It was early morning in Sainan city, and the students were preparing to go to school after taking their breakfast. Well, most of them since two teenagers were about to skip classes thanks to the promise they made in Memorze planet. If Naruto was sincere, he was looking forward to it. Not only because he wouldn't have to sit through three hours of useless math but because he was feeling nervous in expectation for the day.

After returning from Run's planet, Naruto wanted to visit the kids and Ana as he promised, so they had to wait one more day. Thankfully none of them hated him for going away for so long. He tried to make it up by staying the whole day there. At that time, the director seemed to grasp something going on since her superpowered child seemed to be in thought most of the time.

But he didn't tell her anything of what was going on in his life. She was the sweetest woman in the world, but somehow he could see himself getting killed by her hands if she came to know that he would go out with another girl. It was better to go through this day and see later how to approach the issue. Hopefully, his brain would leave him alone today. Because since he asked Lala for a date, he was having more and more doubts.

" Here I am, Naruto-kun! All ready for you!" Lala happily called, coming out of the house while running childishly with her arms stretched horizontally. She was wearing brown boots above her ankles with a black hoodie and a red scarf. She also had black leotards with a red skirt reaching right below her hips.

" Y-You look gorgeous, Lala." Naruto commented, scratching his whiskers marks with a finger while gazing away.

" Hehe, there is no need to be so shy. We agreed to this date to have fun. Didn't we?" Lala grinned, receiving an awkward nod from the love of her life. Then for a second, she blinked, noticing something on him. " I didn't know you used glasses, Naruto-kun. Did you use lenses till now?"

" Oh, this? No, no. It has no crystals see?" He explained, taking his glasses and placing two fingers inside, getting a confused look. " It's just so that people won't recognize me. I don't if it will work."

As he weakly laughed, she raised a fist to break him out of any wonder. " Well, you look as handsome as always. You can't make bad choices!"

" Thanks. All I'm wearing was a gift from Haruna-chan and Akiho-neechan that they bought for me a year ago. I'm glad it still fits." He had a gray beanie with the same color of shirt with long sleeves that was slightly larger than the white sweater of short sleeves above so you could see it. He used black pants, shoes with a black bag behind and the same color of glasses.

" They do have an amazing taste." She said, moving her head in all directions to take a glance at him from every angle. She was also a bit nervous, or at least, more than she expected so. " But I guess it's because they were the first ones that supported you on your job. Isn't it?"

" I guess so. Haruna-chan and Akiho-nee-chan were in almost all my shoots. It's their home already." He chuckled, placing a hand on his pocket while he offered one to his date. " Are you ready?"

" Of course! But you didn't tell me where are we going?" Lala said, placing a finger on her chin in thought before taking hold of his hand. " Isn't everything closed at this hour? It's not even eight."

" It's a surprise. Where we are going, it's opening in some minutes." Naruto said, circling Lala with his arm, bringing her closer to his chest. He was chuckling, but then he got a pink hue on his face, mirrored by her reaction as her eyes widened from his sudden action. He wanted to slap himself for his lack of brain. " T-Then let's go, okay?"

After receiving a nod against his chest, he gulped before teleporting to another entirely different city as he had the seal prepared beforehand. Because of his inner turmoil, the shinobi didn't think that maybe it was a good idea to warn her of what technique he was about to use.

" Woah, what was that, Naruto-kun?" Lala said, separating herself from him thanks to the sensation that she never felt before. She felt a little lost while gazing around. Yet, she couldn't discern what she had in front of her. " It was like I jumped places without moving."

" I'm so sorry about that. I'm already used to it, so I forgot to tell you about it." He quickly apologized, taking hold of her hand before she could fall. " Come here. Look at my eyes and don't focus on anything else. I got that after I learned the Hiraishin. It's better to don't move around too much."

Following the advice she received, she was laughing with ease, seeing his concern. He was always so adorable, taking care of her. She was already feeling the luckiest to be with him even though the date started only five minutes ago. " You have the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, Naruto-kun."

How could she not say that when she was glancing at them so intently? Her funny attitude calmed down for some instant as she seemed to be in a trance by that blue color. He separated from her since she was getting better if her words said anything about it.

" I-I'm sure that there are better ones out there." He coughed into his hand, doing his best to push down his flustered state, and before she could jump and deny that statement like he knew that she would do, he moved his hand to the side to make her see where they were. " A-Anway, here we are. I hope you like Disneyland."

" Wait! Are we really here?" Lala rhetorically asked as she saw people making the line and the enormous castle that was far away on sight. She was practically glowing. " But there isn't one of this in Sainan. Only in Tokyo from what Risa-chan told me."

" Yeah, I know. I made a clone yesterday, and I sent it to Tokyo so that we could get here in no time." He said, walking towards the gates alongside Lala. " We already have the tickets so we can get inside. I heard you talking with her in class, so I thought you would like this."

" I love it! And I love you so much more! This place is the best! I wanted to come here since I heard about it." Lala exclaimed, hugging his arm and placing it between her chest. People around were beginning to turn around and snicker at the couple while he took the beanie and push it down to hide his face. " Neh, Neh, can we stay for the fireworks?"

" O-Of course. I planned to stay till they close to see it at night. It's one of the best things here." He said, handing the tickets to the man in the door so that he could control it.

" Here you go. Thank you for vising today." The man politely smiled before handing them over a pamphlet. " There are more events during the day in case you are interested. The dancing parade it's one of the things that it's a pity miss if you came here."

" We have to see it then! And look! There is also a lot of attractions to go in! I want to go in all of them!" Lala shouted, making people laugh at her adorable reaction. Once inside at the first meters, she could already see that maybe that wasn't possible." But the lines are way too long. I don't think we can make it today."

" You think I didn't plan for that beforehand?" Naruto grinned as he turned to a small shop showing the tickets again to the woman inside. " I got us covered."

" I hope that you enjoy your day to the fullest here with us." The attendant said, giving them some bracelets.

" What is this?" Lala asked, placing it on her wrist. Hers was pink while his yellow, and it looked to have some circuit inside. It wasn't that advanced.

"These are Vip passes. We don't have to wait in line for anything, so we have time for everything." Naruto said in an afterthought, checking the pamphlet before turning his head around. " Nice thinking, right?"

" Of course! You are so smart! I wouldn't have thought about this." She nodded, turning her head around to see that not many others wore those bracelets, if not anybody else. " But how expensive they are? I have to pay my part!"

" Well, I'm making a lot now thanks to work, so don't worry about it." He dismissively waved before he noted that she didn't keep walking as she stood some meters behind while puffing her cheeks gazing at the floor. He didn't want to begin the date with the wrong foot. " B-But if you want, you can pay for the food while we are here. What do you say?"

" Now that's better!" Lala grinned, running up to him. " You have to stop paying everything for us. We have allowances, and now that Mama is living with us, we can ask her for more sometimes if we need it though I don't think it's necessary."

" I suppose Sephie gives you enough to buy a country on Earth." He sweatdropped as she shrugged her shoulder since she didn't know. He could work non-stop and for years, and he couldn't get what she got for a month. " It's just that I already feel bad that you aren't living as you should. You are princesses and got stuck on that house."

" What are you talking about, Naruto-kun? The house is amazing! It's so warm, and it's full of laughter!" She said with bewilderment about his statement. " The palace was cold, and the maids and buttles didn't talk with us since they had to maintain respect towards us. It's like we were only Zastin, Mom, my sisters, and me in that place!"

" I guess then that my house is somehow good enough." He grinned happily to hear that they liked his place. " And it's getting way bigger thanks to all of the reconstructions you did. I feel like I'm living in a palace already."

" Now that we are talking about that. I wanted to ask you if I could make a jacuzzi room?" She said, making his head snap towards her direction. It's smelled like trouble, but at least she was asking beforehand. " I think it would be good enough to relax. Maybe I could put a steam room inside that one."

" Don't we have a giant bathtub already? It takes a minute to walk from one end to the other one. I think it's plenty." He gently refused her idea before she shook her head. It was going to be a nightmare of work again in that household. Even though most of the time, they didn't realize that she was working on it. It was a mystery how she managed to do all of that without any noise.

" It's different! It doesn't have the same therapeutic effect! It increases calory burn and pain relief! I think it can be an asset for us and your training!" Lala proudly stated, crossing her arms over her chest. " That's what Mikado-chan told me. That's her area of expertise, so she knows about that better than me."

A shiver ran through his spine, and somehow he could feel that if he agreed on it, it would bring him some trouble later. He didn't know why but the perverted side of him was yelling in his ear to give Lala the okay as fast as he could. " Let me think about it. We can talk more later if you want."

" That's a yes? Perfect!" She pumped her fist with excitement, and she gave him another idea way before he could try to correct her. " I also want to build a cinema! We have to watch the movies in the proper seats while eating popcorn!"

" Is it going to be a house anymore?" He asked himself before catching the glance of something that maybe she would like. Whatever he needed to escape from this predicament." Let's enjoy our time here for now. I don't want to make you keep thinking about work. It's supposed to be about us."

" Yep, you are right. Sorry I got so excited in this." Lala sheepishly scratched the back of her head. " I only think how better I can make the house that we are living for everyone, and it makes me want to work my hardest."

" Don't worry. That's saying a lot about you. There is a reason why I think that you are so awesome after all." He said, placing his hands on the back of his head.

" Y-You are only saying that." Lala muttered as his eyes widened in a stupor. That was something that he never thought he would see.

" Are you shying away?" Naruto asked in bewilderment as a pink hue appeared on her face. " I never imagined that I would live to see that happen. Is this real?"

" Neh, don't be mean, Naruto-kun! I'm entitled to get like this when you are saying all those beautiful stuff to me!" Lala comically whined, hugging his arm again. " I'm not made of stone or anything like that!"

" That's good to know! I'm not the only one nervous for today then." He chuckled with ease. Somehow that helped him a bit. He knew it was stupid that he would get like this when it wasn't his first time going out with a girl, but he was only human. " What do you say we get to this one, Lala?"

" The teacups?" She tilted her head at the offer. Somehow he was much calmer now. She didn't know the reason for that change, but she always loved his confident side. " Why not? I thought you wanted to go to the launcher coaster first, but I'm happy whenever."

" I thought that we could take it easy at the beginning. Don't worry. We will go to the dangerous one later." Naruto promised as they were going through their empty line to get inside that attraction. " If you want, we can also have some breakfast later. I don't know if you ate anything."

" I kinda forgot." Lala shyly said, realizing her mistake. " I was so focused on what I would wear that I didn't get anything this morning. And Momo already helped me prepare the clothes yesterday, but I wasn't sure if that's what I should be wearing at the last minute."

" So Momo gave you a hand." Naruto repeated with his eyes closed, almost looking like a deadpan. He shouldn't be reacting that way since it was clear that his girlfriend would help her sister since she was more than okay with the deal, but it was somehow still weird for him. Nonetheless, it took some burden from his shoulders. " Well, you nailed. You didn't need to doubt it."

" That's good to know because I think that leather suit that Nemesis wanted me to wear was a bit too much. I still don't get why I should need to bring a whip to a date." Lala mused, grabbing her chin in thought while his head hanged low with a dark cloud on it.

" Were you doubting about that? Man, I dodge a bullet." He sighed in relief before furiously shaking his head. ' Get the hell out of my head! I don't want to imagine Lala with a sexy outfit for now!'

" Well, that's because I still think that it would show my boobs better." Lala commented, pushing her breasts with both of her hands higher, earning nosebleeds from the guys on the other line. " I was about to take it, but Momo was getting mad with Nemesis for some reason. Nana wasn't as happy either. Mikan had to get in the middle when Mea said something about getting to do hot stuff in the Ferris wheel."

" What the hell are you looking at?" Naruto gritted his teeth as a vein throbbed in his head, glaring at the males that were watching at Lala. He placed himself in front of her to cover her since she kept touching her chest in such away. They quickly turned their heads away at the threat. " That's what I thought."

' Scary.' Everyone mentally agreed in unison. They could swear that they saw their lives flashing right before their eyes.

