It had not passed even an hour since the green-haired princess arrived at the Uzumaki household. She ran with tears in her eyes on the arms of the Jinchūriki the first second she saw him.

Forgetting about dinner since it was the least of their worries when the rest of the house saw Run in such distress, they went to the living room and sat with her in the middle so that when she could breathe with more ease. After that, she explained to the empress what was going on.

The news was heartbreaking, and it left too little hope for everyone. It all got confirmed when Lala took hold of the papers to look at the math that the scientists from Run's planet did towards the event that would doom that species.

" So what do you think, Lala? Is there anything we can do against that meteorite?" Run asked her. She knew, without a speck of doubt, that there was no other genius like Lala in the whole universe that could hold a candle compared to her.

Lala sporadically gazed from the papers to Run with a sad expression. She didn't have the guts to confirm what the astronomist from planet Memorze already calculated. " I'm sorry, Run-chan."

" There is no way." Run's voice came out broken while tears filled her eyes.

The empress and Zastin looked down in defeat, knowing that if Lala was the one saying that there was no way to go against that event, then there was little to do. Rito eyed the room and saw the overall tension of the people, but he couldn't decipher the one from his classmate that kept his head hanging low.

" But there has to be something that they can do, right?" Rito asked, hoping that there would be even a slight chance. " I mean, there has to be some weapon or missile that can destroy it."

" I wish that would be the case, but there isn't." Lala somberly said, shaking her head. " The dimensions of that asteroid are way too large. I doubt that any cannon would destroy it. At best, it would only turn it to pieces."

" That's a huge thing! Wouldn't that ease the damage?" Rito asked in hope, not having the knowledge that she had.

" It wouldn't matter. Because of gravity, it would simply fall back together again over some meters as the pieces would fall back together." She explained to him, making him look at her in disbelief. " And even if you disregard the basics of physics, the pieces would still destroy the planet the same."

" Then does that mean that my planet has only a week to live?" Run rhetorically asked as she tightened her fist over her lap while gritting her teeth. " Why is all of this happening?"

" I-I'm so sorry, Run-san." Mikan whispered, without any idea of what was the best course of action in this situation. She couldn't imagine what it would be if she knew that Earth was about to be destroyed without anything to do to save it. Grabbing a bottle of water, she placed it on the table near her since it was the only thing she could come up with for now." Here try to drink some if you want."

While everyone gazed at the floor, feeling pity for her, there was one who, the whole time, didn't speak at all but didn't seem to give up.

" Run-chan, does your planet have any good relationship with the other ones near to it?" Naruto asked, raising his head to look at Run with steeled eyes.

" We have some but not so many. Why?" She sniffed, cleaning her face with her hands, feeling lost at the sudden question.

" Then, call your father. We have to bring as many people as we can to the other planets." He pressed while the eyes of the people in the room widened at the idea. " And, Sephie, can we use your position to talk to the other planets to give a hand? We need all the arrangements and diplomatic help we can get with this idea."

The empress softened her gaze behind her veil with a tint of sadness. Those idiotic royals were too thick-headed to get convinced for free. " It's not a terrible plan, Uzumaki-kun, but we can't hope to solve all of this in a day. We would have to negotiate with them and try to find common ground."

" I know that it won't be easy. That's why we have to begin right now." Naruto pressed with a tint of authority voice, always maintaining himself respectful to her. " What we have to know is how many are willing to give us a hand. We will think about negotiations later."

" May I speak, Uzumaki-sama?" Zastin respectfully asked as he couldn't help but speak his mind. He received an awkward expression from him since Naruto felt weirder than usual that Zastin would talk like that. He had been more respectful over time, but now it's like Zastin treated him like a royal. " Even if we manage to get to fruition with the discussions, we wouldn't have the time to transport all the population outside the planet. We lack that quantity of space ships."

" That's why I wanted to ask Lala this." Naruto turned his head towards her while she tilted her head. " Could you make the portal bigger? As much as you can. We will go with the two options to bring all the people out of there in this week we got."

" I can try. It's just that I don't know how big I can do it with so little time." Lala trailed off, speaking her mind from the engineering part before she caught a glimpse of hopeful expression on his face. She didn't want to let him down. Nodding with a firm belief, she reassured him. " I will do it! I will work my hardest!"

" Thanks a lot. Sorry for asking you this." Naruto softened his gaze, massaging his neck.

" You don't have to apologize, Naruto-kun! I want to help as much as I can!" She exclaimed while the tension in the room seemed to ease a little.

" It shall get done then." Sephie nodded, agreeing with the plan. He just marveled at her with only a few words. ' I didn't teach him any of this. I only taught him about the history and current royals, but I haven't even mentioned political matters. I knew he was a natural.'

She wasn't the only one stupified. Many more, even if they knew about Naruto's capacities, got left as astonished. They could admit without shame that he got made of something else.

" You thought about everything in so little time." Nemesis blinked while some admiration grew inside of her. " I didn't know you had all of this in you."

" Hehe, Senpai, it's amazing, Master. You haven't even seen a quarter of what he can do." Mea giggled with happiness while she grabbed her feet, swinging in the sofa chair. She loved that authority and intelligence that he possessed.

" I still didn't do anything at all. We have to go over this week first." He sighed, feeling the stress building up while his mind racked itself. There was only one way after all. But before he could say anything else, the happy sobs from Run gained their attention.

" Thank you so much, Naruto-kun." Run hugged herself, finally able to catch some breath in all this storm. " I didn't know what to do, and I could only rush here looking for Gid-sama to beg him that he would do something."

" You are such a nice person, Run-chan." He gently said, walking to her to pat her head as he crouched down before she took hold of his neck to place her face on his chest. He felt the need to caress her back. " There there, you are free to stay here this week if you want."

" R-Really?" Run asked, slightly separating herself from him. " I wouldn't want to bother. I'm not alone since I have Ren with me."

" But you need more people." Momo chimed in, happily agreeing with her boyfriend's idea. It would be irresponsible to let her stay alone. " You couldn't bother us either, so rest easy. You can use any room you like."

" There you go. See? It's not a big deal." He grinned with ease, masking his inner turmoil. Nonetheless, he was happy that they would have his back. " Anyway, where is Gid? He could help us a lot when we speak with the other kings."

" Mmm, Papa is on vacation." Nana shyly said, still wearing the orange hoddie, knowing that this situation didn't speak so well about her father. " At least I think so. It has been a while since he answered our calls. He never gets his phone whenever he is relaxing."

" Is he serious?" Naruto asked in disbelief with a twitching eyebrow doing his best to avoid insulting the emperor in front of his wife and daughters. Breathing deeply, he stood up and gazed towards the empress and Nana before walking towards the door. " Please, keep calling him whenever you can, Nana-chan. Let's hope that we can get a hold of him. In the meanwhile, Sephie, I leave the negotiations in your hand."

" Wait, where are you going?" Nemesis asked, thanks to his sudden actions. Would he leave everything in the other's hands?

" I can't do anything in those meetings. I'm a nobody in their eyes." Naruto sighed, stopping dead on his tracks. " I have other things to do too."

" Leave it in our hands, Uzumaki-sama. We will do our best too on our part." Zastin chivalrously bowed as he pledged to follow his orders.

" Thanks a lot, man." Naruto placed his fist forward, meeting the bodyguard's shoulder since he didn't get used to so much respect. " I will be in the training room if you need anything."

" Why are you going to the training room?" Rito asked, a bit confused before a lightning bulb turned on inside his head. " Are you practicing a new Jutsu with Kyuubi-san?"

" Not really." He answered before sighing in defeat. It would be much faster if he just put all the cards on the table. " I'm learning my father's Jutsu."

" So that is why you kept writing all those letters in those papers during this month." Lala's eyes shined at the idea of her love interest. " How far are you then? Are you finished?"

" It's not that easy." Naruto frowned while he was slowly taking in the enormous work he had behind so little time. " It's not working at all. I'm randomly practicing over the seal that I saw my father use during the war, but I have no idea how it works." He muttered before mentally slapping himself to let the odds put him down while Sephie saved what he said inside her mind since he didn't realize his slip-up. " That's why I will focus only on this during the week. I will learn the Hiraishin and develop it even further to save Run-chan's planet."

" Will you do that?" Run asked in disbelief. She didn't know anything about his world or that if he came from another place entirely, so if not even Gid can do anything, what could he do? He got defeated by the emperor a month ago. He couldn't have grown so much since then.

" Of course, I will." Naruto firmly said, placing a finger on his chest. " I won't let your planet disappear. I will get stronger and save everyone. I promise."

Silence engulfed the room as their mouths dried from his belief. He was battling on his own with such a difficult task, but he didn't let it drown him in desperation. He didn't even need someone to cheer him up, nor he gave the time for others to offer him a hand to sort out all that mental stress. He was indeed the next Rikudou Sennin.

" If there is anybody who can do it, then it's you, Naruto-san." Momo smiled, but she was just as impressed as the others because of how fast he sorted out the matter. " There is no time to lose. We will do our part and go to you after with whatever comes up."

" I focus on that then." He quickly nodded, running through the hall to get to the laboratory without saying anything else.

The empress had to smile after all that happened. Chaos aside, she had just witnessed a talent that far surpassed her own. With no experience in such distress, he left the empress on the dirt.

Her first reaction after hearing the news was only of a defeated acceptance. There was no doubt that after taking it all in, the empress would have racked her brain to elaborate a plan that would mitigate the damage. But he didn't even need those minutes. He stayed silent and come up with something to address the meteorite issue. Always respectful but hard, guiding others, even the current rulers. He was growing on her like the son she never had.

" Let's go to work then, Zastin. We can't have the next generation outshining us that easy." Sephie said with a rushed tone, but it was evident the joy that filled her voice. She grabbed her dress to stand up, finding energy where she didn't know she had.

" Of course, Sephie-sama. We must keep supporting Uzumaki-sama." Zastin widely smiled, following her steps. " That is my duty, after all."

" I will run to the lab too! I can't let Naruto-kun do everything either!" Lala exclaimed, jumping out of the sofa to go to the upper floor. " I have to take some burden out of him!"

" I will try to call all of the bodyguards we have." Nana said, taking her phone out of her purple pants. " Someone has to know where Papa is and how to contact him."

As the aliens and superpowered shinobi ran out of the living room, the youngest of the Deviluke princesses approached Run to offer her a hand. She would welcome her and make her feel as comfortable as she could before she could head to help them too.

" I doubt that you are hungry, but you must eat something." Momo gently smiled at her, gaining her attention. " We can't let you stay depressed while you are in our house."

" T-That's right. Dinner is ready." Mikan said, happy that she could give a hand at least in something. " I hope you don't mind spicy food."

" I love it." Run nodded, calming down a bit. She had never expected such a rapid response. The empress herself took matters at hand. " Thank you very much for the hospitality."

" There is nothing to thank." Mea said, stretching from the other side of the room. " Senpai would have done the same for everyone."

