The days were passing slowly but fruitfully for each of them. The eldest of the Deviluke princesses concentrated on her inventions without forgetting to watch her favorite tv show and have time with her family and the earthling suitor. The same whiskered blonde who stole her heart without even trying.

That's why today, for once, she would completely free her mind from any psychics or engineering ideas to focus on the plan that her love interest proposed.

It was the morning of a weekend, so it wasn't that early since they took their time to wake up and enjoy breakfast with everyone in the house. It still was a pity that not everyone could come.

" Five tickets to watch all the animals, please!" Lala exclaimed near the crystal that separated the worker from outside. The woman had to chuckle at the energy of the pink-haired girl. The eldest princess wore tight blue jeans with a black lingerie tank top, showing a bit of her cleavage together with a pendant of pink pearls as her hair color. All of that with blue sneakers.

" Alright, I wish you a nice visit to our zoo." She said, smiling before placing the entrance tickets to the groove of the window.

" We will! Have a nice day too!" Lala nodded, turning to the boy at her side to grab his arm that she put between her cleavage. " Now, we can enter inside and stay all day long!"

" Yep, and there are some shows too." The shinobi grinned, looking at the pamphlet that he grabbed on the counter. He was wearing some black jeans with white sneakers. And an orange hoodie, together with a black hat, turned backward.

" Really? Which ones, Senpai?" The red-haired assassin asked, placing her head above the piece of paper to get a peek. She wore black broken long jeans with a red sweater and a black choker, the same color as her boots. " Oh, this one about the killer whales sounds cool!"

" Well, we still have some time before that one begins. We could watch other animals in the meanwhile." Lala said, seeing that there were some more hours for that.

" But isn't it boring if we only get to watch them?" Mea asked, tilting her head. " Can we get inside and play with them? I want to pet a tiger!"

" The people from the zoo can't let anyone in that easy. Not everyone has our strength, Mea-chan." The whiskered blonde weakly laughed at how the red-haired girl puffed her cheeks. " But it won't be boring at all either. We have the expert on all kinds of animal species, the grand Nana-chan!"

" S-Stop it! People are looking at us!" Nana exclaimed with embarrassment since some heads began to turn towards their directions while he motioned with his hands theatrically to the pink-haired girl. The princess wore purple shorts with a white shirt with the shoulder part of pink color and a red vertical line on the middle, everything with pink and white boots.

" Aren't we always the center of attention anyway?" Mea blinked at her friend before approaching her with a smile. " You should be getting used to it now, Nana-chan."

" Don't give her too much of a hard time. Nana-chan is doing her best." Naruto chuckled with ease. He patted the head of the middle princess, earning a blush that made him somehow nervous too after Lala freed his arm to check on the map of the place. He laughed awkwardly at the tension inside him." And we don't want to make her mad if we hope that she doesn't charge us for the explanations."

" B-Baka! I'm only doing this because I like it." Nana said. She tried to huff, but she felt like letting herself go thanks to his touch, raising her head unconsciously. " A-And we did promise to come here, so I had no choice. It's not like I was looking forward to it or anything to come with you!"

" You said that, but you were looking at all those magazines about clothing and dates." Nemesis pointed out, grinning mischievously and relishing on the flustered glare of the middle princess. The dark-skinned girl wore the same clothing as always. " I'm sure you would have preferred to come with him alone."

" I-I would have not!" Nana exclaimed, taking a step backward from the touch of her crush to avoid further mocking. " And what is wrong with reading stuff like that? All girls do!" Thankfully her twin wasn't there to point out that she always found boring that kind of paper.

" You don't look like the kind of girl who would be into that stuff." Nemesis widely grinned as the princess began to fume.

" What is that supposed to mean? I'm plenty feminine to read those stupid articles!" Nana comically growled, pressing her teeth together.

" Nobody said that you weren't, Nana-chan." The shinobi weakly laughed, placing himself between the two of them. " You are so cute, and there is no doubt about that."

" I-I'm not happy to hear that from you at all, perverted beast!" Nana exclaimed, pointing one finger angrily at the whiskered blonde while burning red. He got lost at her outburst. " A-And don't think that because you flirt a bit with me, I will fall for you even harder!"

Nemesis raised an eyebrow at the princess's confirmation that she was in love with the earthling suitor. Sadly that got over his head thanks to her reaction. That made her smirk. " If you don't want him, then I will make use of my cute servant for the whole day. Thanks for the chance, Nana-hime."

" I didn't say that you can have him all day for yourself either!" Nana immediately jumped at her tease. " We all came here together!"

" Eh? But you were the one who seemed to be so mad. I'm only doing you a favor." The dark-skinned girl shrugged while Mea giggled into her hand at their little feud.

" Okay, let's all come down. Nana-chan is right. We came to enjoy the day, not to fight." He said, getting in the middle. Somehow these kinds of situations were happening more frequently. " Now, where do you want to go before the show begins?"

" We can go to the building right there, Naruto-kun!" Lala said, returning from the map poster after she memorized it with only one glance. " There are all kinds of bears there!"

" Perfect. That is a good plan." He nodded before turning around to the rest of the girls to look for their opinions. " Any objections?"

" For me, it's alright." Nemesis said while eyeing around. " I only need to find the sweet shop before we begin the tour."

" That's a perfect idea, Master! I didn't bring anything to eat either." Mea glowed at the dark-skinned girl's proposal. Turning to her side and grabbing hold of her friend, the three girls began to look for the shop. " Let's go, Nana-chan! Give us a hand!"

" Alright! But don't push me around, Mea!" Nana exclaimed as she was about to fall on the floor, earning a chuckle from the whiskered blonde.

" What's so funny, Naruto-kun?" Lala asked, tilting her head with arms behind her back.

" Nothing big. I'm just so happy to be here with all of you guys." The shinobi grinned as the eldest princess felt unable to contain her joy.

" I understand what you mean. I'm the happiest when you are with me." Lala said, imitating his expression. " It has been a while also that we have done anything together, so I was looking forward to it."

" Yeah, you are right. We haven't been so busy with the competition, but we didn't manage to go out thanks to my training and my work." He commented, scratching the back of his head as they slowly began walking towards the building. Taking their time so that the assassins and the middle princess would catch up to them. " Sorry about that."

" It's not a big deal, Naruto-kun." The princess said, shaking her head to ease his mind. " We go to school together and live in the same house. We see each other all the time."

" I'm glad to hear that." The shinobi scratched his whiskers marks before sitting on the metal railing near the zoo's part where the Asiatics animals were. " Anyway, we can catch up today too. I will make sure to don't think about anything that isn't you guys."

" Hehe, then I will make sure to make the most of it." She giggled, placing her arms on those bars while looking upwards to the shinobi. " Neh, Naruto-kun, do you remember when I first arrived on Earth?"

" Mmmm? Yeah, that was when you used your experiment, and you got into my bathtub." He said, looking up as if he was searching for that binder of memories on his brain, before flushing red when the imagines of her naked chest appeared on his mind. " Don't make me remember that scene again, Lala!"

The princess tilted her head since the shinobi snapped out of nowhere. " Why not? It was our very first meeting."

" It wasn't the best one that I ever had." The shinobi deadpanned while watching forward, shaking off the redness of his face. " I would have preferred to have met you while walking on the streets or at school."

" Do you think we would have been friends in that case?" Lala asked out of curiosity as the shinobi raised an eyebrow playfully.

" Of course, we would be. What kind of question is that?" The Jinchūriki chuckled with ease, making the princess smile with happiness at how sure he was. " I'm sure one way or another we would have gotten close. Like, I don't know. You, using one of your inventions in the halls of the school, and me admiring you for all that intelligence you have."

" You keep saying that over and over, Naruto-kun." Lala joked, receiving an incredulous look from her crush. " I don't think I'm that smart either."

" What are you talking about, Lala? You make inventions that can change the world by only using math. I still don't even know how Chakra works." He explained to her while she kept giggling as he came down the railing thanks to his disbelief.

Shaking her head, she sighed in content while looking forward towards the artificial lake to see the fishes once the love of her life placed his arms on the metal bars with her. " But you know, Naruto-kun? I wouldn't change that day for anything in the world. It's the day I met you, after all."

The shinobi softened his features. His lips twitched upwards, and he felt some warmness invading his chest. " You are right, you know? It was indeed one life changer when you arrived. I always wanted to thank you for that."

" Why would you thank me, Naruto-kun? It's thanks to you that I'm free from the competition. Oh, I almost forgot that Momo and Nana don't have to meet with the suitors either." Lala said, raising a finger in explanation.

" I didn't do much. I did promise you that I would fight for you. In Nana-chan's case, that stupid bird almost stole her from us, and I can't help but want to break all the assholes suitor's skulls who try to take Momo from me." At the end of the sentence, the shinobi gained a dark grin that the princess found adorable before he came to himself. He knew that wasn't a good color on him. " But what I mean is that without you, I would have probably never gotten my memories back."

" I don't think I can ever be happy for that, Naruto-kun." But the reaction that the pink-haired girl got wasn't the one that he expected. Her eyelids became half-open, and a hint of sadness appeared on her face. As she opened her mouth to say something, the words failed for a second to come out of her mouth. " I wish I could delete all that part of your life as if never happened."

The shinobi contemplated how the always smiling and cheerful girl gained a disgusted expression on her face. He felt moved that she would feel so strongly about him. Taking his hat and putting it on her head, the shinobi broke her concentration. " But all those things helped me to become who I am, Lala. I can't just ignore all of that."

" That isn't true! Even without all those painful memories, you kept being so kind to everyone! You have been more than ten years without them, and you kept being the caring boy you ever were!" Lala exclaimed, turning her head around to see his loving expression.

" I wasn't alright without them either." The whiskered blonde admitted. " I kept having like flashes all the time. In the end, I wasn't facing the truth that I couldn't go back to my home."

" You mean the nightmares?" Lala asked, receiving a nod, surprised that she knew. " Momo told Mikado-chan and me about it one time. We would never have guessed it was something like that."

" Yeah, I kept bothering Momo from time to time with all that stuff at night." The shinobi sighed, feeling a bit guilty about it as he massaged the back of his neck. " Then you understand what I mean. In the end, it's a part of me that I can't put aside."

" I hate them." Lala said after a while, making his eyes slightly widen. He would have never expected those words from her. It just didn't seem real. " All of them. They made you suffer all your childhood. They... They... Momo is right. I wish the worst outcome for them. I want those Baka villagers and the rest, all dead."

" Well, not everyone was mean or anything. The old man and Ayame-nee-chan kept feeding when I didn't have food." The Jinchūriki tried to joke to ease her distress, but it miserably failed as she gripped the railing, threatening to bend the metal. Sighing for a second, he pushed his shoulders into hers playfully. " Come on, don't be so sad. That part is already over. I'm here with all of you, aren't I?"

" Do you still want to go back?" The princess dared to ask, gazing at him from the corner of her eye.

" I had only one more thing to do. I always wanted to be Hokage, you know?" The shinobi said, turning around to place his back on those bars to look up. " But now I have other things on my mind. I still have to save you from those pompous idiots. That takes priority over anything else."

