One day passed after another, with each member of the Uzumaki household focusing on their tasks. The eldest princess kept working fascinated on whatever discovery her mind developed with ease while her parents hang out on Earth, each one for a specific reason.

The empress decided to maintain her meetings at a distance thanks to the advanced communications systems in space, even though it was something that she never did. Nonetheless, she needed to stay on the planet where appeared the next emperor. She had so many projects and so many lessons to prepare before finally take him under her wing as a teacher and nurture him.

In the case of her husband and current ruler of the planets, it seemed like he was bored and had nothing to do. If not, the other choice was that he wanted to remind the whiskered blonde of the constant threat that was his life and make a mockery of it. That earthling suitor could call himself lucky that his wife decided to get in his path to fight that blondie so that she could protect him for some time. The question was how much time the most beautiful woman in space could contain the thirst of battle from his husband.

Political matters aside, it was the beginning of a new day determined by how the sun was making itself present in the sky. Some people returned from the nocturnal jobs, and others prepared their turns to be productive for society.

In the middle of all that, a former shinobi sent from another dimension moved in his bed, with a smile already forming on his face feeling somebody on his chest whose breath impacted on his chest quietly since he wore only pants to sleep.

If he had to choose, he wouldn't be able to determine the best part of his days, but surely waking up with his girlfriend would be among the top, if not the highlight of his day.

" Did you wake up?" Naruto whispered without opening his eyes, enjoying how the sun basked them slightly as it was still quite early. Snuggling his head into her hair, he hummed with content before breathing her scent that intoxicated him. " I love you so much."

" I love you too, Senpai."

Wait a second. That wasn't the youngest Deviluke's scent, and it wasn't her voice.

Cracking an eye open, he found the red-haired assassin wearing his orange pajama top but without any of the buttons in place since he could feel her nipples on his torso.

" What are you doing here, Mea-chan?" Naruto asked in disbelief, still a bit sluggish since he just woke up and praying that it was all just a dream.

" I'm sleeping with you, of course." Mea shooked her head on his chest while her hands circled his necks. " We have been here all night to enjoy the experience of sleeping with you."

" Since when do you begin to get into my room without my permission?" The whiskered blonde laughed softly. But instead of coming from amusement, he was crying rivers inside. It was something new that came from out of the blue. When they slept in the same room after they just met, each one was on a different side of the space, but now she slept on his clothes and with him? It escaped his compression. " And wait, we?"

" Could you all tone it down? It's still early, and I was enjoying this sensation dearly." There was another voice. Another one that it wasn't his girlfriend's but rather another girl who seemed to have taken a physical liking on him over the last weeks. " If you don't talk, I can't get into it again."

" Nemesis?" The corner of the former shinobi's mouth twitched as his left eyebrow did, seeing the dark-skinned girl sleeping with a black lingerie dress at his side. " You have your room at the end of the hall."

" I declare that this one is mine from now on, and I will keep enjoying this warmth every night." Nemesis stated, pushing her head against his shoulder. " Now focus on sleeping. We will talk later, so don't ruin this for me."

" Oy, you are taking this master thing too serious." Naruto's teeth were slowly becoming sharp while a vein throbbed dangerously on his forehead as he whispered not so gently. " And what warmth are you even talking about out of nowhere? You are almost naked, and the covers and right there."

The two weapon masters found out that the sheets were a nuisance to get into the bed, so they decided to take them off completely and throw them on the floor before climbing on his body. He was more than enough to keep the cold at bay.

" Well, Momo-chan kept talking about how she felt at heaven every time you hugged her in the middle of the night, so we had to come and try it." Mea said, yawning, putting her face on the crock on his neck. " Like Lala-chan always says, we have to put that theory at test to see if it was true or not."

" Don't make it sound like it was something for the sake of science." More tick marks appeared around his face since he felt that they were giving him half-assed answers to fool him. Then the sound of light breathing at his other side relaxed him somehow since Momo was snuggling into his arm wearing a buttoned purple shirt pajama, flickering her eyes open because of all the talking. ' For a second, I thought she got kicked out so they could get her spot.'

" Isn't it too early to talk with Kyuubi-san, Sweetie?" Momo asked, not fully aware of the situation, trying to grab the covers to hide her face from the sun. Failing to grasp them, her hand moved around the bed, making a mistake of grabbing long silk hair. " Eh? What is that?"

As the youngest of the princess fought to open her eyelids, she saw red hair that could only belong to Mea. The assassin unmade her ponytail every night and redid it in the morning since it was a matter of seconds for her.

" Did you sleep well, Momo-chan?" Mema giggled into her hand, finding amusing their stupified expressions. " I sure did."

" Are you serious?" The youngest Deviluke asked with a deadpan as she instantly woke up seeing the red-haired assassin on her boyfriend's chest, hugging him naked while the dark-skinned one snuggled happily into his arm with the black lingerie that showed a nipple. ' They are just doing whatever they want without taking into account my plans. It's like they don't care about the consequences at all.'

" I only followed your advice and decided to try how good it was sleeping with Senpai." Mea smiled, ignoring how the pink-haired Deviluke was glaring at her. " But you were right. I have never relaxed like this before."

" You told them to come?" Naruto asked at his girlfriend with disbelief while the girl shook her hands defensively.

" No, of course not, Naruto-san. I only told them how loved I felt when you circled me with your arms." The youngest Deviluke said as she got put on the spot. ' And if I would have said so, then it would have been much later. Not now that it can only end with disaster.'

" That could have been too." Mea admitted, ignoring the dry look from the whiskered blonde. " But for me, it sounded more like an invitation. And who am I to decline such an offer from the youngest princess of all planets?"

" Okay, you had your fun." Naruto intervened to attempt to get them into their rooms when his girlfriend's fingers twitched almost like she wanted to jump on Mea's throat. " Now, go back to sleep into your beds. This one is too crowded already."

" You are right." Nemesis nodded, making the earthling suitor sigh in relief, thinking that they would listen to him for once. " We have to get a wider bed. It's not that I hate the closeness, but I wouldn't mind for more room for when we wish to use it for something else than sleeping."

" Oh, that's right, Master." Mea nodded, gleaming the thought. " We could let our imagination fly free with more space."

" You plan to sleep here with us from now on?" Naruto laughed without meaning it as the two weapons already invited themselves into this room without a second thought.

" I already said that I wish to spend more time with you at night." Nemesis yawned, sitting on the bed as the strap of the lingerie fell further from one side, gaining a blush from her servant as he blushed while she cutely scratched the top of her head. " I came to like a lot our time in bed."

" I'm going to practice sealing to make this room unbreachable so Momo and I can stay alone at night." Naruto said out loud, trying to hide the pink hue in his face when the two weapons began to plan to change his room freely.

" No, Senpai! You can't kick us out of your life!" Mea begged, hugging his neck tightly while her breast traveled on his torso.

" Calm down, Mea-chan! I didn't say anything like that!" Naruto said, doing his best to suppress dirty images to come into his mind.

" It's the same! You can't give us such an experience and then take it from us the next morning!" Mea pressed, standing up on his hips to look at his eyes. But he quickly gazed at the side towards the wall since her breasts bounced freely with her shirt opened. " I refuse to give it up that easy!"

" You were the ones who got into my room without permission!" Naruto snapped since the red-haired girl made it sound like he was the one guilty of that.

" Mmm, you say that, but you look like you are having fun." Nemesis said, moving to see behind Mea's back to watch the bulge on his pajama's pants. " I think your body agrees with us."

" Oh, that's right. You are hard." Mea confirmed, sitting on his erection to certify if it was true or not. " And Woah. I didn't expect something like this, Senpai."

" Stop moving!" Naruto shouted as he could feel her lower lips through his pants since she wore no underwear.

" It's usually bigger when he is fully excited." Nemesis raised a finger in explanation. " I don't know why his penis is not showing it."

" That is just morning wood." Momo sighed tiredly. " Not always Naruto-san has the same degree of erection when he wakes up but is not that difficult to make him get ready for sex."

" Don't follow their craziness, Momo-chan!" Naruto cried at his girlfriend, who realized at that moment that she got involved with ease in the sexy atmosphere.

" Then we only have to play a little bit, right?" Mea asked, taking her shirt off and throwing it aside, showing her slim figure with some long strands of hair falling in front of her. He would lie if he said that he didn't get hypnotized. " I love when you look at me like that, Senpai."

The former shinobi burned red, realizing what he was doing. For a second, his hands were about to place on the Mea's hips. ' What are you doing, dumbass? Keep calm and try to think of a way to get out of here!'

" Let me give you a hand." Nemesis wasted no time since it was clear that the earthling suitor wanted to escape. She only had to give him tons of pleasure to keep him in the place and still. The whiskered blonde's eyes widened when her hair seemed to float after she took the straps of her dress while the sun basked her skin. " Last time, you loved my adult form, but I'm sure you will enjoy even more my current one."

The shinobi felt his words die on his throat when the dark-skinned girl took his hand on placed it on her flat chest as his fingers grazed one of her nipples.

" Now you guys are just having fun on your owns." Momo sighed for a second before taking her boyfriend's chin gently to gaze into his eyes lovingly and claim his lips. " Don't forget that I am your empress, Sweetie."

The former shinobi felt his body petrify before the youngest Deviluke licked his lips, asking for permission so that her tongue could battle his. Then, slowly his mind began filling with lust as she placed her hand on his face. The last thought crossed his mind before he bitted Momo's lips, bringing her in. ' Why is she okay with this? Is this alright?'

" Ah~." A small moan escaped Nemesis after he began to play gently with her nipple. A smile graced her face seeing him giving him into his instincts. " You are even better than I thought if you can make me feel good by just playing with my chest."

" Senpai, why does this feels so good?" The red-haired girl asked, imitating the shinobi as she began to play with her breasts, never stopping the movement of her hips. " Is it because I'm doing it with you?"

But the weapon masters received no response since he didn't hear anything while he kissed the pink-haired girl passionately. His free hand went to his girlfriend's panties that he pushed aside to enter her intimacy as her back seemed to give in when the heat began to rise inside of her.

A mischievous grin appeared on the dark-skinned girl's face while she contemplated how the tail of the pink-haired princess swung behind her, showing the satisfaction she was feeling. " If I'm not wrong, this is the weak point of the Devilukean race."

" Ah~ Stop Nemesis!" Momo moaned into her boyfriend's lips before breaking apart as a trail of saliva united their mouths. " I-I can't do anything!"

" Don't worry, Momo-hime." The dark-skinned girl began to breathe with some difficulty since the pleasure was clouding her mind. Meanwhile, she played with the heart-shaped tail. " You can thank me later. For now, focus only on this."

" Hehe, Momo-chan seems to be losing her mind." Mea moaned, moving her hair in front of her when the blonde man looked at her. She would use all her weapons for this moment to break him out of his shell. " But so are we."

" K-Knock it off." Momo managed to say, moving forward toward the dark-haired girl who was on the other side of her boyfriend, as she fell with her breasts on his face from the shook of pleasure. " O-Only Naruto-san can play with my tail."

" He doesn't seem to mind." Nemesis commented as he began to suck on the pink-haired girl's boobs, making her bite her lip after gasping. " And I'm sure that I can find way too many things to do with this tail."

" I do like how she is drooling." Mea said, seeing the princess lose her ability to think thanks to the blonde's treatment and by how Nemesis licked the tip of her tail. The red-haired girl began to tease her clitoris, seeing how her crush was doing it to the pink-haired girl. " You look so sexy like this, Momo-chan."

Moans and gasps filled the room while they superficially teased each other, except for Momo, who had her head on the cushion, unable to move while she twitched uncontrollably. Somehow that the whiskered blonde concentrated so much on the princess bothered the strongest of the weapons.

" You should focus more on your master, Naruto." Nemesis breathed heavily, bringing his hand down as his fingers traced her stomach, navel and slowly reaching her pubis. " I want to receive that kind of pleasure too."

