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Chapter 1: Introducing the Hunter

(Manhattan, New York)

New York City, also called the city of lights. Even at nighttime, the city was still illuminated by hundreds of nightlights, billboard signs, lamps, and the cars moving through the streets. The people that were still awake were either walking down the sidewalks, hanging out in clubs, restaurants, or doing various other nighttime activities. However, our attention shifts to a modest apartment building located in Amsterdam. Specifically, an apartment on the top floor.

There, sitting on a bed, was a man. He appeared to be in his late teens, though he could also pass for being a young adult. He possessed a muscular, but lean build, and it went well with his light tanned skin. His blackish hair was short, only slightly reach his neck, while his eyes were a grayish blue. He wore a navy hooded leather coat, the hood currently covering his head. Under the coat was a sleeveless black shirt with golden lining along the edges. For the lower portion of his body, the man wore sage-green jeans and long brown combat boots. Over his hands were fingerless black gloves. Finally, hanging around his neck was a chain with a slightly charred wooden cross attached. His name was Alexander Zackery, and he was a hunter of the supernatural.

Alex was sitting on the sofa bed, shifting through a pair of bullets between his fingers. Lying beside him was a dark grey mask. It was a bit tattered, with various gashes going across the eye-holes and mouth piece. The man had a faraway look in his eyes, as if he was thinking of something else. In his mind, hundreds of voices were speaking.

'Run! It's him!'



'Thank you for saving us.'

'Our hero!'

'What the hell are you?!'

'I thought I'd never see them again…'

'I knew we could rely on you…'

'Praise the messiah!'

'Everywhere you go leaves only death!'

'I'm sorry!'

'Look at what you've done!'

'I'm scared mister…'

'God's chosen is here!'

'So, you are mankind's protector?'

'Is killing all you know?'



'Why have your forsaken him?'

'Stand and fight!'

The voices stopped when Alex's head snapped to the right, looking out the window. Despite the black night outside, as well as the lights and noise coming down from below in the city, Alex still saw it. Flying through the sky, almost blending in, was a bat, moving at an incredible speed. Despite its normal appearance, Alex was no fool, he knew that this was in fact a vampire. He had learned some time ago that members of both the Tepes Faction and Carmilla Faction had teams who collected blood from unwilling victims in order to appease the nobles of their faction, in return for rewards for their services. Normally, they would kidnap homeless humans, and others that would not be missed by society. Other times they would target other supernatural beings. Either way, this was the tenth group Alex had tracked down this year, not including the hundred others he has found. Now he was taking care of the operations being done in New York.

Getting up, Alex adjusted his coat and put the mask over his face, which expanded and covered the rest of his face in a helmet. He then began making his way to the window. As he did, he grabbed a MTs255 shotgun, loading the bullets into it. Opening the window, Alex jumped into the air, landing on another building before performing another leap and so on. Jumping from building to building, Alex kept his eyes locked on the bat, never losing sight of it while at the same time focusing on the path before him.

A few minutes later Alex tracked the vampire to an abandoned warehouse. It made sense, the vampires needed a place that was ignored by the humans, protect them from the sunlight, and allowed them to carry out their operations. Alex activated his mask's scanner, switching it to infrared. Through his mask, Alex could see over fifteen vampires, including the one he had been following, inside the warehouse. Once he confirmed that there were no other enemies, Alex began his assault, leaping a great distance and smashed through a window, startling the vampires who began yelling among each other.

"What the hell?!"

"We've been discovered!"

"Idiot! You led him right to us!"

"Who the hell is that?!"

"It's the Black Cross!"

"Impossible, he's just a myth!"

"Forget it, just kill him!"

Several vampires summoned magic circles and fired energy bolts at Alex. In response, the Hunter merely raised his arm in a defensive manner. The bolts bounced off his arms and left no mark, much to the shock of the vampires. Landing on the floor, Alex summoned several, thin and slender double-edge blades that were about one meter long, from his hands. He had three blades in each hand, and silver vein-like markings appeared on the blades for a moment before disappearing. Then, with incredible precision, he launched the blades at blinding speed, impaling several vampires at once. The moment those blades struck them, the vampires disintegrated into ash.