" Don't try to change the topic." The green-eyed girl said. The earthling suitor laughed awkwardly after being caught.

" Those it matters, anyway? I mean, I have no way to do all those stuff that Teme or Kaguya could do." He said, putting his head back. " So here I am with tons of friends watching over me. And a family that loves me in the orphanage. I have it pretty good, don't you think? I got everything I always wanted, and even more."

The princess focused on his eyes for a second, seeing the joy in them. Agh, what was she doing? That brightness is something that she would never dare to threaten, but now because of her disgust towards those ninjas, she could ruin that cheerfulness that was her crush. Slightly slapping her cheeks, she forced herself to snap out of it.

" We will always be at your side and make you feel loved, Naruto-kun!" The princess rapidly changed her attitude, pumping her firsts. " I promise it to you! And after we get married, I will make sure to give you all the babies you want!"

" What are you talking about, Lala?" The candidate snapped after choking with air, burning red at her statement.

" Mmm? I thought you would want a big family. I always did." The princess said, pointing one finger at herself as if their earlier conversation never happened.

" I do want one like that, but you can't say stuff like that out of nowhere!" He said while his eyebrows twitched. Imagines of that kind of future with Momo, Lala, and Haruna appeared on his mind as the three of them took care of the children they had with the earthling suitor. ' Stop it, dumbass! How can I be the father of six children at the same time when I don't even know how to take care of kids? Oh, dammit, that is even more problems if I get along with that idea! Wait, since when did I begin even considering it?'

" Really? You would want a big one too, Naruto-kun? I never asked you before, but I'm glad that we are on the same page about this." The green-eyed girl jumped on his arms as the visor of the cap entered his mouth for a second, making him spit out. " And don't worry about anything. I will take care of the children. You can do whatever you want in the meantime. But we still have to go on dates, eh. I don't want to end up like Mama and Papa."

" How can I leave them all to you? If I would be the father, then I want to have time with my kids too." The shinobi explained like it was the most natural thing in the world without noticing the implications or her face of delight.

" Then would that mean you will marry me? Oh, I love you so much, Naruto-kun!" She said as she took hold of his neck, asphyxiating him for a bit, at least till one voice broke her out of her cheerfulness.

" I would have never thought that Lala-chan would have been the one that would make him open to the harem idea." Mea mused with a hand on her chin as Nana slacked her jaw at her friend's words. " I always thought it would be me or you, Master."

" Meh, I don't care if I'm second or forty. The important thing is that I get a piece of Naruto." Nemesis said, waving a hand in front of her face dismissively.

" I still can't believe you guys talk like this about him." Nana's eyebrow twitched in annoyance before noticing how purple the shinobi was becoming. " Ane-ue, careful! Let him breathe a little!"

" Oh, I'm so sorry, Naruto-kun! I got excited for a second." The eldest princess laughed with ease, easing her hold on him. " But you don't have to be so silly and feel embarrassed. You can tell me when you feel like it's too much."

The whiskered blonde didn't have the strength to retort her comment as he focused on regain some breath for a while. " Lala, I swear you will be the one who will kill me one day."

The green-eyed girl began to tear up cutely because of his remark, and he could feel his life escaping his body on premonition of what was about to happen next. She grabbed hold of his neck again in a flash, even though he tried to avoid her. " Naruto-kun, I would never hurt! I love you so much!"

" Ane-ue! Calm down for a sec! He didn't mean it like that!" Nana exclaimed as she ran up to help the earthling suitor.

As Nana gave her crush a hand, the other two assassins stood from afar while they began to eat their sweets. They made sure to buy a ton for the entire day. In case it wasn't enough, they only needed to get more.

" So, do you think he did open up already?" The red-haired girl asked this time seriously while licking a lollipop while the middle princess grabbed her sister's shoulder to break them off but without any success.

" We will know sooner or later." Nemesis said, eating some honey-covered popcorn. She felt like they had to intervene earlier than they expected. " But we should help Nana-hime if we want him to survive."


Thankfully after the two assassins interned to give Nana a hand, the chaos calmed down for a while. Nonetheless, the Jinchūriki knew that it wouldn't take long before something like that happened again. It was becoming more frequent with time. Maybe it was better if he used Sennin mode for the whole day just for safety. Okay, that was too much.

As they entered the first building of one of the largest zoos in Japan, the powered teenagers felt like sitting in a lecture while Nana kept explaining all the impressive species behind those windows. Naruto would have to admit that, like Momo, Nana knew how to make it fascinating and easy to follow. Heck, more than, once he felt like raising his hand to ask questions at the pink-haired teacher.

" And this one is a Komodo dragon." Nana pointed to the lizards that ran at the meat that got delivered in that made-up ecosystem. " They are one of the most ancient species of lizards on Earth. Aren't they so cute?"

" They do look the cutest! I prefer fluffy animals, but you are right, Nana!" Lala placed her face against the crystal with her sister as they petted the wall to call one of those lizards attention. It didn't do much just turned its head around and blink sideways as it was usual for it. Their overjoyed reaction didn't get joined by one person.

As shivers ran on Naruto's spine, when that animal hissed with its long tongue, he couldn't help but show a disgusted face. " Ugh, I hate snakes. They still creep me out after all this time."

" What are you talking about, Naruto? They are so tiny and easy to pet!" Nana rapidly turned around, hearing the boy freaking out at the sight of those green animals. " And they aren't snakes. They are reptiles!"

" They are way bigger than me." He deadpanned at her retort. It was true that he had seen some lizards that made these seem like a joke, but he didn't have any good memories with any of them. Specially thanks to a certain Sannin. " It just that they aren't my favorite animals, that's all."

" Oh, I wanted to show you some of them sometime. Some of my pets are snakes, after all. I thought you would love it." Nana lowly said as a pang of guilt formed on his heart.

" I didn't know you wanted to show me your pets." He awkwardly laughed, scratching the back of his head. " But you can whenever you want. I'm sure that yours would be cuter than these. But only to know, you have tons more, right?"

" Y-Yeah, I do. It's not like I have all species around the planets, but I'm pretty proud of all my friends." Nana said before she whispered, gazing away. " I don't mind having an afternoon with you so that my friends will get to know you. B-But I only do it, so you don't get bored at home. It's not like I look forward to it or anything."

" If you don't want to, you don't have to show them to me, Nana-chan." Naruto tried to free the pink-haired girl from such a thing if it bothered her, but he received an almost crushed look from her.

" I-I do! Why? Don't you want to spend time with me?" Nana asked as if she got told that he didn't want to be even near to her.

" I didn't say that!" He quickly rectified his words. " I only thought you wouldn't show your friends to me that easily, that's all."

Mea was the one who got in the middle of that never-ending circle. Her friend would never admit her feelings for now, and her love interest was way too dense to get what Nana wanted to say. " Nana-chan is a bit shy, Senpai. But she always likes to show off her pets. I saw them once, and they aren't scary at all. If you feel better, I will come with you to protect you."

" Who says that I will chicken out against anything?" Naruto asked, containing his annoyance but still visible since he felt that he got called a coward, even if that wasn't the case. But Mea's lips turned into a playful smirk at that reaction.

" I didn't say anything like that. Didn't I, Senpai?" She asked, arching her back with a hand in front of her face. " But I only wanted to make sure you will feel alright. You are scared of ghosts, so who knows what else?"

" I'm not scared of anything like that!" He immediately exclaimed before gazing at both sides, leaning him and covering his face with a hand. " Who told you that?"

" You still don't get that I'm a professional into getting information." Mea giggled before sticking out her tongue playfully. " I don't reveal my sources. I wouldn't get any more details about you in the future if you came to know."

" I think you have way too much fun with this, Mea-chan." He sweetly smiled while she did her best to hide her laughter, but he could see her lips twitching upwards. " I was nice with you because you are my friend, but you are begging for a prank."

Mea didn't answer for a second as she composed herself. She stood tall against his threat and whispered near his lips, making him blush from the proximity. " It's on then, Senpai."

" Can I be in your team, Naruto-kun?" Lala asked, hands behind her back with a smile present on her face. " I have never pranked anybody, and it seems fun. I laughed a lot when you told me the things you did at your other school."

" Of course, you can. I will make sure we teach a little lesson to Mea-chan." Naruto grinned mischievously, teleporting without any Jutsu to her side as he caressed the top of her head with his cheek, making her giggle while enjoying the proximity. " I'm so happy that finally, someone understands me."

" Then I will join you too." Nemesis placed a hand on her hip, approaching her servant. " You look like an expert on those kinds of things. And whatever it's chaos, I will always be glad to be part of that."

In other circumstances, Naruto would have stopped for a second to clarify what she meant, but he could do that later. Right now, he gladly pulled Nemesis closer to Lala and him. " Perfect! That makes three against one!"

" Well, I will still have Nana-chan to give me a hand." Mea said, turning to her friend, but Naruto already grabbed Nana to pull her into his group.

" Nah, ah! Nana-chan it's part of my team! It's not nice to have sisters battling against each other." He widely grinned as Nana felt her words failed her when she got placed against his chest while her sister and Nemesis were at his side.

Mea looked betrayed for a second. She did her best to hide her deadpan for a second before placing her fingers on her lips in a teasing manner. " Of course, I couldn't do anything against the harem lord."

" What are you talking about, Mea-chan?" Naruto became red, suddenly feeling self-conscious of how he was looking with all the girls against his body. But as soon as he was to back away, Mea circled his neck with her arms. Then suddenly, the girls turned around, unconsciously, making matters worse since they pressed against him.

" I'm only saying that you are right, Senpai. I can't win against you. So I will join your side, too." Mea smiled, bringing herself closer to him before he managed to escape within her grasp.

" I-It's not the time for prank anybody." Naruto weakly laughed while he directed himself towards the next floor, ahead of the others. " We came to have fun and learn, not being childish."

" Neh, even though you already rejected Momo-san's offer, and all. Can you reconsider the possibility of having a harem?"

The words of Mikan repeated on his mind, forcing him to grab his head to mess his hair without turning back to have some space.

Naruto would have to admit that the offer from Mikan was the main thing on his mind from that day. He couldn't shake it off even in the middle of his training, and let's not talk about when he was with the others. When he was near Haruna or Risa, he found himself acting like a weird guy. Logically receiving worried looks from his friends.

But it couldn't compare to when Mikan was around. He was blushing like a mad man to the point that Momo had to battle herself to don't say anything to don't push the issue. Of course, Momo knew since Mikan told her on her own when the princess asked her for Mikan's first day as a manager. On that second, the work got forgotten, and that declaration took priority over anything else.

He thought for a second that today he could clear his mind and have fun, but this wasn't even the first time Mikan's words repeated on his mind. Whenever he got near Lala or Mea, it got even worse.

" You scared him off, Mea." Nana deadpanned at her friend while her friend giggled into her hand. " Can you keep it down for today? I want to have fun together. It's not the same if he runs away because you guys push it anymore."

