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Ch. XVI: Reconvening

Angela blushed into her arm.

« Have you now? » Cyr asked, pleased. That's fine by me.

It was more than fine. Actually, it was wonderful. It showed him that she missed him on her own. It was not just words.

The young Fey really wanted to discuss her illness and whatever else. However, he felt a slight withdrawal from that train of thought. If only because…we're finally talking. It was nice. Nerve-wracking, but nice.

Deciding he did not want to look silly in front of her lu'tans, his brothers-in-arms. He did what he always did: Spirited a sleeping Fey face. It was an early tactic he developed whenever he was on a mission since he took the first watch on a regular basis. Cyr was a deep thinker and often used first watch to think and pray.

« Yes, well…I do miss you…and I just…felt so out-of-sorts. » Angela admitted. « Plus, it's irritating to me to be such an invalid and wasting daylight. » The red-haired woman sighed. « I'm used to working, Cyr. Having a purpose…it took a long time to accept that I can no longer sew. I really don't have any other skillset aside from blacksmithing…and I feel terrible that I'm of no use to the Fey until I have differing metals to work with and very little energy. » Grimacing, she continued. « The only time I sleep like this is when I was really hurt…and I do…need to talk to you about that; but it's hard…and I just feel like that is a conversation better discussed in-person…and oh, I don't even know how we're able to talk? » She felt immediately censured. What if he needs his rest for the mission and I'm here blabbering?

Curious, Cyr listened attentively. He recalled what he learned from Sol Baristani. Mortal women always worked or were expected to do so much worse for their husbands' sakes. In comparison, fellanas were treasured and provided for. It did not mean they could not work. Oftentimes, they helped in healing and other local activities unless they were of the nobility. In which case, they assisted in their roles to their husbands and the Court.

Her self-worth is at stake and depleted…especially since she's ill from this…poisoning business. Amber eyes narrowed in thought.

« Differing metals? » He asked. « That's easier to come by, ajiana…oh aiyah. We can speak since we're a part of the shei'tanista bond. » He explained calmly. « It was ordained by the heavens. No enemy can overhear or sense it like they can if were Spiriting using Spirit weaves to communicate. »

Angela sighed in relief, before shivering.

« Cold? » Cyr asked, concerned.

« You can sense that? »

« Aiyah. » He smiled. « I can sense you more than you me…I think? It's what I've been told. » Cyr blushed, and swiped his hair from his face.

« Goodness, » Angela muttered. « It's still hard to think you know whatever it is I'm feeling…or thinking. »

« Nei. » He corrected. « Only whatever you choose to share or that bleeds into consciousness. » Pursing his lips, he wondered. « May I ask about your tairen? »

Blinking owlishly, the young woman shrugged. « Certainly, » she commented. « Although, there isn't much to tell. I've never really communicated too much with her since I was afraid of her for many years. It wasn't until I was living in the forest that I had to depend on her so much. She's just deeply injured...Lady Jisera tried to heal us today and that didn't work. »

Cyr pursed his lips, concentrating.

« How do you mean? » It took everything in him not to interrupt. Unusual, it was not Cyr's way. He was typically very patient and it was well-noted in his reputation and good reason as to being selected for the Feyreisa's secondary quintet. Must be the bond-madness…

« Varenia said something about Lady Jisera needing more fellanas to assist. » Angela thought about it. « A lot of her wounds are around her chest and mouth. » blowing a breath in frustration. « I wish I could…transfer, but honestly? I'm afraid to even try. What will happen to me? Will I be OK? Will I do damage? What if I can't transfer back? Or if I stay like this? »

«Thankfully, we have two Tairen Souls handy. » Cyr felt obligated to remind her. «Plus, I will be right beside you…and aiyah, Angela, I do think you need to resolve this because it is my view, that your tairen is the one that is poisoned, and by extension, you. »

She was silent for a moment. It annoyed her; but, she had to admit this was out of her depth.

« I'll think on it. » Angela said. She glanced at he small clock on the mantlepiece. « Cyr, I should probably let you go and sleep. You're…going to need it. »

The Fey Lord was saddened but knew his shei'tani was right. It was well past 11 p.m. and his shift would end.

«Cyr? » Angela asked.

« Aiyah? » He responded.

«Will you pray with me? Um, prayer is deeply important to me…and I miss you…but, it just matters to me…» She finished lamely.

Cyr beamed, delighted. His eyes softened and glowed with tenderness. « As for me as well. »

Angela was surprised, and smiled. She spoke of a Celieran prayer for soldiers and protection. Deep in her heart she prayed for all Fey. No matter where they were or what they were doing. She prayed for their hearts and healing of any wrong within them or the wrong about them. That they all find their soulmates, too. Unbeknownst to them, he was glowing softly, as were his companions for just an instant of platinum magic.

Elsewhere, deep in Boura Fell, it was observed for all the entrapped and enslaved Fey.