Chapter 4: Step: 2

Meanwhile at Princess Peach's castle.

Hey Luigi have you seen Mario? Princess Peach asked Luigi.

Which I have no idea. Luigi replied to Princess Peach.

Come to think of it I did not see smg4 before anywhere. Toad said.

A knock came from the door.

Luigi and Peach came to the door to figure out who was it.

Can I help you? Luigi asked.

No we came to help you! Wario said.

Yeah that's right! Waluigi said.

What the heck do you guys want? Luigi said nervously.

We came for the two of you. Wario replied to Luigi.

And Bot said he will pay us a lot. Waluigi said.

Don't tell them about the boss! Wario yelled at Waluigi.

Oh! Sorry. Waluigi apologize to Wario.

Wait a minute does bot have something to do about the disappearance of Mario and smg4? Princess Peach ass the Wario Brothers.

Maybe. Wario said.

Both Wario and Waluigi knocked out Luigi and Princess Peach. Wario and Waluigi took them to Bots evil lair.

Good work my minions. Bot said to the Wario Brothers.

So what exactly do you want me to do with them? Wario asked Bot.

Throw them inside the portal. Bot said to them.

Okie dokie then. Waluigi said.

Wario and Waluigi through Princess Peach and Luigi into the portal.

Good Step 2 complete, Step 3 we need to wait for all the other villains so that we can all go through the portal. Bot said.

Wario I need you to call all the other villains. Bot said to Wario.

Okay boss. Wario said to Bot.

Meanwhile back in Remnant at Beacon.

Weiss patiently waiting out the minute left on her holographic clock displayed from her desk in the classroom of Professor Peter Port, whose dialogue is merely background nonsense as Jaune slides up next to Weiss.

So, Weiss, y'know, uh, I-I was thinking after this, maybe we could go grab a bite to eat? (Turns to the teacher for a second, then turns back around.) And, uh um, I-I've got two tickets to that new Spruce Willis movie, if you wanna make the trip to . I hear it's awesome. (Pauses as his words have no effect.) Aaaand maybe after that, we could study together? I mean, you're smart and I'm, uh... Y'know. Jaune said to Weiss.

Finally, the clock in front of Weiss gives a shrill beep as it changes from 3:59 to 4:00, and she dismisses it with a wave of her hand. The professor is temporarily unaware of the alarm.

(Posing as a towering monster about to attack.) And then I— Oh. (Straightens his stance as the students start to leave.) "Timed that one wrong, I guess. Well, the stunning conclusion to this story will have to wait. Until next time! Professor Port said.

(Watching Weiss as she packs up her Scroll.) Weiss? Did you hear me? Jaune asked Weiss.

(Not even looking at Jaune as she walks away.) No, no, no, yes. Weiss replied to Jaune.

smg4, smg3 and Mario past by.

Upon hearing this, Jaune groans and does a faceplant into his desk.

(As the rest of Team RWBY walks out of class behind him, Yang ruffles Jaune's hair without even looking.) One day. Yang said.

Ruby's hands as she straps the red laces of her shoes. Switch to a closeup of Weiss' hand gripping the handle of strapped to her side. Switch to a closeup of Yang's over her left forearm as she slides the chamber. Switch to a closeup of Blake tightening the black ribbons around her arms. Switch to full view of Team RWBY's preparations, revealing their new outfits.

smg4, smg3 and Mario created there own Weapons, Smg4 Weapon: Fire Job. Mario Weapon: Blaster Skull. Smg3 Weapon: Boom Blaster.

(Approaching her bunk as she tightens her wraps.) I thought that class would never end. Blake said.

(From her position sitting on the hanging bed) Alright, guys, today's the day! The investigation begins! Ruby said with joy.

So where do we star? smg3 asked.

i didn't know. Yang said.

Right! (looks around at her teammates) Everyone remember their roles? Weiss stands up as the camera quickly shifts left to each member who state their objective. Ruby said to them.

yes, we do. smg4 said.

what are we doing again? Mario said confused.

You, smg4 and I will head to the CCT and check the Schnee records for any other robberies or inconsistencies. Seeing as I'm in the family, it shouldn't be a problem. Weiss said.

Me and Mario will go to The White Fang has regular faction meetings to hand out orders and recruit new members. If I can get in, I can hopefully find out what they're planning. Blake said.

but i do not look like those's Faunus people. Mario said worried.

me and smg3 have an old friend on the shady side of town that typically knows everything going on in Vale. Getting information out of him shouldn't be too hard... Yang said.

(dashing back to the leader) Great! We'll meet up tonight near Yang to go over what we found. (pumping her fist) Let's do this! Ruby said.