" I almost forgot, but he is that selfless." Nemesis said from her seat above the chair before winking to Run. " You can consider yourself lucky that you got him by your side. We will expect payments later."

" O-Of course! Anything! We will be happy to give you all as much gold as you need to build a country!" Run nodded in agreement before she received a bored look from Nemesis.

" That is not the payment we are looking for." Nemesis sighed while raising her hands in exasperation from such a useless offer from the green-haired princess. Nemesis's golden eyes shined with desire looking at Run's body. " We want something more special."

" Oho, that's right. Senpai would be more than happy to have her." Mea mischievously grinned, understanding what her master meant as everyone else did.

" Naruto-san would feel insulted by what you are proposing." Momo deadpanned, stopping the two assassins dead on their tracks. She didn't need to say much else.

Mea winced at the idea of shaming her love interest while Nemesis shrugged her shoulders. But the dark-skinned girl would have to admit that it somehow cut her desire to keep going with the sexual offering to Naruto if it would damage him somehow.

" Alright, alright. It was just an idea." Nemesis slightly let go, falling to the chair to sit. " That's a way to ruin our fun."

" N-Neh, Momo-sama." Mea awkwardly laughed, gaining a sweatdrop from her. " Could you not tell Senpai about this? We were only joking around. There is no need to tell him or anything."

" Forget about them." Mikan weakly chuckled while Run seemed for the best to don't understand what the two assassins offered her while Mea kept talking with Momo. " You know that they like to play a bit."

" That's alright." Run shook her head easing their worries. " I am already better just by being with all of you. Nothing stops your cheerfulness."

" Well, we are still a bit nervous. But we got Uzumaki-san at our side. That helps out a lot." Rito said, explaining their reasons. Sporadically glancing up, he couldn't help but ask about her brother. " By the way, how is Ren?"

" He is still freaking out. He doesn't stop yelling that we should get out of here and reject the offer of staying." Run said while Rito and Mikan stumbled, hearing her say that. The prince hated Naruto with all his guts. " He didn't want me to come here either, but I didn't listen to him."

" You did the right thing, so don't worry about Ren. He is just stressed. I'm sure he will come around once he sees how your decision was the right one." Momo waved dismissively.

" If not, you can leave it at us so that we will change his mind." Nemesis grinned, changing her hair into blades while Ren shivered, hearing their threats.

" Let's eat for now. We will think about that later." Rito chimed, giving a hand to the prince. He was that stupid that if he came out, he would be roasted alive.

" The food is already on the table. It's probably cold already, so let me heat it a little." Mikan excused herself, walking towards the kitchen before the others followed her to help her.

There were not many more things they could do for now but follow the agreed plan.


A whole day passed after Run arrived at the house. Strangely in such a moment, there was no sound in the entire house except for dinner. The princesses and Naruto didn't go to school since they shut themselves in their duties to solve this matter.

At dinner time, there was nobody except for the earthling siblings, together with the assassins. The atmosphere in the house was a bit colder, so Nemesis and Mea decided to go out to do some missions since it has been a while that they worked at all. Rito and Mikan were already missing the laughter and the craziness that characterized the house.

Now It was deep in the night, and a certain green-haired girl moved around her bed, unable to fall asleep. That was a day less they had on their hands, and nothing came out of it. At least not what she expected. Sitting on her bed, she sighed, massaging her forehead before coming out of bed.

Taking the covers with her, she walked out of her room and directed herself towards the lab that Nana showed her during the day if she needed something from Lala and Naruto.

" It's already two in the morning. I don't think that Naruto-kun will be awake." Run whispered to herself as the door slid open after it recognized her. She took some more steps going through the second door after going through the control room to come up with a surprise. " Naruto-kun?"

At first, she didn't get answers since he kept working on ideas to think of a way to replicate the seal, not noticing her. The floors got filled with paper and broken knives while blank ink surrounded the floor near him. Finally, after hearing some steps, he turned around. " Run-chan? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

" I couldn't. I can't stop thinking about all of this." She said almost in a whisper. " But you should rest. You had been since I arrived working on this."

" I can't either." He shook his head, turning his vision towards the papers. " I don't have much time, and this Jutsu is something else. Tou-chan was a genius, but I'm nothing like that. That's why I have to give it my all if I want to understand how this works."

There were too many things that she didn't understand from his explanation. Nonetheless, she saw how he messed his hair with annoyance, thanks to the wall in front of him that blocked the way to achieve what he wanted, so she decided to don't pry. She sat behind him with the covers that surrounded her body while her back met his. " Everything will be alright."

" I will make sure that it will." Naruto reassured her, not missing that she said it mainly to herself. " There is no way that I'm giving up your planet that easy."

Even though his words calmed her, there was something on the back of her head that frighten her. " We didn't manage to do much today."

" It's still too early to give up that easy." Naruto interrupted her trail of thought. " We will find other planets that will help us out. It will work out at the end, so we only need time."

" Why do you believe so much in others?" She couldn't help to ask while she snuggled into the covers. " The other kings look down on our planet. And not only that but between them too. They are probably laughing at what is happening to Memorze."

He unconsciously tightened the grip on the brush. He only met some of them. Even so, he could see that happening if they were the same as those idiots. " I don't believe in people who I had never seen, but I do when it comes to Sephie, Lala, and the rest."

" They are doing their best." She agreed. After Run called her father, there was little she could do. On the other hand, the empress and her daughters were nowhere to get seen in the whole day. She would be forever grateful, but this was another matter. " We are still dependent on what the others will say."

" I can't deny that. Whatever will come out of those meetings, it will change everything." He admitted, easing the hold on the brush before he kept writing. " That's why I'm learning this. So that we have something up our sleeves."

" Will that be enough?" Run asked since she had no idea what those letters that he kept writing could do.

" It will." Naruto nodded, and her sense of security increased with only two words. As he kept writing, he could feel how her body managed to relax somehow. " Now go to bed, Run-chan. It's way too late."

" What about you, Naruto-kun?" She asked, looking at her watch. A sheepishly laugh reassured her.

" Don't worry about me. I'm more resistant than others. I will go to sleep when I manage to get something from this stupid technique." He softly said, expecting her to stand up and get back to her room. To his surprise, she made herself comfortable snuggling against his back.

" I will stay with you a bit more then. Don't worry. I won't bother you." She promised, putting the covers above her nose while her eyes softened just above it. " I'm more relaxed here with you."

In another moment, that would have some effect on him, but now he had way too many things in mind. Nonetheless, he could admit that it was nice to don't stay alone with his thoughts. " If that is what you prefer, then you are welcome to stay here. It will calm both of us."

" Thank you again." She whispered, closing her eyes, letting her mind teleport thanks to the sound of the brush against the papers. Maybe that would distract her if she only concentrated on that.

As the girl fought to keep herself awake, the Nine tails kept decided to talk for the first time on the whole day. It had an eye open the entire time since these were dire times on the life of the Jinchūriki.

" This is something that could compare to Elemental Nations." The red fox spoke inside Naruto's head while he kept working, not entering inside his mind space. " That meteorite is way bigger than Madara's. Maybe we could use our strongest attacks several times to destroy it."

" You think it didn't cross my mind using our BijuuRasenshuriken? There are way too many things that can go wrong." There was some annoyance in his voice, making one eyebrow of the fox rise. " Best case scenario, we don't manage to destroy it that much, and it still falls on the planet."

" I could feel how you were doing, but I didn't think it was possible." Kurama mused, not believing that it would see the shinobi doubt himself again. " If there is someone that can learn, then it's you. You are his son, after all, and you already surpassed him."

" I know that. That's also why I'm doing my best to don't think much about it." Naruto admitted since it was useless to hide anything from his partner. As he placed two fingers up in front of himself put some chakra on the seal, he quickly realized it was another failure. Gritting his teeth, he took the paper with one hand and wrinkled it. " Neh, do you know anything about how Tou-chan came up with this seal?"

" You didn't ask me till now because you already know the answer, didn't you?" The fox said, gaining a sigh from the Jinchūriki. " I wasn't inside your father when he changed the seal from the second Hokage. I don't know anything about it."

" I know, I know. Sorry that I snapped at you earlier too." He tiredly apologized, moving his neck before lowering down to work again. " I lost it for a second."

" Meh, it's not a big deal. I didn't get made of crystal that you have to be careful around me." The Kyuubi shrugged, waving off his concern before it voiced out its thoughts. " From how I see it, you have two options."

" And those are?" Naruto asked, stopping his writing for a second.

" You can forget about that planet. You would have plenty more to reign anyway. You don't know that race either, so who cares? The ones you know are here on Earth." Kurama voiced out as a frown appeared on Naruto's face.

" There is no way that I'm abandoning anybody, Kurama." He firmly said, earning a chuckle from the Tailed Beast.

" I knew that you would say that, but I had to say it." The Bijuu laughed it as its mood seemed to improve. " Then you only have to put everything you have into it. That's always has been your way to go anyway."

" You are right. I'm not doing everything I can." Naruto said, crossing his fingers as puffs of smokes appeared around him, making a good number of clones come out, over hundreds inside that space. " It's on from now on."

" Let's do this, boss!"

" We are going to be so awesome when we learn this!"

" This is it! We will do our best!"

As the clones cheered, raising their fists high, the original had to grin. Even though Naruto used the same tactic before to learn the Hirainshin, it was now where he would have to give his all. " You know what to do. When you come up with something, dispel so I will learn it."

" Alright! Leave it to us!"

" Now, this brings me back memories." Kurama laughed at the sight of the copies running around the room with their papers and ink. " There is a reason why you are my partner."

" It's not over." Naruto said, taking the brush once again to keep working. " This is only the beginning."

" Show me then." Kurama cockily grinned, finally getting pumped out. " Don't let me down and learn that damn Jutsu."

Without saying anything else, that's what the Jinchūriki did. He had to prove himself and the others to the heights that he would arrive. While the mild chaos calmed down, Run seemed to continue sleeping, now with a smile on her face as if she could feel the effort behind his actions.


It has been more than two days since Run came up at night in the laboratory. When she woke up, the sight in front of her made her mouth go dry. Her eyes widened, seeing the quantity of Naruto's sitting on the floor cross-legged over the kilometers of the simulation room. Only the sound of the brushes against the papers filled the space.

Coming out of the stupor of such a view, she gave the original a good morning that he rapidly returned with an awkward expression. Not wanting to bother him as he looked so busy, she quickly directed herself towards the door.

That was the last time that Run or anybody else went inside that room to avoid disturbing him, except for when Mikan or Rito gave him food. They quickly went out too, as they could feel, even if he didn't show it, that the stress and the time were crushing him with more strength each second. The best they could do was not get in his way.

On the other hand, Momo and Nana long finished trying to come up with the location of their father, but there was no use. When Gid disappeared, he made sure nobody disturbed him. In that case, the twins decided to go over to Lala to give her a hand with whatever they could. It was better than sitting in their asses doing nothing while the others kept working.

