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'Alex' had been living with the Potters for long enough that many would include him in the family. It had been a year since he had first woke up in St. Mungo's Hospital with little to no memories and severe injuries. Since that time, he had only gained a couple of memories and they were vague at best. First, he could remember growing up with twins being his best friends but he couldn't remember if they were both male, female or one being a male and the other being female. The next thing that he could remember is that he had an older brother.

He couldn't remember a name or a face but what he did remember was very reassuring. His brother was strong and very protective of him. Something told him that he hadn't known him for long. Every time he would think of his brother, he would feel safe and protected. However, he didn't have anything that belonged to him nor anyone in his family. He wish he did so he could get some details from flesh memories. The last thing he remembered was very important.

He wasn't supposed to have the Water Legacy. He dropped this bomb shell on Harry about five months after he woke from his coma. He had been dreaming the night before when the memory suddenly sprang forward. He could clearly see the bloody handprint on his shirt when someone forced the legacy into him. That had thrown Harry's theory about Alex belonging to the Aftons once he shared the information.

"Are you just going to sit there, Alex? Or are we going to actually train?" Said Caleb Potter as he stretched his legs out in front of him.

Pulling a face, Alex turned to his adopted sibling with a grin. While he hadn't been with them for long, the Potters were starting to become family. They couldn't replace the people he had lost but they could feel the hole that was left in his core. While they couldn't physically fill the hole, they could at least help with some of the pain and lose that he was feeling.

"Training," here he looked over at his pseudo-brother, "is overrated. It's for those who need it, so have a fun time training."

"Training," Alex spun around to find Harry standing there with a smirk on his face, "could mean the difference between life and death. Don't get cocky just because you have accomplished this set of skills. There are plenty more to be learned." With that, Harry pushed Alex towards Caleb in a clear unspoken statement to start training.

Grumbling under his breath, Alex turned towards Caleb and waited for him to make the first move. While he didn't mind training with Caleb, he preferred sparing with Harry. There was something in the way that Harry carried himself that made Alex relax. He supposed that he could see some of his brother's aspects in the older wizard. This brought both comfort and heartache whenever he thought of his brother.

Caleb was the first to make a move and the slight punch smarted a little as Alex ducked and retaliated with his own kick. He should have really been paying attention instead of daydreaming. To an outsider, it would seem like the pair were even but Alex could tell that if he didn't step it up, he would lose. Shifting his weight, he sent a kick towards Caleb's torso, only to change direction at the last second and spin his body to send a kick at Caleb's head instead. Caught off guard, Caleb barely dodged the blow before sending his own towards the younger teen.

This continued until Alex finally managed to knock Caleb down completely. He lasted about ten seconds on his feet before he, too, fell to the ground. While he hated to admit it, Caleb could give him a run for his money on training. Looking around, Alex realized that Isabelle had joined them and was warming up already. Grinning, Alex waited till he could catch his breath and swung a kick along the ground at his pseudo-sister, completely catching her off guard.

Picking herself off the ground, Izzy grinned and swung a punch at Alex, who dodged it. This continued for a little while before the group heard shifting and branches snapping from the edge of the forest. This caused Alex to pause and almost get hit by Izzy. Motioning for a time-out, Alex turned to see a man about Harry's age step into the clearing.

The man had dark hair and amber eyes that seem to set Alex on edge. The man seemed to not notice them as he looked around the clearing. His amber eyes rested on Harry first before looking around the group. Amber eyes locked with soft green before they widened with shock. Disbelief was written on his face before it turned blank. This puzzled Alex and he turned to look at Harry.

"You seem lost. Is there something we could help you with?" Asked Caleb as he stepped forward. To anyone else, it would have looked like a simple inquiry until they looked exactly where he had placed himself. It wasn't a hard to tell why he was standing directly in front of their youngest family member.

"I have been walking around for some time. A rest would be nice. Forgive me for asking but is the youngest over there named Aaron?"

The group all gave the strange person looks that were a mix between confusion and suspension. He could tell by the looks on their faces that they had no idea what he was talking about. As much as Hadrian Aedus hated to admit it, the teen standing before him was, in fact, Aaron Adams. Older and more athletic looking, but definitely the son of Christopher Adams. The child gave no reaction nor did he seem to recognize Hadrian at all. Which is strange considering he obviously knew who Hadrian was.

He could use this to his advantage. Kyran had been rebelling against him because he believed that Hadrian had something to do with the teen's disappearance. The only evidence that proved against this was the fact that Kyran didn't have the legacy for Water. If Hadrian, as he had argued, killed Aaron Adams, then Kyran would have the legacy. This would give him the opportunity to keep Kyran by his side and find some way to get the water legacy without killing the youngest Adams.

Keeping his expression that of worry and concern, Hadrian waited for one of the group to say something. Seconds ticked by slowly before the oldest, a man that looked to be his own age, answered the question he had asked.

"I've never heard of someone named Aaron. This is Alex Potter, my youngest son. You are on private property, so I will ask that you leave."

Signing dramatically, Hadrian played the part of a depressed and regretful adult. He had to make sure that they believed him when he sounded apologetic and mournful. If he didn't then his plan that was being formulated at this very moment would fall apart.

"I see…. I was hoping that it was. Well, I guess that I will have to tell Kyran that I couldn't find his brother for him." With that, the strange man turned away and headed back towards the forest.

Alex's head shot up at the mention of the name Kyran. A face flashed in his mind before he realized that he had remembered something. It was of a teen with bright green eyes and dark hair framing his face. The figure was tall and thin but not scrawny. He was strong and had a sense of arrogance to him that blended well with his features. Alex knew at once that this was his brother.

"Wait!" Alex rushed forward but Harry put his arm up blocking his path towards the strange man. "Is he okay? Is Kyran alright?"

The questions had fell from his mouth before he could even stop them. The sudden need to make sure that his brother was alright was raging against the feeling of uneasiness for the man. If he knew his bro-if he knew Kyran, then he wouldn't harm him… would he?

The man turned back towards the group but didn't step forward. A look of concern and uncertainty flashed on his face before he glanced at Alex again. He seemed to be contemplating whether he should say anything to the teen at all. Moments went by before he seemed to come to a decision. Looking back at the youngest of the group, he nodded.

"He is as well as can be expected. He has been looking for his brother for a long time. Aaron has been missing for almost two years now. That is why I was really hoping that you were him. I was hoping to finally bring him good news." Regret flashed across the man's face before he looked towards the ground.

Mentally doing the math, Alex realized that there was a real possibility that he was the person that the man was looking for. He had learned from Harry that the Death Eaters had held him captive for three months before he was in a coma for three. He had spent a whole year with Harry and his family. That math added to seventeen months. Combined with the face that he knew exactly who Kyran was, the possibility was huge.

Harry noticed the inner turmoil plaguing his youngest charge at the information given. Alex had always looked for information about his family and here was someone that seemed to know him quiet well. If it had been directly after they had found the then fourteen year old, Harry would have been on guard and suspicious. However, it had been a whole year since they had allowed the young amnesiac to join their family. For someone to show up now, it had to be the real thing….right? He could only hope he wouldn't regret this decision.

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