" Lala." Naruto comically cried rivers, grabbing her shoulders. She raised an eyebrow in wonder, waiting for him to speak again. " Please. For the next time, if you have any doubts, listen to Momo's and Mikan's advice. That's always the right option."

" But they all seemed they wanted to help me." Lala mused, and he didn't know what to say against her statement. It's not like he didn't know that, but he will get bald at this rate.

" I get that. I mean, I'm sure Nemesis and Mea wanted to give you a hand. The thing is that if you listen to them, there will be wrong turns that I cannot prevent from happening." He gently explained to her. ' She is way too innocent. I can see that if they tell her to get naked to call my attention, she will do it.'

" Alright. I think I understand what you mean." She nodded with a smile while he could see Nemesis and Mea moving the threads behind Lala. They sure knew how to make fun of him even without behind there. " Oh, Naruto-kun, it's our turn! Let's get inside!"

" Okay, here I come. Careful, don't get hurt!" He warned her with a calmer mood, following the girl as the bars that stopped them from entering opened up. She just took off to get inside a teacup one, and he saw her all smiling, taking one place for them. " Is this the one you want to ride?"

" Yep! I can't wait! It seems more fun than I thought earlier." Lala said as she remembered the only two ones that were spinning at top speed. It's a pity that he couldn't read her mind. " Sit in front of me! This way, we can see each other in the ride."

" Nice idea. We can talk without any problems too." He innocently said, taking his place. There were no belts or anything like that, so he could take it easy since it wouldn't go too much speed. He had to chuckle as he saw Lala take command of the wheel. Poor bastard, he missed the red flags. " If you are the one making us spin, then I can relax a bit."

" Leave it to me! I will make us go supersonic!" She pumped her first while his ear twitched at what she just said. He went pale thanks to her words, and before he could take hold of the wheel, Lala yelped as it began moving. " Let's see how fast this can go!"

Immediately and going against all the laws of physics, his back touched the back of the seat, gluing himself with chakra so that he wouldn't fly away. Any other person would have reached the other end of the park thanks to the speed. " Easy, Lala! It isn't a competition!"

" But we get to have more fun than any other!" She laughed while she continued to move her hands without any break. " Should I try giving it my all?"

The people-watching from outside had to sweatdropped since they couldn't see the two teenagers at all. Otherwise, they would have noticed that Naruto's cheeks flapped against the wind. The girls on the other rides immediately grabbed hold of the wheel too. They made sure to glare at their partners before they could get any funny ideas.

" Why the hell did you have to go out with this one?" The Red fox inside Naruto's belly roared. All the stars were appearing on its head because of that torture that its Jinchūriki was going through. That made it go for the fox too. " Teleport! Teleport away!"

' I can't do that! I don't want to ruin this for Lala!' Naruto shouted at the tailed beast. They felt like they got to be inside of a washing machine. ' Bear with it a little, Kurama! It has to be almost over!'

" I want to change partners!" The fox childishly cried, begging Hagoromo that he would come to save him.


Sadly it didn't go as the Jinchūriki promised. Since it was an easy-going ride, they had over three minutes to suffer that sickening motion. It was a miracle that the screws didn't break, making the cup fly into oblivion. One thing was clear. Kurama would never forget this, and it will make sure to get payback. It was a vindictive fellow.

The thing it's Naruto didn't have much fun either. The blood fought to reach his head, but he was going to give it his all so that he would stay inside that teacup. Yet, he would have to be honest and admit that he got tempted to get out of that suffering. It would have been the first time he gave up on anything.

The very first second that the attraction stopped, he ran to the exit, getting on his knees near a bush in case he had to throw up. Thankfully, he hadn't eaten anything, or else that was the thing he would be doing right at his moment. His state didn't get share by his date.

" That was so refreshing! It helped me to get in the mood for more too!" Lala laughed with ease while she seemed to miss the state of the boy she loved. People who passed by felt by for the teenager. Then, after she saw how he was, she placed her arms behind her back with curiosity. " What are you doing, Naruto-kun? Did you lose your glasses?"

Now that she mentioned that, he moved his hand to check if they were still there, and indeed they were. It's not like it cost much, but he got stupified that he still had it on him. " N-Nah, everything it's alright. What do you say do you want to go into the launcher coast now?"

" Didn't you want to have breakfast after this one?" Lala asked, giving him a hand since his body moved from one side to another as if he was in a drunken state. " I could have a bite before we keep going."

" I don't think I can ever eat again." Naruto muttered while his eyes seemed to be lacking any life. Quickly composing himself, he showed the way for the girl so they could get into a restaurant. " Let's go take something then. I will have a coffee, and that's it. If I get hungry, I will take something later."

" Alright then! My treat!" Lala said before she hummed a song. Funnily enough, he could never have the will to be mad at her. You should have no heart to accomplish that. " What do you say about this one? They have pancakes to take away! I prefer to take it like that while we walk to the next attraction."

" Okay, then I will get some for you." Naruto said, feeling a lot better now while hanging her the pamphlet. " Now check what rides you want to go in. The events are on the afternoon after lunch, so we got all the time in the world."

" Let's go to the ones that are near here then." Lala commented, giving it a quick peek before she grabbed his bag pulling him back. " Wait a minute! You said that I would be the one paying for food! Here you have it. Check whatever you want to go in meanwhile."

" I don't mind, Lala! And there she goes." He scratched the back of his head after calling for her while she made it look like she didn't hear him. Stretching for a bit, he contemplated which ride was the closest. " It's not like it even matters. Anything is better than the last one. Thankfully, the others are not getting controlled by us."

The Tailed Beast did not comment on that. It refused to talk to the shinobi for now, and it probably will take much longer for it to forgive him. If it ever happened, such a thing.

He took his phone out to check if he received any calls or messages, and for some seconds, the shinobi fought over the choices he had. It's not like he could put it on silence either, no matter what Zastin told him. He had a responsibility, and it was something that he took seriously.

You could call him paranoid, yet somehow Gid was a lot in his mind. It has been way too long since he had seen him, and for someone who drooled for a fight, he was more composed than he expected. Putting his phone in vibration as he did with Momo's first date, he shook the emperor from his mind. It wasn't his problem, and right now, he knew that he could take him head-on.

" Here I am!" Lala's voice made itself present while she called him from afar, surprising him. " You always drink it with milk and no sugar. At least I remember it like that."

" That was fast. You do know that the bracelets are only for the rides, right?" He teased, shaking his head when she playfully puffed her cheeks. He took the coffee from her hand and gratefully winked at her. " You know me too well. That's exactly how I take it. By the way, what did you take the Pancake with?"

" I saw that there were some with cream and strawberry, so I got that one." She explained, and when she was about to take a bite, her date won up to her, making her giggle. " Do you want some more? I don't mind if you are hungry."

" Nah, it's alright. I wanted to taste a bit." Naruto said as they began walking for the next attraction. He gave a satisfied hum when the taste stayed for a while in his mouth. " It's so good. I was sure that you would be more into honey."

" That's how I usually take it, but Haruna-chan was saying something about going to a diet, so Risa-chan, Mio-chan, and I decided to follow it too. We girls have to go through this together!" Lala said, taking a bite of her high-caloric dessert. That didn't seem to him like it was following a plan.

" None of you have to go through any of that. You are already skinny." He sighed, massaging his collar. " I heard Risa saying that a lot when we were growing up, and I was the chubby one. Well, I had baby fat, but that's normal! I mean, I have seen some girls in some catwalks, and I don't understand how they are alive."

" Oh, Momo explained it to me that maybe you would be doing one in the future." Lala commented, munching on her food while looking at him. " I didn't know that you already did one of those."

" My photographer tried, but there is no way that I'm doing that. It's not for me at all. But now that I'm a bit more famous, she began asking me again." He shrugged, taking a sip of coffee as they already saw the next attraction. " What I meant is that you don't need to change yourselves. You are already the most beautiful ones out there."

" I will make sure to tell them that! I'm sure that they would like it if it comes from you." Lala smiled, taking notice of the cream on his chin from earlier when he took a bite of her food. " Come here, Naruto-kun. You have a little something."

" Mmm? Where is it?" He asked, cleaning the wrong side of his face as he leaned forward. " Is it gone?"

" Nope! Let me give you a hand!" Her thumb traced his face as if it was crystal before she licked the cream of her finger. " Delicious!"

" Y-Yeah, thanks for that." He said, scratching his whiskers marks while he fought to keep himself on the date. He wasn't sure if Mea or any other girl taught her such a move. If not, she was a natural, and that was even more adorable than doing it on purpose. " A-Anyway, here we are on the next one."

" Flying chairs? What is this one about?" Lala asked, seeing the billboard in the entrance. It looked nice from what she could see while they walked on the Vip line. She had never seen it either, so she was anxious to try it.

" This one is easier than the last one." Naruto said almost in a thankful tone. At least she didn't seem disappointed. " We get up while making circles seeing everything under our feet."

" Isn't it like flying for us?" Lala said in an afterthought as she compared hers and his capacities with the ride. " I think we already got the hang of it. Shouldn't we try something else?"

" Come on, why don't we check it once? It's not like we will lose much time either. We are the next ones." Naruto pointed as they were already in front of the gate. He was sitting, giving his back to the other line in case someone recognized him. " Something tells me you will love this one."

" Alright then. Let's give it a go." Lala nodded before she contemplated how the machine was slowing down, bringing people back to the floor. " Is this the tallest one in this park?"

" I don't think so. There have to be some others. Maybe we can check when we are up there." Naruto pointed out as people began to take their belts off and walk to the exit part. When the door opened, he motioned for Lala to enter. " Ladies, first."

" You a gentelman, Naruto-kun. Now I can see what Momo meant when she said that you were always on point in every little thing." Lala grinned as she walked to the two seats that she first saw and worked with the belt till she heard a click. " Did Ana-chan and Yumi-chan teach you about it?"

" Kinda, I guess. I mean, there isn't much to learn about of this. You only have to look out for the best of the other one. I don't get what is that difficult." He said while a man came to check that the belt of everyone got nicely tied. He looked at the side for a second as memories came back to him.

" Now, little rascal, come to sit your ass here." Yumi said, grabbing a sixteen-year-old Naruto by the back of his jacket and putting him on the sofa inside the director's office. " We have to teach you something things before you can go to live to your house."

" Are we letting Naruto-kun go? I know that we are a bit tight, but we can make it." Ana intervened, taking her place in the chair in the middle of the other two. " He is still a child. There has to be something that we can do."

" Talk to him then." Yumi groaned since, for her, all of this situation didn't seem all that appropriate to her either. Indeed, there wasn't much that they could count on, but that stupid son of theirs had to take matters of hands. " He already showed us that he could take care of himself. It's not the job that I would have wanted for him, yet he even got a house at his age."

" It's better than any part-time job, and I get a lot from it too, so I can't complain. This way, I can help you guys out too." He began with a deadpan before he gently stated his plan. " You already came to see the house. It's way better than I could imagine, so it's alright."

" But we are supposed to take care of you. You don't have to worry all that much about us." Ana retorted as she shared the same point of view of Yumi. Yet, the older woman would never admit it. Those two had a weird relationship, but they loved each other as family.

Yumi contemplated their boy's determination as she did her best to don't mess her hair with the headache. He was a pain in the ass, always taking care of everything by himself. " Anyway, since you won't change your mind, this is the last thing you have to learn before I let you get out of here."

" What is it?" Naruto asked, taking a good look at the papers on the table. He burned red from embarrassment while Ana mentally apologized for the trap, but otherwise, he wouldn't have entered that room with them. " Are you crazy? I don't want to talk about this stuff with you guys!"

" Okay, then. Ana, help him out to put his clothes bag to the children's room. He isn't going anywhere." Yumi shrugged, getting a baffled look from her kid. " A pity you even bought a house and all. Don't worry. You can go there when you are eighteen."

" Oy, this isn't funny! I can't stay here!" Naruto slammed his hands on the wooden table before she smacked the books on his face as a wake-up call but without aiming to hurt him.

" Then you will sit with us till your tiny brain get's everything." Yumi stated before an ominous aura surrounded her body, making him gulp. " I'm not taking care of whatever kind you get after nine months after you will get out of here. So you better tell us every doubt you have. And if you get a kid before you are anywhere near twenty-five, I'm castrating you."

