blonde roared internally, slapping himself but not letting her hand go to don't make it any more awkward. ' But what if this makes it even uncomfortable for her? She is not even talking!'

' Think of something! You have an opportunity right here! Don't let it go to waste!' Haruna reprimanded herself. Her sister made it clear that she had to use any opportunity she got. " Y-Your hands are so big, Naruto-san. There aren't even rough like I thought."

" I-I'm just a bit tall, so my hands are naturally like this. Nothing special." The former shinobi commented casually, doing his best to don't begin sweating. ' Calm down, will you? We are only like this because she confessed. Oh crap, she did tell me her feelings! I'm looking like I'm some playboy right now!'

However, that was the last thing that the blue-haired girl was thinking since she had a whole other train of thought as she blamed herself for not being able to be more forward.

' What am I stupid? I should have come up with some better than your hands aren't rough!' Haruna cried internally before gathering some courage to utter the following words. She already said it once. It shouldn't be that difficult now." I-I do think you are something else. At least, for me, you are more important than what a friend should be."

The two teenagers were burning red as they did their best to avoid turning their faces towards each other. The shinobi faced forward while Haruna kept gazing at the floor, squeezing his hand gently while smoke was appearing on the top of her head.

Her savior gulped, becoming extra aware of his surroundings while his heart seemed to want to play a joke on his as its pace raced. Words failed to come out of his throat. " W-Well, I thought I was the only one like that. I still remember when I clung to every word you said when we were kids."

" R-Really?" She got told that she gave him strength, as the youngest Deviluke said to her that night at the clinic. But she didn't expect it to this extent. " I don't remember saying much."

" I already told you. To me, your approval meant everything." The whiskered blonde reminded her of that night on her balcony when he showed her his powers. " You kept calling me a hero, and I felt like I could be one if I hang out with you. I felt good when we had some time together. And that's why I kept calling for you."

The blue-haired girl felt like running away, thanks to the happiness she was feeling from his speech. But there was no time for that. She had to push forward and clarify the doubts on her mind. " C-Could it be that it was like a crush?"

" A-A crush?" The former shinobi had to put all his mind to don't get petrified at what she just said. How he was about to come out of this dead-end, he didn't know. " That is a big thing, you know, Haruna-chan? I-I can't say that I ever thought about it."

The blue-haired girl felt like her soul was leaving her body as it came out from her mouth from the slap that reality gave her. ' It makes sense. Otherwise, something might have happened already. It's what I get from taking so long into acknowledging my feelings.'

When she was losing all hope from the limited amount that she already had, the trembling voice of her childhood friend rocked her world.

" But it wouldn't have been the craziest thing. You were the kindest girl that I have ever met in both dimensions. Even if I didn't remember that."

Haruna's eyes widened into an impossible length, watching how the strongest of beings was becoming jelly. Even worse than any other teenager at his age. Was she more important than a friend? Didn't he realized it, or was it only the delusional wish of a girl who arrived late to get the boy she loved?

No. What got done couldn't be changed. Right now, Haruna could only imitate him and walk forward while hoping for the best.

" I think that I would have been the luckiest girl on Earth if you did feel like that." The blue-haired girl did her best to push down her stuttering, forcing herself to don't chicken out and watch him.

' Since when Haruna-chan is so courageous?' She is one of the shyer girls that exists!' Naruto felt like melting at her choice of words. Gazing from the corner of his eyes, he found himself mesmerized by how her hair slightly flipped every time she moved. " You are gorgeous."

" Eh?" Haruna let go of his hands at that moment backing away slightly from the surprise, embracing her chest as if it was about to explode. " M-M-Me? G-Gorgeous?"

' Idiot!' Naruto roared in his mind as he heard himself saying those words seconds later. " I-I meant your hair! You have gorgeous hair! It doesn't mean that you are not! You are by far one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!"

" I-I see. You are really handsome too, Naruto-san." The blue-haired girl commented, laughing awkwardly, something that put him over the edge. ' This is good, right? It should mean something more than what he said!'

" I-I didn't mean to make you feel weird or anything, Haruna-chan!" Naruto was all over the place as his hands moved around comically. " I'm just used to see you with your hairclip, that's all!"

" I have it." She muttered almost in a faint whisper that didn't go missed by the former shinobi. Placing her hand inside the kimono, her hands trembled slightly, showing him the hairclip he bought for her months ago. " I never leave home without it."

Seeing her childhood friend's expression made the teenage girl feel like floating as she placed a hand on her chest while grabbing his hand again, never letting go of him. He was moving his lips, but no sound came out of them as his eyes seemed to burn into his memory every second of what they were living. Their idyllic moment got cut short when a little blonde girl, oblivious of what was happening, thanks to her excitement, called for her prince.

" Ouji-sama, that's it!" She called, jumping on the spot snapping the two friends out of their little trance while she showed off her prize. " I got seven of them, and I only used one try!"

" T-That's amazing, Becky! That's my little princess." Naruto exclaimed, equally surprised and relieved that she came into his aid. There was no way that it wouldn't have go to the worst outcome from that point on. But even if he tried to ignore it, he felt uneasiness inside of him that they got interrupted. ' Is it regret?'

Little did he know that the girl at his side was feeling in a similar state. She didn't feel regret about what she said. Quite the contrary, it gave her something to keep aiming for the boy who she met over ten years ago. But sincerely, she didn't know how much she could keep going without her heart exploding from all those emotions.

Anyway, she had already stolen enough time at the girl who was cutter than a button. She could keep trying to learn more about his feelings at another time. What was clear it's that nothing was lost.

" That's impressive, Becky." Haruna praised the girl, who grinned widely in return. " What will you do with them?"