" Eh? But I wasn't the only one. Lala-chan asked Senpai to marry her and have tons of kids. I think that I didn't say too much in comparison." Mea retorted, making Lala rapidly defend herself.

" The conversation just got there! And he said that he wanted to help me with everything that meant educating our children and not leave it all to me! Of course, I would be happy to hear that!" Lala childishly stomped on the floor as she turned to her sister. " You understand me, right, Nana? It was mostly Mama and Zastin who were around us all the time, so I didn't expect Naruto-kun to be around with our children."

" Naruto said that?" Nana asked in confirmation, receiving a nod from her sister. " I mean, Papa wasn't bad or anything, but we never got to see him so much when we were kids."

" Right, right? That's what I thought too!" Lala invaded her sister's space for a second. " I would love Naruto-kun even if he had to travel as much as Papa, but how can I control myself if he says something like that?"

At the words of her older sister, Nana's mind rapidly teleported to a possible future, one that she would love to remain forever if not for her friends who shake her up of her dream after she didn't answer for a while.

" I brought you some almonds and pistachios for snacks, my love." A young twenty-something Naruto smiled at the gorgeous woman that sat on a wooden chair.

" You have to stop reading all those journals about pregnancies, honey." An advanced pregnant Nana gently kissed her husband after putting the food on the table at her side. She was caressing her stomach with love, something that he didn't wait long to do too. The funny thing is that she imagined herself with a bigger chest, like her mother.

" I want to make sure I take care of you and the baby." Naruto smiled with a warm expression, pressing his head against her stomach. " I want to make the both of you so happy."

" We already are." Nana breathed in content, playing with his hair as she interlaced her fingers with his, trying to feel the kicks of their daughter that healthy grew inside her.

" Okay, let's forget about dreaming girl for a second here." Nemesis said to the other two girls while Nana smiled to herself, caressing her flat stomach. " Who votes here that we should try to make him open his mind today?"

" I do! I think we are getting pretty close!" Lala practically glowed as she raised her hand high. But one of them wasn't so sure like the other two.

"He indeed gets shyer around us and all, but Senpai doesn't get closer to us. If anything, he gets more awkward and gets away with an excuse like just now." Mea pointed out, making Lala think for a second before running to her love interest. " And even if I love his reactions, I do miss being with Senpai and talking normally."

" Alright then. We will do it like this." Nemesis said, taking the leading role onto the frontal attack to conquer the land that got called Naruto's heart. " Each one of us will do as we please. So nobody can complain about anything."

" That's not what I said, Master." Mea sweatdropped at Nemesis for her plan while she moved her finger in disappointment towards her other servant.

" This way, we will all fight in different manners, and his defenses will come down sooner or later. If we all attack in the same way, then he will escape but a tactic in all directions it's difficult to resist against." Nemesis cockily smirked, not gaining the trust on that plan from Mea but convincing instantly Lala, whose eye's gleamed.

" You are so smart, Nemesis-chan!" Lala said, grabbing her hands in admiration. " It makes sense what you say! I'm sure that today we will manage to make the last fort on Naruto-kun's heart to fall!"

" I still think we should only enjoy our day with Senpai." Mea raised her hand to gain their attention but only getting ignored.

After all, it has been for a while that Lala couldn't help but want to kiss Naruto, and Nemesis was growing more restless thanks to Sephie's words and the interruption of Nana when they were about to have a foursome. Damn, she was so near to feel his fingers inside her as his tips were caressing her intimacy already.

" Why would I want to be pregnant with that perverted beast kid?" Nana shouted, breaking out of her dream. She was burning red, but her hand got still placed on her flat stomach.

" Okay, let's tease Nana-hime about that later." Nemesis said, ignored the heated glare from the girl to focus on the matter at hand. " For now, let's try to gain Naruto."


And so they did follow that plan as they decided, or at least for a while. The truth is that Lala didn't know how to flirt and only knew how to be bluntly sincere and confess her feelings.

The thing is that even though she loved seeing him all that flustered, Mea was right, and she preferred to enjoy the day with him. Breaking the shinobi didn't sound so good when her love interested laughed with ease while she took hold of his arm. He looked so handsome. Of course, she was dying to get one of those kisses like the night when they got glued together. But seeing him the happiest made worth it the wait.

In the case of Nemesis, it was different. If she knew a way to break him was to drive him to the edge with lust. She wouldn't mind it doing it in front of everyone, but it probably wouldn't work. She would have to wait till he was alone or he went to the bathroom.

Those were the reasons why once they went to the upper floor to join the man who stole their hearts, they kept having a usual hang out with friends. At least routinary for them since the glares of the males directed towards Naruto kept increasing on the first second they noticed how accompanied he was and how loving they looked at him. Even the men with wives and girlfriends died from jealously as they would kill to be in his position. They didn't stop with the hateful stares even after getting hit by their partners, either.

So there he was, the whiskered blonde sitting on a bench, watching some pandas eating bamboo while waiting for the girls who went to the bathroom before heading up to the show. Noticing the stares of some of the people, he was about to put the black hat forward, but he remembered that Lala still got it since earlier when they entered the zoo.

" There you go, Senpai." Mea laughed with ease, taking the hat part of his hoodie and placing it over his head playfully. " I don't think you will manage to get your hat from Lala-chan today."

" It's not a big deal. Lala looks way better than me with it anyway." He chuckled, swallowing the nervousness that he got, feeling her breasts on her back. " Where are the others?"

" They are helping a girl in the bathroom. She seemed pretty nervous about her date." Mea mused while placing her arms around his chest and her head next to his. " Don't worry. I told them the hour for the killer whales demonstration again, and they will come in a bit. Meanwhile, I could use some time with you."

He gulped down, his heart gaining speed as he played with the white laces that came from his hoodie. " I-I see. Well, it's normal if it was the first date that the girl would get so nervous. You cannot imagine how I was freaking out the day I went with Momo on our first date."

Doing her best to avoid teasing him, Mea hummed as if she appeared pensive. " I never had a date. I wouldn't know. But it cannot be that bad, right? You are already going out with the one you like."

" I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's something you feel when you are there. I thought like you too." He said while looking up. Now that he put his mind into it, he wasn't the only one getting squishy that day. " Even Momo was blushing too, but she looked adorable."

" Wait, Momo-chan too? I would have never guessed. She always looks so confident." She said, turning her head to her side to see him chuckling. " I can't wait to arrive home to tell her that I know how she was fussing about it."

" Come on, don't be mean. We all get to be like that." He sweatdropped at her teasing nature before seeing another couple of his age. " Though I suppose some are more easy-going than us."

" Who? Those guys? I heard her say that she is going out with him only because he asked her like a thousand times." Mea said, tilting her head toward the couple from afar. He did look like the nervous one, but they could see that she was warming up to him.

" Come on, man. You can do it!" Naruto whispered loudly, pumping his fist in a way that nobody could see. He would root for him since he understood that guy's predicament.

" You know him, Senpai?" She couldn't help but ask.

" I don't, but we are guys. We cheer for each other when we need it." He answered, smiling with ease while he saw from the corner of his eyes the couple go out of the exit door.

" If you say so." She said, contemplating the hateful stares of the rest that saw them. She may as well piss them off more. As Mea caressed her cheek against his, the males on that hall fumed at the sight. But Naruto got used to that kind of petting from her. " Anyway, it's a pity that here there isn't the panda that I was looking forward to seeing."

" Mmm? Which one?" He asked, focusing on the crystals as those white and black bears rolled on the ground to stretch.

" A brown one." Mea said without a hidden meaning behind it.

But that didn't help Naruto at all. His mind quickly went to the section of that day where she confessed and kissed him repeatedly, making some feelings surge inside him. " W-Well, you said so that it's not that easy to see one."

" Yeah, I know, but since this place is so big, I thought maybe they could have it." Mea sighed a bit with disappointment.

" I didn't know you loved animals that much like Nana." Naruto said, scratching his whiskers marks, doing his best to calm down.

" I don't." She admitted, shaking her head. " But this is special. Not a lot of people get to see something like that."

" Maybe I could check out if the other zoos in Japan have it. If not, there is probably one in all Earth. I only have to look for it." Naruto mused after contemplating how down she was because the panda she was looking for wasn't there. She was so happy and cheerful since he woke up from the coma that he wouldn't let anything get in the way to ruin her newfound joyful nature. " We can travel to anywhere to see that panda if you want."

Mea eyed the love of her life while he made plans to travel around Earth to get her to see that bear just for a heavy sigh. He was that selfless. Who cared about something so stupid when she got to hug him as much as she wanted?

" It's alright, Senpai." Mea said, placing her hands inside the pockets of his hoodie. " I already told you that I found my brown panda long ago."

' Dammit, that it's a killer phrase.' He thought, gazing away to avoid that she would see how much impact it had on him. " I-I'm sure that the real one would be much cuter."

" Nah. You can believe me. The one that I'm talking about it's much warmer and loving than thousands of those." She hummed in content, placing her head on the crook of his neck. It couldn't hurt to tease him a little bit, even though she promised herself that she would cut it out for a while. " By the way, I meant you, Senpai."

" I-I got that. I'm not that stupid." Naruto said without any venom behind his voice but only shyness. He tried to think about something to say back, but his brain seemed to melt in appreciation at the sweetness of her thought. " T-Then you got to have to be a koala."

" A koala?" Mea repeated as she remembered Nana showing it to her once. " Why something like that?"

" W-Well, they are cute and all, but they only hug the branches of the trees, so that's why they keep popping into my head since you do the same with me." He said after coughing into his hand when he began with a stutter.

" Mmm, a koala, eh?" She asked herself to see how she felt about that. " Yep, I like it. Though I have to say, Senpai. You are usually way better with words."

" Sorry about that! I'm trying my best here!" He retorted as a throbbing vein appeared on his forehead, earning her giggle.

" It's okay. That only means that I got to you. Isn't that right?" She asked, trying to get a peek of his expression, but the only thing she saw was how he childishly took the hoddie to cover himself with it. Strangely that action meant so much to her. It's like she was getting to him in a way that he lost the capacity to think. Maybe she preferred romanticism over sexuality? Mmm, she could see it later. " I love you so much, Senpai."

If that wasn't a goal to his heart, then Naruto didn't know what it was. She was becoming much smoother than any other girl with her words, and she was leaving his sorry ass to shame if he compared himself to her.

" I-I appreciate you a lot too, Mea-chan."

" Appreciate? That's a big word for you, Senpai. Did you learn it at school?" She taunted a bit to make him turn around. She didn't even have to wait for a second for him to do that.

" O-Oy, you have to stop calling me stupid or-!" But Naruto found his voice dying on his throat when Mea grabbed the hood with both her hands and stretch it a bit to get just minimally inside with him. She waited for some seconds before whispering into his lips.

" Or what, Senpai? You didn't finish what you were about to say. Something wrong?" Mea innocently asked before softening her facial features. " Is it maybe because your heart it's beating as fast as mine?"

" Y-You are only saying that to tease me!" He managed to say. So that he could avoid answering the question, but she quickly grabbed his hand and placed it on her left boob, making sure he wouldn't take it out from there.