(off-screen) Yeah! Sun Wukong said as he hangs upside-down by his tail in their open window. The whole team is taken aback.

(surprised and alarmed) Sun! Blake said surprised.

How the hell did get here? smg4 said.

Ah, it's easy; I do it all the time. Sun replied.

You do what?! Weiss said in shock.

I climb trees all the time! (Without reacting to Weiss' scowl, he flips into the dorm room.) So, are we finally getting back at that Torchwick guy? Sun said.

how did you know about that? smg3 said.

We are going to investigate the situation... as a team. Blake said to Sun.

Sorry, Sun. We don't want to get friends involved if we don't have to. Ruby replied to Sun.

Psh! That's dumb! We should always get friends involved! That's why I brought Neptune! Sun said.

WHAT!? smg3, smg4 and Mario said in shock.

The girls smg3, smg4 and Mario lean out the window on top of one another cartoon-style to see the aforementioned teammate of Sun's standing outside, cool as can be.

Sup? Neptune said.

How did you even get up here? Ruby asked Neptune.

I have my ways. Neptune replied to Ruby.

Seriously, though, can I come in? We're like, really high up right now. Neptune said nervously.

Inside the dorm room, the group are standing in a circle as Ruby lays down the new plan.

Alright, I'll go with Weiss and smg4 ; Sun, you can go with Blake and Mario. (As she pushes Neptune past Weiss, he slips her a wink. Weiss looks mildly shocked but then comes to her senses quickly.) And Neptune, you can go with Yang since she doesn't have another partner. Everyone good? Ruby said.

Actually, Ruby, why don't you go with Yang? After all, she is your sister. Weiss asked Ruby.

Ruby pushed Neptune, who is stiff as a board, up next to yang. When she is done pushing him, he rocks back and fourth looking nervous. Yang put her hand on his shoulder to stop him from rocking.

you have smg4 for you. Ruby said to Weiss.

that is truth. Weiss said.

at the monumental tower that looms over the sparse trees growing around the crossroads below.

Woooow! I forget how big the Transmit tower looks up close! Ruby said.

it's every tall. smg4 said.

You should see the one in Atlas! Weiss said.

what.. really? smg4 asked Weiss.

Correct. Weiss replied to smg4.

Weiss and Ruby, smg4 are seen walking down the path towards the building.

Atlas developed the Cross Continental Transmit System to allow the four kingdoms to communicate with one another. It was their gift to the world after the. Weiss said.

I can't believe your family is rich. smg4 said.

I know, but it's so coool! Ooh, I'm going to take a picture! Ruby said.

She grabs her Scroll from a pocket on her clothes, but in her excitement, the device is launched from her hands, bouncing along the pavement until it lands at Penny's feet.

Oh! (Picks up the Scroll and extends towards the clumsy teen) You dropped this. Penny said to Ruby.

Penny?! Ruby said in shocked.

who the heck are you? smg4 said.

oh! this penny. Ruby said to smg4.

Uuuh... Penny said.

Where have you been? We haven't seen you since that night at the docks! Ruby said to Penny.

wait...what? smg4 said.

that was long time. Weiss replied to smg4.

S-Sorry. I think you're confused. (She suddenly hiccups, throwing the Scroll into Ruby's hands.) Uh... I've got to go! Penny said to Ruby and walks away.

What was that about? Weiss asked Ruby.

I don't know, but I'm going to find out. (Ruby starts walking in Penny's direction as she shouts back to her partner:) You go make your call! I'll meet up with you later! Ruby said to Weiss.

well two of us go with out her. smg4 said.

your right. Weiss replied to smg4.

(running up to Penny as she descends the steps until she gets in front of the non-eccentric redhead) Penny! Where have you been? It's been weeks! Ruby said to Penny.

There seems to be a... misunderstanding. Penny said to Ruby.

What?! (Penny continues to walk away. Ruby slides down the rail next to her.) Penny... Is everything okay? (Penny continues forward without reaction. Ruby grabs her by the arm.) Penny, please stop! (Penny stops and listens.) Look, I don't know what's wrong, but you have to listen to me! Those guys we fought at the docks, we think they're up to something big, something bad! I need you to tell me what happened to you that night! Please... As a friend. Ruby said to Penny.

(sighing, then glancing to her sides swiftly, she walks over to Ruby's side and leans in close) It isn't safe to talk here. Penny replied to Ruby.

Penny looks around suspiciously, much to Ruby's confusion.

To be continued

A/N: so yeah Wario and Waluigi were helping bot. Luigi and Princess Peach will join Mario and the other soon. Mario, smg4 and smg3 got there own weapons.