At this moment in the library, Sephie was meeting with a planet's king using holograms. That planet would help thanks to the proximity to Memorze immensely, but it didn't seem like she would obtain anything from him. She was doing her best to contain the negative feelings that threatened to overcome her.

" I'm sorry, Sephie-sama. It's too many people to take care of and not only that. You know that it would cause inner conflicts with my people and the ones that would come. Whatever you could offer can't compensate the problems that would appear later." The king respectfully bowed as an apology, but the intentions were clear. It wasn't their problem.

" Maybe I went overboard with the quantity of population that I'm asking you to take in, but you can still take some. I'm sure that there is a number that won't cause you any hassle." The empress elegantly pressed. At least she would make him spit out that he didn't care if they died if he was such a coward.

" To make such calculations would take weeks or months, Sephie-sama. I can't just say a number I'm sure that you understand. Sadly, such time is something that they don't possess." The turtle-like king eloquently explained.

' You asshole.' Zastin did his best to stop from growling while he tightened his fist. ' I will chop you down one day.'

" I see. Then I let you go. I have other matters to attend. Nonetheless, send us a message if you change idea." Sephie said, closing the call before he could answer back. If he was going to be so full of himself, then she didn't need to hear another word from him. " Those selfish men."

At the disgust on the empress's voice, Zastin approached her. " I'm sorry we couldn't manage to establish many more arrangements over this, Sephie-sama."

" And that was the last planet we could contact." She muttered, feeling impotent over the results. " If only Gid would have been here, matters would have changed."

" If Gid-sama answers to our calls, we could initiate the negotiations again." He said, trying to look at the positive side without giving up.

" The ships wouldn't arrive in time." The empress stated. " We can't lie to ourselves, Zastin. We lost over three days with all of this. If we begin from zero, then we wouldn't make it."

" You are right." He answered while frowning. She was right, and there was no use, believing in possible outcomes. They had to work with what they had. " Should we inform Uzumaki-sama?"

" Usually, I would say to leave him alone and focus ourselves on this side of the plan, but we can't afford to hide anything from each other." Sephie sighed, walking towards the door, followed by her bodyguard. " I hate going to him with such news, yet it's something we must keep a sincere conversation with if we want to save Memorze."

" I only wished that we could have come up with better numbers." Zastin lamented as they came out in the hall of the house, directing themselves towards the laboratory.

" It is what it is. We have other plans to keep hanging on, so we can't lose hope. We must be the pillars that will support Uzumaki-kun." The empress reminded him while they approached the lab. " He is already acting like a worthy leader, and that means we can't look defeated now."

" We would only drag him down in that case." He agreed while he followed her inside the white room. " This is only a minor step back."

Sephie nodded before the last door opened, showing the number of copies of Naruto inside that space. She knew about his powers to a certain extent, but this was something that stupified her. Her eyes were wide when the clones puffed out in smoke. " Uzumaki-kun?"

The characteristical sounds of that dispelled technique invaded their ears, while white smog engulfed everything before showing one Naruto that barely managed to stay standing up. He was gazing up towards the ceiling. Exhaustion overcame his body while he fell forward without any energy.

" Uzumaki-sama!" Zastin exclaimed as he took out his wings to fly in an instant beside the earthling suitor. Catching him up before his face could meet the floor, he called out to him, slapping himself for letting Naruto exhaust himself to this extent. " Please, don't push yourself to these limits."

" I-I have to Zastin." He gulped while he breathed with some difficulty. " We don't have much time."

" It's everything okay?" Sephie shouted, running towards them since she contemplated how her favorite suitor had to be held by the swordsman. " What happened?"

" N-Nothing." Naruto managed to say this time with more energy while he tried to stand up on his own. " I got a bit tired. There is nothing to worry about."

It's useless to say that she saw right through his lie. Frowning behind her veil, she took hold of him as she sat on the floor, placing his head on her lap before gazing at the bodyguard. " Zastin, bring us some water and some sweets to keep his sugar up."

" Right away, Sephie-sama! I will be here in a second!" He exclaimed, running towards the door to follow her orders.

" There is no need for all of that. I have to keep up my training." Naruto groaned, moving his head up to stand up, but the empress put it back on her lap again.

" If it's that easy for me to keep you in place, then this is more concerning than I thought." Sephie muttered. His eyelids were half-open while she could see how high and low his chest went. Before he could make any stupid move, she became clear. " Now you will stay like this for a while so you can relax for some minutes. Listen to your mother-in-law."

Usually, a pink hue would appear on his face, happy of her concern and getting called that, yet he could only grow frustrated with himself. He grabbed his face with helplessness. " What am I even doing?"

As the empress watched Naruto beat himself up, she couldn't help but put some of his blonde air away from his face. There was no doubt on her mind that he would do his best, but this far exceeded what she expected. " You may not like not like to hear it, but you are making me proud."

" What is there to be proud of me anyway? I didn't manage to get anything done in all these days." He said, shutting his eyes close.

" And yet, I would completely disagree. Your kindness is what makes you move to this extent." Sephie smiled through her veil before a sigh escaped her lips. " Though I now understand what my daughters meant with you going overboard. You keep making us worried."

" I'm sorry." Naruto breathed out, managing to regain some energy. He gained some giggles as a response.

" It's nothing big." Sephie gently waved off. " Only keep yourself on the ground and don't bite more than you can chew. It's only the beginning of your history."

He stayed silent for some seconds before retorting. " That will be going against my promises and my answer to you. I can't afford that."

" Here I am! I brought all the sugar candy that I could find!" Zastin exclaimed, getting back from the down floor, interrupting the empress without noticing.

" That's way too many, Zastin." Naruto weakly laughed, coming out of her lap to see him with a bag full of food. Meanwhile, Sephie couldn't take her eyes off the shinobi.

" I want to become an emperor, standing the pain, walks in front of everyone else. Someone who breaks through a dead-end for everyone to pass so that others won't have to suffer."

' I could see that he didn't say it only to please me.' Sephie said, becoming doubtful of her choices while she contemplated the two men jokingly quarrel.' I never considered how profound those words were. I don't want the results of such a philosophy hitting him like that.'

" So, how did it go?" Naruto asked, taking some jelly beans candy in his hand before placing some inside his mouth. Nemesis and Mea had way too many in the house. Hearing no answer, he raised his head to see the exchange of glances between the two of them. They didn't feel like telling him after catching him almost fainting. " Don't worry about me. We have other things to think about right now. Just tell me how it went."

" We finished with all our meetings, but it went worse than we initially predicted." Zastin trailed off while Naruto patiently waited. " We barely managed to convince two rulers. If we take into account planet Deviluke, we may bring almost fifteen percent of the population without causing any problems later in the future."

" That's it?" Naruto asked in disbelief. " What excuse they have to don't help others in this situation?"

" They are not interested." Sephie said, bringing it out in the open. His expression said it all. " That's how the relationship between each planet work. They compete trying to eat each other up."

" But aren't they all under one banner like Gid said?" The Jinchūriki pressed, gaining a shook from the empress's head.

" They are retained under my husband's ruling in the sense that there aren't wars anymore. That doesn't mean that they are united." Sephie explained. She hoped to do this teaching with more calm during their classes, not in such a manner. " They would be most glad that the planet disappears."

" Then they only don't fight because they are scared of Gid, but that's it." He gritted his teeth at the realization, receiving a nod from Zastin in confirmation. " What about if we get Earth in too? How many that would be?"

" We haven't made calculations." Zastin mused since they didn't take it into account. " I would say that it would be a total of seventeen? Maximum eighteen."

" Crap." Naruto groaned, standing up, still with some difficulty. " Then there is only one way. I have to stop that meteorite."

Zastin rushed to his side before the suitor raised his hand, stopping him on his tracks. " Let me help you, Uzumaki-sama."

" I can do this, Zastin. I'm not a baby." Naruto weakly chuckled, grateful for the help while the empress kept looking at him. If she gazed to the side of the room, there were two meals still untouched since he kept every second like gold, working himself to the bone.

" I still don't understand what all these letters are going to do." She cursed herself into giving him more wings, yet she couldn't help to ask if it was worth it.

" I'm going to teleport that rock out of Run-chan's planet direction and into a black hole." Naruto said, taking more candy to put it into his mouth walking toward the ink and paper.

" Teleport?" Sephie asked while she blinked at that information. " You mean like using Lala's machine?"

" That is the idea, more or less." Naruto said, crossing his fingers together. " The letters are what makes it all possible. I still don't get how. That's what I am trying to understand."

" I see." Sephie said with a neutral tone. It was the best shot for everyone. There was no downside to that plan. If anything, it would salve that entire species without causing any damage. She didn't know that something like that existed. It brought many more incognitas about him. " And you say it's from your father?"

" He perfected it." He clarified before turning his head around. " What I want is to develop it even further."

With those words, hundreds of clones appeared from nothing as they pumped themselves to begin working once again with the knowledge of the previous series of copies. Zastin and her got surrounded by them, and for the empress, it was a sensation that she couldn't describe. But that it didn't matter for now.

" I wish you the best then." Sephie said, receiving multiple thanks for the clones while she walked between them. " Let's go, Zastin. Our job isn't over."

" O-Of course, Sephie-sama." The bodyguard answered, feeling lost with such a statement.

For the empress, it was clear. If that teenage boy would thrive with such determination, then she couldn't fall behind. To develop something that was already perfect. That boy was crazy. Nonetheless, she couldn't help to let herself get transported into his greed. She had something else to do too.

" Okay, guys. Once again till we get something." Naruto called to the clones, making their fist get raised high with excitement.

" This is the one, boss! Believe it!"

At their cheers, she had to smile. Did her favorite suitor just erase all the anxiety inside her?


Sadly the next few days didn't go as well as they all would have thought. It was now Friday in the afternoon, and even though there was enormous progress on Naruto's part, the other two fronts on such a battle against time were severely lacking.

Naruto's friends knew what was going on when Mikan answered a phone call from Haruna, and the rest asked what was happening so that Lala, Momo, Nana, and himself wouldn't go to school. Rito covered for them in front of the teachers, inventing that they had some flu and couldn't come out of bed.

The teenagers decided to stay out of the way so that they would not bother them. At least till Naruto would answer their messages from his phone, it would also be the way for the earthlings to know that it was all solved or under control. For now, there wasn't much luck.

Nonetheless, there was one woman who didn't share that point of view. Well, she did at first. Now, as the days passed, she felt some uneasiness inside her. When she realized how thick-headed he was, she had to go to his house to check if he was okay. She could only guess how far he would push his body to help others.

" I can't seem to shake this feeling off even though Mikan reassured me everything was okay." Mikado mused to herself while she rang the bell of the house. She waited for some seconds before she went to ring again. She stopped when she heard some steps.