" See?" She rhetorically asked before placing one of hers on his chest. " I would say that we are about the same. It makes me so happy."

" M-My hand isn't in your chest, Mea-chan!" He exclaimed before controlling his voice as he comically whispered harshly as their foreheads touched. " It's in your breast!"

" Then here you go. You are free to take it off from there." She said, going against what she planned at the beginning. She waited for some more seconds but the stupified look on his face, when he realized that he didn't want or couldn't do that, answered it all. He got hypnotized by her heartbeats. She had to throw everything out of the window and kiss him. " I love you so much."

When she claimed his lips, his eyes widened for a second as she covered half her face and his entire one with the orange clothing, his hand still on her boob. The battle inside Naruto's head got quickly decided as he gently bit her lip, gaining a moan from the assassin.

The fireworks that she felt last time kissing her crush while he was inside Mikan's body made her think it was the most exciting thing she would ever feel. But thanks to this one, it made it pale, and it looked like a joke. Though she always knew that maybe it would be a bit stronger but never like this.

After a while, Naruto took his hand from her chest, much to her disappointment. But when he placed it on her face as he changed their battle into a much sweeter kiss, that sense of loss changed into victory. The rhythm was much slower, and it was much more addictive. She let go of the clothing to focus on their lips as she sat on the bench with her crush. She was sitting facing the opposite side while she got to enjoy his heart's sounds against the palm of her hand.

Sadly she got too focused on the tender kiss that when she was about to move her tongue to ask for permission to have a more passionate kiss, Naruto slowly broke apart, moving his head down as she did with their eyes still closed.

What could he say? There were tons of things that went through his mind. Some that he wanted to say, but he refrained himself on the last moment. Others didn't seem to fit in this situation. So he went with the thing that bombarded his head. " That was amazing."

" Yeah, it was." Mea agreed, nodding her head against his. She was indeed in the same predicament as Naruto but what held her back was one particular thing. She didn't want to ruin their moment. That didn't mean she couldn't give him a little reminder. " I will wait for you over a thousand years if I have to, Senpai."

There was no need to say anything else. Both Naruto and Mea knew what was going on in their hearts concerning each other. He couldn't lie to himself anymore and act like he didn't get that romantic feeling about her. And if that sentiment invaded him with happiness for a second, it quickly changed into uncertainty.

Naruto knew that it wasn't the moment to think about that, so he did the next thing his mind could come up with as he chuckled. " Isn't that from a song?"

" Oh, now that you say it, you are right." She joked, feeling how he took his forehead a bit away. Nonetheless, the warmth in his eyes compensated it. " I heard it some days ago, and I loved it. I didn't know you were into those kinds of genre."

" I could say that it's all that my photographer forces me to hear at work, but I have to admit that I like them too." Naruto weakly laughed as she grabbed his hand.

" One more thing that we have in common then." Mea smiled with ease since this was becoming one of the days that she would remember forever.

It was at that moment when they heard Nana and the rest return. The laughter filled the halls, and Mea could say that she was so glad that they didn't arrive even half a second earlier. Why? Well, Lala just ran towards them at the first glimpse she got from the two teenagers sitting on the bench.

" Did you had to wait a lot, guys?" Lala asked, jumped onto Naruto's arms, but this time more gently. " I'm sorry we were giving some advice to a girl."

" Don't worry. You girls are just in time. We can make it without any rush." Naruto chuckled as he got forced to take his hand away from Mea to grab Lala. Though, Nemesis didn't miss that contact between her two servants. " You did the right thing, Lala."

" Hehe, I knew that you would understand." Lala said, loving the pats on her head that she got from her crush as his lips twitched upwards that she got so happy for so little.

" Then tell me. What did you say to the girl to help her out?" He asked as they stood up to walk towards the aquarium part. He couldn't help but relish in her explanation, falling into account that the pink-haired girl was another one that got a hold of his heart.

As Naruto made sure to listen to what Lala was saying since she told him what they thought was the best way for the girl to act, they didn't realize that the other three girls stayed behind for a minute. It was all since Nemesis didn't move an inch from the spot. By the way, it was better if that girl didn't listen to the alien teenage girls' advice. She would get pregnant or dumped in an instant.

" Something wrong, Nemesis?" Nana asked the assassin as she raised an eyebrow out of curiosity. " Why are you all smirking like that?"

" That's easy to answer." Nemesis said, turning her head to her servant at her side. " But I think it's better if Mea is the one who tells us first what happened while we were in the bathroom."

" You are way too smart, Master." Mea laughed without meaning it since she got caught. " But it's not like I can lie to you if we are going to be harem sisters."

" Don't say something like that in public, Mea!" Nana hissed as some people turned around at the mention of such a word. " Agh, I want to die! So embarrassing!"

" You shouldn't be, Nana-chan! You should be proud that you are going to be part of Senpai's harem! Not anybody will have the chance!" Mea reprimanded her friend, slightly raising her voice and making matters worse as Nana put a hand on the side of her face while an old couple looked at them in disbelief.

" Okay, okay, I get it. Please only say what you were about to say." Nana said, gazing at the floor to avoid meeting other people's eyes.

" Oh, yeah, you are right." Mea nodded, forgetting about that for a second. " We only kissed for a bit. But this time, Senpai kissed me back and didn't back away! He even did something else. I think he bit my lips, but I loved it!"

" Oho, that's an exceptional accomplishment. It never happened before except for Momo-hime." Nemesis's eyes brightened for a second in hope while acknowledging her servant for the groundbreaking work. " That gives us a lot to work on now. Nice job, Mea."

" Hehe, thanks, Master. I did my best." Mea giggled, placing her hands behind her back.

But Nana wasn't taking it as well as Nemesis. It's not like she wasn't happy for her friend, but it's just that when the others were having those progress with Naruto, she still was standing on the start line. No, maybe she was even worse since she ruined every chance with him because of her nervousness.

" I'm so glad that he kissed you back, Mea. You were waiting for that for a while." Nana chuckled, patting her friend's back before crossing her arms on her chest with a big grin.

Mea wasn't about to get fooled through something that everyone could see through with ease. Grabbing Nana's shoulders, she became serious for a moment. " You have to risk it sometime if you want to grab hold of Senpai's heart, Nana. Otherwise, nothing will change. You got us, so you don't have to be afraid of anything."

" I know." Nana sighed since it was useless to maintain her facade. " It isn't that easy either. I'm not so forward like Ane-ue or you."

" Then we only need to create the situation." Nemesis chimed in, snapping her fingers. " On the whole show, you will be the one sitting at one side near Naruto."

" I thought you would want that place." Nana said a bit surprised that she would give up a seat so easily.

" You don't have to worry so much about me. I will sit on Naruto's lap like always." Nemesis answered with a sweet smile while Nana sweatdropped.

" Now, everything makes much more sense." The pink-haired girl awkwardly laughed. There was simply no way that Nemesis would sacrifice something like that with him.

" Then it's all decided." Mea finalized, clapping her hands together. " We have to keep going if we don't want to lose Lala-chan and Senpai. Let's keep going!"


It had passed a good thirty minutes as Naruto and Lala realized that the ones who came to the zoo weren't anywhere near them. Since they had some distance to walk and going back would be useless, they decided to keep going towards the pool where the sea animals would show their skills. In the worst case, they would call Nana on the phone or receiving a message from them.

That's what they did. Now, Naruto and Lala arrived at the stands where people of all ages went to visit. Most were teenage couples, and families with kids were sitting.

" What do you think about this place in the middle?" Naruto asked Lala, who seemed to be making the math to decipher which one would be the best seat.

" Nope, those over there are the best seats." She said, pointing out to the row below them. Sitting to check out the view, she nodded, pleased. " Yep, these are the good ones."

" Happy to hear that." He chuckled, taking the one at her side. As the chatting filled the place, he couldn't help but turn his head around to see if he could catch a glimpse of the three girls that went missing. " I wonder where Nana-chan and the rest got lost."

" Here we are!" Mea exclaimed, hugging his back from the row behind. " You are losing your touch, Senpai. Did you miss us?"

" Yeah, where were you guys?" Naruto asked while Nana took the other seat at his side with a pink hue on her face and Mea, the one that was near her friend. He took it as granted that Nemesis would take his lap as she always did.

" We began talking and lost ourselves on the way. But it wasn't a big deal. Thanks to the maps, we managed to arrive on time." Mea half lied, not wanting to mess up this opportunity for her friend. " Anyway, it looks like it's beginning."

" Oh, you are right." Nemesis said, turning her head towards the pool to see two trainers coming out of a cave-like made door with seals funnily following them. " I hope it will be a bit entertaining."

" Usually, they teach animals things that they don't usually do, so it should be fun." Naruto explained as the pair on uniforms theatrically waved to the public with the seals imitating them as they raised an arm high." See? Aren't they cute?"

" They are! I wish I could pet them!" Lala immediately agreed, returning the salute to the seals like the younger kids were doing. " Did you come before to this place, Naruto-kun?"

" Yeah, once when I was a kid with Haruna-chan and Akiho-nee-chan." He slightly grinned at the memories before focusing on the show again as the animals passed the balls between each other, making equilibrium with their noses. " But it has changed a lot. There wasn't even half the stuff that there is now."

" So that means it's like you are seeing it for the first time with us." Nemesis mused to herself, receiving a nod from the shinobi. " Somehow, that makes me happy."

" I'm glad too that I got to see it with you guys." He grinned, shaking his head while the dark-skinned girl pressed her back against his chest for comfort. " There are still tons of things that I want to do with you all."

As Lala, Nemesis and Naruto chatted, Mea gazed at her friend from the corner of her eye. Nana seemed like she wanted to join the conversation but lacked the strength to do so. Somehow that the others were waiting for her to make a move got her a bit shy.

" Nana-chan, what are you doing? You only have to talk a bit with Senpai." Mea whispered to her friend, who got startled since she didn't think she was too obvious.

" I'm trying, but it isn't that easy!" Nana whispered back. She got several chances to chime in on the conversation, but she quickly lost them as she opened her mouth to speak. " I don't want to make it weird either."

" What are you saying?" Mea asked with disbelief. " You were the one who talked the most. Use the things you know about animals now! The trainers are showing tricks, but they are doing anything else!"

" A-Alright. You have a point." She nodded, turning around, raising her hand slightly but failing again to call his attention. At least that was till her friend slightly shoved her, making her snap. " Don't push me, Mea!"

" Are you girls alright?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow at the sudden outburst while Nemesis deadpanned at Nana's childish attitude. She had been keeping an ear to those two while she chatted with Lala and her servant, and she did her best to don't intervene. " I hope it isn't that boring. It has just begun."

" No, of course not, it just so fun." Nana waved her hands in front of her face like in apology. She only had to go for it. " Did you know that dolphins only turn off half of their brains when they sleep so that they can still sense when they are in danger?"

" Eh?" Naruto blinked for a second as Nana seemed to become paling at his reaction before his eyes shined with curiosity. " Really? How do they do that?"