' I can't tell Lala any of that.' He sweatdropped as they were going up in circles, and she began to kick the air. He had to admit that he got his ass saved thousands of times by them. Also, somehow, he could see Yumi hunting him forever if he got now a kid. He and Momo made sure that it wouldn't happen any time soon. " They taught me a lot. They also gave me some tips for when they thought I liked some girl."

" I didn't know that you liked a girl while you were growing up here." Lala blinked before curiosity got the best of her. " Tell me everything! How was she?"

" Nah, I didn't have anyone like that. It's just that I kept talking about Risa, Haruna-chan, Rin-chan, and Yui-chan, so they thought I had a crush on someone." He waved his hand in front of his face dismissively. " Here, I didn't get many guy friends. I think maybe Rito and Zastin are the only ones I have now."

" Now that you say that, you are right. I didn't realize that before." Lala muttered. She thought about any more guys that he was friends with but she had no luck. Then a light bulb turned on on the top of her head. " It has to be because you get so much attention. Maybe they are jealous."

" It's not like I'm doing anything to piss them off." He commented with a weak laugh before forgetting about them. It didn't matter much to him, so who cares. " I have my hands full anyway with you guys, and that is more than enough for me."

At his words, she could help but mirror his cheerful mood. He cared about them much more than any other person. It didn't mean that he was cold towards others. Quite the contrary, he always had time to give a hand and stop to talk to all the fangirls he had in school. She knew how tough it was to have an environment where everyone expected just the best of you.

" Naruto-kun, can I ask you something?" She asked, laying back on the seat to enjoy the wind that blew in her face. It was more relaxing than she thought. " Have you ever thought if there could be any other path for you where you wouldn't have to be the center of attention all the time?"

" Is it something that bothered you growing up?" Naruto caught on quick as a bullet on whatever she had on mind. He received a nod while she watched down, seeing how small people appeared. She had the same energetic mood, but it was more controlled. " I knew that the whole thing about the suitors was a pain in the ass, but I guess that must have been tough too."

" It never really did matter to me." She pointed out, getting a confused look from him. " But I still had to go through all the rites and manners lessons that a princess has. It was a bit tiring."

" I can see that happening." Naruto agreed from her point of view. She never cared about those things, so getting to be closed in a room with no friends must have felt like a cage for someone so free as Lala. " But you are free now. Nobody can tell you what to do anymore."

" I know that. Coming to Earth has to be the best mistake I have ever made." She joked, recognizing that her invention failed in that instant. Yet, she would call that destiny. " But I meant about you. Mama is making you go through all those things that I had to go through, and it has to be a bit too much for you with all the things you have going on."

" Not really. I have lots of energy to use." He childishly flexed his arm to show that he could take care of everything before he grew somehow more resolved. " I also hate being in classes and sitting on a chair. But it's something I have to do. I don't want to become Emperor. I want to be the best one it ever existed."

" I know you will. It's you, after all." Lala nodded with a big smile on her face. She was sure of it right from the beginning, but with all the things he already accomplished, he left her stupified. An entire planet loved him in matters of days and took a knee for him, ready to face punishment in case Gid came to know. " I can only hope that I get to be at your level. I don't want to drag you down."

" You could never do that." Naruto said, taping her forehead from his seat. " You are the one who supported me with all your inventions like the simulation room, remember?"

" But you can't use it anymore. Nothing I can make will be able to endure even one punch of yours." Lala muttered. She was surprised when she heard him chuckle. Turning her head to the side, he saw him with his eyes closed, enjoying the wind.

" What are you talking about, Lala? You are still doing incredible things. If I didn't have your portal, I would have never learned the Hiraishin on time." He pointed out, raising a finger in exclamation. " And maybe I wouldn't even have gotten in time to Run-chan's planet either."

" Oh, you are right." Lala said, making the math on her head. Her mood slightly improved as she was beginning to feel useful once again. " Yep, you would have gotten there a day before the meteorite arrived."

" There was no way that I could have done anything. I almost fucked up even working a full week on that." Naruto admitted before seeing the frown that appeared on her face. The ride was slowing down, and it was almost over. " Something wrong?"

" No, no, everything it's fine." She quickly lied. That didn't mean that he would get fooled so easily. She felt her walls crumbling at his gaze. " It's just that sometimes I forget how big the competition is. We are having fun and enjoying our time while you have a burden so big on your shoulders."

" So? That exactly what I want for you guys." Naruto commented while they were reaching the ground. " If I'm growing so strong and I don't try to depend just on Kurama, it's because I want you all to keep having happy lives without worried about an alien or whatever."

" What about you then?" Lala pressed as the security measures were opening up. " I only heard that you talk about others, but it's like you can't think about yourself at all. You have to have some limits."

" I'm here, am I not?" He whispered as a pink hue began to appear on his cheeks. There was no way that he could hide that with his beanie. He tried all the same. " I'm selfish coming to a date with you because I can't deny what I feel, even though it is the right thing."

Lala took hold of his white sweater with two fingers as they kept walking to the exit. He was so strong and confident, but he lacked that kind of thing when it came to feelings. He seemed to second guess everything he did. Interlacing her fingers with his, she felt him ease with her touch. " I promise you that it is. I know that you are feeling it too."

" I-I guess." He muttered while walking forward, making her giggle. It's like he was playing hard to get, but she knew that he agreed with her. Otherwise, he wouldn't blush like that. " B-By the way, what do you want to do next?"

She rapidly was about to say kiss, but she stopped herself dead in her tracks, remembering her little sister's advice. She wasn't all that sold on that idea since she would have to wait much longer, but Naruto told her to listen to Momo's words, even though she was way more attracted to Nemesi's advice.

" And remind this for last, Onee-sama. The kiss should be at the end of the date. It's not written on a stone since you can do it first if Naruto-san is the one who makes the first move." Momo commented as she placed the clothes for her big sister's date on her bed while Lala looked horrified. " You don't want to rush anything and force him to take a step back."

" Y-You are thinking way too much, Momo! We already kissed at the ball!" Lala said, trying to change her point of view. Seeing that she wasn't backing down for her sake, she fell back on the chair. " No way that's like 12 hours or more to wait."

" You can always do what you want. It's your date, after all." Nemesis grinned. She appeared to be like a serpent inciting Lala while she had her leg crossed in an all-knowing way. " Shouldn't you be free to choose?"

" If I'm saying all of this is for helping Onee-sama and all of you who comes later." Momo deadpanned at her implications. " I have nothing to lose. Don't treat me like the enemy."

" I didn't say that. Did I?" Nemesis mischievously giggled into her hand. It was so fun riling her up from time to time. " It's just that it has to be so easy for you to say wait when you have been with Naruto for what? Three months?"

" Master, don't be like that. We are all friends here, and we all want the same thing." Mea sweatdropped at Nemesis teasing. She sure liked to cause some chaos whenever she could. " And didn't we say that we should calm down for a while, at least after the date?"

" What can I say? I didn't think it would be that difficult." Nemesis admitted, shrugging her shoulders before standing up from the comfy chair. " I'm having some trouble to don't enter his room and sleep with him like we usually do."

" Don't make it sound like it's a miracle or anything! You have your room as we all do!" Nana pointed an angry finger at the dark-skinned assassin. " I still don't understand why he puts up with you."

" Because Naruto loves me." Nemesis sweetly smiled without any hint of teasing for the first time. She was genuinely happy with that warmness growing in her petite chest. Such knowledge made her blush even now. Nana didn't seem to share her feeling as her eyebrow twitched. " There is no need to be jealous either. Naruto loves you too, Nana-hime. As he does with many more."

" Hearing you say that it doesn't make me happy at all!" Nana comically growled to hide her flustered state. " I only want to hear that from Naruto! That's the only way that I can make my heart beat faster!"

" You said that, but you are blushing, Nana-chan." Mea smirked, loving the glare that she received from her friend. " If you get like this, I can't wait till we all are going to share a bed. I think even Mikan-chan would have it easier than you."

" Can you please leave me outside of those conversations?" Mikan almost begged while she internally cried that she was getting used to their games. The thing is that she knew that they meant it a hundred percent. " I came to help Lala-san."

" Nobody forces us to do everything together." Momo sighed, not wanting to cause any annoyances between them. " Each of us can have a relationship with Naruto-san as we see fit. If you want to sleep with us, you are free to do so, Mikan. If not, it's understandable."

" T-Thanks a lot, Momo-san." Mikan shyly glanced to her lap, genuinely grateful to have her by her side. " I think that I will try more of a relationship with him that is about us two. I can't do what you all will be doing."

" You will lose a lot of fun, Mikan." Suddenly, Nemesis appeared as if used a magician trick in front of her. Mikan almost yelped at the surprise, but she burned red, and her words died on her throat as Nemesis whispered on her lips at millimeters of kissing. " You have the right body. Yours is just like mine. I'm sure Naruto would love to screw us together."

" S-Screw?" Mikan managed to gulp while her eyes swirled thinking about it. " W-W-What are you talking about, Nemesis-san?"

" Don't play dumb, Mikan." Nemesis kept whispering as her nose trailed Mikan's cheeks as she gazed down at her body. As if she could see right her clothes, Nemesis's playfully touched Mikan's nipple with a finger making steam come out of her head. " You know that Naruto is a lolicon. That's one of the reasons why he likes us so much."

" I can assure you that Naruto-san isn't a lolicon." Momo sweatdropped while Mikan was getting engulfed in the assassin's tactics. Probably she didn't think ahead of her following words, but she felt like she needed to protect his reputation. " He plays around way too much with my boobs to think like that."

" Shut up, Momo! We don't need for you to say that out of nowhere!" Nana immediately snapped as she couldn't help but compare herself to her twin's body. " T-That's only fat! Nothing else! There are more things on a girl's body to be attracted at!"

" This isn't fat." Momo's eyebrows twitched in annoyance. Her twin's crossed a line. Nana began this war, and she was going to end it. She placed one arm under her chest and raised her boobs slightly as if she was mocking her. " But I guess you call it like that because you would like to get some. Am I wrong?"

" Who would want anything like that?" Nana said, gritting her teeth while her hands unconsciously went to her flat chest. The look of the superiority of Momo drove her crazy.

" You don't have to get mad, Nana-chan." Mea intervened from her seat. She thought that it could help her friend if she looked at it from another point of view. " If Senpai is a lolicon, then you are ahead of us with Master and Mikan."

" Mama and Naruto told me that I would grow into it! And Mikado said the same thing!" Nana shouted at her friend, who apologized since that didn't help her at all.

" Don't play with my breasts, Nemesis-san!" Mikan said, biting a moan as the chaos increased. "A-And don't touch my butt either!"

" It's fun. I'm only training you for when Naruto has his turn with you." Nemesis said as she massaged Mikan's body with her hands. " You have to be used to certain things if you don't want to become a broken toy."

As the shouting and the yelps increased in a matter of seconds, Lala could only move her head from one side to her room to the other as question marks appeared on the top of her head. " So I kiss Naruto-kun when I want, or do I have to wait for the end of the date?"

" Lala?" Naruto asked her as she got immersed for a long time in her thoughts. They were already walking on the main streets where all the shops were. She didn't answer him earlier, but she kept clinging to his shirt, so she followed him. " Are you alright?"

" Mmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. Something came into my mind. Sorry about that." She quickly lied before her head turned around to see where they were. " When did we get here?"

" I knew you were daydreaming." He sweatdropped at her question before shaking his head with amusement. " This was the thing that was closer to us, so I thought we could come here to see if we liked something to get it for later."

" That's why you brought the bag?" Lala asked as she thought about it earlier. He could do it better with all the seals he possessed. " To put what we buy inside?"

" More or less. I got it to bring bottles of water and chocolate bars if you wanted some. And I kinda like it how everything looks together." He sheepishly admitted, scratching the back of his head. Then for a second, he flinched, noticing that what he just said was a bit out of character. " I gotta find another work that pays the same. I'm getting too much into fashion. I didn't even wear orange today."

" I think you are nailing it! Nobody can wears stuff like that so easily." Lala praised before an idea came into her mind. " Let's take a picture with that duck! I want to remember this!"