" That's not fair, Master." Mea said while the blonde's erection began to feel the wetness through his pants, thanks to the red-haired girl's intimacy. She stopped for a second her movement as she pulled his pants down slightly, taking his penis out while her pupils increased in size. " I wanted to say that I wanted some fun too, Senpai, but this is too big. Will it fit inside me?"

" I'm sure it would." Nemesis answered for him since the couple was way too distracted. " You could see that Momo-hime got used to the size sooner or later."

The red-haired girl was about to align herself with his erection before going down to meet his hips, but the princess's eyes widened for a second. She fought to snap out of the pleasure because of their carelessness.

" C-Condom." Momo managed to say, biting her lip hard, before shaking her head. " Y-You have to use a condom!"

" Eh? Do I need to, Momo-chan?" Mea asked, not taking into consideration the consequences. It was maybe because she didn't understand them or just because her needs got the best of her. " It seems like it would be a drag."

" T-Then no sex!" The Deviluke managed to glare weakly at the girl who was a mere centimeter to get penetrated. It was way too early to get a scare.

" Mmm, Naruto, are you awake?" A voice made itself present when the door opened slightly, showing the middle princess who entered the room while she looked as if she was fidgeting since she had to gather strength to enter his room. " I looked for you in the training room, but you weren't there. I woke up early and decided to give you a bottle of water. I-I did it only because I know you wouldn't get it beforehand, not because I care or anything!"

But Nana's nervousness quickly evaporated since she got petrified on the spot, watching the scene in front of her, once she decided to look up from the floor. Her twin was getting attacked by Naruto and Nemesis simultaneously, while Mea had his penis in her hand, ready to put it inside her as they stop to give pleasure to each other.

" What are you doing here, Nana?" Momo widened her eyes, taking her tail from Nemesis's mouth the second she stopped licking it while she watched the new arrival, almost as if she wanted to invite her. She straightened up, taking her breasts off her boyfriend's face as he paled, realizing the storm that was about to be unraveled.

" W-W-W-What are you perverts doing?" Nana shouted, gaining a blush that beat all records. She had her hair let down, a bit messy, reaching her hips while wearing a white tank top and green pants. " T-That's what you were doing all these days?"

" Why the hell didn't you knock?" Momo shouted angrily at her twin. Mea and Nemesis didn't understand what the big deal was.

" I-I did, but nobody answered." Nana exclaimed, taking her eyes off from the orgy for an instant after glancing at the whiskered blonde's penis. ' It's as big as it was the other time.'

" Then that means that you can't go inside!" Momo exclaimed in exasperation since it was the most logical thing in the world. " You cannot just get in someone's else room out of the blue!"

The middle princess was madly blushing while she glanced sporadically at the group. But after a bit that her brain finished confirming that it wasn't a dream, she pointed a finger angrily at the whiskered blonde. " T-That's not the important thing right now! What the hell are you all doing?"

" We were about to have sex." Nemesis blinked, beating the youngest Deviluke to answer. " You already watched the last time how Momo-hime and Naruto were having this on the beach."

" You saw us?" Naruto shouted, burning red, but no excuses came into his mind, not even a lame one. Nonetheless, he tried to explain. " I-I mean it kind of happened, you know?"

" There is no need to apologize." Nemesis intervened before he got all nervous. She still planned to keep going. " It's only natural to want to satisfy your needs."

" Like hell!" Nana shouted since the dark-skinned girl shrugged it off like it was nothing. But quickly, her mind got focused somewhere else, seeing her red-haired friend. " And Mea, will you stop touching the perverted beast's thing?"

" Oh, dammit." The shinobi rolled over, covering his genitals, looking for the sheets but finding none near to him. " Okay, everyone out of my room!"

" Eh? But why? We were having fun, Senpai." Mea whined, hugging his back while he could feel her pointy nipples on her back since she was waiting early so that they could keep going. " There is no need to worry about Nana-chan. She will join us too."

" A-As if! You are only playing around!" For a second, something that didn't get missed by the three girls on the bed, they saw how the middle princess rubbed her thighs together before she mentally slapped herself. " And you, perverted beast! Don't try to hide, and look at me when I'm talking!"

" I'm naked!" The whiskered blonde shouted. " I can't turn around now! And Mea, get off me for a minute! You are making this even worse!"

" Hehe, I can help, Senpai. It does look like you are hurting." Mea giggled perversely as her hand went to his groin to get her prize. " I will be a good girl and help you calm it down."

" Y-You!" Nana shook on the spot as she gripped her fists tightly while her brain had a short circuit from all that nakedness and sexual tension. " You perverted beast! You were only playing with me all this time! You are like a dog in heat!"

" Nana?" Naruto asked in disbelief when the middle princess began to run towards him as he had to jump out of bed and behind Mea since the pink-haired girl climbed in the mattress to get a hold of him. Somehow he felt that it wasn't going to be a loving pet in the head. " W-Wait at least till I get some clothes on!"

" You are only trying to get out of this!" Nana shouted, coming down the bed to pursue the whiskered blonde while he covered his genitals with his hands, as the three girls watched them without thinking for a second to dress up. " I-I have to show you what happens when you go around being romantic and all fluffy with every girl!"

" What does that have to do with anything?" Naruto exclaimed, almost getting to the door, confused by what the pink-haired girl was saying.

" Agh, shut it! It's all your fault!" Nana gritted her teeth, embarrassed that she was letting out her frustrations. She managed to grab hold of one of his arms seconds before her foot slipped up thanks to the sheets on the floor, making the earthling suitor fall with her. " You perverted, what?"

A loud noise filled the room thanks to the two teenagers who fell on the floor. The three girls in the bed leaned forward as Mea and Momo visibly glowed at the sight while Nemesis giggled into her hand.

After some seconds, the middle princess was about to groan, but she realized that against what she expected, she wasn't hurt. On the contrary, she was feeling pretty good.

Opening her eyes slowly, getting a delicious touch on her lips, she found herself on top of the boy she liked kissing his lips. When he got pulled back thanks to Nana, the whiskered blonde instantly reacted and took the hit, putting the girl on his chest so that she wouldn't get hurt. Now the middle princess had her eyes wide into an impossible length.

' Ah, so this is what the fuss was all about.' Nana thought as her eyes softened, feeling her chest get tight. ' It's almost like you are floating in a cloud. I like him so much, dammit.'

Now it was the turn of the former shinobi to open his eyes to find the girl looking at him lovingly. ' Why Nana looks at me like this? It's almost like Momo does when we are alone. Does she feel like that too?'

Cursing herself for being so idiotic, the Deviluke closed her hand while her fingers traced his chest, forming a fist out of impotence. ' If I only had the guts to do something more like Momo or the rest.'

When she was about to press into the kiss, her mother's voice broke the girl out of that bit of romance that she got in her life for the first time. Nana couldn't help but lament and pale since she heard the empress giggle almost in a tease.

" Oh, what do we have here?" Sephie asked, amused. She was coming out of her room, and when she passed through the hall to go downstairs, she saw the earthling suitor's door open. When she passed through there, she had to stop dead on her tracks, watching four out of the five people naked or almost and her Nana, laying on top of a Naruto who had no clothes on as they kissed. " We have to stop meeting like this, Uzumaki-kun. It's getting to be more frequent, it seems."

The middle princess separated herself from her crush, almost regretting that she didn't close the door, and that led to getting them interrupted. She placed her hands on the floor to help herself sit on his hips, letting a small yelp when she felt his erection against her ass.

" Oh, so forward, Nana-chan." Mea giggled since the red-haired girl saw how her friend was getting back to her usual flustered state. " Nothing can get in the middle of what you want, eh?"

" Well, I should be going." Sephie began to close the door, feeling out of place even though she knew that the main culprits of this moment were her daughters and the two weapons. " Like I told Momo last time, please use protection."

" It's not what it looks like, Mama!" Nana shouted to no avail, stretching her arm when the door got shut so that others wouldn't see what was happening. As she twitched for a second in defeat, she burned red again when her ass pressed on the shinobi's genitals. " And why didn't you say anything? Eh? Naruto?"

The whiskered blonde laid on the floor dead without any color on his skin the second the empress entered the door. ' There is no way I can explain this.'

" No, Senpai, don't die!" Mea shouted, coming down from the bed to hug his face on her chest since he looked out of breath. " We still have tons of things to do together!"

Someone save him.


The morning was, to say at least hellish after he managed to get dressed and go down to join for breakfast with the others. He couldn't even look at the empress in the eye or anywhere in her direction.

Only Lala appeared to be oblivious since Mikan deadpanned with the chopsticks in her hand at the two glowing weapons of the house. Momo tried her best to comfort her boyfriend, who was crying rivers, while Nana irradiated the room with her flustered state. The petite girl knew that she missed something this morning too, but it appeared that the youngest Deviluke had nothing to do with it, thanks to the glare she directed to Mea and Nemesis.

Now, as it was the second hour of the classes since school began, the Jinchūriki had his head, laying on the table with a book in front of himself to hide how he was freaking out. It had been some minutes that his classmates began cheering and shouting at something, but he couldn't care less of whatever it was since the only thing on his mind was his belief that his relationship with the empress would become restrained, even though he was wrong.

' I fucked up big time!' The shinobi roared on his mind. ' Sephie got to see me and the others like that!'

He couldn't just put it under the rug and laugh it up as if it was nothing. He not only had to work with his relationship with Gid that was almost nonexistent but now he expected the worst with the pink-haired woman. That she would look at him like he wasn't worth it of being with her youngest daughter.

Though something else was more pressing, and it was what he didn't want to confront by any means. He wasn't a coward, and that was something that he got pride in since long ago, but this matter had a small voice on the back of his head that tried to make the shinobi take a peek at himself.

' But I let myself go this morning. I can't deny that. And what is even worse is that I liked it.' The whiskered blonde hit his head slightly with the table as a punishment. ' I love Momo. Then why the hell do I feel like that with the others?'

In the middle of the shinobi's inner turmoil, his childhood friend seated at his side couldn't focus at all on the classes seeing him in such a state. He already looked like he lacked life when the blonde entered the room, even though he tried to hide it from them with awkward conversations while the eldest princess hugged his arm lovingly. Now, he groaned as he tried to keep himself in check while battling on his own with whatever he had on his head.

' Did something happened?' Haruna couldn't help but think as she glanced sporadically at her side. ' If it did, it had to be this morning. Yesterday we were sending texts to each other the whole day, and he seemed to be so cheerful.'

Meanwhile, the whiskered blonde didn't realize the looks he was receiving from his classmates since he was still going on about his feelings towards the other girls. ' Momo did say that she doesn't care to share. But it wouldn't be fair for her or anyone else. And I don't even want to think that this could wrong and losing her because of this.'

There were way too many risks. And not only that. But how was the shinobi supposed to explain it to the family or his friends? ' It's not like I can tell Nee-chan and Becky, oh look, I got four or more girlfriends. They would look at me like I'm a womanizer. I would lose all the love from my siblings!'

The stress was increasing inside him since he began to think about the possibility that he could like several girls simultaneously. Maybe it was only a little confusion since they jumped on him on every occasion they had. After all, he didn't feel with the others like he did with his girlfriend.

' Though my heart races like crazy anyway.' The shinobi deadpanned at his book. Then when the last string snapped, he sat on two legs of the chair as he balanced himself while messing his hair wildly, not caring anymore about what the others could think. ' Ah, dammit! Why is everything so freaking difficult? If I could only ignore everything, it would be way easier!'

' I wonder what that knucklehead is thinking.' Risa thought while sweatdropping at the acrobatic stunts that her crush was performing in front of everyone. ' I can't help but think that I'm somehow involved too.'

If only the light brown haired knew. But Risa wasn't still aware of the plans going through the minds of the princesses and the others to get a part of Naruto's love. She felt guilty for one side because of the youngest princess since she wanted to steal the blonde for herself, but she already was performing a titanic effort to don't jump on his arms.