Thank his words, Nana's chest filled with pride, earning leverage again so that she could converse with him. " It's thanks to evolution. They learned how to keep their senses awake while relaxing with ease to maintaining themselves fresh."

" That sounds so cool!" Naruto glowed like Lala usually would before turning his head to the show as four dolphins stood from the water with their tails to dance. " They are so badass then!"

" Yes, but not only that. Dolphins are extremely smart. Those animals give themselves names without the help of anybody else so that they can communicate with each other." Nana said, letting herself go, enjoying herself to the fullest while Mea smiled with ease at their interaction.

" That's Nana-chan for you! You are way too smart!" He complimented the girl without a second thought, making her fidget for a second. She even let out a small yelp when he approached her to whisper. " But wait, did they tell you that when you talked with them?"

" What do you mean that you know I can do that?" Nana asked with a mild surprise. It's not like she was trying to hide it, but she never told him.

" Of course I know. Did you forget who is teaching me?" Naruto asked with some amusement. " Your mom is always bragging about you three. It makes kinda makes me want to do the same, you know?"

" What is there to brag about?" Lala asked, genuinely confused, receiving the most incredulous expression she ever received.

" That you three are girls that can do things that nobody else can even dream? Momo talks with plants, and I mean talking like a good morning. How is the day going? Nana can do the same with animals, and I keep telling you that you have to be something else, Lala." He breathed in after rushing through the words from the excitement.

" I love you so much, Naruto-kun!" Lala said, taking hold of his neck as she placed his head on her cleavage lovingly.

" A-Alright, I get it! But don't put my face there!" He said, doing his best to don't breathe on the skin of her cleavage thanks to her dress. He didn't know if she was that sensitive like Tearju, but it wasn't something he wanted to repeat. If he didn't touch her tail, it would be okay.

Nemesis did her best to focus on the show, but it did bother her what her servant said. She had her arms cross around her chest, and she didn't turn around so that she wouldn't lose pride, but her mouth seemed to have a mind on her own. " I can do more stuff, Naruto. I can transform as I like and turn every part of my body as a weapon if I wish."

Lala stopped her petting for a second, gazing at the back of the girl's head, who was sitting on her crush's lap. She had to giggle at how strong she was trying to look. " There is no need to be jealous, Nemesis-chan. Of course, he knows how amazing you are. Right, Naruto-kun?"

As she let him go, Naruto had to shake off that soft feeling of Lala's chest off his face for the sanity of his brain. How could they be so squishy? That didn't matter for now. Coughing on his hand to look more serious, he placed his head above Nemesis's to get her attention. " I do believe that you are as amazing as Nana and the rest."

" I'm not a child. I don't need to get pampered every second." Nemesis retorted, letting out some of her frustration.

" I know that. That's why I don't say it to you as much as I would like." He pointed out, making her turn around. " I would say that you and I are the ones to look the most alike. We are fighters."

" And we have our pride." She followed, ending the sentence. It all made sense now why he didn't appear to be as open with her." So that was the reason, uh?"

" I can be wrong, but I don't think you would like me being all that open with you. I don't want to insult you." He explained before chuckling. " But if you do want me saying how cool you are, then just say it."

With only a few of his words, Nemesis felt lighter. She would never admit it, but their relationship was a bit different than with the others. It did bother her. But all that was for nothing since she failed to realize that he held her into higher respect as he did for Golden Darkness. Mea was on the same point, but she behaved as Lala, so it was difficult to see the difference.

Smiling to herself, Nemesis seemed to melt into his embrace. " I suppose it isn't so bad how highly you think about me. But you can praise me much more. You have the right to do so as my lovely servant."

" Thanks, I guess." He sweatdropped since he didn't get so used to getting called that. " Then I will try my best to tell you how amazing you are."

While Nemesis hummed, pleased, Mea gently elbowed her friend to her side. Nana was smiling while she enjoyed how caring he was. But she was missing the whole point! Nana could get to be like that with him too. If she only took some steps forward.

" Are you doing this on purpose, Nana-chan?" Mea whined a bit, feeling lost at her friend's attitude. " Can you tell me what the big deal is? I want to help you in whatever you need."

" N-Nothing! It's all okay!" She said, looking forward but without paying any attention to the show, thanks to Mea's frown directed at her. She would never say it out loud. It was bad enough as it is. ' They will grow at one point, as Mama said, and then it would be much easier.' She thought as she passed one arm over her flat chest.

" You leave me no choice then." Mea stubbornly said, grabbing hold of both Naruto's and Nana's hands to raise them high.

" W-What are you doing?" Nana asked, bewildered before her blood ran cold as she heard the trainers talking through the microphone.

" Oh, it seems we have some volunteers right there in the four rows. What a lovely couple." The woman's cheerful voice didn't match how Nana felt. " Come on, don't be so shy. You volunteered yourselves for this."

" No, no, there is no need. I'm sure that others would want to do this too." Nana quickly apologized, but it seemed like the trainers wouldn't take a no for an answer.

" That's an adorable girl right there. Come on, everybody! Let's show them our love!" She said, clapping her hands so that the others would do the same. In an instant, the whole place was calling for them to join the workers in the pool.

" Neh, it's going to be so much fun, Nana-chan." Naruto widely grinned, breaking through all her defenses as they got made of paper. Grabbing her hand, when Nemesis stood up from his lap with a smirk, he waited for Nana to nod in agreement. " Perfect, let's go then!"

" W-Wait for a second!" Nana yelped as he walked quickly, apologizing to the ones who were sitting. Nonetheless, she didn't forget to glare at Mea, who gave her a thumbs up in return.

"There come our volunteers!" The male trainer announced, before chuckling, making everyone break in laughter thanks to his comment. " And it seems that the boy is way more excited than her."

Naruto scratched the back of his head once he entered the pool with Nana before he let go of her hand. She quickly grabbed hold of his orange hoodie with two fingers. " Yeah, sorry about that. I have never done anything like this."

" And that's why we do it, man. So that more people can enjoy these experiences with those beautiful animals." The trainer patted the boy's back as they walked to the edge. " Now, don't be scared, this cute little killer whale it's called Amanda. She loves head petting. Why don't you guys try to give it a go?"

" We would love to. Nana is an expert in animals, you know?" Naruto boosted her up, pointing to her as she walked two steps behind. " She could kick anybody's ass when it comes about biology."

" Really?" The man asked with curiosity as Nana shyly nodded. " You are so lucky to get such a cute and smart girlfriend then, boy."

" F-Friends!" Nana immediately snapped, startling the worker. " We are just friends! Nothing more!"

" Sorry about that." The trainer quickly apologized, wincing at the burn. That got to hurt the boy.

" I wonder what Nana is saying." Lala said from the stands while she blinked, seeing her sister pointing an angry finger at the aquarium's worker. " She seems a bit jumpy, even more than usual."

" I can guess without a second thought what she is saying." Mea deadpanned. " Maybe it wasn't a good idea forcing her hand on this."

" Meh, at least we will laugh a little. Knowing Naruto, something amusing will happen for sure." Nemesis giggled into her hand, grabbing the bag of sweets they bought earlier.

" Oh, let me get some of that." Lala turned around, grabbing some lollipops from the crazy amounts that the assassin had. " Strawberry. That is my favorite."

Meanwhile, in the poolside, the female trainer joined the other three to ease the girl. " Sorry about my coworker, don't pay him any mind. He only sees romance everywhere he goes."

" And because you are a piece of ice." The man muttered under his breath before shaking his head. " Anyway, let's keep the show going, alright?"

Receiving a nod from the two teenagers, the woman kneeled on the floor showing the two of them that they could crouch down with her." Now she might surprise you. But there is nothing to worry about at all. Amanda is a sweetheart."

" Can't wait to meet her." Naruto expectantly grinned while he looked at the water for mere seconds before the orca appeared right in front of them. It leaned on the floor as water flooded into the concrete. " There she is. Woah, such a big girl."

" Ey there, how are you, Amanda?" Nana softly asked, petting the whale's head before giggling when water came out of the top of her head.

" It's not like you can understand me or anything." The whale said to herself, almost in a bored tone.

" I do get what you are saying." She gently retorted, raising her heart-shaped tail high in case the animal missed it. " I'm not exactly from here either."

" You are serious. I have never seen a monkey without hair like the other ones, but with a tail." The animal said in bewilderment. " If you aren't from here, where are you from?"

" I'm just from another planet." Nana whispered with a hand in front of her face while the trainers kept talking about the animal through the microphones, teaching the public with their little monologue.

" What is she saying, Nana-chan?" Naruto asked his friend while he saw her talk with the whale. " Men, I have to envy you. I could talk with Gamakachi and the boss before, but everyone could understand them too."

" A-Aren't I?" She asked, trying to be a bit more forward. She looked somehow more adorable than confident. " But I envy you more. You had toads way bigger than any other animal I ever had."

" Mmm, now that I think about it, I never tried to summon them. I don't know if Gamakichi would get till here." Naruto said in an afterthought while Nana invaded his space in an instant, forgetting her timidity.

" You never did? Then we should give it a go when we get home today. I would love to talk to them." She eagerly proposed as he felt a bit guilty that he didn't get to end that sentence. She just jumped at the opportunity.

" Well, I tried when I just arrived in this dimension the first minutes, but it failed. But I could try. I mean, You never know." He said as her excitement quickly faded away. Feeling like a dumbass to take that matter out loud, he was about to say something else, but the Tailed beast inside him quickly read his mind.

" Over my dead body, you loud-mouthed brat!" The red fox roared inside his brain. Naruto would grab his ear to stop the yelling, but he wouldn't accomplish much with it. " I'm not a pet like those disgraceful toads! I'm not talking with anybody!"

' Calm down, will you, Kurama?' Naruto yelled back inside his head. ' I never thought of you like something like that! It's just that Momo told me that Nana wanted to ask you about the other Bijuus, but she didn't ask me to respect you. That should show how nice she is!'

" I cannot care less, brat! I demand respect! She is only doing what she should!" The Tailed beast angrily huffed to the side while its Jinchūriki felt like punching it square to the nose with all his strength.

' I swear you are so thick-headed! Give her a chance! How could it hurt you?' At that question, he received no answer as the red fox chose to keep ignoring its partner. Sighing since it was useless to talk to it anymore about it, he gently smiled at his friend. " You know what? Is there any animal in space you ever wanted to have?"

" Mmm, yes, there are some, but they are way too dangerous or prideful to even hear to anybody." Nana said, seeing where he was going. " Papa fought some of them while he was bored, but they all preferred to die before bowing to him."

" So that means you never got see one, right?" Naruto asked with a playful grin, receiving a nod. " Then it's settled. Someday I will domesticate one of them, and you will get to pet it all day long. That's a promise!"

" There is no need for you to do anything like that!" Nana quickly jumped to ease his mind. But it didn't appear so as she grabbed the collar of his shirt. " You already are full of things you have to do! You have to think more about yourself, idiot!"

" Hehe, thanks a lot, Nana-chan." Naruto lovingly smiled, touched by her concern. He didn't know she cared about him to that extent to get mad. Thinking about it made him grin as wide as he could. " But I do it for me too, you know? Tell me it wouldn't look badass if I get to have a friend with one animal that nobody did before. I will look badass if I show up on meetings with it!"

