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Consciousness came in stages. Firsts, his sense of touch returned. Where ever he was at, it was a very comfortable bed. The sheets on top of him was soft and warm. The next sense was smell.

The air was filled with disinfectants and a faint smell of peroxide. There were other smells in the air that mixed with the two. The softener used to keep the sheets clean. The faint smell of bleach that was used in the floor cleaner. The smell of iodine that was used on different patients. The next sense was one that came from within.

He couldn't tell how but he just knew that there was water flowing in the pipes. He could feel someone running a shower down the hall. The sound of the rain hitting the widow to his right set his nerves on edge. A pitcher of water was on the side table next to his bead. He couldn't understand why he was connected to the water. It felt like it was all around him and inside of him as well. Like he could control it.

Pushing that feeling to the side, he turned his attention to his eyes. They felt like someone had attached sandpaper to the inside of his lids. It took him a couple of tries before his lids finally opened, only to snap back shut when the light hurt his eyes. He cautiously tested it again after a few moments. When he finally opened his eyes, a white ceiling greeted his vision. Nothing out of the ordinary really but he felt like he should be staring at a different view. One that was darker and had a different feel to it.

A sound caught his attention and he tilted his head to his left side. A doctor, if his outfit was anything to go by, stood in the doorway, writing something on a board. He didn't appear to see that his patient was awake. That gave the teen the opportunity to observe the man further. He looked to be in his early to late thirties with a mop of bright red hair and freckles splattered across his slightly big nose. He stood tall, about a foot shorter than the door way. Bright blue eyes clashed with soft green before the doctor dropped his clipboard in shock.

He seemed to recover rather quickly as he picked up the clipboard and rushed over to the bed. He went about checking over his patent with a quick but precise manner. Gentle but firm hands pulled back his eye lid and a bright light was shined in his eye. Trying not to pull away, the teen allowed the doctor to inspect him while he remained quiet.

"I'm honestly surprised that you woke up. You've been in a coma for a little over three months now. How's your head feeling? Any pain or discomfort?"

The teen opened his mouth and tried to speak but all that came out was a rasping sound. Startled, he swallowed before trying again, only earning a small sound that came from his throat. The doctor seemed to realize his problem and grabbed a pitcher of water from the side table. Pouring a glass, the red-haired man quickly handed the teen the glass. The teen downed the glass before giving it back to the doctor with shaky hands. Swallowing again, the teen took a shaky breath before he opened his mouth.

"N-n-no pain. Just disoriented. Where am I?"

"We are in London, England. You are currently at St. Mungo's Wizarding Hospital. My friend, Harry, and his dad found you and brought you here. You were severely injured. I wont go into too much details but you had a bad skull fracture that caused fragments to be lodged into your brain. We were positive that you wouldn't wake up."

"Wizard? I didn't know that magic existed." The teen looked downright confused.

"Yes, wizards. You're actually looking at one now. My name is Healer Weasley. I have been taking care of you for the past three months. Magic doesn't work on mages so we had to-'

"Mage? What's that?"

Healer Weasley was silent for a couple of moments before he looked down at his board and wrote something down. Frowning, he looked back at the teen and tilted his head to the side.

"How much do you remember? What was the last thing you recall?"

The teen opened his mouth but stopped short. He couldn't recall anything. Not his past or even his own name. The thought terrified him. It must have shone on his face because the healer leaned forward and rested his hand on his knee.

"Calm down. Sometimes head injuries can cause temporary amnesia. It's perfectly normal for you not to remember what happened."

"I don't remember my own name." Said the teen after a few moments of silence. "I don't remember anythin-ng." The last of his voice broke as a sob wrecked his body. He broke down in tears at the realization that he didn't know anything about himself.