" I'm bringing them home so we can have the goldfishes as pets!" The little girl shouted, doing her best not to move the bag of water too much so she wouldn't upset the animals.

" I don't know if they can last that long till we get home in that small container." The whiskered blonde said, massaging the back of his head after breathing in to regain some control over his cardiac rhythm. " Neh, old man, do you mind if we let you the fishes here and we come to get them later?"

" That's alright." The man with the apron confirmed, taking the bag from the little girl's hands, who gave it to him gently. " I can't say no to such a funny little customer."

" Thanks!" Becky grinned happily. The man never saw a kid so expressive as the one in front of her. If it wasn't for her, he could have listened a bit more to the conversations between those lovers, but it was worth it.

" Now, what do you want to do?" Haruna asked, enjoying their time with the self-proclaimed protector of the former shinobi. " Do you see something else you like? The next one you choose is my treat."

" Really?" Becky's eyes shined at that offer. " T-Then do you like chocolate?"

" I do." The blue-haired girl nodded, moved that the girl thought about her too. " Why? Did you see something like that?"

" Hai! It's over there!" Becky pointed with her fingers some meters forward before raising her arms to get into her spot again. " Let's go, Ouji-sama!"

" Up we go!" The whiskered blonde announced, placing the girl on his side as usual, before turning again to the shop's owner, who returned his wave. " Thanks again, old man! We will come in a bit!"

As they walked away quietly, the people who accompany them watched from afar the romantic mood of those two childhood friends. Not everyone had the same reactions since some got delighted by the events that transcurred. Others seemed a bit less enthusiastic.


The night was transcurring a bit calmer now since they walked towards the temple. The former shinobi walked with his little sister in his arms, each one with an animal mask in the side of their heads, while the little girl sporadically raised her arms to feed her prince.

The girl was getting used to her big brother's friends as the youngest of the princess gave them some tips to get close to her without startling the blonde girl. And it did seemed to work, but she was still a bit wary, especially of the ones who were more affectionate with the former shinobi.

" Oh, Yami-chan!" The Jinchūriki called the assassin since she was a bit behind from the rest of the group. " Are you having fun?"

" Here, Ouji-sama." Becky offered the shinobi, who took a small bite from the strawberry and cream crepe, which they bought minutes ago.

Golden Darkness had a faint smile on her face as she did every time she contemplated the fighter in front of her becoming a plushie around the little girl. " I have never have been to something like this. It's rather enjoyable."

" Eh?" The teenage boy feigned some hurt at her words, making Becky adorably giggled while she caressed her head with his chest. " Isn't it because you are here with us?"

" There is something about that too." Yami admitted, unable to contain her amusement. " Though, it seems like you two are the ones who are having the most enjoyment out of tonight."

" Well, today is something that we keep repeating every year." Naruto said while accomodating the girl on his side. " She asked me to go some weeks after we met, and we had such a blast that we kept coming back."

" I did see that you two are closer than any other person I have seen." Golden Darkness quickly replaced the word earthling since it was taboo to talk about any of that in front of the young lady. Momo drilled it into their heads to don't make a mess about it. She had to admit that not using her hair at all was a bit uncomfortable. " She doesn't come out of your arms if it's not for playing."

" Yeah, that is just us." Naruto admitted while chuckling as his adorable sister kept munching on her treat, gazing at the assassin with her head on his chest. " She has wraped me up on her little finger. I can't do anything about it."

" She seems happy with it." Yami commented, receiving a big wide grin from the little girl that showed bits of cream on her face. " You bring that kind of emotions in others."

" Of course, he does! Ouji-sama is a prince in shining armor. He has come to save the world!" Becky puffed her chest proud. " Who says that he isn't the brightest person in the world needs to get his head checked."

" Everyone has their own opinions, Becky." Naruto said while whipping her face with a tissue when she tried to lick the corner of her mouth to don't waste any sweets but couldn't manage to do so. Then, he saw the red-haired girl a bit away with the dark-skinned girl chatting with the princesses. " Anyway, it seems that you are getting two sisters too, Yami-chan."

" Indeed, Mea has begun calling me that for a while." Yami said, gazing forward to the source of her doubts while they reached the stairs to go to the temple. " I still haven't come with the understanding of why."

" I have an idea." Naruto said almost in a nostalgic sigh. " Mea-chan is probably cutting the distance between the three of you. After all, you three are the same."

Golden Darkness turned her head towards him as she seemed to catch a glimpse of what he was saying. If with the two-weapon masters they had such a link, then by logic, he was included too. " Wouldn't that make me your sister too?"

" That place is taken already." Becky hissed like a cat making the former shinobi sweatdrop.

' I feel like I got myself into a tight spot again.' The whiskered blonde thought, not wanting to enrage anybody. " It does make sense. Though it would be weird for you if you begin calling me Naruto-onii-chan out of the blue."

The joke made Becky squint her eyes, giving her best to delete that image from her head. Golden Darkness's reaction wasn't so expressive like her. The assassin had her hand in her chin before muttering that pet name seriously to see how it would feel.

" Naruto-onii-chan." Yami tasted before shaking her head. " You are right. It doesn't feel good. I will think about calling you something else."

" Ey!" Becky complained, jumping on her prince's arms before her wooden geta fell from one of her feet. " Ah, my shoe!"

" I got this." Golden Darkness stated since the little girl was stretching her arm to get her shoe that fell on the ground, and the shinobi was about to kneel to get it. It was the assassin who crouched down to get what fell from the girl and stood up to put it on her feet. It would be an inconvenience for the other two. " There you have it. Try to don't lose it again."