" Mikado-sensei?" Rito asked after he opened the door to see the school nurse in front of him. " What are you doing here?"

" I had some time free after school, so I decided to come and check if you guys needed any help." The nurse gently smiled. She wouldn't say out loud that she was getting worried sick. ' Tearju already tried to convince me to stay at home and do something to ease my mind, but there would be nothing that could manage to take this out of my head.'

" I would lie if I told you that it's everything alright." Rito awkwardly scratched behind his head. " I-I mean, it's not that big of a deal. We only have to pull through this. Then everything will come back to normal."

" I noticed that it's pretty silent." Mikado said almost in an afterthought. " Are you and Mikan okay?"

" Yes, we are fine. We are a bit bored and nervous since everyone is working." He admitted, sighing a bit. " Even Mea and Nemesis go out of the house since they can't do anything here."

" Rito? Who is at the door?" Mikan asked, coming out of the living room to see the doctor. She gained a deadpan looking at her brother. " Really? Are you leaving a guest outside? I'm so sorry, Mikado-san. Please come in."

" I-I was about to do that!" Her brother stuttered, feeling offended and embarrassed that she would leave him in the dirt like that. " We were only talking a bit."

" You can do that inside. I still don't understand how you still make these mistakes." Mikan sighed, showing the way in after the nurse took her shoes off in the entrance. " It's the normal thing that you have to invite her to take something. She came till here."

" There is no need to tease Yuuki-san like that, Mikan. But I appreciate the thought." The nurse giggled into her hand while she sat on the sofa.

" You aren't any guest, Mikado-san. You are far more important to us than that." Mikan explained, placing some cookies in front of the doctor. " Do you want some tee or a coffee?"

" A green tee would be perfect. Thank you so much." Mikado smiled, watching the girl walking towards the kitchen. " That's a nice sister you got there, Yuuki-san."

" She keeps saving my ass." Rito said with a sweatdrop. " Though she keeps nagging me worse than mom."

" You don't say that with any disdain in your voice." Mikado joked while he chuckled at his teacher. " You know how lucky you are then."

" Of course. We only had each other since we were kids." He nodded, standing up to give a hand to his sister, who came with a trail that had more snacks and a water heater.

" Indeed, she looks like a perfect girl to depend on forever. Isn't she?" Mikado hummed, taking the cup with her hands while a pink hue appeared on the girl's cheeks. " Don't tell me you didn't know? We tell you all the time, Mikan-chan."

" D-Don't tease me, please, Mikado-san." Mikan said, taking another cup for herself. She was going to change topics before she could keep embarrassing her even further. " T-Thank you for checking on us. Everything it's okay. Maybe a little more stressed than usual."

The doctor noticed her intentions of changing topics, but since at the end of the girl's sentence, Mikado could sense some worry behind her tone, she would focus on this. " I can imagine. But you are all taking care of yourselves, right?"

" Yes, of course." Rito quickly nodded. Though there was one that everyone was worried about since some days ago. " Well, it's complicated, but I'm sure everything will be okay."

" It's Naruto-kun forgetting about himself and focusing on the mission?" Mikado said, going directly to the point. There was no need to beat around the bushes. They also knew that they could never fool her.

" That's one of the things that are happening, yes." Mikan gently said before she sighed. " It worries us, but he doesn't listen to anybody."

" We understand where he is coming from since way too many lives are at stake." Rito tried to defend him before he gazed away. " It's just that it makes things a bit more complicated. It drives Momo-san nuts, so basically she stays in the laboratory room with him since he only listens to her and even barely."

" Not even to Momo-sama?" Mikado asked in disbelief. That is something that wouldn't come up even in her wildest dream. He became jelly whenever she was around, and he did his best to make her happy. " How bad is the situation then?"

" It's all practically on Uzumaki-san's hands." Rito said while she closed her eyes, understanding what was going on. It's not like he was taking all the burden to himself. It simply there was no other option.

" Can I go up to see him?" Mikado asked, opening her eyes once again. " I would like to see how he is hanging. I want to make sure that he isn't driving himself to a bad point."

" That will be a good idea." Mikan said, surprising Rito since he was about to say the opposite thing. " I wanted to check out on him too, but you are a professional. You will know better what to do."

" Leave it to me." Mikado nodded, standing up after the two siblings before following them to the stairs. " And how are Lala-sama and Nana-sama doing?"

" They are working to make the portal bigger. It's going a bit slow, but it's Lala-san. It's already mind-blowing that she can do all of that." Mikan pointed out, receiving a weak laugh in agreement. " But right now, they are sleeping in their rooms. They have been pushing themselves too."

It all quickly stopped when a big explosion occurred in the house that shook its foundations as if they were at the epicenter of a heartquake of the highest level. The three of them had to grab themselves to the railing for dear life, hoping that it would keep them grounded.

After some five long seconds that it stopped, they began breathing again since they forgot to do that for an instant. They looked around to regain some mental intelligence, glad that nothing seemed broken.

" What was that?" Rito managed for everybody. He had never been inside something like that, and it was terrifying.

The answer rapidly came when Nana ran out of her room and towards the lab. " Dammit! What is that idiot doing?"

" Wait for me, Nana!" Another voice made itself present as Lala ran right behind her, quickly making the others realize what was going on with that earthquake.

" Let's go!" Rito yelled since he was the first one on the line of the stairs as he followed the princess. There was no need to say that twice. Mikan and Mikado were right behind him. As they entered their destination, he asked the others that stood in the entrance with their mouths hanging open. " What happened?"

" Naruto-san, are you okay?" Momo was near him since she previously flew to get to his side. He got embedded in the wall while a crater of an enormous size surrounded him. He was grinning, but that didn't ease her worries. She thought he was dead for a second. " Answer me, please!"

" I did it, Momo-chan." Naruto weakly laughed while his hair covered his face. " I finally managed to make the Hirainshin somehow better than my father's."

" This isn't the time for that." Momo whispered with a frown as she tried to take him out of the wall. She stopped dead in her tracks when he let out a pained groan as soon as she touched his arm. " Sorry, I'm so sorry."

" Naruto-kun!" Lala called from afar, flying with Nana beside her while the others came to them right behind her. " Let me help you, Momo!"

" Okay, let's do this after three." Nana said, just arriving with them. Naruto was still all grinning before he moved around to break himself free. " Idiot! Don't do that!"

" It's not a big deal, Nana-chan." He chuckled, retaining a pained groan inside before falling on his knees. He was surprised that his legs failed while the others let out a gasp seeing the state of his arm. The adrenaline and endorphins of finally achieving the impossible masked how his body was feeling. " What's going on?"

" N-Naruto-kun! Your arm!" Lala pointed out at the awkward position of his back. She sat down near him but didn't know what to do as her hands shyly moved forward and backward, never touching him.

" Please, Lala-sama, let me through." Mikado gently asked at her, who looked at the doctor horrified. Yet she listened nonetheless, knowing that it was her who could manage the situation. Feeling a bit overcrowed, she turned around to the teenagers. " Give us some space. We need to breathe a little."

" R-Right." Nana nodded, taking some steps backs like everyone else. She gently had to ask the doctor. " Is it broken? Is he going to be okay?"

" What happened?" Sephie asked, seconds after her daughter's question, coming inside with Zastin after the bodyguard checked that they didn't get attacked. They were petrified like the others seeing their favorite suitor in such a state.

The doctor didn't answer for some seconds, checking the tenderness of the shoulder joint. There was swelling, but he could still barely move it. " You dislocated your shoulder, Naruto-kun. I have to put it back to place. If not, it won't heal."

" Then pop it back then. I don't have time to lose." Naruto said with a pained breath while he moved his fingers. He could still work, and that was a relief. " I will get better in seconds after Kurama gives me a hand."

The frowns on their faces were apparent. Naruto was in such a state, and he kept disregarding his health. It's not that he got tunnel vision. He only could care about the goal on his mind. What was even the right thing to say in this situation? It was a route that wouldn't end up with a happy ending.

" It's going to hurt a lot, Naruto-kun." Mikado muttered, prioritizing her job before anything else. She received a careless nod without a second thought as he could only wait to improve his father's Jutsu even further. With a pitch on her stomach, she turned to Zastin. " Can you get us something so that he can bite? It would help him go through this, and all of you, please go back to the living room."

It wouldn't be a beautiful sight to see, but they couldn't care less. There was no way that they would let him stay alone.

" We are staying." Mikan voiced the decisions of everyone. There was no need to even look between themselves.

In the meanwhile, Naruto was growing more impatient. He had an idea that he couldn't wait to put to practice. He felt that if he waited any more, it would go away from his mind. " Take a knife from my ankles. That would be good enough for me to bite."

" Here you go." Zastin said as he took one and put it in his mouth. The bodyguard went through the same thing with a knee when he was at war, and it was excruciating the pain he experienced. That's why he stayed near, separating the princesses and the others even further in case he would snap. " Take, my hand, Uzumaki-sama. Feel free to grip on it."

" Just get this over with." Naruto deadpanned at the bodyguard while he talked with the knife in his mouth before turning his head to the doctor, showing her that he was ready.

" Alright, then." Mikado closed her eyes, taking his shoulder with her hands. That she had to cause him some pain wasn't something she was looking forward to it. That was the reason why doctors never treated someone like familiars and lovers, but there was no other option. Nonetheless, she got resolved once she opened her eyes again. " Take a slow deep breath in for a second. One, two, and three!"

" Dammit! Ah, fuck!" Naruto moved his body forward at the stabbing feeling that ran through his body, thanks to the sudden movement of the doctor. The others couldn't help but wince because of the popping sound of the bone getting in the joint while he tightened his bite on the knife, some drool escaping his mouth as he deeply breathed in and out.

" Are you okay, Uzumaki-san?" Rito asked, feeling bad for his friend. If his classmate reacted like that, then he couldn't imagine how painful that was.

" It's getting much better." Naruto gulped, spitting the knife while Mikado and Zastin patted his back as Momo kneeled in front of him.

" Let me clean yourself up, Naruto-san." Momo said, taking some tissue to wipe the drool from the corner of his mouth. He let himself relax at her touch as he leaned into her hand. A small smile appeared on her gorgeous face. It's like all he needed to ease the pain was her.

" Thank you, guys." Naruto whispered with his eyes closed before he tiredly sighed once he moved his shoulder. There was still some uncomfortable feeling, but it was good enough.

" You shouldn't move it that abruptly, Naruto-kun! Give it some time!" Mikado reprimanded, making him chuckle. It's like because he had those impressive healing capacities, he could afford to be so simple-minded.

" You should listen to her, Uzumaki-kun. She knows better than all of us." Sephie joined the doctor's complaint. There was a limit that she could support him, and it was reaching thin the line.

" I know my body better than anybody else. I'm also a bit different than others." He shortly explained. If he hoped something so half-assed would work on the empress, he was nuts.