The Healer-Mr. Weasley- gently but firmly calmed the teen down after a little while. The teen took big calming breaths before turning to the healer. However, the person standing in the door caught his attention. He seemed to be about the same age as Mr. Weasley due that's where the similarities stopped. His dark hair fell messily on top of his head. His vivid green eyes locked with the teen's soft green before they looked him up and down. There was something in his appearance that made the teen relax even further. He wasn't sure why but the combination of hair and eye color seemed familiar.

Mr. Weasley noticed his attention was elsewhere and turned around. Smiling softly, he stood up and walked over to the person in the door way. They talked for a moment in hushed whispers before the dark haired man grimaced. Nodding to the red-haired man, the green-eyed adult headed towards the bed.

"Ron tells me that you don't remember anything. I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything you may remember. Even the smallest detail will help us find your family."

His heart gave a painful squeeze when he heard the term 'family'. Something about that word sounded wonderful but heartbroken at the same time. Since hearing the term 'mage', the teen knew it was familiar despite the lack of knowledge that his brain supplied him. Concentrating, the teen tried to find what he somehow knew was the connection to his family. He found nothing. No strands or links could be found in his core. The very thought almost caused him to breakdown again. Could he have lost his family somehow? Is that how these people had found him?

"I'm sorry." He said after a few moments. "I can't remember anything. I can't feel anyone either."

The last statement earned different reactions from both men. The red-headed healer-Ron- looked confused. The green-eyed man, however, looked heartbroken, as if he knew exactly what the teen had been talking about. Clearing his throat, the man extended his hand towards the teen.

"My name is Harry Potter. My dad and I found you in an old abandoned Death Eater hideout. Apparently, the Death Eaters had kidnapped you and hurt you pretty badly. From what I could gather after interrogating them, you're a mage. I'm not sure which family you are from or what your powers are. We haven't been able to test it while you've been in a coma."

"I'm sorry. I understand the term but I don't know what that means."

Frowning, Harry thought for a moment before answering in a calm tone. "Mages are descendent of the first mage, Aric. Each of his children have control over the elements. However, the first four have absolute control over one particular element. Earth, Air, Fire and Water."

The teen's heart leaped when he heard the word 'water'. Was that why he could feel the rain outside? Why he could hear the water rushing through the pipes? Even though the thought made sense, it felt wrong. As if he could control something that he wasn't supposed to.

"Water." The teen said after a moment. "I can sense water. When I woke up, I could feel the water hitting the window outside. It was very strange."

Nodding, Harry turned to Ron as the healer jotted down the information. The teen could hear the word 'aftons' mentioned. Could that be another term? Or maybe his name?

"Sorry for whispering. I know you probably curious. I know for a fact that the mages who can control the Element of Water is known as the Aftons." So it was his name. " That at least solves one of the problems. We need to give you a name. We can't just keep calling you 'you' or even Aftons. That would be rude. Hmmm…"

Harry tilted his head to the side as he pondered the predicament that they were in. His suspensions had been confirmed by the teen's statement about water. That posed a problem and he hoped it wouldn't led to a war with the mages. However, if he couldn't sense anyone, then that meant he was the last of the Aftons. This put Harry in a further pickle. They had no way of contacting the mages to let them know about the teen. The Death Eaters had probably stumbled across the tear by accident. The chances of Harry doing the same was slim to none.

Grimacing at that thought, Harry turned to the teen and though about a name. It would be very hard to pin down the teen's real name but at least they had a last name to go on. Things were starting to look up, even in the grim situation.

"I have a name for you. It was an old nickname I used while in the Muggle World." Upon seeing the teen's confusion, Harry explained further. "Muggles are none magical people. It's easier than saying non-magical people. I would say that until we find your real name, why not go by 'Alex'."

The teen pondered the name for a moment. There was something about it that held an almost heavy weight. He wasn't sure why but it did seem familiar but not as his own name. Maybe he knew someone by that name. The teen turned his attention back to the adults in the room and gave a small smile.

"Sure. I'll go by 'Alex' until we can figure out my real name."

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