She had been in love with him for almost a decade. Since the day he approached her at the park when she hurt her knee. For her, it was undoubtedly the second that he carried her on his back that he managed to steal her heart. Even if she was so young, she knew that she loved him. ' I can't just give Naruto up that easily. It's stronger than me. I'm sorry, Momo-chi.'

While the light brown-haired girl mentally apologized to the princess, her class began clapping at the super-powered boy thanks to his sense of equilibrium. It was a sight to see for them as the teenager whined childishly about whatever was troubling him.

' At least stop thinking about the kiss with Nana-chan or what I was doing with Momo and the others before she came!' Naruto reprimanded himself before one of the two legs that supported him slip up, and he found out in an instant that he was watching the ceiling. " Crap."

" Are you okay, Uzumaki-san?" Rito asked after he heard the hit that his classmate received on the back of his head. The table that got located behind him didn't break his fall at all but made it worse.

" It hurts!" The shinobi yelled, grabbing his head while rolling on the ground comically as if that would make it better.

" What? Do you want to become a comedian?" Mio broke in laughter, receiving a sweatdrop from some of her classmates. " I have to say you have a talent for it!"

" It's not funny, Mio!" Naruto roared, kicking the air, massaging the spot where he got it.

" Etoo, are you okay?" The voice of a woman he never heard before helped to snap him out of his pain for a second while he looked at his side.

" Yami-chan?" Naruto asked in disbelief, watching the blonde assassin who crouched down and offered him one hand. But why was she looking much older? " What are you doing here?"

" I'm sorry, but I think you got the wrong person." The green-eyed woman laughed awkwardly. " I'm your new teacher."

" Eh? Did I get hit too hard?" The whiskered blonde asked to himself, sitting on the floor while massaging the back of his head.

" Do you feel like vomiting? You can go to the nursery if you wish." The Golden Darkness look-alike said, getting worried that he had a concussion.

" No, no, it's alright." The shinobi waved his hand in front of himself dismissively. " It's just that you look like a friend of mine, and I got confused for a second."

" Weren't you listening before, Naruto-kun?" Lala asked while tilting her head. " She has been in the class for almost thirty minutes."

" Oh, no, yeah, of course, it's just that seeing her that close it made it come into my mind now." Naruto feigned some laughter, something that everyone could see through.

' Of course, he wasn't paying any attention.' The class thought as they gave him a dry look.

" Nobody is buying it." Mio smirked, making the shinobi's eyebrow twitch in annoyance. " You are cute, but you suck at lying."

" Thanks for the compliment." Naruto said sarcastically at the girl with the glasses. " But you could keep some of your thoughts to yourself, you know?"

" Nah, I like it more if I can bother you a bit." Mio smiled from her seat. " You make the classes more fun."

While her student fought to push the annoyance down, she had to contain a giggle thanks to his outgoing behavior. " Now, if you are sure that you don't need any help, can you sit in your chair? I have to keep going with the material."

" Ah, yes, sorry about that." Naruto snapped out of it, grabbing the hand that his teacher offered him but asking him something that kept roaming in his mind. " By the way, what is your name, sensei?"

" My name is Tearju Lunatique." The blonde woman smiled. " I'm eager to be your homeroom teacher."

" Mine is Uzumaki Naruto!" The whiskered blonde widely grinned before scratching his whiskers marks at the following sentence, as her eyes widened thanks to that name. " Bear with me a bit, please. I'm not that good with the classes."

" You already have a girlfriend! Stop flirting with every girl you find!" A male from his class shouted.

" That's right! We deserve some too!" Saruyama agreed with indignation. " You should have respect for Momo-sama!"

" I do, idiot!" Naruto's head quickly turned to them after sitting on his chair, receiving even more booing from the male classmates. But they got silenced with ease when his teeth became sharp in a threatening way. " And wash your mouth before you even talk about Momo."

The shivers that they received were excellent to keep their focus on the board. Though, it wasn't only thanks to that since the new teacher they got this morning was drop-dead gorgeous. In so little time, it already formed two groups that fought over who had the sexiest body if the nurse or the blonde teacher.

' So it's him.' Tearju thought, writing on the board without turning back. When she saw that name on the list, she had some doubts, but when he presented himself together with the presence of the eldest princess, it confirmed her insecurities.

At the same, the shinobi put his arms on the table, watching his teacher with the long blonde hair that reached to her knees. ' It can't be just a coincidence. I have to talk with Yami-chan after classes.'

" I thought about the same thing too, Uzumaki-san." Rito called, seeing the squinted eyes of his classmate. " But I doubt that she is an enemy. She wouldn't come to classes only to fool you for the competition, right?"

" Yeah, you are right. I'm getting paranoid over nothing." Seeing the expression of his orange-haired friend, he pulled out a grin to ease his mind. " Anyway, you have me protecting your back, so there is nothing to worry about."

" That does help a lot." Rito chuckled, receiving the same reaction from the shinobi.


Thankfully, half the classes finished, and it was time for the lunch break. As the whiskered blonde excused himself rapidly from the classmates at the first instant that he heard the bell ring, the shinobi ran through the halls to go outside the building. It was all to confuse whoever saw him since he went to the backyard to jump high to a specific window.

When he landed on the corners of that aperture, he could see that thankfully there was no one in that room except for a gorgeous black-haired woman who sat in her chair wearing a white coat.

" I have to say that I'm glad I let it opened if that makes you visit me, Naruto-kun." Mikado giggled, turning her chair around to see the tired face of her favorite student. " Oh my, something wrong?"

" Nah, I just need some space." The shinobi admitted, sitting on the cornice and placing his back against the wall. " Maybe I could stay here for the lunch break? If I don't bother you, Nurse-chan."

" You could never be a nuisance for me." She reassured, gaining a chuckle. " But I have to say it makes me so happy you decided to come to me. You always manage to make little old me's heart fluster."

" Please, just five seconds without teasing." Naruto cried since he felt his cheeks burning up. " I had already way too much this morning."

" Let me guess. Was it Momo-sama, Nemesis-chan, or Mea-chan?" Mikado smiled, receiving a sigh as an answer. " A combined attack from the three of them. They are improving their tactics, as I can see."

" Yeah, something like that." Naruto said, messing his hair, before admitting his insecurities. " And I'm getting more and more confused with what I should do."

' So they are managing to crack him up a little. Whatever they are doing, it seems effective.' Mikado smiled gently, feeling a bit of empathy for the earthling suitor. He was as joyful as ever, but she could see some strain on his body. " Why don't you take this time to sleep a little? The beds are free, as you can see."

" Are you sure you don't mind?" Naruto asked while humming while he had a hand on his neck as he moved his head. " It would help me a lot."

" My clinic and my nursery are always open for my favorite student and the future emperor." She motioned with her hand, giving him free room. She would cut down the flirting for a bit for his sake. " I will make sure nobody disturbs you on these minutes."

" Thank you for that, Nurse-chan." The shinobi said, laying face down on the white-sheeted bed, snuggling into the cushion. " You never stop saving me."

" I'm only doing my job as the future personal doctor of the next ruler of the galaxy. Well, we haven't talked about it yet. But I don't think you would mind that since I haven't received any complaints from you." Mikado smiled while she began writing on her charts. But as she heard no response and only a bit of heavy breathing, she turned around to see how his chest moved since he already fell in the worlds of dreams. " Mmm, it's a pity you didn't hear me. I was aiming for you to agree with it to give me that position."

Her giggles filled the room as his lips twitched upwards, thanks to that melodic sound. She felt how the warmth grew on her chest since he seemed to love to be around her laughter.

" It isn't nice to make an older woman feel special without trying, Naruto-kun." Mikado reprimanded softly as her finger poked his cheek while he snuggled into her hand, enjoying the tickles. " Aren't you a sweetheart?"

The black-haired doctor had her hand reposing on his face as she became hypnotized by his facial features. She stayed like that for a while before shaking her head, letting him gain a bit of rest.

' I am getting too attracted to him. He is just a student and someone I support, nothing else.' Mikado sighed at her antics but failing to stop glancing at the whiskered blonde who was reposing at her side at mere centimeters from her table. ' He is too young, and he has tons of girls behind him. I'm only an auntie.'

Her features softened, remembering his words after they came out of the orphanage once the little blonde girl got cured. ' Someone as gentle as him and of his caliber can have all the girls he wants.'

She began writing after slapping her face gently to work on the patient's charts while she enjoyed his adorable snoring, basking in the sun lights. It was an oddly warm day since it should be getting colder.

She was about to say strangely, but there was nothing uncommon of how she felt more relaxed every time he was around her. The minutes seem shorter, and the problems immediately diminished into minors setbacks. ' I can only hope you visit me more often.'

After a while that the black-haired doctor worked, she heard some slight knocking on the door, making her grab the curtain to hide the shinobi, in case someone was looking out for him as it didn't even pass five minutes since he fell asleep. But she was proved wrong as the door slightly opened, showing a blonde woman shyly asking for permission.

" Can I come in, Mikado? The students are a bit too excited to see me." The green-eyed woman stood out before her friend motioned for her to feel at home in this place.

" I see you are still as lucky as always, Tear." Mikado giggled into her hand, turning around with the chair.

" How any of this is lucky?" Tearju comically cried before she saw her friend put a finger in front of her mouth to motion the teacher to don't raise her voice.

" I'm sure a lot of women would like to have the capacity to enjoy touching other men without even trying." Mikado shook her head amusingly before turning her head to her student that the blonde woman was contemplating. " He is only sleeping. Naruto-kun has too much on his hands, so he asked me to hide him for a while."

" So you know him personally, Mikado?" Tearju asked, making sure to don't exclaim or do anything that would wake up their student. " He is the king of Earth, isn't he?"

" That's what they began calling him?" The doctor raised an eyebrow at that new piece of information as she received a nod. " Well, he is the strongest for sure, but Naruto-kun doesn't rule this planet or intends to by what I know."

" I only heard that thanks to the rumors going on in space." Tearju explained, sitting on the railing of the bed where the shinobi slept. " But you didn't tell me anything about him, so I got pretty lost with the situation."

" You arrived three days ago with your ship." Mikado remarked, putting a brand of hair behind her ear. " I didn't have much time to fill you up with everything since you wanted to teach at this school. Thankfully we have a very understanding director."

" He didn't even ask for my curriculum. He just saw me and began chasing me to convince me to come to this school." Tearju shivered, remembering how she wished that she could run faster. " You could have alerted me too!"

" Where would be the fun on that?" Mikado asked, leaning on her chair, ignoring the dramatic plea from her friend. " Anyway, you wanted to come to this one for a reason, right?"

" You are right." The green-eyed woman nodded. " This is the only place where I can manage to get a contact with her."

The black-haired doctor remained in silence for a while, raising her head to the ceiling meditating for a second. " I don't think that the key for that to happen is the school. But rather a person."

" Eh? What do you mean?" Tearju asked, getting confused before her friend pointed to the earthling suitor. " Him? Then, is it true that he is close with Eve and the rest of the experiments?"

" Yes, they are." Mikado nodded, stupifying the green-eyed woman. " I'm sure that he already recognized you thanks to how similar you look to her."

" He did." She admitted. " For a second, I didn't know what to say. I don't think it's safe telling anybody that I knew Eve from long ago."

" Usually, I would say that you are right. But all logic goes out of the window when Naruto-kun is involved." Mikado said, poking him cutely. " Anyway, she will come to know. If I'm right, the first thing that Naruto-kun is going to do after the classes is going right to Yami-chan and talk with her about you."

" That's too early." Tearju moped. She didn't expect that things would escalate in this manner. Frankly, she didn't even know how to approach her, and she was terrified of the rejection since it was more than likely to happen. " But wait, Yami-chan? That's what she calls herself? I thought it was Golden Darkness."

" Well, that's the new name she got when she arrived on Earth." Mikado chuckled as she contemplated in her mind how little by little she was becoming less stoical. It was a sight to see. " It's cuter than her assassin's nickname."

The blonde woman appeared to be fidgetting since it all became too real in a matter of seconds. " You think I can have a chance to talk to her?"