" I know your capacities better than others. I have treated you countless times, but it doesn't mean that you got made of steel." Mikado pressed while a pang of guilt appeared on his chest, seeing everyone looking at him in such a manner. Nonetheless, he could only move forward. He was so near that it was driving him crazy. Meanwhile, the doctor finally took notice of the shadows below his eyes. " How long have you been without sleeping, Naruto-kun?"

" Last night, why?" Naruto blinked at the question. She wasn't letting herself get fooled that easily.

" And for how long?" Mikado repeated the question differently. She got a confirmation when he massaged the back of his head.

" Like an hour something like that." He muttered, receiving looks from disbelief. The doctor's hard stare made him crumble. " Okay, I slept two hours since we got to know about Run-chan's planet. I had to! But it's working! I almost there, and I will get my sleep back when this gets finished!"

" Wait, only that?" Momo asked in disbelief before the doctor could question him further. " I thought you went to sleep late every night and just woke up early, Naruto-san. You overworked yourself to that point?"

" I didn't tell you anything like that, Momo-chan." Naruto remarked. He didn't lie to her or made her think that he went to sleep. For better or for worse, the shout of a pissed-off and indignant Ren interrupted them.

" Uzumaki!" The prince saw red after the conversation he had with his father. " You bastard! What did you tell my parents?"

Naruto had to sigh at the incoming headache that was making itself present on his head. He could understand that Ren got mad with him to that point. It wasn't his fault either since his father wanted to talk with him, not the other way around. " He wanted to talk to me, and we had a chat. I only gave him my opinion."

" You asshole! You ruined everything! I will kill you!" Ren yelled before Zastin appeared in front of the prince, glaring down on him.

" I would be more than careful of how you talk to Uzumaki-sama." The bodyguard threatened, stopping the boy dead on his tracks, yet it didn't ease his anger. " He offered you help without asking anything back."

" Help?" He asked with a sarcastic laugh while he tightened his fists. " He is going to destroy my family!"

" How dare you say that about Naruto-kun?" Lala shouted, standing up before Rito placed himself in the middle of them with nervousness.

" Okay, let's all calm down!" Rito exclaimed, moving his head frenetically between them. In an instant, he realized the expression on Naruto's face. He had to ask the prince what was going on then. " What are you talking about, Ren? If you don't explain it to us, we are just lost."

" Uzumaki told my father that he had to stay on our planet instead of running away! He was about to get inside that spaceship as he promised me and Run, and then he told him to stay back!" Ren yelled, pointing an angry finger at the sitting Naruto.

" I didn't force him. He asked what he was supposed to do, and I answered him what I would do. That's all." Naruto sighed, feeling a bit guilty of the anguish that Ren and his sister were experiencing.

" Why? Why would he listen to you anyway? He doesn't even know you." Ren asked as he gritted his teeth.

" I was the one talking with your father first." Sephie chimed in since the King of Memorze asked to meet the earthling that came up with such a plan. He was about to give up hope when the suitor everyone talked about in space offered them a hand of help. " He wanted in a manner to act that corresponded of a man of his position, and he asked, Uzumaki-kun."

" And you told him to stay behind! There is a meteorite going to our planet! My father has to get into a ship to escape from there!" Ren said, trying to get through Zastin but to no avail.

" Then your planet would burst into flames way before the meteorite arrived, Ren. That's what you want?" He asked, looking up to the prince while shaking his head to Zastin to tell him to leave the prince alone.

" What would you even know?" Ren asked, tightening his fists with impotence.

" How do you think people would feel when the King runs away at first sight of danger?" Naruto asked him, with a tired look from all the burden. " They would lose all hope and began killing each other sooner or later when they would begin freaking out."

' I wasn't in the room when the king asked Uzumaki-kun for his opinion since he asked me for some privacy.' Sephie thought, watching the boy's saddened expression. ' So that's what they talked about when I was gone. I'm so glad I got to hear it.'

" That's the job he took, and that's why your father has to stay. So that they would see a higher figure they love staying behind with them without betraying their expectations." Naruto said before a smile appeared on his face, and his tone changed into a more gentle one. " Your father is a good man, Ren. He knew that he was making an error and asked for an opinion. He is someone that we all should admire. It isn't that easy doing what he is doing, and yet there he is for the sake of his people."

" They all are going to die." Ren choked as the stress got the best of him. He was scared to death. At least he wanted his family to stay safe. How can anyone criticize that?

" I won't let that happen. That's where I come in." Naruto became determined as he looked forward towards the walls.

All that confidence irked the prince. How could he be so sure when everyone was admitting defeat? It may make him look like an asshole, but he couldn't help but voice out his doubts. " You talk big, but you have it easy. If you fail, you can escape and come back to your house."

" Ey! Naruto is doing his best for you! How can you be like that?" Mikan snapped before a chuckle that came from her crush stopped her. Of course, he wouldn't take it personally.

" That would go against my promise to Sephie." Naruto said while placing a hand on his knee to stand up with some difficulty. " I'm staying no matter what will happen."

The pit of the girl's stomach immensely deepened, but it was Nana's who managed to speak their preoccupations. " D-Does that mean you will die if you fail?"

The silence she received made Nana's knees go weak. At least that was the case till her crush placed a hand on her head. He happily grinned at her, and her eyes widened from such a sight.

" Do you think I will fail?" The brightness of his eyes made her calm down, with a warmth spreading on her chest. He won't fail anybody.

" You will make it. That's just who you are." Nana shook her head, amused by how cheerful he became at her belief.

" See? Nothing to worry about." He laughed with ease as a pink hue appeared on her face while Momo and Sephie softened their facial features. He turned around to Ren and placed a fist on his shoulder. " One day, I will become emperor. Not because I will marry someone but because everyone will acknowledge me. That's why I can't leave the family that I will make in the future behind."

" Family?" Ren asked, confused by his words.

" I mean, everyone from the planet will be someone important to me. So that is how I'm going to get along with my supporters and the rest." Naruto appeared embarrassed as he scratched his whiskers marks. He hid his face surrounding his arms with it. "Agh, forget it! I'm just saying!"

" You shouldn't be embarrassed, Uzumaki-san." Rito awkwardly laughed while he tried to lessen his friend's reaction.

" Y-You get what I mean, then." Naruto stubbornly shook it off, turning towards the prince. " I'm in this a more than a million percent! You aren't alone!"

Ren looked unsure for a while before he grabbed his classmate's hand. This option wasn't as bad as he thought. " Please, save us."

" You don't have to say it twice." He nodded in determination while Kurama inside him yawned with a paw on its face. There were way too many emotions for him.

" Boring." The tailed beast rolled in the ground. " When did you say that meteorite was coming?"

The Jinchūriki had to sweatdrop at his partner's choice of words. Meanwhile, the empress contemplated him with a smile from afar with a mix of emotions inside of her.

" Family, uh?" Sephie asked, gaining her Mikan's attention. " It doesn't sound bad. I never thought about that. I doubt any other royal came up with that either."

" That's just Naruto." Mikan said while Sephie turned her head to her. " There is no way to deny that he would die for any of us. He would always prioritize others before himself. One day, he will become someone that everyone needs and loves like he is for us already."

" You do make a wonderful as a manager, Yuuki-san." Sephie giggled into her hand. " Maybe you could also become his right hand dealing with other kings."

" I-I didn't think about that far. I-I will have to talk with Momo-san if she wants to give me more classes." She stuttered, gazing away while trying to maintain a composed facade.

" I would be more than happy to teach you and Uzumaki-kun if you are interested. I miss doing that with my daughters." Sephie gently offered this time more seriously.

" T-Thanks." Mikan nodded. ' I would have to think about it. It isn't something to take on lightly. I also want the opinion from Momo.' All her mental conversations with herself came to a stop when she heard the sigh from the empress that broke the joyous mood.

" Nonetheless, his selflessness is something I didn't take into account. I didn't even imagine it would reach this point." Sephie whispered, yet it didn't get unheard from Mikan. " It's something I have to discuss with him at the first chance I get."

Mikan lowered her gaze to the floor. Naruto didn't admit it, but it was clear that he would die with that planet if it ever came to it. He didn't deny it either, and the meaning behind his words was clear, yet they believed that everything would be okay if he said so, which pushed them forward.

' What can I do except getting out of the way?' Mikan bit her lip in thought while contemplating the exhausted form of the boy she loved.

When Ren and Naruto managed to get along better, Mikado intervened for a second, feeling guilty to interrupt now that they were making up. Nonetheless, she already decided to intervene in this matter, seeing how poorly he took care of his body. They were lucky that Mikado came to visit, and that happened. He would probably do it himself to gain time and probably do even more damage to his body if she wasn't there.

" Naruto-kun, I would like to ask you something?" Mikado said as he turned his head to the doctor. Those bangs below his eyes were the confirmation that it got needed. " Can I stay at your house till this mission is over?"

" I don't mind but aren't you living with Tear-sensei? She would feel lonely." Naruto asked while a sigh escaped her lips.

" I can't stay afar from you if you will keep pushing yourself on this way. I want to make sure that you will be alright." Mikado pressed with a small smile before she jokingly added. " Maybe I can convince you to sleep some more."

" I'm not that bad, Nurse-chan." He sweatdropped before she pointed out with her thumb to the crater behind her. " Well, yeah, I get why you would say that."

" So it's settled then. I hope I won't disturb." Mikado didn't think much through it, but she would hate to force herself into the house. Her worries got quickly placated by Lala.

" There is nothing to worry about, Mikado-chan. It makes us rest easy knowing that you are here. Naruto-kun can be a handful sometimes." Lala smiled at the doctor with her hands behind her back while Naruto flinched at the accusation.

" I-I will keep working then." Naruto said, removing himself from the accusation receiving a pout from Lala. " I kinda have to, you know?"

" See? That's what we are talking about." Nana sighed in exasperation while a hard stone fell into his head. " How can you be so inconsiderate to a girl's feelings?"

" S-Sorry." He muttered, knowing how much he lacked in that area.

" I want to be with the others." A voice inside Ren's head called for him.

' Run?' Ren asked his sister while she kept her hands on her chest, unable to contain her heartbeats with a blush present on her face.

" I love Naruto-kun so much." Run said with tears, running down her face, moved by her love's neverending support. " I want to be with him forever."

Those words creeped the hell out of Ren. Not only didn't he share her point of view about this delinquent, but he would go against it any time of the day. Yet, her sister was dealing with so much that the only thing that he could do was this. It would ease her much more than any talk with another person.

' Come out. I will give you my turn then.' Ren thought with some difficulty before he took a feather to tickle his nose.

A puff of smoke alerted everyone since Naruto wasn't making any hand sign. As always, Run shortly appeared from it, wearing her brother's clothes and launching herself to Naruto's back while he was sitting once again.

" Naruto-kun, I love you so much! Thank you very much for everything you do!" Run exclaimed, surprising him for a second.