" If you go greet kings and other royals with species so dangerous, you will be sending the wrong message." Nana pointed out as if it was the most logical thing in the world. He tried to retort, but he failed miserably to came up with a counter.

" No way. It has always been my dream." He comically moped since his idea quickly shattered.

" You just literally thought about it five seconds ago!" She exclaimed while she got wrapped in his usual antics.

As he pumped his fist, reminding her of his promise, he bowed to accomplish that aspiration that got into his head. " It doesn't matter how long I came up with it! I will have one of them, and you will get to pet them, Nana-chan!"

As she sighed in defeat, a giggle escaped her. Naruto could say what he wanted to hide it, but even she could see that all that wasn't because he desired to look cool, well maybe a little, but he thrived cheering her up since he couldn't present her to the toads. It still stupified her that he would go to such an extent for her just because of something so insignificant.

" Then I will do my best to show you the ones that nobody got to tame. What do you think?" If she couldn't change his mind, she might as well join him in his craziness. It was more fun on this way too.

" I didn't think you will get along with it." He blinked at how easy she accepted it. " Then no takebacks, alright? Everybody in space will know us for it!"

" Alright. It's a promise then." Nana smiled, joining their pinkies, and he raised his finger. The whale kept a close ear at their conversation and was surprised at such chemistry.

" You got a nice mate for all your life, right there. It's a nice choice to have someone like him by your side." The orca said, flustering Nana.

" What do you mean by all my life?" Nana whispered to the orca, making sure that he wouldn't listen.

" Don't you monkeys mate for that span? At least we orcas do." It said in a surprise to learn something new. " That's a pity. He seems like a nice mate to let it go to waste."

" Will you stop calling him that? He is not my mate!" She hissed at the aquatic animal, getting confused looks from Naruto. " I-I mean, I do like him, but it isn't like that for now. I still have to work for it!"

" What me to give you a hand?" The whale asked while she looked incredulous. " It's your choice, but I know how I can make sure you get a get male's attention."

The princess looked tempted at the offer as she gazed to her side to watch the boy she liked. " A-Alright, but don't make it too obvious, please. Something easy."

When the orca nodded in understanding and went to the water, the trainer still had some explaining to do, but they cut it short since the animal seemed that it wanted to play.

" So guys, here you have some fishes. You can give it to her every time she does tricks." The female trainer smiled, bringing Naruto and Nana a bucket with the animal's favorite food.

" Thanks a lot!" He grinned, taking a couple, one for her and one for himself. " There you go, Nana-chan. I wonder what she can do."

" I was thinking the same thing." Nana whispered, suddenly dreading the worst.

" Look! She is dancing!" Naruto pointed at the water as the animal showed half its body while turning around itself. The male trainer, in the meanwhile, jumped into the water with it. Music began to sound, and claps filled the place.

" Woah, I never saw something like this before." Nana admitted, being impressed with the acts as the man stood on the whale's nose while it danced.

" It's awesome! Isn't it?" Naruto grinned, seeing her finally enjoy something to the fullest since the day started. " Oh, here she comes! Let's give her the fish."

" Nice job, Amanda. That was impressive." Nana pet the orca as they gave it the food inside its mouth once it took its head out.

As the orca went to the trainer once again, she went deep before going straight up as it pushed the man high into the air while he did a backward summersault to fall into the water.

" That was the coolest thing I have ever seen!" Both Naruto and Nana simultaneously said, cursing that they didn't let swim with the orca.

" For that, she deserves all the fishes, isn't that right, Nana-chan?" He asked, grabbing the bucket while nodded in agreement.

" We have to come more times!" She exclaimed, throwing the food from afar as the whale waited with its mouth open, long forgotten that it had to help her. " Maybe like that, we get to swim with her!"

" Yeah, we have to do that no matter what!" He nodded as excited as she was while the orca waved at the children and couples from the stands.

While everyone got to clap at the excellent performance and her partner was coming out of the water, the female trainer couldn't help but raise an eyebrow seeing the orca go deep into the water. It usually stayed much longer to play around.

" I wonder where she is going." The woman whispered. She quickly got her answer when the animal came out top speed from the water to reach higher heights and fall with its back on the water to slaps the trainers and the teenagers. The public was safe since a crystal protected them.

" Careful, Nana-chan!" Naruto ran to his friend, but it got too late to cover her since the water won up to him. He managed to grab her, but he didn't make it to shield her, so he easily laughed, surprised by the prank of the animal. " We have to get her back."

But something was strange. When Nana didn't answer, he passed his hand through his wet hair to take it out of his eyes. What he saw petrified him. She was burning red with her mouth hanging open by how forward he was.

Nana looked down and up multiple times, thinking that he would get the hint since she was too embarrassed, but he just stood there. " C-Can you take your hand off my breasts already?"

" I-I'm so sorry, Nana-chan!" He immediately backed away, hands high to show her that he was defenseless. Thanks to her lack of bra and the white color of her shirt, he could see her nipples, making him flush red.

" S-Stop looking at my nipples, you perverted beast!" She exclaimed. When she noticed, she quickly leaned forward with her arms around her chest to cover herself.

"I wasn't looking, I mean, agh, I didn't realize I was touching your boobs! And because of the water, I got confused!" Naruto quickly explained, but his choice of words was the worsts one he could have ever said.

Nana felt her heart getting stabbed thanks to his explanation. Gritting her teeth while some tears appeared in the corner of her eyes, she turned around to slap her crush before taking her wings out and fly away. " Well, I'm sorry for being a pettanko!"

Naruto had his face watching to the side from the hit. Not because of the physical part but of what it meant. He hurt her without even thinking. He had never received something like that, and it wounded more than any Chidori through his shoulder. Snapping out of his stupor, he gazed up to see that she was far away. " Wait, Nana-chan!"

Jumping high to follow her, he left the other three girls on the stands as two of them slightly frowned.

" I don't know why but I'm not having as much fun as I should with this outcome." Nemesis said while Mea sighed in defeat. It all was going well, dammit.

" That's because Nana-chan is feeling bad, Master." Mea clarified. It was obvious. After so long living together, Nemesis would get attached to the people in the house. " Should we go with them, Lala-chan?"

" No, it's better if we leave them to sort it out." Lala shook her head, much to their surprise. " If we get in the middle, then we will be bothering them. Naruto-kun always knows what to say to make things better."

Nana may need her space, but when it came to the Jinchūriki, all the walls crumbled in an instant. He had that power around him. Lala, herself, knew how easy he could get into your heart even if you were mad at him. Sadly, her sister couldn't see that at this moment.

" Jerk." Nana whispered, cleaning her face with her hands.


It had passed some minutes since that altercation happened on the show. The middle princess looked from the sky for a place to be alone, and she found the perfect place to sit since nobody seemed to go through that road. And so she did.

She flew low and got her wings back inside as she covered herself with her arms just in case. Her clothes were soaked, but she didn't feel cold at all. Right now, she had other things in mind.

" How dare that perverted beast say that he didn't notice he was touching my boobs? He had all his hand on it." Nana angrily whispered as she cleaned her eye with one finger. " He sure seemed to take his time to take it off from there, that perv."

It wasn't that he touched her breasts that bothered her. What irked her was what he said. She always has been self-conscious about her figure. How could she not when her mother was drop-dead gorgeous with an hourglass figure? Lala was the same way, and even her twin got nicely developed at her age. That was what stuck into her head. Momo was the younger one, and it was Nana who got left behind.

" I don't need you to look at me in that way." She huffed after stomping on the floor with her boots. " Go enjoy big breasts then if you like it so much, perverted beast."

" You know you are gorgeous. Right, Nana-chan?" Naruto said from afar, and her eyes widened at his voice, but she refused to look up. He took his hoodie off since most of the water fell on her. He wasn't wet like she was." Here you go, let me at least do this."

" I don't need it." Nana whispered but not fighting back while he put it on her. He made sure to put his cap on her head to cover her a bit more. " This isn't going to make me feel better."

" I know. But I have to begin to think of a way to apologizing." He muttered, crouching down in front of her while wearing a white shirt that was perfectly dry. " I don't want you to catch a cold either."

" We don't get sick that easy like earthlings." She retorted, not putting her arms on the sleeves but not taking it off either. It smelled like him, and strangely even in this situation, it soothed her.

" Yeah, you guys are way too badass for us." He joked a little bit to ease the tension, but she gently kicked his knee, not looking to hurt him.

" Don't be a smartass." She said while the hoddie covered her face. " I know you are different and special."

" Right now, I don't feel like that at all." Naruto admitted sighing because of his stupidity. He went to place his hand on her knee but stopped himself midair. It was better to take it easy. " Otherwise, I wouldn't have hurt someone so important to me."

" A-Am I?" Damn, him and how smooth he always was.

" If you have to ask, then I'm not doing a good job showing it." He weakly laughed, scratching the back of his head. " But of course you are. You slowly sneaked in into my heart, and now I can't seem to stop thinking if you are okay all the time."

" I should be the one saying that." Nana whispered, hiding her flustered state as she kept kicking her crush, but it could be considered a gentle tapping. " Don't come here and steal my words too."

While she gently kept patting him with her foot, he felt like placing his head on her lap, getting a mix of a surprised and delighted yelp. " Thank you for not going home, Nana-chan."

" I-It's not a big deal. I didn't feel like it, and that's it." She rapidly stuttered as the heat raised on her cheeks. ' Agh! Why can't I ever focus when he is around?'

The whiskered blonde messed his still-wet hair, shutting his eyelids tightly before removing his head from her thighs. " What can I do so you can forgive me? If I could delete what I said, I would."

Nana felt like her words were dying in her throat. It wasn't something small for her but seeing her crush torturing himself over that hurt her way more. She didn't care what it was. If he got so sad, then it wasn't worth it to keep going with it. " I-It's alright. You didn't say it on purpose, and I just overreacted."

" It's not something small, Nana-chan!" He refused to let it go that easy. Breathing in to slow down his voice, he tried to do his best to solve this. " We all have some stuff that we are sensitive about, so it's normal to react that way."

" You have something like that?" She said, raising her head while he got a peek of her face, making him soften his features.

" I had some stuff." He admitted. " When I was in Konoha, I was the shortest one. For a while, it bothered me, but I managed to grow into it."

There was a difference between them. Naruto grew to be so tall and would for sure keep growing for some more years, but she was stuck on that petite figure since she could remember. She didn't even get wider hips. " What if I stay like this forever?"

He could see how her hands went up his orange clothing to place them on her chest as she opened up to him. " Look, you are still growing. I mean, I'm not a doctor, but you still have lots of time for that."

" Momo is my twin, and she is getting a body that makes everyone turn around to look at her." She whispered, getting a bit down at the thought. On the other part, he did his best to don't snap at that idea.

" Please, don't remind me that." Naruto awkwardly laughed. It wasn't time for that either. " I don't know what to tell you, Nana-chan. I can only tell you to have some patience and wait. Believe me, if I could do anything to help you out, I would."