" I think so. At least Yami-chan would hear you." The black-haired girl confirmed as the shy woman began to glow. " She is coming out of her shell rather nicely."

And while the green-eyed woman seemed to be of the clouds, her friend giggled into her hand. What they didn't realize was a little being coming out from under the beds to touch the ankle of the whiskered blonde, thanks to their chat. After it managed to get what it wanted, it quickly floated towards the door to press itself under it and go to the halls.

" Anyway, we didn't manage to talk a lot, but how is it going with your clinic? I see you have a lot of work." Tearju asked, tilting her head watching all those files. " I thought you wouldn't be able to attend so many patients since you are alone."

" I couldn't for some time, but I got contacts now." Mikado gently smiled while she began working again. " I got more equipment, and I'm receiving more advanced materials."

" I thought you had to hide. Isn't it too dangerous, Mikado?" The blonde woman asked, frowning slightly in concern.

" Don't worry about that." She shook her head before winking at her friend. " After all, I got to be friends with three potent princesses who promised me that they would act with carefulness."

The blonde-haired woman's jaw slacked at the implication. She didn't get the time to ask for more when a slight knock got heard on the door.

" Mikado, can I come in?" The black-haired doctor was pulling the curtains after she gently pushed Tearju out of the way, startling her a bit. " There is nobody else with me, don't worry."

The doctor sighed in relief, chuckling since the girl seemed to be reading her mind. " Yes, you are free to come in."

The door slipped open, showing the youngest of the Deviluke's enter before closing it right behind her. Her eyes widened when she saw the blonde-haired woman, but for now, she had something more important on her mind. Checking on the room, she quickly found her boyfriend sleeping peacefully on the bed as she softened her features. " Naruto-san is taking a break, eh? Maybe we went too far."

" He didn't complain about you or anybody else." Mikado reassured the princess, who had a slight frown as she walked to his bed. " But I would recommend to slow down your plans if you don't want him to get crazy."

" Yes, I realized that when things got out a bit of control this morning." Momo admitted with a sigh, sitting on the bed with the shinobi. But her guiltiness eased it a little when the teenage boy realized, almost magically, that she was near him. His arms moved slowly on the sheets till he found her getting close to his girlfriend while he hugged her hips. " I'm so lucky that I have you at my side."

" See? He didn't get mad at all." Mikado giggled, watching her favorite student behave like a puppy. " It's almost like you could do anything, and it wouldn't bother him."

" I still have to get better on those kind things. I want to take care of Naruto-san properly and give him what he deserves." Momo said, refusing that train of thinking before turning to her boyfriend, putting some strands of hair away to contemplate his tan skin. " I love you so much, Sweetie."

" K-K-Kiss?" Tearju stumbled on her spot with her hands on her chest, watching the youngest of the emperor daughter's claim the earthling suitor's lips lovingly before his smile grew in size. " Y-Y-You two are together?"

" So you know who I am." Momo asked with a bit of annoyance since she got interrupted. That kind of overaction couldn't be because she knew the famous shinobi. So it meant she wasn't an earthling. " I thought it was strange that you looked so similar to Golden Darkness. I didn't expect you would show it that easily."

" You are as clumsy as always, Tear." Mikado placed a hand in front of her face, hiding the incoming headache. " I don't know how you survived till now."

" I'm sorry." The blonde woman said as her shoulders slumped, unable to deny the truth. " I will try to get better."

Her comical depression came to a stop when she received shivers on her spine thanks to the youngest princess giving her an irritated and threatening look. " Now, who are you? If you came to harm Naruto-san, I wouldn't waver into exterminating you myself."

" There is no need to get defensive, Momo-sama." Mikado intervened, vouching for the teacher while the dark energy that emanated from the Deviluke filled the room. " Tearju is a friend of mine. She looks like Yami-chan for special reasons."

The glare of Momo's face softened for a bit before she sighed in defeat. ' If she was that vague, it meant that she is not comfortable talking more about it. I can't push the matter anymore if I want Mikado to keep getting close to us. I want for her to feel safe with us.'

" It's true! I came for other things, but you are all my students." The blonde woman said, placing a hand on her prominent chest. " I want to have a nice relationship with you guys."

" I don't much care about any of that." Momo countered, showing how bored she looked, ignoring her greeting as Tearju got petrified on the spot. " I only care about the safety of my friends, family, and Naruto-san. If things go south, I will immediately know thanks to who it was."

" I-I understand." Tearju said, gulping at the view. Everybody knew that she was the gentle one of the family with the empress, but it seemed that people got it wrong. " You won't have any problem with me."

" Mmm, that went well." Mikado nodded, satisfied with the result. She expected something worse if she was sincere. ' But it seems like Momo-sama does plan to get me inside the harem. That is interesting.'

' Which part of it went okay?' Tearju asked herself in disbelief, hearing her friend's statement. ' I was almost getting cooked alive!'

" Now to more important topics." The doctor said while her friend received a slap since the black-haired woman diminished the significance of how she felt. " How come you knew Naruto-kun would be here? He even jumped from outside to get here through the window so others wouldn't follow him. Did you search for others places before?"

" There was no need. I know Naruto-san better than that." Momo shook her head, smiling gently at the doctor, who returned the expression. " He values you more than an ally, Mikado-san. There wouldn't be any other place where he could relax for a bit, better than here."

" Am I that valuable for him? You would make me blush, Momo-sama." Mikado hummed, acting like she didn't know what the princess was talking about with a bit of dramatism. " I'm sure you would say that to anyone who gets along with our strong candidate."

' She is good. Mikado-san wouldn't get that flustered or impacted over some words. ' The Deviluke couldn't help but acknowledge. ' I lack the capacity that Naruto-san has. I have to let it to him talk if we want to manage that she would get closer to us.'

At that moment, the whiskered blonde began moving on the bed, tightening his grip on his girlfriend's stomach, gaining a giggle from the princess and the doctor while the teacher looked curious in the picture. After he stretched his legs, he breathed in content, realizing that she was there. " You always manage to find me, Momo-chan."

" You can't escape from me that easy, Naruto-san." The Deviluke stated, playing with his blonde locks as he liked. " I take pride in knowing how you would think. Even though I still lack in that area. I'm not perfect, but I will get better."

" What are you talking about, Momo? There is nobody like you." Naruto asked, letting himself get transported before a voice made him open one eye to see his teacher and the doctor in front of him.

" Well, aren't you two the most beautiful couple I have ever seen?" Mikado teased, enjoying their show of love. " It makes me feel a bit lonely."

" I'm sure that you a line of guys everywhere you go, wanting to flirt with you, Nurse-chan." The whiskered blonde chuckled, sitting with his feet in the bed, placing his arms on his knees. " This school is already your reign with all the guys."

" Maybe before, but not anymore since it seems like I have a rival ready to take all the attention." Mikado said, turning her head to her friend, who looked baffled at the insinuation.

" What? Me?" Tearju asked, pointing one finger at herself. " But I just arrived. How is that possible?"

" Yeah, this place it's filled with perverts." The whiskered blonde said tiredly before his girlfriend traced a finger on his jaw that made him improve his mood instantly. " But there are some that are okay too."

' He becomes jelly whenever he is around, Momo-sama. That is so cute.' Mikado thought, watching the adorable couple. " What Naruto-kun says it's true. It's only natural they will get that attracted to you with your kind of body, Tear."

" Stop saying things like that, Mikado!" The blonde woman exclaimed, trying to cover her body with her arms but not doing much, getting a sweatdrop from the shinobi. " You never change since we were at school together!"

" I'm only stating the truth. As a scientist, you should know how valuable it is." Mikado sang while her students seemed to be hearing close to their conversation. So they knew each other. " But you shouldn't worry so much. We have our dear Naruto-kun that would protect you if something happens."

The whiskered teenager pointed one finger at himself, looking for confirmation that he heard right to receive a nod from the doctor before massaging his neck. " Well, I suppose I can. It's already too weird that the pervert of the director drools everywhere he goes."

" Are you trying to play hardball?" Mikado asked in amusement. " I know you would jump with your eyes closes if she gets naked by mistake in front of everyone."

" How would that even be possible?" Naruto turned his head to the nurse, who was giggling into her hand. The dry look on his face that he gave her showed that he didn't believe her. But his teacher did confirm it.

" It's not my fault! It just happens! You know I would love to find a way to stop it!" Tearju cried, feeling ashamed of her clumsiness. " And it's not getting better at all."

" So you are like Rito then?" Naruto laughed awkwardly at how his teacher was moping with her glasses over her hands to hide her face. Maybe he could help her. " Don't worry. I will keep at bay the director or anyone who tries to get all touchy with you."

" Really?" Tearju asked with some hope forming inside her chest before shaking her head at the proposal. " But I can't depend on you. You are my student, and it should be the other way around. I don't want for you to get into trouble either."

" One more or one less, who cares? It wouldn't be that difficult anyway." Naruto chuckled while the pink-haired girl at his side softened her features.

' I'm becoming worse than a love-sick girl.' Momo thought, unable to deny how she felt around him. ' But if it's for him, then I don't mind being called that.'

The Jinchūriki pumped a fist forward, grinning widely, giving him a foxy look, and with that expression startling the teacher. " I will protect you. I don't know much about you, but you seem like a nice person. So let me give you a hand, Tear-sensei."

" Eh? Eh? I-I don't if I should. It-It can't be a bit of too much work." Tearju said, gazing away as a pink hue formed on her face thanks to the nickname she just received.

" Nah, it would take me a second." The shinobi smiled sweetly, remembering how quickly the support group of the youngest of the princesses dissolved after a small chat. " I have some experience with those kinds of things."

But the green-eyed teacher didn't seem to notice the meaning behind those words that practically screamed tortures for the poor males of Sainan high. Walking forward since she couldn't come up with something better because of her shyness, she offered him a hand. " T-T-Thank you for your help, then. Ah!"

Time seemed to stop when the teacher stumbled with her heels and fell in an awkward position. Momo was blinking at the sight while the doctor put a hand on her forehead, already used to her friend's antics. The other two weren't so composed since Naruto was blushing madly, but it would get considered nothing in comparison to the teacher who had her face on his crotch with a hand that magical went inside his shirt, touching his toned chest.

" So you are like Rito." Naruto said with an eyebrow twitching, the redness of his face never leaving, realizing the problem that he got himself in all alone. " Etoo, Tear-sensei?"

" It seems she has found something she likes." Mikado teased at her friend, whose eyes were twirling in embarrassment as she wasn't moving from the spot. " You are as forward as always, Tear."

" I-It's not what it looks like, I swear. I'm so sorry!" The blonde woman cried, pushing herself out of his lap to fall on the floor, getting into another compromised position.

" This is rather interesting." Momo commented, seeing the teacher who massaged her butt complaining about the pain while she and the shinobi could see her elegant purple strap lingerie through her leotards. " Does this always happens?"

" Only in front of handsome men." Mikado winked at the blonde after she answered the question, which got aimed at her. " It seems that you like what you see, Naruto-kun."

" Kyaahhh!" Tearju shouted, closing her legs, realizing that she was showing everything to them. " Don't look!"

" I-I didn't! The teenage boy quickly lied, gazing away at the other side of the room.

" What is your favorite color, Naruto-kun?" Mikado tilted her head with an innocent expression, receiving an immediate answer from the candidate.

" Purple! I mean, orange!" The Jinchūriki quickly corrected himself, but it was already too late. He moved his head slowly towards his teacher, hearing some sniffling.

" You saw." The teacher moped with her hands over her black skirt, hiding what her clothing was already doing. " Why my body acts on its own even in front of my student?"

" Mah, mah, I'm sure Naruto-kun would be gentle. He already has tons of experience, by what I suppose." Mikado said, reprimanding herself a bit since she promised to give him a break. ' But this is too good. I can't let it go to waste.'

" That's personal, Nurse-chan!" The shinobi snapped while the chaos in that room augmented.

Without a speck of doubt, things were going to get more hectic. And now that ninja felt that he could get some peace. Now he was getting to hate that saying of no rest for the wicked.


