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Hello, this is the author, and I'm very sorry to say this story is most likely dead, meaning that I will not finish it or ever continue it. This story really wasn't meant to be more than a two shot anyways so I'll explain the story to those who don't get it (don't worry it's pretty confusing to even me).

This is borderline mature content, not for the sensitive or for younger audiences

Chapter 1-

The first few words introduce Katie as the main character. It then shows a scene where she, 'Imagined him holding tightly, so tightly onto the last memoir his wretched life gave him. And fell. He let go, falling endlessly, dreamless, down, down, down. Airborne like a bird, and the world melting away', followed by, 'red scarlet blood and remains decorated the cement road, the horrified scream of a woman alerting everyone else'. It refers to a suicide/murder of Keith, thus referencing the colors red, and the knife.

The next scene depicts a grave, 'a single carnation is placed on top of her grave, the blooming bud already withering away. Katie knows that she deserved better, that this simple nameless grave doesn't fit her. Even in death, she was regal as she was elegant'. This is referring to a female's grave with a single carnation, a pink flower on top. With this you can conclude it is the grave of Allura, alongside the key terms of 'regal' and 'elegant'. The meaning of the carnation is motherly love and affection, and in some ways she does express that throughout the series.

The third scene is on a rainy day with, 'She could hear his laughter and childish joy pointing out the rain', and ending with 'imagines the tightening choking necklace and the desperation behind them. Did he claw at his neck? Did he cry out? She imagines the rope around her own throat'. While this scene can be confused with Matt, it is actually talking about Lance, with the rain being the hint. The ending implies a noose and suicide.

The fourth scene is short but this scene talks about a store and the smell of food, 'stops before a shop with the same smell. She growls to herself bitterly and stalks away, expecting a warm face staring back at her, but there isn't one. She was stupid for hoping he was back.' Food is associated with Hunk, and the last words of her being stupid for hoping he was back implies that Hunk has either left on bad terms with her, or that he is avoiding her, that he left without a word.

The last scene of the chapter is the vaguest, with the conversation between Shiro and Pidge with no location or description. Shiro is talking in a very dazed manner, while Pidge is trying her best to understand Shiro. The sentence 'she never wants to see this place again. Or did she just not want to see him anymore?' infers that she is in a place where she is uncomfortable in and that something has happened to Shiro or her that makes Katie want to physically stay away. All in all it implies that something horrible had happened and it lead to the others' death.

Chapter 2-

The first scene starts late at night with, 'approached her front door with a taser' to show that Katie feels that she could be in danger, and that she has been in dangerous situations. Katie echoes her thoughts with the lines of 'they left us they left us they left us' referring to her friends and is noted to look more solemn and older, and this can be guessed because of the impact Allura's death left on him.

The second scene is about Katie's family. There is a sentence about how the house emptied out, but doesn't mention the fate of the family members. Katie has gone there to burn up her old house, but ends up burning instead because of Lotor.

The third scene is a dialogue between her and Shiro as she dies. He mentions somebody named Green, who was also mentioned in the past chapter.

The last scene is when Katie wakes up from a dream.

The analysis and the point I want to make-

The story is the interpretation of a bad end in a gang AU or a modern AU where everyone is miserable or dead. Keith, Lance, and Allura is dead. Hunk, Katie's dad, and Matt's fates are unknown. Coran, Pidge, and Shiro are the only ones left alive. The ending ends with Pidge also dying, and it's safe to assume that Lotor is going after the rest of them. Next, is the wild card that is Shiro's words. In the end of the first chapter he mentions a green cat and that Hunk visited him. There is no such thing as a green cat in a modern AU, and that leads to questions about his sanity. Hunk has been stated to have not been in the shop. If Hunk is around it means that he is purposefully avoiding Pidge. If he isn't around then that leads to more questions to Shiro's sanity. What happened to them?

Since the story is technically finished, I'll provide a timeline of all the deaths of main cast and the reason for the death.

1-Allura, she died helping Shiro escape from the Galra. 2-Lance, after the murder of his family because of the Galra lead by Lotor. 3-Kieth, after Shiro(Kuron)'s death. 4- Pidge, Lotor burning her alive.

It starts out like modern Voltron, them all joining Allura who is the only heir to Altea corps who could use the power of the 'lion code' that was sent to pick out civilians that would fulfil the duty to form Voltron in order to stop the oppressing Galra company. Yada yada they fight and develop character arcs. However, one day Allura and Shiro is captured. Allura dies helping Shiro escape. Shiro comes back, but he isn't Shiro, he's a Shiro look alike (Kuron). Kuron kills Lance's family and it drives Lance to suicide because nobody would believe him. Kuron realizes what he has done and writes a note that he isn't the real Shiro and kills himself. Keith didn't read the note and was murdered/committed suicide. Shiro is rescued by Pidge and Hunk, only to found completely insane. It ends with Altea completely falling apart after Hunk mysteriously disappears. The story ends with Pidge being murdered by Lotor. So, the entire fic is the ending of a au I made.

This story is intended to show the more serious repercussions if teenagers tried to stand up against a mafia-eques company like Galra. Which to say, angst, angst, please don't try to do this in real life.

Extra notes/the story can be taken this way-

This story was planned to be about kids with superpowers awakened by something Allura called 'lion code', and that if they all managed to control their lions then they would be able to use 'voltron' their powers in a physical form.

Pidge would have time travel (which would make sense the end of the story implies she woke up from a dream. . .or traveled back in time).

Lance would have super luck (his luck would do everything to protect him, but wouldn't protect anything else, so like say if there was a bomb explosion then Lance would survive but his friends wouldn't even if they were in the general area).

Hunk would be dimension hopper (he could move between dimesons with his physical body, so what happens to the already pre-existing Hunk in that Universe? His powers line up nicely with how he disappears in chapter 1).

Allura would be the heart (her ability is to grant very small scale miracles for a price, but her powers are a bit iffy, sometimes they don't come out the way she wants them to, and it causes problems for everyoneTM, for example if she wished see could see her dad again and then unlucky things start happening to the rest of the cast)

Shiro is sensor (he can sense the emotions and desires of the people around him, but it also causes to hear things and see things that aren't there. . .or are they there?).

Keith would have super reflexes (like the sixth sense, he can sense traps and some bits of the future).

That's the end of Fall from Grace! Thank you for reading the notes and everything before it.