She opened her mouth to say something, but she shut it tightly close as she frowned. She needed it to hear it from Naruto. " It's okay if you lie to me, but can you tell me that I'm as pretty as Ane-ue?"

" What are you saying?" He asked with confusion.

" Y-You can't? S-Sorry for asking you something so bizarre." Her voice broke a little before she folded into herself. " Let's forget about it."

" Of course, I can't lie to you." He pressed, and she felt like they were stabbing her. " Nana-chan, I don't need to come up with anything like that or mask my words. You are gorgeous. I think that every time I see you."

" Y-You are only saying that." At first, she shyly hid, but when he tapped her stomach to call her attention, she raised her head. His face said it all that he was dead serious. As he softened his features while she nodded in understanding, she let her crush help her pulling the oversized sleeves over her tiny arms. " Am I as beautiful as Mama?"

It made no sense to ask him that since she knew the answer. But she still hoped that he would look at her with the same eyes that all the men looked at the empress. The rest of the boys didn't matter to her, but she did crave that look from Naruto.

" It would be weird if I look at your mom like that, Nana-chan." He slightly joked after her other arm entered the other sleeve but didn't even reach the wrist part. " Mmm, this is too big for you. It almost arrives at your knees. You know what? It's something we got to invent. It's a dress from now on."

" It's way too big for me." Nana gained a playful voice, feeling protected just by wearing his clothing. It was a pity that it didn't have Naruto's clan symbol on its back.

" Don't worry about that. I have some clothes that my photographer wanted me to wear to promote, so it doesn't have the Uzumaki swirling symbol on it." He scratched his whiskers marks, totally missing her point. Gaining a pink hue while looking up, he wasn't sure why he got like this, but he answered her question. " To me, you are even more beautiful than Sephie. I swear. You can rest easy. I would fight anyone who says that they won't agree with me."

Maybe it was stupid that she would feel so lucky overseeing a facet of him that she never got to experience, but not even the loud beats of her heart that filled her ears managed to spot her and to control herself. She didn't know what to say back, so her brain racked itself to come up with something. " I-I would be lucky if I get to have you behind me!"

" What?" Naruto asked, almost stumbling on the spot from the implications of her words.

Nana looked at him weirdly for a good couple of seconds. She got confused, thanks to his reaction and the redness of his face. Then realization came on her, rapidly imitating him. " I-I-I didn't mean it like that, you perverted beast! I-It's not like I use the shower to help myself with my urges thinking about you!"

He cursed his imagination for making appear those imagines of a naked Nana on the shower calling his name while she enjoyed the jet on her intimacy. He laughed awkwardly to hide his dirty thoughts, but she saw through. " O-Of course! Why would you do that?"

" What I meant is that I wouldn't hate having your family heirloom on my back!" She exclaimed, getting redder by the second because of his widened eyes. Before he could ask if he meant like a marriage, she freaked out and leaned forward, claiming his lips to shut him up.

" Y-You mean like a wife-upmpf?"

Even though it was the second kiss they shared, the princess was way tenser. She didn't even know where to put her hands or if she should move her lips a little. None of those things got written in the magazines she read. Naruto could see how cutely she trembled as she shut her eyes close while he's were wide open in shock.

Breaking apart, feeling like a kid for not knowing the basics of these, and lamenting for not having the courage to ask her twin for help to avoid that Momo would laugh at her, she looked down and maintained her pride.

" I-I only kissed you to say thank you for bearing with me! But that's it! Don't get ahead of yourself! You hear me!" Nana exclaimed, looking away while his jaw hung open.

He stayed petrified for some instants before forcing himself to snap out of it. Naruto's mind went through all of the possible things he could say, but because of a mix of stupidity and getting caught surprised, he went along with the excuse. " O-Oh, then you shouldn't have to. I like hanging out with you. I-I mean, I didn't think of anything else or anything, hehe."

" T-That's good if you understand." She nodded, trying to appear confident but failing on her attempt. Some silence invaded the place before she stood up like a spring startling him while she invented something randomly to gain some time. " A-Anee-ue is probably worried I will call her. I will get back in a sec."

" That's a nice idea!" He said, agreeing while massaging his collar. He could steel feel her innocent and warm lips on his own. " You should let her know you are okay."

" R-Right." Nana avoided meeting his eyes while she walked past him, taking her phone out. Then she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the picture she had as wallpaper. Momo pushed her twin to ask for a picture of Naruto while they were at school. Gathering courage, she did so now she got a treasure as he happily laughed while she embarrassingly looked away on his arms with him hugging her friendly, both of them wearing school clothes. " What the hell am I even doing?"

" What?" He asked, turning around to see the princess tightening her hold on her phone. He was still crouching when she walked back to him.

" Forget what I just said, alright?" She said, raising her voice while grabbing his white shirt while she leaned down once again to kiss him, this time trying to conveying all her feelings with the experience she had. And damn if it worked. He was the one who got his breath stolen thanks to such a pure way to show what she felt. Breaking apart, he could see her eyes swirling. " I like you! I didn't kiss you because I wanted to say thanks! No sane girl would do that if she didn't like the boy. So here you go! I like you a lot, perverted beast!"

" I-I." Naruto did his best to say something at least understandable, but he couldn't come up with a decent sentence while he fell in his ass. She still waited for him to reply. " I thought so too, but I wasn't sure since you said that."

" Well, you have to read between the lines! We don't mean exactly everything we said!" And that was particularly true in her case. " Except what I just told you! I do mean that I like you a lot! Drill it to your head if you have to because it was my first kiss and confession! And you got my second kiss too!"

" I-I will never forget!" He promised, making her eyes shine with joy.

" Good then. Now I have to go call Ane-ue." Nana said, letting his shirt go, putting the cap of the hoddie further down, but not having the strength to stand up. She may as well follow her instincts for once. And so she did steal his lips, learning little by little how to move.

' Since when Nana-chan is so forward!' The Jinchūriki shouted in his mind, not able to deny how warm he felt while she pressed herself against him. He began answering back when she broke apart, covering her face with the oversized sleeves. ' She looks so beautiful!'

" And you got my third one too! All of them are important!" Nana exclaimed while running away to gain some mental strength. She was adorably smiling to herself. ' I finally did it! I kissed Naruto and told him how I feel!'

Meanwhile, the teenage boy could only contemplate her figure running to whoever knew where leaving him as if a hammer hit him in the head. He couldn't say that it came out of nowhere since he did have some suspicions.

Nonetheless, it's not like he could make sure of it. But he could say it all got solved thanks to the pink-haired girl.

" That isn't the problem here!" Naruto roared into the sky, jumping on the spot to stand up and mess his hair with both hands. All of this will make him go bald. " I was right, dammit! I kept telling myself that Nana-chan was only shy and that there was no way that she liked me, but it got nothing to do with that!"

" So you could see it, but you choose to be ignorant about other's feelings to avoid confronting them." Nemesis's voice came from a tree branch, making him lookup. She was smirking at the sight. " That's interesting."

" I didn't want to ignore how others feel." Naruto sighed, sitting on the bench while she came down the tree with ease. " It's just too complicated."

" I think you are making it more difficult on yourself than it should be." The dark-skinned girl pointed out, jumping from one tile to another with one foot while making equilibrium with her arms stretched horizontally. " Why not trying dating one more girl at the same time? That would clear your doubts about the harem plan."

" Why do you all say stuff like this like it's the most normal thing in the world? There is no way I would feel good with that." Naruto groaned, grabbing the side of his head with one hand. She looked up in thought before grinning mischievously. His words were easy to retort.

" Can you say that again?" Nemesis jumped on the bench to stand taller than him as she grabbed his shirt to bringing her to her as his face meet her crotch. As she felt his breath on her intimacy, a pink hue appeared on her face while she watched the reaction of his pants. " You do seem like you love this."

" That's something different!" He snapped as a moan escaped her from his reaction, making him try to get out from that, worsening the situation since the movement built up the heat inside her. Her hair made sure that he would stay in place. " And who walks around with no panties at all?"

" Your erection seems to thank me for not wearing any." Nemesis grinned with a knowing-all attitude as she seemed to breathe heavily.

" D-Don't look at that!" He yelled, covering his groin with a hand as he pushed down his penis without any success to calm it down.

" You should stop lying to yourself. You would be much happier." Nemesis advised him, letting him go much to his surprise, while she breathed deeply to control herself. Seeing his expression, she asked with amusement, creating a fan to ease the heat on her body. " Surprised?"

" Y-Yeah." Naruto admitted, moving his legs uncomfortably while she sat down on his lap. He did his best to block his mind from the warm feeling in his nose. " You usually never stop till someone interrupt us. And even then, you try to keep going."

" Because what I want is not something so small as a quickie." She said, blowing air into her face while his head tilted to the side in disbelief before hearing her following words. " I want a lifetime of sex with you, Naruto."

" Are you serious?" He fell forward, putting his head on top of hers, sighing heavily, feeling stupid to hear something else. " That wasn't exactly what I expected to hear."

" Disappointed, are we?" Nemesis giggled, amused by his antics. Placing her head on his shoulder, she kept moving her fan. " I was against this when Lala-hime told me, but I have to admit that maybe I'm more fascinated with you than I considered possible."

" You make it sound like I'm some experiment." He dryly laughed while he gazed at her from the corner of his eye.

" Oh no, I couldn't do that to my cute servant." She shook her head, moving on his torso to get comfortable. " I'm only saying that you are worth waiting for, Naruto."

" T-Thanks, I guess." He mumbled while he caressed his whiskers marks, somehow touched by her statement. Though it easily got cut short.

" But that doesn't mean that I will stop trying to get you. I have a reputation to defend after all." Nemesis grinned with pride, making him sweatdropped at his foolishness. Of course, that would make more sense.

" So you want to have that with me?" Naruto shyly asked. If there was someone that he could talk with, then it was her. Maybe she didn't have the same goals as Lala, Nana, Kyoko, and the rest, but he could be more open with her since she seemed to be sure about it. " Why not ask someone else? People would die to do it with you."

" You mean my adult form or this one?" She turned her head around, smirking at him while moving her ass on his groin. It was much worse now that he knew she never wore panties.

" You already know the answer." He said as a throbbing vein appeared on his forehead.

" Mmm, no, I don't." She innocently shrugged her shoulders, never stopping the movements of her hips. " I still haven't heard you say how do you prefer me. Though I have an idea."

" Then can you just answer me, please?" He sweetly smiled while he gritted his teeth.

" I knew that you wouldn't deny your lolicon tastes." Nemesis pridefully nodded that she wasn't mistaken, stopping her teasing before he would explode. She would break him slowly. " And about your question, it should be obvious. I know that men would kill to lay with me, but I'm not interested. Well, that isn't true either."

" Then?" Naruto asked, seeing her place a hand on her chin in thought. He got a bit concerned as she looked troubled out of nowhere. " What is the reason?"

" I don't know. But I would say that for a second, I hated the idea of letting someone else touch me if it wasn't you." She mused before turning her head around, looking at him with uncertainty and confusion. " Do you know the reason?"