During the rest of the lunch break, Momo chatted with her boyfriend and the teachers, staying in the nursery. In the meantime, some minutes already passed, and some commotion was occurring in the halls of that high school.

It wasn't because of the black-haired girl who patrolled the behaviors of the male students who refused to keep a decent behavior while they watched with their perverted eyes the females. Nonetheless, she will maintain peace in this school since she took her job seriously, as the red armband showed.

" Your skirt is too high!" The black-haired student signaled, receiving an eye roll from his classmate. " It should be a couple of centimeters lower!"

" Hai, hai, wait a second." She said, already knowing that it was no use to try to talk with Kotegawa. She would put it back as she wanted when the student commitment or whatever it got called would be out of her sight. " There. Happy?"

" I'm not doing this because of that! I'm only working so that we can all maintain decency and have a respectful look in front of others." She explained, but the female students were already going the stairs waving their hands on dismissal. " And listen when people are talking to you!"

" You never stop being so hard worker, Yui-chan." She quickly turned around, hearing the voice of his childhood friend. " I wonder when you will get a break for yourself."

" I-I don't need anything like that." Yui said, refusing that proposal. She cursed her stutter, watching his friend sitting on the cornice of the window, hugging one of his legs to bring it close to his chest while he smirked with a cocky attitude. " A-Anyway, you can't be sitting there like that! You aren't in one of your photoshops!"

" Mmm, why not? I thought I would look sexy for you." The whiskered blonde said, winking as the girl stumbled on her spot. " Didn't I manage to do it?"

" T-That's has nothing to do with this!" Yui pointed a finger angrily at her childhood friend, not refusing his statement. " A-And where is this coming from, anyway?"

" I thought that you are so hot, Yui-chan." The teenage boy admitted, leaning back to watch outside, balancing himself like he didn't say anything out of the ordinary while his friend chocked with her saliva. " We both are, so maybe we could have some fun."

" W-W-What the hell are you talking about, Uzumaki-san?" Yui said with a hand on her chest while the shinobi changed his innocent expression to a superior look again. " T-That is shameless!"

" Is it?" Naruto asked rhetorically, standing up with an amused smile. " Would it matter anyway? It would be just the two of us. Nobody has to know."

" Nobody has to know?" The Kotegawa girl repeated, walking backward when he began approaching her. " T-T-Those kinds of things can only get done after marriage!"

" Eh? What are you talking about, Yui-chan? I was only talking to go on a date or something like that." He smirked, placing his forearm on the wall above the girl while her knees felt weak at the mere centimeters that separated their lips. She could feel his breath on hers. " Doesn't that mean that it's you that want to do that thing that it's in your mind?"

" I-I'm not that kind of girl." She whispered, getting hypnotized by his blue eyes. " I-I want to wait."

" You say that, but you are standing on your tiptoes." Naruto's finger traveled her jaw as she raised her head forward to meet his height. " Shouldn't you be more sincere with yourself?"

" I am." Yui answered as she maintained some of her sanity but still not caring if people saw them. Luckily for her, there were no students in the hall. " I think it's necessary to wait at least for a while before doing anything."

" Didn't you just said that it should get done only after marriage, Yui-chan?" Naruto said while taking his finger back from her chin, much to her disappointment. " I will not do anything till you are a bit more sincere."

The Kotegawa girl closed her eyes with her fist tightening, thanks to the series of emotions she was going through. But the most prominent one was desire. She wanted to try those lips that were so close but at the same time appeared to be so far away. It was all on her own. He made that crystal clear.

' Since when is Uzumaki-san so pushy? I'm dancing in the palm of his hands.' But the real question was only one in her mind. Should she shorten that distance or not? ' I had some dreams about this, but it's the real thing so different.'

The black-haired girl began trembling, nervous about her choice. It was only a kiss, and there was nothing shameless with that. A small peck wouldn't hurt anybody. But at that thinking, as she remembered for a second the youngest of the pink-haired girls, she pushed her hands forward while shouting.

" You have a girlfriend, Uzumaki-san! We shouldn't be doing this!" She breathed heavily from the mistake she was about to make. She had her head low with her arms stretched.

But as time passed and she heard no response, Yui noticed that she didn't feel contact when the black-haired girl shoved him away since she hit thin air. Her back straightened up, seeing nobody in the halls but only her.

" Eh?" Yui looked in every direction, but he was nowhere to get found. As she began to tear up cutely at the mean joke, she stomped the floor angrily, deciding to give him a piece of her mind. " It's not funny! I will teach you some manners, Uzumaki-san!"

The head of the disciplinary student committee ran through all the classes, scaring every soul seeing the enraged face of Yui while she tried to find her childhood friend, who seemed to have fun while playing with her heart. Meanwhile, the whiskered blonde whistled happily hand on his pockets before a glint appeared on his eyes, watching three girls in front of him on the football court.

" Ey, Rin-chan, how are you?" Naruto waved widely, gaining the attention of the swordswoman and her two friends. " I haven't seen you in a while!"

" What are you saying, Naruto? We met yesterday in the dojo to hang out for a while." Rin said, raising an eyebrow, confused.

The whiskered blonde visibly flinched at that lack of information before coming up quickly with a pickup line. " And I suffered enough being far away from you. I want to be with you every minute of the day."

' So romantic!' Saki and Aya internally screamed with their hands in front of their faces blushing empathically like their friend was. ' Go, Rin! You can do it!'

" A-Are you okay, Naruto?" The swordswoman had to ask, pushing down as best as she could the pink hue in her face. " You are not usually like this."

" Mmm? What do you mean? I'm always sincere when it comes to you." Naruto said while she took a step back since he was too close for her. She was already getting nervous since he appeared to be more forward than usual.

" Well, yeah, but not like this." Rin said, gazing away from his blinking eyes. " It's like you are flirting with me."

" I cannot?" The shinobi asked, paralyzing the girl in front of him while Aya and Saki glowed at the sudden improvement of that relationship. " You are special to me. More than any other person I have ever met before."

" I-I think you have a fever. We should get you to the nursery to check you out." Rin said, acting like she was clueless about what he was saying. " The weather is getting colder with each day, so it's normal if you catch the flu."

The sound of his laughter filled her ears as she gazed down nervously, getting the same sensation as when they worked in Saki-sama's mansion. The shinobi turned to her friends and smiled with ease. " Isn't she getting even cutter by the day?"

" Rin is always like that when we talk about you, Uzumaki-kun." Saki answered, receiving a look of betrayal from her bodyguard. " You should consider yourself lucky."

" T-That's right! I caught her watching your pictures on the internet from time to time!" Aya chimed in while her coworker looked horrified that the blue-haired girl would see her like that. " I even saw her petting her phone once!"

" Maybe that's a bit too much, Aya." Saki whispered awkwardly at the girl with glasses since she got excited about helping their friend. " We don't want to tell him directly that she loves him but only give him some hints."

" Oh, I see. You are right, Saki-sama." The blue-haired girl nodded, marveled by the rich lady's wise point of view, before placing her glasses back in place with a finger with a glint, turning to talk to the superpowered teenager. " And she jumps with excitement every time she gets a message hoping that it's you."

" Aya!" Rin exclaimed since her friend didn't seem to grasp what the lady said. She might as well lie to save some face. " I-I didn't do any of those things! You saw it wrong!"

" Really? That's a pity. It made me happy hearing that you did all of that." The whiskered teenager commented, massaging his collar while receiving a stupified look from his childhood friend. " I do all those stuff when we don't see each other."

' This is huge!' Saki and Aya thought while they enjoyed their fangirl moment as he kept pressing on the matter. ' Maybe he is in love with Rin, and he didn't have a chance to tell her till now!'

" I do think that we have to check you out!" Rin sputtered out, placing her hand on his forehead to find that there wasn't anything wrong with him. " Maybe you hit your head this morning while you were training?"

" Can't you see that I'm better than okay?" The shinobi asked, grabbing the hand from his forehead before kissing the back of her hand gently. " I'm always on my best when I'm with you."

The girl had to contain a yelp, something that her friends did not, thanks to how he placed the palm on his face while looking deeply into her eyes. " I-I-I think this is getting a bit awkward for Saki-sama and Aya-san, Naruto."

" We are perfectly okay with all of this! If you prefer, we could leave you alone so that you could enjoy your time! " Saki said, giving the two of them a thumbs up. " Just tell us how it went later!"

" Thank you very much. You two are very nice girls and even more gorgeous." At his words, Aya blushed madly while a pink hue appeared on Saki-sama's face though Rin seemed to twitch with annoyance. " We will enjoy this chance as much as we can."

" You don't need to be so flattering, Uzumaki-kun." Saki said, waving her hand shyly. " But, yes, please take your time. And don't forget to treat her right."

" Saki-sama, Aya-san?" Rin called with her free arm stretched since the other was still on his face since he held into it dearly. But they wouldn't come back as they walked straight to the entrance leaving her alone with her friend in the grass. " L-Look, Naruto, I know that you like pranks, but this is too much."

" Why would I joke about something like this?" Naruto asked seriously, approaching her face as he leaned in. " Everything thing I said was true. I love talking with you."

Her mouth hung slightly open while words failed to come out before she frowned slightly, remembering his words. " Why should I believe you? You flirted with Saki-sama and Aya-san too, seconds ago, and in front of me."

" There is no need to get jealous." His thumb caressed her wrist to calm her down.

" W-Who is jealous? I was only stating the truth!" Rin snapped with a half stutter. " You are acting all strange out of the blue! Naruto, I swear if you are playing around, I will kill you!"

" What am I even doing to deserve that?" He asked, acting innocently. " It's not like I said that I loved you."

Her frown deepened for an instant before shaking her head, trying to get free from him. " I get it! I was wrong! Now, let me go!"

" I see. So that is what it is. Do you want me to tell you that?" He asked rhetorically, making her eyes widened as she gazed at him stupified. " I can do that no problem if that is what you wish."

" Of course, I don't want that! Are you stupid? Why would I need to hear anything like that?" Rin sputtered before seeing the hurt on his face, feeling a pit form on her stomach. " I-I mean, we are friends, right? We always have been that. Logically, we care for each other like that, but nothing more."

" It's that what you want? Nothing more?" Naruto pressed while she felt her defenses go down when he let her hand go. " I will respect whatever you say, but I have something inside me that is stronger than friendship for you."

" You are just confused." Rin said, grabbing her arm focusing on something else. " I had those doubts too, but it was only that. There is no need to pay it any more mind."

" Doubts, uh? It makes sense." As he mused those words, the swordswoman gripped her arm since he gave up on her with ease. Or that is what she thought. " Then why don't we clear it up? We should kiss to confirm if we are only friends."

" What? That's it's the exact opposite of what I just said!" Rin exclaimed, snapping at his logic. "As I told you, let's take it easy and, Naruto?"

" It wouldn't hurt to try." The shinobi whispered huskily, leaning in, making her stop breathing for a second in expectation.

" J-Just once, okay? To confirm." She repeated when he stopped at millimeters from her face as she felt the need to caress his nose with hers.

" We will see about that." Naruto joked, caressing her forearm that was slightly trembling.

It was a pity that their moment got cut short when a football hit the whiskered blonde in the shoulder, bringing them back to reality.

" Sorry about that!" A schoolmate called from afar, waving while feeling dread on his bones to interrupt them. He thought he was as good as dead. " We weren't aiming at you guys or anything."

" No, no, it's okay! You guys were playing! It happens!" Rin stammered, separating from him while moving her hands erratically. " It's just football!"

" Sorry about that again!" The male student shouted nervously. " But could you please pass us the ball!"

" Y-Yeah, one second!" Rin turned to watch at her childhood friend, who was smiling at her gently. " Uh, well, this is."

" Don't worry, Rin-chan. I will wait for you as long as I need to." The whiskered blonde chuckled, increasing her agitation. " We will keep going when you return the ball."

" I-If that is what you want." The swordswoman's face got hidden by her hair before walking to get launch the ball with her arms to the football field. " There you go!"