" Thank you." Becky muttered while the intergalactic alien put the shoe on her feet.

" Ara Ara~. Don't you all look like a happy family." They heard Risa say while she had a hand covering her mouth in a teasing manner while Mea looked almost in glee. " You three blondes all together. Wasn't it a bit early for the pregnancy?"

Golden Darkness had to do her best to avoid transforming her hair into blades to carve her a new one and get the intimidation she deserved while she twitched in annoyance. The other two blondes looked at her dryly before the youngest warned her prince.

" Stay away from her as much as you can, Ouji-sama. She smells like she would be trouble for you." Becky pointed her finger at the light brown-haired girl who seemed to have no luck with her's Adonis's sibling. " That is the kind of women we don't want near you."

Risa looked petrified at the girl's statement. It got worse when the former shinobi sighed in understanding.

" It's not like I can tell you that you are wrong." Naruto commented, receiving multiple nodes from the girl on his arms and an indignant shout from his childhood friend. " But she only likes to tease. She is harmless. Well, mostly."

" It's that how you defend me?" Risa snapped while her crush puffed his cheeks containing his laughter like he was mocking her. " You, you, agh!"

There was simply no way that she could insult him if she didn't want to feel the wrath of that angel in his arms. Though that angel quickly would change into a demon if anything threatened her beloved hero.

" Ah!" Naruto raised his head high with mockery knowing how untouchable he was at the moment. He didn't say much, but it pissed her off to no end.

' That stupid knucklehead!' Risa gripped her fist in front of her face doing her best to contain herself while pulling an eyelid down and stuck his tongue out. ' I will remember this! I'm going to tease you to no end at school!'

" But no, really, she isn't that bad." Naruto shook his head, trying to contain his laughter before he kept walking the stairs since they were near the end. " She is important to me, Becky. If you give her a chance, you will come to love her as you do with Haruna and Momo. Though she can be a handful sometimes."

" I will think about it." Becky puffed her cheeks, giving him some credit since it did happen that way with his girlfriend and friend.

When the whiskered blonde passed her, he winked the light brown-haired girl as if he was telling her that he got her back. Risa felt her face heating up, becoming like a sweet little girl who was in love that her friend Mio was beginning to tease her about non-stop.

" What? Are you staying there?" Naruto asked, confused, turning his head around from the top of the stairs watching his friends who stayed behind. " It's time to prepare our Emas." He widely grinned while Becky peaked from his shoulder.

Haruna was about to check on the blushing girl since she knew full well how much his words could impact people. But when Sairenji approached her classmate, Momioka shook her head and ran to the top of the stairs, surprising her.

" Wait for me, Naruto!" The light brown-haired girl shouted to keep herself in check as the whiskered blonde began walking to the shrine. ' I refuse to lose against any of them.'

" Shall we go?" The blue-haired girl turned around to see the youngest of the Deviluke's with a pleasant smile on her face. She had her arms inside the sleeves of her pink kimono, but what called her attention the most was that thing that she couldn't take her eyes off the whole night. And that was nothing else than the Uzumaki heirloom on her back.

" Of course, Momo-san." Haruna smiled similarly, or at least almost. There was some hint of comical depression on her head. ' It's like everyone is ahead of me by miles. Momioka-san is so forward that it leaves me behind by years on my attempts and the rest just plainly kisses Naruto-san out of the blue. I still don't understand why Momo-san doesn't mind that the others are trying to get him. She already has his symbol on her back.'

" I'm glad you are having fun with us as a family." The youngest of the Devilukes said, gaining a warm expression from the blue-haired earthling easing her mind. She couldn't help but think that the princess was as easy going as Lala.' I still can't present my idea to Haruna since she is too shy. But it shouldn't take long before I can introduce her to our little plan, and in the case of Risa, she plans to win Naruto-san over me. I should wait for a bit more with her too till Onee-sama and somebody else enter in our relationship to show her that it could work.'

The princess didn't even consider the possibility that her boyfriend would leave her for another girl. Not because of pride or overconfidence. She knew that the whiskered blonde said whatever he believed, and he did plan to marry her one day. He would rather die than betray her trust. That was one of the seems she adore about him.

The youngest of the Sairenjis began chatting comfortably with the pink-haired Deviluke while they giggled happily, making the earthling stop thinking for a second about her previous thoughts. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls saw how that innocent butterfly was entering the territory of the spiderweb. It was the same image that they all contemplated as they entered the main gate of the temple.

" Momo-chan never stops working." Mea tilted her head, placing the red sleeves of her kimono over her mouth.

" Mmm, what do you mean?" Lala asked, tilting her head confused.

" What Mea is pointing out is that Momo-hime is making sure our family grows in number." Nemesis casually commented as the eldest princess glowed at that piece of information.

" Does Haruna-chan also agrees with our plan?" The green-eyed girl was jumping in excitement. She always got along with her classmate. It would be even better if they got even closer thanks to this. " She would be a perfect addition for us!"

" Yep, I also think so." Mea agreed before turning to the middle princess. " Hopefully, you don't mind, Nana-chan."

" Why would I care about it?" The other Deviluke huffed with a pink hue on her face before mumbling. " We already talked that she would be in anyway. It didn't change much."

" We thought that you would be against it." Nemesis said while taking another bag of taiyaki to eat. " Last time, you weren't favorable at all when we proposed the same thing at the mansion."

" What I said it was that we shouldn't just let enter anybody in what we plan to do!" Nana shouted, gaining the attention of the people around them. " We would have no time with him at all!"

" You wouldn't have time with who?" Naruto asked as Nana let out an embarrassing yelp after she found herself at centimeters in front of the whiskered blonde.

