the world of Remnant

In the lab the professor was creating a dimensional machine.

The professor called Mario and Smg4.

Why did you call me your if there's no spaghetti. Mario said to the professor.

Of course there will be spaghetti Mario I'm going to need you to to test out my new invention. The professor replied to Mario.

So how exactly does this thing work? Smg4 asked the professor.

I'll press in a few buttons to you send this to anywhere. The professor said to Smg4.

Hey what does this button do? Mario said curiously.

Mario, your talents don't touch that. Smg4 said to Mario.

Smg4 and the professor tried to stop Mario from pressing the button. But it was too late he press the button.

The portal opened from the dimension machine. Both Mario and Smg4 sucked into the portal.

Call crap what am I going to tell the princess. The professor said worried.

In the world of Remnant.

The portal opened Mario and Smg4 got thrown out.

Oh god what happened? Mario said confused.

Wait minute! what happened to me!? Smg4 yelled confused.

We are teenagers!? Mario and Smg4 said in shock.

I look ridiculous like this! Smg4 said in horror.

At least you'll get a girlfriend for once smg4. Mario said to Smg4.

I hate you. Smg4 replied to Mario.

At least we can talk to someone here who can tell us where we are. Mario said.

I guess you're right. Smg4 said to Mario.

Smg4 and Mario walked around the city of vale looking for Clues wherever they are.

Hey look it looks like some school over there. Mario said pointing to Beacon.

Let's go in and talk to someone. Smg4 said.

Mario and Smg4 walked into the Beacon. Mario and Smg4 looking at the students that were walking past them.

four teenager girl's walked up to Mario and Smg4.

The first girl had red and black hair. The second girl had white hair. The Third Girl had black hair. The fourth girl had blonde hair.

Are you guys new students? The girl with the red and black hair said to Smg4.

Uh...Yeah we are. Smg4 replied.

I don't even know anything about this school. Mario said confused.

Exactly can you please tell us your names? Smg4 said to them.

My name is Ruby Rose. Ruby said introduce yourself.

I'm Weiss Schnee. Weiss said introducing yourself.

I'm Blake Belladonna. Blake said introducing herself.

I'm Yang Xiao long. I'm also Ruby's big sister. Yang said introducing herself.

Smg4 and Mario both look confused.

I cannot even tell the resemblance. Smg4 said to Yang.

What do you mean? Yang asked Smg4.

well I find this hard to believe. Mario said.

I know we get that alot. Ruby said to Mario.

So what exactly do you do here? Smg4 said curious.

We fight off some monsters call the Grim's. Blake said.

Never heard of them. Mario Said.

And we're not even from this dimension. Smg4 said.

WHAT!? RWBY yelled in shock.

You guys are From Another Dimension. Weiss said.

Well sort of yeah. Mario said.

And what's your name? Yang asked Mario and Smg4.

Well my name is Super Mario Glitchy 4. for short you may call me Smg4. Smg4 said introducing himself.

That's a very long name. Ruby said surprise.

Believe me he is the most popular person on the internet. Mario said to Ruby.

And my name is Mario. Mario said introducing himself.

So is there anyone that we can talk to. Smg4 said.

You can talk to Ozpin in his office. Blake said to Smg4.

Smg4 and Mario took the elevator to see the Headmaster of Beacon. Smg4 and Mario walked out on the elevator and walked in to the office.

Are you the Headmaster of this school? Mario said curiously.

Yes I'm. Ozpin said.

Let's just say the two of us are From Another Dimension and we ended up here. for some reason. Smg4 explains to Ozpin.

Nice office you got here. Mario said.

You two can stay inside your dorms. Glynda said to them.

Is this like college? Smg4 asked.

Yes something like that. Glynda replied to Smg4.

Well I guess this can be good. Mario said.

We do need some uniforms. Smg4 said to Ozpin.

Yes there is some uniforms in your dorms. Glynda replied to Smg4.

You're free to go please come again to my office whenever you need everything. Ozpin said to them.

Smg4 and Mario left hospins office and went back into the elevator.

This is just the beginning of something new. Mario said.

A whole new adventure for both of us. Smg4 said.

Meanwhile Back in Smg4 universe.

Smg3 evil lair.

Now it is time to my ultimate evil scheme for today. Smg3 said.

His computer was flashing a red light.

What the Hell!? Smg3 said.

What's this of portal, this could be interesting. Smg3 said.

To be Continued...