' Am I supposed to be the one explaining Nemesis this?' He was freaking out, gazing to the sides, in the hope to see Nana or the rest, but it seemed that fortune was against him today.

He felt like an asshole avoiding her answer or lying to her. The three assassins he met were important people to him, and he promised to help them. Brushing the girl off would go against his word. But not only that. Not giving her a hand when she seemed to be so fragile would only worsen things. Nemesis was opening up like Mea and Yami if she asked him that, and that was an opportunity for her which she didn't realize.

" Naruto?" She pressed, tilting her head in expectation.

" H-How do you feel when you are near to me? Are you maybe calmer?" He asked, still not believing the situation he got himself in. Who has to explain to a girl that they liked him? Maybe the killer whale fell on his head. Yep, this was all a dream.

" That much is logical. If not, I wouldn't want to spend all the time with you." She said, stating the obvious with a dry expression thanks to his questions. She was feeling more lost.

" I-I see." He said, hiding his stupid smile with his forearm. That arrow she sent him without noticing hit target dead on. " And when I'm not around?"

" I usually go to your room to get some of your underwear to remind me of you." She shrugged before watching the disbelief look on his face. " What? Mea does it too while you are at school."

" You can't come into my room just like that!" He shouted at the new piece of information before burning red. " And wait for a second! That's is the reason why I don't find some of them?"

" Probably." The dark-skinned girl said with pride, loving his reaction. " I have some of them in my room, so I can imagine that the others do too."

" What do you mean others?" Naruto asked with disbelief as she mischievously smirked. Maybe it was better if he didn't know. Shaking his head, he returned to the topic. " You know what? Let's leave it like that for now. You wanted to talk about that thing."

" Why I only want to have sex with you, yes." Nemesis blinked, noticing that they went out of the route. His head hung low at how blunt she was. " I know that you are good, but I was never interested in that before."

" Can we focus? Just for some seconds." He begged, doing his best to keep his blood flow to his brain and not to his cheeks or his groin. He received an okay sign from her. " What I wanted to say is that I don't know about others but what you feel is the same that I experience with Momo."

" You also want to steal Momo-hime's panties?" She tilted her head, acting innocent and inciting the antics from Naruto that she adored. He was a blast. " I don't think they would look good on you."

" N-No, not like that!" He comically cried as she giggled into her hand. He had to sigh in defeat. " Do you really want my help? Or are you saying that only to rile me up and make fun of me?"

" I meant what I said. I only want you in my life." Nemesis unconsciously frowned, a bit offended that he would doubt her on this. When he saw her like that, it melted him. How could he be ready for that?

" T-Thanks for saying that. I wasn't used to hearing that a lot." Naruto said, gathering the courage to explain what she was feeling. He was sure it would bring him more chaos, but strangely he felt connected to her. " I mean that I love Momo. From what I understand, that kind of thing only happens when you like someone."

" So I like you?" She repeated, tasting that how that felt to her. It made her all tingly inside while she received an awkward nod. " Lala-hime told me that, but I don't believe in love."

" I'm not sure about many things, and even though I keep making mistakes, the only thing that I can assure you is that exists." He said with conviction, remembering his past life. " And is the only thing that matters. It's the reason why wars begin. To protect the ones we love."

Nemesis looked at him and his soft features before completely turning around to circle her arms around his neck, making some nervousness appear on him again. She stayed silent for a while, taking him all details of his face like his whiskers marks to his blue eyes and blonde hair. It did affect her.

" I may have to think about this for a bit. But I don't hate it." She bluntly stated, placing a hand on his chest. " Not bad at all."

" I-I guess it's good to know." He weakly laughed, gazing away. He doomed himself.

Thankfully the voice of Mea gained their attention as she waved, walking with Lala, who gleamed at Nana as she wore that oversize hoodie. " Senpai! We finally got to find you! Oh, Master, are you having sex right now?"

" Just stop saying that!" Nana and Naruto simultaneously shouted with embarrassment.

" You guys are so funny with all your jokes." Lala giggled into her hand, enjoying their reactions. That's innocence for you.


After that particular moment, the super-powered teenagers kept visiting the zoo with a different mindset. And that was the shinobi doing his best to clear his mind from everything that happened with the girls. He wanted to enjoy the day with his friends, but his mind always seemed to enjoy reminding him of those exchanges with Mea and the rest.

Meanwhile, the others had fun with the rest of the shows and animals till late at night. Of course, there was still teasing, and it was focused on Nana, thanks to the orange clothing that she didn't seem to let go of. That they caught her sniffing on it didn't help her case either.

Returning home, as the zoo began to close near the sunset, the teenagers returned home to enjoy a familiar dinner with everyone in the house. That was what he needed it some time to have some innocent chatting. Though what he wanted the most was to see one person.

" Oh, you have guys have returned." There she was, the person he wanted to see the most. Momo was tying up her apron after answering a call on the phone's house from another model agency that she just rejected. They were nuts if they thought they could drive him like a slave. She couldn't help but smile seeing her twin. " And it seems Nana is wearing your jacket, Naruto-san. I wonder what happened."

" Nana-chan got wet in front of everyone, so Senpai gave it to her so that she could hide her nipples." Mea giggled into her hand before getting a sniff of whatever they were preparing for dinner. " Mikan-sama! What delicious things are you preparing for today?"

" There is no need flatter me, Mea-san. I made sure to do more to give you three servings if you want." Mikan sweatdropped at her while Mea sprinted to the kitchen. " And don't run in the house!"

" Let me help you, Mikan-chan!" Lala exclaimed, leaving the shoes on the entrance to follow Mea, not listening to Mikan's reprimand. " It smells delicious!"

As Momo weakly laughed, she turned to her boyfriend and the other two girls before sighing a bit contemplating her twin's embarrassment. " Anyway, that's why I keep telling you that you have to put on a bra, Nana. You never know what can happen."

" I-I get it, alright? I will put them from now on." Nana huffed, putting the cap on her head to walk past her. " Let's just focus on eating now."

" I don't understand. Why do you have to wear underwear? It's only an annoyance." Nemesis said, shrugging her shoulders following the rest.

" W-Well, you have to use it anyway! You can walk around like that!" Naruto comically shouted, remembering the sensation of her groin on his face.

" Neh, don't be so shy." Nemesis smirked, stopping in front of the door of the kitchen to turn around and show him her tanned petite ass while lifting her yukata with a hand, sending him a kiss as he appeared to be petrified watching her. " Enjoy the view as much as you want, Naruto."

" She does walk with no underwear on." Momo said in disbelief before turning to his blushing boyfriend. " So I gather that you had fun today, Sweetie?"

She didn't receive an answer for a while as he looked at her with some inner turmoil. She frowned a bit at his appearance before she got engulfed in a hug.

" I missed you a lot, Momo-chan." Naruto whispered into her ear while she breathed in. She didn't need him to explain to her what was going on in his head. He was battling himself for a long ago, but since Mikan's confessed, it got worse. " I wanted to see you so much."

" That's how it went, uh?" Momo sighed, caressing his back while missing how her mother and the strongest swordsman went down the stairs and saw them. Zastin and Sephie stayed on the stairs, not wanting to bother them, but the empress wanted to listen to what was going on. Momo didn't know if it was the best course of action, but she needed to give him a hand. " Do you want to talk about it, Naruto-san?"

The Jinchūriki thought about it for a while before messing his hair. What bothered him the most was her desire for him to go through with it. " I just don't get it, Momo. I know how I feel about you, but then you say stuff like that with the harem, and I began feeling weird with others too. What does that mean?"

Sephie intently listened to her favorite suitor's dilemma. That's what was she feared the most. He was beginning to go through those problems. Nonetheless, she would have to say that she appreciated that he wouldn't give in that easily and respected her daughter to such an extent.

" That means you love others too." Momo gently said, taking one of his hands. " You have the biggest heart that I have ever seen. It's only natural you can hold those feelings for other girls too."

" How can you say that so easily?" He slightly frowned, gazing to the floor. " If I think about other guys trying to take a chance of you, it makes my blood boil."

She adorably softened her features at his words. " That was the reason? You think that I will ever even consider another man?"

He looked confused at her question." Well, I didn't think about it. But I suppose it would be fair? I don't know. If I manage to fall in love with another girl, that would mean that what we have isn't real? That eventually it will happen to you too with someone else?"

" Come here." She motioned for him to lean down before giving him a chastized kiss but full of messages behind it. As they barely broke apart, she saw that he got a bit calmer while he breathed her scent with his eyes close. " I could never fall in love with another man because you are everything that is in my heart."

" Then?" He asked, feeling a bit lost. She shook her head, amused.

" You don't have to worry about others. You always will be my one and only." Momo smiled, placing a hand on her chest as a pledge. It soothed him inside since something at the back of his head kept telling him that if he went out with another girl, then that would mean he would lose Momo. But it raised more questions in his head.

" So you would let me date more girls, and you would stay with me?" Naruto repeated, raising an eyebrow in confusion. " It doesn't sound fair at all."

" To me, it is." She retorted, containing a giggle. Caressing his forearm, she snapped him out of his thoughts. " I know you won't go playing around. If you are confused is because you have deeper feelings towards Onee-sama, Mikan, and the rest. I appreciate that you love me so much, but I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want. I only think that maybe you should ask a date to someone to help you decide."

" To who?" He asked, feeling a bit of a headache, making him grab one side of his head while he let himself go.

" I would say to whoever you want, but I recommend you to do it with a girl that agrees to the harem." Momo raised a finger, giving him the idea. " You have several in the house."

" Is this happening?" Naruto couldn't help but ask himself, massaging the back of his head. " Maybe I am stuck inside the infinite Tsukuyomi?"

" Is a nice dream then, isn't it?" Momo sang, watching him finally opening up to her idea. " Everything will be okay. After all, you have me with you."

" I still think that I'm losing life expectancy with all of this." He dryly chuckled before she tiptoed to grab the sides of his face and whisper into his lips.

" I will make sure you get them back then. I want to have centuries by your side, Sweetie." She whispered before kissing him deeply.

He visibly relaxed into her embrace. She had that power over him. He didn't get sold out on the idea, but she took weight out of his shoulders. While Zastin chuckled on the stairs, pumping a fist for Momo, Sephie sighed, partly in relief that nothing happened and partly in defeat. Her daughter seemed to have another kind of hold over her partner's heart than she ever had on Gid.

Nonetheless, all of that came to a stop when they heard heavily panting from the other side of the entrance door instants before rushed knocks appeared.

" What's going on?" Momo blinked, breaking apart from her boyfriend.

Since he had no idea like her, he took hold of the handle to open the door. When he did, a green-haired girl jumped into his arms.

" Naruto-kun!" Run yelled, trying to gain her breath again.

" Run-chan? Are you okay?" Naruto asked, concerned to see her so stressed. He got his answer as she fought to speak up.

" It's emperor-sama here? We are trying to contact him, but we had no luck." Tears appeared on the corner of Run's eyes. " Please, we need help!"

That event that was about to take place would be the beginning of change for everyone.

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