Then he brought out a pair of semi-automatic pistols from his sleeves. Alex opened fire, striking each Vampire with deadly precision. Whatever the bullets were made from were quite powerful, as a single one was able to tear off a large portion of a vampire's body off. One vampire tried to use a magical barrier to protect himself. But this failed when Alex formed more of those silver colored markings over the gun, which also went over the bullets fired. The bullet easily pierced the barrier and struck the vampire in the forehead, killing him on impact.

Two more vampires tried to attack Alex from behind. However, the first one was easily knocked aside with Alex's gun, while the other vampire had a gun shoved into his mouth. With a smirk, Alex pulled the trigger and blew the vampire's head apart, and then killed the first one with a bullet to the chest. When the guns ran out of ammo, Alex threw them aside just as another vampire lunged at him. Reading his body language, Alex easily sidestepped his foe before grabbing the vampire's face with his left hand. His hand glowed silver again, and suddenly the face he was holding combusted, consuming the vampire in flames. Tossing the body away, Alex threw another charging vampire over his shoulder, slamming him on the ground. Then, pulling out a cross-shaped silver dagger, the hunter rammed the blade into the vampire's chest, making him disintegrate. From the corner of his eyes, another Vampire was preparing a magic circle. But before he could finish, Alex launched another knife from underneath his coat's sleeve, which impaled the vampire right in the neck.

Facing the remaining vampires, Alex projected several more blades. Soon, more vampires were reduced to ashes. Several had given up trying to fight back and were now attempting to escape, a few by transforming into swarms of bats. This proved useless, however, as Alex merely cut them down by throwing blades that exploded on impact, consuming the bats in flames.

Eventually, only one vampire was left standing. The last one was different, he wore clothing befitting that of a noble. This meant that he was of a higher stature than the other vampires, and possibly the one in charge too. Beads of sweat could be seen going down his face, but he remained resolute as he had a glare in his eyes.

"Looks like you're the only one left." Alex said to the vampire.

In response, the vampire let out a roar as he unleashed a powerful black fog to engulf the entire warehouse. Despite the thickness of the fog obscuring his vision, Alex was not the least bit concerned. Instead he summoned the shotgun and readied it for use.

"Is he trying to escape? Or is he trying to sneak up on me?" Alex asked himself as he slowly scanned the area. "In a normal situation, one would use this chance to escape after seeing what became of their comrades. However, that's not the case with vampires. They're too proud to accept defeat, especially to a mere human. Furthermore, if a vampire returned to their superiors after such as a humiliating loss, they would lose shame among the vampire nobles. As such…"


Alex had his shotgun pointing to right, having already fired a shot from the barrel. Standing directly in the gun's line of sight was the vampire, now sporting a hole in his stomach. Said vampire had a look of surprise on his face, clearly not having expected for Alex to guess which side he would have attacked from. But the surprised look shifted to one of pain as he screamed in agony.

"It's only logical that you would attempt to kill me." Alex said calmly. He fired another round that blew off one of the vampire's legs. This caused vampire to cry out in pain again as he was forced onto his sole remaining knee, blood pouring from his missing limb.

With his prey down before him, Alex walked up to the vampire, pointing his shotgun at his head. The vampire looked up at Alex, unable to see the hunter's face through the mask, but could see Alex's purple eyes. They were almost glowing through the mask, menacingly. Rather than show fear, the vampire gave Alex a defiant glare as he spat out, "Damn you."

The comment made Alex snort as he replied, "I'm already damned." And fired the third shell, effectively blowing the vampire's head off.

With the vampire's dead, Alex began cleaning up the warehouse of any suspicious evidence, such as burning any bodies, removing any vampiric items, as well as the many jars of blood that the Vampires had taken from their victims. Some of whom were still alive, but were severely low on blood and unconscious. Fortunately, Alex had a deep understanding of medical related subjects, and was able to do a transfusion with some of the blood jars into the correct bodies. Afterwards, the hunter made a call to 911 to get help for the captured humans.

A few minutes later, Alex left the warehouse through the backdoor just as the authorities arrived. He removed his mask and tucked away his weapons into his sub-space pocket as he entered the busy streets of Times Square. He easily blended into the crowd of humans walking on the sidewalk, a trick he mastered long ago. As he was walking, Alex felt his cellphone ring. Taking it out, Alex put the phone to his ear.