" D-D-Did you hear?" Nana barked, confusing the shinobi. " W-W-We weren't talking about you!"

" I only heard the last thing you said." The former shinobi placed his free hand in front of himself defensively. " I was about to say that I would be all the time with you guys. That they would be their loss if that person doesn't want."

Nana and Lala blushed with different degrees at the praise before the middle princess jumped in again like trying to show that his words didn't affect her but not managing to do so. "W-Well, you got no choice! We live together!"

" You make it sound like it's a bad thing." The Jinchūriki laughed awkwardly, feeling lost at her outburst. " I love that you guys are with me."

The middle princess turned red as her mouth opened big while her head shook, unable to come up with something to retort him. " S-S-Shameless!" That was the best thing she could come up with in a second.

The whiskered blonde broke up in laughter, and she found herself unable to divert her gaze from how he appeared to tear up as he cleaned his eyes from such a good imitation. " You did a perfect Yui-chan. You are way too cute, Nana-chan."

" M-M-Me?" Nana exclaimed in disbelief. " H-How am I cute? No, no, you are trying to hustle me! I won't fall for that!"

' I better give her a hand before she messes up another opportunity.' Momo sighed as her twin began spouting nonsense, something clear from the confusion of her boyfriend's face. " Now that I think about it, Naruto-san. You began calling her Nana-chan all of a sudden. May I ask why?"

" No reason." The former shinobi answered, shrugging his shoulders while the middle princess seemed to be disappointed. " I just felt like it. I mean, Nana-chan sounds so cute, and it fits for her. Doesn't it?"

The grin that he gave them would blind even the sun the second that the star wouldn't wear glasses. The middle princess began shaking in the spot while she pointed an angry finger at the earthling suitor.

" Y-You!" Nana shouted, unable to keep her flustered state in check. " How can you be so, agh, I have no words!"

" Neh, Senpai, let's prepare our wishes. What do you say?" Mea intervened on behalf of her pink-haired friend, pushing her crush to the tables prepared with the wooden boards ignoring the pleads of the shinobi to calm down for a second.

The animal caretaker of the princesses lost all color since he was kept away for her own sake before she could say anything stupid. ' Why do I keep messing up everything?' She internally cried before she met the look of her twin, which practically screamed how hopeless she was.

" I won't help you out anymore. It's like you do it on purpose." Momo began walking away while Nana's arms stretched, almost begging for forgiveness.

Nemesis was the one that gave the middle princess the kill shot as she passed her, turning her head slightly with a gentle expression. " It's a pity you won't be able to join Naruto's harem with us."

" That's a real possibility considering how dense Naruto-kun is." Lala mused to herself while her little sister began crumbling. " But don't worry. I'm sure Momo was just joking. We will still help you out!"

While the eldest princess did her best to cheer up her sister, the whiskered blonde was getting distracted by the red-haired assassin.

" Wait, Mea-chan!" Naruto exclaimed, doing his best to don't fall. He didn't care about the pushing, but the last thing he wanted was that the blonde girl on his arms would get hurt. " I get it! I will walk! Happy?"

" Hehe, sorry about that, Senpai. I am so eager to do this." The red-haired girl half lied at her love interest. But she was curious about this nonetheless. ' I am learning so much with him. I feel like I'm in one of those books for children that he has in his room.'

" I get it." Naruto chuckled, now a bit calmer. " But there are cards for everyone. There is no need to stress about it."

' I don't get why Risa-chan keeps complaining about how dense Senpai is. I love that part of him.' The red-haired girl smiled gently before slightly approaching the blonde girl in his arms as Momo told her, trying to begin from zero. " I know, I'm a bit excited, that's all. By the way, Becky-chan, what do you plan to write in yours?"

The blonde girl muttered a thank you to the assassin when she took the card that Mea offered her. " I want happiness for my family."

" I love that!" The assassin exclaimed, taking a step backward to make her comfortable as she praised her. " It shows that you are Senpai's little sister."

" Hehe, I only try my best." The last part was a harvest of her work, but it seemed to have a magnificent effect since the girl almost glowed before she asked a bit more extroverted to the red-haired teenager. " What about you?"

" Mmm, I'm still thinking about it." Mea admitted before an idea came into her mind. " I planned to write that I wanted Senpai's love. But It doesn't seem fair. I will win his heart on my own way." The whiskered blonde chocked with air at her confession. " Can you help me to think about something else?"

Thankfully the girl was still high on the compliment that she didn't seem to hear the first part, so Becky nodded energetically, happy to help. " Is there something you want to buy? Like a dress?"

The whiskered blonde contained a sigh before his eyes softened, watching the two girls comment carefree about the endless possibilities to ask for the year before turning his head around, frowning slightly.

" What's wrong, Naruto-san?" Momo asked, seeing his squinted eyes as he looked far away.

Watching the girl on his arms focused with the red-haired assassin, he whispered into his girlfriend's ears. " I sensed something. It's like it's taunting me. I have to check where is coming from and from who."

She knew that if she tried to change his mind and by miracle, she managed to do so, whatever that was would be the only thing in his mind. It was also better to verify if the source was dangerous or not, so it was better to give him a hand. " I will take care of everything here. But don't take too long, okay?"

In the end, she could only hope that it was something that required his attention for some minutes and that it wouldn't ruin the night.

The whiskered blonde nodded before gaining the attention of his little sister for a second. " Becky, I have to go to a place for a second. I will come back in a flash, alright?"

" Eh?" The girl seemed to frown, thanks to what he just said. " Are you sure you are going to come back fast? We still haven't done everything tonight."