" Thanks a lot!" The teenagers shouted in return, waving at her while watching the ball return to them.

After some seconds that she kept watching forward, Rin breathed in, gathering strength as she regained some composure. It was going way out of hand, and if she wanted to stop it, then it had to be now. But did she wish for that?

" Look, Naruto. Maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. I-I mean, isn't a kiss too much? But if you still feel like it, we can have a small peck, fast. We don't want people to see us, right?" When the swordswoman awkwardly laughed while turning around, the only thing she could see was the lacking figure of her childhood friend as the wind passed by, making her feel stupid. " So it was all a prank."

She looked impassively outside with her eyelids shut while her rage consumed the girl inside. There was a limit to how childish he could be. Taking a wooden sword from the back of her shirt, she swung it with one hand, gripping the handle, almost cracking it.

" I'm going to kill him." She stated with a lack of emotion in her voice.

Now, as two enraged girls looked everywhere to punish the prankster since he went too far with his childish jokes, that whiskered blonde walked around to find the next victim. It was too funny to stop as it was now.

On another location, three girls were sitting on the ground of the rooftop, clueless of the chaos that invaded the school, enjoying their lunch during the hour of break they had before they would have to keep with the rest of the classes.

" So you two, how is your love life going?" Mio asked, placing some rice with her chopsticks in her mouth contemplating the flinch on the blue-haired girl with the depression of her other classmate. " That bad, eh?"

" Nothing is written in stone." Risa said but more to herself in reassurance. " I have only to think about something to get in the game again."

" And did you come up with anything that you can put in practice till now?" The glasses girl asked, genuinely curious about what was going on in her friend's mind. " I doubt that teasing him would work. Naruto looks immune to your attacks by now."

" Then what am I supposed to do?" She muttered, receiving a hard stone truth in her head. " That's what I planned to do but push it even further till we get to the point of no return."

" Risa-san!" Haruna blushed at the implications. She knew that her friend left her on the dirt when it came to physical contact in anything involving their hero, but she didn't expect till this point. ' And here I was happy that I held Naruto-san's hand for some minutes on the festival.'

" Oh, don't act like that. You aren't that shy neither. You kissed Naruto in front of everybody and confessed, Haruna-chi." Risa commented, making Mio gleam at that piece of information.

" When did that happen? And why I wasn't there?" The glasses girl asked, feeling left out. " That should have been a sight to see."

" S-Something happened, and things got out of hand, and my body moved on its own, but that's about it." The blue-haired girl said, doing her best to divert her friend's attention from her, receiving a deadpan.

" You aren't explaining much." Mio whined since she couldn't get fooled by a speech that had the intention of changing topics. " But you could at least say how it felt. Was it good? Was there any tongue?"

' I was too emotional to get to focus on the kiss.' The blue-haired girl admitted internally. But even though it was at that particular moment, she was the happiest with the outcome since they brought back their hero. " If I'm sincere, I was a bit nervous when it happened, but I don't regret it at all. It's my favorite memory with him."

It was all worth it because she managed to lend him a shoulder for once. Nonetheless, she wouldn't mind getting to try another one of those kisses soon. A girl can also dream.

" Maybe that it's what you need to do too, Risa!" Mio said, clapping her hands together with the brilliant idea. " Change your tactics entirely and see how it goes."

" What do you mean?" The light brown-haired girl asked a bit lost because of her friend's sudden outburst. " Why would I do that?"

" Because what you are trying it's not working!" Mio said, excitedly but it came out wrong. She was like that because of what came into her mind, not because her friend was failing miserably. " What I wanted to say it's that he is used to be teased by you, so why don't you try to be more romantic? It wouldn't hurt."

" It kinda makes sense." Risa admitted with some difficulty while crossing her arms. " It bothers me a bit since I have fun when I tease him, and he gets all flustered, but I suppose I can give it a try."

" Naruto-san looks cute when that happens." Haruna giggled into her hand, receiving a wide grin from her friend and rival.

" Anyway, how do I do that? I give him flowers something like that?" Risa asked with not a speck of pun in her words. " Do I ask for his hand on one knee?"

" That's right. You don't have a romantic bone in your body." Mio said, receiving an indignant shout from her friend. " And I can't imagine you on your knees if it's not for doing something else."

" Yeah, that sounds about right." Risa laughed as if she got praised. " If Naruto would be in front of me, I would probably get my hands in his pants. I mean, it's right there. We could do it since we are like that."

" Momioka-san, please." Haruna whispered, getting redder by the second, focusing on her the milk bottle on her hand since her mind made her imagine herself in the same position. ' I wish I had even a third of the guts she has.'

" Can we stay on the same topic for a second?" Mio giggled perversely, adoring her friend's straightforward attitude. " I would say give him love chocolate, but that's it's for valentine's day, and it's still far. But don't forget about it, it's important." Her friend nodded, taking notes into a small pad. " I would say take it easy on the first times. Try to don't fold him like you always do and ask him out."

Haruna and Mio looked to their side since they heard no response to seeing the brown-haired girl looking defeated.

" You are asking me for the impossible." Risa managed to say, receiving a sweatdrop from her friends before snapping. " Are you making fun of me?"

" You didn't even try." Mio commented at the fuming girl. But she was right. With her, it would take a titanic effort. Turning to the blue-haired girl, she simply said what was in everyone's minds. " Haruna, in your case, you only have to be less shy. But it seems you are already doing that if you kissed him."

" That was a different situation." Haruna laughed without any meaning behind it. Though she didn't know if it was her delusional mind, she felt that she was getting better. After pumping her fist cutely, deciding to keep going forward, she couldn't help but wonder why the glasses girl would get so invested in their love life. " Can I ask you something?"

" Shoot!" Mio said before bringing more food to her mouth. " I'm all ears!"

" How come you are helping us both with this? You know that we both like Naruto-san, right?" Haruna asked, waiting for a response as the girl munched.

" That it's obvious. There is not a soul that doesn't know that." Mio laughed as their heads hand down since they were worse at hiding it than they initially thought. Then she shrugged her shoulders to give them the answer. " But I do it because you are both my friends. I want to see both of you happy. After that, whoever wins, it's another matter."

Mio obviated her main thought, which was that they were already losing thanks to the pink-haired girl. So that's why she was giving a hand to both of them. For both of their sakes, she would keep that to herself.

Risa and Haruna appeared to be moved at her choice of words before the light brown-haired girl jumped into the glasses girl's arms to hug her for dear life.

" I love you so much, Mio-chi! I'm so lucky to have you as my friend!" Risa cried comically into her arms as two rivers of tears came from her eyes. " If there is a boy you like, I will help you out too! I promise!"

" Mmm, there is nobody like that." Mio said after giving it some thought while her friend waited expectantly. " But maybe I would give a try to Uzumaki-san since everyone seems so interested in him. Only to see what the big deal is. I will return him to you later."

The petrified look on both of her friends was priceless, making her kick the air, receiving a sigh in relief from Haruna, who had her hand on her chest and a pissed-off look from Risa. There were already too many rivals.

" You sometimes have a mean sense of humor. Did I ever tell you that?" The brown-haired girl said, feeling her eyebrow twitch.

" I'm pretty sure that we have the same kind, Risa." Mio chuckled, waving her hand in front of her face. " You just don't seem to like it now that you are the one on the other side getting teased."

" I finally found you." The three girls turned around after hearing the relieved voice of the boy, who was the center of the conversation after the metallic door of the slide open. " I searched everywhere for you."

" Naruto?" Risa asked, surprised to see him. " You were the one who ran away the very second the bell rang. You said that you had something important to do."

" I was behaving like an idiot for a second." The former shinobi grinned, confusing for a second his classmates. " What can be more important than having some time with the two most beautiful girls I have ever seen?"

" W-W-What are you saying, Naruto-san?" Haruna exclaimed, becoming red in the same way as Risa was. Honestly, Mio blinked, not expecting those words from his mouth. He wasn't that flirty.

The Jinchūriki stopped for a second, scratching his whiskers marks while gazing up. " Did I say something wrong? I thought you would like it if I said what I feel. I don't think I went too far."

" No, it's just that we are not used to seeing you talking like that." Haruna explained nervously. She would hate to make him feel bad. He only ever had good intentions for them. It was only a compliment. " Well, you do say it sometimes, but you don't realize it."

" Yeah, you are pretty dense when it comes to that stuff." Risa agreed, pushing down the blush that was threatening to take over her cheeks. " This isn't a joke, right?"

" Of course not! I would be an asshole if I did that. I seriously think you two are gorgeous." He repeated, intensifying their flustered state. " I'm only trying to become better for you two. You deserve it."

" Should I leave? It looks like right now it isn't three a crowd, but four." Mio poked fun at herself sarcastically, feeling somehow out of place, but her classmate took it seriously since he smiled at her with gratitude.

" If you don't mind, it would be perfect. I don't want to kick you out or anything, but I have to talk to Haruna-chan and Risa about something." He appeared to be sorry for a second that he had to ask her that. " Can we?"

" It's not a big deal. I have to go to the bathroom anyway." Mio quickly lied. She didn't want to get in the middle of it. In less than an hour, it's like he changed his personality. " We will see each other later."

" Thanks again, Mio-chan." The boy grinned widely after receiving a wave goodbye from the girl that walked past him. Strangely as she slid the door open, she couldn't help but feel that something was off.

" So, uh, what did you want to talk us about, Naruto-san? It's something about the competition?" Haruna asked, calming down her nerves, but his following words made all her efforts futile.

" That was just a lie." He laughed with ease, sitting with them on the floor, way too near for their heart rhythm. " I wanted to spend some time together with my two girls."

" Are you doing this on purpose?" Risa managed to say, avoiding by all means stuttering. " Even you are not this much of a knucklehead."

" Hehe, I love when you call me that." He grinned as he sat cross-legged with a hand placed on his face. " I feel like we are so close when you get all so informal with me."

" Like hell!" Risa pointed a finger accusingly, startling the whiskered blonde. " You always snap every time I call you that! That is why I do it because you look so cute when you get all nervous!"

" I was only excited that you were near me." He quickly invented as he seemed to take aback before he quickly composed himself and smiled wide, hiding his mistake. " But I did notice you say you liked how cute I looked. But that's it? Nothing more?"

Risa felt her breath stop when he placed his hand on her knee as his thumb caressed her skin. Nonetheless, she shook her head to maintain focus. ' Mio told me to calm down and not jump on him at every chance I got. But how am I suppose to do that when it's him that it's attacking now?'

' What is going on? Naruto-san is never so forward.' Haruna thought while she contemplated her two friends flirting in such a manner in front of her. ' He gets all nervous when Momoioka-san touches him, but now their roles got reversed.'

While the blue-haired girl did the best of her attempts to decipher the rare situation that was unwrapping in front of her, her childhood friend grabbed her hand, squeezing it with his free one before she would freak out any more than she visibly appeared to be. Her heart picked up the pace at the moment the whiskered blonde's hair moved in front of his face, captivating her and eliminating any thought from her mind.

" N-Naruto-san?" Haruna gulped when she saw him lick his teeth with desire. " I-I think we should eat! That's right! We haven't finished our bentos! I would share with you if you didn't bring lunch today!"

" It's eating what you are thinking about right now?" He asked playfully before feining some hurt. " You wound me like that, Haruna-chan, when you ignore me. Or am I making you uncomfortable?"

" No, of course not! I'm only surprised, but that's it!" The blue-haired girl quickly explained before he could get the wrong impression.

" I see. I'm trying too hard then." The whiskered blonde chuckled, removing his hands from them before stretching to loosen up a bit, placing his hands behind his back to support himself. " I keep hearing people calling me dense, so I thought to give it a try to something like this."

" Well, it's true that you could get better with that." Risa admitted receiving a sweatdrop from both Haruna and Naruto before breathing in to slow down her heartbeats. " But I don't care what others say. You are way funnier like this."

The former shinobi pulled off a pensive expression like that description of him bothered him. " Funny, uh?"