"I trust you took care of New York's vampire problem?" A female voice asked through the phone.

"You already know the answer to that." Alex replied nonchalantly. This earned a laugh from the female.

"True, true, but I do love to ask. After all, it would be quite amusing to hear you trying to cover up why you failed at taking out your target. Isn't that right, Hunter?"

Alex rolled his eyes. This woman would never change. "I assume that you had another reason for calling me, Eva, besides making jokes." He asked seriously.

Eva Ambrosius, was Alex's informant and, as her surname suggested, was a descendant of Merlin Ambrosius, the Magician who created the present magic system. She was a magician who has been alive since the mid 20th century, during World War 2. Alex had met Eva during the Cold War when he was hunting Necromancers in Paris. Taking note of Eva's skills at information gathering through her magic, Alex has enlisted her assistance in his line of work…for a price of course. Now, she would give him any information regarding supernatural activities in the world, especially those that were harmful to humans. Eva also gave him contracts, or bounties placed on people. Normally Devils, Vampires, Werewolves or other beings that threaten mankind.

Over the years, Eva became one of the few people that Alex openly talked too. Their relationship was still strictly business, but that didn't stop Eva from making jokes or flirt with the Hunter from time to time.

Back to the present, Eva let out a sigh. "Always business with you isn't it." She said annoyed. "Anyway, I got some information regarding actions from certain members of the Grigori."

Alex frowned at that the name. The Grigori, the organization for the Fallen Angels, one of the Three Powers of the Biblical Faction. They were original Angels of Heaven who later fell from grace after falling prey to their vices. They operated in a part of the Underworld, and compared to the other two factions, the Grigori was the smallest. To compensate for that, they would sometimes recruit non-Fallen Angels into their ranks. From what Alex recently heard, their leader, Azazel, was a Sacred Gear researcher who had recruited several Sacred Gear wielders into the Grigori.

"I'm guessing these certain members aren't happy with the current status quo between the Three Factions." Alex said. Even if the war officially ended 2,000 years ago, the Three Factions were engaged in what was basically a Cold War against one another. Trying to build up their forces with numbers or powerful individuals, while at the same time, crippling the others. It wouldn't be surprising if each faction had some members who were discontent with the current peace.

"Correct, one of their Cadre has been making preparations against Heaven and Hell. They're too powerful for my Divination to fully see, so I can't tell who yet but I have my suspicions." Eva said.

"Do you least know where his or her target will be?" Alex asked, already making preparations to head to wherever he had to go.

"He has several operatives currently carrying out objectives. I have a list of the names and locations for you. But I can pinpoint that his main focus is a town located in Japan." Eva replied before adding, "Though it is under Shinto control, the Pantheon is renting it out to the Devils. So currently, the town is under the governorship of the Gremory Clan."

Hearing that almost made Alex growl. Devils were always trying to claim territory in the human world, even if it was already a part of another Pantheon's domain. In those territories, humans were treated as nothing more than garbage, cattle sometimes, for the Devils to use as they pleased. It made him sick, the thought of it all. In fact, many of the Devils that Alex has slain have been 'owners' of small towns or businesses in various locations across the world, the ones with less influence from Church. Still, if someone was trying to restart conflict between the Three Factions, such a thing could cost the lives of billions of humans. That was something Alex could not allow.

"I trust that you're going? Be a good way to earn some favors from the Shinto Pantheon." Eva asked.

"What else can you tell me?" Alex asked, not even bothering to answer her question.

"I know that one of the recent reincarnated Devils possesses a Longinus Sacred Gear, though they aren't sure which one yet. Furthermore, the Fallen Angel are unaware of that and setting their eyes on another Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing."

The Healing Sacred Gear. Alex was familiar with that one, having seen it several times. "What else?"

"The heiresses of both the Gremory and Sitri Pillar, as well as their peerages are attending the only academy there as high school students. The school is named after the city." Eva explained.

"What's the name of the town?" Alex asked, while at the same time mentally preparing for this new mission.

"Kuoh Town"

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