" I will be here faster than when you snap your fingers, okay?" The former shinobi promised. " I will do it as fast as I can."

" Okay..." The blonde girl muttered, not being able to hide her sadness.

" I will leave you with Momo, alright?" He received a nod, and the youngest princess smiled gently, already knowing that it would bother the little girl getting separated from her prince. It'd better not be another fricking suitor because she would murder them herself. As the princess took the girls in her arms, the whiskered blonde kissed his sister's forehead gently. " I'm sorry for this, Becky, but I have to."

" I understand." She nodded slightly, receiving a guilty grin from the whiskered blonde before he ran towards the crowd as the sounds of his wooden shoes clicked in the streets while she waved slightly.

" Don't worry. Naruto-san will be back in a bit." The youngest Deviluke reassured, accomodating the girl on her side. " What do you say? Will you help me out with my card?"

" I will give you a hand too." Mea grinned widely to distract the little girl. " We still haven't finished with mine either!"

But while the red and pink-haired girl did their best to cheer up the little girl, the youngest of the Yuuki siblings watched her crush disappear as he looked to be in some form of a hurry.

" Where could Naruto be going now?" Mikan muttered to herself, but the dark-skinned girl was the one to bring her out of her worries.

" We will know when he comes back." Nemesis said, peeking at what others were writing for their wishes. " Anyway, it will be a matter of minutes."

" You are right." The brown-haired girl breathed in for a second before she glanced at the floor. ' He looks so far away from me. What am I even doing?''


It passed some minutes since the former shinobi entered the woods. Now he was out of sight from the rest of the people. While jumped from branch to branch, the ninja gained speed to arrive where he last felt a presence. He wasn't sure what that instinct was that kicked in, but it wasn't danger that called his attention. He would call it more like a premonition.

" Aren't you just being paranoid?" The strongest of the tailed beast was talking inside his head. " You were having fun. Why can't you take a break?"

" Because if I make a mistake, it could cause us a lot of trouble." Naruto answered like it was logical, jumping high and above the trees, trying to find anything from the sky but with no luck, before he landed again on another branch and kicked forward. " We can't afford it."

" I still think that the rats here are way too weak." Kurama groaned at his annoying attitude. " The last time I toyed with that scrap when I was in your body."

" Yeah, they told me something like that." The whiskered blonde deadpanned at the fox. " But we never know. Gid put us unconscious when I went berserker, and I used six tails."

" So what? He is a bit decent but nothing else." The Nine tails said, laying on his stomach while the shinobi gained even more speed. " He cannot hold a candle against us using Six paths."

" We can't rely too much on that." The whiskered blonde groaned as they already had that conversation. " It's way too strong, and there will be situations where I can't use it to avoid collateral damage."

" That's why you are getting so obsessed with your father's jutsu?" The Nine tails asked, cracking an eye open. " I will admit that is more useful than the rest of the shit that I have seen from you, shinobis. It gives us more options."

" Exactly." Naruto sighed, finally getting on the same wavelength as his partner. "But I will keep using your power, so don't worry about that. You won't feel lonely."

" Who do you think you are talking to?" Kurama gritted his teeth in annoyance at the taunt. " Anyway, we should be getting there, but I don't feel anybody in miles."

" Me neither." Naruto admitted landing in a clear space. Turning around, he saw nothing but trees around him as he scratched the back of his head in thought. " It should be around here, but there is nothing at all. You think that they are using some kind of invention?"

" How should I know?" Kurama answered while it shrugged its shoulders. " But I doubt so. We sense life force, so I don't think there can be anything in this dimension to fool us like that."

" Agh, this is so annoying! I got no time for this!" The shinobi complained, walking forward into the clear space. Then it clicked as a wide grin appeared on the whiskered blonde's face. " What if? Yep, I knew it."

The Jinchūriki placed a hand forward when he reached the center, and he felt something metallic on his hand. Taking a couple of steps backward, he went through a series of hand signs throwing water from his mouth into the sky as raindrops fell on that space showing the form of a spaceship that was sitting in the middle of the rest.

" So the rat ran away?" Kurama guessed. " What do we do? Do we destroy it?"

" I don't think that's an option." Naruto crossed his arms on thought, trying to come up with something. " For all we know, it could be from Sephie. It will screw me if I destroy one of her ships."

" Oh man, can you stop thinking for a second how to get along with the mother of your girlfriend?" Kurama could feel the tiredness because of the love-obsessed boy. " It's like you can't think about anything else than that bubblegum. I swear that if your mindscape becomes pink, I will take your body from you."

" It's not about that!" Naruto snapped at the Tailed beast. " We can't just destroy it because we don't know where it comes from or the person who owns it. Who knows how much this shit cost?"

" Then what is your brilliant idea?" Kurama pressed.

The former shinobi thought about it for a while but gave up after nothing better came to his mind. " We leave it as it is. It's probably nothing."

" Are you serious?" The Tailed beast asked in disbelief.

" Yeah, I'm sure I just jumped the gun earlier." The shinobi admitted, feeling stupid that he came there for nothing. " If it would be something important, we would have already seen what it was."

" If you say so. I'm good with whatever you decide." The red fox yawned now that it hasn't anything to do. " I expected some decent fight. But I guess I was asking for too much."

" I'm sure something will come up anyway." Naruto chuckled at the thirst for a fight from the Tailed beast. " In the meanwhile, it isn't that boring. Come on."

" You would say that now that you are getting legions of girls that aim to steal you away from that pink alien." Kurama grinned widely as the Jinchūriki stumbled on his fight.

" Please don't remember me that." Naruto paled, thinking about the tons of trouble his mind tried to solve. Sadly, he couldn't come up with a solution.