" With Donald?" Naruto asked before he got energetic nods from her. Man, if Lala was having so much fun, he had to find a way to bring all the kids here too. " Sure. That's my and Becky's favorite one. Usually, everyone loves Mickey more."

" Who is Mickey?" Lala tilted her head hearing that name for the first time in her life. " You know a lot about this. You came before?"

" Well, Mickey is the male mouse you see everywhere. And I know about all of this because I give a hand taking care of twenty kids, so I have to know about all of this if I want to make them have some fun." He said while she looked around, seeing the mouse with the red pants on some shops. " And no, I didn't come before. I wanted to bring you to a place that it would be a first for both of us."

" Neh, did I tell you I love you?" She immediately asked, getting him by surprise since he didn't expect that. She couldn't contain herself anymore. How was she supposed to when he thought so much about her? At least she could confess as much as she wanted during the date. " Because I do, and I do a lot! You are everything to me!"

" I-I like you too, you know? I'm sure it won't take long before I get deeper feelings." Naruto blushed as her eyes glowed at his statement. " J-Just give me some time to get used to all of this."

" Marry me!" She exclaimed, circling his neck with her arms as she kicked the air since the last part he said didn't seem to reach her ears. " We can have a wedding tonight if you want!"

" You are going way too fast, Lala! We can't rush into those things just like that!" Naruto shouted, trying to explain while grateful at the same time that she wasn't suffocating him. Of course, the duck saw them from afar, and it approached them to pat at the boy in this back. " It's not time for that now, Donald!"

" You said that you will marry me! I'm so happy! I love you so much!" Lala said as the attention focused more and more on them. " I waited so long for this!"

It reached the point where even Mimi, Pluto, and Winnie the poo approached them, calling for people that they would chant for the young couple as they moved their arms up and down so that they would congratulate them.

" Nice going, kid!" A man in his twenties shouted with a chuckle as many more kept going after.

" Be sure to make her happy!" A woman said while the animal's costumes danced around the Naruto and Lala while Mimi had both her hands on one side of her face as if she got moved by the scene.

" Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The people began to call out while Lala gratefully looked at them with her eyes shining. Naruto would wish to get the hell out of there, but she looked so adorable that he got paralyzed. It's not like it would hurt or anything. They were not even for two hours in the theme park, and they were already the center of attention.

" W-We should listen to them, I guess. I mean, if you are okay with it, and all." He nervously proposed, but his answer couldn't have arrived earlier as she pressed her lips against his while raising one leg high. His eyes widened for a second before he chastely returned the kiss.

" Nice going! Congratulations on the wedding!" People began clapping as the two teenagers break up after some seconds. Even in the land of dreams, they didn't see something like that so early.

" Thank you very much! All of you are amazing!" Lala waved with energy before another squirrel-like costume approached her, giving her some camera. " Did you recorded all of that?"

As the girl visibly glowed while she checked the video, the squirrel patted Lala's head before giving her a thumbs-up before it funnily walked away.

" They do make everyone feel special like they said on the news." Naruto commented as some people kept shouting before they went back to their trips. There was no way that the pink hue on his face would get down so easy. " At least you are having fun, Lala."

" I love this place! It's much better than I ever imagined!" Her eyes had sparks on them while some sporadically grew and got smaller in an instant. " Now I also have something so romantic filmed too! It will last forever now!"

" It sure is. I don't think anyway it would have gotten out of my head." He admitted to himself while he heard from the video the people chanting for them to kiss. Both of them appeared to be in bliss. " Do I look like that sometimes?"

" Yep! That's why I keep telling you that you are the cutest! I have never seen a boy react like that!" Lala giggled into his arm as she hugged it, placing her head on his shoulder.

" I can see where you are coming from." Naruto weakly laughed at her statement. It's not like he hated it either. From what Kurama told him last time, his mother was just like him. " But wouldn't you prefer if I was cooler? I look pretty lame like that. Don't I?"

" What are you talking about, Naruto-kun? You are always so cool! Like last time when everyone bowed to you!" Lala exclaimed, stupified that he would think anything like that. " Nobody ever did that with Papa! If they did, it was because they got defeated but not out of respect."

" Yeah, that caught me by surprise too." Naruto admitted as he scratched his whiskers marks. " There was no need for any of that. I was only glad that I finally got some recognition with the party."

" See? That's what I'm saying. Even now, it's like you are above others with the small stuff. I would be boosting about it all day long!" Lala kept praising him, and he was slowly becoming a bit flustered because of how highly she thought about him. " You can never be lame."

" I-I have gotten better with time then." He slightly conceded as he didn't feel like bragging out. It was fun to do it when he wanted to piss off others, but it wasn't in his nature to do it without reason. " I could learn one or two things still. At least I have your mom to teach me."

" And she loves doing that! I can see that she likes you a lot! Maybe Mama will see you as a son someday! That would be so cool!" Lala commented as he choked on the air. It's like she was listening to what she told him on the balcony during the party.

" S-Sephie did say something like that. B-But she was probably just being nice." Naruto lamely explained as he tried to take importance out of such a thing. But her reaction showed how big that was.

" Mama would never say anything that she doesn't think, Naruto-kun!" She exclaimed, shaking her head. " Why didn't you tell us? Now that explains a lot. I mean, you are her favorite for the throne, but she shouldn't get so invested in your reputation and your teaching."

" Why? Is not allowed in the competition?" He raised an eyebrow as they walked through the shop districts. They weren't paying much attention to what was inside since Lala became so excited.

" Oh, no, nothing like that. It's just that my sisters and I gave Mama enough headaches, trying to escape from her lessons." Lala commented with ease as he awkwardly laughed. " I always assumed that she would have never wanted to teach anyone else."

" Yeah, I would have done the same thing as her." Naruto teased, placing the glasses back in place with a finger before he stopped dead on his tracks as he eyed something interesting. Lala kept walking for some meters before she turned around as she watched her date stick his arms inside a box. " What do you think about this? Shouldn't we buy it?"

His demeanor quickly changed as he childishly and proudly showed her the mickey mouse's gloves that he wore with a hat over his beanie that appeared to be the ears of that animal. She adored this side of him. He could get so invested in small things without a problem.

" Is there any more?" She asked with a run, approaching him. It was always the same. She was magnetically attracted to everything that Naruto did. How could she control herself when he was so adorable?

" Here you go! These are from Minnie!" He said, putting on her head the mouse ears with the red ribbon and white dolts while she grabbed the same gloves he had. Before she could ask who she was, he answered her. " She is the wife of Mickey!"

" Then you are playing the husband?" She asked, receiving a wide grin from him. He didn't get her hopeful question, but it didn't matter much to her. As he kept going through all the different items inside that box, she kept contemplating him with a warm expression on her face. She placed her face in her hand, and she tilted her head when he sparked as he saw the ones from his favorite animal. " How can you call yourself lame, Naruto-kun? You are everything to us."

Hearing her whisper, he turned his head to the side with a duck beak placed on his face. " Sorry I didn't hear that. Did you say something, Lala?"

" You are too funny." Lala grabbed her sides as she broke out in laughter, seeing him blink. Somehow it suited him without any problem.

" You think so? Well, I can also do this. Hear me out." As he saw her get like that, he began imitating Donald as he practiced with Becky while watching the cartoons. That made her laugh even harder, but it was a pity that she never heard the characteristic tone of the duck because she would be rolling in the ground.

" What is that? Why are you making that voice?" Lala asked, cleaning a tear from the corner of her eyes with a finger.

" That's right. You don't know." Naruto mused while around for something in the shop that could show her how the duck talked. " I imitate him perfectly though Becky does a better job than me. Here, check it out."

After he pressed the bottom on the action figure's back, the same voice that he did seconds ago appeared, and her mouth opened in bewilderment. He clicked again and repeated the same thing the doll said while Lala looked at him with the admiration of a child.

" You are totally imitating him! And you said that Becky does a better job?" She asked, getting a nod from the love of her life.

" Man, she makes mine look bad. She even can sneeze like Donald can do. " He laughed while he thought about it. It was a pity that he didn't have a video of that. He had to ask Becky to imitate him. He wanted to record it and show it to others." Next time we go with the kids, I will ask her that she does it for you."

" Yeah, please! I can't wait!" Lala nodded with excitement before she gazed around the shop to look more carefully at what they had. " Can you do anybody else?"

" Mmm, I can do more or less Goofy though I'm not that good like with Donald. You want to hear it?" Naruto asked, searching for another action figure. The both of them were crouching down while he stretched his arm to find it. " Here I go then."

Hearing him talk like that, she grabbed his sweater and began pulling towards her. " Neh, teach me the one that I'm wearing. Minnie, it was? I want to learn!"

" I never tried with that one, but here try it once. Maybe it will come out on your first try." There was no way that it could come up that easy. Naruto knew that as he hanged her, the action figure. Yet, he couldn't help but want to tease her a little bit.

" Tell me how good it sounds." She said after hearing it a couple of times. Clearing her vocals, she did her best, but it didn't sound at all like it was supposed to be. She turned her head around to see him chuckling with his head turned to the other side. " Don't be so mean, Naruto-kun! It was my first try!"

" I didn't say anything." He said before another chuckle escaped him. He was still wearing the duck beak, so there was no way that she could seriously be mad at him. " It's a practice, and that's all it takes."

" I will try harder the next few times then." She cutely pouted while Naruto eyed her. He leaned down, and the plushie beak touched her lips before he stood up to hide the barely noticeable blush. Lala was confused at the beginning till it hit her. " Wait, was that a kiss, Naruto-kun?"

" I-I don't know what you are talking about, Lala." He lied, placing his hands on his pockets while he walked into the shop, quickly followed by her. " I'm going to get the hat and the beak of Donald. Do you want to take what you are wearing?"

" Of course, I want! They are so cute!" She said as she brought those plushies to her chest. It didn't take long before she realized what he was trying to do. " But don't change the topic! That was a kiss, right? It felt like it was!"

Her only answer was a burst of happy laughter as they walked towards the shop assistant to pay for the things they got.


Some hours passed already, and Naruto and Lala already went on all the possible rides in the theme park. It was all thanks to the bracelets that saved them from any line. They went to have some lunch in a restaurant as they felt hungry and to pass some time since the main shows were about to begin.

They sat and chatted for a while as they got to know each other better. Naruto never imagined that he didn't know so much about her, but it's not like she hid it or anything. So that's what all the date was about, to make up for the time lost.

After taking some Mickey's shaped chocolate and cream dessert, they walked towards the street where all the dancing and floats were supposed to happen. It was long forgotten the diet for Lala as she kept adorably munching on her treat.

" Listen to it, Lala! It has already begun!" Naruto said since the music could get heard from that tiny street that they were. " Let's walk a bit faster! We are almost there!"

" Coming!" Lala said, running two steps behind him. After arriving at the end of that street, even Naruto got amazed by the creative floats of the parade. Their mouths hanged open as Lala pointed high. " This is so beautiful! And look! There are Miniee and the rest!"

" I do have to get Ana-nee-chan and the kids here once." Naruto commented in an afterthought as they worked their ways into the front row. Lala was still wearing her Miniee's things, but he put them on the bag. " They would get crazy here."

Lala mentally agreed with him but didn't have the strength to muster another word. It was only the first one of the afternoon, and they will be some more till it reached the night, but this one was already so festive. The oversized animals were dancing on the floats while others marched and played with the kids. The children were watching with the amazement that only they could have.

" We have to come with everyone else too. I'm sure Rin-chan and Risa-chan would love to be here." Lala said, yet he couldn't imagine those two havings fun in a place like this. One was too focused on working, and the other, well, he didn't know for sure, but something told him she would get kicked out trying to do stuff that she shouldn't.

" It should be nice to bring them here." Naruto admitted with a smile on his face. " There is way too much stuff that we have to do together."

" Of course. It's only the beginning for us." Lala said, placing her head on his shoulder while contemplating the parade. When she saw the biggest one yet coming, she was about to jump on the spot, but she felt a trembling hand bringing her close to him. " There is no need to be nervous, Naruto-kun. You will make me blush."