" Okay, you are behaving too weird. Did that hit in your head gave you headaches or something?" Risa asked, becoming somehow worried about his mental state.

" Momioka-san, there is no need to say it like that." Haruna intervened, seeing her friend become warry. " Naruto-san has a lot on his plate, so, understandably, he is a bit off."

" It's not about that at all. I cannot care less about the competition right now." The shinobi shook his head, confusing his two friends, before placing one arm in his knee, putting his head cutely on it, observing the blue-haired girl. " The only thing in my mind it's you."

" E-E-Eh? Me? Since when?" Haruna asked, unable to take her gaze from his blue eyes. " I-I mean, it didn't seem like it."

" Didn't you ever see me getting nervous around you? You should be paying more attention, Haruna-chan." He sang his friend's name as all the blood from her body gathered in her face remembering the day at the festival. " And I'm putting myself in the line now. Isn't that proof enough?"

" I-I suppose." Haruna muttered, pushing her hair from one side to cover her face and hide, if possible, how she was feeling with a mix of joy and shyness. ' Naruto-san was always good with his words even though he didn't notice, but now it's like he knows what he is doing.'

However, that conversation between those two didn't have the same impact on the brown-haired hair at their side, who had her mouth hanging open, hoping that this was all a nightmare. ' I never expected that it would end like this. Naruto likes Haruna-chi more than any other girl? Does that mean that he broke up with Momo-chi? Or what the hell is going on? Did I never have a chance at all?'

But as if he could read her mind, the whiskered blonde turned his head around, sticking out his tongue, pissing her off for a second as she felt getting mocked before he lovingly increased the storm that was going on inside of her. " You think I would forget about my Risa? I have the same feelings for you too."

" I-It's this a game for you?" The brown-haired girl uncontrollably stuttered as she felt her chest tighten when he winked at her. " What are you trying to be a playboy now out of the blue?"

Nothing made sense for them. That Naruto wouldn't snap at that comment but instead hummed amused, defied everything they knew about him. " I'm only trying to confess to the two girls that I came to desire over the weeks."

" D-D-Desire?" Haruna shouted, leaning her body backward. She didn't expect that at all. " Y-You mean like love?"

The whiskered blonde awkwardly scratched the back of his head, gazing at the floor while he seemed to breathe in to gather his thoughts. " I don't know if it's that. But I have that thing that pushes me to discover if it is or not."

" L-Like with a kiss?" The blue-haired girl asked with her eyes coming out her orbits while he looked even more embarrassed with what he was about to say next.

" It's just that a kiss it's too little for me now." He admitted as they became redder, understanding his words. " I would need something more. And since there is nobody here on the rooftop, we could give it a try."

" So what? You want to have sex with Haruna-chi or me to see if you feel something about us?" Risa shouted in disbelief, seeing how calm he was with all of this.

His hands grabbed both of their hands, shaking his head slightly before smiling gently, looking at them like he was a puppy. " I thought that since we are all here, we could have something between the three of us."

" I-I don't think an orgy it's something that we should be having in school, Naruto-san!" Haruna exclaimed, raising her voice taking her hand from his hold instantly because of his proposal.

" Who would come to the rooftop?" Naruto chuckled with ease before he gained a cocky grin. " But I didn't hear a no from you, Haruna-chan. You only complained about the location. Does that mean you want to give it a try?"

" Oy, what the hell? Did you become a sex addict now?" Risa asked, burning red while grabbing the collar of his white uniform shirt. " Don't you think it's a bit too much this that are you asking from us?"

" I understand if you don't want." Naruto excused himself, placing his hands in front of his body. " I proposed it to have some fun. We know each other from some along, so what is the worst that it could happen?"

" I'm only hearing that you want to have it a go with us, but what if you don't like it? You will toss us aside?" Risa pushed her forehead against his, gritting her teeth while smoke came out of the top of her head.

" I would never do that." The shinobi's demeanor changed drastically since his expression changed from a playful one to an offended one. " I can't abandon you. Maybe, I asked for too much."

" Of course, you did!" Risa interrupted him before he could continue.

" But I do believe that this can help us all." He pressed while her grip seemed to ease on his clothes as Haruna fidgetted in her seat, unsure.

' Agh, what the hell? Is this happening? I didn't expect any of this. Since when does he like stuff like that?' Risa thought, messing her hair in annoyance. She was no expert, and she expected her first time to be different, but there were many more things that there weren't going on as she planned. Falling in love with a super-powered ninja from another dimension was one of them. Shying away and not believing she was saying this, she muttered. " Just once. But then you better not dare to go and stop talking to us."

" Momioka-san?" Haruna's jaw slacked at her words, contemplating the always-forward girl becoming as shy as herself. " A-A-Are you sure?"

" I don't know if this is the right thing." Risa admitted to her friend, biting her lip before watching at her crush. " But I always wanted this. You have no idea how many times I have touched myself with your pictures. You are the only one who drives me to this point, Naruto."

" I didn't know." The whiskered blonde smile like he was the most confident person in the world. " But I'm glad to hear that."

Seeing how nervous her friend was and understanding the spot she was in, she offered her the way out. " Haruna-chi, you don't have to stay, but I plan to go with this till the end."

" I-I don't think I'm ready for any of that." The blue-haired girl whispered while she rubbed her thighs together with her hands between them as the images of the three of them in different positions invaded her.

" It's a pity, Haruna-chan. I was looking forward to doing this with you too." Naruto smiled sadly, and at that sight, she gazed to the floor, fighting the urge to place her hand higher in her groin.

" M-M-Maybe I can stay and watch a bit before deciding." Haruna mumbled as the blush on both girls intensified at her words. " But I-I don't promise anything, okay?"

" Take your time." Naruto grinned widely, making their hearts explode inside their chest. After some seconds to settle in, the former shinobi looked at the brown-haired girl and tilted his head. " Do you want to begin then?"

Giving him a somehow trembling nod, Risa approached him, circling his neck with his arms, leaning forward while Haruna couldn't for the life of her take her eyes off the scene. " If you tell anybody about this, I will kill you."

" After this, I can die happy if that's what you want." He huskily said, pushing her hair out of the way.

But when the brown-haired girl gulped, something that got mirrored by her friend, she was about to close the last centimeters before the loudness of the metallic door sliding open broke the atmosphere of the awkward and magical moment.

" I finally found you, Uzumaki-san." Yui said in between breaths since she ran non-stop all the floors and classes before arriving there. She was cutely tearing up a hand on the door to support herself.

" Kotegawa-san?" Haruna asked, slightly snapping out of her lustful mood.

" What are you all doing?" Yui asked. Now that Kotegawa regained some of her breath, she could observe that Momioka was about to kiss the shinobi while the blue-haired girl had her hands between her thighs like she wanted to participate. " So that is what you were doing? You are playing around right after you almost kissed me!"

" What?" Haruna and Risa asked, stupified, turning their heads towards the whiskered blonde who scratched his head awkwardly.

" Did I?" Naruto laughed amusingly. " I don't remember that. You were the one who tried something with me, Yui-chan."

" Y-Y-You, shameless!" The black-haired girl shouted to hide her flustered state because of his nonending tease, running towards him. " I will teach you the manners that you seem to be lacking today!"

" Nah, that sounds too boring." Naruto grinned, freeing himself magically from Risa's hold to run away and stand into the railing. " See you all later! It was fun!"

" Uzumaki-san!" Yui roared with anger, watching her friend give them a salute before jumping down the building. Gripping the metallic railing while she looked below to find him, but with no success, she turned back to get to the door of the rooftop. " This isn't over! I'm going to get you!"

Watching the black-haired girl disappear, the two girls felt lost in what was going on right now. It all happened in a matter of seconds, and then he was out of sight. They still didn't know how to feel about that or about what Kotegawa said.

" What is happening?" Risa groaned as her head dropped with annoyance. " Naruto didn't seem like himself at all. It's like he was playing with us just to have fun. He isn't like that."

" You are right." Haruna nodded, trying to calm down her blush before she realized what they were about to do. And she, more than probably, would have gone along it. But then it hit her. " Wait, that wasn't Naruto-san!"

The brown-haired girl looked at her friend strangely because of her sudden outburst. " What are you talking about, Haruna-chi?"

" Naruto-san would never do something like that! As you said, he was playing, and he cares too much about us and our feelings to take it as a joke!" The blue-haired girl explained quickly before her blush brightened when she didn't filter her following words. " It was us who wanted to do it with him, but Naruto-san would never act in that way! He is way too shy for that to happen!"

Obviating how her friend now tried to cover that she wanted to do it with Naruto and her, she realized how accurate her words were. " Of course, that isn't my knucklehead! He trembles every time I touch him! Then who the hell it was?"

" M-Maybe, an alien? That's the only thing I can think so." Haruna proposed before their eyes widened in realization. " If whatever it was did that to Kotegawa-san and us, then there will be others."

" Let's go, Haruna-chi! It smells like trouble!" Risa offered her friend a hand, who immediately accepted standing up. " We have to stop that fake person before he gets any more problems!"

" Hai! We have to go as fast as we can!" Haruna exclaimed, following her friends downstairs.

While there was running in the middle of the halls, startling the students since the girls tried to find the strongest shinobi, each one for a different reason, Lala was sitting on the chair, after she just returned to spend some time with Mea and her younger sister Nana.

The red-haired girl was coming a lot to the school, but it seemed like she still wasn't sure if to get in with them or not. She tried her best to change her mind, but there was no use even with the help of Nana. The only way that it would probably work would be if the earthling suitor would ask her himself. She would join immediately.

Taking her notebook out to use the last minutes of break to keep working on the theory that she was developing, she moved her body as if she was dancing like humming happily. If somebody would see her, they would never think that she was working on advanced science instead of designing whatever came into her mind. She was pushing her field to higher levels.

" I see that you never stop working, Lala." A voice that she loved called her from behind.

" Hehe, I'm doing my part as you do, Naruto-kun!" The eldest princess giggled into her hand with the pen on it. " How was lunch break?"

" Awful." He answered, leaning into her to watch at the notebook even though he didn't understand a word. The girl raised an eyebrow because of what he said as he whispered into her ear. " I should have stayed here with you."

" Mmm, you look weird." The eldest princess immediately separated himself from him. " It doesn't feel like you at all. You are not warm."

" Eh?" The whiskered blonde said since she was about to discover the truth in an instant. But he grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest to act like it wasn't a big deal. " You know I'm getting a bit cold. It's nothing to worry about for now. See? It's still me."

Thankfully, after the eldest Deviluke princess retracted her arm with a slight frown, a bicolored-haired guy got in the middle of the two teenagers to defend his crush.

" Stop right there, you fiend!" Ren called, pointing one finger at the earthling suitor. " I have come to save Lala-sama and show her that she has someone she can count on!"

" And that would be?" Naruto asked innocently, enranging the prince. " I don't see anyone here for that job except me. Did another person arrived during the day?"

" I was talking about me! It's obvious!" He stomped, gaining laughter from the whiskered blonde. " Stop mocking me! I am stronger than I was before!"

" Sorry about that. I wasn't trying to poke any fun at you." He grinned, sitting on the table behind Lala's. " I only thought that it was a pity that Run-chan wasn't here. Maybe you can change with her for a bit?"

" Never! You are trying to get your paws on my sister too! I will protect her!" Ren refused without a second to spare. He would rather die than giving him the chance to seduce Run. " That would mean that you would become my brother-in-law, and I will do anything to avoid that!"

" Mmm, that is a bit selfish of you. You are not giving Run-chan the chance to come to school at all." Naruto grinned, striking a nerve. " I didn't know you were such a mean brother."

" Neh, he is right, Ren! I didn't get the visit this place with the others. You are taking all the fun for yourself!" Run talked with her sibling, not giving him the time to defend himself. " I want to spend more time with Naruto-kun too! You already had used all your chances with Lala! I waited till now, so I deserve to have mines with the boy I like!"

' I am doing all of this for you!' Ren answered, trying to fight her off. ' You have seen him! He is a beast and won't care about you! He likes to flirt with everyone. You deserve someone better!'