" You make it look like you are suffering, but by what you are feeling, you love all that sentimental crap with your so-called friends." Kurama remarked dryly, making the shinobi blush madly.

" Shut up! It's not like you think! I only get embarrassed!" Naruto exclaimed as the red fox cracked up at his reaction.

" If you want to lie to yourself, then be my guest." The Nine tails said while the Jinchūriki comically gritted his teeth. " By the way, aren't you getting late?"

" Crap! You are right!" The shinobi was about to retort how wrong the fox was, but at that warning, he checked the phone and jumped toward the trees faster than lighting.


It already passed some time since the earthling suitor went to the woods to discover what was what his instincts alerted him. For a while, the youngest princess managed to cheer the little girl up as they laughed, and they worked on their wishes, but now the blonde-haired girl was becoming anxious when the minutes didn't seem to stop on the clock.

Becky was visibly fidgeting while her head turned in every possible direction, trying to catch a glimpse of a spiky mop of blonde hair. Thankfully that kind of hair color wasn't that common in that country. It saved the girl some disappointments.

Now the girl was walking, holding the hand of the youngest of the Deviluke's. It was almost the hour for the main event that everyone was expecting. Thanks to that, the aliens and earthlings gathered outside the shrine, where easily the former shinobi could find them. Surely if he would come back, he knew they would be there.

" Becky, he will return." Momo reassured once again, seeing the downcast expression of the little girl. " It's only taking a bit more time."

" I know." She nodded before frowning. " It's just that we had something special that we repeat every year. Maybe Ouji-sama forgot with how busy he is getting."

" What was it?" Lala curiously asked while crouching down to the little girl's eye level. " If it was important to you, then I'm sure it was also for Naruto-kun."

" It was something silly." The blonde girl shook her head, not wanting to give it any importance. Her prince had done so much for her that she felt like it wasn't fair to get that down for something that was only for a second.

" Did he promised you that he would do it again?" Mikan asked as she leaned forward with her hands on her knees, making her blue earrings move thanks to that. The little girl nodded in confirmation, and the brown-haired girl couldn't help but smile. " Then he will come. That's just how Naruto is. But you should already know that, right?"

" Ouji-sama never breaks a promise." Becky reminded herself before slapping her cheeks gently to snap out of her sour mood. " Sorry about that!"

" No problem." Risa chuckled at her rapid change of behavior. " But just out of curiosity, what is the thing that Naruto always does? You are waiting so much for that it makes us wonder."

Becky brightened as she explained like she was living it the first year they came alone to the festival. " At the time of the firework, Ouji-sama pulled me up high above everybody else. I couldn't walk, but at that moment, I was the tallest of them all. It made me feel so good!"

For any other person would have been insignificant, but for her, it meant the world. She didn't even say anything while they watched into the sky, waiting for the colorful explosions. He just grabbed her gently and held her high as if he planned it that way the very second the first green color invaded the sky.

" Like he read your mind at that moment?" Haruna fondly said. " That is Naruto-san's main strength."

The girls nodded in agreement at that statement since they experienced almost daily how caring the former shinobi was. It was impossible to return that infinite kindness, no matter how hard they tried, since it's like he got made to bring happiness into other's lives.

" That's Naruto for you. Only he could make so many ladies sigh at once. " Risa chuckled, placing a hand on her hip. " If he only did it on purpose." The light brown-haired wondered. Wait, scratch that. In that case, he would become a playboy then, and it would ruin everything.

" By the way, what hour is it?" Nana asked since she left her phone at home. The people were beginning slowly to gaze into the sky, and there was no sign of that earthling suitor anywhere. " It looks like it's almost ready."

" There is some time." Rito reassured, watching at his clock. " It's usually punctual, so there won't be any surprises.

" Mmm, so we wait then." Lala mumbled, sitting on the stairs while placing her head on her hand before lamenting that they didn't see anybody else during the night. " I hoped to meet Rin-chan or Yui-chan, but it looks like we had no luck."

" Better than hearing shameless this shameless that all the time." Risa groaned, massaging the back of her head. " She could learn to ease up a little. She is almost a nun."

" We could say that she protects her beliefs fiercely." Haruna sweatdropped, rephrasing her classmate's words. The Kotegawa girl was the head of the student behavior committee, after all. " But you can get along with her just fine if you try."

But the light brown-haired girl wasn't so sure about his classmate's statement. Part of her rage already disappeared towards Yui. But it's not like the student committee girl was an easy person to get along with since she was always getting in the middle of other people's business to spout nonsense about morality.

" And Rin told us that it all depended is Saki decided to come or not." Nana reminded her oldest sister. " She already warned us that she probably wouldn't come, Ane-ue."

" I know, but it's such a pity!" Lala whined childishly. She wanted to hang out with all their friends. They were having such a blast that she felt bad that the others weren't here. " Wait! Did we call Mikado-chan?"

" We did." Mea said, sitting on the red wooden railing, watching at the stars in the sky. " She apologized beforehand since she had something to do tonight. It's probably something about the clinic."

" Ah, that sure is something that we missed." Lala puffed her cheeks childishly. " I'm sure Naruto-kun would have loved to see Mikado-chan in a kimono."

Mikan couldn't help but sweatdrop at what was what the oldest princess lament. From time to time, she forgot that they were serious about that. Turning around, she spotted the blonde girl in the wooden railing too, but Momo was behind her, hugging the girl so that she wouldn't fall. There was not even half a meter to the ground, but the youngest Deviluke wanted to make sure.