" R-Run-chan?" Naruto asked before he felt he felt some waterdrops falling in his neck as the girl quietly sobbed. She was getting overcome by the situation. Forgetting about his exhaustion, he glared at the Kunais on the floor while he placed a hand on her face. " Nothing is over. I'm still here."


The last two days flew away. There was little to nothing that Momo, with the help of Mikado, could do to make him take more than thirty minutes to sleep at night. At least they managed to make him eat even though he didn't see the sun at all since he didn't come out of that room.

Right now, Naruto was taking a cold shower to force his system to stay awake. He did his outer best, and five minutes before the hour they calculated he should go, he rushed to the shower to remain there for the last three minutes to get soaked and reboot his brain.

Closing the water, he pushed his wet hair out of his face to walk outside and grab a towel. He dried himself up as fast as he could, putting on some black pants and a white shirt with the same color of sneakers. Messing his hair, he looked at the mirror for a second. This moment was for what he trained like a madman.

After he sighed, checking the black color under his eyes, he opened the door to see a blonde girl placing herself against the wall. He got surprised, but way less than her when she saw the state he was in and his lack of energy.

" It's time, Naruto." Golden Darkness announced, pushing down her concern. It wasn't a joke when Mikan told her the lengths he went over this week.

" I know. I'm coming." Naruto said, moving his head with a hand on his neck. She was making sure to stay near him as he lacked his usual antics. He didn't even ask her why he was there.

" How are you feeling?" She couldn't help but ask as he walked through the first lab door.

" I'm there. I can't wait to get to bed. I'm staying two weeks there to get back what I lost." He weakly chuckled, making her ease while her lips barely twitched upwards. It was still better than the first impression she had when he came out of the bathroom.

" It's good to see that you are joking like always." She nodded as he softened his features.

" What can I say? I'm like that. There is nothing I can do about it." He said while she hummed in agreement. As the last door opened, he couldn't help but look shocked, seeing everyone in there waiting for him. " What are you all doing here?"

" What else could we be doing, dumbass?" Yuu said, shaking his head before grinning to his fullest. " We came to wish you the best, hero!"

" I didn't do anything yet." Naruto said, feeling a bit flustered seeing everyone there. Akiho, Haruna, Yui, Rin, Kyoko, everyone was there to wave him goodbye before he could go.

" You serious?" Akiho looked at his little brother with a raised eyebrow. " You think you didn't do enough till now? Sometimes I wonder if you get hit too many times in the head."

" Oy!" Naruto's teeth became sharp with annoyance. " Did you come here to call me stupid?"

Right before he finished asking, she was already hugging him. Finally, she could frown without him seeing her after she got a glimpse of his state. Naruto got caught off guard before patted her back as she whispered. " You better come back. No playing around, neh? Save everyone and return so we can hang out like always. I will even buy you an ice-cream."

" Woah, that's rare from you." He whispered with a chuckle while she broke apart with a big smile. " I can't let you down, after all, Akiho-nee-chan."

" Nice boy. That's what I wanted to hear." Akiho grinned, managing to pump him up. There was no way this was the end for anybody. Turning her head around, she felt her fingers twitching, contemplating her sister so far. " What are you doing there, Haruna? Come here to kiss Naruto goodbye!"

" O-Onee-chan!" Haruna exclaimed, burning red that she would say that in front of everyone. Now it was much more difficult for her to approach him. " H-Have a good trip, Naruto-san."

" What kind of way to wish him the best is that, Haruna?" Akiho lamented, making Naruto sweatdrop, yet he couldn't complain.

" Don't listen to her too much, Haruna-chan." Naruto weakly laughed while his childhood friend burned red from her sister's teasing. " I'm so happy that you are here, even if I'm not showing it as much as I would like."

" N-No, I understand you have a lot going on, Naruto-san!" Haruna waved her hands in front of her face with nervousness, trying to ease up his mind. She had never seen him like that. Putting her worries on the back of her mind, she placed a fist forward. " You are already the man that you wanted to become, as you told me on the balcony."

His lips inevitably twitched upwards. Even to this day, he looked for her approval. Nonetheless, he shook his head maintain himself attached to the ground. " Nah, I'm not even at the ankles of the one I want to be. I'm still far from it."

" How much cooler do you want to be then?" Risa grinned, placing her hands on her hips. " Don't go getting all that fancy from yourself. We already love how you are. Well, maybe with fewer clothes."

" I agree with that!" Mea raised her arm high while Yuu awkwardly looked at her with Akiho tried to restrain herself. " In your case, less is always more, Senpai!"

" There is no doubt about that." Nemesis wisely nodded, her arms crossed over her chest. " I can't wait for spring. I can't see much of your body with so many layers. You should walk naked in your own home."

" I can't do that." Naruto deadpanned while Nana and Mikan burned red before focusing on Risa. With only one sentence, she already brought chaos. He barely could manage to contain his chuckle at her usual tease. " You say that Risa, but I'm sure you would love going to visit other planets if I get more friends around."

She appeared to be pensive for a while before she gave up on her act. " Well, I can't deny that I would love to see more cool places with you. Try to find a topless planet where going around with clothes is forbidden."

" Could you cut it down for a bit?" Naruto's eyebrow moved with annoyance while she hysterically laughed at his expression. Thankfully there was one girl who gave him a hand.

" C-Can we please leave that kind of talk aside? We came here for another matter, Momioka-san." Yui politely intervened while Risa turned around while blinking.

" Oh, you are here. I didn't see you." She said without any venom in her voice. Yui was strangely quiet the whole time. " I didn't hear you say shameless this or that, so I thought you didn't come."

" What is that suppose to mean?" Yui bristled at Risa's slipped-up pun while she placed her hands high defensively.

" Well, I know that you are going to do a wonderful job, Naruto. Make sure to get your name out there." Rin said, leaving the two girls aside, focusing on her rival, who sweatdropped at how she paid them no mind.

" Don't ignore me! It's not something you should do as our Senpai!" Yui exclaimed at Rin, who gazed at them from the corner of her eyes.

" I rather enjoy now a talk with him than fighting over pointless things. You can do that later." Rin shrugged while turning her head to the shinobi. There was a time and a place for certain things, in her opinion.

" She isn't wrong. We could talk about other things another day." Haruna chimed in, agreeing with her, but I'm in a much gentle manner.

" When I was a kid, I would have never guessed it would get like this." A chuckle broke them out of their conversation to see how Naruto's mood improved almost in a sentimental manner. " I'm so happy that you are all here giving me support."

There was some silence as the five of them smiled with easiness and nostalgia while gazing at the floor. The childhood friends stood like that for some seconds before Zastin called for his attention.

" Uzumaki-sama, it's almost time. We should get inside the spaceship." The bodyguard told him, cursing himself for getting into the middle of such a moment.

" Thanks for reminding me, Zastin." Naruto said, easing up his predicament. Before he fell in realization walking up to him, Haruna raised her hand but quickly retracted, not wanting to be a nuisance. Sadly he didn't realize. " Wait, what do you mean we?"

" We are coming, of course." Golden Darkness stated while she left no room for doubt or to argue. Sadly it wouldn't be that easy with him.

" No way. You all are staying here. I'm going alone." Naruto said with a firmer tone, walking up to them. " I never say I would go with anybody."

" You have no idea how to use a ship." Yami reminded him, but it didn't do anything to change his mind.

" I will fly myself up there. It's not a problem for me." He pointed out as they battled with their eyes. None of them would concede an inch.

" You said that you would send that meteorite flying away, right?" Nemesis cockily grinned, patting his stomach with her fingers while tilting her head in his direction. " Then there is nothing to think about, you worrywart. I want to see something cool like that from near."

" We can always follow you too from behind." Mea intervened before he could negate again. Zastin and the three assassins took their wings out in demonstration. " We can fly too, Senpai."

Messing his hair with annoyance thanks to their thickheaded minds and that he couldn't come up with anything, he would concede their win for once. It's not like he could stay with them arguing all day. " Alright. I guess I can't convince you in five seconds."

" Not even years." Mea giggled in her hand while the others smiled to the fullest. " This is our combat team. So you better get used to, Senpai."

Naruto grinned, watching them. Many would kill for those supporters. He was the luckiest guy in the universe to get them. " Then, I hope I can live up to you guys."

" We will make sure to stay at your side to observe how you accomplish your deeds." Yami nodded, walking behind the other three as they directed themselves towards the spaceship at some meters from there and where Sephie waited for them with Momo. The empress seemed to have something folded on her hands.

He turned to his side to see how Run caressed the back of her hands, which were on her hips. " Make sure you say to your father how awesome he is when this is all over, alright, Run-chan? He gave me some hope for the kings on space. I only wish there is more like him."

She inevitably smiled at his compliment. Only he could ease her mind with so little. " I will make sure that he knows how highly you think of him, Naruto-kun."

" You make it sound like I'm in a higher position than your dad." He sweatdropped while he scratched his whiskers marks. " I'm just a suitor. Why would he care what I think? I meant that you should be proud of your father. Now I know why you are so cool. I was about to say Ren too, but not really."

Run giggled into her hand, cleaning the tears from her eyes while his brother shouted in her mind with displeasure. " He isn't so bad. Give him so time."

" Mmm, I will try someday, maybe." He grinned before waving to Kyoko and Mikado as he was already a bit too late. " See you all in a bit!"

" Make sure to get back safely, Naruto-kun!" Kyoko waved, taking the hand of Run to ease her mind as she saw her getting a bit nervous again when he walked away. " Let's do something together with him when this is all over, neh, Run-chan?"

When he was about to talk with the empress, she shook her head, motioning to her daughter at her side. Hers wasn't that important like what Momo wanted to tell him. She knew how difficult it was to see the man one loved going to part for an impossible task. The worries Sephie went through with Gid during the war were endless.

" Ey, Momo-chan. You look gorgeous." Naruto whispered, grabbing the side of her face as some fatigue accumulated on her gorgeous face since it was the entire night that she couldn't catch a glimpse of sleep. She couldn't imagine how much fatigue he had.

" You are only saying that, Naruto-san. I didn't even have the chance to put makeup to cover all this disaster." Momo shook her head, unable to contain the small smile that appeared in her mouth. He was always such a flattery man.

" You never had any need for that. I prefer how you always look." He said, cupping her face while his thumb caressed her skin. " Well, maybe with a little lipstick."

" That's because you want me to clean it up for you after we kiss, Sweetie." A giggle escaped her face while Sephie adored their interaction. She never thought she could be so happy to see her little girl get taken away.

" Maybe." He looked up, feigning ignorance. "Well, I do enjoy that I get more kisses from you because of that."

" We don't need any of that then. I'm yours." Momo shook her head before she tiptoed while he leaned in to kiss. It lasted short, but it was more than an addiction for them. When they broke apart, she took hold of one of his hands. She needed to know. " Did you manage to finish your training?"