" I-I'm trying my best here." He muttered, gazing up when she hummed in content while she snuggled lovingly into his body. The nervousness kept coming back, but that wasn't what made him waver. ' Now that I asked Lala for a date, I can't be half-assessed. I don't want to take her feelings lightly either.'

" You don't have to push yourself so hard either. I don't want you to do something that you don't feel like doing." She gently admonished, taking some space from him. " I want to have fun, so don't think about anything else."

Naruto circled his arm around her again, bringing her closer to him, this time with more determination. " I do want to hug you. I wouldn't be doing anything like this otherwise."

" Hehe, so forceful. I'm not used to seeing you in this way." She joked, enjoying his warmth. But she understood him in a way. He was still battling somehow inside of him even though he already accepted the plan. She just hoped that he could enjoy it more and come out of his inner struggles. " You rack your brain way too much. You should be like a leaf."

" Eh?" That was the only thing that he could muster. Was he going to have classes of philosophy now? He sucked at that subject.

" You know what I mean. Go with the flow. You overthink too many things." Lala said, grabbing his hands with the oversized gloves. " Take it easy for once."

" You are the first person ever that says that I think at all." He said half-serious, chuckling at his lame joke. ' If she noticed, then I'm not doing such a good job today. No! Stop that!'

" It isn't that easy for you as I thought." Lala weakly laughed as he saw him shake his head furiously, doing his best to follow her advice. Then she raised her fist in cutely that didn't make her appear serious in her anger. " And don't listen to everyone either! They are all Bakas if they can't see how you are!"

" Then I should only pay attention to what you said?" He asked, covering at the best of his capacities how his lips were twitching upwards. " I mean, it wouldn't be the craziest thing ever. You would save me lots of problems too."

" That's right! You can believe only us! The rest are only talking about stupid things, so it doesn't matter what they ramble!" She exclaimed, happy that he could see her point of view. They were all on his side. The rest were just noise.¨

" Alright, that's what I will do then." Naruto grinned before they could see people dressed in extravagant clothes without wearing any costumes. " Look at that, Lala."

" Where? Oh, you mean that?" Lala asked as her eyes widened at the worker's performance. They had colorful makeup and gorgeous hairstyles as they moved gracefully in front of each float. " They are dancing! Woah, this is too good!"

The shinobi gaze around, and it was indeed something he never saw. It wasn't only the cheerful attitudes of the dancers, but the kids were even glowing more than any other person while they pointed with their tiny arms to the parade as if they were showing it to their parents. It was a wonderful sight to see.

" I'm glad you like it so much." He winked with ease. He knew that he was all over the place. If anything, his emotions were high and came back down in an instant like a rollercoaster. ' I only have to think about her today. The rest don't matter, as Lala said.'

" Then let's go dance with them!" Lala exclaimed, taking a step forward while she immediately found herself in the air as Naruto hugged her and raised her from the ground to avoid that she would jump in.

" We can't get in there! It's a show!" He tried to explain while she walked in the air as if she wanted to get in there. " It's the same thing like you can't get in the middle of a scene in a theater!"

" Why not? I really want to join everyone there!" She excitedly said as she ran in the air. Thankfully he got her on time. If not, there was no way he could stop her.

" Because they may kick us out! They are working!" He exclaimed, and that appeared to make her reason her somehow since her head turned around in his direction. " Think also about the kids. It's mainly for them. Let's enjoy this without bothering others."

" You are right." Lala conceded, almost deflated as she gazed at the children. She didn't get why nobody else wanted to join the show like her, but it was better if she looked it from the side then. " I got a bit too ahead of myself."

Naruto funnily raised an eyebrow as she sulked on her own. It wasn't that bad for her to get like this. Placing a hand on her head and in between the mouse ears, he patted her to comfort her. " When I met you, I thought that it was a headache, but I do love this side of you. Don't change it, Baka."

" Hehe, if you are so in love because of this side of me, then I can't do anything about it." Lala's cheerful mood instantly returned as she swung her arms around her on the spot.

It was impossible not to smile at her. Funnily that was a thought that constantly returned in the shinobi's head whenever he was with her. ' That I got to know her was already incredible, but now I understand why I got too mad when others try to take her away from me.'

" I will work even harder so that you will fall for me even more." She pumped her fist towards the sky as a promise, and his features softened at sight. Was it because he finally accepted it that he saw her so adorable, even more than usual?

' It isn't the first time that I think that about her. But I'm getting these thoughts more and more along the day.' He gazed forward, placing his hands on his pockets while a hum escaped his lips. " I will leave it to you then."

" Then you will go out with this bumble gum girl too?" The Tailed beast asked its Jinchūriki with a somehow surprised tone.

" I didn't think you will talk to me in a week." Naruto blinked inside the sewer that was his mind space as the fox stretched his arms high, sitting on its back legs. " I tried talking to you after the teacups, and you ignored me."

" That's what I planned to do, but this is too strange to let it go through." Kurama said, placing its head on its paw before he kept talking as he seemed confused. " You are changing. You would never get a girlfriend while you have one already."

" I know this isn't me." Naruto said as he messed his hair. He was getting a clear view of what he wanted to do, somehow, and this conversation didn't help him at all. " But I can't keep lying to myself. I do like Lala and a lot."

" I know for a fact that you are obsessed with the first pinky. That's what surprises me." The fox gazed at the shinobi as a vein throbbed on Naruto's forehead.

" I'm not obsessed! I love Momo! There is a big difference!" He stomped the floor filled with water around the whole space.

" I wouldn't know about any of that, but I have seen my previous hosts, and they only loved one person." The fox yawned, curious about that strange behavior that didn't belong to its current host.

" I get it, alright? I'm not worth it of anything I have or to be your partner." He snapped but towards himself, yet the answer he got was the fox breaking out in laughter at the nonsense the shinobi was putting out.

" What the hell are you talking about, brat? I didn't say anything like that." Kurama grabbed its belly, unable to contain itself. " I swear that you are getting dumber by the second."

" Why do you always have to call me that?" Naruto gritted his teeth in annoyance while the fox slowly calmed down. That was their relationship, and yet they were inseparable for more than one reason.

" Because you put in on a silver plate there for me." Kurama grinned in an all-knowing tone. " Anyway, you are free to do what the hell you want. I never understood humans to begin with, so I don't care."

" Then why did you ask me all of that?" He asked, not convinced of the Tailed beast's words. " You were pissed. There is no way that you would have talked me for so little."

" Do you know how rare it's for me to see you changing your mind?" Kurama asked as it shrugged his shoulders. " I have been inside you for over thirty years now, thanks to this dimension. You are the most stubborn brat I have ever seen, and now your point of view is changed by all the feelings you are getting because of those girls."

" Yeah, I didn't stop to think about any of that." Naruto admitted, massaging the back of his head. Then he blinked for a second. " That's right. We have been that long together. I just realized that."

" That's what you are focusing on right now?" The Kyuubi dryly remarked before waving its paws. " You are still true to yourself. That's not changing. And who is the dumbass who will have the guts to stand up to us? We will crush them, and that's it."

" Not everything has to get solved with punches, you know?" Naruto asked. Strangely, the fox gritted its jaw with annoyance. He didn't expect that.

" I need more action, all right? I still haven't come out yet! Where is that black-haired punk that keeps looking down on us? I want to wipe that smirk off his face." Kurama roared with a tick mark on its forehead. " Maybe he will be good enough to make me use my power!"

" We will probably fight with him in a bit. It's weird for me too that he is so calm." The shinobi placed his hands in front of himself as he said to the fox to calm down. While the Kyuubi growled, his lips twitched upwards. " Thanks for all of this, Kurama."

" Eh?" The fox asked for a second before it backed away. It rolled its eyes at his compliment. " I didn't do all of this to help you out. Now get back to keep working in your harem before she notices you are not focused on her."

' Damn, that furball. I'm seriously going to smack that stupid grin inside its face.' Naruto's eyebrow twitched at the comment of the fox as he came back to reality. He deadpanned to himself as he noticed that Kurama maybe wasn't that wrong. ' I-I guess that's what it's called at the end. Man, I'm worst than Ero-Sennin.'

As he grew flustered and felt nauseated that anybody could compare him with that old pervert, he shook his head. He wasn't like that! He didn't go around chasing skirts like Jiraiya, but he did have feelings for her. He knew that anybody else wouldn't believe it, but staying near Lala made everyone's opinion seem insignificant.

" What is that one called?" Lala brought him out of his thoughts as she grabbed his long-sleeved t-shirt and pulled it while she pointed with her finger. " You know that red car!"

" It's lighting McQueen, I think? The kids loved that movie." Naruto somehow managed to remember. They watched almost every one of the franchises and saw it twice, so it was hard to keep track of them.

" I want to see some of them too!" Lala kept tugging his shirt, and he could only chuckle as she didn't take her eyes away from the show. " Do you think my sisters and the rest would love them too? It would be nice to do a night about that."

" I mean, they are nice ones, but I don't know if Nemesis will sit through them. It's not especially her type of thing." He scratched his whisker marks at the thought. " We can always make her sit through them anyway if we ask her."

" If you ask her for sure." Lala nodded in agreement. Nemesis did whatever she wanted, yet if Naruto was the one who told her anything, she did stop to consider the option. " Maybe we can get Rin-chan, Saki-chan, and Aya-chan to come too. We never see them."

" Sure, we have more than enough space." Naruto said after he noticed that there weren't any more boats coming. "It looks like that's it for this one."

" Eh? It can't be!" Lala's head moved in all directions as if maybe she could see more of them, depending on the angle that she watched. " That was too short!"

" Don't worry about that. There will be some more during the afternoon." He said, trying to calm her down. At least she was having a blast. " And we still have many more things to do, don't we?"

" You are right. Let's keep going then!" Lala giggled as she ran between the crowd while she got her hand linked with his. Anyone seen them would say that they were a long-time couple.

" Do you know where we are even going?" Naruto asked, following her with ease. Her answer would amuse him like always.

" Doesn't it even matter?" She turned her head around to give him the widest grin she got. " I only want to be with you."

How was he supposed to resist her? There was a limit of what his heart could defend against Lala's and everyone's missiles, and that fort was already crumbling from long ago. What it lasted was only his stubbornness and that much he could admit it.


The day passed with ease as Naruto and Lala returned to some of the attractions that they liked the most to ride them twice. That was all for that they could pass some time while going from one show to another. They got set on staying till the most important event that was right before the park closed.

So that's what they did. Eating sweets, taking pictures, going to the thousands of souvenir shows were some of the things they did to make as many memories as possible. All of the afternoon, the two had a blast. It could get seen since it reached the point where Naruto managed to keep his concerns to a minimum.

Not that getting recognized was one of them, but no one from the park seemed to understand who he was the whole day. It's not like it was a perfect disguise, and he could use Henge to transform, but he supposed that nobody would expect to see him there. Of course, if he changed into other characteristics, it wouldn't feel like a date.

Now it the sun has been long gone, and the street lights illuminated the entire place, with different colors and with an atmosphere that seemed to get taken from an old novel.

" This is just so beautiful!" Lala laughed as she danced around herself while walking forward, making tiny jumps with her arms stretched horizontally. " I want to live here forever!"

" Well, I don't think that there are any houses that they sell here." Naruto chuckled, following her some steps behind. His head gazed up, and something came into his mind. Wait, now that he thought about it, there were some inns. ' Nope, not saying that! It's way too early for that! I don't want to give her the wrong idea!'

" But there are some hotels, right?" She mused, and a hard stone fell on his head as if she was reading his mind. " Maybe we can get rooms for everyone in the house to stay here!"

" I can't just abandon my house, Lala." He told her now more easy since he got that she didn't mean to pass the night here. Her innocence was his salvation. That didn't mean that a part that he despised felt a bit disillusioned that it wouldn't happen. ' I gotta have my brain examined. No, those are Mea's, Risa's, and Nemesis's fault to put those thoughts on my mind!'

" It's not like that. You will still have your house." She pointed out with a confused expression on her face. " We have hundreds of houses to go to when we are on vacation. More than one in each planet, yet we only never go."