' She is a bit nervous again.' Mikan thought, watching the hour on her phone. There were not even two minutes for the event to begin. ' But she is doing her best to keep her uneasiness down.'

" So Becky, in a bit, we will go get the fishes. What do you say?" Momo smiled, gently placing the dog mask on the side of the little girl's head correctly to distract her. Mikan softened her expression as she approached them, seeing how the youngest of the Deviluke's seemed to take into everyone's needs. She was becoming more and more like her boyfriend. " That nice man is waiting for us to get your pets."

" Yeah." Becky nodded while her fingers played with her obi, doing her best to don't scan the area looking for her prince. " I can't wait to show it to my brothers and sisters."

The youngest of Yuuki chimed in the conversation before patting the little girl's head, receiving a soft expression in appreciation from Momo. " You are such a good older sister. They are so lucky to have you."

" Well, now it's my turn to be the one who gives a hand when there is nobody else." Becky muttered shyly.

" I did hear something like that from Momo-san." Mikan's lips twitched upwards, thanks to the caring nature of the young blonde.

At that moment, people began to point upwards, and the sound of their voices began filling the place with cheers.

" Look into the sky! It's almost beginning!" A girl said to her date as they raised their heads.

" You will love it!" Another couple laughed.

" Naruto-san will come." Momo caressed the little girl's back before she could get anxious.

" Out of my way!" The aliens and earthlings heard a shout in front of them as the former shinobi ran through the crowd. He was wearing his cat mask so that people wouldn't recognize him, but Lala and the rest recognized the earthling suitor instantly. " As if I will ever forget about this!"

The whiskered blonde arrived where his friends were and stopped dead on his tracks, grabbing his little sister from the wooden railing and putting her high way above his head. At that instant, purple illuminated the sky as the fireworks began exploding one after another, and the little girl's eyes shined while she grinned in bewilderment as if it was the first time she saw it.

It wasn't about the colors that invaded her vision that it made her feel that way. It was her prince who would always be there for her that made her tiny chest fill with happiness.

The rest of the earthlings and aliens softened their features at the whiskered blonde before watching the sky to enjoy the show. For everyone except one brown-haired girl who couldn't for the heck out of it stop watching the figure of the former shinobi.

His kimono got almost undone as the belt barely managed to keep it together. He was slightly sweating and showed by his upper back since his clothes didn't cover it, thanks to the movements of his run that he did to arrive on time there. He would never let anybody down. No matter the cost.

" Momo-san, I want to be part of this." Mikan felt the words coming out of her chest, not taking off her eyes from the swirling red symbol of Naruto's and his girlfriend's back. The youngest princess turned her head around to watch as the shy and blushing girl had her hands in her chest. " Can I join in your plans too?"

Walking to the petite girl while different colors illuminated the temple, she grabbed the Yuuki girl's hands and warmly smiled. " Welcome to our future family, Mikan."


The night got long finished after the fireworks show ended. After bringing Haruna and Risa to their houses to make sure they would be safe, the princesses and the rest returned to the Uzumaki household with a little girl in the arms of the former shinobi. Tonight she would expend it with him as every year for this day happened.

The empress didn't seem to be home when they opened the door, and the middle princess wanted to avoid at all cost the images on her head about what her mother was telling her earlier. No child wants to have that kind of thing about their parents in their heads, and she wasn't exempt from this.

As the girls were taking their clothes off, the two boys and weapons waited in the living room since, for them, it took almost nothing to change into their pajamas before going to bed. The sound of rapid steps coming from the stairs, thanks to an energetic young child, filled the house, and the blonde girl jumped into the whiskered blonde's lap before the rest entered the living room too.

" You already changed, Becky?" Naruto asked, taking the comb from the girl's hand that she brought with her.

" Yep." She nodded, leaning forward to the coffee table, contemplating the bowl of fishes before her prince took her hair to straighten the curls. " Momo helped with the kimono."

" I already put it in a bag for when we take her back to Ana-chan tomorrow, Naruto-san." Momo commented to her boyfriend, who sat on the floor with the girl, loving his fatherly nature. " But she didn't let me comb her hair."

" Thank you for the help, Momo-chan." Naruto chuckled, knowing full well why his little sister didn't let his girlfriend help her out till the end. " No need to apologize. She was waiting for me. That's all."

" I don't let anyone near my hair that easy." Becky casually commented with proudness before she giggled uncontrollably when the whiskered blonde began to tickle her while she tried to free herself.

" Eh? But you let her hold you." Naruto grinned, stopping before she would get out of breath. " There is no need to hide that you are getting along with everyone."

" And we love her too!" Lala smiled widely while the little girl touched with her finger the crystal bowl calling her pets. " She is so fun to be around!"

The little girl was becoming more open with them during the night. They played with her, chatted, and something unprecedented happened, which was that Haruna even managed to hold her for some minutes. But it didn't end in the same way when Mea tried to hug the blonde girl since she was pushed out of the way by her feet. It would take more time with her.

' But still, Haruna-chan would make a great mom someday.' The whiskered blonde sighed in content. Before his mind could divagate to dangerous territories, the red-haired girl's voice asked for what they wanted to do next.

" Do you want to watch a bit the television?" Mea asked, grabbing the command.

" Let's watch a movie!" Lala jumped on her seat. She didn't want the day to end. " We never get to watch the one that I want!"

But while the others were agreeing, a blonde head was yawning with her head on the table, doing her best to keeping herself awake.

" You guys have fun. We are going to bed." The whiskered blonde said after finishing straighten Becky's hair. " This little sleepyhead is already way past her bedtime."

" Eh? So early?" Lala asked with a pout. " When I was a kid, I went to bed much later while I worked on my projects!"