He couldn't lie to her. He wasn't sure he reached the point that it got needed. Thanks to his lack of response, he could see how her heart got placed in her mouth in panic. His forehead touched hers to made her look into his eyes.

" Didn't I tell you? Nothing will separate me from you." Naruto began as some calmness invaded her. That's right, he did say it. " I don't care if there are armies, or black holes or whatever. Because-"

" Nothing will take me apart from you." Momo finished his sentence while the happiest grin reached his face like nothing important was going on. " You promised."

" That's right. I can't let my empress down now. Can I?" Naruto joked before stealing another quick peck from her. Yuu couldn't be more proud of how smooth his little brother was.

" It's adorable the relationship you two hold." Sephie said, gaining their attention. Ups, she said that out loud.

" Yeah, we got ahead of ourselves." Naruto said though he was still smiling.

" It's only normal between lovers." Sephie said, shaking her head. Caressing the fabric on her hands, she softened her features. " There is something that I wish to give you before you depart."

" What is it?" Naruto curiously eyed the purple thing before he took it as she presented it to him. His eyes widened, seeing the white letters on it. " Are you sure? I mean, isn't it too much? I still didn't do anything."

" There is no one better for that position. I'm sure you will make me proud. I have seen enough." Sephie said, placing her hand above his, which was on the clothing, to squeeze it lovingly. " I will leave Earth in your capable hands, Uzumaki-kun."

His mouth got dry as he shut his eyes close. The emotions were threatening to overwhelm him, and he was standing up there. Zastin and the other three assassins were already walking up the mechanical stairs to get inside the ship.

" What are you waiting for?" Nemesis grinned, seeing him open his eyes with resolve. She and Mea heard Zastin and Sephie discuss this earlier but decided to say it to nobody. It was more fun this way. He took the clothing and rapidly turned to the stairs while putting his arms on the sleeves. " Let's go, King!"

The sound of the flapping coat got heard a second later that Nemesis announced his new status. His attires were purple with white fur on the neck, wrists, and bottom part that reached right above his ankles. The word king got written on kanji on the lower side, and the Uzumaki clan was present on his upper back.

The reaction of everybody was the same. No sound got made as their lips slightly parted open with their pupils widened. If the looks of commotion from the princesses showed how perplexed they were, it was a joke in front of the four childhood friends of the shinobi.

As they watched, the coat moved in the air in slow motion while time seemed to stop. Then out of nowhere, it seemed like space changed as Rin, Yui, Risa, and Haruna reverted to when the girls appeared to be seven and eight years.

Yui with her hair in side ponytails, Haruna with her long blue hair reaching her hips, and the rest all returned for an instant to their childish appearances. They contemplated a seven-year-old Naruto climbing the ladder while he stretched his arm for a yellow light above anyone else.

One thing was sure. Nobody doubted that he would go even higher.


In the middle of the sky of Planet Memorze a blue-colored space portal opened from which instant later, a ship appeared. They took the route that Lala calculated to the epicenter, and the five fighters stayed silent while they went higher into the sky.

Zastin was the one that navigated the ship since it was his, while Yami sat at his side as a copilot. Mea and Nemesis laid on the sofas as if they took ownership while Naruto sat on the floor, cross-legged meditating to calm himself. Not even Kurama dared to bother him.

" How long till the meteorite reaches the atmosphere?" Yami asked the bodyguard, who gazed at the monitor.

" We will manage to arrive just in time for the location that Lala-sama sent us." Zastin explained. There were barely minutes for the event that would cause an uproar in the galaxy. ' I can feel my heart pumping as in my younger days when I charged in battle accompanying Gid-sama.'

" At least when we arrived, nothing was bursting into flames." Nemesis commented for boredom while Yami moved her chair some degrees so that she would watch at everyone.

" That's because the King went down the square so everyone would see him. At least the hysteria would be more or less under control till the asteroid appears." Yami said, explaining the actual situation to the fellow weapons.

" Oh, that's a nice idea. From who was it?" Mea blinked at the ingenious plan before Yami pointed to the meditating boy. " Hehe, of course, it was Senpai's. Who else?"

" It's no wonder why Sephie-sama has chosen Naruto to reign over Earth. She is more apt to discern worthy suitors than anyone else." Yami pointed out while Zastin nodded at the statement.

" It took him even shorter than I imagined." Mea grinned, swinging on the sofa while Nemesis chuckled at the ball of energy that her servant was. " One more week after this, and everyone would be under our command."

" Oh, that got a nice ring to it." Nemesis's golden eyes shined in anticipation before something came into her mind. " Now that I think about it, we can already do what we want on Earth."

" You all are way too calm on this situation." Zastin sweatdropped since it seemed only his future emperor took it seriously. " And it's Uzumaki-sama who can reign if he wishes. Don't get confused."

" Meh, I am his concubine. So it will be okay." Nemesis shrugged, ignoring his warning. " I can do whatever I want."

" I thought you would take the wife position, Master." Mea said, tilting her head in surprise while Yami's eyebrow twitched in annoyance at how carefree they were talking about this. " At least I want that one."

" If I get to have sex with Naruto, that's all that matters. I don't very much care for tittles." Nemesis stretched for a bit before sighing in content. " I can always change my mind if I want."

" You forget that you have to ask for Naruto's consent on all these things." Yami reminded Nemesis, who stuck out her tongue playfully to mess with her.

" I already know him better than you, Golden Darkness, even if you met him way before me." Nemesis said, making her narrow her eyes with a bit of threat behind.

" What's that supposed to mean?" Yami asked, getting no answer. Thankfully, it was Zastin who said the last thing.

" We have arrived." The bodyguard announced. Not even after he finished saying that, the sun hid from them, and the sound of something precipitating towards them got heard in the whole planet. He clicked some buttons, and the crystal in front of them opened to let the wind invade the ship." And there it is."

" That's even bigger than I expected." Yami said, turning her head to the sides of the ship. " I don't even see the end of this."

" I suppose it would be difficult to imagine, but it's in our calculations. Lala-sama was right." Zastin reassured the assassins. " Now we should be calling, oh, you already finished, Uzumaki-sama?"

But the shinobi didn't answer as he came out of that open part that appeared once the crystal vanished. His hair covered his face. He walked some more till he was almost to the edge, and he looked up without saying a word. The pressure of that thing was overwhelming.

" Naruto?" Yami called before he began to speak.

" This is my first step." Naruto said while the wind moved his coat, the others contemplating his back. " I have finally gotten somewhere in my new dream. They had accepted me to his point unconditionally, and I have to rise to their expectations. I'm planning to arrive at a point where no one else was before."

The shinobi began to perform hand signs at higher speed as the rock kept falling undisturbed. This moment was it. It was swing or die.

" And you a piece of rock that came out of who knows where are getting in the middle!" Naruto exclaimed while glaring at the disturbance as he finished performing the insane long series of signs. " Out of my way, dumbass!"

" Let's go!" Kurama roared with excitement when the Jinchūriki pushed one hand forward and while the other grabbed his elbow.

" Flying Thunder God technique! Level three!" Naruto shouted while kanjis appeared in the middle of the air into the farther distance so that it wouldn't reach the ship, spreading longer than the eye could see.

When that enormous piece of rock contacted the letters, it began disappearing while the fire with it vanished into nothingness. It would take it some minutes for the whole thing to get swallowed, but Naruto was already gritting his teeth from the pressure.

' Dammit, I fucked up with the seal! This Jutsu is using way more chakra than I expected! It shouldn't be like that!' Naruto lament as his head fell forward, squinting his eyes while he mentally called for his partner. ' Kurama!'

" On it!" Kurama shouted, already sending chakra to the Jinchūriki since it noticed right away how fast Naruto's fast reserves were getting consumed. The fox could only hope that it would be enough. " Your Jutsu it's better in a way, but it's practically useless if you compare to the fourth's! It burns too much energy!"

' Now, I know that! Lectures later!' Naruto yelled back while Kurama began to sit and gather natural energy just in case. The time didn't seem to pass while sweat showed itself on his forehead. ' Come on! Come on! Come on! How much more of this thing there is?'

" Hang in there! There shouldn't be much more from it!" The Tailed Beast answered, eyes closed to stay more or less focused.

Meanwhile, the population from the planet stopped their anguished screams and running from one side to another when they realized that nothing happened.

" What is that?" A man called, pointing a finger to the sky to show a purple mantle that covered their planet and seemed to destroy the imminent danger.

Everyone held it as much as they could, but when that horrifying sound made itself present, they couldn't help it while some fell on their knees with despair, and others tried to get away to nowhere. Only the King and the Queen stood in their place with belief, grabbing each other's hands, that somehow everything would work out. And it was happening.

" It's that a weapon?" A woman asked to no one. More heads turned to the sky to try to decipher what was that strange thing that protected them.

No more questions got asked as words escaped them to see such a thing. Hope wasn't building up inside them since their brains couldn't decipher what was going on, but the fear didn't grow either. They could only wait.

At the same time, on the ship at hundreds of hundreds of meters from the ground, Mea, Yami, and Nemesis, together with Zastin, had their mouths hanging open at the thing that was nothing sort of a miracle right before their eyes.

" This is amazing... What is he?" Nemesis asked while her gaze couldn't stop to watch at a fixed point.

" That's just Senpai." Mea said with her wide eyes. She couldn't even muster to laugh while she focused on his figure, the coat flapping in all directions.

The minutes seemed like an eternity for them. Nonetheless, everything has an end, and Golden Darkness caught a glimpse of this one. She shouted to alert him as she kept watching the sides. " It's almost done, Naruto! You are doing a perfect job!"

" It's working." Zastin muttered to himself before he looked to the side in the direction that Golden Darkness was looking. "It's working, Uzumaki-sama!"

" Come on! One last push!" Kurama roared since he was the only one that noticed his state. If he would have gotten some proper rest, then maybe it wouldn't be such a tool on his body. Sadly, if he did that, there was no way he could this off since it was barely working. " Thirty seconds! We are there!"

Naruto was madly sweating while veins kept popping up on his right arm, doing his best to don't retract it. ' Agh, I get it! Just keep putting Chakra on the Jutsu Kurama!'

The last moments were agonizing for Naruto as his knees were beginning to shake from the pressure. He kept counting on his head one second after another, craving to arrive at the next one each time. Some blood came out of his nostrils while he fought so that his eyes wouldn't roll to the back of his head and make him fall unconscious.

" Now, brat!" Kurama roared, and Naruto's body instinctively moved on its own to slam the palm of his hands together. The characteristical sound of the Jutsu ending as it teleported it somewhere else got heard on the whole planet.

On a faraway place, a kunai was floating in the middle of nothing, undisturbed before the asteroid that threatened to extinguish an entire species appeared on its side. It kept moving forward, causing no other problems destined to meet in some hours the area that belonged to a black hole.

There was silence on that ship like on the whole planet. Nobody dared to make a move while the sun basked them with its rays showing them that nothing endangered them anymore. For the first time in history, time stopped for Memorze and the visitors in there. Not even the animals moved.