" Yeah, I can't do that. At least not for now." It probably is that case for him too in the future, but he was fine for now where he was. " I mean, I don't mind much, but Rito and Mikan need to go to school."

" You can use your Hiraishin! I can see that you already perfect it!" She snapped her fingers at the idea. " It would be much faster than my portal!"

" Yeah, it would be." He agreed as he tilted his head on the thought with his arms crossed. " Wait, don't get me all worked up now! It's not something that easy!"

" Mou, I'm only trying to give you some ways to use your new Jutsu." Lala pouted as she placed her back against the railing of a bridge that they were crossing. She stuck out her tongue almost in childish defiance. " I'm a visionary. That's what we do."

" I can see that." Naruto grinned as he sat on the railing on the opposite side of her. If he agreed with every new idea she had, they would be living on a boat in the middle of the ocean by now. " Anyway, I did solve already the problem that I had on Run-chan's planet, but I plan to develop one last thing from my father's Jutsu."

" What is it?" She asked since that was the first piece of information she got from that. " And when did you have time to make it better?"

" Well, I didn't practice much. Just like two hours with some clones, yesterday after visit Ana-nee-chan." He commented, placing his hands on the wooden bars. " So because of the copies, it was much longer. But I got an idea that it seemed to work."

" And you say that I'm a genius." Lala weakly laughed at how casual he was being. That wasn't something that should get accomplished with such easiness.

" It got almost done, so it wasn't that much of a big deal." Naruto embarrassingly said thanks to her praise. " I made sure that it worked too. That way, I won't have any problem in case I use it in the future again."

" That's good to know." She unconsciously breathed in relief, moving him by her actions. She freaked out like everyone did when he wasn't waking up on the first day, but they kept repeating to themselves that it was only because of exhaustion. " I don't think another meteorite will happen any time soon, but it's reassuring."

" Leave it to me." He said, coming down the railing to approach her side. " I'm almost unbeatable now. Not even Madara could win against me! Muahaha!"

Lala giggled at his comical maniacal laugh. When one kid began to imitate him, he quickly cut it short as he realized that he was getting to be the center of attention once again. " I know that you are joking around, but I do believe that you are the strongest now."

" Who knows? Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." He grinned, swinging his body from one side to another almost as if he couldn't wait to test it. " But let's forget about that right now. We don't have to think about it."

Lala turned around to watch at the illuminated river below them after he did the same seconds earlier. They were closer than usual, and their shoulders were touching, comfortable around each other. It was one of the things she realized during the date and was that slowly he was getting more comfortable with her.

It was hard to contain herself, yet it was a must. Every time Lala jumped on him, he got more nervous. He was behaving like a cat. But it was a more than adorable one. " So, what do you want to talk about, Naruto-kun?"

" I always wondered about some stuff about you." He admitted, separating himself from the railing and gaining her attention. " But why don't we chat while we get to the castle? It shouldn't be long before it begins the show."

" Alright, nice idea." Lala said, placing her arms behind her back. Somehow she was getting more nervous as the day was passing by. And even though he was battling his inner struggles, he did notice. " Isn't it at the center of the park?"

" Yep, it shouldn't take us more than some minutes to get there." Naruto said, checking the map once again so that they wouldn't get lost. " By the way, do you have to go to the bathroom or something? We have plenty of time."

" Y-You can't ask a girl that, Naruto-kun!" Lala burned red as his question as she took a step away from him. He got lost in a matter of seconds. " T-There are some stuff that is personal."

" Well, I get that. But if you have to pee, there is nothing wrong with that." He said, scratching his cheek awkwardly thanks to her outburst. Sadly, even if she wanted to ease her mind, he accomplished an entirely different thing.

" S-Stop it! I-I don't need to go now!" She said, covering herself with her red scarf to hide the embarrassment. That was weird for her. He wasn't crass either. " Let's get going!"

" Are you sure that you are alright, Lala?" He asked, now a bit concern as he grabbed her hand. The explosion of colors on her face was something that he never expected to see on her. It's like she was Haruna-chan.

" I-I'm sorry, I need space!" She cried, gently pushing him away as her eyes widened. She felt some dread inside her, and it was all happening so fast that she couldn't comprehend why she did that. Her mind was betraying her as she expected the worst. " I-I'm so sorry. I don't know why I got like this."

" Let me check something." Naruto gently touched her face as if he tried to confirm a suspicion. She got liquified with ease on his hands. She found words dying on her throat when he pressed his forehead with hers.

" N-Naruto-kun?" She stuttered while she gazed at his closed palpebrae. Even his eyelashes were beautiful for her. Not only that, but she adored everything he had, his nose, his ears, how he laughed, and how Naruto appeared when he got annoyed. She was more than in love with him.

" Nope, you don't have a fever." Naruto said, taking a step back combing her hair back to her usual way. He was more than used to take care of Becky's combing that it got engraved into him. " I thought maybe you got a cold."

" Ah, no, nothing like that." Lala energetically waved her hands in front of her. " It's not usual for us Devilukes to get sick."

" Nana told me that when we were at the zoo, and she got soaked because of the orca." Naruto remembered as he didn't take it all that seriously when Nana told him. " Then what is going on with you? Is it something that I said earlier?"

" N-No, of course not!" Lala jumped on the spot seeing the shinobi, trying to remind himself if he said something wrong for her to get like that. " You know how I am. I get shy all the time."

At that statement, he could only deadpan. Lala got in his bed countless times, declare her love for him repeatedly in public, and even showered with him, yet she was more than happy doing all of that. " You are anything but shy, Lala."

" T-There is no need to joke around, Naruto-kun. You know me all too well." She loudly laughed to hide her flustered state as she walked ahead of him so that she could recompose herself. " Now, we are going to get late if we lose too much time."

Naruto stayed behind for a while as he contemplated how she kept walking while sporadically turning around to gaze at him. She immediately yelped all the times she saw him watching at her. " What the hell is going on now? It's too weird."

Some meters ahead, Lala was too confused about her behavior. But what made her lost any logic was that she pushed him away. For a second, she felt afraid. It wasn't because of him. That could never happen, even in a million years. " I'm afraid that this is as far as it will go."

It was with a whisper that it seemed to come out of her lips to talk to herself without the help of her brain that she understood why she got the feeling of dread increasing in her chest. She was scared that at the end of the night, all she will get was rejection.

She knew that it made no sense, but it was overwhelming for her. Indeed Naruto was comfortable, and they were growing closer. She didn't forget either that he was the one to ask her on a date. Yet, it felt like the stakes were too high. It could go into a happy ending or losing him forever.

And if things appeared to want to make the wrong turn, a couple of guys approached her, trying to flirt with her. " Ey, cutie. Did you come here alone? If you came with your friends, we could tag along."

Giving her no time to speak, another one joined. " Tell me, are they all girls? We are three guys, so maybe we could enjoy our time watching the fireworks that are going to happen in twenty minutes."

" Are you all serious?" Their blue-haired friend sighed in annoyance, pushing his eyes. " It makes us look lame. We got stood up by the girls we came with, and now you guys try to flirt at the last minute. It's pathetic."

" Shut it!" The green-haired guy yelled with a vein throbbing in his head. " Don't look down on us just because you can get all the girls you want, bishonen!"

"That's right!" His friend with the red hair agreed while the one who seemed bothered deadpanned at their attitude. Turning his attention to Lala, he took a step forward. " And we are not saying anything wrong. We are only talking with a pretty girl. She doesn't seem to hate it."

" I do." Because of a groan, the three guys turned around to see Naruto. He was massaging the back of his head since he knew that there would be an incoming headache. " Can you all please leave her alone?"

" See? Of course, there wouldn't be a girl like this alone in Disneyland." The one with more intelligence shrugged, moving his head from side to side. " Sorry about my friends. They can't get girls at all, and they try to flirt with whoever they find."

" I don't mind." He lied, containing his spike of anger from before that was slowly calming down. Yet his words made her chest tighten.

" You don't care?" Lala whispered to herself as her hair hid her face. She felt like a train hit her at a top speed and threw her body to the ground for it to die. The blue-haired guy raised an eyebrow as he heard her, feeling bad for what seemed to be the blonde boyfriend.

" We will keep going. I hope you have fun while you stay here." Naruto smiled at the blue-haired one, who appeared to be the only one not hitting on Lala and the one also that he didn't want to punch across Japan.

" We will. At least we will wait for the fireworks." He answered as he sporadically gazed at the pink-haired girl. He could only think that Naruto was a poor bastard since he didn't notice the distress of his date.

Naruto relaxed a bit more, but it was only a conversation of courtesy since they didn't seem that bad. He walked to his date while he slightly smiled at her as the other two got out of the way. " Are you feeling better, Lala? We could get you some tee if you have a stomachache. We ate too many sweets."

The sound of Naruto's laughter, which always made her feel over the moon, wounded her. It was the first time in her life that lovely and charismatic sound gave her such a reaction. She found the words failed her till she uttered something. " I-I have to call Mama. I'm coming in a minute."

" Lala?" Naruto asked, leaning down now, even more than concerned. Then in a second, she just took off and began running top speed between the crowd. " O-Oy, where are you going?"

Watching the couple ran between the streets, the blue-haired boy mentally apologized to them, irritation growing on him as he gazed at his friends. " Why do you idiots always have to get others in trouble? Did you see how hurt she was?"

" We are so sorry." The other two lowered their heads with shame since they felt guilty to produce such a reaction on that girl. They sincerely thought that she was with friends. If they knew she came with a boyfriend, they wouldn't dare to get in the middle.

Meanwhile, Lala found herself in seconds running from one street to another through the crowd, avoiding carts and people dressed in costumes as if she was dancing by the ease that she managed to do it.

Rejection was the words that repeatedly appeared on her mind over and over. And for what reason? Why did everything have to get ruined when the whole day was simply perfect? And since when did she became such a mess? The more she thought about it, the less it made sense.

" It can't be." A random person called, raising her hand to feel waterdrops falling on its hand. " Agh, it's raining. Just when the fireworks were about to start."

" On this weather, will the show even happen?" Another asked randomly asked their friends, receiving a defeated sigh as an answer.

" That's probably it." A girl commented to her boyfriend. " And I was looking forward to it. Do you want to get going back home?"

Lala kept hearing groans and troubled acceptance of the people around the park as they slowly walked to the main entrance. It's not like the theme park was about to close because of the rain, but since the last thing that they all wanted to see wasn't about to happen, then it wasn't worth staying longer. It was so much fun, but it's not like they could blame anybody.

That mentality didn't get shared by Lala, who ran towards the main castle hoping that even in this weather, the show will continue. " I-I don't want that it ends like this. Why it's everything going wrong all suddenly?"

The more she approached the main square, the fewer people she could find. They already had accepted that it wouldn't make much sense to stay there, so there is no way that anyone would head towards that space. Lala could check it once she arrived as she was the only one standing in that empty place.

The rain was pouring down on her, but it wasn't that strong to entirely soak her. Nonetheless, it was enough for her hair to get all wet as time passed. Hope was quickly fading away when the hour where it was supposed to begin the show passed, and only the colorful lights were hitting the walls of that dream-like palace.

" It didn't begin." Lala whispered as her hair shadowed her face while she gazed at the show. Only the part of the lights took part, and it merely was because it got programmed on that way. Her following words seemed to be said only to fill some of the background noise. " It's so beautiful."

" It could have been better." She heard Naruto said as steps could get heard with the splashing sound of his shoes meeting the pools of water. He stood just two steps behind her, placing the umbrella above her as he let the rain soak him. " I'm sorry that it all got ruined at the end. I'm not exactly the best one on dates."

" Nothing of this is your fault. It's not like you made the rain happen or anything." She said as the silence finally was getting broken. Some moments passed, and she kept gazing forward, guilt filling her while she gripped her arm. " N-Naruto-kun, I wasn't-"

" I understand, Lala." He interrupted her before she could blame herself. He got vision tunnel to the point where he forgot to look underneath that happy laughter she had during the afternoon. He could see that she was becoming restless, yet he focused only on what he should do, and he ruined the whole date at the end. He was supposed to give it his all for her. " We both let our fears get the best of us."