" Somehow, I can see that happening." The former shinobi sweatdropped while the blonde girl tried to clean her eyes to remain awake. " But you guys keep having fun. I have to read a bedtime story to Becky."

His little sister's eyes shined as she nodded in expectation. " Which one?"

" Oh, that's a surprise." Naruto laughed at how she woke up in an instant. " I got a new one just for today."

While the girl swung on his arms happily, softening the expression on the teenager's faces, they began to wave, thanking her for a perfect night. But the youngest of the princess stood up from her seat and approached the blondes.

" Have a nice sleep." Momo caressed Becky's cheek with her thumb before something came into her mind. " What do you say. Do you prefer sleeping with Naruto-san or with-"

" Ouji-sama." She immediately answered. There was no need to hear the other choice she had. She would be crazy before even wanting to listen to what was the other thing on the pink-haired girl's mind.

" Or us girls." Momo laughed awkwardly for a second at the strong rejection. She didn't get the time to finish her proposal. But it was normal. Of course, she wanted to spend as much time as possible with the former shinobi. " Then I will not steal any more time for you. Have a good night."

" Sleep well!" Lala waved widely, receiving the same in return.

" We will see you tomorrow, Becky-chan!" Mea grinned, turning around on her chair to face the two siblings.

" Good night, everybody!" The blonde girl said before she went out of the room with her prince.

While the teenagers heard the steps that showed that the shinobi was going upstairs, they took each one their seat staying for a bit more since there was no school the next day.

" Let's watch something cute and fluffy!" The eldest princess proposed, getting comfortable on the sofa with her sisters.

" Nah, that's boring, Lala-hime." Nemesis retorted as her hair grew in size to take the tv command from Mea. " Let's watch a bit of massacre and blood."

" Eh? Before sleep? No way!" The green-eyed girl put her arms in a cross, jumping above the table to take command of the channel.

While the eldest princess fought with the long black hair, Nemesis giggled into her hand at the amusing scene. But then, when the others sweatdropped, already getting used to that kind of antics, the youngest of the princesses sighed for other reasons. It was something that didn't get missed by her twin.

" What's wrong?" Nana asked her sister, who seemed a bit down. " Are you tired?"

" Nah, it's nothing like that." Momo shook her head, giving a pout. " I just realized that tonight would be the first night in so long that I won't be sleeping with Naruto-san."

Nana gave her a dry look as she thought it was a more worrying matter. " You can stay one night apart from your boyfriend. It's not the end of the world."

" You say that because you haven't tried!" Momo whined, slumping on her seat. " It's like you are getting hugged by thousands of marshmallows and warm blankets! It makes you feel so loved even when he doesn't aim for that!"

The middle princess's ears twitched at that piece of information. It made a bit of sense. There had to be a reason why her sisters kept sneaking into his room at night even though he yelled every morning in the first weeks that his bed was off-limits. " That does sound good."

" Yep. But we have to find a way for you to try it, so you know what I am talking about." Momo tapped her chin in thought, receiving a mild blush from her twin. " Anyway, for tonight, you should suffice."

" What?" Nana asked after Momo hugged her.

" We haven't slept together in a while, so we can use this rare chance to enjoy it." She smiled before she became serious. " Just stop kicking me in the middle of the night."

" You are the one who keeps hugging me nonstop!" Nana exclaimed, gaining laughter from her sister.

While the rumbling downstairs went on and on, the whiskered blonde placed a silence seal on the door so that all that chaos wouldn't bother them. The shinobi did it carefully so that it wouldn't get seen by the little girl who was on the bed sniffing the marvelous scent that every new book had.

The girl sat there with her orange pajama, watching the cover and tracing her fingers on it, doing her best to avoid open the book so that she wouldn't get spoiled of anything.

" Do you want me to read it then?" Naruto asked, receiving a nod as she pushed herself towards the wall side to leave some space for her prince. " Where should we begin?" He asked rhetorically, getting in character while pushing down his tiredness.

" What is it about?" Becky asked, seeing the whiskered blonde sat against the cushions as she hugged his side.

" I wouldn't make a mistake on something like this." He chuckled, confirming her thoughts. " Of course, I would get it about what you love the most."

" Hehe, I can't wait." She said with expectation.

" Then, here we go." The shinobi opened to the first page before he cleared his throat. " Once upon a time, there was a little girl."

As the sound of pages filled the room with the impressions of the whiskered blonde's to make her giggle, she felt her tiredness disappear, remembering how grateful she was for today. She had tons of fun and met new people too. They appeared to be sketchy at first glance, but contrary to her suspicions, they were so caring.

It was true what her prince told her. She only had to give them a chance. But more important than any of that was that she got to be with him the whole night. He never let her down. Not even once. She would have thousands of examples to go on and on, but the most explicative one would be when he cured her.

She wasn't stupid. She knew that it was her prince and not any pill or something like that. She did believe him for a second that the medication would cure her, but when she felt all that warmness and love for a second, she knew that it was him the reason that she could walk again. Nothing else could come up with something gentler than that.

Becky didn't know why her prince tried to hide it and much less how it was possible, but he was the one that gave her legs back again. If he didn't want to say it or admit it, it didn't matter to her because she knew the truth.

" And they lived happily ever after."

Turning her head as he finally finished with the story with a stifled yawn, his eyes began closing, falling asleep in that position.

So taking charge, she took the book from his hands so that he could sleep without any inconvenience, and she put it on the table before turning off the bedside light.

" Thank you for saving me." Becky hugged his arm, closing her eyes, taking her much-needed rest at the side of her savior. " You are the best big brother than I could ever ask for, Ouji-sama."

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