" He isn't like that! Stop talking so badly about him! He is a hero who saves everybody!" His sister exclaimed inside his mind, protecting her love. " And he always has been so kind to me! I want to experience more things with Naruto-kun!"

" It seems you got some problems." The shinobi said with a smartass attitude since the prince was messing his hair to find a way to convince his sister to leave him alone. " Just let Run-chan come out for once. Don't be that self-centered and think about her too."

" You, shut it!" Ren exclaimed, pointing a threatening finger to the earthling suitor who was whistling happily while the green-haired girl kept pressing on the issue. " This is a family matter! It doesn't concern you!"

" I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!" The princess cried at her brother, driving him nuts so that he would only change to don't listen to her anymore.

" Don't worry. I will give you a hand." The shinobi talked to the green-haired girl inside the princes' body, making her eyes gleam even though he didn't see her. Taking a feather from his pocket, he tickled the nose of the bicolored hair guy, surprising him and mocking him before he sneezed. " And now change a little Ren-kun!"

" Naruto-kun!" The green-haired girl exclaimed, coming out of the puff of smoke to jump into his arms, hugging him lovingly. " Thank you for helping me out! I love you so much!"

" I'm just happy that I could see you, Run-chan!" The earthling suitor grinned widely, earning a blush from the girl who wished she could stay like that forever. " You are as beautiful as always! I'm so lucky that I got see you today."

" Hehe, you are so cute, Naruto-kun." The green-haired girl giggled into his chest as she caressed her face with it. " Will you go out on a date with me?"

" I don't know... Let me think about it." The earthling suitor raised his head playfully, earning a slight pout from Run. " Whenever you want! Even now!"

" Mou, you are so mean! I did believe you were thinking about it!" Run giggled into her hand, enjoying his jokes. But it didn't last long as the pink-haired girl grabbed her arm and pulled her out of his embrace. " Lala, what are you doing? Don't get in the middle!"

" Run-chan that isn't Naruto-kun!" The Deviluke explained, ignoring the pissed-off look from her friend. " He isn't like that! Naruto-kun is sweet and loving, not a sorry excuse of a playboy!"

" You keep saying that, Lala, but I don't know what else you want me to do to prove it." Naruto said, taking a step forward while the Deviluke placed herself in front of the green-haired girl to protect her.

" I know that you aren't! I'm not getting fooled by a mere imitation!" Lala exclaimed, standing her ground. " And I will defeat whoever you are!"

" Are you sure a hundred percent sure about this, Lala?" Run asked, peeking from her shoulder. " He looks like Naruto-kun for me."

" Because you didn't get to spend too much time with him, Run-chan, but I know that he isn't!" Lala said, narrowing her eyes to the false earthling suitor. " I will make you pay for copying him without asking for permission!"

In desperation, the whiskered blonde took off his shirt, gaining yelps of delights from his female classmates except by the two princesses who looked disgusted that the impostor would undress using the body of their loved one.

" See, Lala, this is me! I have an earthling body! I'm not an alien!" The blonde exclaimed, placing a hand on his toned chest.

" That doesn't prove anything!" Lala said, taking her phone from her pocket to take an invention and vaporize him on the spot. " If you would be, you could use your Jutsus!" Seeing him flinch getting caught, she shouted. " See! I'm not falling for that!"

" What is going on with all that yelling?" They heard the Jinchūriki ask coming from the door with the youngest of the Devilukes while he scratched his head.

" I'm sure Onee-sama is using some invention, Naruto-san. There is always some chaos when she uses them without control." Momo giggled into his arm as she hugged him lovingly.

But the sight before then petrified the couple. The shinobi stood without a shirt in front of the class, earning blushes from the female classmates. They didn't look away for an instant as they memorized his muscles and even took some pictures. The impostor paled at seeing the real one in front of him with a dumbfounded look.

" Naruto-kun!" Lala and Run rapidly approached him, jumping on his arms while the green-haired girl wore his brother's uniform. " I'm so happy to see you!" The two of them shouted.

" What is going on?" Ashura's reincarnation asked, lost in whatever situation that was, before noticing his female classmates. " Will you stop taking pictures!?" He snapped since they didn't pay him any mind.

" Something is imitating you! And it was trying to flirt with Run-chan and me all this time!" Lala explained, making the eyes of the couple widen. " And I'm sure it tried it with many others till now!"

The cold and emotionless voice of the youngest princess stopped the false Naruto on his tracks as he tried to tiptoe away. Her eyes narrowed dangerously while her face got covered into a dark aura, worth it from the rumors about the Devilukes. " You are dead."

As if that was the starter for a running competition, the Jinchūriki jumped high over several tables towards his look-alike. It got engulfed in a puff of smoke, and when the shinobi landed on a free desk, he looked around to see him gone.

" It's not going to be that easy escaping from me!" The shinobi shouted before finding a jellyfish that floated towards the window at the end of the class. It was crying in fear.

" Uzumaki-san! You won't escape from me again!" Yui shouted when she entered his classroom to see him sitting at a table looking predatory.

" Kotegawa-san, listen to us! That wasn't Naruto-san!" Haruna called from the halls as they did their best to follow her and make her listen to them to no avail, thanks to her anger.

" That's right! It was an impostor!" Risa shouted, having trouble breathing because of the effort. " I have to do more sport."

Since everyone got focused on their thing, the shinobi didn't even hear his friends arriving at the entrance. He only wanted to catch that thing before it could screw him even further. He was shirtless into his classroom to begin with, so that alone turned all the alarms into his head.

" Where do you think you are going?" Naruto growled, making the creature turn around, paling even more than it was, watching the earthling above him with sharp teeth. " Got you!"

" Piii!" The animal cried when his hand took one hold of it, gripping on it so that it wouldn't escape.

" I don't care piii, or whatever the hell you are saying. I'm getting payback." The ninja growled at the innocent thing which was lamenting all its pranks of the day.

" So that what it was. Now it makes a bit of sense." Lala blinked since even she, who wasn't an expert in animals like her sister, knew that species. But her attention, together with Run and Momo, got directed to the girl at their side that just arrived. From the swordswoman's mouth came out vapor thanks to how her blood was boiling.

" There you are." She said before running fast, escaping from the youngest princess hold.

" Naruto-san, dodge!" Momo yelled as she saw the black-haired woman zig-zag between the tables.

" What?" The shinobi turned around at the sound of his girlfriend's voice, instinctively trying to avoid the wooden sword as he took a glance at his childhood friend, who had it high as she stretched backward.

" Receive your punishment, Naruto."

The sound of the hit as it made contact with him resonated throughout the entire school.


After the first strike, it was pretty much over since, because he tried to dodge, the aiming got wrong, and he received the damage in the face alerting even the swordswoman since she didn't wish for that to happen. It was a pretty bad hit.

Silence engulfed that class before his friends went to aid him when he grabbed his face while complaining because of the pain. After taking care of that animal, thanks to Nana, some went to the nursery back again while the others had to return to classes even though they begged the teacher to permit them to skip one class to accompany him.

" There is nothing to worry about, Naruto-kun. It didn't directly touch the eye, but the swelling it's pretty bad." Mikado sighed, touching with her fingers gently the eyelid, feeling the warmth that emanated from it, before turning around to grab a packet of dry ice inside a bag. " Just put some ice, and because of your healing factors, it should be gone in a while."

" We are so sorry." Yui and Rin whispered on their knees, ashamed of their mistake.

" It isn't your fault. It's normal to get confused. It looked like I did a clone." The shinobi laughed weakly, putting the ice in his face, groaning a bit.

" Let me do it, Sweetie." Momo said, taking the bag from his hand to take care of it. She skipped classes without asking nobody. She couldn't care less. If he got hurt, she would be there. " Is this better?"

" Yeah, thanks a lot, Momo-chan." Naruto grinned, leaning into her touch gaining a smile from her. But he had to sigh when he saw that his two friends weren't raising their heads at all while they gazed at the floor. " I already told you everyone fell for it."

" Deviluke-san knew from the first second that it wasn't you." Yui whispered, feeling defeated. ' I'm only making one mistake after another.'

" Onee-sama, Nana, and me, we possess more knowledge about the different species of the planets. It's not something strange that if we find anything out of the ordinary, we will arrive faster to that conclusion." Momo chimed in more focused at the moment for his well-being than on them.

" And even Jewelrie-san who came from the same background didn't realize it." Tearju said to ease up their guilty. It was pretty much useless to hide from them that she was from another planet since the friends of the earthling suitor knew a lot about it. " Don't be so hard on yourselves."

" I know that you are right, but still." Rin whispered, shaking her head. " I'm so sorry I hurt you, Naruto."

The swordswoman's real grieve was that she doubted him. She knew him for years, and he proved to be nothing but a gentleman, and even with all that, she attacked him. There was no way she could make it up from such a lack of trust towards his persona.

" Look, Rin-chan, I got wounds way worse than this in my life. It's only a bit of swelling. There is no need to get like that." He said, shrugging his shoulders. " And I will probably get even more hurt if there are any strong opponents in space."

" Naruto-san." Momo called since she hated even the thought of that happening. The rest of the girls had the same reaction, frowning at how he took it for granted. " Don't remind us of that possibility, please."

" No, what I mean, it's that I'm pretty resistant, you know? It's like I'm even stronger than iron!" He frenetically sputtered it out while his girlfriend gently caressed his face while she took care of him. Those weren't the right words to say. " Agh, I'm so sorry, Momo!"

Her boyfriend placed his face into her belly, moping comically, hating to have brought a sad expression on her face. He wanted to make her the happiest, not making her feel awful. She couldn't help but shake her head as her hand played with his hair.

' I'm happy that I'm not the only one that gets worked up over every tiny thing involving him and me.' The Deviluke smiled, loving every trait of his personality, before turning her head to the two black-haired girls, coming up with something to solve this. " See, Naruto-san, you felt guilty over nothing, but you still consider it crucial. That is what Yui and Rin are feeling. You may a think that it wasn't so much, but they are worried the same."

" Yeah, I get that." Naruto muttered into her stomach, opening his healthy eye, thinking for a while. It took him some effort to have the will to separate from her. Maybe he was like his mom like Kurama told him. " I didn't mean to make light of your feelings, guys. I only hate seeing you like that, so I only wanted to show you I was alright."

' I wonder where Naruto-kun will go with this.' Mikado hummed in content, placing her head in her hand, knowing that he wouldn't let her down on her expectations.

" So I will be a man and acknowledge your feelings head-on!" He said, raising his voice while crossing his arms on his chest. As his girlfriend took the ice pack from his face for a second, he leaned in, grinning widely. " I will let you bribe me with ramen."

" What?" Rin and Yui deadpanned at his idea.

" I will accept your apologies only after I get one bowl of ramen from each of you." He said stubbornly, the playful smile never leaving his face. " This way, you feel better, and I get full. What do you say?"

There was a moment of silence that made the former shinobi sit properly on the bed as he saw how Momo covered her mouth, doing her best to hide how her lips twitched. It all ended when the doctor broke giggling, followed by the others girls who made him feel a bit silly.

" You are the best, Naruto-kun." Mikado laughed with the others while he turned his head around the room. " I still don't understand how you come up with this stuff!"

" I can't help but admit that it was so cute." Tearju said with the same cheerful attitude as the others. " You were right, Mikado. He is adorable."

" I'm not a plushie! I was trying to look cool!" Naruto snapped, augmenting their joyfulness.

" It didn't work so much, Uzumaki-san." Yui managed to say, grabbing her stomach, long-forgotten what bothered her.

" You should practice a little bit with your negotiation skills before you become the emperor, Naruto." Rin chimed in, teasing him, making a throbbing vein appear in his head.

The whiskered blonde comically fumed, huffing away while they were unable to don't love his reactions. " You know what? Now I want ten bowls of ramen! And with extra toppings! Let's see if you laugh so much after that!"

Only he could change the mood of an entire room so fast with so little. That was one of the many reasons why they loved him.

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