" B-But I was the only one who snapped out and ran away. I even pushed you away." That was the thing that carved her heart the most. She hated everyone in Konoha, and then she did the same thing. " I-I'm not good enough to be with you. You deserve better."

" I can see some parts on me on each of you. Nemesis and I are similar in that we are both fighters. We also take great pride in it. Haruna-chan and I share something too. We both look out for others, sometimes even more than we should. At least that's what people say." Naruto commented as if he was losing himself on the explanation. " But you and I are the copies on this. We both feel too strongly. Isn't that right?"

" And that's a bad thing." She nodded as she thought that she understood where he was going. She was surprised when she heard a burst of hearty laughter from his part.

" Who said any of that? I'm sure mosts envy people like us." Naruto shook his head as the girl shyly peaked through her shoulder. She didn't expect that answer, and he gave her a sad smile in return. " I can't deny that sometimes our way to be could ruin something, but it's because you get so passionate that I began to like you. I can see myself with you over the years without any problem."

" But then you would have to suffer me and these things that you talk about, Naruto-kun." Her voice betrayed her, yet she didn't want to force him into such a relationship or a better-said sentence.

" You also have to bear with me, Lala. It's not a one-way street." He joked to ease up the mood. He was glad when she inevitably couldn't contain how her lips twitched upwards. " Don't be too hard on yourself. We are not used to stuff like this. I know that I shouldn't be the one talking about it, but you can rest easy. I didn't feel rejected or anything."

" H-How did you know that I was thinking that?" She asked with her eyes widened eyes. She felt like he could guess without a second of spare what she had inside.

" It's not like I can read your mind or anything. But I know how kind you are. You wanted to go back home when Haruna-chan and Risa got kidnapped because you thought I was hurting." Naruto reminded her as she nodded since she could never forget about it. It was the day she fell forever for him.

" I thought that it was the right thing to do." She muttered, gazing away, still holding her arms. " And maybe it still was."

" I would have gotten to Deviluke swimming if that was what it takes to get you back." Naruto grinned, passing his hand through his wet hair. " I know that it wouldn't be possible since it's another planet and all but you can guess how hard I would work for that to happen."

" Somehow, I can see that happening even without Foxy-chan's help." She let out a small giggle, and the mood was slowly going back to usual thanks to that, except for Kurama, who roared in Naruto's mind, shouting at its Jinchūriki to tell her to knock it off with that nickname.

Ignoring the Tailed Beast screams on his ears, he scratched de back of his head. It was way better when she was the natural, cheerful girl she always was. " If you get that, then you will also know that I'm not giving up on this date so easy."

" But it's all over. There is nobody here, and the light show already ended." Lala commented as she gazed around before she noticed his state. " Ah, Naruto-kun, why aren't you under the umbrella with me? You will get a cold!"

" Nah, don't worry about me. I will be okay." He reassured her, shaking his head to take some of the water out of his hair like a dog. It was good that the glasses had no crystals. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to see anything. " And about the show, I came up with something."

" What do you mean?" She said as she contemplated him, grinning widely. Just by seeing him like that, her mood got immediately better.

" It's a surprise. Don't be so impatient." He chuckled as he gazed at the rooftops of the buildings. " It should be about now. Hopefully, you will like it."

" Grrrr!"

Immediately, Lala turned around once again towards the castle at the sound of a beast roaring. In no time, it got joined by several others growling, but she couldn't see any of them. " What is that?"

" Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu." Naruto whispered to himself, happing that it was beginning already. " Don't be scared. That's my surprise for you."

When he said that, five water dragons appeared from the streets and danced around the square. The princess's eyes widened, and her mouth hung open by the ferocity of those creatures. Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous sight to see as some raised high onto the air while others went over the castle.

" This is amazing." That's were the only words that she managed to take out of her mouth for a while. " You got even better than before."

" More or less. It's still difficult to control at this level." He admitted watching the movements of the dragons. The clones were doing an impeccable job, each one controlling one beast. He only usually used the Jutsu to attack a straight line. So for the copies to make it on the first try was worth of praise." But there is much more."

" Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Knives with tags got thrown into the air, and the moment it exploded, the smoke of different colors engulfed the castle, even if it was ever so slightly. Purple, white, blue were some of the colors present in the scene.

" Fireworks! You even did fireworks, Naruto-kun!" She excitedly pointed before running out of the umbrella to run from one side to another as she took her wings out to dance with the dragons in the air. " This is the best thing I have ever seen!"

" I hope that my clones don't mess it up and end up hurting her by mistake." Naruto sighed. He couldn't ruin the fun she was having, even if there was that small risk. She looked to be having the most fun in the whole day. " I'm also glad that I brought some smoke bombs. I managed to get some colorant from one of the shops."

" They are so cute! I love them!" She said, patting the heads of two of the dragons as she glowed with glee. Only she would call them like that. He was sure anybody else would have called them terrifying. " They are made of water, alright. I got my hands all wet, hehe."

Naruto softened his features at her comment. For him, she looked like an angel flying with those wings. The sound of her laughter always eased him, and her innocent nature was what he needed in his dark days. She was the one who brought him to his true self.

Even if he showed up with such calmness, his heart has been a while that raced at the feelings that he couldn't keep bottling up anymore. Was it selfish? For sure. Did he care? Not anymore.

" Lala!" Naruto shouted as the explosions kept going in the background. " I like you! I like you more than I should!"

" W-What?" She asked while her attention went from the dragons towards the love of her life to gaze at him as he looked up from the ground. " Y-You have to wait! Let me get near to you!"

" I can't! I like you a lot! I'm crazy about you! I don't even understand myself, but I know this!" Naruto said, gripping his fist as a blush appeared on his face. Meanwhile, Lala flapped her wings as fast as she could to get to his side. " I don't care what anyone will say about me! I will fight for you even in this!"

" Stop!" Lala shouted before slamming herself into him. The air came out from his lungs from the impact, and the two teenagers comically rolled on the ground for some meters before stopping. Lala was lying on top of him, and she breathed in relief that she made it on time. " Mou, Naruto-kun, you have to check your timing a little bit."

The two of them waiting in silence for a bit as their heartbeat seemed to follow the same rhythm since they could hear each other pace. Naruto's fingers twitched for an instant before he moved his arms to hug the girl tighter to him. In response, she pressed her face further in the crook of his neck.

" Lala, I will make you the happiest. I swear it!" He exclaimed before he calmed down again. Putting his face against her wet hair, he felt like, indeed, this was the right option for him. " I will push away everything that makes you sad, and I will work my hardest to protect your smile."

" There is no doubt in mind. You were already doing that since we met." She whispered in that isolated place. They felt like they were the only ones on the whole planet as the sound of rain was the only thing heard.

His lips barely touched her cheek as he pushed her hair out of the way with one hand, not believing that he was that lucky. " Will you be my girlfriend then?"

There was some silence as she didn't seem to be answering any time soon. Naruto began to get nervous in anticipation, and in Lala's case, memories of their moments together flashed in her mind. From when they met till now. Then suddenly, her shoulders began to shake, and her fingers gripped his sweater. He was always smiling whenever he was near her.

He was the sun.

" I will make you the happiest too, Naruto-kun!" Lala's voice came out broke from the emotion before she let out some giggles. " I will make sure that your days are as sunny as mine when you are with me. I love you, and I will keep loving you forever."

" Aren't I lucky?" Naruto broke out in laughter as he placed his head on the ground while he closed his eyes, his face gazing at the rainy clouds. Lala began giggling as the negative emotions that the two of them magically began to wash away with the rain. " I'm the most blessed guy alive! Wuuuuuuh!"

As he shouted into the skies, Lala turned around to lay on the floor with him while the rain kept pouring down on them. She took hold of his hand, and the two of them stayed like that for a while.

" And I'm the most fortunate girl that ever existed!" Lala joined into his shouting as the two of them enjoyed their time in such a bizarre situation. Nothing could ruin this.

After the two of them finished screaming their throats out, the teenagers heavily breathed with a grin plastered on their faces. Naruto's and Lala's chest went up and down from the emotions, and their hands seemed to refuse to let each other go.

" Lala." Naruto called to her, and she slowly turned her head around to see the loving expression on his face. He didn't feel like there was anything else he could say but this. " Let's kiss."

" Always." Lala said as he waited for the okay. His head leaned into Lala, and she slightly tilted hers waiting for the kiss that would be the first of many in their new relationships.

When their lips met, it convened all their feelings into a chastized one. There was no fear or doubt in it anymore but only the desire to see how many beautiful experiences they would go through together.

" Way to go, boss!" The clones began to chant from the rooftops as they contemplated everything with cute puppy expressions.

" That's boss for you!"

" Have a happy life, boss!"

Their only answer was chuckled into the kiss as they kept going for a bit while the clones dispersed after wishing them the best.


It was already quite late at night but still not that much to go to bed. They were already in their pajamas while they sat in the living room, but no one in the Uzumaki household would go to bed at least till two teenagers returned from their date. As everybody knew, there was too much at stake.

The television didn't even get turned on while they were in the salon. They were a bit too nervous waiting for the news from Lala. Some could say that it was a pity not telling her that she had to send them a message when she would have any certainty of what would happen. But the girls wanted to make sure that she had fun on the date and that nothing would distract her. Now lots of them didn't think that it was a good idea.

As they chatted, the uneasiness increased for some, and it could be seen with ease, while to others, they only checked on the clock from time to time. There was no need to hide what they were feeling between them anyway.

On the house were only the girls, since Sephie and Zastin visited Gid, who just arrived from his vacation, while Rito decided to stay in Saruyama's place for the night. Rito wasn't stupid, and he knew what kind of mood there will be in the house, so he ran away from there.

" Agh, what's taking them so long?" Nana complained while she messed her hair with both of her hands. " They are so late! Shouldn't the theme park be closed already?"

" They are having fun. Lala-san waited a long time for this, so it's only natural that they will take their time to arrive." Mikan tried to calm her down, gaining a defeated sigh from Nana.

" Or maybe they won't even come today." Mea said, raising her head in thought. " When Senpai went on his first date with Momo-chan, they stayed all night having sex in a hotel. I would do that when I get to be in Lala-chan's situation."

" Will you stop saying that?" Momo did her best to ask her sweetly, but her twitching eyebrow showed how annoyed she got. " Our situation was different. Naruto-san needed comfort, and as his girlfriend, I had to give it to him."

" Don't you mean that Senpai gave it to you?" Mea teased with a hand on her face, loving how irritated she was becoming. It has been a while that she didn't try to rile her up. " I'm sure you were begging for more and more till you fell unconscious."

Momo felt some anger building up at her. It has been some time since Momo got teased by Mea. Yet if Mea-chan liked to play around so much, she would entertain her for a bit. " Wouldn't you like to know?"

" What?" Mea asked, surprised by seeing Momo putting such a sensual expression with her legs crossed and the tips of he fingers touching her lips.

" I could tell you that wasn't the case, but it would be lying, and since you seem to want to know about it so much, I may have to tell you." Momo sultry smiled, standing up from the sofa chair to walk sensually towards her.

" This is going to be fun." Nemesis grinned, watching the change of behavior of the princess. " That looks much better on Momo-hime than when she always plays nice."

" The truth is that he broke me." Momo said, caressing Mea's chin, making her face tilt upwards as she approached her with a whisper. " I couldn't even match him, and believe me, I tried. We were using a condom, but I can assure you that if we weren't, I would have gotten pregnant long ago."

" M-Momo-chan?" Mea asked with an enormous blush after gulping since she got more than surprised by her actions.

" Shhh, let me talk about how he fucked my brains out. You would like to hear that, right?" Momo whispered, tracing his finger in the middle of the assassins' jaw. When she nodded, a playful giggle escaped Momo. " You know I was thinking about this for a while. Your teasing and all only shows how much you want to get teased back. You like to get dominated. Am I wrong?"

" I-I am not!" Mea tried to get back to their usual routine and rile her up again, but she lost the moment that Momo sat on her lap sensually, circling her arms around Mea's neck.