" T-This is it." Mea was the first one that managed to say something. She tried to move her arm, but it failed her for a while. Then suddenly, she engulfed the two fellow weapons. " Yami-onee-chan, Master! He did it! Senpai did it!"

Nemesis barely could move her head. She never doubted him, yet witnessing something like that was breathtaking. " Yeah, he did. We are not sleeping, right?"

" I'm pretty sure we are awake." Yami said, a bit more composed, though she was barely hanging it together.

" I-I must call Sephie-sama and the princesses!" Zastin said, snapping out of his stupor, grabbing the phone to call home and congratulate everyone.

" Forget about that! Let's celebrate, hahaha!" Mea was over the moon while she jumped on the spot, never taking her arms away from Nemesis and Yami. " I want lots of candy!"

The situation on the ground was way more enthusiastic. The population began to cry from joy and shout out all the negative feelings they experienced to refill with happiness and relief.

" We are alive!" A man shouted at the top of his lungs while tears ran down his face. " Go to hell, you useless piece of rock!"

" Mama! Mama!" A little girl shouted while grabbing her mother's neck as the woman sat on the floor, sobbing with joy.

" Everything will be okay now! It's all over!" She said, hugging her daughter for dear life.

With all that explosion of positive euphoria, Kurama grinned, sensing hope overwhelming on the whole planet. That was a first for the Tailed beast that he felt anything like that. " Nice work, kid. You pulled through like always. Well, with my help, there is no doubt about that, but I will give it to you this time. You did the impossible."

Naruto kept silent for a while. Drops of blood fell on the ship's metal that came from his nose and traveled all over his chin. It wasn't much though his state showed it all, with his hands still slammed together. He managed to mutter something before blackness overwhelmed him. " I almost fucked it up."

" Oy, brat!" Kurama roared inside his mind, seeing the shinobi fall into the water face first and down the spaceship through the sky.

The others didn't seem to notice since they cheered and called through the phone, too focused on their things while the shinobi kept falling into nothing to meet the ground.

" Well, we better begin toasting while we head back home." Nemesis smiled, earning nods in agreement.

" Take what you want. Don't be shy." Zastin gave the okay sign to the girls to grab what they wanted as he waited for somebody to answer.

" Then, Naruto, what do you want to eat?" Nemesis asked, looking to the crystal to see that nobody was standing outside. " Eh, where did he go?"

Everyone looked around to see that he was nowhere to get found. There was a pit growing in their stomachs till realization hit them, and their blood ran cold. Zastin's phone fell from his hand, breaking it apart once it came into contact with the floor.

" Senpai!" Mea screamed with panic as the three assassins rapidly came out of the ship to jump down and propel themselves at top speed.

Nemesis's butterfly wings, Mea's mechanical's ones, and Yami's white feathered one appeared from behind their back to fly even faster since he was nowhere to get seen. As they moved their heads into every direction and their eyes began to tear up in fear, they flapped them even further till one of them managed to locate him.

" There he is!" Yami shouted, seeing his body turning around itself slowly thanks to his loss of consciousness. The assassins moved to the side, but the ground was quickly reaching them.

" We won't make it!" Mea shouted, cursing everything and her lack of attention. ' We knew that he was pushing himself over the limit this whole week, and we are stupid enough to take our eyes from him! I have to save him!'

Hearing those words, Nemesis instantly choose the best move, making her hair transform into a platform to show Mea her idea while her butterfly wings kept flapping. " Mea, Golden Darkness!"

At the urgency on her tone, they turned her heads to the side for a second, and they quickly understood her plan since Yami was the one in the middle.

" Alright, Master!" Mea shouted, transforming her hair like Nemesis, before propelling Yami with as much strength as they could. " Get him, Yami-onee-chan!"

Golden Darkness didn't answer back since everything on her head only focused on getting a hold of him. Her arm stretched forward since only a mere meter separated them, but the ground was almost there. In seconds they would reach the buildings, and then it would be too late.

" Make it! I have to make it!" Yami shouted, quickly planning her next step since there was no way that they could stop abruptly. Her fingers could caress his coat, and she began cursing on her failed attempt. " You are mine!"

With that scream, Yami held him in her arms, wrapping themselves into an elastic ball with her wings still out to lessen the fall as they went to land like a plane reaching the airport into that giant fountain bigger than four stadiums in the middle of the city.

" What is that?" Someone asked, seeing how fast that strange object was going towards the center of the water.

A giant splash got made while it slided faster than Yami thought, getting to the end of that fountain and continuing destroying the ground till Naruto and Golden Darkness slowly reached a stone pillar going through it.

" I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Naruto." Yami whispered into his air when her wings got inside the ball to cover him even further. The trembling kept going for a while till they finally reached a stop.

People began to gather around the ball, keeping their distance but curious of what that could be. Inside, Yami checked if Naruto got any injuries, happy that she came to know that he was left untouched. Some gasps got heard when the plastic object vanished, showing white wings that surrounded two teenagers. Naruto was getting hugged to Yami's chest while she breathed with relief sitting on the floor.

" Are you two okay?" A woman asked, approaching them, seeing the blood on the boy's mouth and the weakness he showed.

" Someone call a doctor!" A man shouted since he left his phone at home because of all the events.

" We are okay. My friend just fell unconscious." Yami smiled in appreciation. Nonetheless, the help from a professional wouldn't hurt to see if he was okay. She just caught a glimpse of the blood on his face.

" What is going on?" An authoritarian but worried voice could get heard in the middle of the people. Those aliens made a path for those persons to pass after they saw who it was.

" King, someone is laying on the floor with a poor health state." A woman that was there said, before the Queen and his husband arrived.

" Poor boy, is he okay?" The Queen asked, going to her knees to check if he wasn't in danger. Noticing her husband's strange behavior, she turned around to see him with his shocked expression. " My love, what is in your mind?"

" Guards! Bring him to the palace!" The King shouted in a hurry, surprising everyone while Golden Darkness's hand was about to transform into a blade, pressing the boy in her chest. If she would have to, then she only needed to kill. " I want him to get seen by the best doctors that are working right now! No, forget that! Pull the best doctors on this, and that's period!"

The guards were caught off guard for a second because of such a rushed petition but obeyed immediately without a second guess. His wife stood up, giving them space after taking the hand of the gorgeous Yami to reassure her, who was a bit indecisive if she should leave his side.

" We are going with him. Don't worry." The Queen smiled as a promise while the man kept giving commands. " My love, who is this boy that you are so interested in?"

" He is the one who saved us." The King said as her eyes widened in realization. That was the whiskered blonde boy her husband kept talking about since days ago. " I won't accept anything less than a perfect treatment in his regards."

" Of course, my love. That thing is a demand from our part after what he did for us." The Queen nodded in agreement. He didn't even ask for a penny. Shortly the crowd was joined by Nemesis and Mea, who arrived in time to see the man they loved getting carried away by guards.

" Where are you taking Senpai?" Mea asked in fear, not seeing Golden Darkness anywhere. That emotion quickly changed into hate while her hair transformed into laser guns. " If you even keep touching a hair of his head, I will kill you all."

" Calm down, Mea." Yami intervened, gaining her attention. Mea's eyes that lost all life for a second returned to the usual joy it held since she met Naruto. " They are giving us a hand."

" Yami-onee-chan." Mea breathed with relief placing a hand on her chest. Nemesis's hateful glare got replaced as quickly as her servant's. " You are all okay then."

" Yes, they are going to check on him, but he is breathing, and he is okay. He is exhausted, that's all." Yami repeated, trying to calm down the fellow weapon. She could understand her. She was about to do the same, thanks to how high her emotions were riding.

" Really?" Mea's voice came out broken while her face turned into one that seemed to beg that it was the truth and that Yami wasn't lying to protect her. When she received a nod, she happily began laughing, cleaning her face with her hand. " I'm so glad. I thought we would lose Senpai."

The Queen gently smiled, showing Mea and the two other girls the way to the palace. " Please, accompany us. The least we can do is give you somewhere warm to stay after everything. I'm sure you would like to be with your loved one."

" We would appreciate that." Yami answered since Mea took the offer in a heartbeat, following the guards. " I will have to call our friends too. If you don't mind."

" Do what you must." The King said. He wanted to begin granting any of their wishes as fast as possible. " I'm sure Sephie-sama is waiting for any news concerning your's and the boy's health."

" Who is that boy? The King is fiercely protecting him." A woman asked around while the others began getting curious too.

" It must be someone he knows or a family member." Her friend answer before she pointed out. " Though he is kind enough to help someone in need."

The ruler stopped walking, hearing the crowd speak amongst themselves while commanding the guards to keep going forward. " This boy that got reduced in such a state is the Earthling suitor."

" Is that the one that everyone is talking about these days? You know, the one who managed to hurt Gid-sama?" A teenage boy asked their friends as the people began to get confused. " What is he doing here?"

" He is the one who saved us! That purple mantle that destroyed the meteorite belongs to him! I'm sure!" The King raised his voice while the eyes of his subjects widened. " He gave it all to protect us without asking for anything in exchange! Just because he didn't want for us to disappear even when others gave us their backs!"

" Amazing..." That was the word that repeated in admiration.

" That's why from now on, our planet will associate with him and support him. That would be our way to repay his infinite kindness!" The King shouted as people began nodding with more than acceptance before he roared again. " Is there anybody who would be against that?"

" Long live Earth's King!" A woman shouted, raising her arm high while others began to yell with the same intensity.

" Long live Earht's King!"

" Long live Earth's King!

As children, elders, and adults keep chanting those words, Yami couldn't contain her smile while they went to the palace. He was already getting rewarded even though he wasn't looking for it. She could only wish that he would hear all of this.

" This is so cool. Naruto already is all this recognization without even trying." Nemesis grinned, looking behind, gaining Golden Darkness's attention. Though her voice was joyful, something betrayed her and showed how she felt even though she didn't realize it.

" Are you okay?" Yami asked with a frown that made Nemesis raise an eyebrow in confusion.

" Of course. I'm not even tired." Nemesis said in confusion before a water drop felt on her hand. But it wasn't anything like that. Placing her hand on her face, she felt how the tears came out, freely running down her face. " I'm crying?"

Yami softened her features, understanding what she was going through. " It's only natural. We were at mere seconds to lose him."

" I was scared." Nemesis repeated as the dots began to connect in her head. She believed the feeling that everyone craved for and made themselves fools for was only an invention or joke, and then she got like this. Grabbing his forearm, the same hand that Mea held, she whispered, looking at his face. " I see. Then I do love you, Naruto."

Strangely, as if he was hearing her, Naruto smiled, gaining a peaceful expression even though the tiredness was still present. Warmth spread on her cheeks, making Nemesis control her temperature to confirm that she was indeed blushing. It escaped her compression, and yet something so little like getting flustered for him already became her favorite thing in the whole universe.

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