" It's not nice to lie." She grinned, putting some of Mea's hair behind her ear. " Tell you what. If you admit how much you want to get broken by Naruto-san, I will make sure that he will crack through your ass. You would love that. Don't you? And since you seem to love orgies so much, I will make sure to wear a strap on so that while you suck Naruto-san's penis for dear life, I keep pounding on your tight ass. I can't wait to stretch till I make sure that it would stay open forever."

" I-I-I don't know what you are talking about! Why would I like that?" Mea shouted with a massive blush on her face as the images kept appearing on her mind, gazing away from her but that only incited Momo to press it even further. Mea behaved just like Nana at the moment.

" I will let you go for now." Momo gracefully said before she made it seem that she was standing up. When Mea was about to sigh in relief, Momo followed for a bit more." But before that, I would recommend that you play with your ass as much as you can. Because Naruto-san and I are going to break it on the first time."

No sound got made as they heard Momo act in such a manner and saying those more than sexually charged words. Mikan didn't recognize her, and Mea was burning red as the heat reached its peaks on her loins. If you play around so much in front of a tiger, you will get bitten.

" I always knew that you were like me, Momo-hime." Nemesis grinned in approval before she got another one of those lustful stares. She had to raise an eyebrow at the stare.

" You shouldn't be so high on your horse, Neme-chan. You are even worse than Mea-chan over there." Momo smirked, gaining the same reaction from Nemesis. That would be fun.

" Can we talk about anything else, please?" Mikan almost begged as she rubbed her thighs together with her hands in the middle. That was way too hot for her. " There's nice weather out here, right?"

" It's raining." Nemesis said with a raising eyebrow as she didn't catch that Mikan only wanted to change topics.

" A-A-Anyway were are losing track of the important thing!" Nana chimed in, joining Mikan's effort to talk about anything else. Yet, it was clear how aroused she was by how her nipples showed against her shirt and bra. " D-Do you think we should call them?"

Momo realized her mistake at that moment as she contemplated Mikan and Nana's state. There were more than horny, so now her job was to bring all that energy back down. " I don't think they will take much more. Why don't we take some ice tea while we wait?"

" T-That's a wonderful idea, Momo-san." Mikan eagerly nodded as Momo felt a bit bad that she got too pissed towards Mea, and now those two were paying for it too.

The only one that appeared to be okay was Nemesis, and that said a lot since even Mea was as flustered as Nana and Mikan. She moved her ass against the sofa because of the thought that Momo gave her. Mea was doing her best to avoid touching her ass with her hand since it unconsciously traveled towards it.

" Alright, then. An ice tea for everyone. I also want some." Momo announced as she walked towards the kitchen to get to the fridge. She was the only one with the right mind to move at the moment except for Nemesis. But she was way too comfortable on the sofa.

As Momo walked to grab the plastic container with ice since it got prepared beforehand, she placed it on a tray with several glasses. Meanwhile, she could hear that the conversation was returning to a more relaxing mood, and she had to sigh at the headache that sometimes the two assassins were.

Nonetheless, they were an invaluable help to Naruto, and she felt more at ease when he had to fight a battle. They all loved him, so she knew that it was something that they had to work on to get along. Or she could also rile them up like she just did.

" So, are you going to school tomorrow, Nana-hime, or are you going to miss another day?" Nemesis asked as she was getting bored, and Mea was still doing her best to get composed. She looked better than before though she needed a bit more time.

" Probably. We missed a lot already." Nana commented, sinking into the sofa since that was the last thing she wanted to do. " It's not like we need it, but we already promised Naruto that we would go."

" Then why do you keep asking my homework? You only copy everything that I wrote, and that's it." Momo weakly laughed at her twin as Nana huffed with embarrassment since she couldn't deny it.

" I only ask you because it's boring working on it! It doesn't mean that I don't know how to solve the problems on my own." Nana made sure to make it clear, making Momo giggled at her reaction.

" Wait, so only Rito and I went to school today?" Mikan asked more with a deadpanned as she felt a bit left out from that. It's not like she could do anything about it, but she sure envied their free spirits. " You could have told me."

" It's not like we did much." Nemesis commented as she stretched on her place. Naruto and Lala sure were taking their time. " We only went out to get some desserts since we had almost none left, but that's about it."

" You had like three kilos of sweets." Nana deadpanned at the exaggeration of Nemesis. " I still don't understand how you don't get any fat eating all of that junk."

" I have a better metabolism." Nemesis grinned a bit cockily as the rest felt their veins throbbing, except for Mea, who shared that nanotech. " And all of that, it's enough maybe for two days if I share it with Mea. We need way more."

" I still remember the face of the cashier in the supermarket when we got to him with five carts full of sugar." Momo sweatdropped something that got mirrored by Mikan.

" That has to be one of the most convenient bodies I have ever seen." Mikan weakly laughed, taking one of the glasses from the trail before she gave Momo a grateful nod. " Thanks to you guys, I get why Yami-chan eats all the taiyaki she wants without a care."

" Yep, Yami-onee-chan has the same taste for sweets as we do." Mea said, joining the conversation. " Though she has other preferences, so when she will come to live here with us, we won't have to fight over the candies."

" She will live here?" Mikan blinked at that piece of information since it was the first news that she had about it. " Did she talk about it with Naruto already?"

" No, nothing like that." Mea shook her head, and confusion raised inside Mikan before she explained it. " But it won't take long before Yami-onee-chan notices that she loves Senpai, and as someone who will be in the harem, she has to stay with us."

" I see now what you mean." Mikan could only deadpan at the logic of Mea, something that got mirrored by Nana. Then Mikan awkwardly grabbed her drink again to take another sip. " I mean, I would love to live with Yami-chan, but we can't force her to live here with us."

" Golden Darkness is free to choose if she wants to come to our house or not." Nemesis agreed, surprising the others before she smirked slightly. " But I'm sure that eventually she and the others will realize that the ones living in Naruto's house will be the ones who will be the most special ones to him since we spend so much time together."

" I'm so glad that I approached Senpai when I did then." Mea grinned to herself before something came upon her mind as she gazed at the youngest of them. " Now that I think about it. Once that your house gets repaired, will you leave us, Mikan-chan?"

" I haven't thought about it. Probably?" She said as she left out a weak laugh. Somehow she had forgotten about that issue thanks to all the events they went through. It was something to think about it later. " Anyway, it will still take lots of time since they rebuild it from scratch."

" That's good. We would die from hunger if you weren't here." Nana admitted with her head low, remembering how they got turns for cooking, yet only Momo's food was decent. Mikan giggled at her expression and also thanks to Mea's energetical nods. " I still prefer it over the chefs from Mama, and she does too."

" Now you are exaggerating." Mikan shied away from her since there was no way that was true. The empress's chefs came from time to time to prepare some meals, and they were more than delicious.

Momo was about to agree with her twin. Everybody in the house thought that her cooking had some warmth that couldn't get founded on those qualities of meals. That's why everyone adored her cooking and also the reason for her to want to learn. That way that she could prepare food like that for her boyfriend.

But they were cut short when they heard the door of the house getting open, and laughter got heard in the entrance with the commotion. They seemed to have arrived. The girls didn't have time to stand up, hearing steps coming to the living room.

" Oh, you are here!" Lala grinned to the fullest as they widened their eyes at her state. " We had a blast! Next time we all have to go together there!"

" Ane-ue! You are soaking wet!" Nana exclaimed before Lala sheepishly nodded, pushing her hair stuck on her face out of the way. " Couldn't you get any umbrellas?"

" Stuff happened." Lala admitted, yet she was like levitating from the ground. There was no doubt that things when wonderfully well. As Lala looked towards the entrance, her now-boyfriend entered the living room with them. " Anyway, there is nothing to worry about, Nana. I wouldn't change a thing of our date!"

" I'm glad that you think like that." Naruto grinned as they saw that he was in the same state as her. He was messing his wet hair with one hand before he took off his glasses.

" I gather that everything went without any trouble, then?" Momo smiled at her boyfriend. The warm expression on his face said it all.

" It was better than I expected." Naruto admitted, and Momo could say that she genuinely felt joy for her big sister and boyfriend. ' It won't be that easy to get used to having two girlfriends at the same time, but at least I have no doubts on my mind anymore.'

" I'm so happy for both of you, Lala-chan, Senpai!" Mea shouted, hugging the two of them as she caressed the top of her head with their cheeks. " I knew that everything would go well!"

As Naruto looked a bit flustered to get so much attention over this matter and Lala appeared to be over the moon since before they arrive, a clap could get heard in the room as it gathered attention towards one person.

" It's official then." Nemesis grinned with glee that everything was going according to their plans. " Today is the day that Naruto's harem has been born."

" D-Don't say it like that." Naruto said as he coughed since some saliva went the wrong way. That caught him by surprise.

" But it's true, isn't it?" Mea innocently asked him, full of hope. Her eyes sparkled while her arms still hugged his neck lovingly.

Naruto gazed at the floor while Lala, Mea, and Mikan could adorably yelp at his expression by how shy he looked while he whispered. " I-I guess. You aren't wrong."

" We did it! We all got to be in the harem!" Mea cheered, raising her arm high while he almost stumbled on the spot as he got free from her hold since she approached the others. He didn't have time to say anything as she was as quick as a flash. " Now we only got to see who is the next who gets to have a date with Senpai."

" I don't care so much about that. I can wait." Nemesis shrugged, surprising the girls in the room. Then it all got clear when she licked her lips as she gazed at his groin. " Since I am already in the harem, I can have sex with him all I want. My date can wait a bit. I don't care."

" Then that leaves Mikan-chan, Nana-chan, and me!" Mea looked at the other two girls, who seemed to want to hide under the sofa's pillows. They didn't do it on purpose, yet it's like they didn't let him any time to speak. " Who wants to go next?"

" If I may, it should be the one who has known him the longest. It would be only fair." Momo chimed in, trying to put some order in the chaos that got created.

" Y-You aren't wrong." Nana stuttered as she tried to join in the conversation and look mature in front of her crush. She had her arms crossed on her flat chest while she spoke. " It would make sense to follow an order."

" Yep, I have no objections!" Mea nodded in agreement. " I get to have sex with Senpai in the meantime, so it's alright."

" O-O-Oy!" Naruto managed to say for the first time. It was a pity that he didn't know what to say or how to follow that. The situation was becoming overwhelming for him.

Mea didn't hear his complaint since she was deep in thought, her hand on her chin while reflecting who was the one who had known him for the longest and agreed with the harem plan. " Then the next one has to be Mikan-chan."

Mikan didn't register that her name got called as she was doing her best to don't appear to be overly interested in what they were talking about at the moment. After a while that she heard no one saying anything, she raised her head to see that they were looking at her. Then it clicked.

" M-M-Me?" Mikan asked, pointing one finger at herself. The girls nodded with excitement, and Naruto could only hide his blush with his forearm. " I-I mean, are you sure? I thought I would be the last one."

" Why would you think that?" Mea tilted her head in confusion. " We already talked about it. Not only that, but you love Senpai as much as any of us."

" I-I guess I thought that being the youngest, I would have to wait." Mikan admitted, whispering to the side. Her heartbeats gained speed while pinching herself just in case.

" It's real, Mikan. You aren't dreaming." Momo gently smiled, making her burned red even harder. " It's your choice. Don't push yourself."

" I-I would love to." That's what the most that she could manage to say as everyone was contemplating her. Right since the first day he saved her from those perverts, she was in love with him.

" Then it's all decided." Nemesis nodded, taking the agreements of the girls as a good enough sign to end the diplomatic discussions. " From now on, we are harem sisters."

" Wait, wait, wait!" Naruto shouted since he couldn't believe what he was hearing. In the whole date with Lala none of this came up to his mind, even if it was the most logical thing. " Are you telling me that now I got not two girlfriends but six?"

His mouth hanged open while his mind was having electrical problems processing all that happened in the question of minutes. His answer came when Lala kissed him lovingly.

" We are in good hands with you, Naruto-kun!" Lala giggled while his mouth hung open. His only answer was faint on the floor as a tiny soul comically left his body.

" Ey, come on, now, Naruto. We were about to have sex." Nemesis complained while Momo could only sweatdrop at the situation.

Why couldn't they take it a bit more easy? Everything would work even better if they could keep it on their pants for a minute.

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